Toni Natalie’s Last Statement to Raniere: ‘A Genius? What a Joke!’

Toni Natalie, caught lying, desires revenge on the man who only exposed her lies. He did not force her to lie. .

Frank Report is publishing the victim statements of all 15 people who spoke at the sentencing hearing of Keith Alan Raniere on October 27.. 2020.

The first victim, Camila spoke in person.

Camila’s Complete Statement at Raniere’s Sentencing –‘When I Was Still 15, He Took Naked Pictures — Naked Pictures of Me!’

Next was Sarah Edmondson, who spoke by video.

Sarah Edmondson’s Survivor’s Statement to Keith Raniere: ‘If There Is Any Justice, the World Will Never See Your Face in Public Again’

Mark Vicente was the third to speak. He spoke by video.

Vicente to Raniere: ‘I Will Struggle for the Rest of My Life With What You’ve Done to My Mind and My Soul’

Ivy Nevares was fourth and spoke by audio.

Ivy Nevares Statement at His Sentencing: ‘Raniere was Hoping I Would Commit Suicide’.

The fifth victim was a woman who broke with Keith more than 20 years ago. Toni Natalie left her husband to join Keith in the early 1990s to be part of Consumers’ Buyline and stayed in his orbit until 1998 – just a few months after he started Nxivm.

Toni Natalie with Keith Raniere in 1998 during the early days of Nxivm [then known as Executive Success Programs]
She found out, however, that breaking up was hard to do. Keith never could quite forget her or leave her alone and she was on his hit list for decades.  I may not agree with everything Toni has said, but I do know that Keith wanted her in prison. He offered me money for it – and he offered others sizeable sums if anyone could get her indicted.

This went on for years.

Toni attended, I believe, every hearing and the entire trial. Never missed a single day of the trial and she appeared at the sentencing hearing for Clare Bronfman and spoke. And now she got the last word with Keith.

After he tried to put her in prison for years, she got to address him for what is likely to be the last time – looking at him and feeling, as she must have felt, victorious. The man she said had tormented her for two decades was now seeing his last hopes for freedom die before him.

He fervently wanted her in prison – and, instead, he’s in prison – and all that had to be decided this day was for how long.

Toni Natalie [l] heads to court to speak at the sentencing hearing of Keith Alan Raniere. India Oxenberg [r]


Thank you, your Honor. Today is October 27, 2020. On October 27, 1999, 21 years to the day, I was forced to file bankruptcy because of you. God has a sense of humor, doesn’t He — or She?

Then came years of relentless litigation, harassment, stalking, not just against me but against my family, and that didn’t end until after your arrest.

All I wanted to do was leave and be able to move on with our lives, but you don’t know how to let go of anyone, do you.? It was either fight back or die. I chose to fight, but at a very high price to me and my family.

Both my mother and father died weeks apart, thinking you were going to be putting me in jail. My brother John, you remember him don’t you, he fought very hard to stop you. He was right, you are the boogeyman.

I saw you and your Prefect [Nancy Salzman] for exactly what the world sees you as today, evil. Your goal was to break me and you failed.  I’m standing here today to tell you, you didn’t break me. I’m stronger than you are.

In your desire to destroy, you destroyed yourself. Your obsession to control and dominate women, look around, Keith, it’s women who took you down.

My mother would say, in order for Keith to be with you he had to be normal, he had to try. Then you found Nancy, a person that checked all your Machiavellian boxes, your second in command. You’re lazy, Keith. You always had to have women around you to do your dirty work, you still do.

Your calling card, the smartest man with a 240 IQ, what a joke. But Nancy came with one of her own, the number two NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] expert in the world. Using her NLP skills to create your pandemonium. And she was willing to help you perpetuate all your ridiculous lies, such as you’re a celibate monk. A lie you and your inner circle wove into the fabrics of people’s beliefs for years. It’s the lies and the Bronfman’s money that created your cult kingdom.

Sending me gaslighting letters from Milton’s Paradise Lost, begging me to come back [Raniere sent Natalie various letters that alternately were pleas for her to return to him as his lover to threats of what would happen to her if she didn’t]. I was Lucifer, and you God. And when that didn’t work, you created a module [for the Nxivm curriculum, called] The Fall. I was the suppressive you used by name as an example that needed to be destroyed, and what people feared the most they would become.

You even stole that term [‘suppressive’] from Scientology. There is nothing original about you.  It didn’t work.  They [people who left Nxivm] woke up and they reached out [many contacted Natalie for she was known as Keith’s enemy].  You pointed them in my direction.

I said a thousand times, he doesn’t draw bad people, for the most part he draws good people that want to make a difference. No one joins a cult. As soon as they see the crack in the plate, they are gone. They have to be brave enough to look.

Everyone builds their own postulate world.  For some people, it’s a real heaven; for other people a real hell. What does your world look like right now, Keith?

A genius, what a joke. You are diabolical, small man, a master manipulator.  And now that’s over.

I ask this Court to sentence you to life in prison and put you in a place where you’re not allowed to have contact with the outside world or anyone. You need to be locked away as they locked away Charles Manson. As anyone can see, you and your flying monkeys [referring to his remaining followers] won’t stop until you’re gone.

The victims of your abuse should finally be able to have peace and closure. Do something decent before you die,  Keith.  Tell the Snyder family what really happened to their daughter [Kristin Snyder, who disappeared 17 years ago after being ejected from a Nxivm class in Alaska, after claiming Raniere had gotten her pregnant].

You’re dangerous and soulless. And it frightens me there are still people out there willing to do your bidding. The last thing you said to me was, “The next time I see you, you’ll be dead or in jail.”  You were wrong, again, you’re in jail, and I pray to God that’s where you will die.

I want to thank this Court for their time.

End of Natalie Statement

Toni Natalie leaves court after the sentencing of Keith Raniere and is followed by the media for interviews.

The above statement is very likely the last message Toni Natalie will ever get to deliver to Keith Raniere. She said to Keith, “I ask this Court to sentence you to life in prison.”

The judge sentenced him to 120 years.

She said, “I ask the court to …. put you in a place where you’re not allowed to have contact with the outside world or anyone….  As anyone can see, you and your flying monkeys won’t stop until you’re gone.”

She was referring to Raniere’s followers who dance outside the prison, deliver affidavits to prosecutors, and submit evidence to the court that there was witness intimidation and evidence tampering in the trial of Raniere.

Whether these followers have a sincere and valid cause or not, the judge, certainly not pleased with their efforts, may grant Toni’s wish and put Keith in a supermax prison that will very likely make contact with his followers extremely difficult if not impossible.

When Toni left the courthouse, she had the happy fortune to have the media spot her and chase her down the street for an interview.  After telling Keith and the judge what she thought of him, Toni got in one last word to the public. Obviously, she was pleased with the verdict.

As for Keith, he was inside, very likely in handcuffs and shackles, waiting to be transferred back to prison which might take some hours to accomplish.

Natalie was off to her hotel and dinner.

Raniere, once transferred back to MDC, would be subjected to a full-body cavity search and then perhaps a late prison dinner of a baloney sandwich and an apple.

How did things change so dramatically for the Vanguard? He had it all – adoring women, students who regarded him as all-wise, and some who literally worshipped him. He had all the money he could spend, courtesy of the Bronfmans. His inner circle doted on him and did all the work he required. He had the opportunity to have sex with attractive women around the clock.

He just had to take things too far. He felt he had to punish his enemies – and that included his former lovers. One of them, one of the first he sought to destroy was Natalie.

MK10ART’s sketch: The victims of Keith Raniere had their chance to speak at his sentencing.

One has to think he miscalculated. So many former lovers grew to hate this man. Of the five Nxivm women who testified at trial, four of them had been to his bed: Sylvie, Lauren Salzman, Daniela, and Nicole. All of them painted the picture of a monster.

Of the 15 victims who spoke, nine of them were former lovers. They collectively painted a picture of a monster.

There were 92 victim impact statements filed with the court. Many of these also were former lovers.

It seems strange that a man who claims he was compassionate and ethical had so many women he once told he loved arrayed against him.

The argument was made, of course, that the women were to blame; that they were wrong, that they lied, and he was right. It seems strange then that the smartest man in the world would be so stupid about picking women.

Viva Executive Success!

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere. And the judge has ruled, and the gavel has fallen...




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  • Using nlp and covert hypnosis to get things is not intelligence. It is cheating and stealing. Keith Raniere is a common criminal. Lots of “successful ppl” use nlp and covert hypnosis to get things. That’s why salespeople learn nlp. It hypnotizes ppl and get them to do what you want. NLP AND COVERT HYPNOSIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. NXIVM IS A PRIME REASON WHY. MOST CULTS AND RELIGIONS USE COVERT HYPNOSIS. Listen to steven hassan on the subject. Former Nxivm members got help from him.

    • Just this morning, some guy knocked on my door and sold me 5000 forks for $250,000. He must have been using nlp. Oh, wait….I’m a man. I said no.

  • I wonder if Pea Onyu, or whichever moniker Nicki was using at the time, is still in love with Toni Natalie after that letter

  • It’s certain Salzman’s NLP played a significant part in Raniere’s mind control. I hope the judge takes that fully into consideration.

    • I plan to attend the sentencing hearing of Salzman. I want to hear the victim’s speak and want to hear the judge level a significant sentence. Salzman was a major player in Nxivm next to Keith and Clare. And, she’s lucky to not be charged with tax evasion and money laundering!

      5 years for 65 year old woman with a recent operation would be significant.

  • Frank, could you please give us some information about the following question of Mary: “What did she do to Kristin’s family? Is there an FR article about it?”

  • Good for Toni. What fortitude and strength and patience it must have taken for her to make it through the 21-year ordeal of this slimy loser’s malevolence. I read some horrible letter he wrote to her when she left him, calling her his sweetheart or something. It was the scariest most disgusting stringing together of words I’ve ever read. My heart breaks thinking about Toni’s parents dying worried about this sick creep putting their daughter in jail. Whatever drew her into his evil web (the multi-level-bullshit hope for success, or the grandiose delusions of enlightenment), I hope she and all the other women who fell prey are clear on what they thought this man offered, what they thought they wanted, and how much it truly cost them.

  • “Whether these followers have a sincere and valid cause or not, the judge, certainly not pleased with their efforts, may grant Toni’s wish and put Keith in a supermax prison that …”

    The judge can only make a recommendation and express his opinion on which prison Raniere should be placed in. Judge Garaufis did not do that. The decision is made solely by the Bureau of Prisons.

  • Well done to her. KR should have just left those who left go and not bothered with all that litigation. He could just have concentrated on other people – there are plenty of willing suckers on this planet to be conned. Some cults breed them. If you have 10-20 babies per wife you soon build up followers.

    KR seems to have dealt very badly with being left/rejected. The germ of an idea (not his idea) that surrounding yourself with positive people – radiators not drains – is fine but he just had to twist some sensible ideas to such extremes that they became very bad ideas indeed.

    • Narcissists never willingly let go of anyone, because they see other people as an an expression of themselves, and agents of their own best interests. For them, ‘letting go’ can only result from a real or perceived betrayal. The thought that someone might simply choose to walk away, is incomprehensible. It is an attack in their mind. Then comes the never-ending narcissistic rage. Narcissists seek to hold everyone hostage.

    • In MLM groups they cannot allow any criticism to get out or start getting traction. Otherwise the whole thing unravels pretty quickly.

  • Raniere was someone who studied up on how to deploy psychological and mental games. He was adequate at it. However, he was a slave to his own sexual sicknesses and depravity, and he didn’t control that so much as that controlled him, as a divided and a sadistic aspect of himself. He kept a thin, threadbare line between his needs for pleasure and his compulsions to deliver pain.

    So it was excellent to hear Natalie take a few well-aimed, specific shots at Nancy Salzman, the true balls behind organizing and sustaining Raniere’s madnesses for almost an entire generation. She knew what she had in Raniere and was ambitious about using him to benefit herself and her hippopotamus-sized, hideous, leathery ego. She even turned him on to her daughters. “Open wide for Chunky, girls.”

    After Natalie’s awfulness to what is left of the late Kristin Snyder’s family, one wonders how they might feel about Natalie, of all people, mentioning Kristen in court, as a minor, but seemingly sincere part of her own victim statement. It was a barf inducing remark, considering the games that Natalie tried to put over on the Snyders.

    But then, as most already are aware, what’s to trust about “some people,” and perhaps in the instance of the Snyder family, the best that they could wish from Toni Natalie is that they have already seen and heard the last of her.

    • Could you explain why mentioning Kristen in court by Natalie in her own victim statement was “a barf inducing remark”? Thanks.

      • The Fall course in NXIVM was about Toni Natalie. If this took place in Oceana, she would be Emmanuel Goldstein.

        All manner of wretchedness is allowed, justified and rationalized, except for a number of elder women that won’t let her sit at their cafeteria table at lunch.

        No matter what she does, like including Snyder in her victim impact statement, will never be enough, because they like to continue Keith Raniere’s sadism free of charge.

      • There are a lot of articles about Toni Natalie on the Frank Report. If you search “Frank Report Toni Natalie”, these articles will show for you to select if you want. Among the titles are these:

        “The Many Provable Lies of Toni Natalie – And Why”

        “Was Toni Natalie Really ‘Sued Into Oblivion’ by Keith Raniere?”

        “Susan Dones: Toni Natalie Should Not Be Trusted to Tell the Truth”

        “Another Day, Another Lie – From Toni Natalie…”

        “Snyder Family Condemns Toni Natalie for Lie She…”

        “Susan Dones Blasts Toni Natalie as like ‘Scum of the Earth for Her Lies About
        Kristin and Kim Snyder!”

      • Hi Mary!

        Toni Natalie didn’t do anything to Kristin Snyder’s family.

        Search this blog and enter Kristin’s name for some of Frank’s articles.
        Better yet, YouTube ‘The Lost Women of NXIVM’ a documentary Frank was part of where he investigates Kristin’s supposed suicide, or (very) possibly murder.

        Kristin Snyder and her wife lived in Alaska, both successful women and Kristin was part of the professional search & rescue team there and was a very stable, healthy-minded, active woman.

        Kristin went missing 17 years ago after taking her 2nd 16 Day Intensive in Alaska. Her 1st 16 day was in Albany. She’d done a 5 day in Alaska to start….she was only involved with ESP/NXIVM for about 3 months.

        She suffered a psychotic break during (about) day 6 and started saying all kinds of things like Keith impregnated her, she was responsible for the Challenger space shuttle disaster and other deeply disturbing things.

        Terrified, her wife wanted to immediately take her to the hospital but Nancy Salzman (I think), Lauren and the other coaches convinced her that they would “deal with it” and that Kristin was just acting out for attention or some such other bullshit….NXIVM et al. didn’t want any nosey doctors to look into the cult’s practices and the fact that potential recruits may hear about the incident and bail.

        This sort of thing had happened in other Intensives and usually they would hold the person who’s freaking out down and pump them full of Valium and keep that person with them until they recovered…..shiver.

        The inner circle women coaches tried to keep her there but she managed to leave saying she was going home….at least that’s the story they gave Kristin’s wife……no one (ahem) ever saw her again.

        Her wife, the police and Kristin’s Search & Rescue squad went to work trying to find this colleague of theirs.

        They located her truck at a small remote fishing/hunting resort, over a 3 hour drive south on a small, unpaved roadside.

        There was a “suicide note” left inside the vehicle but it’s authenticity has come under suspicion.

        An old kayak was discovered to be missing from this rustic resort, so the assumption made by police was that she paddled out onto a frozen lake and capsized it intentionally.

        All those who were extremely close to Kristin, her wife, colleagues and family think NO WAY she would have done that.

        He body has never been recovered, nor was the paddle or kayak (I think).

        Many people think she was murdered, like most of whom I mentioned above.

        Toni strongly suspects that Keith, not only knows what happened to Kristin but is involved in some way.

        Toni reached out to Keith in her victim impact statement hoping upon hope he would do just ONE good deed and that’s telling Kristin’s family, wife & friends what REALLY happened to Kristin Snyder, so they can finally feel a modicum of peace.

        I hope this helps.


    • Your points are as always spot on point with wisdom, Shivani. I hope all these women and men but particularly in this case the women who dropped their lives and loved ones and morals because they saw Keith as a Bigger Better Deal… I hope they see how foolish that notion is, how easy it is to get caught up in leaving their loved spouses and kids and twisting their own souls, I hope they can see what it was they were looking for underneath it all, and learn what it truly is (and isn’t) as they move forward with their lives.

  • She’s one of those brave women who stood up to the Creature. There’s still more attacking him. Anyone who chooses and stands up for the truth will always be someone’s target. But it’s worth being brave. Congratulations to Toni Natalie.

    • You appear to be a casual observer who has not studied many details within the histories of some of those who might be pushing the victim card too far and who avoid examination of the self, almost as if it were their profession to eschew getting real.

      I love Hungarians and have been lucky to know a few. Never will I forget Hannah Senesh (Szenes), executed at age 23 by the Nazis, and her father had been a renowned poet and dramatist, and Hannah had the same gift but became a paratrooper as Hungary fell.

      By the way, perhaps have a look at what Scientologists have been and still are up to in your neck of the woods, trying to influence Hungarians in Hubbard’s name. The ones who are trying to expose this in Hungary might appreciate your assistance, very much.

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