Analysis of Alleged FBI Tampering #2: Daniela and Her Relationship With Raniere and Computers

This is Part #2 of our analysis of the Allegations of FBI Tampering.

See: Part #1: Analysis of Allegations of FBI Tampering in USA v Raniere

The authors are Frank Parlato and Suneel Chakravorty.

Frank Parlato

Suneel Chakravorty

Part #2


Among Keith Raniere’s relationships with women, there are two that this analysis will examine. They are Raniere’s relationship with Camila and her sister, Daniela. Camila did not testify at trial. Daniela did.

Both Camila and Daniela were his sexual partners. He also had a sexual relationship with their older sister, Marianna. All three sisters were born in Mexico.

They came to Clifton Park, as did their parents, [with the exception of Camila who was only 13 and her brother who was around 15 or so] to be near Raniere and part of the NXIVM community. The father, Hector, was a successful businessman in Mexico. He traveled back and forth to Mexico and got a house close to Raniere in Clifton Park.

The house was at 12 Wilton Court. It was a townhouse like the one Raniere lived in at 3 Flintlock and had as his office at 8 Hale.

Raniere began a relationship with Marianna in 2003. He was 43. She was 20. Marianna moved into Flintlock with Raniere shortly after their relationship began. Raniere lived with three other women at the time.


Fourteen years later, Marianna gave birth to Raniere’s son. The child is now five. Going forward, Marianna will have little to do with the narrative.

From available evidence, the parents did not know at the time that Raniere had a relationship with all three of their daughters.

According to Daniela, both parents seemed enamored with Raniere and his NXIVM courses.

At the time of this writing, the father, Hector, continues to support Raniere. The mother, Adrienne, denounced Raniere in 2020. They are grandparents of Raniere’s son.


Hector, father of Marianna, Daniela and Camila, with Keith Raniere and his grandson in Mexico shortly before Raniere’s arrest.




Daniela is the middle sister. She said she began a relationship with Raniere about a week after she turned 18 in 2003. He was 43. She said her and Raniere’s “anniversary” – the day they first had sex was – the Day of the Dead – November 2, 2003.

Daniela said she thought this date was “comical.”

A coincidence of 365-to-one is that the metadata date of the first naked photos of Camila is the Day of the Dead – November 2, 2005.

Raniere and his experts alleged someone altered the metadata. Raniere accused Daniela of being an accomplice with the FBI. He said this in recorded prison phone calls after his conviction to one of the authors – Chakravorty.

Daniela knew about Raniere’s relationship with Marianna.  She testified that she had a conversation with Marianna about it.

Daniela testified:

So I don’t remember exactly when it was, but I remember we had a conversation once we — I was having sex with Keith. She was having sex with Keith. I think she had been having sex with Keith for a longer period of time. So we had this conversation shortly after I had the first sexual encounter with Keith.

And you know, this was Marianna, my best friend in the entire world. So and it was — it was — it was weird. It was sort of horrifying that we were having sex with the same man, and he told — she told me that she was in love with him. And I believed — I believed her. I believed that. Or at least that that’s what she thought, I believe that.

And I–I told her that–how I felt. I told her that, you know, I — I also wanted to be with Keith and that I thought he was a great man and that to do like things together.

Daniela at Flintlock

In 2003, Daniela worked with Raniere at 3 Flintlock. She was a regular visitor. She testified she had oral sex with Raniere as a common occurrence at 3 Flintlock.

8 Hale

The company purchased 8 Hale in January 2004.  Daniela testified she began to spend time there. She was working on Raniere’s projects. She filmed him for a hoped-for documentary. She wanted to capture the man she thought was great for posterity on film.

She organized Raniere’s books and digitized his music collection.

Daniela carried his books from 3 Flintlock to 8 Hale. She inventoried them. On March 23, 2005, Daniela sent Raniere an email cataloging his library of books, DVDs, and CDS. It is 70 pages long.

Daniela said she was responsible for his computers and did the backup of files on hard drives. She compiled reports summarizing books on various topics for Raniere’s benefit.

Daniela testified she had sex with Raniere at 8 Hale.

The couch at 3 Flintlock.

It is important to note a distinction. At trial there was much testimony about the metadata in Camila’s contraband photos. As part of the evidence to support the accurate dating of the photos, additional photos were introduced as evidence.

The FBI found photos of 11 females plus Camila in the same master folder.

The FBI testified that certain metadata was the best evidence and reliable. It showed the dates the camera created the photos as 2005.

The reliable metadata, they testified is the EXIF Data.  There are 167 naked photos of 12 females in one master folder in the hard drive.

The earliest EXIF date is October 17, 2005. The latest EXIF date is December 30, 2005.

Daniela testified Raniere took nude photos of her on the couch at 3 Flintlock. She said he took her pictures in 2005. Daniela did not recall the precise date Raniere took her photos. She remembered it was in 2005.

The EXIF date shows Daniela posed for nine photos on October 19, 2005.  These were found on the hard drive in the same folder where Camila’s underage photos were found. The folder was named ‘Studies.”


The EXIF date shows Camila posed for 14 naked photos on November 2, 2005. Camila again posed on November 24, 2005, for eight more photos.

According to testimony, Daniela posed on the couch at 3 Flintlock.

According to the testimony of FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger and other court filings, Camila posed on a bed. Based on his testimony and court filings, Camila posed at the loft bed at 8 Hale.

The FBI found the hard drive and the camera about 15 feet from that bed – more than 12 years after Raniere allegedly photographed her.

We have not seen any photos from the hard drive.  From the testimony and court filings, it appears all but one of the 12 women posed for photos at 8 Hale. It appears Daniela was the only woman who posed at 3 Flintlock.

Daniela was born on October 26, 1985. She was 20 when Raniere took nude photos of her.

If the metadata is accurate, Camila was 15 when she posed for her photos. The age of consent for lascivious photos is 18. This is a federal law.

It means little that Daniela appears to be the only one of a dozen females who posed for photographs at 3 Flintlock [while the others were photographed at 8 Hale.

If the FBI is right, Raniere chose to photograph a dozen women within three months. Daniela spent more time at 3 Flintlock in 2003 and 2004 and more time at 8 Hale in 2005. She testified that Raniere often carried a camera around with him.

Though he stored the camera at 8 Hale, he might have had it at 3 Flintlock and photographed her there on October 19, 2005.

The camera was under the desk and hard drive on a shelf in the office at 8 Hale when the FBI seized them.
The loft bed at 8 Hale.


Daniela’s Computer Skills

The allegations of FBI tampering concern computers, a camera, a hard drive and the metadata on the hard drive and a camera card.

Raniere himself had some skills at computers.  

It is appropriate to explore the skillset of the woman who helped convict Raniere. Daniela’s testimony corroborated the metadata in a number of ways that pointed to 2005 as the date of the photographs of her sister.

Raniere alleged that the FBI tampered with evidence. He accused Daniela of being an accomplice in this tampering.

During the trial the prosecution was transparent in presenting Daniela as a skilled computer hacker. Their narrative was Raniere made her hack computers.

Daniela’s tasks for Raniere, she testified, included spying on individuals through hacking. The entire list of people she hacked is not known. Some were successful hacks and some unsuccessful.

At the trial, Government Exhibit 1515 is an email from Kristin Keeffe to Daniela. It has two specific emails that appear to be targets of Daniela’s keylogging efforts.

According to her testimony, Daniela began hacking for NXIVM when she volunteered to hack the email of Kristin Snyder. Snyder was a presumptive suicide who was last seen leaving an NXIVM class in Alaska in 2003.

Some Nxians thought she might be alive and faked her death. Daniela testified at length about how she worked on her hacking.


Joe O’Hara
Joe O’Hara was a consultant for NXIVM. He had a falling out with Raniere in 2005.
According to Daniela’s testimony:
Daniela prepared an email to send to O’Hara. She masked the email to bypass spam filters. She coded it to self-destroy if O’Hara did not open the file. There would be no evidence of her attempting to invade his privacy. She used software that logs keystrokes – a key-logger – and other surveillance software. She embedded it in a file attached to an email.
She got free software from the internet, then changed the code to do what she wanted. She coded it so that the infected file bypassed the anti-virus software.  If O’Hara clicked on the file, the spyware entered his computer. It would then record everything he typed. The spyware also takes screenshots, saves them, then uploads them to a remote server.
O’Hara never opened Daniela’s email.
If she had access to a computer, she testified, she would not need someone to open the email. Daniela could plug in a USB. If the anti-virus tried to stop it, she could disable the anti-virus.
James Loperfido did accounting work for both NXIVM and for O’Hara.
Kathy Russell, who was a bookkeeper for NXIVM and later a co-defendant of Raniere, made an appointment with Loperfido at the NXIVM offices. 
NXIVM had offices on New Karner Road in Colonie, New York, a suburb of Albany.
Daniela waited in another room at the offices. Russell diverted Loperfido. Daniela sneaked in and used a USB to install spyware. The malware later logged all his keystrokes, took a screenshot every minute or 30 seconds, and saved it.  The spyware captured Loperfido’s user name and password. She gained access to his email.
Information she discovered helped NXIVM in litigation against O’Hara, according to several sources.

Edgar Bronfman

Edgar Bronfman
Edgar Bronfman was the father of Clare and Sara Bronfman. The sisters were two of NXIVM’s wealthiest students. Edgar was the billionaire chairman of Seagrams. He was also president of the World Jewish Congress. Clinton awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Edgar Bronfman Sr. received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton in 1999.  

Edgar had taken NXIVM classes. Nancy Salzman was coaching him. At first, he was enamored. Then he became a critic.

In a 2003 Forbes article, Edgar Bronfman said NXIVM was a cult.

Daniela testified Raniere suggested she hack Edgar Bronfman’s computer. She designed spyware and embedded it into an image. She gave Clare Bronfman a USB with the image to email her father. Sometime later, Daniela started receiving information. She got Edgar Bronfman’s username and password. Daniela read Bronfman’s email correspondence for years.

Daniela Testified She Found Nudes on Raniere’s Computer

Daniela testified she searched through Raniere’s computers at his request. She said she never examined the contents of his computers without his permission. Raniere told her something was wrong. It might be a virus. She scanned his computers. She said she found a set of files in a “hidden folder” under what she called a “separate file structure.” She saw pictures of naked women she knew had relationships with Raniere.

She testified she did not inspect all the files in the “hidden folder.” It is not known if she made a copy of these photos to a USB.

She noticed Monica Duran was one of the women in the hidden files. Daniela noticed this because she said she did not know Monica was in a relationship with Raniere.


Monica Duran was also one of the 12 women in the Studies folder where the Camila photos were found.

Daniela said she did not check if her own nude photos were in the “hidden file.”

Daniela said Raniere asked her to find out if there was a virus. Searching through his computers, she found a hidden folder with nude photos of various women. She testified she told Raniere he should not have naked pictures on his computer. If she could find the hidden file, others might find it.

She asked him to delete her nude photos if he still had them. Daniela testified she did not know if he deleted them or not.


Falling Out

For three years, Daniela was one of as many as 20 women who had a relationship with Raniere.
In late 2006, Daniela told Raniere she had romantic feelings toward an NXIVM employee. She kissed Ben Myers, she testified. This violated Raniere’s condition of monogamy for his women. Daniela testified that Raniere ended their sexual relationship. For the next three years, Daniela did not see Raniere in person. He forbade it, she said. She continued working at 8 Hale. She would confirm he was not at Hale before she would go there.  She spent many hours alone at Hale, she testified.
There, she read his books, listened to his music, and managed his computers. She digitized more than a thousand musical albums for Raniere, she said.  She stored them on his computers and backed them up on hard drives.
The FBI seized a hard drive. They later found 22 photos of Camila. There were also songs on that hard drive that Daniela likely digitized and backed up. The metadata shows there were three computers that did backups of files to the hard drive.
One computer – the Dell Dimension 8300 – had the Camila photos, according to the metadata.  The FBI did not find that computer.
One can see two computer monitors in the 2012 videos and the 2018 photos of 8 Hale.  The FBI seized two computers at 8 Hale. One of them, an Apple, may have backed up files on the hard drive. These files were not the nude photos of Camila or anyone.
The metadata says that the Camila photos stored on the hard drive came from a Dell Dimension 8300.
The FBI never found the computer.


Though she had not seen him in two years, Daniela wrote to Raniere on their anniversary, November 2, 2008.

Happy anniversary….? Although i know it does not count when it has been broken, i still think it is pretty comical our anniversary fell right on the day of the dead. It’s gonna be pretty sad for the one of us left standing when the first to go, well, goes. It’s already pretty sad… and not so comical, eh?…. I love you-danie

We have mentioned before that November 2 is the Day of the Dead. It is Daniela’s anniversary.

It is also the date when Raniere allegedly took illegal photos of Camila. It could be a coincidence. But Raniere is disputing the metadata in a Rule 33 motion for a new trial. He says that someone altered the EXIF dates.

Daniela called it comical. And if no one altered the metadata, it is more than comical. It is ironic to a remarkable degree.

Hacked Her Sister

Daniela hacked her sister, Mariana’s Facebook account. Daniela testified that Raniere suspected Marianna was rekindling a relationship with an ex-boyfriend.

Daniela speculated it could have been between 2007 and 2009, after the falling out. According to evidence presented at trial, it was in 2008.

Daniela said Raniere gave her access to Flintlock to infect Marianna’s computers. Unlike Bronfman and Loperfido, Daniela said she would not spy on her sister. She was willing to hack her account but unwilling to read her messages.

She hacked her sister’s account and emailed the username and password to Raniere.

“I’m not going to read my sister’s private life,” she told him.

For three years, there was a distancing between Raniere and Daniela. There were many emails between them. Some emails paint a picture of a man obsessed with Daniela’s perspective about the man she kissed. Daniela testified she stopped seeing Ben Myers within a few months of the first kiss. She said she never had sex with Ben.  Long after she stopped seeing him, Raniere continued to explore her feelings for Ben by email. In an unrelenting manner, he explored her relationship with Ben in a depth that to some might seem excruciating.

Conflict and the Room

Toward the end of 2009, the conflict between Raniere and Daniela worsened, she said. Daniela said the dispute was because she wanted the freedom to date other men. He had many partners. She was not willing to be only with him. She was 24. He was 49.

Raniere gives another version. He accused Daniela of stealing and lying. He said she was “very prideful.”

In consultation with her family – who were ardent Nxians – Raniere gave Daniela three choices. The parents agreed to back up Raniere.

Daniela said she did not tell her parents that she had had a sexual relationship with Raniere. She did not tell them that the fight was over her unwillingness to be faithful to only him.

She said the choices Raniere offered were three. She could leave the NXIVM community and her family and return to Mexico. Daniela had no legal status in the United States. Or she could “make amends.”

The third choice was to go into a room at her parents’ home. Remain in that unlocked bedroom and think about it. She could come out when she had a plan to make amends.

Daniela was 24.

Her father, Hector said, “I gave my room to Daniela (the main bedroom)… I began to sleep downstairs, on the sofa.”
View of the room Daniela stayed in.
The adjoining bathroom.


Daniela testified she stayed in the room for 23 months. Most of the time without human contact.

Family members left meals outside her door. Raniere described it as a “battle of wills.”

Raniere said she “threw a massive tantrum.”

Daniela testified she had no computer or electronic devices. She had paper and a pen to write to Raniere.

Daniela wrote letters to Raniere proposing ways to “heal” her “ethical breach.”

Among the things she was to make amends for was shoplifting.

It is unclear whether she felt coerced into creating things to make amends for or if it was true.

At one point, she wrote, “Pay back what taken.” Then lists stores: Havers, Walmart, Arlene’s, and Marhsall’s.

At one point, Daniela’s mother entered the adjoining room. She stayed alone in that room for months as a penance to help heal this “ethical breach” for her daughter.

News of the death of a friend prompted the mother to leave the USA and return to Mexico. Daniela remained in her room.

Daniela testified, “Sometimes I would beg: ‘Please let me know. I don’t know why, just—just let me out.’ Nobody cared. My family didn’t. Nobody cared. So, it was also—it was also knowing that nobody wanted me. I’m in a world where nobody cares that I’m losing my life…. It was clearly never gonna end.”

Lauren Salzman was one of Raniere’s longtime girlfriends. She was a high-ranking Nxian and became a cooperating witness at the trial.

She testified she told Daniela that her parents and Raniere would have her deported.
Salzman said she told Daniela they would not give her ID.

Raniere knew of the circumstances, according to email evidence. He wrote to Salzman in November of 2010. This was six months after Daniela entered the room.

“You do not want to buy into [Daniela’s] tantrum or externalizations. Likewise you do not want to tell her what to do or how to be. You might try asking her the difference between being in the room for a day… or as long as she has. From a present time perspective, there is no difference except suffering and entitlement….”

Lauren Salzman testified at Raniere’s trial.

Daniela said cameras were installed outside her bedroom to ensure she didn’t leave. Daniela did on occasion sneak out of the room, she said. For 23 months, her family provided food for her. Three times a day, they would prepare it and leave it outside her door.


The backyard at 12 Wilton.

Daniela told Parlato that she would spend endless hours alone with nothing to do. She would look out the window to the yard below and watch the rabbits and squirrels for hours on end.

Then one day in February 2012, she walked out.  She tried to confront Raniere. He was at volleyball with other Nxians. Raniere declined to see her.

Soon after, her father drove her to the Mexican border. She testified her father left her to walk across with a small sum of money and no identification papers. She had been illegally in the USA for years.

Her father wrote in a court filing:

I personally took her to the border, with Kristen Keeffe, to San Antonio. After asking her for total honesty, again very lightly, she confessed that she had stolen money from my wallet and her mother’s video game. She also mentioned that she hacked my Facebook account.

In order to provide her security, I coordinated with an employee of my company (who I trust) to pick her up at the border, I paid all Daniela’s travel expenses so that she could arrive in Mérida, a place she chose, and I gave her money to be installed.

Daniela and her father both said the sum of money the father gave her was less than $200. He did not give her identification papers. This caused Daniela considerable difficulty in Mexico. The father conditioned the release of her ID on her completing a book report for Raniere.

Daniela would not see Raniere again until she met him in court seven years later — as a witness against him in 2019.

She wrote emails to him from Mexico as late as 2015.

One of the last emails she wrote him is important. She says she never hacked his computers or accounts.


Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 3:53 PM

Hello, I just spoke to you and it was nice!

Hey listen, I’ve never hacked into your computer or accounts or anything. Not while I lived in the states, not since I have been in Mexico — not ever! I did hack my father’s facebook account while I was in the room (from the PSP) — I wanted to look at pictures of everybody, maybe you can understand it was not so evil a driving force. But I really never should have because now it comes into question what else I might have hacked from people close to me — but the answer is nothing else.

I don’t do computers anymore so I couldn’t really help you in finding out what is going on. I fell out of the loop from everything while I was abscent from my life, but computering seems to be the field that left me behind the most.

Let me know if you need more details, ok?

I hope you are alright. If you ever need anything else, whether related to the above topic or something else entirely, please just ask. You have a home wherever I am.

Big hug. 



The analysis will continue with part #3 shortly.


You can read Raniere’s Rule 33 Motion on FBI Tampering here.

You can read Dr. Kiper’s Expert Report here.

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  • Well, the date of Camila‘s underage photos may have been changed to the Day of the dead, which was also KR&Daniela’s sex-anniversary, by Daniela as a “f@ck you” message to Keith Raniere, But it’s also possible Keith started with Camila on that day in a perverse desire to have the sisters share the same anniversary.

    Yes, it could make one suspect that Daniela changed the EXIF dates and took the opportunity to also send a dark, vengeful message to Keith by choosing that date, but then again, maybe not. One could argue that KR was the one who perversely, or just randomly, picked that date to photograph Camila.

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  • It is extremely unlikely the FBI would have deliberately altered exif data as they would have been quite aware that such altering would almost certainly be exposed later and heads would roll.

    Kiper’s analysis might well show exif data was tampered with, but it can’t prove when this was done or by whom – much of his report is just conjecture.

    The fact that the FBI agent’s testimony stated exif data was always reliable may just reflect his lack of knowledge in this area. The defense failed to produce any evidence to effectively counter this assertion at trial.

    The possibility that it could have been Daniela who tampered with the files is just speculative. She may have had the means and opportunity, but did she really have the motive?

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    Susan Dokken, who is currently in a halfway house re-entry program in California, worked throughout her sentence in prison, even after she suffered a stroke and required extra help – a request for which was ignored.

    “I couldn’t work and wasn’t supposed to, and I couldn’t even talk for a year,” said Dokken, 60.

    During the pandemic, she was sent to work at a nearby men’s prison to make lunches, despite not feeling safe doing so and having medical issues that weren’t treated, such as anemia and requiring dentures she never received.

    “With my medical issues, I shouldn’t have been made to work at all,” said Dokken. “The pay is so low, and what they make you do, it’s just not right.”

    Among over 1.2 million Americans currently imprisoned in federal and state prisons, two out of three prisoners are forced to work while imprisoned. Often referred to as modern day slavery, the 13th amendment of the US constitution abolished slavery or involuntary servitude, but included an exception for prisoners.

    Dokken’s pay started at 12 cents an hour and prisoners have the ability after positive reviews to increase their pay to 24 cents an hour, while they’re charged for full price to purchase basic necessities through the commissary.

    Dokken explained that if prisoners refused to work, they would have privileges revoked and possibly get written up, which would follow them on their record to parole and probation.

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    Sarah Corley was incarcerated in Missouri and Georgia during periods over the past decade, where she worked while imprisoned without any pay in Georgia and with varying pay in Missouri from a few cents to a few dollars a day, depending on the work assignment.

    An artist, Corley said she currently sells paintings for a few hundred dollars a piece, but while incarcerated, as one of her work assignments the correctional staff consistently commissioned her to do art work for their personal use without any compensation.

    “I was painting very expensive paintings for the staff and they were getting it for free,” said Corley. “The compensation I got was pictures of work afterwards. Realizing how many pieces I just made for free, it was kind of mind blowing, because as most of them are a 16 by 20’ canvas, around 25 pieces. Today I sell them for between $400 to $600, and those officers just got them for free.”

    Corley explained that it’s difficult working in prison while basic necessities sold through the prison commissary are so expensive and prisoners aren’t provided adequate food or basic products, making ithard to take care of yourself if you don’t have money already or someone outside is putting money in your account. After work, Corley noted you have to fight for a shower or get in line, and don’t have any time to rest and recuperate from work in prison conditions.

    She also worked for the Department of Transportation while imprisoned, performing lawn care, picking up trash and roadkill, and spraying pesticides, all without any on the job training or adequate safety protections.

    “Those are hard labor jobs, especially for women and not getting paid, they’re hard on your body. You’re carrying extremely heavy backpacks with chemicals in them, we were chopping down trees, stuff you wouldn’t voluntarily do. It’s a lot of work for no money,” she said.

    The ACLU report said 76% of workers surveyed reported they were forced to work or faced additional punishment, 70% said they could not afford basic necessities on their prison labor wages, 70% reported receiving no formal job training and 64% reported concerns for their safety on the job.

    Prison workers are also excluded from basic worker protections under federal and state laws, from workers’ rights in regards to safety protection, to union rights, or basic wage laws.

    The type of work varies, from workers performing prison maintenance duties such as janitorial, food preparation, maintenance and repair, or essential services, to public works assignment such as construction, working for prison industries that produces goods and services to other government agencies through a state owned corporation, or producing goods and services for a private corporation.

    James Finch first worked outside doing landscaping work while in prison in Florida about 10 years ago and claimed he was sent back to work after going to the infirmary for heat stress.

    He later worked at a recycling plant while in prison, without supervision or training, and while working there started experiencing Bell’s Palsy symptoms, partial paralysis of his face, and didn’t seek proper treatment because it required taking a prison van to the hospital several times a week while shackled.

    “I never received a bit of pay for any of the work that I had done,” Finch said. “I thought my face would return to normal, in most cases it does, but mine didn’t.”

    Aisha Northington, who was released in 2011 from prison in Georgia, worked throughout her sentence for no pay at all for whatever work was assigned.

    “I’ve even seen some people that refused, and they were sent to solitary confinement,” said Northington. “It’s very disheartening. It needs to stop. It’s inhumane.”

    • Sound article from a great paper. Not too sure what the GOP plan to do about improving prison conditions or justice reform. The only way they’ll reduce numbers in prisons will be accelerating the execution rate.

      • No one cares what a prodigious liar claims, even if they happen to tell the truth. And I’m not implying he’s claiming the truth here. A selfish conman criminal who repeatedly lies in small situations to help himself will have no qualms about lying in big ones, and spending the rest of your life in jail is as big as they come outside of the death penalty. Liars are their own worst enemies since they cry wolf far too often, resulting in no one believing them when they do actually tell the rare truth.

        Raniere is conniving, no conscience freak. He pretends superior morality and then manipulates naive people into doing unethical things based on it so that he has plausible deniability to wash his hands from them. This is why he was convicted for RICO.

        Such is the case here. A naive, immature Daniela did some stupid things under his gross mentorship and negative influence that he will use to throw a cloud of doubt onto for his own selfish benefit, saying she used her alleged hacking skills that he used to say she manipulated images he actually took in collusion with the FBI.

        The guy is never getting out because he continues to lie over and over again further solidifying his “Vanguardian” hypocrisy (as ethical frauds repeatedly exhibit in history). This is something Karma despises. Humiliation in this world and after.

        He’s exactly where he belongs.

    • Hector should be in jail too
      July 12, 2022 at 7:47 pm
      The worst father on earth, trafficked his daughters. Disgusting.


      Joe Biden, aka Pedo Peter, kept his daughter for himself to enjoy.
      Perhaps to some Joe Biden should be voted “Father of the Year.”
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      Ashley Biden also recounts times she showered with her father when she was young, something she allegedly wrote was “probably not appropriate,” says

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      The states that The New York Times confirmed that the Ashley Biden diary is authentic after the newspaper “reported a Justice Department probe over the diary in November 2021.”

  • If you have a hundred photos of vaginas on your hard drive, you’re pretty fucked up.

    What’s one more?

    I’m not seeing it.

    • When the vagina belongs to an underage female – a whole different legal ball game there. He coulda had a thousand vag shots on there of adult women and just engendered scorn for what an exploitative ass he is. But none of that gave him the same illicit thrill as the shots of a woman who couldn’t consent because she wasn’t of age to do so. Pesky thing those laws. He shoulda moved to Mexico sooner where the age of consent is lower. Maybe if he had, he could still be running around free to rape more girls – but then again, it just wouldn’t have the same savor if he wasn’t getting away with something illegal.

  • There’s no qualifying this as an “alleged” tampering in the title about this being a tampering investigation.

    How is it an investigation if you’ve already put your conclusion in the title of the second installment?

    More importantly from the opening sentences you claim that Camilla came to Clifton Park in order to be near Keith Allen Raniere.

    A minor child does not make that decision. Her parents do. Camilla didn’t even have legal authority to be in the United States.

    What was she 13 years old? And you’re going to write a sentence that Camilla chose to move from Mexico at that age with no help from anybody? No outside influence, no financial assistance and it was to be near Keith?

    Well then that sounds like sex trafficking of a child to me. So I don’t think it’s going to help your case exonerating Keith.

    It sounds like an international crime took place against a child and that all the people in the nxivm cult were a part of it.

    You are stating that Camila “wanted to be near” a 45 year old man in America? And she and her slightly older sister Daniela made that happen? Bullshit.

    You might want to rethink how you write when you’re trying to defend a person lije Keith the child sexual predator. Because that sounds really bad.

    And you also might want to think about how your words will affect a child who was a victim of this sexual predator.

    There is no world in which 13-year-old Camilla made a choice to go be “near Keith Raniere”.

    In fact all the testimony shows that once Cami was forced to be “near Keith: she did not want it nor enjoy it whatsoever as a child. Cami’s own words.

    Be more responsible.

    • I corrected the point. The family did come to Clifton Park to be near Raniere and take courses. The father, mother, Mariana, and Daniela. Cami came with her parents and I suppose the brother did too. But Daniela testified she came because she wanted to. As did her older sister and parents.

      • Ginzo,

        I sent you all of my articles. Make sure you put the headlines that are in bold and underlined as the title of each article.

        Do not edit, change and/or comment on ANYTHING ON ANY of my articles. If you want to reply, then do so in your own article(s). Let my voice speak for itself uninterrupted.

        I sent you two versions of Article 8. Make sure to publish ONLY the one that says “ERRORS FIXED” in the subject.

        I replied back to your email, but you did not reply back to any of my replies to you! I’m really sick and tired of your communication problems and forcing me to come on to here to talk to you and have to deal with all your stupid nosey trolls who couldn’t shut the fuck up and mind their own goddamn business if a gun was held to their heads!

        You are one of the most Godawful frustrating person (in regards to communication and being slow) that I have ever had the displeasure to come across in my entire life! Your social skills are extremely poor to the point of possible mental retardation!

        I have never seen anything like it, even amongst your own sub-species!

        With that being said, I would highly suggest putting in your will to donate your brain to science after your death! There has to be some unique disorder in an area of your brain that is rather significant that could contribute wonders to the medical field! Then for once, your existence in this world could actually be useful and serve a genuine purpose!

        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

        • I plan to look at your eight or so articles soon. I looked at one and it did seem interesting. The one with the Ben Franklin quote.


            Make to put “Patriot God as the author!

            And for Godsakes, REPLY TO YOUR FUCKING EMAILS!

    • Sadly, I must agree with I Call. This purported “investigation” is so hopelessly biased it unguardedly announces its conclusion in the very title. Facts proven in a court of law are (incorrectly) qualified as “allegation” whereas the tale of evidence tampering gets no such qualification.

      The bias is plain.

      This is the second article in the series and it’s a long one. And still not one shred of evidence to support the ex-cultists claim that the FBI tampered with evidence.

      Not. One. Shred.

  • Please post an honest and forthcoming explanation from Suneel about his lies and false identity as Isaac Edwards.

    Or was it Edward Isaac?


    This little dancing gyrating fool for Vanguard owes readers an explanation for his deceitful Behavior with the Bureau of Prisons.

    Why should anyone waste time reading a doccumented liar’s words?

    Suneel needs to come clean first.

    • No matter how many times I read this story of Daniela being in a room for two years I feel sad and furious. The psychological torture this young woman endured for years from Keith, Lauren, NXIVM, her own parents, is sickening.

      Her affectionate e-mails to Keith, even after her deportation to Mexico, years after he excommunicated her after her stint with Meyers, shows his influence over her, even after all this time and everything that has happened to her. It’s terrible.

      The hypocrisy of tasking Daniela with all sort of spying, hacking of various people, including her own sister! and simultaneously accusing her of theft and unethical behavior and punishing her for it is off the charts.

      Keith Raniere is pure evil and society is well served with him locked up for good.

      Frank is presenting the facts here in an easy-to-follow manner. Would have been good journalism, if it wasn’t for the fact that the title “analysis for FBI tampering” is a total mismatch.

      • Reading between the lines of the last email, it appears that Raniere was back in touch with Daniela because he needed her to hack into Kristin Keeffe’s email and find her.

        • I think you are right:
          The following reply in her email to Keith indicate that he asked her to check something/search for something via a computer in her (former) expertise of spying/hacking:
          “ I don’t do computers anymore so I couldn’t really help you in finding out what is going on.”
          There’s no mention it is about Kristin Keefe, but I trust you have other info.

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