Susan Dones at Raniere Sentencing: ‘Keith, You’re an Evil Man’

Susan Dones

Susan Dones was the 7th victim to speak at the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere. Altogether, there were 15 victims who spoke at the hearing – and if we assign a prorated number, then each of the 15 contributed eight years to Raniere’s sentence.

They can be proud of that. And if the average word count of their statements were 1,200 words each, then each word added 2.5 days to Raniere’s sentence.

Of course, it doesn’t work quite that way, but the fact that 15 diverse and separate victims, 13 women and 2 men, each gave their own tale of horror and abuse was impressive and shocking and had a cumulative effect of what appeared to be a man sitting before them who was, in reality, a monster.

The statements of all the victims were unsworn

The victims who spoke prior to Susan Dones were:

Camila’s Complete Statement at Raniere’s Sentencing –‘When I Was Still 15, He Took Naked Pictures — Naked Pictures of Me!’

Sarah Edmondson’s Survivor’s Statement to Keith Raniere: ‘If There Is Any Justice, the World Will Never See Your Face in Public Again’

Vicente to Raniere: ‘I Will Struggle for the Rest of My Life With What You’ve Done to My Mind and My Soul’

Ivy Nevares Statement at His Sentencing: ‘Raniere was Hoping I Would Commit Suicide’.

Toni Natalie’s Last Statement to Raniere: ‘A Genius? What a Joke!’

Barbara Bouchey Makes Her Final Statement to Raniere – and She Is in His Face

When Susan Dones refers to Raniere’s pack of wolves, she is referring to his inner circle of women, led by Nancy Salzman who would go in and do Raniere’s bidding to persuade, cajole, manipulate, guilt, threaten or plead to a woman who was not doing what Raniere wanted. Dones has said that various members of the wolf pack would assume different roles with the same woman, one playing good cop, one the bad cop, one telling a woman how much she was missing, another appealing to her sense of keeping her word, etc. etc. until the targeted woman was beaten down and agreed to remain with the organization.

Mk10ART’s iconic image of Susan Dones.

Here is Susan Dones’ statement:

Thank you, your Honor, members of the prosecution, the defense team, and Keith Raniere for hearing my statement.

My name is Susan Dones. I was a member of ESP/NXIVM from December 2000 to April 2009.

Where do you start with a man who calls himself innocent – but during his entire adult life has gotten away with a great deal of criminal activity. Raniere calls himself a humanitarian but has done so many inhumane things to people.

Raniere calls the justice system one of the most important things about our country but has spent years using it as a weapon in an attempt to destroy his enemies who dare to tell the truth about his repulsive and criminal activities.

Now, when he’s about to face his sentencing, he’s pulled out all the stops in an attempt, once again, get out of trouble by using his believers to wreak havoc upon the court by crying wolf about a fair trial and evidence tampering.

I have suffered from night terror dreams for years after leaving NXIVM.  I also suffer from PTSD and anxiety. My night terrors mostly stopped within a few months of you being arrested. My night terrors started back up when your group of believers started an attempt to get your sentencing delayed and get you a new trial. We deserve our closures – and to have you sentenced.

Keith, you have been pampered by a group of mostly women who attended to your every need. You have treated them as slaves for food, clothing, money, covering your gambling debts, criminal activities, pimping women for you, just to name a few. Then you turn around and abuse them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You have entangled them into your web of mind-bending abuse, and if they dare to break free, you send your pack of wolves in to gain control over them, do your dirty work, and keep them in line.

If they leave quietly, you smear them within the NXIVM community as a thief, an extortionist, et cetera. If they dare to speak out, a lawsuit or two awaits them. This shows others to keep their mouths shut or else.

Each passing year when you were not stopped by authorities, your behavior got worse until finally, you created DOS, which was the final tipping point at stopping you with your reign of terror. Keith, you’re an evil man who put together an army of powerful soldiers to keep your prisoners in line.

The fact that you’ve had access to your believers while at MDC is beyond me. This needs to be stripped from you from this day forward. Who knows what you will create next using them as a weapon of destruction.

Your victims, us, should not have to worry. We need to be safe – and not worry about what you will do if you have the ability to continue to use them.

From Susan Dones’s video where Keith Raniere says, “I have had people killed for my beliefs and for theirs.”

I have a video from our three-day meetings that we had with you where you have stated that you have had people killed for your beliefs. I have been afraid of that. Will I be one of them?

I came into ESP during the early years. There was just the 16-day program. Back then, there was no Google to search who you were; had there been, I would have walked away just because of the CBI days, where over 25-plus State Attorneys General and 2 federal agencies came after you for your Ponzi scheme and that New York State shut you down.

There was a reason you were not the owner of NXIVM; you had been barred from running anything close to an MLM, but NXIVM was another Ponzi scheme set up like an MLM.

Everyone knows you ran NXIVM. It was you, Keith, no one did anything without your approval. But you set it up as if Nancy Salzman was the owner and ran it.

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman].
At the time I took my training, ESP was brand new. I took the second 16-day company training offered.

The company was looking for people to open up satellite centers. I was with an entire group from another training program who had come to learn about the so-called new technology and this new business adventure. I opened the first off-site center in Tacoma, Washington, not knowing you were running a Ponzi scheme. It was very cleverly covered up. I don’t think your entire staff knew it was a Ponzi scheme. Only those closest to you in your very inner circle, maybe only those who had been with you for years at this point knew.

You got your entire leadership, your wolf pack, to lie for you. You were sleeping with students and your entire Executive Board, gambling in the commodities market, borrowing money from students long before the Bronfmans came in, for your margin calls.

All the while, having everybody telling us that you were an ethical man.  This is not ethics in most people’s opinion, certainly not mine.  Had I known the truth, I would have walked out day one.

When I started to catch on that things were not right, I started to ask questions. In return, I got emotionally abused; but not by you, by your wolf pack. You’re not even man enough to come to me directly. You were too busy enjoying your women and sleeping off late-night volley ball. You sent your women after me while you lived your pampered lifestyle.

Susan Dones interviewed by Dr. Oz on the subject of Keith Raniere.

Luckily for me, I lived in the Pacific Northwest and I had a strong enough sense of myself. That was my saving grace for me not to fall prey to your mind-bending games. I know that pissed you off.

I was deeply in debt from setting up my center and I loved training the 16-day program. I had enough control over my center, so I stayed. I took the beatings and I worked to get out of debt. But that wasn’t enough for you. I was asked to take more and more trainings – and if I didn’t, there were stiff consequences. My different sources of income would get cut off and my debt grew. You got more and more abusive by sending in more wolves.

You knew I didn’t like you, trust you, and that you would never be my master.  What you did like was my work ethic and my ability to get things done, so you used me until you could replace me in the Pacific Northwest.

I started to find out more things on the Internet, asked too many questions. Your thirst for women was clear, and I became a problem for you, and the abuse got worse.  You set up to poison the people closest to me that I had anger issues and I might be a suppressive. You and your wolves created problems at my center where there really wasn’t one.  I saw you do the same thing with Barbara Bouchey in Albany at the same time that she was questioning things about you too.

My final straw with the company is when Nancy Salzman had a meltdown in front of me at her house. She told me everything as if I was her priest. She told me about the NXIVM cartel, the cash of millions coming over the border from Mexico, and that you were not going to pay taxes on that cash which only leaves money laundering, as Mexico was NXIVM’s cash cow.

Susan Dones discusses the mysterious disappearance of Kristin Snyder after leaving a Nxivm class in Anchorage, Alaska, with Frank Parlato for Investigation Discovery’s, The Lost Women of Nxivm.

That day I knew two things had to happen. I had to figure out my escape plan as I was not going to support NXIVM’s illegal activities. And that by leaving and knowing that I knew this information, I was going to end up in trouble. I figured that you were either going to come after me with a phony lawsuit as you had done so many times with other people or, worse, that you were going to kill me. I was scared for my life.

When I left NXIVM, you pressed criminal charges against me for extortion because I asked for my commissions and my book of business that I created in the Pacific Northwest, the value that you got paid on for nine more years until NXIVM got shut down. You inherited Barbara Jeske’s book of business when she died. That was part of my book of business. Mine, it just disappeared into thin air as if I had done nothing for nine years and that profit went into your pocket.

Then you abused me more by filing a lawsuit against me and my wife in our bankruptcy court. All of that debt was NXIVM’s debt.  It took two years of my life because I couldn’t work a full-time job because I was a pro se defendant.  So I picked up work on the weekends because court is closed on weekends. You and your Legal Liaison person filed over 230 claims against us – and Clare Bronfman paid for seven attorneys against two pro se defendants. You deposed everyone in our case that were defectors against NXIVM claiming that it was a conspiracy, which was a projection on your part.

Keith Raniere, you are a dangerous man. You formed an army within the MDC. You were caught with several burner phones.  You set up a Ponzi scheme under Nancy Salzman’s name.

You were then found guilty of horrible crimes and your disgrace of humanity smacks of a man that’s not fit to be in society ever.  My hope is that this judge requires that you are cut off from all ties of anybody that has ever been in NXIVM.

This is the only way that I believe that your believers that still follow you will ever have a chance of having a normal life because they will not get the daily dose of their master – and the rest of us can finally live in the peace that we deserve, for many of us.

You have a saying that those that have the most joy win. Let me tell you today that we here are winning.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Susan Dones talks to the media after the sentencing of Clare Webb Bronfman on Sept. 30, 2020. As she did at the sentencing of Keith Raniere, Dones also spoke as one of Bronfman’s victims.

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[…] certainly one of the top authorities on the first decade of Nxivm. She is a former member who was sued by Nxivm when she left the […]

Susan Dones
Susan Dones
3 years ago

To clear up any confusion Flowers had thrown into the story, here is the lie NXIVM lawyer and NXIVM told their followers about the “I’ve had people killed” video.

I filmed Raniere when he met with the NXIVM-9 for three days in April 2009.

The LeBaron killings in Mexico happened in November 2009.

Raniere claims he can do a lot of things, looking into a crystal ball was never one of them

Here I’ve done the work for Flowers and anyone else who can’t Google shit

Glad Day
Glad Day
3 years ago
Reply to  Susan Dones

Flowers’ desire to hurt and harm others with incessant dissimulation is an established fact on the FR, I’m guessing if you’ve been reading here for long you’ll know that.

But never mind her nonsense, Ms. Dones. You are every bit as brave and braw [as they say in Scotland!] as the Icon MK10 painted of you – I hope you write more here…

3 years ago
Reply to  Glad Day

Wholeheartedly agree with it all.

3 years ago
Reply to  Susan Dones

For anyone interested, here is the Vice episode about The LeBaron Family struggles against the drug cartels. I’ve watched it once, but don’t recall a mention of any association with NXIVM. It’s more context for NXIVM filming activity and possible similarities in subjects covered in the documentary about violence in Mexico.

Fool me Not
Fool me Not
3 years ago

Not a single comma out of place. Even strung together dependant and independent clauses.

Exceptionally well written.

That aside, I am so sorry for the hell you were subjected to. Deep breath.

3 years ago

I wish Susan Dones well. She is a class act. Many of the ex-Nxivm opportunists can learn from her example.

3 years ago

She beautifully and eloquently gives him hell.

Nomin Jerabek
Nomin Jerabek
3 years ago

It’s my favorite, too, by the way. Susan is the personality who is not the victim type-naïve victim, but the real, thoughtful, just, benevolent but determined, things quickly and clearly insightful woman. Who, by the way, is kind and brave, a true pioneer. Maybe she’s the one I could identify with the most if I’d been through this Hell.

3 years ago

Best written victim statement so far

Jane Smith
Jane Smith
3 years ago

She is very good. It was an excellent summary.

3 years ago

Get a load of this scandal
Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum owns 60% of the vote tabulation company that transferred 6000 Trump votes to Joe Biden in Antrim County Michigan.
Not only that but Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff is the CEO of this bogus vote tabulation company.

Sen. Feinstein’s husband owns 60% of the firm involved in the electronic election fraud in Michigan
Jose Hermosa | TheBL 11/09/20, 04:13

In what would be a nationwide election fraud unprecedented in American history, Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is implicated.

Blum owns a large part of the Dominion Ballot Counting Systems company, which is linked to electronic voter fraud in the United States, The Gateway Pundit said Nov. 8.

The company runs the application used to count votes in Michigan, where thousands of votes were passed from President Donald Trump to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Dominion has been in charge of counting the votes in much of the United States, and this event in Michigan would make the decision to investigate all of them, to verify the authenticity of the election results, which so far have shown many signs of fraud.

Dominion has a former aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with several years in her service, according to Bloomberg.

It also has ties to the Clinton Foundation, according to renowned attorney Sidney Powell, as cited by The Gateway Pundit.

Blum has a long history of relations with companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which could have influenced Feintein’s votes on China, SFGATE suggests.

Is it now verboten to mention this nation wide vote fraud sponsored by the Democrat party?

The Glitch

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Nope. I want ethical factual journalism. This is where the inside information is, and so here we are. You’re the one that has to be convinced to dial it back.

You censor posts all the time, and yet Shadow does this constantly.

No Shadow, No one is interested in your conspiracy theories. In particular no one can address them because responses will be edited or censored. Further, your posts render this blog a particular laughing stock, a point to dismiss the entire site. “A cult in the comment section for QAnon conspiracy theorists.” That’s you.

Scott and Shadow make you look horrendous, and you invite it.

Heidi H
Heidi H
3 years ago

BRAVO, Susan. 😘

3 years ago
Reply to  Heidi H

You are right about Mack and I was wrong.

Mack has been shafted by all sides. I believe she deserves home confinement and probation.

I feel bad for her because it would seem the judge is going to show no sympathy in her sentencing. India basically stole Mack’s only chance at receiving immunity.

3 years ago

We love Susan
And we can’t wait to hear more about Nancy Salzman

3 years ago

All these people need Jesus ! They would’ve never been even looking for a “program” to find the meaning of life and how to become a better person! How bout just go to church?

3 years ago
Reply to  Rk

So, one cult for another?

How bout just go to church?
How bout just go to church?
3 years ago
Reply to  Rk

That would be cult-hopping

One SEX cult to another
One SEX cult to another
3 years ago

ROME — A Vatican investigation into ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has found that a series of bishops, cardinals and popes downplayed or dismissed reports that he slept with seminarians, and determined that Pope Francis merely continued his predecessors’ naive handling of the predatory cleric until a former altar boy alleged abuse.
The Vatican took the extraordinary step Tuesday of publishing its two-year, 400-plus-page internal investigation into the American prelate’s rise and fall in a bid to restore credibility to the U.S. and Vatican hierarchies,

3 years ago

Catholics lost their focus on Jesus centuries ago. LOL

Susanne Schuberth (Germany)
Reply to  Rk

Rk, as for getting to know the real Jesus, I agree wholeheartedly. 😊 👍🏼 Yet, I also agree with my previous commenters regarding churches. There may be a lot of well-meaning people in these countless denominations and in non-denominational churches.

However, I have seen and experienced myself that as soon as a former good thing gets organized, the evil sneaks in. Whether it’s a man or a group that seems to know more than the average believer, the priest/pastor/guru, whatever the title of the one(s) ascending the pulpit, sooner or later their pulpit becomes a pedestal of sorts. Alas, it’s not only the self-help guru who enjoys adulation. 😟

Moreover, every growing organization needs to be adequately funded…but by whom? 🤔 Of course, it is the infantry that bankrolls the church with their tithes/donations/taxes, you name it. If you’re interested, below is a link to Rick Ross’ site where you find, for instance, a long list of controversial Bible-based groups and leaders.

3 years ago

Don’t throw baby Jesus out with the man-water. LOL

Susanne Schuberth (Germany)
Reply to  Anonymous

Well said. 😊

3 years ago

“My final straw with the company is when Nancy Salzman had a meltdown in front of me at her house. She told me everything, as if I was her priest. She told me about the NXIVM cartel, the cash of millions coming over the border from Mexico and that you were not going to pay taxes on that cash which only leaves money laundering, as Mexico was NXIVM’s cash cow.”

And then what? Everyone just shrugged their shoulders,and gave Nancy a big wet kiss?

We have many, many questions about Dear Prefect Nancy.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

That’s one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is that Nancy wasn’t happy about where she was – smack in the middle of the whole NXIVM disaster that had Keith running it and had Nancy’s name on it.

We just read what Keith did to Susan when she left. Can anyone imagine what would have happened to Nancy if she had left?

Most with deep knowledge of the NXIVM/Raniere case would make an educated guess that Keith knew of Nancy’s issues with him, and had been slowly working on literally killing her for years.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Nutjob, if what you are saying is true, perhaps Nancy needs to get a hair analysis ASAP.

3 years ago
Reply to  Hmmm

I almost put that in my post. I’m sure Nancy has already done that.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

WOW! That is a bombshell (or, at least for me, an outsider). Perhaps that will come up in her trial—she was unhappy but trapped and in fear of her life AND she has hair analysis that proves what she was up against.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Salzman already plead guilty, so there will be no trial for her. All that remains is her sentencing. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

LOL. I almost mentioned that I hope her hair samples come up before sentencing.

FYI…I’m a lone wolf when it comes to sympathy for Nancy (other than maybe am in the closet Frank). I knew her personally and think I know the path she went down.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

So, Dear Nancy, aka Nutjob, thanks for enlightening us to your fear; however, you are still accountable for your crimes.

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

She probably feels like a nutjob. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

I now have a complex and need to ditch the damn orthopedic shoes.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Salzman was very happy until Raniere was arrested. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

That’s a statement I wish would be examined. I don’t know if it is true. I know you don’t know if it is true.

another anonymous
another anonymous
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Tick tock, tick tock. That is the sound of Nancy’s freedom coming to an end.

3 years ago

Do you think so? Much has been said, reported and found about her corrupt behavior for a long time, regardless of who has overlooked or ignored it. Nancy Salzman has a ton of her own dirt to hide and might succeed, to some degree.

A half of a million dollars in cash was found stashed, hidden in the house where she lived. She had a houseful of computers full of Nxivm info and records of Nxivm business, all taken as potential sources of incriminating evidence. She has been testified against tangentially at Raniere’s trial, after making her guilty plea to avoid trial herself.

But research shows that Nancy Salzman was a phony “therapist” and had been a conscienceless pimp mama for Raniere, who pandered to his perversions and who KNEW exactly what she was really doing, all along. She held his lies close to her chest and used him to build her own false glory. That is my observation, anyhow.

In other words, I propose that Nancy Salzman was not much fooled by Raniere at all and that she saw him as a handy commodity to hide herself behind and beneath. It could be true that the only difference between the two of them was that Raniere was being run by his sexual madness, and Nancy was not.

Nancy Salzman was the first to hop onto the plea bargain train as well. Yet I question how many of the prosecution members encountering Salzman have thoroughly studied and understood Salzman’s entire role within Nxivm for a couple of decades. She has quite a mouth on her to conceal what is true and to sell what is false.

After her arrest, this creepy individual continued to seek work as a therapist, minus Nxivm. Talk about denial and nerve. Nancy Salzman evidently still sees herself as someone who is qualified to sell counsel and guidance to other human beings. Incredible! She is sickening and wants to sell more of her horseshit.

If anyone has earned some protracted “alone time” locked away with other criminals, it is Nancy Salzman, whose profits were her interest, guarding Raniere like a rottweiler for two decades and waltzing around with her disgusting grin and counterproductive personal advice, strutting like a grotesque queen, yet fully aware that this was all a scam.

Nancy Salzman seems to have bleated out a guilty plea without any examination of her (perhaps utterly absent) conscience, nor accountability for her numerous deceptive, frequently illegal actions. Her plea was made in order to minimize her own material consequences. She didn’t plead guilty due to any remorse on her part. There might be condemnatory remarks, like farts, emerging out of her mouth now about Raniere, but she backed him for her own benefit. Her condemnation, I think, is self-serving and entirely superficial.

In fact, it’s very probable that Nancy Salzman will continue to be a lying sneak and to harm others, the same as Keith Raniere, so long as she can get away with it.

Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker
3 years ago

Keith Raniere
Meat Head
Dead from the neck up

You tell’em, Sue!

3 years ago

Joe Beijing Biden is as corrupt as Keith Raniere.

Massive Vote Fraud in Nevada and across America committed by campaign workers for the Gangster Joe Beijing Biden.
As The “Red Wave” Of Lawsuits Begin Affidavits Pop-up All Across The Country

3 years ago

Every single comment I’ve seen from Shadowstate since I read comments on this blog have been about trashing Biden. In NO WAY he’s commenting about Raniere case in this comment. Way to remove the blog from politic Franck…It just looks like you are supporting Shadowstate Biden trashing to me, and I really dont care about your political opinions, Im not here to see that.

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Are you as blind as a bat? LOL

How could Mr. Shadow “sneak” in a comment that is 99.9% anti-Biden (as am I, but that’s not the point), including a video? LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

And the political comment above that one, another lapse in judgment? LOL

Frank's lapse in judgment
Frank's lapse in judgment
3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Forgive Frank. He was never trained in journalism at The Knife of Aristotle.

3 years ago

Susan is the best.

3 years ago

Susan Dones made a point of saying that Raniere’s abilities to communicate with his minions, from wherever he is imprisoned, needs to stop for several reasons. Raniere has continued to prove that he is a lying, deceptive sneak, and none of those habits were curbed while he has been held at MDC. The awareness about his intractable behavior could be a big factor in deciding where to place him for 120 years or so. It looks like he might be less damaging to others if he is stuck by himself. It won’t drive him anymore nuts than he already is. He doesn’t seem to be the sort who will dissolve into catatonia. It still looks as though the sole thing on his mind is himself.

3 years ago
Reply to  Shivani

With time served and good behavior, Raniere will spend only about 100 years in prison. LOL

3 years ago

If all of these statements and the accompanying documentation from those who left NXIVM were written when they occurred, and people cooperated on a website like this one, Raniere would have been stopped much sooner. LOL

However, as we’ve learned many times on this website, they all hated each other, and the backbiting and evil within them made this impossible. LOL

mx lady
mx lady
3 years ago

What a nice picture together, Frank! I liked that she explained to the judge why Keith was dangerous (even while in prison.) Very clear statement. Not personal. But rather helping the judge to connect the dots and see that Keith is a dangerous man, even in prison.

3 years ago

Not only does Dones not have a clue what a Ponzi scheme is (NXIVM engaged in many criminal activities, but being a Ponzi scheme was NOT one of them, i suggest you google “Ponzi scheme” if there is any doubt), but she was scared of Raniere killing her for no good reason. All of those night terrors, PTSD, anxiety, for no reason whatsoever. Here’s the context of the “I’ve had people killed” quote from the YouTube video:

After you get done chomping on the usual Raniere word salad for several minutes, the applicable part starts at 06:21 with Raniere being told he doesn’t have leadership experience, then Raniere tries to defend himself claiming that he does, then at 06:35 Raniere is told the only experience he has was with Consumers’ Buyline and that was an illegal failure. Raniere is not used to being called out like this, he normally has his evil harem to insulate himself from these things and they weren’t there, PLUS this is on video (by the way, Dones promised to keep this video confidential but then somebody released it, her or someone else, perhaps someone she shared it with, and that was a legal basis for Raniere suing her and she lost on that issue). At 06:48 Raniere interrupts in order to change the subject and claims that he’s been shot at (probably while he was making the movie that Vicente was making focusing on drug and human cartel violence in Mexico, with the silly notion that if everyone in such a situation yelled STOP! while raising both arms, with one hand grasping the opposite wrist, would be effective. At 06:58 Raniere talks about having body guards to protect him from being shot at, and the quandary is whether those guards should be armed or not – after all, this is a nonviolent movement, so they shouldn’t have guns, but then again if they aren’t armed they will all be shot and killed by the obviously armed and violent drug cartel members. At 07:02 is the “famous” I’ve had people killed statement, underlining this isn’t merely a theoretical idea, but real people using Raniere’s silly technique have really been killed by cartel members, for his own beliefs and these beliefs were stupidly picked up by some of his Mexican followers. Then at 07:12 he ties this back to leadership, he thinks he is leading a protest against violent drug and human cartels, which merely reinforces he is a poor leader because he doesn’t have a clue that the cartel members couldn’t care less about his silly group arm signals and STOP! screams, it just gives them easier targets to shoot at. Then at 07:19 he attempts to use an “old Christian adage” that doesn’t exist.

For Frank to continue this fairy tale of Raniere killing others is extremely disappointing, Frank is either clueless or is looking for sympathetic eyeballs. In either case, it’s very disappointing as a so-called and self-claimed journalist.

they’re [sic] just to put a note I do have
because I’ve been pondering how to free
the process up um and I was going to
make a statement but it’s not
appropriate to make the statement
without everyone here just to hear it
the statement I want to make it in
isolation and it does not request a
response okay [i.e., don’t argue with me, my word is final] I think there’s a take
that I’ll help three things up but you
don’t want to say it here no I can if
you wanted but everything it’s it’s very
simply the process that you are doing
and I for example you have accused at
times people of ganging up collaborative
ganging up on you it is yet what you
sort of manifest here right you may want
to also think that in a process where a
group of people get together make some
decisions based on data data may not be
completely not be true make conclusions
on that data execute the conclusions
especially with someone like myself who
as I said no matter what you say I’m not
going to I’m not even going to bring up
the controverting data [I can’t defend my lies, because I would only dig my hole deeper, so I won’t even try, just as he did years later in court] so you will not
get it from me you may want to to some
degree make the process more transparent
and open it okay so that you can get I
think that’s the other data no I guess
great not or it should it’s a it’s not
in a statement for exchange yeah you
want with it
yeah I would agree
they don’t care be right or wrong
integrated or not integrated what do you
think I am or not could provide proof
yes by proof now I do care about what
it’s right with respect to conduct
understand for example this the
structure that you raise in the hands of
certain types of people works very well
in the hands of not of those type of
people doesn’t blame destroys lack of
blame the way you can counter blame this
would be a dictator which I won’t do so
to allow both is a very difficult thing
in corporations it’s the same thing and
pretty in governments it’s the same
thing ever notice how all is for example
President United States ages just take
it take before and after shots of them
going into office and out why do you
think I mean even though they don’t
maybe understand ethics completely or
whatever they get a quick primer on what
happens if they speak one word sideways
and people if you believe it maybe
people die maybe people are hurt maybe
economies change or whatever you know
you become a EF Hutton if you say your
own opinion you can destroy people’s
lives that is the nature of becoming
prominent so but do you see this as a
problem and I say that this group does
not understand this ok I see also that
if you had some more of the data with
respect to the other people it would
dynamics with respect to not just you
but others and other things you would
start to see more of the reality of it
in some ways that the company is
interested or it wasn’t as bad a
situation as you thought it was
something but I believe that the way
this was done will destroy the company
itself and it did not have to which is
the conundrum
mm-hmm um I think you’ll see that if you
think about it and watch it through are
you saying that you don’t think that
we’re in a very critical state in the
company now yeah we were before not the
same way ones critical in terms of faith
are your opinion yeah in other words you
can arbiter as long as you have a
certain type of ethic within a system a
certain type of procedure you can cut
through garbage
eventually it may that’s why I told you
when you were saying some things to me
that I thought were quite contrary but I
told you bring it up the process I said
you know the part of the problem is
people don’t bring it up the process and
you say well people don’t know about the
process I said great that’s why you
should be mad the process so they can me
and I but understand that will fortify
the company that will that will fortify
well what do you understand that I think
that’s part of the problem is that we
don’t teach that process hope I said
nobody knows even about it do you know
what I you hear what I said that you
think that it’s good that yeah and that
having you pursue it Brian bring it up
so it ultimately went even arbitrating
between Nancy and yourself with me right
that was very good but what I’m trying
to say though Keith this is that we
believe that there are certain problems
that pink or white elephants whatever we
want to call them in the room and
collectively a group of us and there are
many people outside of this group of 10
there about 40 people that I could list
for you right now that see these similar
elephants and yet we as a company don’t
ever address those elephants and I don’t
necessarily agree with you but maybe not
address it the way you think it should
be addressed
okay but leave open that that’s possibly
true but what I see are the effects I
know the effects are you don’t hurt
nothing is falling apart you don’t have
the experience
leadership okay you know the experience
of preserving people’s lives with what
you say and the truth of the matter is
if the way do you then yes I do
no you don’t because the only company
before this was consumers eye [sic] line and
that my understanding fell apart within
a few years or was on the downhill after
a couple years when you got suit [sic] or
whatever it was that’s not well here’s
the thing I’ve been shot at because it
might have beliefs I’ve had to make
should I have bodyguards should I have
them armed or not
I’ve had people killed because of my
beliefs and because of their beliefs and
because of things that I’ve said and I’m
mindful of that and I’m leading an
organization that’s doing something very
good the bright you might say you know
this is a an old Christian advantage [sic]
which i think is very true the brighter
the light the more the bugs right so I
think what we have is very bright light

Nomin Jerabek
Nomin Jerabek
3 years ago

I think Susan is one of the bravest women in the NXIVM. I have a lot of respect for her.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nomin Jerabek

Agree. She’s awesome.

3 years ago

All this shit about Queef has been known about for years and the lunatics all ignored everything.

To any scum bag nxicunts reading this, especially the Vancouver cunts who took over from Dones’s Seattle branch, how did you feel about Susan Dones getting lawsuit raped?

What did they tell you about Susan Dones and did you believe it?

How does it feel knowing you agreed with all the trauma you and your kind inflicted on people?

You are all scum for taking part in this and for agreeing with it. How many unknowns have been fucked because of your cult?

How many people did you con and lie to?

How many things did you ignore and/or defend?

Have you tried to make amends? Saying “Sorry, my bad” ain’t good enough.

You are all whiney pretentious liberals too. That is why you were in this gay cult. You have a desperate need to feel special and validated. You need enemies to hate on.

Your kind may no longer call people “parasites” and “suppressive” with your culty “us vs them” bullshit, but you sure as shit love calling people “bigot, nazi, white supremacist, transphobic, homophobic” and all the other culty lefty slurs that make you feel so special. You’re not though, you are cunts.

Frank, if you censor my naughty words like a liberal, I shan’t be amused.

3 years ago

I think we need to hear more from Susan? I feel like her story is an untapped potential documentary because it feels like she has more to say about the Bronfmans.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Anon, you just think Nancy cried to Susan – and it was over?

Yes, there was some ridiculous story about Nan getting “demoted” in favor of Clare. RIGHT. That is a joke only Clare and the rest of the low-informations believe as Nancy only “realized” that she had done things that were “illegal” after she was arrested and further realized that she was going to down. And really, Nancy did only care mostly about herself. PLEA DEAL!

3 years ago

Well said, Susan. Praying that you can now resume the life that you deserve knowing that the vermin will be safely tucked away in the hell that he deserves.

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