Colin Brewer’s Case for Assisted Death – for Catherine Kassenoff and Others

Dr. Colin Brewer has a long clinical and academic career in adult psychiatry and addiction medicine, and is well-known for his advocacy for voluntary euthanasia and medically-assisted, rational suicide.

Dr. Brewer has assisted many who wish to choose their own death by evaluating their mental faculties, so they qualify for medically assisted dying services in countries, like Switzerland, which allow a person to choose to die without a terminal illness.

One must provide proof of sound mind and autonomy, which is what Dr. Brewer analyzes over a series of three visits before he makes a recommendation.

One of the clients he assisted was Catherine Kassenoff, who he evaluated in April 2023.

He judged her competent to end her life through medically assisted suicide (MAS).

He said he saw “no sign of guilt, low self-esteem, retardation, delusions or other classic features of a severe depressive illness.” His report did not mention a recurrence of cancer.

He did note an email from Allan Kassenoff, which Catherine said: “strongly indicated the unlikelihood of any agreed access to her children, which is one of the major factors in her request for MAS.”

In an email to Frank Report, Dr. Brewer stated:

I’ve been actively and publicly involved with the assisted dying movement for over half of my 80-odd years, so it’s not being identified as such that worries me and there’s clearly a lot of information already in the public domain, but I can see that the debate about the [Kassenoff] case in the US is getting very toxic.

I don’t do social media, but I really don’t want my inbox filling up with the sort of uninformed and vicious comments that your very factual articles are evidently provoking, along with more measured ones. On that understanding, I’m willing to consider further questions but if you want to know my considered views on assisted dying, you can find them in my books.

In January 2015, he published “I’ll See Myself Out, Thank You” – a book of essays that he co-edited with Dr. Michael Irwin.

His latest publication is: “O, Let Me Not Get Alzheimer’s Sweet Heaven!: Why many people prefer death or active deliverance to living with dementia” .

He provides descriptions of what Alzheimer’s looks and feels like, with chapters names like, “Will You Still Need Me, Will You Tube-Feed Me, When I’m Ninety-Four?” and “What Do We Want? Euthanasia! When Do We Want It? As Soon As We Need 24-Hour Care!!”

An excerpt from Dr. Brewer’s book:


Opponents of deliverance typically invoke at least two separate slippery slopes.

One criticism focuses on the observation that when deliverance is permitted, the number of people who want it increases.

Let us immediately remind ourselves, though, that by legal definition and in all the relevant jurisdictions, these people must have the Mental Capacity to make decisions about the current and future management of their conditions. As a rule, their views about deliverance have developed over several years, and they are not under any pressure from others to choose deliverance.

With very few exceptions, they are not suffering from anything that could be called a mental illness, even by the most zealous defender of DSM-5’s diagnostic free-fire zone. Even those exceptions must have been confirmed to have Capacity and are therefore rational enough to make decisions about their treatment.

Deliverance, for most users, simply means that after much thought, they have exercised their right to choose an alternative end-of-life scenario to the one that is becoming increasingly and unacceptably unpleasant – or looks as if it will do so before much longer.

Why is it either surprising or undesirable if it attracts more than a very few followers?

Critics of this kind may not oppose deliverance on principle and might even use it themselves if the need arose, but often it seems that they do not fully accept the argument from autonomy as it affects the relationship between doctor and patient – an argument that accepts the basic, presumptive right of adults (and of younger people with sufficient knowledge and understanding) to make their own decisions about accepting or not accepting medical interventions, even against medical advice.

In my experience, critics of autonomy tend to be at least somewhat religious (the religious attitude studies cited above bear that out) and though not necessarily as doctrinaire as those who think rational suicide is a sin, the concept still disturbs them at some fundamental level. They also tend to argue that current British (or English) law and the Swiss Option are a satisfactory compromise because the law acts as a deterrent and the DPP can be relied on to be merciful.

The other slippery slope is the one onto which, it is alleged, large numbers of people with physical and mental disabilities, who have never expressed any desire for deliverance from their conditions, will be encouraged to enter by family members, stigma and social pressure, or by the State that spends so much money on their care and is always looking for economies.

In this scenario, the disabled will not so much walk or crawl reluctantly onto the slope but will be pushed onto it willy-nilly in their wheelchairs, reaching out in vain for ethical and legal handholds as they accelerate down towards the final ski-jump.

This scenario is invoked by both religious critics and non-religious ones like the right-of-centre, atheist, gay, libertarian journalist Douglas Murray – a man I greatly admire for his brave defence of our hard-won freedom to criticize all religions, including Islam.

For Murray, the ‘slippery slope’ is evidently a daily concern. “I think continually about this” he writes. “Perhaps this will become the dominant vision of life in Britain…. But I cannot wish for it. There’s the slippery slope, the uncertain old who may feel pressured, the pathetic cases of depressed teenagers choosing death, and the shift in meaning it brings to life as well as death.”…

However, Murray also worries about the slow but steady increase in Dutch and Belgian deaths by voluntary euthanasia (our opponents often leave out that crucial adjective) and their equivalents in states where deliverance is legal. I will deal with that objection first.

One explanation for the increase is surely the same one that accounts for the gradual – even hesitant – adoption of many other new ideas, technologies and freedoms: including, I suppose, the relatively recent freedom to come out as a gay journalist without any serious legal or professional consequences….

Is it surprising if more and more patients suffering from unpleasant and intractable or terminal conditions, in jurisdictions from the Netherlands to Oregon and Australia, have taken advantage of the freedom the law allows them to choose the time and manner of their deaths in the way that many doctors are able to do?

There are obvious advantages to be had from dying peacefully, predictably and without anxiety about frightening terminal symptoms such as fighting for breath and palpitations; without being confused, hallucinating and barely conscious for several days because of high doses of morphine and sedatives; or of diminishing the dignity of the final farewell and the carefully chosen last words by becoming confused or by an all-too-noticeable attack of vomiting or faecal incontinence.

Those who, for whatever reasons, prefer the natural, drawn-out but often unpredictable version are free to choose it. Palliative care and hospices exist in part to cater for their tastes. Not everyone wants a planned and medicalised death and far more people evidently prefer not to think too much – or at all – about death…

Dr. Brewer told Frank Report:

I think Catherine’s death would not have been possible in any other jurisdiction that permits assisted dying. Only Switzerland allows AD for what I would categorize as ‘existential’ reasons, with no significant medical or psychiatric factors.

I was told the law originated around 1919 and was originally designed to protect Swiss officers who provided the traditional bottle of whisky and revolver to a colleague who had disgraced his regiment and wanted to do the traditional penance. It’s an interesting claim but I’ve never been able to find chapter and verse.

Sincerely, Colin Brewer.


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  • I love that photo of Dr. Brewer. It’s as though he’s sitting back and relaxing, knowing what we don’t know and never will.

    Good to know someone with such a kind face was available to help Catherine free herself from that Westchester County “family court” literal torture in that Westchester County “family court” literal hell.

  • More funding for colleges involved in fatherhood initiative. 250 million donated to Yale by Charles B Johnson a Yale graduate. His son Charles E. Johnson was arrested for domestic violence after his wife suffered a broken orbital bone. Charles E. Johnson plead not guilty in a California court. Upon further information a man name Charles Johnson is now the director of major gifts California for humanitarian efforts. Yale is home to father’s for change. Yale has done much promotion for the fathers involvement and published information on unwed father’s. Noble causes. What is going on in Connecticut that is effecting the entire country? The oppression of motherhood and minimizing the effects of domestic violence. What other private donations are related to family court system issues? The fatherhood initiative?

  • Dear senitors, Why did you appoint a woman who appears to be the poster child for a white women of privilege on the board of the commission on women children and seniors. Alan Tan a man who doesn’t appear to have the knowledge of the needs of women collectively in the state. There is no advocacy for funding for women as a whole. Posting pretty pictures of events. No one reaching out to the female residents of the state? Why is the political leaders of the state discrediting women and labeling them bringing forth legitimate issues? Why is Connecticut oppressing women and allowing their children to be taken away? The only answer we can come up with is money. Private donations to the state colleges. Political campaign funds and minority funding. Leaving out 51 percent of the population in your state. Oppressing women of all religion, socioeconomic status and color. . The children are growing up traumatized, abused and or living in poverty. They are seeing how you treat women, their mothers. Continueing the cycle. Fix your state. Our future society depends on it. Sincerely the average citizen.

  • Connecticut political leaders, As a growing number of citizens in your state and state around the country are complaining about the management of family court and related agencies. The state of Connecticut being used to role model and a leader in ” healthy marriage and fatherhood. We believe you should have to answer for your decisions. Per the Anna Casey foundation. 24 million children in the United States are effected by single parent house holds. Most residing with their mother. Now being referred to as birthing person. A label forced on women while a majority still identify as a mother. 64 percent of single family house holds being black, 49 percent American Indian/Alaskan native. 24 percent white and Pacifica islander. An interesting question is why these statics are lumped together and not separated? 42 percent Latino American. The largest number of single family household is Detroit 71 percent. Any studies on Detroit? Studies and philosophy would seem very different than Connecticut? Affordable housing, quality child and low paying jobs forcing longer hours all adversely affecting children. Yet we focus on fatherhood programs which have little effect on improving the above stated for women. Who are the head of these single family household. Trama also mentioned to be a significant problem. Yet the courts continue to order reunification therapy. A therapy benefiting non custodial parent. Not centered on the children. Or the mothers who are raising them. Are funding being directed at the fathers. In some cases it’s a noble cause for fathers who are absent that did not commit crimes against their families. Greatly effected in the bipoc community. Which fatherhood initiative is being promoted as. Perhaps Sean Scanlon can , The state of Connecticut comptroller. Can he give us a break down of the private funding as well as federal funding? “As a husband and father, life long resident . I know what is facing familys in Connecticut. ” Does he know what single families are facing in the state? Women being the majority. What funding is being used to uplift them out of poverty? Creating a better quality of life for the children? Sean is the husband of Megan Scanlon running the Ccadv funded and partnered with the fatherhood initiative. Megan had an unsuccessful run for state comptroller in 2019. The couple both inturned for Chris Murphy. Chris Murphy have you at all concerned your self with the dysfunctional and broken family court system? Reported by many to be currupt. Megan taking over the Ccadv after Karen Jarmoc. Karen leaving after the a law suit against her husband. Where a judge found her husband guilty of unjustly enriching himself from the estate of his father suffering from Alzheimers. Unjustly enriching himself to fund he and his wife Karen’s lifestyle. Despite this information. Senitors Martin Looney and Brendan Sharkey appointed her to the the commission on women, children and seniors. Promoting the fatherhood initiative and providing no advocacy on the growing problem women are facing in family court. As well as their children. Appearing to have no concern for the United Nations report. No mention of improvement to quality child care for single mothers. No mention of affordable housing for mothers as rent sky rocket in Connecticut. As well as mortgage rates and house prices. There appears to be mention of improving mental health services for trama in the school system for children. No mention of affordable therapy for women greatly effected by single parenthood. Alan Tan also appearing to ignore these significant issues surrounding women and children. Connecticut political leaders what are you doing to improve the quality of life for single mothers and children? What are you doing to fix and improve the family courts desides racking up legal fees? Affecting both mothers and fathers. Having a negative affect on the quality of life for children. Sincerely , A woman who has a coach purse for Marshalls. $120. ( I work two jobs). Very concerned about the leadership and family court system through out our country.

    • “The state of Connecticut comptroller. Can he give us a break down of the private funding as well as federal funding? “As a husband and father, life long resident . I know what is facing familys in Connecticut. ” Does he know what single families are facing in the state?“

      I called the governor’s office years ago to report the corruption in family courts. The governor’s office told me to call the Comptroller’s Office to report the misuse of state funds.

      I called the Comptroller’s Office and told them what happened in the case. They told me: since they couldn’t know if fraud was committed, I should call the offices providing oversight for the evaluators if I thought the evaluators misinformed the court with bogus evaluations. I knew the evaluations were bogus so I sent two complaints to the American Psychological Association — one for each evaluator. I provided proof of the errors in the reports and listed the APA rules that were broken. The APA rejected both complaints, offering no explanation.

      Someone told me, since the APA is a private organization, I wasted my time filing those complaints because the APA could do as they pleased.

      Back then, a man couldn’t wear a dress, tell us to call him a man and have the police send us to jail if we didn’t agree. The APA says that can happen now — and it will if we don’t follow their rules. Those are the kind of people in control of Connecticut’s family courts now. They also control all families in the state.

      That’s why people of all good people of all faiths, skin colors and politics need to unite ASAP. This is serious.

      • Amen. Filed complaints. All leading to no where. There is no redress in Connecticut. Open complaint with the department of public health and they stop responding when I asked them to investigate the education of the AFCC psychologist. Asking if she had any continuing education in reunification therapy. I’m guessing she did not. That’s just one of my complaints. The place is a fortress of red tape. Intentional delays to make the time constraints of filing. Contacted the human rights committee. Sorry the time to file has laspsed. When you work have children it tough to try to study law. So by the time you have put together the violations and laws broken it’s too late. Absolutely no help and no attorney will touch these cases. No matter how bad they are. There is absolutely no help for people. They use these complaints to pass laws to continue the system as it is. Despite years of complaints.

        • If you continue to look at the commission on women children and seniors. There is no focus on children women or seniors as a whole. They are not focused on women’s issues. Child abuse is not on their radar. Little to do with seniors. 51 percent of the population in Connecticut are women. Have little voice. No advocacy for single mother household. No mention of affordable housing. Trauma based programs for children. There is no mention of affordable quality child care to lift the mothers and children out of poverty. . They posted a picture of themselves with the fatherhood initiative right after the inside investigator article. Letting the women in Connecticut know that they don’t have any concerns for vital issues being brought up. They have placed ineffective leadership intentionally to not bring relevant issues. The state knows exactly what they are doing to continue to oppress women.

  • Danielle Pollack is at United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
    3d · Geneva, Switzerland ·

    With incredible courage and intelligence, today the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women & Girls (UNSVAW), Reem Alsalem, seated next to the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council @humanrightscouncil presented her Report on child custody and violence against women & children to the Council members.

    Nations provided feedback and questions on her Report, many asking for guidance on how best to improve their own country’s child custody laws and family courts in order to reduce or stop systemic violence against women and children.

    The UN Special Rapporteur offered the interested nations several examples and suggestions for good practices to apply in their countries, including the federal #KaydensLaw which we developed @nfvlc_at_gwu
    She noted it’s recent adoption in Colorado and some of the provisions within Kayden’s Law.

    When I began this project in 2018, together with Kayden’s mom Kathy @kaydenskorner13 and Professor Meier and litigator Richard Ducote years ago, I think none of us imagined we would reach the White House and then see this day at the UN, in our shared desire to better protect children in family courts.

    I’m so grateful to Reem Alsalem for her leadership, and to all the colleagues & friends who have worked so hard & collaboratively toward this, including the team @nationalsafeparents ❤️

    Let’s hope nations follow the guidance in the UNSRVAW’s Report.

    You can watch the full UN session here

  • Yikes. If the same kind of awful comments disparaging Catherine (and apparently everyone who helped Catherine) are also directed at her children, that’s a tough situation. Any healthy people in that community available to follow up in healthy ways after all that damage was done? It looks like Catherine bought the house for her girls, still hoping everything would eventually be okay.

    “… During the girls’ extreme acting out both younger girls screamed comments about not having a Christmas visit as they are Jewish. This fits into comments **** has shared with this writer about feeling a great deal of pressure for choosing to have unsupervised visits with her mom. She stated that the small Christmas tree she asked for from her mother for her own room was not allowed in the house and has remained on the front porch since she received it per her father’s directives. **** stated that she was made to throw out the leftovers she had brought home from the previous dinner with her mom as the meal was not Kosher. **** shared that “no one” was talking to her in her home because of her decision/wish to see her mother. **** was visibly quite upset when recounting these facts …”

    • “… As a human being and citizen of CT and the USA, I have the right to expect and be guaranteed that my human rights and those of my clients are not ignored or purposefully violated.

      I’m not perfect and never held myself out to be. But I have always vigorously represented every client, regardless of the legal matter. It’s very easy for anyone to Monday morning quarterback. Critiquing and poking holes in someone else’s work is always easy.

      I knew what was occurring. Judge Adelman treated me and my client, and her witnesses, with bias and disrespect. I’ve tried many cases in many areas of law. I appeared before many family court judges, some of whom I admire and respect.

      This was judicial bias …”

      • It’s been overwhelmingly clear the state of Connecticut is biased. Driven by greed. Greed from the attorneys up to the elected officials due to funding. Gerald Adelman should have been taken off the bench years ago. He is a danger to the public. He’s abused his power and placed countless children in bad situations. The elected officials have been negligent in removing him. As we can see here in the thread, there’s an ongoing theme of crying antisemitism. There are the relentless alienation claims when a woman goes to court to advocate for herself and her child. Cunha became an obstacle for the courts to continue running the racket. The ongoing federal funding for the fatherhood to enrich the state at the cost of countless children, women and anyone who dares to challenge it. The MOU and laws are civil rights violations and the entire state government knows it. William Tong should be impeached. The state is using minority funding and further dividing races. White privilege. Targeting white women. Purposely to ensure that there will be a divide in the sisterhood of women who have suffered domestic abuse. All women of any race have been discriminated against. Several women of color have been murdered not given the respect and dignity they deserve. Jennifer Dolus was important. So are the women in the middle and lower income bracket. They are underrepresented in the people in the state of Connecticut fight against the broken family court. Connecticut has been leading the way in the country to use the government against its own people. Cunha is a casualty for fumbling into the Jewish comments. The state is a giant Web and anyone challenging it gets stuck. They use immunity to get away with it. Have intentionally made it that way. Allow the most vile attorney to continue practicing for their own benefit. Defund the court system.

        • “… What it comes down to is there’s no neutral people regulating the behavior of judges attorneys, GALs, it’s basically the wild west in our courtroom and the judge knows that he can say and do whatever he wants and there’s zero accountability and no ramifications for whatever they do,” said Jessica, a woman from Texas who now says she has been trapped in Connecticut for 8 years after she fled here with her son to escape her abusive ex.

          “I had a thriving career, my family lives in Texas. Every time I try to move there, he files a motion to restrain, and the court keeps granting, forcing me to remain here against my will,” Jessica said. “I could tell you a million abusive things my ex has done to me, but the issue is the people who are enabling it. He’s still gonna be an abuser at the end of the day. If not me then somebody else, but it’s the people, the key players, that are enabling these abusers and enabling this to keep going on. …”

          • Hartford current. Judge Abery- wetsone gives father custody in marathon cases. Father retains majority of assets. Ordered to participate in biweekly sessions for alcoholism. Mom gets maximum 10 min phone calls.

          • Peter Werth. Wife Pamela filed for divorce in 2017. ? Same year Peter donated millions of dollars to Uconn. Peter claiming wife is some kind of threat. Fillingfor protective orders. Proir to his wife filing for protective orders. Could Pamela be the victim of the labeling of women as coocoo Connecticut crazy 🤣. For an upper hand in court. You just can’t make this shit up. Fatherhood initiative Uconn development of social services. Fatherhood /mens rights agenda possibly guided by donations? Google for your selves. All public information. What is going on in Connecticut?

        • I wonder what type of private funding is being donated to Uconn? Health and human services. Fatherhood initiative. Heavily influencing custody in family court. Shall we take a look at all the education being given to our court professionals. How much AFCC parental alienation influence? Lack of domestic violence training. Trauma informed education? All heavily influencing the court system.

          • Peter Werth. Largest donor to Uconn. Divorced in California on 2005. Unable to obtain case information. Anyone with information and knowledge of the case?

          • Than is an ongoing case in New Haven according to the website site. The wife filed for divorce months. Asking for alimony and possession of the house. He filled for protection order and Psy eval. You don’t need kids in Connecticut to pull the wife is bat shit crazy scam. The California case is probably a different one. It’s all a matter of public records. Donations were made to southern CT University. Maybe the mens rights groups are donating to the state schools who knows? What is really going on in Connecticut ? That’s sweeping through the nations court system?

    • People need to remember that “Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother” is one of the Ten Commandments, despite religion

      • Biology is not an entitlement. It doesn’t ensure healthy relationships. When a relationship has become harmful to well-being the right thing to do is walk away.

    • Thank you for asking K.R. I think if people are allowed to live, then they must be allowed to die.

      I don’t think assisted suicide should be for chocolate hoarders. Assisted suicide shouldn’t be for people calling it quits because they lost a battle.

      Assisted suicide shouldn’t be for people giving up on life because things didn’t go their way. Imo of course

      • Peaches,

        After a little research to understand the nightmare of parenting in New York family courts, you might offer a less caustic opinion.

        • I suppose it is a nightmare parenting in New York family courts. I parent without family court. More people should try it. Take the advice on FR and stay away from family court.

          Now excuse me while I look up the meaning of caustic opinion.

          • parent of what? a pomeranian? remember you dont have a husband or children you state in one comment of your recent demented outpouring here…

    • I think it should be legal but only in very limited circumstances. Terminal illness, very elderly, early dementia.

    • “… CRANSTON, RI — Rhode Island state Sen. Joshua Miller (D-Cranston, Providence), was arrested Thursday after Cranston police said he vandalized a man’s SUV with a “Biden Sucks” bumper sticker.

      Miller was charged with vandalism/malicious injury to property after police said he keyed the other man’s SUV around 3:30 p.m. in the Garden City Center parking lot.

      The SUV’s owner and passenger told police they were walking back to their car when they heard a scratching noise and saw Miller with a key in his hand. Police said the SUV owner noticed a long scratch on the vehicle’s door, so the man asked Miller if he had keyed his car. Miller denied it and walked away, according to police. …

      … Later on, police reviewed Garden City Center security video and said Miller was seen next to the damaged vehicle.

      Police said they confronted Miller with the new evidence, and he admitted to keying the SUV. Miller said he damaged the SUV because the owner “yelled at him” and “dared him” to do it, according to police.

      Miller was arraigned by a justice of the peace and was released on $1,000 personal recognizance. He is scheduled to be at Third District Court in Warwick for a re-arraignment on July 18.“

  • All of the end life summations by Dr Brewer are not the same as what Catherine was declaring for her suicide. I agree with Dr Brewer, Catherine having existential problems. Thank you Dr Brewer.

  • Colin Brewer looks like a kind and thoughtful man — much kinder than the criminal cabal in Westchester who tortured Catherine, killing her many times again and again before she escaped what must have been hell.

    The most cutting comments some have here posted here to disparage Catherine and her memory appear to be a small sample of the hatred aimed and thrown at her 24/7/365 for four years.

    RIP Catherine. 💐

    • Exactly. Allen and the family court actors tortured Catherine on a daily basis.

      Criminalizing innocent parents is their favorite thing to do.

      Attorneys and their gal endorsed therapists act as a mob and intimidate, demean and threaten unceasingly.

      They strip you of your children and then continue to traumatize you by controlling access to the children you love and raised.

      They manipulate, deceive and engage in ex-parte communications. Temporary orders are allowed to be pushed out for years.

      You are treated as the most reprehensible person on the world and they strip you of your identify, all you’ve worked for, and isolate you by defaming you to everyone.

      It is the most sinister experience one can imagine.

      It’s happened in family courts for two decades and they traumatize and threaten parents into silence.

      It is “worse” if you choose to stand up to these criminals, but regardless of path chosen, custody is never restored in these lucrative, money driven criminal cases.

      • Catherine tormented and tortured everyone. Look how many filings were made by her. Look how many motions and letters. She was highly litigious. Even her quack psychiatrist, Brandt, who didn’t know of any terminal illness, claimed Catherine’s skill set was suing and that’s why she sued everyone. From the therapists to her husband and his lawyer. She was even man lawsuit with one of her former lawyers.

        • You wrote:
          “Catherine tormented and tortured everyone.”

          Individuals working in Westchester County family courts took Catherine’s three children from her. That kidnapping of Catherine’s children “tortured and tormented her”.

          You wrote, “Look how many filings were made by her. Look how many motions and letters. She was highly litigious.”

          Catherine filed lawsuits hoping those who kidnapped her children would give them back to her.

          You wrote:
          “Even her quack psychiatrist, Brandt, who didn’t know of any terminal illness, claimed Catherine’s skill set was suing and that’s why she sued everyone. From the therapists to her husband and his lawyer.“

          Catherine was the mother of her three children and also an attorney. That means she was her children’s mother for life, their attorney for life, their barrister for life and their best friend for life — who suddenly found herself in the middle of nightmare of Westchester County “family court”.

          It looks like she had no time to perseverate on her illness (as you seem to do?). It seems Catherine understood that she had to focus all of her time, energy and resources on advocating for her three children. She fought 24/7/365 to be their mother, their best friend and their attorney.

          If you are the girlfriend or an opposing attorney, if you post so many disparaging comments to try to take the home Catherine bought for her children, please rethink your attacks on Catherine — and in effect, your attacks on her children.

          Individuals working in “family courts” have kidnapped children from good mothers for almost fifty years in about twenty countries around the world. Read about the program in Germany that placed children with pedophiles. The man who invented the “alienation” set up used in family courts today was in Germany for some reason before he toured the world to teach family court professionals how to use the “alienation” set up in “family courts”. If you didn’t know about the crisis, please do a little research.

          After Westchester County “family court” took Catherine’s three children from her, Catherine discovered the same thing that happened to her has been happening to millions of good mothers and children all over the world. She was working with other mothers to try to address the crisis in her case and in cases all over the world.

          What kind of governments allowed that crisis to harm so many for so long? Good family courts wouldn’t kidnap children from good parents for profit for 50 years if there weren’t something nefarious happening. It’s time to end the secrets.

          Please consider being part of the solution.

          Thank you.

  • Brewer is a murderer who did not evaluate her or know her long enough to decide is she were mentally competent to warrant assisted suicide . The letter from her ex proves she was under tremendous stress & did not think things clearly . What dr doesn’t try to convince her that there’s always hope ! Her girls were getting older . He is a sham wanting to promote his book on the Frank Report , probably also gets a fee from the death suicide clinic . He sold Catherine & her daughters out for a moment of fame & an attempt to sell his book pushing his agenda ! There’s one word to describe this GREED ! This is worse than family court – now she has no hope , nothing ! He’s a sham!

    • Oh please. He is not a murderer. If Catherine really wanted to end her life, she would have done it with or without a doctor’s approval. At least this way it was peaceful and humane and she didn’t have to be alone to do it. Plus, she had terminal cancer, remember?

        • That’s because she did not have it. This whole thing is an attention grab and it’s not working. Not one real news organization has written or spoken a word about it because neither her nor Allan are news worthy.

      • I don’t recall Brewer mentioning in his determination to qualify Catherine for suicide any terminal cancer diagnosis . And if so had he spoken to her lawyer , therapist , family , the courts Catherine never mentioned being terminally ill . He did not conduct himself in a manner of due diligence! He had more to gain having her go through with assisted suicide !

      • According to the good doctor here, she did NOT have terminal cancer. Note that she said she would only have success in Switzerland since she wanted to die for “purely existential reasons” (ie, NOT for any physical or medical reason) and named the custody situation as her primary reason for suicide.

    • The promotion of parental alienation seminar was ok? Shameless. Anything to be relivent. Anything to keep a non existent family court claim in Play for abusive people.

  • Extraordinarily interesting read.

    In Canada, MAID is encouraged by the government, if the financial burden of disabled people is deemed too high. Justin Trudeau literally wants to kill people to save money. The man is a fucking psychopath, comparable to Adolph Hitler. The Canadian government is morphing into a modern-day Third Reich, right before our eyes.

    They came for the unvaccinated, they came for the disabled, they came for the mentally ill. Who will be next?

    Canada, WAKE UP!!!!!

    • Oblivious citizens in North America remind me of those political and economic interpretations of the Wizard of Oz. Just as the poppies put Dorothy and her companions to sleep on their way to freedom, Hollywood “entertainment”, mainstream “news” and the “family court” destruction of families hit both countries hard in the same ways.

      More cross-border friendships of freedom loving people sure would help preserve freedom for all of us, but the news on the TV tells us we must destroy Russia first before we do anything else. Making friends with Canadians is going to need to wait. 😐

    • I live in Canada and they trot out these same random stories to make it look like a slippery slope. They stopped portraying one guy when he got charged with abducting a care worker but hey, nobody looks very deeply. God didn’t intend every senior to die of Alzheimer’s. That’s why he gave us cancer and quick heart attacks and pneumonia that 99% of people fight against. I plan on dying with MAiD when I get something that qualifies for it. I refuse to live with Alzheimer’s. My life with Alzheimer’s involves expecting some low status woman to be no better than a slave, changing diapers, spoon feeding. I am leaving as a full human being, just skipping the pain and not dumping on somebody else. And so what if it saves money. I’m not handing over a lifetime of assets to the elder care industry. I’m giving my house and savings to someone who doesn’t know they will be getting it and isn’t even related to me. She’s slaving away in a helping profession being underpaid used and abused.

      Know when to fold up, I’m going out with whatever God gives me. No cancer treatment, no heart treatment, no dementia. MAiD all the way.

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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