Part 7 Alleged FBI Tampering – New Photos Appear on Camera Card After FBI Lost Custody

By Frank Parlato and Suneel Chakravorty

Frank Parlato

Suneel Chakravorty

Part 7 of our analysis of alleged FBI tampering.

Some of this is a recap and then some brand new information.

The FBI searched 8 Hale on March 27, one day after Raniere’s arrest.

In their 8 Hale warrant application, the FBI asked to seize computers and hard drives.

They asked to search for evidence of DOS-related crimes committed on or after January 1, 2015.

Among 37 items seized, the FBI took a bag with a Canon camera and a hard drive, first and second.

The camera bag – with camera – was the first item seized.

When the FBI seized the hard drive, they took the wrong photo. Instead, they took a picture of a silver LaCie hard drive.

Evidence Item #2 – a hard drive..

They called the photo of the LaCie hard drive evidence item #2.

On their written list of seized devices, the FBI listed a Western Digitial hard drive as evidence item #2.

The receipt of items seized at 8 Hale Drive shows the second item correctly identified by serial number as the Western Digital hard drive that later accidentally was discovered to contain child porn.

The Western Digital hard drive was black.

The FBI later moved it, took a second photo of the LaCie hard drive, and called it evidence item #37.

Evidence Item #37 was the same one photographed as #2.

There was a Western Digital hard drive next to the LaCie hard drive in the photo of evidence item #2.

When the FBI agent testified about the photo of evidence item #2, he said it was a silver or gray hard drive.

Did he forget about his photo of more than a year earlier?

But prosecutors prepare FBI agents for testifying at trial. The FBI agent would have had to be unaware that the FBI found child porn on a black Western Digital Hard Drive.

He would have to be unaware that the FBI called it evidence item #2.

The device the FBI alleged they found child porn on was a black Western Digital hard drive, not a silver LaCie.

FBI Forensic Examiner Trainee Virginia Donnelly’s photograph of the hard drive shows it was black, not silver.

The FBI used a black Western Digital hard drive as evidence item #2.

But when FBI SA Mills, who took the photos, testified, he said evidence item #2 was a silver or gray hard drive.

SA Mills identified the photograph of the silver LaCie hard drive as evidence item #2.

Then the prosecution brought out the black Western Digital hard drive – the actual evidence item #2.

SA Mills said it was a Western Digital hard drive that the FBI forensic examiner processed.

The black Western Digital hard drive became evidence item #2 minutes after Mills testified it was silver.

This was the most critical piece of digital evidence in the trial.

Following the Western Digital hard drive through custody reports, we find a puzzling history.

After the FBI seized it, they failed to make a forensic copy for more than six months.

Excerpt of the FBI Examination Notes of Virginia Donnelly and Brian Booth, showing that the hard drive was imaged on 9/19/18, almost six months after it was originally seized on 3/27/18.

FBI agents are only allowed to examine copies of digital evidence. They are not authorized to inspect the original device. The reason for that is evidence integrity.

If anyone alleges the FBI tampered with a copy, the FBI has the original to compare. [By the way, the black Western Digital hard drive seems to have disappeared at the FBI.  According to the FBI custody report, the FBI has no record of where it is after February 2019.]

The FBI digital evidence manual prohibits inspection of original devices.

The warrant for 8 Hale stated there was probable cause to believe that collateral was on that device. But the FBI waited six months to have it copied.

They were in no hurry to look for the evidence they expected to find on the search warrant.

Then we come to the camera card.

The FBI listed the Canon camera and accessories as evidence item #1.

Inside the camera was a Lexar camera card.

A photo of a Lexar camera card similar to the one found inside the camera.

The FBI did not disclose that fact until almost a year after they seized it.

A Canon digital camera requires a camera card. They are not part of the camera. A photographer can use any number of camera cards and replace or reuse them.

The Lexar camera card is a separate digital device.

The FBI digital evidence handbook points out camera cards specifically as digital evidence.

Oddly, the FBI lost custody of the camera and camera card on the same day the FBI made a forensic copy of the hard drive.

They lost custody of the second and third most critical digital devices – the camera and the camera card.

The FBI violated digital evidence handling protocol with the camera card. They copied photos from the camera card before making a forensic copy.

This is strictly prohibited. First, the FBI is supposed to make a forensic copy of the camera card and then make copies of pictures from the forensic copy.

FBI agents are strictly prohibited from making copies from or inspecting the original device.

Then after making copies of photos from the original camera card, they deceived the defense. The FBI did not disclose the existence of the camera card.

They did not tell the defense they got the photos from the camera card.

The DOJ told the defense that the FBI got the photos from the Canon camera, which was untrue.

The prosecution gave the defense copies of photos taken from the camera card. They consisted of nude pictures of several adult women and some photos of Raniere. There was no metadata included.

These were not digital files, but photographs only – as if they just came from a camera.

In September, the prosecution said they expected further charges. They did not say what those were. In October, the prosecution gave the defense a copy of the hard drive.

There was no mention of child porn or that the hard drive had evidence of value.

By November, they said they had evidence suggesting Raniere may have started a sexual relationship with Camila when she was 15.

This evidence came from a search of Raniere’s emails. His emails and a document of purported texts with Camila suggested they started a relationship in 2005 or 2006.

Fast forward three months. The date –February 21, 2019.

The trial was less than a month away. It was eleven months after they seized the hard drive.

FBI agents claim they accidentally found child porn on the hard drive.

It was an accident, they said. The search warrant allowed the FBI to look for crimes that occurred on or after January 1, 2015.  If it was not an accident, the FBI violated the search warrant.

The judge authorized a search for crimes of 2015 and later.

They found a crime they alleged occurred in 2005.

The judge could throw the evidence out if the FBI deliberately searched for evidence outside the search warrant.

But if the FBI accidentally found it, and if it was in “plain view,” it is admissible.

The only way they could use this child porn evidence was if they found it by accident.

To reiterate: Accident – can use. If the FBI searched for it on purpose, the evidence is inadmissible.

Some 332 days after they seized the hard drive, the FBI said they accidentally found child porn. They were not looking for it.

When the FBI found it, they already knew about purported texts of Raniere’s underage relations with Camila. On the day the FBI found the child porn, the DOJ told the defense to destroy their copies of the hard drive and not inspect them. The hard drive had child porn on it.

The FBI took several weeks to scrub the child porn photos off a forensic copy of the hard drive.

They failed to scrub all Camila’s photos. The defense got the forensic copy and found thumbnails of Camila scattered all over the hard drive.

The hard drive had to be returned, and the FBI again took several more weeks to scrub the files.

These delays prevented the defense from examining the metadata of the forensic copy of the hard drive before the trial.

Possession of child porn is one charge. It is not as severe as producing child porn.

The FBI needed the camera and camera card to prove Raniere took the photos.

Without the camera card and the camera, the FBI only had possession of child porn charges.

The prosecution brought new charges of child porn and exploitation against Raniere in March 2019.

The prosecution disclosed the existence of the camera card about a year after the FBI seized it. This violates the federal discovery rules and can only be called obstruction of justice or hiding evidence.

The DOJ is required to disclose evidence they seize, and they are supposed to make a forensic copy of all devices. The DOJ did neither.

The day after they discovered the child porn, the FBI brought the camera card to FBI CART to make a forensic copy. The prosecution never gave the defense a forensic copy of the camera card, violating DOJ rules.

FBI CART also made an FTK report that provided a list of the files and some images. This was shared with the defense after the trial began.

Based on the FBI’s first FTK report, four photos on the camera card matched photos on the hard drive. These were not Camila’s photos, but four nude photos of Angel, an adult woman Raniere knew.

During the trial, the FBI violated digital evidence handling.

In April – a month before trial -the FBI made a forensic copy of the camera card. From the forensic copy, they made an FTK report.

Near the end of the trial – on June 10, [the trial ended June 19] the FBI made a second forensic copy of the camera card.

From the second copy of the forensic report, the FBI made a second FTK report.

This is wrong on many levels.

The FBI made a second, unauthorized forensic copy of the camera card. This is strictly prohibited.

The FBI should have made the second FTK report off the original authorized forensic copy of the camera card.

During the trial, the prosecution substituted the first FTK report with the second FTK report. They actually removed the first camera card FTK report and replaced it with the second report.

Still, if everything was just a series of dumb but innocent FBI mistakes, despite the rule violations, both FTK reports should be the same.

On the first FTK report of the camera card, which included deleted photos, as mentioned above, there were only four files that matched the hard drive – four of Angel.

On the second FTK report, 31 new photo files appeared on the camera card that matched the hard drive.

The two FTK reports were done by different examiners.

Either someone at the FBI added those 31 new digital files, or the first examiner who made the first FTK report excluded those files on the first report.

Which was it and why?

That is a question that remains unanswered.

The prosecution withheld forensic copies of the hard drive until after jury selection. The prosecution never gave the defense a forensic copy of the camera card.

During the trial, the prosecution came up with a new FTK report on the camera card, and the camera card had 31 new photos that tied Raniere’s camera to the hard drive.

During the trial, the FBI testified that EXIF data is the only reliable way to date these photos, and that it is hard to change.

Here is Suneel’s demonstration of how easuy it is to change EXIF data:

Dr. Kiper’s analysis of how easy it is to change EXIF data can be found in this excerpt of his report.

After another FBI agent identified the hard drive as silver, a senior FBI forensic examiner testified about the black hard drive.

He said the EXIF data on the black Western Digital hard drive files showed the Canon camera created the photos of child porn in 2005.

The EXIF data time dates of the Camila photos proved it was child porn because the photos were taken in 2005 and Camila was 15 then.

How to prove Raniere took the photos?

The FBI found 35 files of Raniere’s adult partners on the camera card that matched the files on the hard drive. The 35 was up from four files from the first FTK report.

Because the prosecution substituted FTK reports during the trial, the discrepancy was not detected.

The EXIF Datetime of the newly appearing photos on the camera card showed the Canon camera created them in 2005.

It was lucky for the prosecution that they gave the hard drive forensic copy and camera card FTK report after the trial had begun. Otherwise, the defense might have had the time to give them to a forensic expert.

At trial, the FBI downplayed conflicting creation dates.

The actual creation dates showed that the Camila photos were backed up to the hard drive in 2003. Yet, the EXIF data said the photos were taken two years later, in 2005.

FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth testified that EXIF data is hard to change.

But Booth did not tell the truth.

EXIF data is not difficult to change. There are free programs that change EXIF dates. With some versions of]Windows, you can change EXIF data without extraneous software.

After the trial, analysis of the hard drive digital files showed manual metadata alterations.

Someone created folder names to look computer-generated and made other adjustments to dates.

They forgot to remove the metadata showing Adobe Photoshop was used on one file.

Yet this file had the exact same EXIF and Modified Date times. That is impossible without manual alteration of metadata. Adobe Photoshop changes the modified date time unless someone alters it to look the same.

There are other impossible dates.

One discrepancy seems to be caused by an attempt to mimic daylight savings time.

Whoever altered the metadata erred and adjusted the time two hours backward instead of one hour forward.

All the photos have a creation date of 2003, which is before Canon manufactured the camera.

Thumbnails of Daniela appear in Kathy Russell’s folder, and vice versa. This shows the files were not original and untouched.

This is not insignificant. It means Kathy and Daniela were once in the same folder. But someone altered the files and folders to separate them into separate folders. These alterations are as easy as changing EXIF data.

But the prosecution told the jury none of this occurred.

That the jury should trust the EXIF data alone.

But the many alterations tht could only have been done manually invalidate the reliability of all the metadata.

The metadata showed the files were original and never modified. But they were modified.

Returning to the camera card and its newfound photos, we have more suspicious files.

One of the most suspicious is that four of Daniela’s files were newly found on the camera card.

We know they are Daniela because the metadata and the file names are exactly the same on the hard drive. On the hard drive, you can see Daniela’s thumbnails and photos.

The metadata on the camera card is the same as the hard drive.

But Daniela is not on the thumbnails. No, it is Angel. The same four photos of Angel are on the original FTK report. So Angel appears twice. In her own photos and again in Daniela’s photos on the camera card.

Yet the metadata is identical on the camera card and hard drive for Daniela’s photos.

If no one altered the files, they would be the same. They would not have Angel’s thumbnails on Daniela’s file.

The rest of the new files have other suspicious issues.

At trial, Camila never testified.

The prosecution had the camera and the photos. They never showed Daniela or Lauren their photos or the camera. Yet both described their photos and the camera.


The prosecution presented evidence to corroborate that the photos of Camila were authentic and /or Raniere had an underage relationship with her.

The document of purported texts. The medical records of Camila’s appendectomy.

The testimony of an FBI agent who said there were no scars on Camila’s photos.

Daniela’s testimony that Raniere told her he had sex with Camila when she was underage.

But the primary evidence was the hard drive and the camera and card. The metadata – and specifically the EXIF date that an FBI senior forensic agent lied about as hard to change.

For the sake of argument, let’s say Raniere had sex with Camila when she was 15. And he took her photos.

Were the photos presented at trial found on a hard drive seized from his library? Were they untouched? Was the EXIF data correct?

Things happened within a few weeks of the accidental discovery of child porn in February 2019.

Raniere’s codefendants tried to sever their trials. When Judge Garaufis did not rule in their favor, they all took plea deals.

Before the child porn, an aggressive Marc Agnifilo supported by 16 Bronfman-paid attorneys for the six defendants had one mantra: all alleged victims were consenting adults.

The six defendants, Upper Row: Kathy Russell, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, LowerAllison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman

Child porn knocked the wind out of that sail.

The child victim Camila ended that argument.

The prosecution did not call Camila. They could have had Camila testify if they wanted. They knew where she lived in Mexico. They came to her house and spoke with her, according to their own report.

The prosecutors said she could have been charged. They had at least three felony charges against her:

Her role in the document servitude of her sister Daniela.

Her role as a first-line master, the alleged fraudulent and coercive recruitment and commanding of collateralized slaves.

Her role in the sex trafficking of Nicole.

The prosecution had ample evidence to take her like they took Raniere.

They could have negotiated with her to testify and give her immunity.

The narrative that she chose not to testify is only partly true. If the prosecution wanted her as a witness, she would have testified.

The prosecution did not want her to testify. There must be some reason why they did not.

After all, Judge Garaufis remarked that had she testified and identified the photos, it would not have taken the jury 10 minutes to convict him.

Camila came to the sentencing of Raniere. She said he took photos of her when she was 15. Everyone thought that was enough. But it is not enough. Forget that Camila was not under oath or that she was not cross-examined.

Camila had the chance, but she did not do it. She did not say the photos used at trial were the ones Raniere took when she was 15.

Like Daniela and Lauren, she did not identify her photos.

She could have said, “I have seen the photos used at trial, and they are of me and were taken in 2005 by Keith Raniere.”

Then all the defense would have left to dispute was to examine the metadata and confirm they were on the hard drive.

The fact that Camila did not do this is much like how Daniela did not identify her own nude photos or the camera. And how Lauren did not identify the camera or her own nude photos.

The jury was asked to believe the EXIF data was sufficient because that is hard to change.

Nobody was asked to identify the camera or their own nude photos and say it’s true. Nobody who knew Camila was asked at trial to identify the photos as Camila.

They don’t have to. Why?

Because EXIF data is hard to change. EXIF data proves the date and the camera.

But EXIF data is easy to change, and the FBI lied about that. Did they lie about anything else?


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  • It’s pretty obvious something funky was going on at the FBI. But they can get away with it because Raniere is so funky himself.

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      SE-MV did some bad shit a long time ago, but unlike a lot of other fools they at least got properly paid for it. Then they came to their senses and realised what a load of absolute bollocks it all was. Not only was it absolute bollocks, it was hurting people and ruining their lives.

      So they blew the whistle!! Personally I love whistleblowers – they expose wrongdoing and that takes balls. If they make money doing it, good luck to them! Remuneration comes to those that take risks!

      Of course there will always be a certain cohort of fools who can’t smell the coffee. Ironically such people can often be the ones who were really duped, truly mind-fucked. Theyhave no regrets, believed the bullshit, and are in complete denial about the suffering they imposed on others over a protracted time period after deliberately deceiving them. These people are proud of their ‘principles’, and given the opportunity would do the same again. They represent a clear and present danger to society.

      For some unfathomable reason some of these people did not face charges, even though they were named as co-conspirators. Do they deserve to be sued? You bet your ass they do – they got off far too lightly!

      Suck it up, Nicki, and quit the whining! Talk about victimhood…!

  • As Suneal in others seem be experts and analyzing the rules of court and the FBI procedure manual, can links to these resources be provided? It does seem curious that the public would be expected to believe anything Raniere et al states—they are documented liars and manipulators. As a side point, arguments aren’t made bit by bit over time with assertions. Arguments are clear and concise and supported by facts as determined by a court of law. My favorite quote from grad school was “what you freely assert, I freely deny. Sustain your case!” Nothing is proven in this story.

    • Good point.

      I really have no idea how law enforcement agencies conduct their day to day investigations or run their evidence rooms. Neither does Frank or Chakravorty.

      So when I read confident assertions from them that FBI agents are “strictly prohibited” from doing this or that, I just roll my eyes. How the hell do they know?

      A big deal is being made over an agent signing out Raniere’s camera. Probably to look at the photographs stored on it. This is claimed to be evidence tampering and obstruction of justice. Seriously?

      I don’t know, but I assume the sign out book is there so that cops working the case can sign stuff out to examine. Frank says this is “strictly prohibited”. Shrug. What’s the sign out book there for then? And how are they supposed to work their case?

      Frank is suspicious of the FBI. So everything they do is suspect to him. I don’t see them as either heroes or villains. The FBI, I think, are just people doing their job.

      I think the evidence room is probably an “authorized personnel only” kind of place. Nothing more, nothing less. It certainly can’t be the kind of sealed sarcophagus, never to be opened by anyone that Frank and Chakravorty would have us believe.

      As for FBI rule book and rule books in general, my experience is that they don’t give much of a picture of how a place actually operates. It’s legendary that the prime A #1 way to screw up operations and bring everything to a standstill is if people start doing things “by the book”. Rules have to be interpreted. This is why reading up on a law doesn’t make one a lawyer.

      Again, I’m pretty much neutral on cops and Feds. Don’t love ‘em don’t hate ‘em. (I did have a TV crush on Scully though…) this is why I see nothing particularly suspicious about any of this stuff Frank rails on about. There was a minor lapse with one item of digital evidence, which the FBI agent who was testifying in court was upfront about. In the course of a two-year investigation in such a complex case I would be surprised if there were no slip ups.

      There’s a huge difference between not strictly following the rule book and felony evidence tampering. Between stealing a pen from work and stealing a roomful of computers.

      In the Nxivm case somebody put evidence in the wrong kind of baggie. This is magnified into planting child porn on Raniere’s computer. I just laugh.

      Because I neither hate the FBI nor love Raniere I find it extremely unlikely that agents would risk their careers and risk prison to plant evidence in this case. To them this was just another case like the ones before it and all the ones to come. There was no Federal Government plot to “get” Raniere.

      There would be no upside for any agent to plant evidence in this case and the risk would be extreme.

      The tampering hypothesis is ridiculous.

  • One of the funniest things I find about the Frank Report is the idiocy of its commenters.

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    In reasoning, that’s an idiot.

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    • — One of the funniest things I find about the Frank Report is the idiocy of its commenters.

      Take a good, long look in the mirror.

      • Stupid Is-

        Hilarious comment! LmFAo!!!!

        Alanzo’s 16 years of Scientology versus Scott Johnson’s 8 years of Amway.


        Does that mean Alanzo is twice as stupid as Scott or is Scott 50% smarter than Alanzo?

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        • Scott Johnson’s comments will not appear on this site. He was gone a long time, and the comment section improved.

          I have nothing against Scott personally, but it is time to move this website up, and for whatever reason Mr. Johnson is not willing to improve the tone. I believe he is a badly bruised individual, and I wish him well.

          The less anyone says to hurt him further, the better.

          • Frank-

            I shall never speaketh his name again. I can feel your pursed-lips of disapproval. I understand the Frank Report milieu must be a safe-space! All the Lunatics, Liberals and assorted loons need to feel secure. I heed your call! Alas poor Johnson!

          • His comments are always denigrating someone. It is hard to understand the need for this. I wish him well.

    • How do you spell SCAPEGOAT?

      Will it be Danielle, who had no managerial or executive authority in NXIVM/ESP, outside of her EXO/ESO organization that was never linked to any wrongdoing?

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        Those cult dead-enders and Keith blame Daniella for everything.

        But at least she’s not giving Raniere blowjobs on demand anymore.

        That flaccid old, diseased penis probably smelled terrible… Ick. Shiver. Almost puked

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      So many of them cannot identify a fact.

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      Wow Aloonzo – I was going to leave your sorry ass alone…..Emphasize “was”.

      You’ve never posted a fact on the FrankReport.
      The only quasi “facts” you’ve shared were your own bullshit, pseudo opinions – based on a feeble understanding of Aristotle and Fortune Cookie tropes.

      Here’s real a fact:
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      Now, do us a favor and go back to buzzing around RingDings™️.

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  • RE FBI Tampering Story
    Volume 256 Issue 97 Aug. 4 2022:

    This article is mesmerizing, engrossing, and shocking. I’m kidding. It’s mind numbing and ponderous! How the hell, Suneel can say the same thing over and over again, a thousand different ways, is mind boggling. Blah, blah, blah! Boohoo!

    At this point Suneel’s dialogue is so repetitive in nature, he couldn’t pass the Turing Test.

    The Bright Side:
    It’s nice to see Suneel doing something other than being Nicki Clyne’s camera man and meal ticket.

    I can’t wait for the Summer of *2140 when Suneel finally shares the crucial piece of evidence.
    *Note: 2140 is the year after Kieth is released.

  • Surely the crux of the issue is , have the Camilla photos been manipulated/altered to remove the
    appendectomy scare?
    Sure an expert can make an assessment.
    Zooming in on an image will reveal pixallation, created as a consequence of using clone tools. What do others think?

  • Suneel is a proven and legally doccumented liar. Why should anyone believe him?

  • Keith’s post trial re litigation is structured just like Nxivm.

    It never ends.

    There is always one more module.

    They are hoping after a lot of buy in reading an avalanche of words for years that you will finally see the blue light.

  • And there I was thinking the FR had dropped this foolish argument. It’s been over two weeks since the last installment of this fairy tale.

    Now we’re supposed to believe that the FBI concealed evidence by failing to tell the defense that the camera they seized, Raniere’s digital SLR, contained a memory card.

    Every digital SLR contains a memory card.

    The camera won’t work without a memory card. It’s like the film in a 35mm SLR.

    Everyone who uses a digital SLR knows the camera needs a memory card. Including Raniere. It was his damn camera.

    So the defense knew perfectly well that the seized camera had a memory card. But no, the FR makes a big deal of this. The FBI withheld crucial evidence! There must be an investigation! Set Raniere free! Attica! Attica!!

    This stuff reads like an article in The Babylon Bee. Except it’s in earnest. Angry, strident earnest. Which actually makes it funnier.

    • I’m with Aristotle Sausage. This is almost unreadable – I’ve read all parts of this saga and I’m still not clear about the argument being made beyond “The FBI tampered”. The FBI, the prosecution, Daniela, and apparently Camila, all conspired to…what? Find photos of Camila that KR may or may not have taken and “plant” them? Knowing that any person in their right mind who was innocent would IMMEDIATELY be like, “How dare you??? We need to get to the bottom of who this child pornographer is! Camila was part of my community and I want justice for her! I did not take those because I would never do that! I can prove it!” And that reminds me. Can KR fucking PROVE that he didn’t take those photos when Camila was 15? And if the argument is, yes, he took them, but also the FBI fucked up, what’s the end game here?

      Why it had to be broken up into multiple parts is a mystery. Why can’t FR or Suneel explain what they think happened in a concise paragraph or two? Why can’t they explain this better??? Good luck explaining this to a jury. “At the sentencing hearing, under oath, Camila identified KR as the person who took those photos of her when she was 15, but she’s mistaken because the FBI tampered.” “KR and his lawyers attempted to suppress the photos by saying they were too old (not that he didn’t take them), but that’s because, well, the FBI tampered.” “Yes, there are text messages that establish when KR began legally raping Camila (because having sex with a 15-year-old when you’re an adult is rape) AND that establish he took those photos, but guess what? The FBI tampered.” It’s NOT that there may have been a bit of human error along the way from the FBI or the prosecution. It’s NOT that KR’s own lawyers didn’t address any of this – at all.

      Couldn’t the defense have called Camila to the stand, or anyone else they wanted, to refute the child pornography allegation? Why didn’t they??? This is ridiculous and unseemly. Seems like KR and his crew just want to drag Camila back from Mexico and force her to do what Sylvie had to do – be humiliated by KR’s lawyers on the witness stand. It’s sick.

  • Government shenanigans impacted the lives of five women – who were coerced into plea agreements based on suspect “evidence” that confirmed child pornography. It’s clear the slam dunk last minute discovery, was nothing of the sort.

    Due process rights of five women were violated and their lives forever altered.

    • F*** off. These women don’t need you speaking on their behalf. They plead guilty.

      They’re adult women. Isn’t that your whole argument about how women shouldn’t act like entitled princesses? Helpless?

      The women had lawyers helping them. How dare you undermine them as thinking human beings with the ability to come to their own decisions about their fate?

      It really throws the lie on all of this Master Slave DOS as an Empowerment Group for women b*******.

      Because here you are saying that these women were victims.

      Of their own decisions. Their own well-informed decisions with legal guidance.

      The loyalists of Vanguard publicly stand behind him as a convicted child pornographer.

      The argument that pretrial the strongest loyalists of all wouldn’t have stood by Keith is false. IF they believed Keith was innocent. They didn’t.

      The truth is that they knew Keith was guilty and they knew they were guilty and they did the smartest thing they could do and that is plead guilty.

      Unfortunately for you remaining cult followers Keith was too stupid to do the same. And he will die behind the wall.

    • Nobody forced those women to plea. They could have gone to court and made their case if they were confident in their innocence. They did not. They pled guilty – if they pled guilty to crimes they don’t think they committed, that’s on them.

    • Anon @ 12:21 a.m.

      Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were frontline “masters” they had “slaves” and were considered the ultimate authority over those women’s lives.

      But they themselves lacked empowerment? They weren’t “bad ass” enough to make their own choices?

      Nancy Salzman held the rank of “prefect” in Nxivm. But yet she was so weak and stupid that even with legal counsel Nancy could not come to her own informed decision?

      These women were supposedly guiding other women to be strong. Disciplined. Ethical. Enlightened. Brave.

      And yet.. The leaders themselves were not.

      That’s what you are saying?

      DOS and Nxivm were failures.

      The practices helped no one.

      The “tech” could not aid even the most exalted and devoted cult members in their time of need.

      Thank you for your honesty.

      It was all horribly ineffective. Trusting the DOS and Nxivm leadership was a mistake.

      Thank you for sharing

  • Fidelity? Integrity? Handling of evidence from start to finish demonstrates willful corruption or utter incompetence. Where is the accountability of these agents?

    Why is no protocol followed? Why is the government permitted to conceal and withhold critical evidence? The camera card was never mentioned. Then miraculously 30+ new photos appear?

    FBI agents accessed the original evidence- not the copies as required. Why is such conduct tolerated – and if late- publicly recognized and rewarded? This is insanity.

    Accepting the government actions because Raniere is a reprehensible character- and commending FBI agents who violate protocol and is outrageous.

    The ends justify the means has replaced due process. Our country needs a serious wake up call. The government doesn’t work for the people. They don’t even try to hide it

    • Instead of answering all of your rhetorical questions. Here’s one for you. Why don’t you take these baseless allegations up with the proper authorities?

  • Continuing my time line, based on Frank’s articles. My thoughts on this article at the end:

    2002: Family with three sisters Mariana (around 19), Daniela (around 16 at time), and Camila (around 13) move 12 Wilton Court
    ? – 2005: 3 Flintlock is Raniere’s primary residence
    2003: Mariana, age 20, begins relationship with Raniere. Moves into 3 Flintlock, living with Raniere and 3 other women
    2003: Daniela, age 17, begins relationship with then 43 year old Raniere.
    2003: Daniela, age 17, begins working with Raniere at 3 Flintlock. Testified oral sex was “common occurrence” at the home. Unclear if still underage at time was performing oral sex.
    2003: November, 2: Daniela, age 18, first penetrative sex with Raniere, day after she turns 18 on November 1.

    2004, January: 8 Hale purchased by NXIVM
    2005: 8 Hale becomes Raniere’s primary residence
    2005, March 3: Daniela, age 19, sends Raniere 70 page email with catalog of his books, DVDs and CDs that she inventoried as moved them from 3 Flintlock to 8 Hale
    2005: Daniela, age 19, works at 8 Hale. Responsible for Raniere’s computers and backup of files along with creating book reports for Raniere. Continues relationship with Raniere at 8 Hale.
    2005, September 17 or 18: Camila, age 15, allegedly begins sexual relationship with Raniere, age 46, at 8 Hale based on an email sent possibly marking the occasion in 2008 and a Whatsapp conversation in 2015.
    2005, December 4: Another possible date of relationship with Camila. Based on comment sent by Raniere to Camila in Whatapp marking the occasion in 2014.
    2005, October 17: Earliest EXIF date from a nude photo.
    2005, October 19: Nine nude photos of Daniela, age 19, taken based on EXIF data. Daniela testified nude photos taken in 2005 at 3 Flintlock, did not know exact dates.
    2005, November 2: Fourteen alleged pictures of Camila, age 15, based on metadata and EXIF data. Photos taken at 8 Hale.
    2005, November 24: Eight alleged pictures of Camila, age 15, taken based on metadata and EXIF data. Photos taken at 8 Hale.
    2005, December 30: Latest EXIF date from nude photos.

    2006, March-April: Another indication of a relationship between Raniere and Camila, age 16. Based on Whatsapp conversation in October 2014.
    2006: Raniere ends relationship with Daniela for kissing another man. Raniere was in sexual relationship with around 20 women at the time.
    2006, July: An entry in Camila’s diary indicates sex with a “teacher”. Raniere specifically not named. At this time New York age of consent is 16. Diary not used at trial nor authenticated by Camila who did not testify.
    2006-2009: Daniela continued to work at 8 Hale when Raniere not there. She digitized and backuped his music collection.
    2007, January 9: Camila, age 16, has appendectomy that leaves a scar on her lower abdomen.
    2008, Feburary 21: Camila, age 18 and 11 months, sent email citing “Full moon is tomorrow and that would make it 30 full moons that we’ve been together. Smiley face.” 30 full moons back would be about September 17. DOJ later interprets this to mean this is first time Camila and Raniere had sex. This is not confirmed during trial as Camila did not testify. She does verifies a version of this at sentencing.
    2009-2012: Daniela, age 24, on Raniere’s orders to “make amends” for wanting to date other, is jailed for 23 months in her family’s main bedroom (father sleeps on living room couch). Little human contact as food is left outside door. Her mother also does a multi-month voluntary exile for her daughter’s “ethical breach”.
    2011, ~July: Camila, age 21, moves into 120 Victory Way near 3 Flintlock to avoid having to sneak into 8 Hale to see Raniere.
    2012, February: Daniela leaves her family jail, tries to confront Raniere but fails. Father forces her to move to Mérida, Mexico with $200 and no ID.

    2012: Pictures and whiteboard of Raniere at work, shows external hard drives and DVD player on a shelf for anyone to access
    2014: 8 Hale used as storage when Raniere moves to another home
    2014, February 1: Whatsapp conversation between Camila, 24, and Raniere after Camila, 25, texted a photo. Camila: Guard these pics, okay? | Raniere: Yes, of course…. You know I guard the other pictures, right? | Camila: From way back when? | Raniere: I wanted the original forever. I thought it was truly mine. Yes, from way back.
    2014, September 4: Whatsapp conversation between Camila, 24, and Raniere. Raniere: “I’m so proud to have been your husband for 8.75 years… and shared a home for 4”. 8.75 from current date suggestes relationship started on December 4, 2005 when Camila was 15.
    2015, September 18: Whatsapp conversation indicating a relationship with Camila. Camila writes “Happy Anniversary, honey! ten years ago you changed my life.” This would set Camila’s mark for start of relationship to September 18, 2005. FBI interprets this to be when they first had sex.
    2014, October 15: Whatapps conversation indicating a relationship with Camila. Raniere wrote “Besides, you do not need that to do the right thing… Breaking up is the wrong thing considering that and 8.5 years…”
    2014, November 12: Whatsapp conversation indicating a relationship with Camila. Raniere wrote “That is the summation of our 8.5 years together”
    2015, November 27: Whatapp conversation indicating a relationship with Camila. Raniere wrote “You though give me uncertainty when I have earned so much more over 9 years. 9 years plus the things you’ve done are cruel.” 9 years would be around November 2005 when Camila was 15.

    2015: Camila attempts suicide. Found by Raniere. Nancy Salzman determines minor injuries. Camila has sex with NXIVM trainer, tells Raniere, he ends relationship. Month of attempt currently not mentioned.
    2015, October, 23: Raniere orders Camila to recruit a slave to seduce him via email.
    2015, December, 27: Whatsapp conversation indicating a relationship with Camila. Raniere: “How many attractive, not socially defective virgins would give their life to someone like me at my age? | Camila: “…What woman wouldn’t want that? You know for a fact that they all want you.” | Raniere: “Even an inexperienced 18-year-old? | Camila: “Even an inexperienced 15-year-old. | ” Would need to be a once in a lifetime person, and I had that and lost it.”

    2017, June 5: Frank Reports breaks story on DOS
    2017, October 14: New York Times publishes story on DOS. Leads to FBI investigation.
    2017, November 10: Raniere moves to Mexico
    2018, January 18: FBI uses search warrant for Raniere’s Yahoo email which includes correspondence with Camila, discussions on a vow and collateral.
    2018, February 14: FBI gets warrant for Raniere for sex trafficking and forced labor. Victims are members of DOS
    2018, February 18: Frank Report publishes article on Raniere’s location as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    2018, March 25: Raniere captured by Mexican authorities near Puerto Vallarta and flown back to the USA
    2018, March 26: Raniere arrested in Dallas by FBI. FBI get search warrant for 8 Hale.

    2018, March 27: 8 Hale raided, FBI seize WD external hard drive and camera with memory card from office. Last used in 2012 based on comparisons with pictures from then. Total of 37 items collected. Items in custody of FBI SA Elliot McGinnis.
    2018, April 4: FBI SA Elliot McGinnis turns over items to FBI SA Michael Lever
    2018, April 6: FBI SA Michael Lever to Evidence Control Unit (ECU)
    2018, April 19: Allison Mack and Raniere charged with Conspiracy to Commit Sex Trafficking, Sex Trafficking and Conspiracy to Commit Forced Labor
    2018, May 4: Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sets trial date for October 1, 2018.
    2018, June 12: Raniere denied bail due to being a flight risk
    2018, July 10: SA Rees removes Canon camera from ECU, contents of Lexar memory card has not been copied by Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART)
    2018, July 24: Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, Kathy Russell arrested for rackettering and consipriacy charges with same charges added to Raniere’s case.
    2018, July 25: During status conference, DOJ requests trial delay to January 2019, Judge pushes trial start from October 1 to January 7, 2019
    2018, July 27: Camera with card returned to ECU. Unknown if card reviewed by SA Rees during the 17 days she had the evidence.

    2018, August 8: SA Lever and SA Delise Jeffries remove WD hard drive from ECU and deliver to CART
    2018, September 11: AUSA Moira Kim Penza asks for another delay of trial due to processing evidence and use of “third-party vendor” to facilitate reviewing the digital data. Chain of custody indicates WD hard drive and camera with card has been turned out to anyone outside of the FBI. Not indicated is if any other seized items are with third party vendor.
    2018, September 13: AUSA Penza asks for delay as discovery on 10 to 12 TB of data would not be completed until mid-December, partly due to volume of data and partly due to capturing metadata for the digital files.
    2018, September 18: Another status conference. Indications are CART has not yet processed the evidence. Not clear if this is specifically referring to evidence items 1 and 2 or any of the the 37 items collected.
    2018, September 19: Forensic copy of WD hard drive made by CART FBI trainee Virginia Donnelly uses write-blocking software per CART procedure to prevent altering data while copying. FBI SA Lever checks out camera with card from ECU. The card has not been digitially copied by CART. File access dates of 9/19/2018 indicate card examined that day. Procedure is to examine the copy of the data, not the orginial source of the data.
    2018, September 26: SA Lever returns camera and card to SCU.
    2018, September 27: During pretrial discovery hearing, AUSA Hajjar comments on camera and pictures discovered during improper examination. Only printed copies of photos of several people is provided to defense. None are of Camila or Daniela.
    2018, October 5: Digital copies of WD hard drive contents provided to defense. Not clear if this includes all digital data from all seized items.
    2018, November 14: DOJ reveal have evidence of sex with minor when opposing Raniere’s second bail application
    2018, November 19: DOJ reveals name of minor as Camila, when she was 15 and Raniere was 46. Currently a ‘first-line DOS slave’. Evidence they cite is diary entries from her alleged diary dated July 2007 referencing a “teacher”, an email sent when Camila was 19 and 7 chats in Whatsapp between pair that was attached to an email, sent when Camila was in her mid-twenties.
    2018, December 5: Raniere denied bail application

    2019, January 9: AUSA Pena expected DOJ to file new charges against Raniere.
    2019, January 11: DOJ seeks to delay trial date
    2019, January 15: New trial date set to April 29, 2019
    2019, Febuary 11: At Discovery hearing, AUSA Penza indicates Defendants have all evidence from 8 Hale.
    2019. February 21: Nude photos of Camila are found on WD hard drive by FBI SA Lever. Metadata, folder date and file EXIF data indicates photos taken on November 2, 2005 by Canon EOS 20D camera (evidence item #1). Two nudes are found in folder labeled “V110205” subfolder. Another 8 photos, in same subfolder were taken on 11-24-2005 based on metadata and EXIF data. Photos indicate no appendectomy scarring that occured on 01-09-2007 when Camila was age 16. Dates plus lack of scar would mean photos taken when she was 15.
    2019, February 22: SA Lever brings camera and memory card to CART. SA Lever removes WS hard drive from ECU. Assumed it remained in his custody until identified in court nearly 4 months later.
    2019, March 13: Due to explicit photos found on WD hard drive were prior to January 1, 2015 date, a second warrant using “plan view doctrine” was issued for the photos. Plain view was the hard drive was sitting on a shelf above Raniere’s desk that was part of the initial search.
    2019, April: Forensic copy made of camera card. This was after data had already been accessed on the orginial card, against FBI evidence procedures. A Forensic Toolkit (FTK) report is made.
    2019, June 10: FBI Special Agent Christopher Mills identifies the black WD hard drive under oath during Raniere’s trial after initially calling saying the hard drive was silver or gray. WD hard drive is not returned to FBI’s ECU. Unknown where hard drive currently is.
    2019, June 10: Second forensic copy made of camera card. A second FTK report is made. Allegedly the first report was replaced with the second report for trial. Difference between the two reports is the addition of 31 photo files.

    Other notes on facts as presented:
    – Mariana/Raniere goes from 2003, then age 20 to his 43, to unknown date with one son born 2017.
    – Daniela/Raniere goes from 2003, her 17 to his 43, 2006, her at age 20. Ended for her kissing another man
    – Camila/Raniere goes from 2005, her 16 to his 45, to 2015, her at age 26. Ended for sex with another man.
    – Mariana and Daniela knew both were in sexual relationship with Raniere. It is not known if two sisters knew about his relationship with Camila
    – Based on folder path, computer that had photos was a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop. Series first released in 2003, but date purchased unknown. Computer was not located at 8 Hale.
    – Total of 167 nude photos found of 11 woman and 1 female child found by FBI on external hard drive at \BACKUPS\BKP.DellDimensions8300-20090330\Studies folder. Eleven of the those involved taken at 8 Hale, one at 3 Flintlock.
    – Raniere describes Daniela as his “hacker” to collect information for him. He says this proves she had the skills to help the FBI frame him.
    – Camila, who does not testify at the trial, later confirms at sentencing that nude photos were taken of her by Raniere early in their relationship. She indicated he took many pictures of her from 2005 to around 2008. Those other photos have not been found.
    – 8 Hale March 27, 2018 search warrant authorizes seizure of items related to “evidence, fruits and instrumentalities” of “sex trafficking, forced labor, extortion, and racketeering” for dates “on or after January 1, 2015”. Items do include “computers or storage media” that can also be used to store collateral. The warrant describes collateral as including “explicit photographs and videos of DOS slaves”. A evidence log from the search includes a total of 37 items removed from the home including all computers and external hard drives.
    – Evidence Item #1 is Raniere’s EOS 20D Canon camera which contains a Lexar memory card with photos
    – Evidence Item #2 is described in evidence log with special agent’s signature dated 3/27/2018 as “2) Western Digital SN: WCA581365334”. A picture taken by FBI at the time places a yellow #2 note on neighboring Lacie hard drive SN: 154107441. Both items are next to a Sony DVD drive SN: 5042648
    – Evidence Item #36 is Sony DVD drive SN: 5042648
    – Evidence Item #37 is Lacie hard drive SN: 154107441
    – Durng trial FBI Special Agent Mills identifies with nude pictures, from memory, as silver or gray. Shortly after AUSA Hajjar brings out the black WD drive which he then identifies from the scene.
    – Dr. J. Richard Kiper, consultant paid by Raniere’s team, reports what he views as critical evidence of malfeasance:
    – The camera containing and hard drive with child nude photos are first two items FBI seizes
    – Numbering of evidence is done later due to multiple rooms being searched at same time which did not happen in the 8 Hale search.
    – Seventeen days SA Rees kept camera with digital memory card is against evidence protocol as examination would have been performed by a CART examiner, not the agent.
    – Digital evidence protocol is for Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART) to make forensic copy of data. The copy is what is then reviewed during the investigation.
    – When camera and memory card forensically copied by CART, this is after SA Lever had examined contents of the card, copied the card, and printed pictures from card. Procedure is to perform these tasks on the forensic copy, not the orginial source device.
    – No date is provided when FBI obtained Camila’s medical records to confirm date of her appendectomy.
    – 168 photos found in 11 sub-folders in “Studies” folder where nude photos of 1 child and 11 women found.
    – Prosecution did not provide forensic copy of WD hard drive of the evidence until close to trial. They never provided a copy of the camera card.
    – Unclear what additional 31 pictures that second forensic copy are of and how used in trial. Nor where came from. According to Frank this increased the number of “files of adult partners on camera card” from 4 to 35. Its unclear so far if any underage photos of Camila were found on the camera card at any time.
    – Thumbnails of 4 files show Angel, not Daniela who is actually in the pictures.
    – Camila photos on WD hard drive have a creation date in 2003 (suggesting a time when first backed up) but EXIF data creation data for each photo shows 2005.
    – Adobe Photoshop was used on at least one file.

    My thoughts:
    – Its amazing that in Frank’s efforts to be clear, he continues to muddy the water. Its now officially tiresome. Were naked photos of an underage Camila found on the camera card at any time? I can’t fucking tell because of his mess of a write-up. I think the “new” 31 photos are all adults with suggestion of changed EXIF data and bad thumbnails but again I can’t tell from his write-up. See how I put “My thoughts” at the end of all this? Its to not muddy the waters.

    – Again this would play great to a jury, assuming they could follow it. None of this qualifies as new evidence as all of this should have been confronted by the defense at the time.
    – Still not clear on why silver vs black hard drive matters so hard to Suneel and Frank when documentation on which is consistent. A yellow post it note is a lot to hang an assumption on.
    – I do agree that since an agent accessed the card before a forensic copy was made, the card existence is admissible, the contents should not have been. Was that contested by the defense?
    – Based on your phrasing (its hard to tell), the appearance of additional 31 pictures, while bizarre and worth investigation, were not of Camila. So impact on the trial remains non-existent as of right now based on this rather glacial series of write-ups. Still not enough to call it new evidence or warrant a possible vacating of sentence for possible retrial.
    – To my knowledge, creation date of folders is based on computer system time that hard drive is connected to. A hard drive does not have its own clock tracking system. Around time of all this, time was usually set by the user and still today can easily be changed by the user of the computer. It wasn’t until I think Windows 7 that NTP became default means for Windows to set its time. Even then the hour could be wrong (if user didn’t choose correct time zone at setup) but generally the date and year would be about right.
    – Camera dates are also set by the user. Assuming camera still in evidence, easy to check.
    – Additional, at the time, most digital cameras had their own way of naming files. From a canon site: Canon digital cameras save your image files in folders on the memory card(s) installed in the camera’s slot(s), and the files and folders are automatically numbered to make them easy to identify. The file numbers start at 0001 and go up to 9999 before a new folder is opened and the numbering starts again from 0001. The folders are given numbers running from 100 to 999.
    – They also often did “continuous numbering” so would just keep going. Others by date to the second. It various. My point being is I would have to see the contents of the camera, have it take a picture, check the card (using a new card is sufficient, not one in evidence) as see what the next file name would be. From that can then can run bunch of tests on exif data, what happens if move file around, what happens if change the name and so on. Point this out because file names are suspect across the board as don’t match a direct 1:1 copy from any digital camera I had used at the time. All it really suggest is Raniere handled the files with care as he moved them of the camera card and when through the trouble of naming and organizing them. Its possible he named the folder on the camera itself (so file names likely would have been foldername000, foldername001, etc but that task would have been such a pain in the rear that few ever bother to do it and Raniere doesn’t strike me as the type to do that.
    – Without the original computer or source camera card (since FBI bungled that up), difficult to know what EXIF data was changed, and if folder creation date was wrong due to the source computer. Can draw conclusions using another identical canon camera and any camera card and taking some pictures to see how the camera does file creation and EXIF data.
    – 99% of users do not know EXIF data exists and would not know how to change it. Yes a google search would tell them but as someone who has had to do tech support, you would be surprised how even very smart people do not know how to search for help on anything computer related. Ironically, especially those in the computer fields. They know their range of expertise and if something is outside that, completely lost. By that standard, changing EXIF data is “hard”.
    – Moving files around is not a modification and is not recorded into the file. This would explain how files were once together and then were not as separated into different folders by the user at the time.
    – To sum: There is a failed procedure with a camera card resulting in potential shenanigans but none of those involve the underage photos that I can tell. We still have the WD hard drive which followed FBI forensic standards (based on this series) and is the location of the underage photos. So far none of the articles have done a credible job attacking the WD hard drive (excluding a yellow post it note) that contained the photos.

    • Erasend did an excellent job presenting the facts. I 100% agree with his conclusion. It’s been said before: it’s unfortunate Frank Report has become a megaphone for the dead enders conspiracy theory.

  • Mr. Parlato,

    Will you kindly please remember to post up Patriot God’s articles?

    With all due respect, you still haven’t done it yet.

    What gives?………

      • “But it may take some yet”

        Mr. Parlato,

        With all due respect, do you mean “But it may take some *time*”?

        • If so, how much * time* are we looking at, Mr. Parlato?……..

          It is already long overdue and I fear, with all due respect, that you are being very disrespectful to him and his work by continuing to prioritize other repetitive articles over his that was trying to cover a topic that was written over month ago and you continue to procrastinate on this issue.

          With all due respect, Mr. Parlato, I am afraid that you are not being fair.

          Remember your motto, Mr. Parlato,

          “The truth is always fair”,

          You must also live up to that and also be fair as well.

          • “He said fair, not fast.”

            You do realize that he has put out dozens of repetitive articles and thus has almost ruined the freshness of his responding to an article that done almost 2 months ago, right?!

            So he’s too busy to press publish on Patriot God’s articles that are already done just because he’s prioritizing pedaling out articles that are just saying the same thing over and over!

            Yes we are discussing fairness here, Ruviana! Something that you know nothing about! So I ask you to please mind your own business and let this be between me and Frank alone!

        • George(Amyway Cowboy),’

          It’s so obvious it’s you — it’s like a trans-woman with a penis claiming to be a woman.

  • So, why didn’t Agnifilo declare a. mistrial regarding getting the information so late and during the trial?
    Why didn’t Agnifilo hire experts to dispute the data and put them on the stand?
    Why was no defense mounted at all?

    • The prosecution willfully withheld critical information to prevent the defense the opportunity to assess and evaluate. The defense did ask for the meta-data which the prosecution tried to eliminate altogether. Then deceived the court and suggested they couldn’t get the info in house.

      The information presented in the past seven articles is painstakingly detailed- it’s information which only careful analysis and persistence for the truth could present in a clear manner. Only a keen observer would have picked up on the many “coincidences” and failures to follow protocol.

      The transcripts and FBI handling of evidence reveals many subtle manipulations of truth and actions.

      Raniere and his supporters, to their credit, did claim the photos were planted evidence from the start. It doesn’t mean Raniere is innocent- I firmly believe he abused and raped Camilla. But every person deserves a fair trial. Get a lawful conviction.

      • What a bunch of b*******. You’re trying to say that only somebody smart enough would see what was happening?

        So Keith and his attorneys were too stupid?

        It’s b*******. The defense had plenty of time – they could have asked for even more time. Keith made motions to rush the trial faster too.

        It’s hilarious that you would appeal to people’s vanity and tell them that they need to be observant and clever enough in order to agree with these ridiculous conspiracy theories. Does that actually work on anyone? Oh that’s right! it worked on you! that’s how you became a follower of Keith hahaha Keith made you think you were special. And you are just not in the way that you think hahaha

        These claims are all b*******. And I am “Keen” enough to see that

        • Re “Keith made motions to rush the trial faster too.”

          I believe that the goal of Raniere’s attorneys’ motions for a speedy trial date was to expedite the trial in order to deprive the FBI and prosecutors of the time and care necessary to evaluate the sheer volume of evidence they would need to handle in thoroughly and properly evaluating the seized material in order to prepare it for the criminal trial. It was trial tactics primarily so that the short window of time would give Raniere an advantage in the trial.

    • The prosecution violated rules of discovery and withheld essential information and critical evidence until the last minute.

      However I agree it seems given the last minute disclosures Agnifilo did not aggressively respond.

      I’d like to see the full transcript- what objections he did make in response to late disclosures.

  • Please don’t make me read any more. My internal representation of the FBI keeps getting worse.

    I actually called them FIB. It was my ethical breach.

    • The joke of Nicki Clyne to call the FBI (fbi) FIB (fib) I already know from Nicki’s Twitter account, if I’m not mistaken.

  • I’m not reading this, so maybe it is covered in the book report: how many parts must we look forward to? Is this 7 out of 10? 7 out of 700? Why is it so loooooong?

    • It’s so long because there is nothing actually provable or concrete in it.

      When people have actual provable information that could exonerate someone they lead with it

      And it’s usually one sentence, ” Your honor, here is video evidence that my client was at work at the time of the murder” .

      When a guilty person is trying to get out of prison and there is decades of evidence, victim testimony and recordings, photos, texts etc. Then the defenders of the convicted criminal must spin an elaborate hoax.

      Go to a prison. Listen to the convicts. They were ALL framed. And the stories are laughable. It’s all a conspiracy!

    • Why is it so long?
      The article and the series of articles can be much shorter. The FBI is badly corrupt and it manipulates.

      Keith avoids reading long articles, even more so voluminous books. For that he has his slaves who summarize the content of the books in short form. But Raniere, would watch it if the whole thing was made into a movie. As producer and executive producer, he would like to have control over the filming, the editing and the finished version, and to share in the revenues.

    • Excellent article and thanks for the link. The conclusion is especially on point:

      “All in all, it appears to me that this entire fiasco has been just another waste of time, money and effort – which has often been the case with Raniere’s legal maneuvers.”

      A waste of time, money and effort perfectly sums up his Rule 33 motion re. tampering.

  • how long is this joke? raniere will rot in jail. and the blind who still believe will one day realize the stupidity they’ve done – dedicating so much of their lives to a psychopath

  • Jesus!!! 7 series later and still nothing new of note.

    I would be happy for the government to take 10-20 years off his sentence so long as you two idiots stop rehashing this nonsense.

    KR will die in prison and when he does…we will celebrate that day.

    • Poopy Brains- I’m sorry you’re unable to synthesize new information – credible evidence. Either you don’t have the cognitive capacity or your hate for Raniere (understandably so) impedes a willingness assess with an open, unbiased mind.

      For the sake of the public, please avoid jury duty.

      • There’s a difference between a lack of comprehension in receiving new information and the ability to recognize that it’s the same old information and it’s also not credible.

        With this really tedious “Keith Raniere was allegedly frame” post; The latter is the case.

        Your cult indoctrinated you to believe that you have a superior intelligence and ethical code than other humans. You were lied to. But your arrogance is showing still in spite of all the empirical evidence to the contrary. Keith was a fraud. Your community was built on lies. And you are the follower of a child pornographer and pedophile.

      • Lol I do avoid jury duty…I do hate KR…and with a PHD I am highly capable of synthesizing new information…only one problem…There is no new information you fool. Not one fact presented in this article or the previous 100 proves anything beyond a reasonable doubt. Because you are obviously so brilliant, maybe you should get KR burned into your skin, quit your job at The Gap and join KR’s legal defense team LOL.

  • Part 7 makes it undeniably clear that Raniere- and all others charged, were denied all due process – I have no allegiance to nxivm.

    I believe Camila was brutally abused. However, the charges against Raniere caused the others to take pleas. And now the blatant violations – whether attributed to incompetence or willful intent – demonstrate abuse of power and process.

    A full investigation is warranted. Raniere will still be convicted – but upholding the rights of all is imperative. People need to take back our government. The abuse if power is rampant. There is ample evidence at this point. Pray the government does full and fair investigation.

    • You are a Keith supporter. He had a fair trial. His co-defendants accepted pleas
      because they were guilty. They admitted they were guilty.

      Even further they sent unsolicited by the court apology letters to their victims. Those letters acknowledge their crimes and apologized to individuals.

      People are willing to stand up for Keith even now that he is a convicted pedophile.

      Why wouldn’t they stand next to him on trial when those were mere accusations?

      That argument doesn’t track logically.

      During the discovery for the trial the co-defendants were allowed to see evidence against them and they saw thay Keith was guilty.

      The new information such as texts to Cami about the child pornography photographs and other details Keith had kept hidden from them previously coupled with their own knowledge of Keith and the crimes of the cult made it crystal clear to them that Keith was guilty. Their own guilt. – they already knew.

      Upholding (as you cult guys like to say) the justice that was given to the victims is also important. And Keith had a very long expensive jury trial. All of the people who put in their time and energy and did their Duty as a citizen agreed the evidence was there and Keith was guilty. Move on!

      The verdict was “rightful”. Ha ha ha

  • Oh my God. How many freaking parts are there?!

    Meanwhile the newest informationon regarding Nxivm legally is not being reported on.

    Why isn’t Suneel answering questions about his lying to the BOP and use of false identities?

    Nicki Clyne too. Busted!

    Why aren’t you posting about the real reasons Keith was disciplined?

    After all the endless speculation posted on this blog (that most readers knew was b*******) about Keith being punished as part of some huge conspiracy. Paperwork is out showing that Keith violated the prison rules (as did the dead Enders) repeatedly. And any discipline was in response to those flagrant and repeated violations. Not because of all this stupid baseless motions that Keith has had attorneys file. And is equally unproven claims against the prison for in some way allegedly victimizing him.

    Keith was treated very graciously treated in spite of his egregious actions and could have been charged with additional crimes and punished much more severely.

    Coincidentally? A worker at MDC is being charged with contraband violations too… the funny thing is by the time you guys are done with this series Keith will either have died in prison or somehow survived to finish his 120 year criminal sentence. And you guys can declare victory if somehow you are still alive as well.

      • “Punished more severely” was in regard to Keith’s continued flagrant violation of prison rules and protocols. You know when you and your friends snuck in burner phones and use false identities?

        In terms of the child pornography there was definitely proof!” There is a living breathing woman who was the victim of the child pornography and confirmed it was her in the photos. Underage.

        There were also all of the texts from Keith. Dates of medical records. Corroborating witnesses.

        There was a embarrassment of riches in terms of the proof that Keith was a child pornographer.

        Only a Die Hard cult follower of Vanguard would be unable to see that reality.

        How is your HPV? Don’t forget to extra pap smears. The risk.of cancer is very real. Good luck.

      • This will wrap up soon enough. Then we will analyze it. If nothing else, there is some serious evidence handling issues. That is worth revealing, if nothing else. And who knows – other than you – that there may be something else.

        • Soon is relative. This has been going on for years. And if you’re going to also analyze all of these parts that’s definitely not going to wrap up anytime soon.

          This very drawn out attempt of a post conviction PR campaign was done in the ESP Style of way too many words, way too many classes, way too many modules, and it’s not working to thei vanguard loyalusts’ advantage in this context.

          Absolutely believe the people who are saying that they’re commenting but they didn’t read it. Keith is a proven liar. And at least two of the Dead Enders are proven Liars in court documents which were recently released and which you still have not reported on.

          Why should anyone believe them? The loyalists really screwed up if they wanted to appear as credible representatives for their Vanguard

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