Daniela: ‘Keith Raniere, Your Words Will Disappear, Your Name Will Disappear. All Memory of You Will Disappear’

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Daniela was the 14th speaker to make a victim statement at the sentencing hearing of Keith Alan Raniere on October 27, 2020. She was the last speaker to appear in person.

Daniela is a Mexican woman whose entire family joined Nxivm and came to live in Albany to be near Raniere. That included a mother and father, three attractive daughters, and a son. Raniere was to have intimate relations with all three daughters.

One of the daughters, Camila, figured heavily in Raniere’s conviction because it was alleged he had sex with her when she was 15.

Her elder sister, Daniela, also figured heavily since she testified at his trial. She was the woman who spent almost two years in solitary confinement in an unlocked room in her family’s home. Her confinement was aided and abetted by her mother, father, sister Camila, and brother Adrian, who all prepared and brought her meals and left them outside the door – and otherwise helped to enforce the conditions of her confinement.

The reason Daniela was confined in the room, according to Daniela, is that she developed amorous feelings for another man –  which was something that Raniere did not allow once he had established a sexual relationship with a woman. This was her “ethical breach,” she said.

Raniere did not testify at trial, but he has made statements in recent conversations that allege this was not the reason for her breach.

Daniela’s victim statement was short. She did not go into her abuse. One of the main premises in her statement is that Raniere will be forgotten.

She might have said this because she believes it sincerely, or she might have said it because she thought it would get under Raniere’s skin, since he has evinced a desire and expressed a belief that he will be long remembered as a noble contributor to humankind.

And she might have said it because she wants this chapter in her life to be forgotten by the world, her family, and herself.

The prior speakers were:


Sarah Edmondson

Mark Vicente

Ivy Nevares

Toni Natalie

Barbara Bouchey

Susan Dones

Kristin Keeffe



Jane Doe/Victoria



Now here is Daniela’s statement:

By Daniela

Good afternoon. I already testified at length in your trial, Keith, before this court about some of the things that you did to me and to my family. You took ten years of my life, from 16 to 26, and time is the only easy metric because I cannot quantify what you did to me in any other terms.

You abused my innocent body; you broke my able mind and you set my family against me. You took and broke every single piece of me.

I survived. But not because you were merciful, but because I was resilient. However, I will never know what my life would have been like without all this pain and horror you inflicted upon me. I find relief in knowing this is over. I find relief in forgetting about you. And this is the last time you will hold my attention.

And I believe it will be similar for the public at large. I believe people will forget about you. They might think you’re interesting today, but that will fade. Like the once-interesting smartest man in the world, when the con is clear and the conman is exposed, it’s all very obvious and boring stuff.  You’re just a liar.

Today people are fascinated by your monstrosity.  I agree, your viciousness is remarkable.  And you may be the criminal du jour, but you are, unfortunately, not the only cruel and depraved man, not the only abuser in this world.  I am not qualified to use fancier words to describe your condition, but I know you are not the only person like this, and thus you are but one more criminal in a category of criminals. Nothing special.

You are a vicious monster when facing me, when facing my little sister, but a lying coward when facing justice.  You are weak and you’re pathetic.  In the rigor of a court of law, word against word, fact against fact, you are ridiculous.

The one interesting conversation to be had after all this has nothing to do with you, and it is this: How does someone fall prey to this?   And for me, the lesson here is only one. We must teach our children about people like you. Not about you, about people like you.

Because you, Keith Raniere, your words will disappear, your name will disappear.  All memory of you will disappear.

I would like to address the Court now, if I may. I want to thank this court for listening to me during the trial and now.  I am very appreciative of the justice system of the United States of America. Testifying was hard, but it was a privilege. It is not lost on me that many victims of crimes are never heard and never see justice. For me, to be heard was enough.

In addition to that, it’s been a rectifying experience to see the exacting precision of the law dissect the crimes, the methods, and the nonsense of Keith Raniere. This process has been soothing to my mind and has brought me peace.

And last, as the Court sentences Keith Raniere, I would like to remind them he showed me no mercy, he showed my little sister no mercy.  He deserves no mercy.

Thank you.

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  • I have to say that this entire statement by Daniela is a masterpiece! Every person that composed and spoke at the end composed their thoughts and delivered them beautifully, but this young woman was fabulous. I believe I saw a MK-picture once that showed she had written her own magazine while in confinement to help her maintain sanity where the caption read “write a book report.. F that”. The spirit of this young woman is simply incredible. I sincerely wish for her as well as all of the victims the most happiness and peace that life can provide from here on out. Truly Great and Devastating.

  • Another impact statement and another reason Keith Raniere deserves his 120-year sentence.

    Keith Raniere drove Gina Hutchinson to suicide. He deserves life.

      • Frank-

        I am sure you, like me, believe OJ Simpson killed Nicole Brown. Simpson was found innocent. His acquittal does not change our minds or what common sense says.

        The Rat’s testimony, told in the 2nd and 3rd person is not valid. It is hearsay from an anonymous source. Most likely the “Rat” is an acquaintance of the real rat.

        We both know Raniere drove Gina to suicide even though we can’t prove it.

        Christ, you had an entire documentary dedicated to Gina’s murderer/suicide.

        I feel very strongly about these facts. Why?

        Because Gina Hutchinson and her family finally have justice. It’s not true justice but it is the closest that they will ever get.

        The rat is someone quiet and fairly intelligent. Intelligent enough to write their post from a 2nd or 3rd; using broken English, and bad grammar. It was all deflection to throw Raniere off a little.

        Please stop robbing Heidi Hutchinson of the small amount of closure she has been afforded by fate.

        • -Maybe I am off-base. But I feel saying that there is not enough proof to say Raniere was not involved in Gina’s suicide is ridiculous.

          How many times did Raniere say he was “trying to break her” in regards to numerous women such as Alison Mack?

          DOS was engineered to break women.

          What else do we need to know to come to an obvious conclusion?

        • Nice Guy — I am not robbing Heidi or anyone of closure. There is due process — we need proof in Gina’s death. It is not enough to simply say we know he did it. I am working on it – but it is an old case.

          • Frank-

            What I am so “ineloquently” attempting to
            communicate is that “we” both in our guts believe Raniere and his brood drove Gina to suicide. There is no “real” legal proof, but we both know what happened.

            An example of a conclusion without evidence:

            If a man was last was last seen entering John Wayne Gacy’s home, and the man or the man’s remains were never found, do we have to have evidence to say, “You know Gacy killed him”?

            I apologize for saying “robbing”, its an emotionally charged word.

  • When Keith thinks of Daniela, it will be these last words. He won’t believe them, but it will get under his skin. He’ll spend a lot of time thinking about all the ways the victim impact statements are wrong, and what a misunderstood victim he is. He’ll rationalize it too because his rules don’t apply to himself.

    He is a predictable boring narc, they all follow similar patterns with similar reasons behind their behavior. The thing that made him interesting was the faith in his lies, and now those are exposed and faith has evaporated. He was interesting because of all the interesting people he stripped down to his level. But now they have their selves back to grow beyond his borrowed theories that serve himself.

    A piano player needs a piano to show their talent, and Keith needs people to manipulate to show his. He will now be played, in a routine out of tune with all the things he enjoys. Every day, the paper will be loaded and he will sit without touching a key, a mechanical song decided for him, that will end at lights out.

    Justice was served because he can safely be forgotten, thanks to all the people that wanted to forget they’d ever heard his name.

    Those who survive and fight to get back up after they’ve been knocked down, those are the interesting people. Those are the people that inspire.

  • No Mercy!

    5-10 yrs from now I hope this is what I remember. Daniela.

    Tragic, but hopefully she will be a phoenix.

    Awesome statement.

    Best Wishes to Daniela.

    • If all the victims were actually participants Raniere wouldn’t have been found guilty, let alone to 120 years. LOL

  • Good for Daniela! She is correct in that Keith is a conman. Her words were powerful, her statement was brief. And it was a fitting end to the testimonials detailing the cruelty and the crimes of Keith Raniere.

    It seems like, for the most part, she is finally free of Keith. She has rebuilt her relationships with her mother, brother and younger sister. They are once again family. Hopefully, she is building a life of her own, beyond NXIVM, that is far more successful than she could have hoped for, especially after being dumped at the border with a few dollars and no identification. She has shown remarkable resilience and courage in facing Keith in court, not once, but twice.

    I hope she finds happiness in her life to match her courage and dignity. She deserves a great life.

  • Daniella is very smart and perceptive as well as being so resilient. I’m sure her current employers – and anyone she deals with in life – must realize this and value her immensely. I wish her all the very best.

  • This letter is brilliant.

    Keith is a narc. The worse thing you can do to narcs is tell him how boring and common he is.

    Daniel is smart! I feel she was the only one that really nailed how to hurt keith: “Yawn…so booring…”

    I feel daniela is a scorpio. Very calculating in how to attack, and loving darkness (according to what her dad said) but with a good heart.

    Wow daniela’s story is so inspiring. I will re-read this when I have to think about how to act around narcs.

    I feel Daniela is a super empath. She has very strong good energy. What was she like in person? Scorpio is usually low key, hiding, but can be very energizing.

    Thanks for posting this. It was very inspiring!

  • “…when the con is clear and the conman is exposed, it’s all very obvious and boring stuff. You’re just a liar.” I couldn’t agree more, but it appears Frank is going to keep beating the dead horse. LOL

    • I’m sorry to say this, but that sentence makes me laugh as soon as Frank beats the “dead horse” . I can identify with him. When it comes to a criminal who cruelly ran over others and tried to destroy them, the “dead horse” story could come to me.

  • I feel a need to comment because that was so powerful. Such a fitting end and it is now clearly at the very end. There is nothing I could add; nothing anyone could add after that.

    This is over and I could not care less about KR and I do not care about his remaining supporters. Their fog will lift soon enough and move on with their life just like every other single person who has ever seen the name KR or NXIVM

    I had many tweets (@jimkronlund) to the Oxenbergs, Ivy, Mark V., and others. But now their watch has ended.

    • We need to watch for the next one. In my opinion, we need to delve into Keith’s psychological make up and upbringing in order to have some idea of what led him to these horrible acts.

      • There is nothing remarkable or new with the KRs in this world to delve into. Psychopathic behaviour is not complicated. Narcissistic behaviour is not complex. A person that has an emotional void of empathy is easy to spot. Kieth was an utterly unremarkable predator. There are many just like him. Disseminating psychobabble bullshit is not a gift, it is simply a choice.

        The real issue lies within the people that lacked critical thinking skills and fell easily into conspiracy theories without using the checks and balances that most others do when interpreting information. The truly innocent victims were the younger targets that were not mature enough to possess critical thinking skills that most adults acquire.

        • I agree. There’s nothing special about Raniere, he’s just a con man. He wasn’t original or even smart- look at the way he left evidence lying around. Careless, stupid. A criminal nonentity. He wasn’t even particularly ambitious. His dreams were limited to f*cking younger women, sleeping all day, going for walks and eating pizza in some upstate NY backwater.

          The idiots who fell for his grift are somewhat more interesting. Mostly silly, gullible girls-who-never-grew-up, the kind who believe in horoscopes and crystals. Most of them had an insatiable ambition. It comes across clear as day in Edmondson’s book.

          And in Mack’s case too. She desperately wanted to “make a difference’, the stupid bitch. So clueless she thought “feminism” meant blindly following the insane orders of her Master, turning women into his slaves, and branding his initials into their nethers. What an asshole she is! Almost incredible, the level of stupidity.

          Yeah, his followers are the interesting cases. Raniere was a dumbass.

          • I agree with Mexican Lady. In fact I used to write an astrology column under the pseudonym, Jean Topascani. It was so uncannily accurate, that readers would stop their work and read their horoscopes as soon as it came out.

          • HAHAHA… NICE, Frank. It would be very interesting to learn more about the communication strategies and work experiences of the Frank Report team. I personally find Frank Report very addictive. I stop my work and read Frank Report right as it comes out.

            Frank Report is well catered for readers like me and, hence, I have become addicted?? 😭😭

            Kudos, Frank. Nice work 🙂

          • Astrology isn’t accurate, it’s so generalized it appears to be accurate. LOL

            It’s fake news from the stars. LOL

        • Agree J.K, ‘nothing remarkable or new..’ It’s important to face the banality of this predatory behaviour and not fetishise it. It is a dead cult, let’s not transform it into a latter-day cargo-cult, by insisting it has an overly complex bouquet.

      • Nancy, they’re everywhere. I have been propositioned for a similar group. I’ve read others on social media say the same. As long as they don’t get too greedy, they fly under the radar. The wellness community is thick with them.

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