Part 3: Analysis of Alleged FBI Tampering — Camila

Camila by MK10ART.

Camila’s Story as Told by Her

Camila never testified at Keith Raniere’s trial. She told some of her story at his sentencing. She also made claims through her attorney, Neil Glazer, as part of a pending civil lawsuit.
Attorney Neil Glazer

Camila’s story is important. This analysis is about whether the FBI tampered with photos of Camila. For readers unfamiliar with who she is, this is her story.

For regular readers, this may be redundant. Some want to get right to the meat of new evidence if there is any. That will come soon enough.

Camila’s story is unlikely to win Raniere fans, but we must tell it. Chakravorty agrees we must do this. He wants to point out that this is Camila’s version of events. Raniere has not spoken about it

Chakravorty says chats and emails between Camila and Raniere may not be authentic. They are text documents containing chats.

Parlato views them as authentic. They came from search warrants of his email accounts.

We agreed to present them because they were evidence used at his trial.

Keith Raniere around 2005 with Nancy Salzman.

Camila is the younger sister of Mariana and Daniela. She met Raniere in 2003 when she was 13. Raniere nicknamed her Virgin Camila or VC.

Raniere was big on nicknames. He called Daniela “Bobo,” Mariana “Monkey,” and their brother, Adrian, “Fluffy.”

Camila said Raniere began their sexual relationship on September 18, 2005. This was their anniversary, she said.

Daniela’s anniversary was November 2 – the Day of the Dead. Pam Cafrtiz’s was February 14 – Valentine’s Day.

Camila was 15 and Raniere was 45 when she says they started having sex.

The age difference was not the only power imbalance. Raniere was the leader of a community in which Camila’s entire family were members. More than that, they had relocated from a different country to be part of this community.

Her sisters, Daniela and Mariana, were in sexual relationships with Raniere. They both knew about each other and had this awkward tension between them because they both wanted to be with the same man.

Raniere was the leader of almost everyone Camila knew. She was a 15-year-old girl living in a strange new place. A new climate. Compared to Mexico, the weather is cold.

Her parents were affluent. Her father, Hector, was a successful businessman. He had started a company selling mining tools, and it took off.

On top of that, Nancy Salzman and Raniere guided her. Her parents thought it was a blessing to have these two looking after their youngest child. These wise ones were educating her, helping her. What a great future Camila might have.


Camila said she often met Raniere at 8 Hale Drive to have sex when she was underage. She had to sneak out of the house she was staying at.

She would make sure no one saw her and slip into 8 Hale Drive.  They had sex in the loft bed.
8 Hale Drive
She said he instructed her to come in and take off her clothes.
Then climb the stairs to the second floor.
Go past the office and climb the ladder to the loft bed – nude.
Without exception, he took naked pictures of her, she said at his sentencing hearing.

The Adult Camila

120 Victory Way, Camila’s apartment.

Raniere and Camila continued their relationship as she came of legal age. For sex, the age of consent in New York is 17. She became legal on March 1, 2007. The age of consent for lascivious photos is 18. She became legal for photos on March 1, 2008.

In 2011, Raniere arranged for Camila, 21, to move into a rented townhouse near his home on Flintlock Lane. Now she would not have to sneak to 8 Hale Drive to meet him.

She said Raniere told her it was their home, and he was her husband. Camila said he would only come to have sex and leave. He never lived there.

It was a lonely life for her. Waiting around for him to come over and have sex. He’d come for an hour and go. This he would do several times a week.

Camila did not go to high school. She had only one year of junior high. She did attend NXIVM classes.

She occupied her time babysitting and for a time was a Rainbow Cultural Garden Staff Coordinator.

At one point, Camila told Raniere she did not want to continue their relationship. She was in her 20s, and the world was opening up for her. She was young and beautiful.

She thought he was one of the greatest men in the world. But she was lonely. She wanted someone who would spend more time with her. She wanted to be married and have a family.

At the time Camila moved to Victory Way, Daniela was alone in her room at 12 Wilton. She had been there for more than a year. Her sister Marianna had been living with Raniere for years.

There were texts when they were at Vanguard Week in 2014.  Raniere instructed Camila to sneak to a cabin to meet him and ensure that her sister, Mariana, did not see her coming or going.

Many texts say Camila wanted sex from Raniere, and vice versa. Hundreds of explicit texts.

One day, she told him she wanted to leave. She said he threatened to throw her out of the apartment and ban her from the NXIVM community and send her back to Mexico.

In her lawsuit, Camila alleges he raped her twice when she tried to end the relationship. She was in her twenties then.

While in NXIVM, she never made accusations that Raniere raped her. They kept their relationship a secret.

In April 2015, Camila slashed her wrist in the bathtub. She said Raniere found her with blood running down her arm and in a state of shock. He sent photographs of her wound to Nancy Salzman. A licensed nurse, Salzman, opined that Camila did not need to go to the hospital.

Salzman said Camila did it to get attention.

Camila quoted Raniere as saying:

“Can you imagine what would happen to me and my reputation if you had killed yourself?”

Camila’s story continues.

She wanted to leave him. Her texts sometimes show this and at other times it shows the opposite.

Camila said escaping Raniere was her goal for years.

Raniere had theories about a vagina that another man’s penis never touched. It had purer DNA, all the better to bear a child by him. He wanted his DNA to survive and leave the world improved.

To do this, he needed a virgin to bear his child. And by virgin he meant someone who never had another penis touch her, other than his.

This is what she said he told her.

Camila thought Raniere might let her go if she had sex with someone else.

She had an affair with Robbie, the son of an NXIVM trainer. She told Raniere about it.

In emails and the document of WhatsApp chats, Raniere seems obsessed with this affair.

Raniere asked Camila whose semen she thought tasted better, his or Robbie’s. Raniere asked whose penis she thought was larger. He said he no longer considered her pure.

He once nicknamed her Virgin Cami. He discussed having children with her. Now, he told her to find a successor — a virgin.

“His DNA touched you, went inside you, and was assimilated,” Raniere wrote to her.

“I need a pure vessel involved. We can have our love, but purity, both energy-related and DNA-wise, is compromised.”

A Hard Drive Not Hard to Find

Without exception, every time they had sex, he took naked pictures of her, she said at his sentencing.

If this is true, Raniere took many photos of Camila between the time she was 15 and 18. Where are they? If he met her twice a week and took an average of ten pictures, that’s more than 1000 photos.

That the FBI found 22 images of Camila on a hard drive is not hard to believe.
FBI photo of the hard drive.
That he forgot they were on his hard drive is not hard to believe.

There it was, sitting in his office. On the shelf, right next to a silver docking station. A black Western Digital hard drive – with a blue light – loaded with the seeds of his destruction.

This is what the FBI said, and they convinced a jury it was true.

The FBI said the metadata shows a Canon camera took pictures of Camila on November 2 and November 24, 2005. Camila was 15.
The FBI found these photos on a hard drive seized at 8 Hale, where they say he took the photos.

Above is the FBI’s sketch of 8 Hale Drive. The loft is to the right.

The FBI did not find the photos immediately. They found them 11 months after they seized the hard drive. The FBI admitted it was an accidental discovery. They were not looking for child porn but for DOS crimes against adults after 2015.

Instead, they found photos from 2005.

They withstood a motion to suppress.  Although it was outside the original search warrant, they applied and got a new search warrant.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled the FBI’s accidental discovery of child porn was legal. He decided the evidence was a crime “in plain view.”

We have given the reader a background in the first three of this series. Coming next, we will narrate the events that led to his arrest and examine the search of 8 Hale Drive.

We will follow the hard drive and the camera. And the various people who handled it and testified.

What are the possibilities? It could be everything is exactly as the government tells it. It could be that Raniere exploited Camila when she was 15. That he took nude photos of her again and again. And he left them on a hard drive – a mere 22. Just enough to hang him.

It is also possible that he took them and they were not on the hard drive perched on his library shelf.

Let us examine the evidence. It is possible that all is right. Nothing to see here. But let’s follow the hard drive and the camera and a certain camera card that the FBI hid from the defense.

These are facts. Not conjecture.

We can believe or not believe Raniere abused Camila. We can believe the FBI did not need to tamper. Nor would they stoop so low.

But we have facts to examine. They may be explainable.

It is not enough to say Raniere took photos of Camila. For the sake of this argument, let’s say he did. Does that mean any evidence the FBI presents that proves it is not tampered with?

They say the FBI had a slam dunk case without Camila. We will also look at that.

We tend to think the hysterical comments have a motive behind them. This pursuit unsettles people. A rational person assured of the integrity of the FBI evidence would not decry this.

They would see what the facts are – facts they may not know – unless they know. And there is something in that that frightens them.

Chakravorty says the FBI tampered with the evidence. Parlato wants to make it clear that this is an examination of facts. Parlato will be happy if the evidence shatters Chakravorty’s view of Raniere.

Chakravorty and Parlato insist on examining the facts. We are not concerned with those who have not heard all the facts, second guessing the final result.

This is Part 3. We will publish Part 4 shortly.



You can read Raniere’s Rule 33 Motion on FBI Tampering here.

You can read Dr. Kiper’s Expert Report here.

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  • Continuing my time line from part 1, adding 2 and now 3 based on Frank’s articles since his writing style makes it hard to follow the order of events and facts:

    2002: Around this time three sisters Marianna (around 19), Daniela (around 16 at time), and Camila (around 13) move with family to 12 Wilton Court
    ? – 2005: 3 Flintlock is Raniere’s primary residence
    2003: Marianna, age 20, begins relationship with Raniere. Moves into 3 Flintlock, living with Raniere and 3 other women
    2003: Daniela, age 17, begins relationship with then 43 year old Raniere.
    2003: Daniela, age 17, begins working with Raniere at 3 Flintlock. Testifed oral sex was “common occurence”, unclear still underage at time
    2003: November, 2: Daniela, age 18, first penatrative sex with Raniere, day after she turns 18 on November 1.

    2004, January: 8 Hale purchased by NXIVM
    2005: 8 Hale becomes Raniere’s primary residence
    2005, March 3: Daniela, age 19, sends Raniere 70 page email with catalog of his books, DVDs and CDs that she inventoried as moved them from 3 Flintlock to 8 Hale
    2005: Daniela, age 19, works at 8 Hale. Responsible for Raniere’s computers and backup of files along with creating book reports for Raniere. Continues relationship with Raniere at 8 Hale.
    2005, September 18: Camila, age 16, begins sexual relationship with Raniere, age 45, at 8 Hale.

    2005, October 17: Earliest EXIF date from a nude photo.
    2005, October 19: Nine nude photos of Daniela, age 19, taken based on EXIF data. Daniela testified nude photos taken in 2005 at 3 Flintlock, did not know exact dates.
    2005, November 2: Fourteen alleged pictures of Camila, age 15, based on metadata and EXIF data. Photos taken at 8 Hale.
    2005, November 24: Eight alleged pictures of Camila, age 15, taken based on metadata and EXIF data. Photos taken at 8 Hale.
    2005, December 30: Latest EXIF date from nude photos.

    2006: Raniere ends relationship with Daniela for kissing another man. Raniere was in sexual relationship with around 20 women at the time.
    2006-2009: Daniela continued to work at 8 Hale when Raniere not there. She digitized and backuped his music collection.
    2011: Camila, age 21, moves into townhouse near 3 Flintlock to avoid having to sneak into 8 Hale to see Raniere.
    2009-2012: Daniela, age 24, on Raniere’s orders to “make amends” for wanting to date other, is jailed for 23 months in her familiy’s main bedroom (father sleeps on living room couch). Little human contact as food is left outside door. Her mother also does a multi-month voluntary exile for her daughter’s “ethical breach”.
    2012, February: Daniela leaves her family jail, tries to confront Raniere but fails. Father forces her to move to Mérida, Mexico with $200 and no ID.

    2012: Pictures and whiteboard of Raniere at work, shows external hard drive on a shelf for anyone to access
    2014: 8 Hale used as storage when Raniere moves to another home
    2015: Camila attempts suicide. Found by Raniere. Nancy Salzman determines minor injuries. Camila has sex with NXIVM trainer, tells Raniere, he ends relationship.
    2018, March 27: 8 Hale raided, FBI seize WD external hard drive and camera from office. Last used in 2012 based on comparisons with pictures from then
    2019, February: FBI discover the nude photos on hard drive of 11 women and 1 child.

    Other notes on facts as presented:
    – Marianna/Raniere goes from 2003, then age 20 to his 43, to unknown date with one son born 2017.
    – Daniela/Raniere goes from 2003, her 17 to his 43, 2006, her at age 20. Ended for her kissing another man
    – Camila/Raniere goes from 2005, her 16 to his 45, to 2015, her at age 26. Ended for sex with another man.
    – Marianna and Daniela knew both were in sexual relationship with Raniere. It is not known if two sisters knew about his relationship with Camila
    – Based on folder path, computer that had photos was a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop. Series first released in 2003, but date purchased unknown. Computer was not located at 8 Hale.
    – Total of 167 nude photos found of 11 woman and 1 female child found by FBI on external hard drive at \BACKUPS\BKP.DellDimensions8300-20090330\Studies folder. Eleven of the those involved taken at 8 Hale, one at 3 Flintlock.
    – Raniere describes Daniela as his “hacker” to collect information for him. He says this proves she had the skills to help the FBI frame him.
    – Camila, who does not testify at the trial, later confirms at sentencing that nude photos were taken of her by Raniere early in their relationship. She indicated he took many pictures of her from 2005 to around 2008. Those other photos have not been found.

    My thoughts:
    – Raniere had alleged sexual relations with two underage girls. One with sex, likely other with blowjobs. He clearly got off knowing he was screwing all three sisters at the same time. I bet he was also bedding their mother too.
    – Again all this shows how morally depraved Suneel and the Dossier Project woman are for continuing their support of Raniere. He can fight his battle without them, but they choose to stand with him despite it being obvious he is a pedophile (as determined by a jury).
    – I am guessing Daniela used whatever backup software came with the Western Digital hard drive
    – No idea what 20090330 is in folder path. My guess is its a date (aka 2009-03-30?) the first time the backup software was first run.
    – Curious on Daniela’s actual hacking skills were. Based on what just read, it was basic. She was likely following instructions she found online via forums or Usenet. Actual “hacking” is more than installing a keylogger program or guessing people’s passwords. The closest she got to it was when she claimed she altered code so it would avoid anti-virus detection (avoiding a spam filter is trivial as your inbox proves daily).
    – “She designed spyware and embedded it into an image.” Again instructions on internet to do this at the time.
    – Her “hacking” skills in no way prove or disprove her backup data skills.
    – Your computer has many hidden folders. Most are system files hidden to prevent users from accidently breaking things. This is not new or uncommon. In Windows if go to View > add checkmark to “Hidden Files”, can see many of them. Also “hiding” a folder is as simple as a checkmark. Just google “how to hide a folder”. This would not hide the folder from backup software. Just from the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that displays the folder to users in a way that is easier to interface with.
    – The parents of the three sisters are awful fucking parents. Also did they live in a comedy show? You know where the entire plot of an episode is based on someone not stating simple information to another person leading to hijinks? What would have changed if Daniela explained “he is upset I want to be with other men besides him. Marianna can have him.” Again awful parents for she didn’t feel she could have an honest conversation with them. Which was clearly true since they supported jailing her and even essentially jailed themselves based on the word of a sociopath and not their daughter. Reminder that some people should not ever be parents.
    – How fucked up do you have to be to voluntary jail yourself for 23 months. I get family loyalty to shitty parents and fear of deportation but damn. Ironic since all went back to Mexico anyway so the self exile was pointless. Much like everything else with Raniere, most of the trauma that Daniela experienced was essentially voluntary making prosecution a non-starter.
    – Yep using alleged as a cover my ass move.

  • “Does that mean any evidence the FBI presents that proves it is not tampered with?”

    Ah, so this seems to be the crux of the argument. Anyone who doubts the accusation of evidence tampering has to prove the FBI didn’t tamper.

    You can never, of course, prove that the FBI didn’t cheat. Any more than you can prove that you never committed murder or molested a child.

    Since it’s impossible to prove a negative, Chakravorty and the FR can keep their scurrilous accusations on life support indefinitely.

    You can’t prove the Easter bunny doesn’t exist. You can’t prove lizard people aren’t running the government.

    This “investigation” is ridiculous. I have to admit though that it IS entertaining. And instructive in a way, in its many examples of logical fallacies and the rhetorical twists of clever propaganda. Nxivm taught this stuff in its Knife of Aristotle courses.

    Knife of Aristotle… my namesake!

    • It’s amazing that every Cult leader ever imprisoned has the same issue

      The government made up the evidence against them

      Mostly when sex is involved

      Imagine that

      Shame on the government

    • You are correct Aristotle’s Sausage.

      Frank also wants readers to comment on this alleged evidence but then counters their comments by saying that they don’t know everything.

      In a nutshell: Frank wants people to comment on what they do not know.

      Similar to trying to disprove guilt on the part of the FBI. The burden of proving that something was done with malfeasance is upon those making the accusations not upon those reading the accusations or the presumed Innocent party.

      It’s sad backwards logic on the part of the dead-enders and Frank.

      And yes, fight the powers that be. But do it responsible. Logically. Show PROOF.

  • “Chakravorty and Parlato insist on examining the facts.”
    No. Suneel insists on freeing Keith. By any means. Even if he needs to use false names to contact Keith in prison, as he has done. I think this teaming up with Suneel is a bad idea Frank. Makes you look silly.


    Donald Trump, Jr. apparently shares Frank and Suneel’s suspicions of FBI and/or Dani F.’s evidence tampering to frame KAR.

    But will Trump Daddy, once back in office, officially pardon Keith?

    Not to mention Frank Parlato and/or Roger Stone, except (oops) even the Pres can’t override IRS crimes, so I’ve read.

    • Yes you’re right Heidi when the IRS commits crimes which I’ve read they do a lot, even the president cannot override it.

    • Trump pardoning keith wouldn’t be out of the question. From Kristin Keeffe’s website…

      “I know that Soares’ brother-in-law and his sisters had taken some NXIVM courses which may have positively predisposed him in the beginning. Then in 2005, Roger Stone was hired by NXIVM along with other lobbyists and political consultants to orchestrate a deep influence campaign amongst New York Capitol politicians to try and normalize NXIVM (Or so he said).

      David Soares and then-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno were targeted. Donations were made both directly and to party-endorsed candidates amongst the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the Working Families Party. You would be shocked at how much sway that can have.

      The Bronfmans were amongst the wealthiest people in the Capital Region. They flew Joe Bruno on their jet. Everyone wanted them in their pocket. I remember one time them flying Bruno, Stone, and some other political heavyweights down to Mar-a-Lago to play golf with Trump. ”

      My guess is there is much more going on there than just that.

    • Possible job for Nicki Clyne: Donald Trump’s press secretary:
      Wanted: Press secretary
      Essential: Ability to constantly lie whilst maintaining a completely straight face
      Desirable: Total disdain for the mainstream fake news media

    • They didn’t! True it is very sad about the children Keith sexually abused. But the good news is the FBI did not lie in this case. And the very bad man is in jail for life so rejoice!

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