Susan Dones Blasts Toni Natalie as like ‘Scum of the Earth’ for Her Lies About Kristin and Kim Snyder!

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This post, by Susan Dones, is in fact an open letter to Kim Snyder, the sister of Kristin Snyder – who went missing after taking a Nxivm class on Feb. 6, 2003 and was never seen again.

About two years ago, Toni Natalie decided to intervene with the Snyder family, offering to be their spokesperson and liaison with the media – to protect them from unwarranted intrusion into their private lives.

Behind their back, Natalie, according to numerous witnesses, Natalie lied about the Snyder family – in what appears to be an effort to block the media from talking to them – evidently so Natalie can tell the story herself in her book and podcast.

Her book, which was published last month, contained what the Snyder family calls a gruesome lie about the family. Toni admits it was wrong in her book but blamed it on her assistant, Chet Hardin and the fact checkers who work for her publisher, Grand Central Publishing.

Also upsetting to Kristin’s sister, Kim is that Toni, in order to keep people away from the Snyder family, told them that Kim was mentally retarded and had the intellectual and emotional capacity of an eight year old. This sparked something perhaps unprecedented in publishing – where an individual – Kim Snyder- actually sought to have published a piece – on Frank Report – which included her own writings – to try to prove that she is NOT mentally retarded.

Kim Snyder lost her sister, battled cancer, won custody of her son, lost her father, who was lied about by Keith Raniere; she created a charity for veterans against all odds – and finally – she has to fight to prove that Toni Natalie lied about her – that she is not mentally retarded.

Frank Report has published two articles on the curious role that Toni Natalie [who some are now calling Nata-LIE] has played in the lives of the Snyder family.

They are:

Snyder Family Condemns Toni Natalie for Lie She Told in Her Book About Kristin Snyder 

Kim Snyder Tries to Refute Toni Natalie’s Claim That She Is Retarded – ‘It’s Important to Me’!

Now let us hear from Susan Dones – one of the most respected members of the ex-Nxivm community and a member of the Nxivm 9.

By Susan Dones

Kim, my heart goes out to you and your mom. You lost Kristin way too soon – and under the worst possible circumstances.

Toni Natalie, acting in a way I’ve only seen her and Keith Raniere do when they are dealing with other people, has made your family’s loss much worse. Taking advantage of your family by pretending she cared about Kristin is a trick right out of the Raniere/Foley “Con-game Handbook”.

Being a Navy veteran myself, I am so proud of you for the work you are doing for veterans. Toni Natalie wouldn’t know an honest day’s work if it smacked her in the butt and called her Sally, IMO.

I question whether Toni even has feelings for other people. If she does, she should be deeply ashamed of what she has done to you, your mother, and your family. Her recent actions are below the scum of the earth – and IMO puts her right at the same level as Raniere. He’d do anything to make himself feel important and that is exactly what she’s doing.

MK10: Toni Natalie & Keith Raniere – A perfect match?

I met your sister during her first 16-day intensive (I flew in from Seattle to help coach the first five days). I met with her again when she was visiting the NXIVM Center in Albany after she finished that intensive and had visited you and your family (I was in Albany for a meeting).

Based on my observations and interactions with her, I do not believe there was anything unstable about Kristin either time I spent time with her.

Kristin Snyder – Another victim of Toni Natalie’s lies.

I was shocked when I heard NXIVM say she had committed suicide. I never believed their story and, because I asked too many questions about the underlying circumstances, I often got yelled at by Nancy Salzman and told to stop asking questions.

There were several times during NXIVM training sessions that I saw Head Trainers being impatient with students who disagreed with them. I also saw numerous instances where the students were pushed too hard emotionally and not taken care of when they needed more help than the NXIVM staff assigned to the intensive were trained to provide.

As you probably know, I’m the one who exposed the tape of Keith Raniere saying he “had people killed for his beliefs”. Right away, I thought of your sister when I heard him say that.

My prayer for you is that Toni be exposed for all the lies she has told over the years – including the many that she included in her book.

Toni Natalie – Needs to be called out for all her lies. 

Hopefully, Frank will continue to do just that.

Toni told me on several occasions that you were “retarded” – and if you need me to testify for you about that fact, I will be happy to do so.

Unfortunately – and as I have learned first-hand – Toni is one of those people who when caught in a lie will simply tell another lie. So, don’t ever expect her to acknowledge the lies she’s told about you – let alone apologize for them.

I pray your family can heal from Toni’s lies. And I pray that you will all finally find out what really happened to Kristin since not knowing must be the hardest kind of loss there is.

Toni doesn’t really feel sympathy for others – which is why she‘s added to your family’s loss.

Shame on you, Toni Natalie!

Toni Natalie: Look at me…Look at me…Don’t you know how important I am?

May those you’ve lied about file a huge lawsuit against you – and may your publisher file another one asking for all its money back.

I hope you rot in hell for all the evil things you have done to others.

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  • If Toni is actually involved in the disappearance of Kristen Snyder that would make perfect sense to her BeeZar behavior. Maybe she doesn’t know jack about it. But she is most definitely hiding something. IMO of course

  • “You commenters should rot in hell. All of you. And Shadow I use my real name.”

    Please forgive me, Dr. Gastone H. Porter, aka Nicki Clyne:

    My parents , who both had graduate degrees from reputable Universities, neglected my education.
    They failed to teach me the proper protocol for dealing with slave masters and mistresses.
    In fact my parents taught me to display disrespect and contempt for slave masters and mistresses.
    Can you believe that?
    My parents taught me that people who tired to control and own other people were actually beneath contempt.

    My whole family are heretics who have nothing but hatred for slave masters.
    Of course my family never had the benefit of the teachings of the Vanguard, the World’s supposedly third smartest man.
    Can you believe that most Americans are raised to hate and despise people like Keith Raniere, Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman?
    I guess that’s what makes America such a special place and Americans such a special people.
    That’s why Americans revere people like General George Patton and laugh at people like Pee Wee Herman.
    That’s why Americans spit at the Fearless Leader the Rocketman Kim Jung Un.

    Dr. Gastone Porter aka Nicki, you’ll just have to get used to us Americans.
    We’ve been this way for 243 years and we aren’t about to change.

  • You commenters should rot in hell. All of you. And Shadow I use my real name. I am not Nicki Clyde. She is not one tenth as hot as Toni. So there that proves I am not Nicki. Would I put myself down that way. I love Toni from afar like Sultan loves Kristin Kreuk and Shadow secretly loves Allison Mack. But I am open I don’t care who knows. You can find me easily in the phone book and if Toni wants to find me she can. I am no stalker. I believe in Toni and worship her from afar.

    • Are you sure your name isn’t Gallstone Porter? How about Gallbladder Porter? Those would be the perfect Doctor names,

      Porterhouse Steak is within Toni’s budget for a nice dinner out.

      Grow some big balls an ask her out and stop talking about it buddy.

      Be careful she’s got a propensity to grab them when she mad at you.

      Maybe Clare Bear will loan you her jock strap. I’m sure it comes with super powers. Once you put it on, you’ll have what it takes to call her.

      I have her cell phone #. Let me know I can post it for you to call her Dr. Porter.

        • Thank you, anonymous. Without OCD here to incredulously tell shadow exactly what you just did, FR has been lacking.

          • Nutjob,

            I hope OCD is doing okay. She is a good person and normal to, not unlike yourself.

            I have been battling Shadowstate over his misrepresentation of the Allison Mack’s neighbor narrative in her stead. 😉

            ……..As usual Shadowstate can not be persuaded from his dogmatic, idiosyncratic and one dimensional view of morality and forgiveness.

          • Niceguy
            “As usual Shadowstate can not be persuaded from his dogmatic, idiosyncratic and one dimensional view of morality and forgiveness.”

            Read the sermon by Jonathan Edwards “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”

            It is a great Sermon.

            Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. A Sermon Preached at
            Enfield, July 8th, 1741.
            Jonathan Edwards
            Church of Christ in Northampton

          • Is exhibit A of the sermon cliff notes: “shadowstate1958’s view of forgiveness and morality”?
            Cause, I ain’t listnin to your preacher man.

          • Shadowstate,

            I don’t dig (1970s slang usage) quotes of religious zealots from 1700s.

            You still have not replied to my question of you plagiarizing Wikipedia. Not very moral of you my morally outraged friend.

    • My dear Doctor Gastone H. Porter:

      The Gravitar code for your avatar is “abfnt1”
      This is the same Gravitar code used in the past by Nicki Clyne’s persona “Pea Onyu.”


      Now Nicki, there does happen to be a Dr. Michael G. Porter in Wichita Kansas.
      Dr., Michael G. Porter looks a little bit like Brandon Porter with a partially bald head and a beard.
      He went to college and medical school in Kansas and is an expert in Colo-rectal surgery.
      He is also an Associate Professor at the University of Kansas Medical School.

      There is no “Hiram” in Doctor Michael Porter’s name.

      Dr. Michael G. Porter appears to be a well educated, skilled professional according to his background report unlike the Dr. Brandon Porter who is friends with Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack who likes to show unsuspecting women “snuff” films.

      Yes, if Toni wants to find the love of her life she can find Nicki Clyne in Brooklyn.
      But I seriously doubt if the good doctor Michael H. Porter of Wichita wants to hook up with the lying witch Toni Natalie.

      Dr. Michael H. Porter of Wichita:
      Michael G. Porter, MD, FACS, FASCRS
      Colon-Rectal Surgeon
      Medical Degree: Doctor of Medicine – University of Kansas School of Medicine; Kansas City, Kansas; 1981 – 1985
      Residency: General Surgery – University of Kansas School of Medicine; Wichita, Kansas; 1985 – 1990
      Fellowship: Colon and Rectal Surgery – Ferguson Hospital; Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1990 – 1991

      Clinical Associate Professor: Department of Surgery, University of Kansas School of Medicine; Wichita, Kansas; 2012 – presentellowship: Colon and Rectal Surgery – Ferguson Hospital; Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1990 – 1991

      • And Nicki, the G in Michael G. Porter’s name stands for “Gene” not “Gastone”.
        Gene is a conventional name.
        No American would name his or her kid “Gastone”.

        There is no Michael H. Porter.
        There is no Gastone Porter or Gastone H. Porter.

          • “Shadowstate Dude,
            Are you for real?”

            As real as the kick in the ass that you deserve for disparaging America’s great President Donald Trump.
            The American hero who hunts down terrorists and brutally kills them and their wicked, Satanic families.

  • If what Toni Natalie did to Kim Snyder doesn’t count as libel and slander – I don’t know what does. Why though? This is a substantial lie made to cover, IMO, an even more substantial lie probably, concerning Kim’s sister, Kristin Snyder.

    • Agree. It appears that Toni is trying to cover up the murder.
      I think Kim should use this as an opportunity to go to news stations and re-open her sister’s murder case. Maybe Toni is involved.
      TV shows would give air time to this and maybe help solve the murder

      I loved the article btw.

  • What is it Toni Natalie always says #truthforkristinsynder?

    What a crock of shit, Natalie.

    How about truth for the Smder family?

    You have told several people Kim was retarded.

    You’re the only one who could have told the lie as fact to begin with to Chet Hardin.

    So, now your telling one lie to cover up another lie. Wow, how big of you.

    And we’re supposed to believe it was someone else’s fault?

    Yep, right out of the Natalie/Raniere how to be a con artist school of how to rape people over emotionally.

    Get ’em to trust you and stab ’em in the back when you got what you need.

    They’re just throw away friends anyway.

    Glad you have your dog to go home to.

    Maybe your MD friend real soon. Pea OnYou’s brother. He wants to put his jet in your rotting hanger.

  • Why is it we have been given the impression it was Barb Bouchey responsible for releasing the tape? I don’t recall Barb ever correcting that misconception.

    Seems to me there need to be further indictments.
    Not one of these folks has clean hands in the legal sense.

    • Re the recording of Barbara & Raniere:

      Its, my understanding that Susan Dones cannot release the full recording until Vanguard dies.

      It’s kind of macabre to think, but the release of the recording will be Vanguard’s quasi-bequeath to Nxivm victims and Frankreport readers.

      The world’s most infamous renunciate ended up leaving a posthumous gift, 😉

      How ironic??!?!?

  • What is Toni hiding is the question. She’s gone through great lengths to alter the truth. Why impede on a murder investigation anyway? I smell a fish.

    • “To me Toni Natalie is the sexiest woman alive. I can’t believe this is true about her”

      Dr. Gastone Porter, aka Nicki,
      So even though Toni Natalie is a confirmed liar, you will still find her to be sexy?
      Is it because you see a bit of Toni Natalie in you, Nicki?

      By the way, Nicki, your Vanguard told you that you are the reincarnation of Harriet Tubman.
      A movie is coming out on Friday, November 1st, about Harriet Tubman.
      To learn the truth about slavery, Nicki, you might try to see this movie.

  • This has to end. Someone has to stop this constant attack on that gorgeous, super hot lady of dreams. The Wonder Woman of NXIVM. Toni rules. It is true and if I had the opportunity to be with her, I would worship her nightly and serve her daily. I don’t believe any red-blooded man on this website would do differently. It is women who attack her. The Susan Dones’ and the Kim Snyders. The men know better. She is the BOMB. So, stop enough already. Leave the queen of this website, our queen, alone. And before you trolls condemn me. Just remember I use my own name and speak my mind (and my heart) fearlessly and openly. #TruthForToniNatalie. #LoveForToniNataie
    ps I love the way Toni dresses so elegant so refined. So hot.
    Gastone Hiram Porter MD

    • Am I the only one who noticed from day one the body language of Toni latching onto Catherine?
      Look at the early pics closely.

      • Yeah, I noticed how she positioned herself so she was in just every picture the media took of Catherine. But the funny thing is that by doing so, Toni just emphasized how dried up and old she looks as compared to Catherine. And the shoes she wore always made it look like she shops at Payless.

        • Toni was there at the trial and at the time enjoying a good reputation for being truthful and a victim. Catherine came at the end of the trial [she was also there at the beginning I believe] and Toni walked with her – and Stanley – Catherine’s friend – and the cameras that naturally went looking for pics and comments caught both of them together – especially right after the sentencing.

    • Like a good con artist, Toni sucked Catherine into her twisted web of lies.

      Toni is as good if not better than Keith Raniere when it comes to the con game.

      Keith was more interested in sex and money.

      Toni is more interested in money and getting away with pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

      Toni is addicted to lying.

      Keith Raniere looked to upgrade to the rich and famous. Toni Natalie did the same.

  • Toni Natalie’s efforts to prevent Kim Snyder from talking to the media – combined with Toni’s efforts to torpedo books by Catherine Oxenberg and Sarah Edmondson, insisting that only her book was the definitive NXIVM story – show that Toni Natalie is devious.

    A true daughter of NXIVM.

    It is also disturbing that Prefect Nancy Salzman and her minions tried to stifle any questions about Kristin’s death.

    “I often got yelled at by Nancy Salzman and told to stop asking questions.” Susan Dones

    I hope the NDNY investigates this issue.

    I look forward to Dr. Gaston (Toni Rules) Porter’s, aka Nicki Clyne’s efforts to defend Toni Natalie.

    I need a good laugh.

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