NXIVM properties in Albany going up for sale! Listed by Franca DiCrescenzo

Franca Dicrescenzo
By Laura Darby
Clifton Park
Is NXIVM in a cash crisis?
The following properties are all listed for sale thru Armida Rose Realty.  One of the brokers of Armida Rose is NXIVM coach Franca DiCrescenzoHistorically, most Espians use her for their real estate transactions.
[It’s all about keeping the wealth within the family right?]
These are for sale and represent a shocking development that suggest either a cash crisis [perhaops for legal fees] or an awareness that the leaders are never going back.
Like all the homes bought by the Mexicans in Clifton Park, the agent who sold Alex his home was long time ESP recruiter, Franca DiCrescenzo, a licensed real estate broker.

447 New Karner Road – Down by NXIVM headquarters which are at 455 and 

457 New Karner Roadhttp://armidarose.idxbroker.com/idx/details/listing/a062/201720163/447-NEW-KARNER-RD

319 Ushers Road Ballston Lake NY 12019  – This was at one time a day care center called Loving Kindness . I believe the intention was to use this for Rainbow Cultural Garden under the name Axiology which is a known NXIVM name. Last sale date 9/5/2007 – this was not on the list  of properties here – https://frankreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2007-11-23-nxivm-albany-properties-listalbany.pdf

319 Ushers Rd – Ballston Lake, New York 12019

(518) 406-5481


And much to my surprise on my way to the recycling center, I noticed a sign in front of the cluster of houses knows as Clifton Preserves that I had not noticed before.  Now maybe it had been there and I just missed it as it does tend to blend in – or maybe it was a recent addition but two High Rank Espians own two of three homes in this enclave.  Clifton Preserves was to be a cluster of four modern houses. It currently consists of 3:

318 Moe Road purchased by Prorsus Real Estate LLC but known to be Alex Betancourt’s  home in the 518.  Purchase price was $670,383 on 12/8/2014.

320 Moe Road is an empty lot.

322 Moe Road was sold to a family with no connections to NXIVM it appears for $425,575 by Schuyler LLC on 2/11/2014  (this appears to have been the first lot sold)


And then we have

324 Moe Road sold for $443,000 also to Prorsus Real Estate LLC on 10/19/2015. –   324 was listed for sale on 2/7/2017 for $479,000 and then a $50,000 price cut to $429,000 on 4/7/2017 and does not appear to be active however as it was removed on 7/7/2017. However, the sign is there and it appears one can arrange a private viewing with the listing agent.  –

https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/324-Moe-Rd_Clifton-Park_NY_12065_M39514-26755 and property details here  – https://www.trulia.com/p/ny/clifton-park/324-moe-rd-clifton-park-ny-12065–1008181294


Details for Prorsus Real Estate LLC:

Prorsus Real Estate, LLC Overview

Prorsus Real Estate, LLC filed as a Domestic Limited Liability Company in the State of New Yorkon Tuesday, June 24, 2014 and is approximately four years old, as recorded in documents filed with New York Department of State.

Filing Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company
Status: Active
State: New York
County: Saratoga
State ID: 4597265
Date Filed: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
DOS Process MJM Tax Consulting LLC

As an aside, Prorsus at one point owned 26 Captains Blvd Waterford NY and sold that property on 7/25/2017 per a listing in the Albany Times Union

Franca, a NXIVM coach, helps fellow NXIVM members buy and sell their homes in the Albany area. Now a surprising number of properties have been quietly placed on the market. It is not known if Franca is branded and a DOS slave.

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  • I’m just picturing whomever is left wandering around aimlessly. Those who have resources got the hell outta dodge. Most are poor and in debt. Is the University still going? I’ve heard many of the Albany slaves have scattered and left. Even if you don’t believe the DOS stuff surely even the brainwashed can SEE what’s happening?

  • Does all this real estate activity mean there’s not going to be anyone left to arrest if the feds ever decide to indict Raniere and his inner circle? Who actually is left behind now that might be among the indicted? Makes you wonder if this was intentional on the part of the feds…

    • What is the evidence that Nancy Salzman is still in Clifton Park?

      Laura Salzman?

      Michelle Salzman? Is she involved enough to be indictable?

      The other I.T. people of NXIVM ?

      Is Omar Boone still in Clifton Park? Or maybe he was never there full-time ?

      • I will pull together all my answers and assumptions and then some and have Frank post it as a blog post. Stay tuned,

        • Hey Laura- Franca is a very hard working/lifelong resident of Albany and this is her lively hood. She’s worked very hard and dragging her into this is journalistally very wrong. As a woman you shouldn’t be trying to take down other women for a story that’s graspig at straws.

  • Karma finally catching up. Keith should of have just left people alone when they left. Things would have blown over and he’d still be running his scam in Albany.

    • You’re talking about a narcissist. Read about how they deal with rejection. They can dish it out but they can’t take it. An exemplification of the latter is VanDouche’s treatment of Toni Natalie for two decades or so by the way of his flying monkeys and the legal system. Who indulges in decades of harassment of an individual other than someone with deep psychological issues? They shirk responsibility. They think they are deserving of Lamborghinis without working hard for them and that they should work perfectly without maintaining them.

  • they think the law won’t touch them in mexico, so they are all going back. Criminal plans for criminal minds

  • I guess you can’t pay the mortgage when you aren’t bringing in US income from a company that everyone now knows hides a sex cult for its douchebag leader.

    VanDouche is such a hack job. He is good at fooling people and stealing their money as if that is any type of real accomplishment in life.

  • Her cousin is also a longtime member and has a failing local business. Glad to see their members are all so successful. Their brainwashing makes these people manic and crazy.

  • I highly doubt Franca is in DOS. She is too fat for Keith now, but she used to be part of the harem when she was skinnier. Now she is happy to collect commissions from all of the fleeing Espians, and to drive around in her Landrover, like she doesn’t actually live in Albany. She is an idiot.

  • The NXIT from NY is a fait accompli. Vangoof is on the run and will not return. Only the scapegoats and unwanted remain.

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