Secret Girlfriend Tells Raniere: ‘You Played With My Motherhood, My Love, My Passion and My Desire to Do Good’

The 11th victim to speak at the sentencing of Keith Raniere came as a bit of a surprise to followers of the Nxivm story.

A woman identified as Jane Doe, a Mexican woman with dark hair and blue eyes, came forward to tell a brand new story about Raniere.

And yet it was not new at all. In essence, she told of how Raniere had begun a relationship with her, evidently leading her to believe that it was a monogamous one and that he promised her motherhood. It was a story that many women have told about Raniere.

She also tells how Clare Bronfman, Loreta Garza, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Daniela Padilla, all of whom had sexual relations with Raniere, worked on getting her into a close relationship with him. It is also interesting that Jane was told that Raniere was the head of DOS, a fact that other women claim they did not know when they were recruited.

Jane broke away over the branding [It is not clear to me whether she was branded or not] and risked the release of her collateral by quitting DOS.

Her story, though a bitter and sad one, does not seem to reveal crimes Raniere actually committed but narrates instead a tale that shows that Raniere was kind of a cad to her, misleading her and not really caring about her in the same way he led her to care about him. But let us allow Jane Doe to tell her own story. No one can do it better and, quite frankly, her ending is rather exquisite.

Prior victim/speakers


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Mark Vicente

Ivy Nevares

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THE COURT:  The next victim statement is from Jane Doe.

JANE DOE:  Good morning, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Hello, you may proceed.

JANE DOE:  I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be heard. I  was enrolled in Executive Success Programs in 2007 to join an Organization for the Development of Human Potential, and I was led to believe this was the ultimate humanitarian community. I met Keith Raniere during my first time in V Week. I came to V Week for nine years in a row.

In 2009, the World Ethical Foundation Consortium took place in downtown Albany. And I flew from Mexico to experience a truly outstanding event where international figures spoke through their expertise about different world difficulties and we spent days trying to figure out possible solutions to these issues, like the violence in Mexico, or how to empower women, to mention a couple.

Literally, we would end up around 3 in the morning working up ideas to make this world a better place to live. And the cherry on top, His Holiness the Dalai Lama had flown all the way to Albany to give tribute to Keith’s ethical teachings.  It was just a bliss.

For ten years, I was a coach teaching ETHOS classes twice a week, coming to Albany for all the second-level trainings available.         I took Family Values, Anatomy of Mind and Body, Breaches, Mobius, Characterization, Human Pain, Ascension, Jness 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 —

THE COURT: Excuse me.  You have to go much more slowly.

JANE DOE: I’m sorry.

THE COURT: Please slow down.

JANE DOE: Thank you. For ten years, I was a coach teaching ETHOS classes twice a week, coming to Albany for all the second-level trainings available. I took Family Values, Anatomy of Mind and Body, Breaches, Mobius, Characterization, Human Pain, Ascension, Jness 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.    I paid for 11, but I didn’t come anymore. Society of Protectors 1 and 2; Ethicist 1, 2 and 3; The Source, and I became a source trainer; The Knife of Aristotle and I was an analyst for almost two years; Platform 3, 4, later known as Reverence.  I trained myself to perform EMs, taking the EM tech training many times.  Actually, some of these trainings I took even five times.  I came to Coach Summits, supported, personally and economically, projects like In La’Kech in Mexico, which was an organization designed to end violence in my country. Along with more coaches, we trained a six-month ETHOS program designed specifically for IBERO University in Mexico City.

The reason why I mention all this is because I want to make clear the level of commitment that I had. By the way, I never received a dollar for my work, just the number of what I was going to receive. But that money never reached my pocket.

In retrospect, I can see a pattern of close people to Keith like Loreta Garza telling me that Keith wanted to train me personally to become an enrollee for philanthropists to sponsor his projects, or Clare Bronfman wanting me to come to Fiji for a training, or to Albany for a few months to take Keith’s trainings, which eventually I ended up doing.

In December 2012, right after Ascension training was over, Nancy Salzman approached me saying that Keith wanted to meet with me the next day, to which I said I couldn’t because I had a booked flight. Just a few hours later, Lauren Salzman called me saying that it was truly an honor that Keith wanted to spend time with me, that people flew from all over the world to see him.  And I knew this was true; His Holiness the  Dalai Lama was a perfect example.

So I stayed, and we became closer. I felt very privileged.

In V Week 2015, Keith asked me to stay for a few days after Coach Summit was over.  I did, and we began an intimate relationship.  After that, he would text me hearts and I love you, and I would gladly correspond. I was deeply in love very fast. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I felt special and honored. He was incredibly sweet and kind. He told me that what he wanted the most for me was to take away my suffering and my ignorance so I could be as joyous as possible. He asked me to be discreet about our relationship, which I understood and upheld.  I had no clue by then, he had other relationships.

Just a month after, during the last day of Jness 7, Daniela Padilla, who was the person that had EMed me for years, and therefore was aware of my strengths and weaknesses in a very deep way, approached me and invited me to what was Keith’s ultimate creation and input for humanity, the purpose of all his previous work.  This circle was just for a few truly committed women. But in order to know more about this, I needed to give collateral, to state that I would keep a secrecy vow about what I was going to find out, and that this collateral, which had to be sexual in content, only made me stronger.

Just both of them [Raniere and Padilla] were going to see it [the collateral, the naked pictures] and I was in a relationship with him, so I did. And so she explained to me that this circle worked with a master-slave dynamic with the purpose of getting rid of our female pride through obedience, that it was a lifetime vow and a commitment to my personal growth and ethics. It was edgy.  But I was so in love, and Keith’s techniques have always been edgy, so I made this uncomfortable feeling my personal issue, as I had always been led to believe in ESP.

Later that same month, during the Society of Protectors training, Keith asked me if I wanted to have a child with him. He told me I was the perfect woman to bear his child because I had no attachments of motherhood with my personal value, which I knew was true, and so my fantasy of becoming a mother strongly began. He also asked me to keep this affair private, which I did. I always knew he was the grand master of this women’s vow, it was never hidden from me.

The ultimate knowledge never came. Only the request for more and more collateral, and the ever-growing uncomfortableness of absolute obedience. Daniela Padilla told me that the next time I was in Albany, I was going to be tattooed, just like every woman in this circle, a small tattoo that symbolized four elements.

I told Daniela I didn’t have tattoos and I didn’t want one.

Her answer was “It’s not a question.”

Before I came to Albany and get what I now know to be a branding with Keith’s initials, Daniela Padilla used my collateral to thwart me, I had been blackmailed.  This was the worst night of my life.

My choices were to stay in DOS, uphold my commitment to The Vow and obey someone that had just blackmailed me and, therefore, I couldn’t trust anymore, leave DOS having my collateral released and causing irreversible damage to people I love and admire the most and absolutely lose my life the way I had built it, or just end my life.

There was no choice I had that wasn’t a horrifying nightmare. So, the next day, I quit DOS.  My collateral wasn’t released, but the fear of knowing at any given moment it would was truly hell on Earth. My professional career is public, which made it even worse.  And although I believed it was the right decision to leave, I was so scared, I didn’t want to piss anyone off, because I didn’t want my collateral out.  From this point on, a silent feeling of shame and guilt began growing.

I still truly believed Keith was noble and innocent from Daniela’s dark intent.  I just couldn’t see the truth. It was so well hidden, it was impossible for me to see. For months, he tried to convince me to come back to DOS, but I didn’t, which meant that Daniela could release my collateral to make me uphold my word.  He said he didn’t believe she would release it, but The Vow was all about upholding one’s word, and the consequence of leaving was having your collateral released.

I felt I was living in a minefield.  It was daily terrorism. Eventually, I left the Stripe Path, too.  A few months after, I was invited to a radio show to talk about the differences between women and men.  And as soon as it was over, I received phone calls from two Mexican senior proctors telling me that Nancy Salzman was in Mexico City and she needed to talk to me, so I came to see her.   She said that it was only because she knew that I was special to Keith that she hadn’t called her lawyers on me, that I had just breached my contract speaking about ESP tech, and that it was illegal.

I never mentioned either ESP or Keith or anyone in the interview. But she said that if I wanted, she could train me personally to become a spokesperson for the company. I declined the offer because it felt like a trap. It wasn’t until the New York Times article broke about the branding that I realized slowly the whole entire truth. By that time, I was having panic attacks during the night, a lack of meaning of my life, and trust issues that still haunt me.

I am speaking today because if no one had ever spoken out, I would have stayed silent for the rest of my life, in a dark place with the fear of any given day having my collateral out.  I was used and manipulated for ten years, ten years that I just can’t recover.  My innocence and my strong will to better things in the world were used against me.

Keith used the highest virtues of humanity as weapons against ourselves.

I’d like to address Keith directly now.  From a spiritual level, I feel so much compassion for you. It must be so dark and lonely, and I feel truly sorry for you.  From human to human, you abused me tremendously.  You played with my motherhood, my love, my passion, and my desire to do good, and with my loyalty to my highest values. You are an abuser and you deserve to be in prison.

If you had it your way, I would have been your prisoner forever.

You used to tell me that freedom and slavery are irrelevant as one gains a sense of self beyond one’s decisions and that both are actually the same. That is why to reach higher levels of awareness, of living awareness, has always required absolute obedience, that even total devotion to a stranger or false guru, if done completely without pride, leads to enlightenment, and the antidote for pride is humiliation.

The most productive humiliation is obtained through obedience and it leads to true freedom.

Well, now you have that opportunity in your hands, and it seems there is no choice left for you.

Thank you for giving me this time to speak.

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  • What amazes me is the process. The bestowment of great trust to join an exclusive group. DOS. To join by providing collateral of nude self pics to show your trust of the group. Then to participate in group nude shots. Then to look happy your in the group nude picture. Then to share embraces and kisses in nude group pictures with your peers. Then to have KAR direct and participate in the activities being recorded. Then to have KAR give himself completely to the female while her peers watch in hopes they are next, and really more important than the others.

    What brilliant BS! To save humanity. And KAR nails all these females. And they pay him for his time.

    Wow. That is process!

    • He didn’t have anything else to do, he was a kept “man” – no job, no wife, no kids (that he cared for), just volleyball games at night, where he picked more women. LOL

  • Interesting. KR is wrong that obedience is enlightening as are Christian monks and nuns with life long vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

    Secondly, I think she wasn’t branded because at the end she says it was only after the NY Times article that she knew the full truth (but I might be wrong – I agree it is not quite clear).

    I think she should save her compassion for his victims not for KR.

    • Obedience is enlightening, I know. It just doesn’t matter who you’re obedient to and what purpose it serves. The devil or the good. Obedience to good is uplifting, enlightening, and puts you in place, right where you really need to be.

  • I have a related story for you.

    First, I will start with the following, about the insanity of feeling in control while someone controls you: I talked about this a bit more with a relative who then mentioned where else this happens. I didn’t agree with the first examples but another was correct, and that was charity. The story above is essentially of someone who volunteers for a charity: Not getting paid and doing something that she thinks is worthwhile and needs to be done. In many charities, this sentiment is abused and people higher up will say if someone wants to quit, then they shouldn’t quit, they are needed, and that they will do something of value. The real value is mostly with and for the people higher up, they reap the rewards. Charities often give very little of what they collect to the actual people or organizations that could use the money. The organization of many charities takes so much money in wages, buildings, advertising, etc. that their validity should be questioned. About 10 years ago, this was an issue in the Dutch Heart Foundation, where the director had wages that I think was about 170,000 euro per year. And they expected volunteers to collect money for not just their actual goals, but also to pay for those wages!

    The story is about a friend of mine a few years ago. I talked with her about another way to live and produce food, that some of her friends wanted to implement, to grow crops on a smaller scale and in a more ecological way and at the same time to stimulate the local economy. I had met some of these people with her. This meeting was such that it was hard to form a view of them (I will not explain further, it would make the story too long to tell it all). I met her again about a year and a half later. She told me about the problems that this group had, from large businesses interfering via local inhabitants, city council not giving permits (almost certainly related also to large business interests), vandalism and much more. But she also told me how this group treated her. They used her for her knowledge, used her ideas (for business to make money), and once some guy, who was interested in her which was not reciprocated by her, found someone else who had some of her knowledge and skills, they dumped her… Not just that, they had tested her (done things to see how she would react and got through difficult situations), and they did other things which I consider extremely anti-social. So this all happened despite the fact that these people are trying to make life better. Who does this remind you of?

    I don’t think any of them were psychopaths (note that I mean by this term only the essence of being anti-social to a degree of only caring about oneself; the definitions in psychology don’t make sense which I will not explain here as it will make the comment far too long), though I can’t say for sure as I didn’t have enough interaction with them, but note that being anti-social doesn’t necessarily mean an outward persona of caring only about yourself. This depends on such a person’s desires (what he strives to achieve), and his abilities to manipulate and hide himself.

    I could give a comparison with people in quite different fields, but I will leave this for now as the comment is long enough.

    • Of course, different organizations are different, yes. She worked for a friend’s foundation. That’s exactly what he said. But as an individual, it’s different. Users in all areas of life, and even take advantage of you for their own purposes, you have to flutter and fight for the milling. It’s not fair, but that’s how it works. The point you wrote is, who does that remind you of? Testing, making life better? Based on the commercial, Keith. He used these slogans for his own nefarious purposes. Deceiving those who believe and loved him.

  • So when this person left DOS, she believed Daniela was evil, and Keith was just a nice sweet guy? It took the NYT article for her to see Keith accurately? Man, this guy is good at what he does. I feel sorry for every woman whoever came in contact with him.

  • If it was purely down to Raniere, these women would never have been duped to this extent. He would have slipped up quite quickly on his lies or driven himself insane keeping up with them. He had an army of sick, morally corrupt women there to lie for him and help him maintain this illusion. What a cunning plan.

  • Powerful.but I actually believe she states a lot of criminal evidence. To start:

    “By the way, I never received a dollar for my work, just the number of what I was going to receive. But that money never reached my pocket.”

    And the threat of releasing collateral, to name two instances.

    Absolutely fascinating. And the themes resurface over and over again.

    I maintain: the other women, the groupies–you have to explore that, because that female mindset of non monogamy cuts across the grain of the “traditional woman.” I think the psychology of that is a whole other article line.

    • “The other women, the groupings – this should be examined, because the female mindset of non-monogamy cuts through the granules of the “traditional woman”. I think the psychology of this is a very different line of articles.” I agree.

      • “the other women, the groupies–you have to explore that, because that female mindset of non monogamy cuts across the grain of the “traditional woman.” I think the psychology of that is a whole other article line.”

        As a woman (who is not a psychologist), I’ll take a guess that I think women agreed to it who might not otherwise because Keith convinced them that when he had sex with other women it was just sex, no different than playing the piano–he might’ve asked them if they felt jealous of the piano when they saw his fingers tickling the ivories (I made that piano example up, but I’ve heard it said that he’s compared having sex to playing the violin.)

        Oh, he also told these women they would stay in his life forever and ever (cue twins from The Shining) so they didn’t need to feel insecure that they’d lose him if he banged some other women.

        Also, I’ll guess that most women who’ve been with an oversexed partner have probably sometimes wished (not seriously, but…) that he’d go visit the neighbor and give her a break now and then. KR might’ve used some of that logic as I believe he did in a text with Cami that the pressure would be off of her to always be the one meeting his constant sexual needs.

        TLDR: He made the woman feel secure with the promise of a lifetime commitment and minimized any emotional involvement that he might have with the other women he slept with. Also, he was such a horndog, some women probably didn’t mind another woman taking over so they could get a break. Maybe?

        • To add further insight, I met a few self-proclaimed polyamorous women when I was going to university in the Bay Area. Far from being stereotypical bimbos, they had Vulcan-like intelligence, where logic overruled emotion. So, as much as I hate to say this, having a high-IQ might lend itself to polyamory. Maybe a mild, mild touch of autism, leading to a natural mindset where logic prevails. Note that the ones who bucked against it, like Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie, were not at all Sheldon-like.

        • Possibly, but the women seem equally active with each other. There’s more to this.

          I am not saying invade private lives. But the group sex thing didn’t just happen. This is a hands-down sex cult that was created–but how??

        • Yes, all this fuss, but all Keith really was, as you say – a little old “horndog”. If only those high IQ women were as intelligent as you, Allison, they could have had their polyamory cake AND eaten it! I enjoy your comments btw.

    • Keith is right that women have a propensity for monogamy while men have a propensity for polygamy. The problem with modern liberalism and it’s anti-traditional viewpoint is that true religion actually attempts to curb the male sexual appetite via marriage for the benefit of the woman, and by extension, the family. But modern society has flipped the script to convince women that sexuality is power, and so now you have more and more women acting like men in their base nature, instead of the opposite. Of course, this mostly only benefits the males and females who are typically considered high value members of the sexes, but completely screws over the rest of society in the relationships between the sexes which you’re seeing the ramifications of more and more each day.

      • You got it anonymous! KR shifted men and women into thinking that monogamy was unnatural and oppressive to men. He taught that women were culturally and socially indoctrinated to believe monogamy was the norm and against men’s nature. Therefore, most of the men and women bought into this concept. They bought into believing monogamy was antiquated and harmful to the men. Women did struggle with this so-called awareness – and started to consider the idea of letting their husbands or boyfriends stray. The women believed they would be doing a bad and selfish act otherwise. I encourage readers on this thread to try to understand how some people in the organization got manipulated in this way of thinking. Extramarital affairs or cheating in relationships are common knowledge in that majority of the human race has experienced or done. KR taught that’s just human nature for men to be polygamous and it’s bad to go against it. He definitely was savvy in using science and psychology to support his claims.

        • I absolutely see how people were manipulated. What I truly don’t see is why some people can be manipulated and others would laugh and walk away when they had to bow to a picture of the Vanguard.

          Clearly something is amiss.

          To end cults, we must figure out why some are vulnerable to them

          • It’s much more complicated than that. LOL

            Just like Amway and other MLM scams, it doesn’t depend only on the person being approached, it depends what mood they are in when approached, what else they have going on in their life, whether there is a previous relationship with the person approaching them, the “chemistry” that is or is not created when approached, how skillful the person approaching them is in warming them up to the idea, etc. LOL

            If someone is put in the right frame of mind, and it may take days or weeks before they bow to the picture of Raniere, then it’s not nearly as much of a shock. LOL

          • — What I truly don’t see is why some people can be manipulated and others would laugh and walk away when they had to bow to a picture of the Vanguard.

            I believe, in the Vow, Sarah or someone else explained that the rituals seemed odd/silly, but she figured, “Eh, what’s the big deal” and went along since everyone else was. The point being that from day one you’re accepting something you’re aware is a little odd by dismissing it as inconsequential. Then, the theory is Nxivm built on that little by little to get people to accept more and more things they typically would not.

          • May be slightly too simplistic, but people really believed the Guiness thing and thought they could learn shit from the smartest guy in the world who just happens to be into helping people improve their lives.

  • ” I received phone calls from two Mexican senior    proctors telling me that Nancy Salzman was in Mexico City and she needed to talk to me, so I came to see her.   She said that it was only because she knew that I was special to Keith that she hadn’t called her lawyers on me, that I had just breached my contract speaking about ESP tech, and that it was illegal.
    I never mentioned neither ESP nor Keith nor anyone in the interview. But she said that if I wanted, she could train me personally to become a spokesperson for the company. I declined the offer, because it felt like a trap.”

    Right. Nancy. Nancy Salzman, the creepy, always smiling face, and obviously, quite still the first line of intimidation to protect her rights of her “tech” *after* DOS came out.

    To be clear, Nancy cared much, much more for her cash cow crap “tech” than any true ethics, any terrified woman.

    And that is Nancy in a nutshell: the teacher who wanted women to be submissive for her own gain.

      • — “Nancy Salzman, the creepy, always smiling face” “song, Nancy with the laughing face”

        That’s one of my faves from Sinatra—You have just ruined it for me! 😆

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