Camila’s Complete Statement at Raniere’s Sentencing –‘When I Was Still 15, He Took Naked Pictures — Naked Pictures of Me!’

Camila by MK10ART

As we analyze the appropriateness of the 120 year sentence of Keith Alan Raniere, we might as well begin with the first victim to speak at his sentencing hearing: Camila.

Her victim statement was the first time Camila, age 30, made her voice heard. She was, however, a central part of the case. It was the discovery of nude photos of her, purportedly taken in 2005, when she was 15, and revealed shortly before the trial, that is believed to have prompted the other Nxivm defendants to take plea deals, leaving Raniere to stand trial alone.

Branding was bad enough, but not illegal in and of itself – and some of the other crimes like forced labor – because someone did some work on a memorial or got someone coffee – all because of collateral – were nebulous; some of the racketeering acts were old and comparatively inconsequential.

But child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor – a 15-year-old girl – no matter when it happened – has a stench to it that no one wants to stand nearby. Nancy Salzman was first to take a plea deal, followed by her daughter, Lauren, then Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and, finally, Kathy Russell.

During the trial – the photos of Cami loomed large. In addition, the prosecution got hold of thousands of texts between Raniere and her. They spent a day reading them in court with a prosecutor reading Raniere’s texts and an FBI witness reading Cami’s texts [or vice versa].

Some of the texts made Raniere look cruel as he berated the lonely, sometimes suicidal Camila for having an affair with the son of a Nxivm leader, a man about her own age [Raniere was 30 years older than Cami]. He asked her probing and relentless questions about her affair, revealing an apparently insecure and jealous man, focusing on Cami’s perception of such things as whose semen tasted better – his or the young man she had slept with – and whose penis was larger when fully erect. When Cami’s reply was read at trial, it caused mirth in the courtroom, as Cami texted Raniere that he had not been fully erect in a long time.

As much as anyone, Cami helped convict Raniere, though she was not at the trial.

Now, at his sentencing hearing, she made her first appearance. And finally gave her statement. There was a great deal of poetry in this. That his young victim comes on stage at his last court appearance – his sentencing – and speaks first among the victims – escorted in and out of the courtroom – the only speaker to be so treated – and makes the final pronouncement on Keith Raniere.

Shakespeare himself could not have arranged a more dramatic scene. All this time, over all these years, with her being a central, but absent figure in the fall of Keith Raniere, and then, at the last moment, just before the gavel drops and he is sentenced to an eternity in prison, she makes her appearance.

Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, predicted that “Cami will bring the house dow”.

He wasn’t wrong…


THE COURT: We have 15 victim statements that will be made either in person or by video or audio.  And we’ll begin with the victim statement by Camila.  Okay. Is Camila in the room or do we have to escort her?

AUSA TANYA HAJJAR: She’s being escorted in, Your Honor.

THE COURT:  Thank you.

There was a pause in the proceedings, as everyone waited for Camila to arrive. She came out of a door behind the judge and went to the podium where she could face the judge and Raniere.  It was observed that the only time Keith moved involuntarily during the entire sentencing proceedings was when Camila came into the courtroom.

THE COURT:  Okay.  Good morning, ma’am.  Are you Camila?

CAMILA:   I am.

THE COURT:  All right. Please leave your mask on, you will be heard. Thank you very much. You may proceed when you are ready.

CAMILA:  Good morning, Your Honor.  I’ll start by introducing myself.  My name is Camila, but most people call me Cami. I understand that the case that concerns me and my name has been mentioned repeatedly throughout the trial, but I was not here and I was not heard.

THE COURT:  Could you lower the microphone a little and speak slowly and take all the time you need, please.

CAMILA:  Thank you.

THE COURT:  Thank you.

CAMILA:   During this trial I was advised by my lawyer not to speak with the Government and to stay invisible. But I have recognized the power I hold and I am ready to retain my voice and stand up for myself. As for the individuals that I am here to speak about, it is difficult for me to utter his name. I will only refer to him as “Keith.”

I am rebuilding my life and I will not bring him forward into my future. This man that you are about to sentence had a deep invest in my life that I am not sure I can fully quantify or qualify. It has taken me a long time to begin to process the trauma he caused by his attempts to control my mind and my world.

He tried to replace my voice with his own, my thoughts with his self-serving ideas. He twisted my mind for so long that finding the strength and clarity to tell my story has been a slow and painful journey. And even now I realize that I still have a long road ahead of me.

I am here because I am someone’s daughter, sister, and friend, and I know that if it was my own daughter, sister, or friend it would be completely unacceptable for her to have been inducted into that situation; therefore, I am standing up for that girl that was someone’s daughter and I am saying it is unacceptable that she was in this situation. It is wrong that she had to live through everything she did, and it is unforgivable that it lasted 12 years.

You want me to believe that my only value came from having self-doubt. I now realize I am stronger than he ever allowed me to know I was. He tried to control me because he knew that the knowledge I had about him and his actions toward me made him vulnerable.

I met him when I was just 13, and from the start, I did not feel comfortable around him.  I would even try to avoid being in the same room as him, but the adults around me would get mad at me for being rude and push me back towards him. This felt like a violation and a betrayal from the very people that were supposed to protect me.

The very first time I was left to have a conversation alone with him, we talked about how I placed second on my eighth-grade spelling bee contest. I continued to avoid him after that for some time, but years later, he told me how he knew I was special from the moment we met at 13.

He first had sex with me on September 18, 2005. He would expect me to celebrate September 18th as our anniversary together every year. That first time, which was my first time, I was 15.  He was 45.

This was after a few months of him asking me to go on walks in the middle of the night, which he would bring up topics of a sexual nature escalating in detail over time and asking me flippant questions about my sexual history, of which I had none.

He told me keep it all a secret, immediately severing me from my family and friends and effectively making himself my only resource. Beginning at that time, he would ask me to sneak — sneak out of the house that I was living in to meet him at places where we were isolated as well as from everyone else so that he could have sex with me.

He would often take me to his executive library where he would ask me to take my clothes off before coming up the stairs to the loft as he watched. During these secret meetings when I was still 15, he took naked pictures — naked pictures of me.

The experience of being photographed is seared into my memory. As a 15-year-old that is not something you easily forget. He would have with me some type of sexual contact during every meeting. He wanted to take a picture with no exception.

While he hid our sexual relationship from others, he explained it to me by telling me I was very mature for my age, and the flattering and the romance of hearing that when you’re a teenager; I know now that it was false. I was a child. I also know that it was no excuse to rob me of my youth or to interrupt my life the way he did. He used my innocence as — my innocence to do whatever he wanted with me, not just sexually but also psychologically.

He manipulated me into what he wanted for his own reasons, for his own pleasure. He was calculated and methodical in the way he tricked me into a relationship and the way he manipulated me for every second of my life. He groomed me in his eyes. He shaped my being to his liking, or mine, he said.

Today I still have trouble identifying the lines between a normal relationship and an abusive one. Even the  times with him that could have been perceived as smooth and conflict-free, I now realize were the other side of the abuse. I had to become good at figuring out how to stay in his good graces by pleasing him and doing exactly what he wanted me to do, and I did.

I became the best. He had made himself my only lifeline and I was not going to mess with that. I learned that survival is instinctive, even in the most twisted circumstances.

He was involved in and controlled every aspect of my life. When I was 17, he directed that I overstay my visa. At the time I was too young to understand why he wanted this to happen, but I now realize why. I realize that he was using my status on his lap to strip me of all options and in doing so, deprive me of my freedoms.  I was not old enough to consciously consent or understand how he was taking away my rights. I regret listening to him and trusting him.

In 2011 he put me up in an apartment in the neighborhood. It was clear that just like our relationship, no one could know about it. He romanticized it by – and told me it would be our home, but in reality, he spent almost no time there. He expected me to be available for sex all the time. He would come in the house, have sex, and leave.

As a result of my living situation and the secrecy surrounding it, I became even more isolated and withdrawn. My family and friends started describing me as mysterious, and while at first they were curious and inquisitive about my life and whereabouts, eventually they stopped asking.  I became unreachable to my parents, my brother, and friends until I had no one that would worry about me, no friends to check up on me. I felt abandoned for the longest time. I didn’t see it then, but he cut me off from anyone that could ever help me.

In addition to manipulating me for his sexual relationship, he emotionally and psychologically abused me. I battle with the effects of his manipulation to this day.

He exerted an intense amount of pressure on me regarding my weight, which resulted in an eating disorder that has been a lifelong battle and has caused me ongoing health problems. When I was 15, I was a normal teenager who had a normal relationship with food and exercise, but he destroyed that.  As soon as we started having sex, he started asking me my weight every single day, and this continued into my adulthood.

As you can see, I’m 5’5,” and his goal for me was to weigh 100 pounds or less. Today I try not to think about my weight, but I still hear his voice in my head and it continues to be a daily struggle.

After experiencing threatening physical symptoms because of the eating disorder, some of which I have yet to fully recover from, I asked for outside professional help, but his answer was always, “lose the weight first.” These are words that were burned into my memory because of the desperation and the hopelessness that I felt being met with such a heartless response.

He told me that he knew better than doctors anyway and always denied me any medical care. Now I believe he never let me seek medical attention to make sure our relationship stayed a secret.

Each attempt to distance myself from him was met with resistance, and the worst part started when I tried to break up with him. I wanted a normal life and to be in a normal relationship. I believed in what he said before, “If you ever want to go, I support you.”

But when I tried to leave, I learned that was a lie. He had told me the only value I contributed to the relationship was my purity. I, therefore, thought that if I became impure inside, he would let me go, so I had another relationship. But he did not let me go. It only got worse. He punished me emotionally, psychologically, and sexually

.I had no one to reach out to for help. He acted happy, loving, and caring when I started falling back in line, but as soon as I pressed it again and decided to leave, he would become a monster. He knew the things that mattered most to me and what I feared and used both to control me.

He drove me to the point of a suicide attempt with his cold-mind games.  That night when he finally, in a state of shock with blood running down my arms, one of the first things out of his mouth was, “Do you know how bad it could have been for me if you had killed yourself?”

His first thought was always of himself and the potential exposure of his secret, even when I was in extreme distress. He acknowledged that the right thing would be for me to go to a hospital and be placed under psychiatric evaluation. I would have welcomed that help and a break from his cruelty.

Instead, he asserted his capability that he could help me better than any trained professional. He continued the mind games and did not allow me to seek outside help. I really thought he would let me go after that. Instead, he tightened his grip and brought in more people to keep me in check. It felt like I would never be free. There was no way out.

I hold scars on my body from him that can never be erased. They carry immense emotional and psychological pain. They are a reminder of his cruelty and manipulations.

He knew exactly what he was doing. He even asked me at some point if having his initials on my body would keep me from being with other people. He drew pleasure from knowing he had marked me. I was his.

Even when I got up the courage to cover his mark, it has not been enough to disguise the pain and shame that it reminds me of. To realize that someone knowingly hurt your body and drew pleasure from it is a difficult thing to come to terms with; and maybe it’s not something that is ever meant to feel okay.

To brand someone you allegedly care for should never be normal.

I left in 2017 thanks to my sister. When I walked away I had the mind of a 15-year-old in the body of a 27-year-old. I missed out on the incredibly basic things people learn in their youth, so I was completely unarmed and unable to cope. Even after I left, I was still constrained by him.

I was distrustful of almost everyone, including my own family; and sometimes had moments of confusion where I felt unsure I was — that it was right of me to leave. I felt completely alone.

Because of him I lacked documentation of legal status, even in Mexico.   Because of him I had no formal work experience and no higher education, which has really constrained my ability to find work. It’s hard to explain to potential employers how I came to suddenly enter the workforce at 29 with such a limited résumé and no references.

It was not until a few months after his arrest that I begun to truly break free of his control. And even now, the effects of his abuse live on.

While the emotional instability has finally ended, I continue to carry scars, physical and emotional and psychological to this day. Because he manipulated me into a sexual relationship, I carry the pain and shame of aborting a child at his direction, which is something that would haunt me every day and a wound that will never heal.

I also have cervical dysplasia, which is a precancer in my cervix from the HPV virus. Every step of the procedure has been traumatic because it reminds me of  the way in which he violated my being.  The lasting effects of his abuses of me include threatening my ability to have a family in the future in a normal manner and having to deal with long-lasting medical effects.

I want to move on, but he has damaged me in so many ways.

His infliction of stress on me from his actions have made it hard for me to maintain a job. I still have heart palpitations. I still have scars on my body. I still struggle to have a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body image, and I still struggle to understand what a loving, healthy relationship with another person should look like.

I still don’t have a normal concept of family because of how he manipulated us away from each other. And because of the secrecy, he never allowed me to form real friendships.

I am working hard to live a normal life, but I feel the mental and emotional and physical consequences of his abuse every single day. I will never be the same. I never got to live like a normal teenager. I never went on a date until I was 29.  I never went to college. I never — and this is where I go blank because I missed so much of my own life. I find it difficult to even conceptualize what I have missed.

As I stand here, the gravity of what he did to me becomes more and more clear, and I fail to understand it sometimes.  He hid his abuse behind ideas and concepts of nobility, but there is nothing noble about abusing a child, abusing his authority, and taking advantage of me, my mind, my body, my spirit, my trust. He demanded loyalty, but was loyal to no one but himself. He left me weak, confused, and completely unarmed. He claimed to build me up, to love me selflessly, yet, he kept me blind and lost, controlling everything around me, including my perception of the world          and myself.

You see, what everyone got to see was a soft-spoken charismatic man, but I’ve seen a different side of him. I know that other side of him. I know who he becomes when he’s losing control of you. I know the manipulation, the obsessions, the lies, and how he blurred the lines of right and wrong to serve his own benefit.

There has been a difficult — it has been difficult to rebuild myself but not impossible. I am and will continue to grow stronger than he ever allowed me to know I was. Even now, he continues to lie in an attempt to save himself. He talks himself in circles trying to redefine principles to justify his actions.

But I think he really — if he truly believed those principles he claims to live by, he would have honored those, and told the truth instead refusing to take accountability for the heinous crimes he has caused.

Your Honor, there is no outcome where I get the time back and the opportunity that’s lost — I lost, nothing that can be done or said to make me trust another human being the way I did before I met him.

I believed in the goodness of people and giving them the benefit of the doubt, but that is exactly how he got away with so much.

Respectfully, I ask the Court to take my 12 years of abuse and the effects of that abuse that I continue to experience today into consideration in sentencing him.

The hardest part of my story is over. Keith didn’t break me. I stand here today, now I can do my story justice.               I will not stand idly by. I will not let somebody else tell my story.  That is why I am here, to prevent him from almost destroying someone else ever again.

Thank you, Your Honor.

[When Camila finished speaking, a U.S. Marshal came to escort her out of the courtroom through the same door behind the bench. She may have taken one last glance at Raniere, sitting small at the table in front of the all-powerful judge. Then she turned her back and walked out, most likely never to see him again.]


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  • […] Cami’s words at the sentencing of Keith Raniere were powerful. Her courage in speaking out was admirable and inspiring, and she deserves credit for helping bring justice to one of the most notorious abusers in recent memory. […]

  • I wrote a comment for Cami that FR has not posted. I had hoped to inspire and help her. It was honest and heartfelt. I don’t usually ask, it’s not my blog nor do I aspire to have any part of it apart from the potential to help and help prevent further harm to NXIVM victims. Why has it not been posted?

    • I don’t recall seeing a comment written by you about Cami. I have approved as far as I recall all your comments. Can you resend?

  • Cami,

    I’m rooting for you. From the descriptions of your life before the detour, it sounds like you have talent, intellect and determination to reach the goals you create for yourself.

    It’s not the same, but I left a 10 year very abusive marriage to a malignant narcissist the age of 30. After a lot of struggle and harassment, I went on to live many other chapters of my life. I think you have a lot of people that want you to rise above and live a fruitful happy life. It’s possible.

    Right now it may feel like it, but it fades. What happened to you won’t always define you.

    I wish you all the best life has to offer, Cami. My heart goes out to you.

    -Anonymous Survivor

  • Re Camila’s Letter:

    Camila’s letter is one of the hardest things to read. The first time I attempted to read it I stopped 1/2 way through. I believe it’s impossible to read her letter without feeling intense sadness for her.

    Anyone who cannot empathize with Camila is the worst kind of human.

    Keith Raniere and her father should rot in the bowels of Hell.

    I hope Camila finds the happiness and joy she so rightly deserves.

  • These testimonies drive home just how cowardly and pathetic the celebrity members are.

    Yes, anyone with half a brain realized as they tried to leave, that you can’t just leave NXIVM and get away with it, when you’re an instructor, or high ranking visible member, etc. I used to wonder why you were so gunghoe about mentjjoning her name seemingly for page views, but someone like Kristin Kreuk, Grace Park, etc. who have plenty of money to fight any legal battles, could have joined up with others who left and helped to expose and indict long before 2017. Instead they run and hide, pretending to be helpless little babies. They all read the articles in Forbes and Times Union. Cowardice is more than a personal battle, it is an ETHICAL battle. More than shameful, cowardice should be considered IMMORAL. I get the impression from The Vow, Frank, that you believe this. I didn’t see it before.

    It isn’t blaming the victim to say “stand up for the others”.

    I say again, Sarah Edmondson is one tough broad.

    Vicente is a bitch, in the same camp as Raniere’s other ex girlfriends.

    • I don’t understand this reasoning. Just because they have more money than many people, Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park (or any other similarly enriched people) were under some obligation at the time to put thousands of dollars of their own money on the line to fight for whom? People like Barbara Bouchey or Susan Dones? Even if they personally had no issues with the organization? I don’t believe any of the NXIVM 9 had any expectation for financial support from such people, so I’m not sure why armchair commenters think they know better.

      By the way, cowardice has always been considered unethical since courage is considered a virtue. Therefore, courage’s opposite which is cowardice would be considered the opposite of virtue which is immorality.

    • I’ve been following this blog for years so obviously have read the kooky « why doesn’t Kristin Kreuk do (XYZ)?!?! » Just b/c you have money/fame doesn’t mean you have an obligation to anyone, PARTICULARLY (and this is just speculation) is you have been a victim of violence. I’ve experienced situations/relationships with people who gaslit, blackmailed and threatened me. My first objective was to get out, and then block it out, so I could continue with my life. The thought often occurs to me that I should have pursued legal measures so other women wouldn’t be victimized by the same people. And I often feel I have failed by not doing that. But I didn’t have the emotional resources to do that. So, I’m not a hero, but I had enough resiliency to move on with my life, which only I am responsible for. I absolutely admire India, Cami, Sarah, Dani and countless others for their courage! But that doesn’t mean that those who choose not to publicize what may be a very painful or shameful period of their lives are culpable or in the wrong. Keith’s toast. Goal achieved. Let those he and his flying monkeys have abused get on with their lives.

    • I agree – it’s my overwhelming thought as I watched “The Vow”: as much as the producers are sympathetic to Vincente and Sarah, I just don’t buy that they were totally being deceived. They were peddling this shite like predators to the public and even if you give them some benefit of the doubt that they may have at some early point been interested in helping people, that help was issued from a position of money and power: look at me, listen to me, pay to watch me talk in circles while I wear this stupid sash around my neck.

      In the early episodes, almost all of them were these desperate losers who wanted to “change the world” – maybe the world doesn’t need changing. Maybe what needed to change were these malnourished egos. And didn’t that shit roll down the hill: Little Keith manipulates Mack who abuses Lauren who abuses Sarah etc. I don’t completely believe that this process was a long deception – all those Nancy gobbledygook courses to help you be a better person and where did they all end up? Lying naked on a table while a woman cauterizes their skins with the initials of two idiots in pursuit of empowerment.

  • Cami’s dad said in his letter that Daniela was manipulative with her siblings . Cami said Daniela helped her to get out.

    I think the narrative that is being presented to nxvim supporters is that Daniela manipulated Cami to come forward and it is all a lie. Daniela is just upset with Keith.

    Bullshit . Analyze the text between cami and Keith. Open up your eyes. Keith was trafficking women.!

  • Nicki said she got into dos to be a “bad ass woman”. What Camila did was truly bad ass. Flying to another country to put your abuser away for life. Camila will have an amazing life 💪💥

  • It really hits you that Keith imprisoned Mexican girls. He had turned into a human trafficker.

    The jury got it right . He is guilty of everything. I think Frank Report was useful to connect all of the dots about what was happening. It is a very complex case. You have to go deep to uncover the human trafficking

    • I have always thought the Mexican connection was suspicious. I also always thought there was much more going on than we knew: namely, in my opinion, it was going to be a pipeline of trafficked girls and women.

      Again, my opinion

  • When I first learned about the story, I got a lot of various ideas as to who was KR and what were really his abilities, goal and character. The claim that he can cure Tourette’s syndrome supported by a patient, the good things that some people told he did for them, and much more…
    But reading SMS transcripts of conversations between Cami and KR erased any doubt I could still have about his intentions. And Cami’s statement is a terrible confirmation of that.

    So, first, thanks to Cami for being brave enough to finally go after him, no matter how much time it took. We can’t expect you to have done better under those circumstances, and thanks to Frank for publishing those SMS and this statement. They are alone enough to deny any claim at any “goodness” KR could bear within.

    Now I wish the same could be done with Scientology and DM.

  • It sounds like Cami really found her voice. I hope she never lets anyone silence her again. I hope and pray that she keeps moving forward, never looks back and has a great life. I hope she goes to college, finds a dream job, and finds someone who will love and appreciate her. She deserves nothing less than that.

    Her statement is so powerful to read. While I am so sorry for all that she suffered, she has shown the world how truly powerful she is. She is a woman to be reckoned with.

  • Having followed this blog for a few years now, I almost feel like Camila‘s victim impact statement wasn’t nearly long enough! However, given the format and time limit she certainly made her point crystal clear. I am sure that all the parties in the courtroom that day felt the weight and gravity of her testimony. Wishing her a complete and speedy recovery and as much inner peace as humanly possible. I have to say that, reading all of the histories of the women affected by NXIVM on this blog has been a real eye-opener and an education on abuse. It’s so much more than just being hit or yelled at. The grooming, mind games, isolation, manipulation, gaslighting…just absolutely disgusting.

    • She was 15 years old when he began a sexual relationship with her. Cami was a child. He was well into adulthood. The reasoning and judgement centers of the brain don’t fully mature until 25 or 26 years of age. When you’ve spent most of your formative years being lied to, manipulated and emotionally and psychologically abused, you don’t just magically wake up. It was probably a slow dawning on Cami that she had been profoundly emotionally and physically abused.

      • That “fully matured brain” crap is a bunch of fuckin bullshit, used by idiots in their never ending quest to excuse the childish behavior of adults well into their 30s.

        He isolated her from her family (her very stupid family) and brought her into the country illegally to keep as a sex slave, as a minor, after having sex with her as a minor, and using her to create child pornography. Whether she ever enjoyed it or not, or knew what she was doing, is irrelevant.

        • Uh, that “crap fuckin bullshit” is called science. Seriously, it is. From a physiological, as well as psychological perspective, the brain is still maturing until our mid twenties. The legal age of majority is determined by individual states, in other words, it’s arbitrary. Science is not.

          • It is true that the brain doesn’t fully mature until an age around 24-25, but this lack of full development is primarily in the prefrontal cortex if I’m not mistaken.

            It’s not like the vast majority of it hasn’t developed by the time a person is around 18-19 years old. Certainly not at 15 though, so that’s a why I guess 18 was set as the hard line for legally signifying adulthood as some kind of “middle ground” because most of the brain is developed by then such that an individual can be considered emotionally and physically mature “enough” to navigate the world and take care himself.

            By the way, on average the brains of women are about two years more mature than the brains of men at the same age.

      • It’s clear that neither Frank nor the judge has a lot of initimate experience with women. That’s why they both get taken in so easily.

    • Hey, Anonymous, do share your perspective. Tell us more. Are you male? Female? Start there. But we all really want an open discussion about your perspective and which nxivm group you were in.

    • This is absolutely cruel. That is how I feel. I cannot begin to understand what excuse there is for a remark of such undermining and sheer unkindness. Vicious is how it hits.

      Congratulations. Your mission is a nauseating “accomplishment.”

      God help anyone living with Camila’s devastation who ever, ever says anything about it to you.
      ( And, as it happens, that includes me.)

      Poisonous. This is too much. Do you really want to hurt others to such a degree or to harm someone by adding your coldhearted insensitivity, like a ton of GARBAGE, atop of anyone else’s heart and mind? Really. Look at yourself.

      I would say please go volunteer at a safe house for victims of abuse and get educated, find some understanding or compassion, but you are not a safe person for those who have been harmed to be able to trust.

  • Every time those still supporting KR speak out for him, a link to the above should be given. This is not how anyone should ever treat a 15-year-old girl. He could have helped her get a right to stay in the US, helped her pass exams, helped her get good jobs but, instead, he isolated her and made her unemployable, and reserved her for his sexual exploitation.

    I am so sorry about the HPV virus probably from KR given how many sexual partners he had compared to her and about what was probably a forced abortion. I hope she continues to recover and does well.

    • So well said! Just b/c they think their boyfriend’s super cool doesn’t negate these facts. A child may look or act super cool and mature, but the onus is always on the adult in charge to say, « No, it’s not a great idea.». EVEN IF you think you’d be an AMAZING person to deflower said lass or lad. Because, chances are, if you actually spend time thinking that…you’re 99% not.

  • Nicki Clyne, Marc Elliot, Michele Hatchette and Suneel Chakravorty should be shunned from polite society for the rest of their lives.

  • To Frank or anyone in the know. Totally unrelated and Frank has had his hands fuller than ever but was there ever an update on friend Ronnie? I’m not sure if I missed something but I hope there’s a good ending to the saga.

  • Wow. That is very powerful but heartbreaking. I am glad she found the strength to detail his abuse because it’s easily forgotten just how some will continue to suffer. She lost a lot of important years of her life.

    I am finding these statements (so far reading Ivy’s and Camila’s) have elements that make me think about Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder. Statements about the suicide attempts and his reaction (gleeful at the thought of Ivy taking her life stands out) and Camila mentioning he got more people involved in this. It makes me think of what happened leading up to Kristin’s disappearance where his minions were in a panic taking calls and instruction from Nancy. Then there was the testimony that Lauren ordered staff to force-feed tranquilizers to Camila’s sister I believe it was. It all seems so similar. It’s chilling really.

    This has made me feel really sad.

    Ok, so now NXIVM 5 have been confronted with this account. Is it still terribly inconvenient for them to hold Keith accountable and realize though they may feel he helped them, there’s this side to him?

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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