Who Is Bangkok? Is He Dennis Burke? Me, Chet Hardin, or Somebody Else?


Bangkok is back. And he has written some excellent commentary on Daniel Glavin and Chet Hardin. Before we get to them, I think we need to clear the air. Or at least raise a question.

Who is Bangkok?

Some think I am Bangkok. To deny it is as big a challenge as my anonymous online friend BK Incorruptible denying he is Chet Hardin.

BK can deny all he wants, but we have only his anonymous good word for it.

I am not Bangkok. But I can’t prove it.

Bangkok has been commenting on Frank Report since at least January 2019.  He started commenting when 22 attorneys worked together to represent six NXIVM defendants preparing to stand trial together. The attorneys were united by $12 million of Clare Bronfman’s money in trust for their payments.

Twenty-two attorneys readied for trial against Moira Kim Penza and two other prosecutors with the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

The next month, in February 2019, the FBI found child porn on Raniere’s hard drive. The case changed quickly, from ‘we are all going to trial’ to ‘get us the best plea deal you can get.’ All except Raniere.

Bangkok’s first moniker was One Night in Bangkok. He shortened it to Pious Bangkok and then Bangkok.

Since I do not know who Bangkok is, I do not know what he looks like. I have only his good anonymous word that he is a man. And he is good-looking.

Over the years, I have used various images that represented my opinion of what he might look like. They were merely guesses.

I used the image above for Bangkok at one time.

Bangkok has had other monikers, such as Magoo and the politically incorrect, ‘The Retard.’ Bangkok does not care about being politically incorrect.

How do I know that Bangkok, The Retard, and Magoo are one and the same? Because his style is unmistakable.

Bangkok as Magoo.

His initial posts were about NXIVM. But later, he branched into other topics that interested him.  Hispanic social media pioneer Jeffrey Peterson believed Bangkok might be Dennis K. Burke Esq.

Jeffrey Peterson in a Zoom interview with Frank Report proved his identity by showing his drivers’ license.

Peterson was the founder of the HIspanic social media company that became Meet Me. Peterson and Burke were once friends. Peterson said he recognized the writing style.

Dennis Burke ESQ. Does he post on this site?

Burke is an ally of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas. He is an ally of billionaire Carlos Slim.

Carlos Slim, a man of substance and style

Salinas reportedly retained Burke as a behind-the-scenes lawyer for Clare Bronfman. This was when his son, Emiliano, was also a target of the DOJ.

Burke has high-powered connections in DC. He was the US Attorney for Arizona during Obama. Burke led Fast and Furious and resigned over it.  He was the number two man of the so-called Arizona Mafia of the Obama administration.

He was the top man for the AG’s committee on border patrol, where all the money in the world of drug cartels is a product of felicitous border crossing.

Burke was on an advisory committee to US Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions during the Trump administration.

Burke never appeared publicly with Bronfman. Instead, his Arizona Mafia caporegime, John Sandweg, appeared. Sandweg was General Counsel of the Department of Homeland Security under Janet Napolitano. He was later the acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Sandweg escorted Bronfman in and out of court, not as her attorney, but as a premier-level bodyguard.

I wrote a story critical of Burke’s ally Carlos Slim, whose net worth is $80 billion. He was then the largest stockholder of the New York Times.

I received a message by email from Slim disputing the facts. It was one of the most elegant threats I had ever received. Anyone can threaten. Many can execute. But when a man can both threaten and make you like him simultaneously, this is a man to be admired. Slim is to be admired. So is Burke. So is Sandweg.

And Carlos Salinas. He is a man some say is the capo dei capi of the Mexican cartels. A man known to lament how high is his turnover of friends. One day he meets a guy, then he never sees him again.

Heidi Hutchinson claims she has seen Bangkok. But she never saw him again. I recall she said she believed he was Dennis Burke.

I expect I will get a blistering response from Bangkok within hours. He will quote his writings to prove he is not Burke.

This is a long way of saying I am not Bangkok. I do not know who Bangkok is. He may be Dennis Burke or somebody else, anybody except Heidi, Toni Natalie, or Chet Hardin, AKA BK Incorruptible.

But I can’t prove it.


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  • As long as there is sin and vice there will be room for Bangkok.

    “Humans are conceived in sin and born in corruption.” Willie Stark from “All the King’s Men”

  • I’m the bastard child of immigrants.

    My parents deserted me as a baby.

    They threw me into a trash bin, head first, while on vacation in South America.

    Thankfully, I was rescued by monks.

    They also deserted me after a few days. They tossed me into the jungle to fend for myself, head first.

    I was later raised in the wild, under the tutelage of wolves — and later, a flock of penguins.

    I taught myself how to read and write at age 12.

    I feel lucky to know such friendly people on FrankReport.

    I am me. I am not anybody else.

    As far as I can remember, I have never been anybody else.

    I am very good looking though. It’s true.

    • Re Poor Dolt Bangkok:

      Bangkok said:
      “My parents deserted me as a baby.
      They threw me into a trash bin, head first, while on vacation in South America.
      They also deserted me after a few days. They tossed me into the jungle to fend for myself, head first.”

      I say:
      Bangkok must of read his mom’s diary.

      • Who does Niceguy love the most?
        1. Bangcock
        2. Nutjob
        3. Michelle Salzman
        4. His gifted right hand
        5. His partially disabled left hand
        6. His rotund cleaning lady
        7. His rotund handyman
        8. Emmanuel Lewis
        9. Anyone who gives him attention
        10. Macy Gray in a short skirt singing acapella

  • I am not Bangkok. To be honest, I think I write better and am better with the wit. And besides, I’d never join a blog that would have me for a member.

  • Frank-

    I am Sultan of Six. If you check my IP you will be able to verify this as fact. Presently, I am visiting my family.

    I am writing to inform you the rooster has come to rest. Kristen Kreuk has accepted a token of my love. Frank you owe me an apology. You were wrong.

    I know an apology is not forth coming. I don’t need one. I have won.

    Afternoon prayer beckons, goodbye Frank.

    • Sultan, first, let me say I am happy for you, and yes, I am happy it finally worked out between you and Kristin. I honestly did not think it ever would. But how come you spelled her first name wrong?

    • The saying is the “chickens have come home to roost”, and it is used in the same (negative) way as “what goes around comes around.”

      It’s strange that strangers would obsess themselves with Sultan’s (whoever he is) relationship status with Kristin – if they even know of each other. But knowledge of human psychology says it’s not strange if they would want at least one member of that pair in a similar way, or not want them together in that way (for whatever reason).

      People become romantically involved because there’s at least some physical attraction on both sides, they have shared values, views and personalities, they really love each other’s company, etc., not because it’s some competition or game to sexually “conquer” a member of the attracting sex.

      Unless you’re a moral imbecile like Raniere.

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