Vicente to Raniere: ‘I Will Struggle for the Rest of My Life With What You’ve Done to My Mind and My Soul’

Mark Vicente

At the sentencing hearing of Keith Alan Raniere on October 27, 2020, there were 15 victims who spoke.

First to speak was Camila, who was in the courtroom.

Camila’s Complete Statement at Raniere’s Sentencing –‘When I Was Still 15, He Took Naked Pictures — Naked Pictures of Me!’

Next was Sarah Edmondson, who spoke by video.

Sarah Edmondson’s Survivor’s Statement to Keith Raniere: ‘If There Is Any Justice, the World Will Never See Your Face in Public Again’

Mark Vicente, one of the chief whistleblowers that helped expose Raniere, was the third to speak. He spoke by video. In his statement, he recited a list of foul deeds that he believes Raniere deliberately did to those who trusted him –  and also spoke about the personal pain and trauma he has been through after believing implicitly in Raniere for 12 years.

Here is what he said:


Your Honor, beyond Keith Raniere’s crimes as documented in your court, there are moral crimes this man has committed; specifically against those that were under his care. People like myself.

The crimes were willful and intended to cause maximum damage. There are the physical things Raniere has done to people:

  • Coerce them to starve themselves
  • sleep deprivation
  • cutting them off from their friends and families
  • closing doors on their life and career opportunities
  • shunning
  • terrorism by litigation
  • branding
  • triangulating his students against each other
  • maliciously squandering the child-bearing years of dozens of women
  • convincing people that he knew better than their doctors resulting in them foregoing medical treatment they should have had.

These are all terrible things.

But it’s the psychological and existential injuries which will continue for the rest of our lives, that I find the most heinous.

Keith Raniere, you have done irreparable harm to people’s psyches, to their self-esteem, their belief in themselves, and their experience of sanity and well-being, their quality of existence.

I believed in you. I believed in your mission because I thought it was the same as mine. Finding out the truth about you and your actual motives turned my world upside down.  You broke goodness. You cracked the firmament of my belief in nobility and honor and righteousness.

I do not know how to repair it.  I do not know if it can ever be made whole again. I fight every day to try to recapture something that now feels lost.

Keith Raniere photo in a frame. Used as government exhibit 202 in the trial.

This is not by accident on your part. When I was writing the film Carbon Crimes, you wanted me to create a female character of innocence and good will. Someone who worked for a leader she believed in with all her might. She then finds out he’s in fact a very bad man with very bad intent, using everyone’s perceive of goodness for his own ends. You described to me how it would break someone like that and how she would never be able to heal from it. She would never be able to find goodness again. She would be forever poisoned; goodness will be forever poisoned.

You knew exactly what you were doing to me and many others.  And the loss and pain is incalculable. And the worse part, the truly sick part of this is, in that trauma, the desolation of my psyche, is your greatest joy.

As the founder of the Society Of Protectors, you told us constantly to man-up, to strip ourselves of everything, to find our true self. You told us on a daily basis how in the worst circumstances we can find joy.

Remember how you quoted Albert Camus, “In the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer.”

And yet, here you are suffering about how miserable you’ve been in prison without your comforts. Your ideology was all false bravado and boastful lie. You made us believe we were constantly failing, a standard you were wholly incapable of meeting yourself. You just wanted to destabilize our psyches as much as possible so that in our growing psychosis you would be the savior watching us get worse and worse.  Like poisoning us and watching us die slowly. Our happiness wasting away, that is your true joy.

You could have at least had the decency to admit what you wanted was so very primitive. How cruel to convince women that sex with you would heal their sex abuse trauma.

How childish and devious to use principle and honor as a cover for a teenage fantasy of getting a group of women to give you a blow job. How shallow are you?

Clearly, your joy does come from the external world after all. You were just seeking infantile comfort. It turns out, contrary to your lawyer’s assertions, you do need coercion to get sex.

You and your followers need to ask yourselves one important question, how did Keith Allen Raniere cause this. Stop being a victim. Stop suffering. The world’s reaction to your self-appointed omnipotence did not cause your present circumstances; your evil did.

You will never know true love. You have to calculate everything: Kindness, compassion, awe, morality, weeping at pure goodness.

While I will struggle for the rest of my life with what you’ve done to my mind and my soul, I can feel all those things you cannot. My morality is intrinsically mine. Your  emptiness is yours forever and ever.

Your Honor, I spent 12 years studying this man.  He has a belief that he’s the next evolution of humankind, beyond worldly ethics and morality, far superior to this Court. He thinks he breathes the rarefied air of an awakened genius, but he’s none of those things. He is a malicious, petty, evil and dangerously vengeful sociopath who thrills at our pain. And yet barely a glimmer of that excitement is visible on his blank face and his dormant eyes.

He has been a lascivious little toddler with too much power and zero accountability. He has stolen hundreds of years from all his victims and poisoned their existence, poisoned my existence. And he needs to be held accountable. Thank you for your time.

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Frank Parlato


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  • That was so disturbing about the film!! It’s the very plot of what happened! How does Raniere even live with himself? I don’t get it?

    I know psychologists say there are psychopaths but man it’s even creepier and more chilling when they understand what they’re doing. It makes me think of a rapist alcoholic I once knew and it’s just horrible.

    They’re eerie, horrible characters to inflict that kind of damage and just Disturbia as one singer would call it.

    Thanks for putting the truth out there! I feel bad for this guy as well as the women, and I wasn’t actually sure if I was ever going to feel bad for any guys involved other than you! I felt like the women got the most of the abuse but I guess it would be devastating for someone to spend time and money on something which turned out to be such a mistake because they get defined by it too and recognized by it.

    I’m glad he turned to the light and is speaking his truth!

  • Mark’s first meeting with Bonnie—Financial Times:

    Mark Vicente was immediately smitten on meeting Bonnie Piesse, a musician and actress with a couple of Star Wars films to her credit. After wowing him with a song, she explained she was struggling with anxiety and thinking of giving up music. He begged her to give him five days of her life first, and enrolled her on an introductory course run by the NXIVM organisation (pronounced Nexium). Its ESP — Executive Success Programs — had worked magically to cure him of phobias and hang-ups by a process called “EM”. Who wouldn’t want “executive success” in all areas of their life?

  • Mark:

    Dude, there comes a point in time when you have to put your big boy pants on and take responsibility for your actions. You spent years in Nxivm, but at no point in time did you say devil be damned I’m out of here. All those years you chose not to see what was right in front of you and not just you, the truth was looking all of you right in the eyes. So, now it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourselves off because there are no more monsters under the bed, tehy are in jail. Go out into the world make a real difference, help the homeless in your area, help the Vets in your area, volunteer for the American Red Cross, sign up for Habitat for Humanity, do something. You know you’re a good person and you are loved, Mark.

  • India Oxenberg vs Mark Vicente

    The Seduced Documentary is a real eye opener. I recently finished watching Seduced.

    I predict two things:

    1. The Oxenberg family and the Vicente family will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year.

    2. Catherine and India Oxenberg will not be seen or mentioned in the Vow 2.

    3. Frank Parlato will take the moral high ground and not choose a side, unless a gun is pointed at his head or the money is right.

    4. Shadowstate1954 will someway use the Vicente and Oxenberg feud as an analogy or sedge-way into the current election.

        • I wish I was smarter. I wish I could see through the real deep background. Maybe in time. But I was hoping you were joking. But believe me, your joke about Frank is inappropriate. He’s the embodiment of purity. He’s just the perfect journalist. Even if we know whose side he’s on, he can still be objective and non-confrontational. Even if he surprises everyone, he always has a move that pulls him out of the crowd. He never writes what you expect or thinks, because he always has a new gate, Newlight. And if you read it, you’ll have it. And the joke is, I don’t mean copying his thoughts, but opens up a perspective in which you, yourself, can see the story from your point of view. That’s why I love him so much. Because it’s different. Because it gives you vision and doesn’t put you in a can. It is accepting and open to examining all aspects of an issue.

        • So she doesn’t put people’s information in a way that someone is poor or rich or a successful actress or just a simple Mexican girl, because she’s looking at the whole thing, the role of that part in all of this. That’s what makes it so big for me. People usually pull to the right or left. Most people have their own prejudices. They can’t be blamed for that, because we’re all prejudiced. Myself most of all including (this is the quality I feel in myself.) I’m trying to do something about it, and I hope it succeeds. But Frank has that ability, and I learn a lot from him, even when I’m not. I would like to read more of these unbiased articles, and I am also pleased that I hear many, different views and opinions here, because this it all helps you see clearly. And sorry, if my English grammar is a little messy, I’m Hungarian, I’m learning the language now.

  • Yes, he made them feel they were constantly failing. That seems to have been a key control mechanism he used. Scientology seems to be similar. Indeed, many religions talk about your original sins, the fact you need to be improved and the like. Cults take it to extremes. By suggesting women had moral failings and weaknesses – and were inherently selfish and bad – and takers and the like (which most women are not), he then could make people feel worse about themselves than they started with and make more money from them through courses to fix that which he had spoilt.

  • Keith Raniere is a cunt. We know this. But so are you little Marky. Look at what you did to others too. Your ridiculous need to feel liked, powerful and important is a serious character flaw. Take some personal responsibility.

  • “Like poisoning us and watching us die slowly.” Very much like that. I have no doubt that it gave him the same satisfaction, and he loved the feelings.

    • Nut job,

      Do you think if Keith was left unchecked, Nxivm would have ended in a much darker place such as people dying?

    • Nutjob,

      What I should have asked….During your time in Nxivm were things starting to get dark?

      Were you in SOP or were you at all exposed to SOP?

      SOP as portrayed in the Seduced Documentary looked more militant then my impression was from reading the Frank Report.

      • Keith was only going to end in flames. He knew it, but had to keep pushing the envelope. Yes, it would have ended way worse.

        I was pre-SOP. Saw weird stuff and ejected as some weird/dark things emerged. More weird than dark.

  • Dear Mark-
    Here is some life advice for you. No question you’re a late-inning hero for helping bring Nxivm down. May the future be with you.

    1) Lighten up. What you are searching for in life is right under your fucking nose. Recognize that your tendency for excessive introspection makes you vulnerable to stupid notions. Maybe watch Corky Romano. It’s life-changing. Keep the meaning of life simple, Bud. Stop searching.

    2) Go do something nice for others – perhaps go serve meals at a homeless shelter, group home, or something. It gives you perspective. You will come to appreciate you are not the only one who got fucked up by the world.

    3) Perform one random act of kindness per day. The good feeling will help rebuild your ability to trust yourself again.

    4) Focus on future achievements. Do not say again you will never get over NXIVM. Go talk to a Holocaust survivor. You will see with time, positive action, and attitude, you can be liberated.

    Good luck, Buddy. And be nice to that Bonnie. You owe her your freedom.

    • Well said. I never went to a self-help group because I always thought I was pretty okay in the first place. C Oxenberg says she was a seeker. I never was that so perhaps that has always protected me.

      So, yes, keep things simple. Get up each day, work, eat, have a walk, look at a tree. We don’t need much more than that.

    • ” Lots of people waste their lives on cults. Nexium, Scientology, LDS, et.” Dave

      “Lots of people waste their lives on cults. Cults like the Democratic party and Joe Biden for President and Bernie Sanders for President.”
      Shadow State

  • Frank, I have something very important to tell you; something perhaps groundbreaking:

    I know you’re nervous about Trump losing the election, so you’re just copy-pasting impact/support letters to Judge Garaufis–letters you’ve already published–in an attempt to distract you.

    I’m here to tell you, just let it sink in: Trump might lose.

  • Keith wrote fictional account of who he is.

    —She then finds out he’s in fact a very bad man with very bad intent, using everyone’s perceive of goodness for his own ends. You described to me how it would break someone like that and how she would never be able to heal from it.

    What a mind f*ck. At that point I’m surprised Mark didn’t have an epiphany.

    After reading this letter, I do feel some sympathy towards him.

    • 😂😂😂

      How do people come up with a comparison like this?

      What’s next? Comparing Mark with high ranked nazi’s?

      The fun part of this is that if Mark Vicente is Tex Watson, what does that make Raniere??

      • I do. Don’t you think there was a high ranking Nazi officer that was well liked and thought of as “one of the good ones”? One guy that helped others with their Final Solution projects and quotas, because he cared and wanted to be helpful.

        The SOP training was compared to ISIS by TWO experts. TWO EXPERTS. But I’m sure Mark is the friendliest caring terrorist trainer out there. Sure, he’ll punch you in the SOP circle, but he’ll cry about it later.

  • A lot of commentors seem to have a problem with logic.
    The way people get sucked into this. Hell, even the Dalai Lama, was hugging Raniere.

    So 1 month…… 12 years! Who’s to say what is “normal” in these kinds of circumstances?

    Clare Bronfman will celebrate her 20th anniversary with Nxivm in jail. And still seems to have no clue of what she caused. 20 years!!

    Maybe some of the people judging Vincente would like to have a conversation regarding her behaviour with me?

    I mean if time spent is the central issue….??

  • Too bad it took 12 years to close his fist and wind his arm up… but that right there is a solid whammo 120-year punch to the face. Good thing Mark listened to his wife, Bonnie, who is a true Jedi in this story. She saw through the evil mind tricks. She made Mark face the darkness and see the light. Here’s a man who has, hopefully, learned the real value of saying “Yes, Dear”…

    • That is a very wrong and very unhelpful philosophy. Whilst it is a good idea to be fairly self-sufficient in life, there are victims of all kinds of things. Anyone who believes otherwise is deluded.

      • We are all victimized at some point – it’s part of the virtuous yet vicious cycle of life – look at nature as an exampe, she can be extremely cut-throat, harsh. If you’re victimized, learn from it. Guard yourself, wisen up and proceed with caution. My dad put it best, “Mother nature is the best teacher”.

  • “Keith Raniere stole my mind and my soul.” Mark Vicente 2020

    “Adolf Hitler stole my mind and my soul.” Numerous German officials 1946.

    It is easy to condemn the criminal Raniere now but Vicente was in NXIVM many years and pulled in lots of money before he saw the light in the form of a hot cauterizing pen.

    • These people lie to themselves day in and day out. And since he was spending so much time with Raniere, side by side on a regular basis, and constantly enmeshed in the “tech”, surrounded by other drones, the habits become too strong to change without something horribly visceral like a branded sex slave.

      Mark Vicente is weak, like just about every single person who joined NXIVM. They all have very similar personalities, whether male or female. Notice in the interviews, on both shows, they all have statues of Buddha, etc.

      Hopefully he learned his lesson, and maybe his nuts have dropped and he’s ready to move on from the cult hopping nonsense. There’s nothing new under the sun. There is no special mental technique, and even if there is, you wouldn’t be able to change the world. Media tries via mass hypnosis, and the results are nothing to write home about. Trends last a few decades, then the people push back.

      Unfortunately, the truths Raniere touched upon will be ignored and overshadowed by his horrible crimes. For one, he’s right about the “elite” of the world being the ones who would be setting the trends. People are sheep.

      • Raniere knew that Vicente is an ambitious man.

        Raniere appealed to Vicente’s vanity by saying that he is the reincarnation of Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution.

        A person with a better sense of perspective would realize what Raniere was trying to do.

        How Raniere was trying to manipulate him.

        Vicente knew less about himself than Raniere did.

      • I don’t think Vicente’s a sheep. I understand him, I’ve been in a situation where I’ve believed for years in something that started out as a noble cause, even though I’ve been suspicious sometimes. But things happened that, once again, referred to the nodiness and greatness of the case, which is why I stayed with them. It became a long story, took 13 years of my life before I realized I’d put it on the wrong horse. That’s why I don’t give you a negative opinion of it, because I know what it’s like to believe in an idea and end up not being.

      • Yes, they tend to reel in people having problems. My sibling who joined the Bhagwan group was not in a very happy state of mind at the time. That is when they get their claws into people and exploit their vulnerability.

      • “Mark Vicente is weak, like just about every single person who joined NXIVM. They all have very similar personalities, whether male or female. Notice in the interviews, on both shows, they all have statues of Buddha, etc.”

        That’s what happens when you join a cult. You’re not becoming part of something that is anything uniquely different than what everyone already has.

        No one lives without a religion, way of life, or value judgments. People like to think they’re independent and have free thought all that other jazz, but no one except a hermit is the former, and very few are real critical thinkers who submit to the truth.

        These people were just another group following the views and ways of their own clique led by “The Vanguard”.

        Like you mentioned about the Buddha statues, if you’ve ever seen pictures of many of the long-term women followers, they used to wear these stupid, long scarves. Raniere was a blowhard who pretended to be a genius, but he was a slave to his passions, just like Hume thinks everyone is.

        Almost all Hollywood celebrities won’t counter the flow of the river of their liberal status quo if they want to keep their jobs. Just look at how Kirk Cameron or Kevin Sorbo were Hollywood “excommunicated” from the industry for their beliefs, religious or otherwise. Most people don’t want the truth. They just want their privilege and convenience, because most of humanity is weak.

        Everyone knows the saying: “The truth is uncompromising”, but then you have people like Oprah saying “your truth” as if it is subjectively defined. Raniere also had “his truth”, so if you really believe the former, then he should be free to live his life. That’s the problem with moral relativism–no one’s moral relativism can ever be better than another’s moral relativism. A fixed standard is required in order to judge them both, i.e., objectivity.

        And in the words of Kristin Kreuk’s show, that is the real Burden of Truth.

        • It depends on the source of the money, such as from internal consumption (illegal pyramid) and tool scams (RICO fraud). LOL

      • Scott:

        It depends on how the money is made.

        Is it made by fair means or foul?

        It was not illegal for Raniere to have sex with members of his harem so long as he did not use force, fraud or coercion in the process.

        The end does not always justify the means.

        • You tried changing the topic, Mr. Shadow. Was the money Vicente made from NXIVM illegal? I think not. LOL

          The topic wasn’t sex, it was money. LOL

      • Depends how it is done. Many states prohibit some kinds of MLM schemes. Others ban unpaid work and unpaid internships even in some places

        • We’re talking about money made from NXIVM courses, not “some states” or “some MLM schemes,” or “some unpaid work” or “unpaid internships.” LOL

    • “Adolf Hitler stole my mind and my soul.”

      The Führer had quite the effect on people.

      Do you feel the depictions of the Nazis in the movies Blues Brothers and Inglorious Bastards were grossly unfair and inaccurate?

      The musical Springtime for Hitler in Germany was complete character-assassination by every account.

    • Most Christians do though so it is not that different. I didn’t write my own Catholic wedding vows in the 1980s – the only choice then was did you want to include the I obey bit (which I don’t think anyone chose even then)

      • You can’t ask a criminal to write your vows and then cry boo hoo hoo he hurt me. Stuff was going on way before the branding.

        My opinion.

  • I think he captures and sums up KR quite accurately. I do think it would have been more truthful if he had used the word ‘following’ instead of ‘studying’ when he said, “Your Honor, I spent 12 years studying this man.”
    Mark did revere KR, but he should have pointed out that it took him 12 years of sleep in order to wake up once his wife started shaking him — and that’s when his eyes were truly opened. And since his departure, he has made some attempts to right the many wrongs he has caused others by trying to get them out in 2017.
    Many, many people are making money off of the demise of NXIVM — either via books, movies, civil lawsuits, or restitution. Considering how much money these followers paid for the intensives, etc., I don’t see any wrong in getting some money back to restore their bank accounts and their well-being.

  • Oh PUHLEAZ!!!

    Mark Vicente: I will never recover from the terrible experiences I went through including:

    1) Being paid ridiculous sums by the Bronfmans to film Keith Raniere.
    2) Having an easy job of hanging around a slob and recording his thoughts.
    3) Laughing at misogynist jokes about women in leadership positions, calling them ‘Fish holes’ instead of officials.
    4) Taking advantage of and having sex with dozens of young, female NXIVM students.
    5) Being flown in a private jet.
    6) Seducing my 20 years younger than my wife.
    7) Laughing all the way to the bank.
    8) Getting immunity while NXIVM fools rot in jail.
    9) Being the STAR of my own show.
    10) Getting paid MILLIONS by HBO.

    That is all.


    • JFC this x a bajillion.

      I don’t buy his particular brand of BS and I’m not about to start now; Mark is only in it for what Mark can get out of it.

      He was far too willing to take part in a good chunk of the illicit/illegal behavior, then got when the getting was good, and got to play both sides of the fence.

      He should be rotting in hell with the rest of them.

    • ==4) Taking advantage of and having sex with dozens of young, female NXIVM students.==

      What evidence is there that Mark has sex with all these women?

        • …With all due respect, you are right. To be a victimizer, you need a victim. To be a victim, you must be victimized.

          It does take two.

          The women in DOS were blackmailed with the collateral they supplied.

    • Mark is a little confused.

      The other Mark (Vicente) is no more than a hero for what he did.

      Once he understood, he acted ethically and with morality.

    • No wonder Vicente’s mind and soul are tortured, he knows he made the easy money while in NXIVM and now he’s making even more after it. LOL

  • At least Vicente acknowledges his involvement unlike some people (ahem, Kreuk).

    It’s easier to forgive people who demonstrate genuine regret versus those still lying about their involvement.

    • ==At least Vicente acknowledges his involvement unlike some people (ahem, Kreuk).==

      At least Kreuk didn’t profit from acknowledging her involvement…which seems to be much less than Mark’s, Sarah’s, India’s etc.

      • Yeah. She didn’t say she strove hard to attain the highly sought after and glorious yellow sash to reach the “godlike” status of coach, which meant she could walk around seminars and intensives and help out the proctor without being paid for it. Big deal.

        • Kreuk never had to “strive hard” to attain her worthless yellow sash status….the documentaries claimed that slim, pretty girls often were “awarded” promotion by Keith if he had a personal interest in them.

          • Sarcasm dude or dudette. As if I really believed that getting a yellow sash was some real accomplishment.

  • You know, a lot of us judge people, about their pasts. But if we look more into ourselves, we all have chapters in the past that we’re not proud of or don’t want to talk about. There’s no one who does. It’s like we’re so different in our own lives. Of course, it feels good to throw your own conscience at a “scape gob”. What I’m trying to say is that we should now be off the weight of the case and face up to when, in what situation, we were wrong – even for years – that we do everything in our best. Everyone look at yourself and judge.

    • We should all juste keep blaming cult defectors and whistelblowers to make sure nobody ever again leaves a cult and try to take it down before leader had time to “suicide” all disciples.
      Im honestly starting to feel nauseus.

      • Yes, it is amazing how hard the need is to blame the whistleblowers. Funny too, others in Nxivm did a lot to build the company but did no whistleblowing so they are ignored. Punish the whistleblowers has about run its course here. Maybe much of this is because of some notion that Vicente is getting fame from the Vow — and maybe he is – but the Vow has also been a good expositor of what Nxivm was really about and how people like Mark and others got sucked in.

        • Frank, It’s about the length of time that is 12 years of willful obliviousness to childlike common sense that is extremely simple concepts of right or wrong and outright bullshit. He was directly responsible for tactical and relentless psychological, financial, and physical harm.

          Yes, other coaches and sashes are to share in the blame and should be equally scathed but he should not get any extra credit for trying to stop what he did for 12 years to what was literally thousands to tens of thousands of people. For 12 years!!!

        • He lied and glossed over his 12 year role as an owner of two centers and a board member, while portraying himself as a gullible doofus. Constantly filming and recording while seeing nothing.

          But you know that Frank. This is one of the few places were NXIVM ideology is being applied to perpetuate Marks remedial propaganda.

          Yeah, it must be everyone else that’s commenting all over social media, in blogs and opinion articles by professional journalists. It’s certainly not any of YOU that has a history of not recognizing or co-signing unethical criminal and abusive actions.

          That MUST be it.

          • Being a gullible doofus is what being a two-time cultist is all about. LOL

            Besides, all NXians were gullible doofuses, so one of them had to take down Raniere if it was to be done from the inside, since none of the gullible doofuses who quit did much. LOL

        • Please haters, just consider how bad it would be for the fight against cults if whistleblowers like Mark Vincente (or Mike Rinder, who did way worse, and yet is a major figure in the war against scientology), were put to jail, public shamed, or had their lives and futur destroyed.

          Whatever you think of them, do you really want to get your vengeance over the opportunity of saving hundred or thousand other lives, scaring away from any outing futur whistleblowers?

          Because it’s all down to this really, vengeance or lives.

          Or maybe you are in fact in the other side of the war, the side that wants to prevent any whistleblowers to emerge ever again…

          • Whistle Blowers will alway be sordid bunch.

            There is no such thing as an honest normal whistle blower. The job description is ratting people out whom you were involved in illegality with. What do expect Mark Vicente to be like???? An Eagle Scout?

            Look at Sami the Bull or John Dean or Edward Snowden…..Get my point?

          • Niceguy, you don’t get MY point. We NEED whistleblowers in order to save LIVES from cults. We need people who have more to gain by leaving than by staying. Prosecute whistleblowers who left cults when, like Mark or Mike Rinder, they were very relatively safe in their cults and were involved in wrongdoing, like basically every cult member, and we won’t have any in the future.

            Cults win.

      • There’s a big difference between being a victim vs being a grifter that sees the opportunity to get out in the nick of time. If not for Bonnie, he sticks around until the feds descend.

  • I do not want to hear anything more from Mark Vicente about how he was a victim after victimizing thousands of others for 12 fucking years. You had a brain. You had free choice. You chose to blindly follow. You chose to victimize thousands of people.

  • I don’t know this man, but I believe him. Now you can make comments about the fact that I wasn’t in the story and that’s how I give my opinion, I accept it. But my police experience and my “nose” have never cheated on me. I think Vicente’s telling the truth, and I don’t think he’s guilty. Even.

    • Most Police are domestic abusers, so that doesn’t speak to your “nose”. A police “nose” doesn’t smell abuse towards women, statistically, police are guilty of it.

      That you would believe him while few do at this point, speaks more about your views of male accountability.

      • To Anonymous 8:32pm. I don’t like to assume people are lying, so I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt on these first two things.

        – How about a link to your police officer claim?

        – You think few believe Vicente? I say you are incorrect. At best, you are confusing not believing him, with letting him off the hook for what he did.

        With your intense reactions, can I assume you are a victim of Mark? If yes, could you share? If no, maybe find a mirror and do some digging. Something is going on there.

        • I really hate narcissists. Mark Vicente sets off every alarm, bell, and whistle for me. Every new interview and factoid further confirms it. Not because I want it to, but because he keeps behaving like a narcissist.

          If you couldn’t tell the level of insidious gas lighting in his patronizing and condescending tone to a person he claims to love, you probably aren’t going to notice everything else.

          My views are extreme in the land of The Frank Report comment section, but they’re pretty tame in comparison to everything else being said on Twitter and elsewhere.

          Mark is deemed ethical only here, that’s how low the bar is set.

          I’m not saying anything that others aren’t saying. I simply said them early, because I’m observant and triggered by narcissists.

          When #metoo exploded there were a series of letters of apologies to the victims, fans, family and the general public.

          The guys that survived were accountable and addressed their actions and decisions honestly when making amends. They recognized how they abused their authority to manipulate others and said so. Or, their PR rep knew how to look ethical.

          That’s how ethical people make amends. They’re honest with themselves and the people they wronged. It becomes a pattern, not a one-off to avoid jail time.

          Mark did one good thing, after much convincing, abuse towards his wife and a cooperation deal. That’s the ONLY deviation in a long pattern of profitable self-serving narcissism and abuse. That’s it. He continued practicing the ideals of NXIVM and Keith Raniere in his unaccountable propaganda.

          As mentioned here, he is one among MANY, a link in a chain of other whistleblowers. The level of coddling surrounding him as a long-term victimizer is quite shocking compared to the convincing it took Frank not to show the picture of a rape victim testifying in federal court. The fragility assigned to Mark and not actual rape victims says much about the ethical standards in this sphere. I’m not the only one to point that out as well.

          Use your search engines. If you’re an adult using the internet, you have no need for a Mommy to hold your hand while you look up things you don’t want to know the answer to.

          “I’d much rather be rude, than a liar”
          -Magdalene Berns

          The opposite holds true here. I’m very fucking rude to liars.

          • Mark actually did something to take the cult down. He did not sexually assault anyone or try to find underage girls for Raniere, like the rape victim did.

            I have shifted in my opinion of her after hearing her story. A story she only chose to tell after Raniere was convicted. Vicente came forward in his own name and took down a cult – allowing the rape victim to be free of Raniere at last.

          • And now Vicente is cleaning up financially and not helping others, like the rest of the wannabe A-lister Hollyweird types. LOL

      • Anonymous 8:32 pm-

        Most police officers are suffering from some level of PTSD.

        When you’ve been in a combat situation, get back to me with how you are doing.

        “Combat?” —You say. What the fuck do you call it when your wrestling with a suspect/perpetrator and they are trying to get their hands on your gun?

        How about seeing beaten women and children every day for years?

        You think you wouldn’t have PTSD?

        Go back to Disney Land!!!!

  • Such Melodrama!
    Vicente, You did this to yourself!
    You sold your own soul!
    First, you sold your soul to J.Z. Knight and her Ramtha cult and then you sold your soul to Keith Raniere and his NXIVM cult!

    And Vicente, I saw how you called the grifter Raniere a scientist.
    Mark Vincente: ‘a really cool scientist, Keith Raniere’
    February 15, 2016

    “This comment is so silly that it almost defies comment. The patent office doesn’t know what to make of it, he says The patent office is too confused to figure it out and filed it under artificial intelligence”
    Frank Parlato on Vicente calling Keith Raniere a scientist
    Keith Raniere is only a scientist at conning people.

    Vicente, did you compensate Rick Ross for altering a videotape used against him at trial?
    Ross suffered from 14 years of litigation from Raniere, the Bronfmans and the Salzmans thanks to the obstruction of justice you pulled on him.
    Rick Ross’ organization was forced into bankruptcy as a result of this litigation and videotape editing.

    Frank, please stop defending a man like Vicente who did dirty work for Raniere, the Bronfmans and the Salzmans for years.

    • hear hear.

      He’s left too much destruction in his wake to ever be seen as a hapless victim-he is a very lucky man to have gotten out when he did, and saw how much it would benefit him to turn state’s evidence and get him off the hook.

      Mark only does what’s best for Mark. Behaving like the narcissist he is.

    • I got out my ephemeris and tuned into June 22, 1965, the date of birth for this South African, primarily because I smelled his quirks all the way down here in Florida. I have studied astrology for 55 years, quietly and with great interest, and learned to erect charts and to function with that math and concentration on my own. Vicente has been alive, as Vicente, for 55 years. He and Sarah Edmondson appear to both be born on June 22nd, albeit Sarah in 1977, if memory serves.

      As a videographer, Vicente’s alteration of videotape to benefit Raniere is conspicuous, to say the least. It is not behavior to forget, despite the cleanup jobs.

      One might have dreamed that when being confronted with this exact juncture, Vicente would have made decisions to be more concerned and DEDICATED to representing the truth for once. What does this say about any of his offerings? Has he transformed himself out of fictionalizing the truth via “cinematography” or not???

      Once seen, this breach of reliability isn’t hard to follow on and on, as one of his various trails of revisionism. Then throw in the frigging nice guy martyr “complex” and gee whiz, bingo. Bingo Bongo. Like a lingering smell of cat shit somewhere out in a garage.

      • Shivani, may I ask, I’ve never had a chart done because I don’t know the exact time, or place [I know the date and country] of my birth. I was the issue of a ‘concealed pregnancy’. Is there any point in me trying? Thanks.

    • Shadowstate-

      -Rick Ross’ organization was forced into bankruptcy as a result of this litigation and videotape editing.

      Sincerely Thanks for Sharing that Gem!

      I total forgot that little [huge] fact.

      Shadow I forgot you are a true *Philomath.

      *Philomath is a compliment.

      BTW: I am just busting your chops about the Führer.

      PS: Rick Ross may be able to file a lawsuit against Mark Vicente because the information regarding the slander of Rick Ross came out recently…

      …Ross has real financial damages.

      When you find out “new information” that you were not previously aware of sometimes possible to file lawsuits in some states.

  • That was a pretty doggone awesome statement. It’s a shame it came so many years late for the victims and those who knew who he was and tried to warn others about him and were ignored.

    “Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is.”

    • “But, like a proud steed reined, went haughty on.”
      Ah yes. The nouveau guru chomping at its bit(?) Nothing new but still far from attractive.

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