The Many Provable Lies of Toni Natalie – and Why She Can Never Be Trusted

Toni Natalie

In a post that I wrote back in July, I indicated that during the course of Keith Raniere’s trial, Toni Natalie made up several lies about Frank Parlato – and when caught, simply refused to admit that she had done so.

Now, with the publication of her book – The Program: Inside The Mind Of Keith Raniere And The Rise And Fall Of NXIVM – Toni has set the standard by which liars should be judged.

Toni Natalie

In explaining why she stopped believing in Keith, Toni explained that when she read an article that had appeared in the Times Union on May 21, 1992, she realized two things: (1) that Consumer Buyline, Inc. might be a fraudulent pyramid scheme; and (2) that Keith Raniere had lied when he claimed to have an IQ of 240.

She went on to note that if he was willing to lie about something that could be proven to be false, he couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

Her exact words on this matter were: “And if he were willing to lie about something provable… how could he be trusted with anything else?”


Oops…Is My Slip Showing?

As Frank and I will soon be documenting in another post, Toni’s book is rife with unsubstantiated claims, gross embellishments and exaggerations, and outright lies.

Toni Natalie’s Book – Well sort of… but her name is certainly bigger than Chet’s name on the book cover. 

Some of them are so obvious that it’s hard to understand why the publisher of her book, Grand Central Publishing, didn’t catch them when it fact-checked the manuscript that Toni turned in (Surely they fact-checked it, right?).

Like the claim that when she read the above-cited Times Union article, she knew that Keith could never be trusted because he had lied about provable things.

That’s a really good story – and one that would lead the readers to believe that Toni left Keith as soon as she realized that he was a liar who could be trusted about anything.

Except here’s the problem.

If Toni figured out in 1992 that Keith was totally untrustworthy, then why the hell did she stay with him for another seven years before running off with Scott Foley in 1999?

C’mon, Toni…You can lie better than that.

Didn’t you even read what Chet wrote before you sent the transcript to your publisher?

Had you done so, you would have seen that your tale about the 1992 Times Union story makes absolutely no sense.



The Lies About Frank

Back to the lies that Toni told about Frank during the course of Raniere’s trial.

Toni, while attending the trial, told her friend at the time, Susan Dones two lies about Frank:

(1) that on the previous day one of the witnesses and a former DOS slave named Nicole had testified that Frank had threatened to release her collateral if she didn’t provide him with the names of other members of DOS; and

(2) that FBI agents who were attending the trial would have arrested Frank if he had been in court that day.

Susan Dones

Why Toni made up those very provable lies is something I’ll never understand.

Perhaps she was trying to convince Susan not to get involved with Frank in any Nxivm-related projects.

Perhaps she was trying to turn Susan against Frank because he had not agreed to help Toni as much as she wanted with the podcast she was working on.

Perhaps she was just trying to cause some sort of rift between Susan and Frank just because she likes having people communicate with other people only through her.

Whatever her reason was, it doesn’t appear to have been well thought out.

Upon hearing these totally bogus claims from Toni, Susan did something that Toni had not taken into account.

Susan called me to tell me what Toni had told her about Frank.

My response to Susan was that neither of those claims made any sense.

First off, if the FBI wanted to arrest Frank for his alleged attempt to extort Nicole, they wouldn’t camp out in the U.S. District Courthouse in Brooklyn, NY – and wait for him to show up. The FBI has agents located in every city in the USA – and if the FBI wanted to arrest Frank, they certainly knew where to find him.

Secondly, why would Frank attempt to extort Nicole – and then advise her to meet with the FBI? In the entire history of extortion, I don’t think anybody was ever accused of extorting someone to go to law enforcement to report a crime.

Toni’s story made no sense whatsoever.


Lets’ Go to the Transcript

The first time Frank Parlato or the Frank Report came up in Nicole’s testimony at Raniere’s trial, Nicole gave Frank some unusual praise – she credited him [as did many other DOS slaves] for giving her the impetus to leave her enslavement – to stop being a slave.

Here is what she said. She is being questioned by Moira Penza. It is Friday, June 7, 2019, the 19th day of the trial.

Q:   Now, at that time, was there any blog coming out that was covering what was happening with DOS?

A:  Yeah, there was this blog called The Frank Report that started blogging about all this and blogging about DOS and blogging about different people in the NXIVM community. I guess it had been doing that for a while, but it was not on my radar.

Q:   And at some point, did you appear on that blog?

A:   Yeah. And right – maybe like two or three days after I officially pulled out of The Source, an article came up online that said that I was a, like, sex slave of Keith Raniere’s.

Q:   And, so, what happened after that?

A   It was, like – it was just that, like, tiny bit of, like, courage or whatever I needed. It was like that flash of reality and it was just, like, the last little thing and I was like, okay, no. Just no. Like, no. What I – what I thought that I was getting into back then was a women’s empowerment group and now there is something saying that I am somehow a man’s sex slave? I’m like Allison told me in the car that she wasn’t going to release my collateral if I leave. Like, the company is imploding from like the inside out. Like, I think I can do this. Like, I can do this and it will be safe and I’m just going to do it. Like, now is the option. Like, now is this little window when I can get out, and I’m taking it.

And it was just – that was it. That moment, I wrote Allison a letter and I said, I’m not doing this anymore. It’s not for me.


So, Nicole actually credited the blunt, hard truths contained in the Frank Report – which were causing Nxivm to implode back in the summer of 2017 – for giving her the wake-up call she needed to finally realize she was not in a self-empowerment group but in a sex slave cult.

She quit DOS in large part because of Frank Parlato.

The next day, while being cross-examined by Marc Agnifilo, Raniere’s lawyer, Nicole was questioned about her interaction with Frank.

It is Monday, June 10, 2019 – which is Day #20 of the trial.

Q: Do you remember telling the FBI – this is your first interview with them, so it would have been on November 9, 2017, that Frank Parlato was pressuring you to join a lawsuit against NXIVM and also speak with law enforcement regarding NXIVM?

MS. PENZA: Objection, Your Honor.

THE COURT: I will allow it.

A: Yeah, he was. He was scaring me.

Q: All right, so tell us –

A: But not a lawsuit. Sorry. I’m sorry. He was pressuring me to talk to people and to tell him information. He said at one point he had my collateral. It was like – I was – oh, my God. It was incredibly – it was like again? I have to go through this again? Like are you kidding me right now? And at that point I got a lawyer, because I was like I cannot do this again. Someone else cannot be telling me that they have my collateral, like this is unbelievable. So I got scared.

[A sidebar occurs nest which was sealed in the transcripts. Returning to her testimony].

Q: All right. Following up on – just following up, because you – I had asked you initially, and I want you to tell me what you remember and don’t remember, if you had told the FBI that Frank Parlato was pressuring you to join a lawsuit against NXIVM? Do you remember when I asked you that question?

THE COURT: I will allow that question.

A: Yeah, I have no recollection of that.

Q: Now, this is the second question: Do you remember telling that to the FBI? Regardless of whether you remember Frank Parlato saying that to you, do remember telling that to the FBI?

A: I don’t.

Q: Your first interview, you don’t remember?

A: No.

Q: Second question: Do you remember Frank Parlato telling you that you should go to law enforcement because of what happened to you?

A: Yeah, I do remember him telling me that.

Q: Okay. And you told that to the FBI as well; correct?

A: Yeah.

So, what Nicole testified to, under oath, is as follows:
– That Frank was pressuring her to talk to others – and to share information she might have with him [about her being a victim of sex trafficking – in order perhaps to help others escape];

– That she got scared when Frank told her that he had received a copy of her collateral;

– That she had no recollection of Frank pressuring her to join a lawsuit against NXIVM; and

– That Frank told her she should go to law enforcement to tell them what Raniere had done to her before she quit the cult.

What Nicole did NOT claim is that Frank had threatened to release her collateral if she did not give him the names of additional members of DOS and/or if she did not join in a lawsuit against NXIVM.

Remember, Nicole was the pivotal witness for what will be Raniere’s extended incarceration. For she and she alone was proven to have been sex trafficked – for which Raniere will go to prison for a minimum of 15 years [the only charge that has a minimum.]

Remember that Nicole, when she called Frank Parlato, had not yet gone to law enforcement. It was Frank’s urging her to go to law enforcement – that prompted her to go to law enforcement and provide her critical testimony to the FBI.

By the way, when Frank told her he had received a leaked copy of hers and others’ collateral, he also told her that he had immediately turned it over to law enforcement!

He said he wanted her to realize that, despite what Allison Mack had told her, her collateral was not secure – and that if he had it, others might also have it. He told her that her best chance of ensuring that Mack or Raniere did not release it, was to go to the FBI.

Which she ultimately did – thanks to Frank.  Frank set up a meeting with Nicole and Catherine Oxenberg – and, thereafter, Catherine and Frank made arrangements for a lawyer to represent Nicole for free.  a lawyer was arranged to represent her for free –by Catherine and Frank.

Nicole later sent Frank a text which said, she had done as he had asked and gone to the FBI.

So Frank not only inspired Nicole to quit DOS (which she says in her testimony) – but Frank also encouraged her to go to the FBI(which she did).

And Toni Natalie, Frank’s so -called “close friend” – instead of giving Frank some credit – told Susan [and who knows how many others] that Frank was the villain of the Nicole story.

[It is also reported that Nicole’s parents were in the courtroom when their daughter testified and after court had concluded forf the day, had asked several people if Frank Parlato was in the courthouse because they wanted to personally thank him for helping their daughter. Toni stepped in and told them that Frank was not there, but that she was his very good friend and she would take their phone number and convey the message to him. She took the number [perhaps for her podcast] but never told Frank or gave him the number. Instead, she got on the phone with Susan to make Frank appear to be a villain.]


Tony’s Reaction to Being Caught in Her Provable Lies

After reading the transcript of Nicole’s testimony, Susan confronted Toni – and asked her why she had lied about Nicole testifying that Frank had threatened to release her collateral if she didn’t give him the names of more DOS members.

Toni’s response was that she never made any such claim.

When Susan asked Toni why she had lied about FBI agents being ready to arrest Frank if he showed up in court – because of his purported attempted extortion of Nicole – Toni responded by saying that she had not made any such claim.

Later, Frank – who came the very next day to the trial [and obviously was not arrested] – also asked Toni about the claims she had made to Susan about him.

Toni’s response to Frank was, “I don’t know why Susan is making up these lies about me”. 


Who Ya Gonna Trust?

Obviously, someone is lying here.

Either Susan made up the whole story about what Toni told her about Frank – or Toni refused to take responsibility for the lies she told Susan about him.

I have known both Susan and Toni for over a decade – and I’ve had numerous interactions with both of them.

Over the course of our interactions, Toni loved to share information that she claims to have found out about people. Most of the information that Toni liked to share would be classified as “dirt” (This included “dirt” about her friends and colleagues like Chet Hardin – and about her sworn enemies like Keith Raniere).

Susan, on the other hand, has rarely volunteered information about other people to me. And when I have asked her directly for such information, she has always been very careful to differentiate between what she “knows” and what she “suspects”.

So, if I have to pick one person to believe in this scenario, I’m going with Susan Dones.

After all, “If Toni were willing to lie about something provable… how could she be trusted with anything else?”

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    Pyriel found this story above by E.J. Dickson for Rolling Stone quoting Natalie in a bald faced lie.

    Natalie claims she never knew about ANY of Keith’s affairs with other females underage or otherwise.

    Toni told me she knew about Dawn Steel bc the local police caught Steel and Raniere in the act in the woods in Toni’s car.

    She also told me Raniere and Pam Caffritz “tried” to rope her into a ménage a trous with them.

    And if Natalie reported the statutory rapes to the Albany TU — the story that initiated their Feb. 2012 expose’ series — as she claimed to Frank Parlato, she must have known about those too.

    Dickson disses some of Toni’s bullshit “theories” on NX nicely in this excellent article, however. Thanks, Pyriel.

  • Re Toni Natlie, lying, & PTSD

    Is PTSD responsible for Toni Natlie lying to Joe O’Hara about her being granted permission to use the NXIVM login credential and password?

    Why do I believe none of Toni Natlie’s defenders will leave a reply?

    I am waiting for a reply……. 😉

    • I don’t think Toni has any hard core defenders on this site. Some are on here saying Frank is being too harsh on her and to leave her alone. Some are annoyed/offended that the ex-NX folk seem to have all turned on themselves as soon as the war ended.

      I know I appear to be a defender of Toni, but I don’t see myself that way. Most of this stuff about her, I’m not touching. In my mind, I’ve been doing two things. First, correcting or disagreeing with several things I believe are incorrectly portraying Toni negatively. Secondly, there is an anonymous Toni hater (who is clearly an insider) posting vicious, below the belt things. This poster either HHHHHAAAATTTTEEEESSSS Toni soooooo much that they can’t be trusted. (They also HATE capital letters) Or they are sick. I’m periodically calling this person out when I see bullshit like “Chet cheated on his wife” “Toni never loved her son” “Toni’s siblings all hate her” “Nobody likes you” “You’re ugly” or other middle school bullying tactics that are designed solely to cause pain in the lives of others. I’m sure this person believes Toni deserves to feel this pain. Joe seems to feel the same way. But, Joe has approached this “Toni free-for-all” with more dignity and couth than this anonymous, middle school, NXIVM insider has chosen.

      • Nutjob,

        I understand where you are coming from you are a good person. People forget before you stuck up for Natlie you stuck up for several(more than three) other people.

        Joe O’Hara I believe has every right to voice his opinion especially because of what he was put through in part from Toni Natlie’s lies.

        How do you think Joe O’Hara feels presently, watching Toni Natlie play the victim heroine card? If I were Joe O’Hara I would be having a conniption at the very least.

        At some point all of the media exposure will die down and Toni Natlie will go back to obscurity. I believe at that point Joe O’Hara will move on with his life.

        But for right now all of the media exposure is opening up old wounds and pouring salt all over them.

        Joe has every right to get the word out.

        BTW Toni Natlie has decided to become a public figure and print numerous lies in her book.

        The public that purchases her book and reads those lies have a right to know they are reading lies!

      • That sounds like a pretty fair explanation.

        I think we should keep in mind that some of the commenters on this site may be trying to keep the attention on some scapegoats, in order to keep the heat off those they are trying to protect. Others just seem to be very twisted trolls whose motives can’t even be made sense of. A few may even just be trying to disrupt or discredit this site, doing whatever sews contention and drags down the level of discourse.

  • I think it’s very telling that none of the Toni’s “loving friends and family” have jumped in here to defend her. That’s probably because she has very few friends and only her abandoned adopted son as family. Just like the Bronfman sisters’ half-siblings totally ignore/hate them, so too do Toni’s half-siblings ignore/hate her. And whose to blame them considering that Toni ended up with all of her step-father’s estate? But the story about how that happened is eventually going to come out and when it does, Toni will be looking to hire some new attorneys.

  • Toni deserves pure sympathy.. She has PTSD. In court she misunderstood a sister victim (Nicole). Her thinking Frank might get arrested was not to be mean but she was worried. She has PTSD. It was frightening for her to even be in court right there with Keith. PTSD is no joke and Toni has it not Frank. Toni is the victim here.

      • Hey Scott!

        Did you not play the victim card and received money?

        You “got” (received) money, even though you did not deserve “it”.

        Boohoo!!!! Amway is a pyramid scheme. LOL Excuse me, but you chose to stay. Like a $20 dollar crack whore stays with their pimp.

        No one at Amway held a gun to your stupid head. Amway was not holding collateral above your head like an anvil.

        You could have chose to leave Amway at any time. You never had to purchase their products or recruit other people. You did those things out of pure greed.

        Most republicans like myself are dumbfounded that you were awared any money by a jury in the class action lawsuit you joined. If the lawsuit had been decided by a judge instead of a jury you probably would not have received a very good verdict.

        Boohoo! Boohoo! Boohoo!
        Everyone should feel sorry for you, poor Amway Johnson didn’t have the common sense that God gave
        a Titmouse.

        Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
        Personal responsibility is one the tenants of conservative thought.

        In summary…..

        ……..Scott you played the victim card and joined a class action lawsuit. No one forced you to join. You just wanted a freebie!!!!

          • Scott,

            Everything I stated is the truth.

            You will not respond because you have no defense.

            You played the victim card and recieved monetary compensation.

            “Give me my money, I am a victim. I am Scott Johnson”.

            The only joke is you.


          • Everything you state is a lie.

            You will not come on my radio show because you’re a coward.

            You play the tough-guy card and then turn yellow.

            “I’ll be on your radio show IF Frank comes on your show.” I state Frank was on my show and you chicken out.

            The only joke is you.


          • Scott,

            Once again it’s not your radio show. It’s the host’s show.

            You are just a guest/listener that would go away.

    • Laura D, that’s an interesting theory and perhaps she did misunderstand but then why deny saying she thought Frank would have been arrested when asked to repeat what she thought she had heard?

    • Toni has claimed to have all sorts of ailments: PTSD, severe dyslexia, fibromyalgia; etc. I wonder if her publisher required her to produce documentary evidence of any of them.

  • Toni Natalie, or whatever name she’s using these days, is now at the bottom of everyone’s list.

    Toni’s lucky star is going down. Now, only the tax office has to investigate.

    Her false inability to work and pretended illnesses will also be her downfall.

  • In the trial testimony on record it does, however, seem as though Agnofilo is attacking Frank Parlato with little apparent rhyme or reason. And it’s not the first time this happened at trial — recall Aggie’s slanted inquest about Frank with Steve Herbitts on the stand.

    Still it’s no small embellishment from there for Toni to proclaim Frank’s imminent arrest to Susan.

    Toni was being typically territorial— my guess — didn’t want Susan to go near Frank or speak of him with reporters. She was telling me something similar all year to the point I believed Frank was seriously being set-up…and now, after Aggie tried to skewer Frank w/o any relevancy (or objection from the prosecution) repeatedly at trial, I’m wondering if there wasn’t a tad of truth in Toni’s rattle.

    Remember, Clare Bronfman did bring a civil suit against Frank and line up some sharks for a Frank feeding there — unaware as the dumb-dumb ever is that SHE’s the meat they’re really after. Frank’s just the excuse for them to spend her money on. ( Ssshhh. Don’t tell her.)

    Avenetti didn’t work out so mebbs Aggie is just showing some professional courtesy in sympathy to Gregaros, Burke, etc. by smearing Frank using witnesses on the stand and, my, but isn’t that Frank Report a pain in a big, fat liar’s weebly ass, anyhow?!

  • Posted a lot today since I’ll be gone for several months, not likely posting again until I’m back in the spring.

    I just hope that by the time I’m back, this book will have been totally discredited by Frank and Co. 🙂

    I pray that Heidi is able to overcome her fear of ‘Tones’ — and finally stops showing divided loyalties towards Team Frank.

    …and if you’re a person who doesn’t like me, kindly eat shit and I hope you get ass cancer by springtime. 🙂

    Please accept Jesus into your life as I have done. 🙂

    • I’ll likewise pray for you in juvenile detention. Don’t choke on your peanut butter sandwich.

    • Bangkok,

      I guess Mom and Dad are sending you back to Christian Conversion Camp or Yeshiva is starting. I want you to know that Frank Parlato will miss your wry banal humor. I don’t think anyone else actually cares, but that does not mean you won’t be missed all the same. Methinks of you as the precocious perverted handicapped child I never had.
      Please remember Bangkok you are not retarded!!!!! You are just really really really special. 😉

      And if you happen to be traveling by way of public transportation, and want a good laugh, just shout out Ali Akbar! Ali Akbar!

      Farewell you little dipshit. 😉

  • Pointing out her lies won’t help her build her brand!

    She cannot squander this last chance to launch herself into the fame and fortune she’s owed… by empowering women, of course.

    I’m so entertained waiting to see what these women think being the “Voice of NXIVM” will get them.

    Cage match, Barb vs Toni, no fists, just delusions. Who wins?

  • I can affirm that Toni Natalie did her utmost, including lie and exaggerate, to also dissuade me from associating with Frank Parlato under the guise of protecting me and my son when all along her intent was to prevent me from becoming part of the NXIVM takedown story in any measure so that she could continue to falsely take the lion’s share of that credit for herself — despite the fact that I had heavily pitched in from 2009 to 2012 on the Albany TU expose’ I initiated by first contacting Jim Odato with regards to the pedophilia “angle” and the death of my sister, Gina in addition to doing my utmost to help defend against the legal attacks being made against NX enemies including Toni’s sorry ass at that time.

    Toni made much of Frank’s indictment(s) that were based on Clare Bronfman’s perjury, only she left off the perjury part as to the superseding indictment until I researched it for myself.

    When the “FBI” inexplicably knocked on my door to inspect and change out my computer router in the Spring of 2017, while at first Toni surmised it was ISO Keith Raniere, Toni later assured me they were after Frank Parlato whom I happened to be “harboring” at the time.

    [I still have no clue, btw, if it was an imposter or the FBI but my ex-husband, Jeff Apple, continues to use such incidents post facto to claim I am simply bonkers and should, therefore, be put away somewhere where he doesn’t have to contribute to our son’s support and can pocket Dylan’s SSA benefits in addition to using Dylan’s property to profit the special needs program he and his latest wife, Kym Karath, founded and operate at the expense of taxpayers and their disabled clients like Dylan.]

    Toni also made Frank out to be a male chauvinist pig in the worst way, alleging verbal abuse, usury and oppression of his female associates, etc.

    [But, unfortunately, I know from verbal abuse and by comparison to my ex, Frank is a pussy cat though he does harbor some old-fashioned high expectations of a woman’s role as a nurturer along with rather low ones as to a women’s capabilities as a provider or leader. IMO.]

    I have since learned that Toni did, in fact, falsely claim to Frank and others that it was she who contacted and worked with Odato to expose Raniere’s pedophilia, claiming credit for revealing not only those crimes I suspected but underage rapes that I was entirely unaware of before Odato began investigating.

    Toni fell silent on those, I believe, after I expressed some horror over her “admission” that she apparently knew all along about the underage girls while partnered with Raniere by contrast to what she told me back in 2010; that she had no suspicion thereto whatsoever — and God help her in hell if she did but stood by him and shared her bed with him, nonetheless.

    • I need to make sure I’m reading this correctly and understand completely what you’re saying.

      1. Toni tried to alienate you from Frank Parlato including speaking poorly of Frank and besmirching his character.

      2. You, Heidi, approached Odato regarding Nxivm for the expose, which included the possibility of Raniere being a pedophile.

      3. Toni tried to take credit for first approaching and working with Odato giving him the information initially.

      4. Toni knew from her time with Raniere he was a pedophile, admitted as much, did nothing about it and later claimed she never knew?

      Is this correct?

      • Items 1 – 3 are correct, I believe. 1 & 2 I know are true. Item 3 is what Frank told me. Item 4 is correct if Toni told Frank the truth per item 3. Toni had to know about the statuatory rapes in order to report them to Jim O’dato. So, she either lied to Frank about being the source (or one of them) for the story or she knew.

    • Heidi,
      Do you realize that your comment about Frank:

      …..”Frank is a pussy cat though he does harbor some old-fashioned high expectations of a woman’s role as a nurturer along with rather low ones as to a women’s capabilities as a provider or leader. IMO.]…..”
      only paints him as a misogynist? Not sure if that was your intention.

      Also, could you clarify how the FBI became involved in your hacking claims, as it wasn’t clear to me why the FBI contacted you. Did you notify them first because you suspected you had been hacked?

      Niceguy, I’m still not convinced that you and Bangkok are not one and the same. I suspect “Bangie” has not really checked out for an extended mental health break, but will soon return with a new and improved personality/identity.

      • Flowers,

        Just a few things:

        Stop trying to “gaslight” me…..

        ….And stick to gas-lighting yourself.

        It’s the one thing you are good at.

        Heid makes Frank look like a misogynist?
        Do you know what the the definition of misogynist is? Flowers you should have written, “male chauvinist” not misogynist. Maybe you are trying to gaslight Heidi, are you? LOL

        BTW; So what if Frank is old fashioned. Will it make you happy if Frank starts sitting down when he pees?
        Maybe he should start using the gender pronoun Cisgendered to describe himself in public to be more P.C.
        Obviously Bangkok is not gone Flowers. Bangkok has nothing better to do. He lives in his parents basement for Christ sake! Nobody thought Bangkok was out saving the f*cking world. You don’t have to be genius to come to that conclusion.

        • Niceguy- if I gaslight a gaslighter, does it count as gaslighting? Shouldn’t the double gaslighting cancel out the second gaslighting effort, so that it become the following- just a group of rat-fucking criminals getting their asses kicked by one of their many victims?
          Another way to think about it is this – Is it even possible for me to gaslight someone who is already aware of what is going on and has participated in the gaslighting themselves?

          • Flowers,

            You like to bait commentators on this blog in a passive aggressive manner.

            Flowers, you routinely take other people’s comments, and intentionally twist the meaning to confound them. I use the word “confound”, because most people that answer questions or criticism do so with the expectation that the inquiry is being made sincerely.

            You are not sincere.

            Bangkok does an excellent job of confounding people as evidence by the fact that he almost always tricks K.R. Claviger, Joe O’Hara, AnoyMaker, Heidi, Actaeon, Nutjob, and myself into responding.

            Flowers you may be the world’s first passive aggressive internet troll.

            ….As for your “double gaslighting”, logic you are using recursion logic. You are only mirroring me to mirror yourself…… that is why you are perplexed most of the time. You are like an asymptote.

            P.S. I believe that you and Bangkok along with Bangkok’s bunny ears will one day make a nice couple. Just think you could build a rabbit hutch in your backyard to house Bangkok 🐰.

      • No, I did not intend to paint Frank as a misogynist nor do I rely on your perception that I did, Flowers. I was comparing Toni’s exaggerated POV on Frank before I met him which, all told, I now believe the facts show she may have purposely tried to dissuade me from dealing with Frank so that he couldn’t compare notes in our stories, I would not steal her limelight as to her false claim she initiated the pedophilia expose’ (that grew into a series that included her story), etc.

        I don’t know how to make anything more explicit to your exacting standards but please reread what I wrote about being clueless with regards to the FBI —

        I did contact them or the DOJ, rather, but not specifically with regard to the router. I had some suspicions based on some harassment incidents then and previously that could only have been Raniere & Co. at those times and had only their earmarkings —though the suspect list has recently shifted and expanded to inconveniently include my ex-husband’s opportunistic mimicry of NXIVM to advance his own agenda.

        The “FBI” if not imposters told me they would reach out to me and to contact the local authorities which I did. So I assume it was the FBI in response, changing out my router bc that’s where the hackers might have obtained access. It was Toni who suggested some underhanded search motive for first, Raniere, then for she changed up to Frank, after btw insisting NXIVM time and again Raniere & NXIVM were “not after me” when I am damned sure they were and still may be. They had plenty of motive from just the 3 year email exchanges between me, Joe, Jim O’dato, Toni, John Tigue — all whose computers were seized with my “co-conspiratory” missives and such evidence enough to really piss off Keith or Nancy or Clare ETC & ET AL on them.

      • Niceguy, I’ve come to the conclusion that anything Flowers accuses someone of doing is something that she, herself, has done. She’s ‘gaslighting’ anyone reading her comments here and she’s the one who thinks Frank is a misogynist. Heidi’s description doesn’t come close to portraying him as such.

        She’s always talking about the comments she makes ‘elsewhere’ so it makes me wonder what she says about Frank in those places.

        • Lol! Do I need to explain Heidi’s comment, regarding how she sees Frank, to you in detail?
          And where do you think I am making these imaginary comments? It’s a little weird that you even spend time thinking about me….are you that worried about my comments or something? Why do you care about my opinions?

          • Flowers,

            “It’s a little weird that you even spend time thinking about me….are you that worried about my comments or something? Why do you care about my opinions?”, Flowers.

            Flowers, I could ask you the very same questions.

            You are not logical or rational.

            Like I stated, you are mirroring me to mirror self…….

            In the end, the only one you are gaslighting is yourself…..

            Think about that bunny hutch for Bangkok. You both love attention attention so much.

            If you happen to have a basement, it would be a big plus for Bangkok!

        • Disagreement or questioning is not baiting, but most of YOUR comments are the very definition of baiting, “Niceguy”…

          Asking Heidi a simple question is not baiting. Pointing out that her description of Frank paints him as a misogynist is also not baiting, nor is it passive-aggressive.

          I don’t twist the meaning of anything, I just don’t plainly spell out everything, for example why I think Bangie mentions bunnies, or why other trolls mentioned certain things, such as April 20th. Why should I explain it?

          If the trolls mentioned those things intentionally, then they already are aware. And if I happen to be wrong about it, why do you give a fuck?

          • Flowers, perhaps your psychosis doesn’t allow you to see yourself as others do. Niceguy is right. I’ve been reading here for years. I read everyone’s comments, including those you make and 9 out of 10 times your tone is passive/aggressive. You do twist people’s words and usually it’s to somehow make it out that a ‘troll’ is taking a shot at you when that isn’t the case. You comment to others but when comments are directed to you it’s taken as an attack and you want to know why someone is ‘interested’ in you. By virtue of posting all you do here you invite others into your world.

            Heidi did not say Frank is a misogynist. You said that – Heidi made it clear she doesn’t believe it’s the case.

            Over the years you have made comments here many have urged you to seek help from a professional and I add my voice to those who have come before me.

            Please get help. The first step could be an internet detox.

          • Flowers,

            “why do you give a fuck?”, Flowers.

            Why do you Flowers?

            I am not trying to “really” insult you. I am just pointing out your actions in case you are unaware.

          • Niceguy, you try to insult me (and others) constantly. That’s all you ever do… your posts back to yourself.
            Then, when you need “back up”, you invent a new alias to help you troll someone, just as you just did here.
            We can all do that, Niceguy….

          • I’ve just started reading the Frank Report, and I have to say this guy who calls himself Nice guy should really change his name to Rude Dude.
            This dude has insulted almost everyone else who has commented, from Bangkok to Johnson to Flowers, and that’s just on this thread alone.
            It’s funny how he can’t even remember the shit that he writes, but he thinks no one else is allowed to call him out. I think this guy has some serious anger issues.
            Dude – seek help, bro, before it’s too late!!

          • Flowers I can assure you that Niceguy didn’t post under this name to bolster his position. I am a different person but I support him in this.

            Is Tommy P a friend of Ryanne S? You should just stop now. Everyone sees through your bs

          • Niceguy, in case you are unaware of your own actions, (like WTF does that even mean?) I think you should reread all your posts, even the ones you wrote as Bangkok and other aliases. Then perhaps ask your handlers for a holiday, as you’re starting to really lose control. You need a break….maybe go troll another forum for a while….perhaps a lost love forum? You probably have some experience with that, right?

          • To Flowers and TommyP


            I am a nice guy with the exception that I make fun of assholes and people who act like assholes.


            I wish you the best and do not want want to argue with you anymore.

            Clearly you do not see things as I do.

            Just a reminder….. the idiom “Old fashioned man” is not a euphemism for misogynist.

            Best wishes to you Flowers. My 5 aliases and I are going to sleep now.

          • Nice gal
            I can assure you I’m not Ryanne S, whoever she is, and I can absolutely assure you that I’m not posting as Tommy just to bolster support for Nice guys many victims.

            Apparently you didn’t get my point- that anyone can post any bullshit here and pretend to be “supporting” their other aliases.

            Why does Niceguy need “support” anyways? Can’t fight his own battles?

    • Telling someone that Nicole testified that Frank was using the DOS collateral as an extortion tool to gain information on DOS for stories for his blog and that Frank was going to be arrested by the FBI is hardly an embellishment.

      At least not where most of us come from.

      Now if you hang out with Keith Raniere and subscribe to his way of thinking, it’s just an embellishment in his circle of people.

      Maybe Toni should be comped a bigger better hotel room for such a whopper of a story and win the Raniere Gold Metal for coming up with that story.

    • An embellishment is the worst, most demonic kind of lie if you ask me.

      Like the good book says — somewhere, as I recall — the devil tells a thousand truths amidst a single lie.

      That way, you’re strung along thinkin’ you’re dealing with a fairly forthright person, swallowing her true blue bullshit until one day, outta the clear blue, BAM! That one lie hits you right between the eyes and knocks you out cold.

    • Toni appears to ‘Embellish’ everything to 1) Cut others down, 2) Make herself look better, 3) Get sympathy, 4) Con people for $$$.

      That’s called A GRIFTER.

      If you bought Toni’s book, guess what? YOU WERE SUCKERED

      You are a Rube and a Mark. And Toni swindled you. And Toni is laughing all the WAY TO THE BANK

      What happened to THE GRIFTER’S RULES? I bet Toni fits every last one. She rips off banks, newspapers, hotel chains, airlines, readers, the government, and the tax man.

    • “Stop picking on Toni. An embellishment is not lie.”

      Is that right, Nicki?

      Nicki, did you know that I am a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon?
      And I speak fluent Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian, not to mention Chinese and Japanese.
      And I won the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry.
      Well, maybe I embelllished a little bit.

      Nicki, I know your last boyfriend Keith Raniere the Vanguard spoke in complete sentences when he was one year old as well as being a champion Judo wrestler and holding the record for the 100 yard dash.
      He played the piano when he was just 4 years old and composed symphonies when he was 5 years old.
      On top of that the Vanguard had the third highest IQ in the world.
      Nicki, that’s why you and Allison wanted the Vanguard’s Super Sperm to make a Master Race of Super Babies.

      Let’s hope the Vanguard did not embellish too much.

  • The following are some signs that may help you identify a pathological liar:

    *They often talk about experiences and accomplishments in which they appear HEROIC

    *They’re also the VICTIM in many of their stories, often looking for SYMPATHY

    *Their stories tend to be ELABORATE and very detailed

    *They respond elaborately and quickly to questions, but the RESPONSES are usually VAGUE…



    My comments:

    If you remember the response from one of Toni’s attorneys (several weeks ago), he/she said that Toni will answer every question that Frank raised — but ONLY in her own due time, and ONLY in some unknown, future venue.

    That’s the definition of a VAGUE response, LOL, which corresponds to the 4th item above. 🙂

    Hint: A truth-teller would simply give Frank the FACTS which can refute his articles IMMEDIATELY —- rather than ‘dangle’ a future response at some unknown future date and venue. lol.

    • I forgot to list the 5th element on how to identify a pathological liar:

      *they may have DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the SAME STORY, which stems from forgetting previous details


      My comments:

      In the 2012 Odato article Toni claimed to have a ‘good marriage’ but NOW she claims it was a ‘bad marriage’. …and she used that ‘change’ (to her story) as the basis to rake Rusty over the coals in her book.

      That’s the definition of having ‘different’ versions of the same story, lol.

      ***The first 3 elements were so SELF EVIDENT that I didn’t need to add my comments, lol, since everything she says is designed to make her the “hero” or “victim” or to get “sympathy”. She’s also very “elaborate” in her outlandish sounding stories.

      That’s 5 or 5.

      She’s batting 1000. 🙂

  • Awesome article, Joe.

    Based on what you’ve told me about Toni — along with what Frank has reported — I truly believe that she’s a pathological liar and might possibly suffer from some type of mental/personality disorder.

    As for my own opinion, I believe that her ‘small’ lie (about dropping out in the 10th grade) had 3 separate ‘devious’ intentions for duping her readers:

    1) It allowed her to claim that Mr. Harris had put her down for not being smart (and only being pretty, lol) — thus turning her into a victim who wanted to drop out of school WAY early because of these ‘put downs’.

    2) It allowed her to claim that she was ‘hurt’ when Keith chided her for only having a 10th grade education, thus making her more of a sympathetic victim (i.e. it wouldn’t sound as good to her readers if Keith had chided her for having a 12 grade education, since that’s nearly a full education prior to college, lol).

    3) It allowed Toni to claim that she went from ’10th grade dropout’ to ‘successful Day Spa owner’ — which sounds more dramatic than admitting that she didn’t drop out until near the end of senior year. lol.

    While the lie itself may seem small or trivial, the PURPOSE of the lie was quite calculated.

    That’s why I truly believe that she possibly suffers from a personality/mental disorder.

    Of course, Frank also pointed out that the ‘successful day spa’ OWNERSHIP story kinda sounds like bullshit too.


    Because Toni never provided the business name so that readers can verify if this business actually ‘existed’ and that Toni was a real owner, not just an employee (and that she paid state and federal taxes on her business profits). LOL.

    I’m guessing that Toni, her publishers and her lawyers will remain silent on this issue — and they’ll probably never disclose this information.

    Neil has apparently slithered away with his tail tucked between his legs. 🙂

    My point is that both Neil and Toni know damn well that Frank has exposed Toni as a LIAR about dropping out of school in the 10th grade. They also know that Frank has questioned the veracity of her alleged ‘successful day spa’ story.

    Frank has even ASKED Toni’s team for comments BEFORE publishing some of these articles.

    Yet instead of responding to Frank’s request for comments and providing facts to refute Frank’s claims, they’ve remained silent on all these issues.

    As for my own opinion, I’m guessing that Toni’s ‘successful’ Day Spa claim is probably akin to Jukt Micronics. 🙂

  • I can’t wait to see the full expose on Toni’s book that Frank and Joe are working on. Having only started following this blog a few months ago, I don’t have enough background information to be able to tell when she’s lying about something. But her over-the-top statements about her beauty – and her obvious willingness to bed-hop whenever she thought that would improve her life – make it very clear that this woman has some serious issues. It also sounds to me that she has claimed to be beset by all sorts of difficult-to-diagnose diseases like severe dyslexia, PTSD, fibromyalgia, etc. – which sounds like a weak attempt to play the “pity card.”

    • Yes but she does have them because she got disability from the government. That proves that she can’t work and that’s because of Raniere

  • I stopped trusting Natalie about a year and a half ago when I invited her on my radio station and she turned me down. Same with Hutchinson (who has been permanently disinvited) and Bouchey.

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