Sarah Edmondson’s Survivor’s Statement to Keith Raniere: ‘If There Is Any Justice, the World Will Never See Your Face in Public Again’

Sarah Edmondson

There were 15 victims statements heard at the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere on October 27, 2020.

The first victim was Camila, who spoke inside the courtroom to much dramatic effect. It was the first time she was ever heard.

See: Camila’s Complete Statement at Raniere’s Sentencing –‘When I Was Still 15, He Took Naked Pictures — Naked Pictures of Me!’

Following Camila was Sarah Edmondson,  a woman who many have heard from before and whose story is well known. Sarah appeared via video.

While Camila’s story was new, it was fitting that Edmondson should be heard from next, for she was the first of all victims – the first to come out publicly and say she was branded. It took incredible courage, in my book, to tell the world – in her own complete name – that she had the mark of a man she considered a beast on her body.

She not only admitted it, she showed the world the brand itself on her person.  This more than any single gesture solidified the story – and in an instant, everyone knew that the branding was true. I doubt that anyone would have believed it had not Sarah done this one incredibly intrepid and reckless, daring, courageous, outrageous act.

She showed her brand.  And within days Keith Raniere was a hunted man.

The New York Times front-page story on Keith Raniere and branding – with a photo of Sarah Edmondson and her brand.

If anybody thinks that the takedown of Keith Raniere has any value in this world, that it is a victory for justice and goodness that the system can stop such as her, then start by thanking Sarah Edmondson.

She did it.

Even my work would have been nothing had it not been for her – verifying the truth of the story and smashing her Vancouver Center to pieces, an organization she spent years to build and from which she got her sole living.

Encouraged by Mark Vicente, together they chose to tell the story of abuse of women – and not hide. It was daring, it was valiant.  When carping critics try to condemn the fact that Sarah or Mark made money, that they were believers, that they recruited, keep in mind that when they saw the real abuse that was DOS, they forsook their very livelihood, threw away their lucrative businesses in Nxivm, and risked the wrath of the Bronfman millions.

Cut them a break. People evolve. And sometimes when the moment comes, they have the choice to be brave or cowardly. Sarah and Mark chose to be brave when peril struck.

Scene from HBO’s The Vow, where Sarah Edmondson decides to tell Frank Parlato that she was branded.


Close up of Sarah Edmondson’s brand.

Let us now hear from a woman who has earned her laurels.

By Sarah Edmondson

This is not a victim impact statement. This is a survivor statement. Keith, you tried to steal me from my husband. You tried to blackmail me.  You tried to enslave me. You tried to ruin my life and the lives of my friends, but you failed.

Your brand of your initials on my body is gone. I had it removed with plastic surgery.

But I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I spent my 30s in a legitimate organization; one led by a true humanitarian. Instead of a monster who demonstrated his entire life mission is to destroy as many people as possible.

You used the trust that people had in me and my bright light as a recruitment tool for your personal harem and your insatiable desire for destruction.

In a curriculum that you said taught personal responsibility, you have taken none. You are not a leader or a mentor or a guru. You are a liar, a parasite, and a grifter; all the things that’s projected onto women.

Despite what you tried to teach us in the curriculum, it turns out there is a definition of evil. It’s you, what you have done and continue to do from prison and in this very moment. But your con has come to an end. The world sees your lies. And if there is ever any justice, the world will never see your face in public again.

Thank you to the Court for your time.  Your Honor, you’ve saved many lives and my husband and I thank you very much.


End of Sarah’s statement.

Short and sweet and a fitting last statement to the man who took a spectacular fall while she took a corresponding rise in fame and esteem.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • My problem isn’t the money they made while they were NXIVM believers, it is the lack of helping others and instead leveraging their celebrity and keeping all the profits from the books, appearances, shows, etc., for themselves. LOL

  • “…smashing her Vancouver Center to pieces, an organization she spent years to build and from which she got her sole living.” Edmondson has no ongoing income from her acting career? LOL

    • Nope. You can see on The Vow that she stated several times not being all that successful as an actress and needing the income from NXIVM. I mean.. have you ever seen her in anything? I doubt it. Even if she did have other income, why does that even matter? Why does it make her a bad person to earn money from a book she writes? It’s a very courageous thing to speak out against your abuser… and on such a scale. It does not make her bad. Not at all.

      Bravo Sarah, for having the courage to step up and stand straight and speak in detail about your experience within NXIVM.

      Takes a “special” kind of human to find humor in something so horrible. Shame on you.

  • Sarah and Mark V have each made one outstanding choice in life. THEIR SPOUSE.

    KAR told all women, do what makes you happy. KAR, and his “tech”, would show them what would make them fulfilled in life. As Sarah was seduced by BF/Master into lesbian love and broadening her group sexual experience virginity with KAR, she got creeped out. At some point, Mark V’s wife got creeped out from KAR trying to fulfill her with his “tech” to make her happy.

    Mark V, after some soul searching and time, chose his wife over KAR. Sarah chose to keep her husband and baby, over global humanitarianism.

    Ultimately, both Sarah and Mark V played with the dark side and chose family over personal glory. And for qualities unknown to me and readers of the FRANK REORT, both stayed with them.

    I guess love is the glory of humanity.

    Sarah is making it right. Righting her wrongs. Not a Hero. Just trying to be a good mom and wife.

    Fulfillment comes with her knowing she did the best she could.

    Cheers to Sarah.

  • On one hand, I think Sarah did it great because she got a very attractive handsome husband out of NXIVM; on the other hand, in The Vow I saw her cooking, packing, working for him as a… s. (!).

  • At what point does the judgment of Sarah Edmondson’s past actions and/or her monetary profits subside? Evolving away from a cult has never implied sainthood.

    Sarah seems to have been far more courageous, after beginning to wake up to what was really happening, than many of her critics might ever have been in their lives.

    Sarah is in an ongoing process herself, and I think that she would agree with that, even now. She has done remarkably to work to bring Raniere down where he needs to stay. No doubt the inner and the outer cost for those changes in her has been steep and yet, incredibly worthwhile.

    I can’t imagine the depths Sarah has touched in her heart and mind, over all of this. But I respect her and her courageousness.

    She does not have to be some kind of a finished “product” or to justify how she has dealt with what she experienced, not to me. There are many, many subtle shades for everyone, and that is life.

    Sarah has been brave. She will stay this way now, more than ever before.

    • She is very brave especially when compared to the cowardly Kristen Kruek, who would take no responsibility, or giv any help after being the “celebrity face” promoter for so many years, who also recruited teen girls on the Internet for Keith Raniere.

      • The power of Kreuk’s fame has been highly overrated.
        Her coming out publicly against Nx would have had marginal effect–less even than the Frank Report, the Times Union, Forbes Mag and other noble early attempts.
        It was only the NYTimes front page article that finally moved the needle and got the Feds involved. And in The Vow it was shown that the Times wouldn’t publish until they had proof of the branding on Sarah’s crotch.
        Maybe the Times reporter would have been interested in seeing Kreuk’s unbranded crotch but unless Keith’s DNA was present in abundance, his interest would not be “fit to print.”

        • Kreuk’s fame was good enough to help build the Nxivm cult. It would have been enough to help bring it down. The press were happy to talk about her being a Nxivm member. They would have spoken of her even more if she had come out with some actual bravery. But, of course, she is an immoral coward, hypocrite and liar, who only cares about herself and her D-list career, race-baiting on white taxpayer dollars and charging nerdy losers for her autograph at those LoserCon events.

          • **Kreuk’s fame was good enough to help build the Nxivm cult. It would have been enough to help bring it down.**

            No it wouldn’t.

            Even Cat Oxenberg (beautiful famous actress, royalty, and distraught mother trying to save her lovely daughter from being a branded sex slave) could not get the NYTimes and the Feds to make a move until she gave them proof of crimes that shocked the nation.

            What proof could Kreuk (a D-list actress, says you, and most others on this site) give of similar shocking crimes? That she overpaid for bogus classes and was leered at by a fake guru?

            No, if Kreuk had gone public before DOS branding was exposed, she would have been just another aging teen starlet who stupidly fell into the clutches of a scumbag….boo hoo…backpage gossip.

        • Kreuk is more famous than Oxenberg. Oxenberg did not have the fame to build Nxivm like Kreuk. At least two women, presumably Edmondson and Oxenberg, asked Kreuk for help. She said no because she is a c word. The press brought up Kreuk’s name to the point the coward had to make a BS lying statement to excuse herself. Kreuk could have used her name to get a lot of people to find out what was happening. She simply wanted to hide so that people would not talk about her own role in the cult and what she knew about and ignored. Kreuk is also more famous than Edmondson. You know full well that Kreuk’s name would have drawn a lot of attention to the cult, hence her cowardly silence.

          Keep this shit up and your getting exposed, Lexus boy.

          • ** you’re getting exposed, Lexus boy.**

            If you weren’t so obsessed with Kreuk (and Sultan), you would see that I did not write a defense of her but a critique of you.

          • I didn’t know who anyone was except for Mark and Catherine, before the NXIVM story broke. These are D list actors on age specific shows.

        • “What proof could Kreuk (a D-list actress, says you, and most others on this site) give of similar shocking crimes?”

          Kreuk: “Look at my friend’s brand! Spread the word!”.

          • The NYT [redacted] would be more likely to pay attention to Kreuk then Edmondson. [redacted] Kreuk did not use her platform to make any effort. She was asked to, but refused because she thinks she is a precious little princess. She was happy to help build the cult, but not happy at all to at least make the tiniest of effort. But she’s happy to attach herself to causes she knows nothing about and has nothing to do with at the same time. [redacted]

          • How did Kreuk “build” the cult exactly? Be specific. Don’t offer vague assertions and general claims like people joined because of her, or her name was associated with the cult and it grew because she was a part of it. I want to know exactly how she helped “build” the cult, something she could put on a resume and describe to potential employers who might seek her for employment to grow their organization or explain to them in an interview how this was done.

          • **The NYT [redacted] would be more likely to pay attention to Kreuk then Edmondson.**

            No, it wouldn’t.
            Edmondson had a brand on her crotch. Kreuk had a d-list acting career.

          • Kristin is not a D-list actress. She’s easily a C-list actress as she has been on multiple well-known network shows even if they were on the WB/CW, and is easily considered A-list in Canada. She has a good head on her shoulders. And even though she had good intent, the worst public thing she probably did was join NXIVM, only because of the drops of mud its screeching tires were stuck in threw onto her reputation several years after the fact for nothing she ever did.

          • Marry who? My father what? I don’t know what or who you’re talking about. What I see is an actress who appears to have a good head on her shoulders. From the minimal research I’ve done on the Internet with respect to her, and there’s not that much at all, the worst thing that I’ve seen associated with her is NXIVM. I’ve never read any other negative issues concerning her—problems with drugs, financial issues, mischievous behavior, relationship problems, being in trouble with the law, etc. I’ve also seen nothing that implies she did anything evil, wrong, or illegal as part of NXIVM. Did any investigators even talk to her? It doesn’t seem like it. And she seems to be doing fine.

        • As many have said, once Kreuk was bagged, it was seen as a win. Recruitment drives, presentation evenings where her fame drew people in, coaching, recruiting, teaming up with the head of recruitment, Mark Vicente, to expand the Vancouver branch, her name used to fight off criticism. Have you seen the pic of Kreuk with John Cusack at a Nxivm presentation evening? [redacted] Many people joined because of Kreuk. Some have said so on social media.


        • Lol, Kreuk is NOT C-list. Many moons ago, she was a b-c list television actress and has never been more than d list for films. These days, in her old age, she is a d list television actress, pushing it c-list in Canada. There is no way she is A list in Canada. Canada is shit, but it is not that shit. Ryan Reynolds is A list in Canada. Not even sure Evangeline Lilly is considered A list in Canada, let alone Kreuk. Lol. But of course, pulling on your dick does shit to your brain chemistry. Lol.

        • “She has a good head on her shoulders”

          How do you know? Do you know her? You actually thought you were going to marry her!

          “And even though she had good intent, the worst public thing she probably did was join NXIVM, only because of the drops of mud its screeching tires were stuck in threw onto her reputation several years after the fact for nothing she ever did.”

          How do you know what she did and what she knew about? Nxivm didn’t do anything to her reputation, she did. Her name was attached to serious things and she ignored all of it and continued to be a member up until at least 2016. Love how this causes your blood to boil. And she made no effort to help reverse the damage she had done in helping to grow the cult. She ignored and she hid. Pretending to fight a white pedophile on white tax payer television while staying silent about the pedophile she stayed loyal to, even four years after being named in the pedophile expose with police report. Terrible. A cowardly head on her shoulders. She didn’t have to have DOS slaves or do direct financial fraud.

          How will you explain yourself to your father *if* he were to learn the truth about his son? To your brother? To your nieces? Do you think Kristin Kreuk would be disgusted and creeped out *if* she were to see what you have been saying when you think no one was watching…

          #screenshots #downloaded #thosewords

          • I was fantasizing while self-isolating and mis-read the above comment, so I will self-redact:

            Kreuk [redacted] good head”

            “And even though she [redacted] good [redacted] the drops of [redacted] stuck onto her [redacted] after the [redacted].”

            I apologize for my immaturity in advance.

  • Why did Sarah and Mark not offer to pay back the people who they got rich off of? They are not the innocent victims they say they are. They earned year after year off other cult members.

  • Well said and courts like clear statements like that one was. I agree that showing the brand was a key facet in bringing down KR. I can only imagine (having built up my own business over 20 years) what it must have been like for her to have to admit in a sense it was wrong and bring your whole livelihood down.

  • “U didn’t say “who else.” U said you didn’t know who recruited 2 specific people. Blue was recruited by Mack, but why even mention Durance if all you’ve got is some “article” on a blog that often re-posts unvetted, unsourced comments from crazed loons.“

    Crazed loons? Shame if someone shares your secret ramblings you thought no one saw, then talk about crazed loons…

    “My soulmate” “Those words”

    Ha! Most people would have no idea what that means… You know how you contacted Kristin Kreuk’s dad at his workplace (which was very inappropriate)? Your pa has email, right?

    • Are you sure that Daxie is Sultan of Six? Our good friend Sultan seems exclusively interested in defending Kristin Kreuk. Daxie, on the other hand, seems to tweet about other topics. The only thing they seem to share in common is a dislike for me. But I do think Sultan is rather more refined and is interested in being fair most of the time.

      • Oh, it’s him. Ask him for a little sing-song… You will chuckle.

        As “Daxie,” he has hinted he has physically seen Kristin Kreuk, meaning he has physically gone to meet the old gal at one of these fan things.

        “BTW, I watched an actor transform from an unrecognizable, insecure wilted being into the award-winning star they were, the second a fan was placed in front of them. It was fascinating.”

        It’s like his little Albany trip… As Daxie, he says stuff about you. The only people who have a problem with Frank Parlato are SOS for having the audacity to say things about his never to be his fair maiden and NXIVM members, which includes Kreuk who probably hates your guts too! She wanted your articles on her removed so she could hide, correct? She wanted to hide, but Frank Report kept digging.

        • Happily, I have numerous detractors and haters. The problem is I have never been blessed with intelligent critics. They are always so ill informed and lacking in logic that it is often an embarrassment to debate with them. But at least it’s nice to be noticed.

        • –Oh, it’s him.

          Oh, no it’s not.

          That person blocked me after I related what you stated about me here in a tweet. My guess is they’ve actually posted here on the Frank Report.

          My guess is also that person is likely a female and a former NXIVM member or someone whose primary interest is in the group judging by her tweets, as most of them relate to NXIVM in some manner. What’s odd is her tweets only go back to 2019 but they’ve been a Twitter member since 2016.

    • What is with your obsession with Sultan? Do you even know who he is? Sure, he seems crazy and infatuated with Kristen, but at least she is someone in the limelight and has a face that is recognizable. There are plenty of fans or loons obsessed with celebrities. You seem to be obsessed with someone who is just an internet personality without a name or face.

      • I’ve changed my opinion of Sultan. He sails his own ship. Sultan whoever he is has never hurt anyone to the best of my knowledge, despite the possible quasi- threat to Frank.

        I can’t remember if Frank said that was positively sultan or not.

        • Sultan did not go to upstate New York. I am positive.

          The guy who went to Upstate New York is a white dude who’s nuts.

          He was not the real Sultan.

    • I find it fascinating and rather flattering that someone would take so much time to critique me – even if it is uninformed. I tend to look at hostile critics as friends in disguise.

      • It’s the price of fame.

        Personally, I am wondering what the Frank Parlato female groupies look like. I’d like to be your wingman. 😉

      • I think being called a shyster is a sign you have really made it big time (with a bit of feather ruffling). That blog seems old, posts from March with no comments. They seemed to have abandoned their cause whatever it was.

  • That was really short with nothing more for the judge to go off but, like she said, it is a survivor statement and I guess her last opportunity to speak to the the fiend directly, which could be her final bit of closure. A lot of people know her story and it’s grim details from the the trial, NYT, documentaries, books. This was an opportunity to look him directly in the eye.

  • Love Sarah. She took a huge risk coming out publicly like she did and deserves respect. That could not have been easy. I admire her very much; thank you, Sarah. You truly are a bright light.

      • Sarah’s strategy was the same as Frank.

        The best defense is an ass-kicking offense.

        Nobody in life is pure or perfect. The forefathers of our incredible country were far from perfect.

        Why should Frank or Sarah be any different?

        They got the job done.


        I don’t care if Frank is a Yankees fan!

  • I’d rather be in prison than have someone’s INITIALS branded into my crotch. She went into a room, got naked, watched other women endure horrible pain and then hopped up onto the table to get the same. All to avoid have nude picture of her released

    Now she’s playing the victim card. What a piece of garbage. I’d kick my “wife” out in two seconds with a new brand: My boot heel in her ass.

      • I debated whether to approve this comment. I am trying to encourage commenters not to attack other commenters. It seems smtolle has a point of view you disagree with – why not address that without attacking the commenter personally by saying the commenter has a DOS mentality?

  • It’s really a huge thing for Sarah to be the first to take on and show off the brand. I don’t know if he was afraid of Vanguard’s revenge. That made her great in my eyes.

  • I will never forget seeing Sarah’s picture on the front page of the New York Times and how it brought me here where, amazingly, all the insanity that was reported on FR turned out to be true.

    After a few years of wondering what the hell was going on at Rome Plaza and Apropos with the high-end cars always parked to be seen and the well-dressed people having very important conversations in the parking lot, running up to the offices after their “meetings”, I had asked locals. Not sure if it was fear, feeling outliers of a special club, to which they were not invited or, more likely, the d-list fame factor, but local people knew that Nx/ESP was strange and secretive. The Times Union “expose” meant nothing, which, in retrospect, is most disturbing.

    Even if you looked into Apropos, read the TU story, it was a nothingburger.

    Even after the story broke, locals were fearful. Corruption corruption. Still a story with the NDNY.

    Don’t stop, Frank. Still so much to investigate, right?

  • Re Sarah’s Letter:

    I was not expecting Sarah’s letter to be so short. I guess short and to the point works.

    I see Sarah as a hero, an opportunist, and a victim.

    My perspective is shaped by the Canadian CBC podcast special Escaping NXIM. It’s one of the best podcasts/documentaries on NXIVM. This special about Sarah and Nxivm has no slant and is completely objective.

  • “keep in mind that when they saw the real abuse that was DOS”

    Frank, you’ve read the report Rick Allen Ross was sued for supplying NXIVM material. You have told the stories of those involved before DOS ever existed. Are you now trying to erase all that “real abuse” before DOS? “Real abuse”, they knew about and participated in.

    A Forensic Psychiatrist Evaluates ESP, by John Hochman, M.D. February, 2003.
    A Critical Analysis of the Executive Success Programs Inc., by Paul Martin, Ph.D. February 12, 2003.
    Robert Jay Lifton’s Eight Criteria of Thought Reform as Applied to the Executive Success Programs, by Paul Martin, Ph.D. February 12, 2003.

    See that? That’s three among now many learned professionals that have concluded that without DOS, this was manipulative and fraudulent and was intended by design “real abuse”. This is not the sociopathic application of “If you don’t know you were ripped off and manipulated, it doesn’t count”. You are repeatedly showing how little YOU have evolved in what you deem abuse, in the nebulous ethical world of an Albany lobbyist fixer and good friend of Roger Stone. Already you’ve white washed what you know of their deeds, without revealing them you are judge and jury. That’s not what ethical reporters do, that would make you a propagandist. It’s opportunistic and sensationalist and unethical.

    ” they forsook their very livelihood – threw away their lucrative businesses in Nxivm”

    What did they know at this point? They knew they had groomed the child of a celebrity with royal blood lines, whose mother would make it public internationally. Right? These were top earning recruiters, expert in Keiths sales techniques of gas lighting and manipulation. Right? These were two of the most media savvy couples besides the loyal Mexican members. Right? Mark had participated in vexatious litigation by writing lies because he was told to. Right? He altered evidence because he was told to, right? There was money laundering, right? There was tax evasion by immigrants. right? Is Mark a citizen of the US, or is he grifting on a green card?

    How many times did Sarah tell how us how she didn’t follow all the rules and believe everything, but she sure as hell was selling that image. What “lucrative business” they gave up was in actuality a morally bankrupt fraudulent scam in which they were the top grifters.

    The more you double down on this obvious white wash, the less credibility and good will you have. It will come out, and you aren’t equipped to do that kind of mental hopscotch to defend it, not without damning yourself as well.

    Escalation in partnership with Allison Mack ensured that it was all going to come crashing down soon. They knew who was enabling him.

    (now I will read Sarah’s statement)

    • Prosecutors go after precise clearly provable offences. It is very hard for them to go after other elements of cults because of finding an exact crime committed and because of the difficulty of knowing when someone gives a genuine consent. When my sibling was with the Bhagwan lot, it was the same – as soon as you get a clear offence (e.g., tax fraud or poisoning or election fixing), you can move in for those offences. You tend not to be able to sue or prosecute anyone because they persuaded some poor sucker to give 10 years of their life or all their life savings, however.

    • Anonymous 9:45

      Frank’s perspective is kinda like God’s perspective…..There are redemption and absolution.

      BTW: There are no saints. Only sinners who become heroes. Frank was engaged in a blood vendetta/war. Raniere’s sole mission was to: put Frank in prison; bankrupt Frank; and destroy Frank’s life. If Raniere let Frank walk, there would never have been a Frank Report.

      Frank built the bonfire which burned down Nxivm and Sarah was the spark that ignited it.

      Sarah was the perfect victim to come forward. She is attractive, well-spoken, and media savvy.

      I doubt if anyone else had been the focal point of The NY Times article, it could have gained so much traction throughout the world.

      Sarah is far from perfect but she burned the house down and Keith Raniere with it.

      Are you so pious and without sin?

        • She was/is the perfect victim. She is attractive but not too attractive, media-savvy, and charismatic.

          The public and the media of the world bought into her story.

          All of the women, who were raped, murdered, framed or disappeared are attractive.

          Lacey Peterson, Amanda Knox, and Natalie Holloway.

          Many other women are raped, murdered, or disappear. We never hear about them.

          We live in a superficial-disgusting-bullshit world.

          I don’t make the rules but I know what they are. You need to learn

  • Cut them slack? The only criticism they get is in the comments section of Frank Report. Nobody else is calling these people out. They were out to save their own asses. That’s not bravery.

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