Part #4 Analysis of Alleged FBI Tampering: The Search of 8 Hale and the Wrong Picture of the Hard Drive

Frank Parlato

Suneel Chakravorty

Frank Parlato and Suneel Chakravorty are the authors of this series. Parlato is a critic of Keith Raniere. Chakravorty is Raniere’s power of attorney.

This is Part 4.

Part #1: Analysis of Allegations of FBI Tampering in USA v Raniere

Part #2 Analysis of FBI Tampering Daniela and Her Relationship With Raniere and Computers

Part 3: Analysis of Alleged FBI Tampering — Camila


In 2015, Raniere co-created DOS, a secret sorority with “masters” and “slaves.” All members were female except Raniere. Raniere’s eight direct slaves were the “First Line.” Raniere designated Camila #1.

Raniere commanded his First Line to enlist more slaves. These would be the Second Line.  The Second Line would recruit slaves for the Third Line. These, in turn, would continue to recruit and form downlines of slaves. Raniere was the grandmaster in this pyramidal structure.
DOS organizational chart
To ensure secrecy, masters required prospective slaves to submit collateral.
FBI Special Agent Michael Lever described collateral:

Collateral consisted of material or information that the prospective slave would not want revealed because it would be ruinous to the prospective slave herself and/or someone close to her.

Collateral… included sexually explicit photographs; videos made to look candid in which the prospective slaves told damning stories (true or untrue) about themselves, close friends and/or family members; and letters making damaging accusations (true or untrue) against friends and family members.

Collateral provided the government with the argument that consent was not possible.
Lever wrote:

Some slaves were told that they had to collateralize all aspects of their lives, including signing over any assets, disclaiming their faith, and doing things that would ruin their careers and relationships if the collateral were released.

Lever wrote:

DOS slaves understood that if they left DOS, spoke publicly about DOS, or repeatedly failed DOS obligations or assignments, their collateral could be released….

DOS slaves were ultimately required to provide collateral beyond what had initially been described…. [ some slaves] would have to provide collateral every month…. DOS slaves continued to provide additional collateral… in part because they feared that the collateral they had already provided would be released.

The government made the argument that once collateral was provided, consent was not possible.
Collateral made minor work, the serious crime of “forced labor.”
Bringing their masters coffee, buying groceries, making them lunch. Carrying their luggage, cleaning their house, finding a lost item. This was not a crime before. But with collateral looming, the government alleged forced labor. A slave could not say no.
Once sex was involved, it was sex trafficking.


Some of the masters gave their slaves assignments… to have sex with RANIERE…  DOS victims… believed they had to complete the assignment or risk release of their collateral.

And then there was branding.


Many of the DOS victims were branded in their pubic regions with a cauterizing pen in a process that took twenty to thirty minutes. During the branding “ceremonies,” slaves were required to be fully naked, and the master would order one slave to film while the others held down the slave being branded.


Some DOS victims were told that the brand stood for the four elements (the lines represented air, earth and water and the cauterizing pen represented sealing with fire). … however, it is clear that the brand in fact consisted of RANIERE’s initials.


Masters told their slaves after the branding ceremonies that the videos of the branding ceremonies and photographs of the women with their brands were additional pieces of collateral.



DOS stayed a secret for more than two years. Parlato broke the story of DOS on this website on June 5, 2017.  You can read about that here.

On October 14, 2017, the New York Times published “Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded.”
This prompted the FBI to investigate. Three weeks later, on November 10, 2017, Raniere left the USA for Mexico.

Mariana and Keith Raniere with their son in Monterrey 2017.


On January 18, 2018, the FBI obtained a search warrant for Raniere’s Yahoo email account.
The account contained emails between Raniere and Camila. Attached to some were documents of WhatsApp chats between them. These chats included discussions about a “vow” that required “collateral.”
On October 1, 2015, Raniere told Camila:
I think it would be good for you to own a fuck toy slave for me, that you could groom, and use as a tool, to pleasure me.
On October 23, 2015, Raniere told Camila to recruit a slave who would seduce Raniere.

February 14

The FBI got a warrant for Raniere’s arrest. The charges were sex trafficking and forced labor. The alleged victims were adult members of DOS.
Parlato helped the FBI locate Raniere in Mexico.

From an FBI warrant:

On or about February 18, 2018, citing “numerous” local sources, the [Frank Report] blog reported that Raniere may have left Monterrey and may now be living in the coastal town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The blog has previously had accurate information regarding Raniere’s whereabouts.

March 25

Mexican authorities seized Raniere on the coast near Puerto Vallarta. They flew him to the United States within 24 hours.

March 26

The FBI arrested him in Dallas.

On the day of Raniere’s  arrest, the FBI obtained a warrant to search 8 Hale Drive.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis was to later describe the warrant after Raniere challenged it.

Magistrate Judge Daniel J. Stewart of the Northem District of New York signed a search and seizure warrant… permitting agents to search …  8 Hale Drive… including any locked and closed containers and closed items at that location.


The warrant also authorized the seizure of certain items that are “evidence, fruits and instrumentalities” of certain offenses— sex trafficking, forced labor, extortion, and racketeering… involving Keith Raniere that occurred in or after January 1, 2015.


The items listed in the warrant included: “Computers or storage media used as a means to commit or facilitate the commission of the Subject Offenses (including to store ‘collateral…)


The affidavit described explicit photographs and videos from DOS “slaves” as collateral and notes that the collateral was given to Raniere and would likely be found at 8 Hale Drive…


Raniere [allegedly] collected similar nude photographs of DOS slaves in connection with sex-trafficking and forced-labor crimes.


The warrant authorized the FBI to search for crimes occurring in or after January 1, 2015.

The search warrant was not a search for evidence of Raniere’s alleged abuse of an underage Camila. She was 25 in 2015. The child porn and sexual exploitation charges concerned Camila when she was 15 in 2005.
He wrote that agents might have to review the evidence. Human inspection he said.

[T]he warrant I am applying for would permit seizing, imaging, or otherwise copying storage media that reasonably appear to contain some or all of the evidence described in the warrant, and would authorize a later review of the media or information consistent with the warrant.

The later review may require techniques, including but not limited to computer-assisted scans of the entire medium that might expose many parts of a hard drive to human inspection in order to determine whether it is evidence described by the warrant.

March 27

The FBI made a “forced entry” of 8 Hale at approximately 7:00 a.m.

A team of agents entered. Some moved towards the kitchen—some towards the living room.

As they went, FBI Special Agent Christopher Mills took pictures.
A tarp was on the piano. They removed it. Mothballs were on the piano.
Raniere was in Mexico. The tarp was on an expensive piano, a Steinway Grand Piano D, to protect it from a leak in the ceiling. The mothballs were applied to protect the felt hammers.
The agents climbed the spiral staircase to the second floor. They moved through a small area before arriving at the study.
The agents began to collect evidence. They seemed to know the precise location of the evidence they sought. Mills went first to reach under the desk to seize a bag.
The first item seized was a camera bag with a camera inside. Mills labeled the bag with the camera “Evidence Item #1.”
Inside the bag was a Canon camera. Later the FBI said Raniere used that Canon camera to take Camila’s photos in 2005. Mills ignored other devices under the desk.
He headed straight to a bookshelf next to the whiteboard. He seized “Evidence Item #2.”
But Mills took the wrong picture. The Western Digital hard drive is black. Mills photographed a silver LaCie hard drive.

The card for evidence Item #2 is for the silver LaCie hard drive.

A Western Digital hard drive is next to it – in the middle. Next to that is a Sony DVD player.

The FBI took the wrong photo of the evidence item which later was alleged to contain child porn.

The FBI allegedly discovered Camila’s photos on a Western Digital hard drive. Not the silver LaCie hard drive.

The FBI seized other items after getting the first two. The FBI seized a book, 30 cassettes, an Amazon Kindle, two CDs, a thumb drive, and a storage device. Then they went back to collect items under the desk.

You can see all the photos of the FBI seized items in Government Exhibit 502A.

Under the desk, the FBI took a Lenovo computer tower [evidence item #12.] An Apple computer tower [evidence item #13]. They took another silver LaCie hard drive [evidence item #14.]

Please note: The silver LaCie under the desk [#14] was not the same silver LaCie hard drive SA Mills photographed as evidence item #2. 

Before we move on with the rest of the search, let us look at screenshots from a video made in 2012 by Mark Vicente. Hee made this video six years before the FBI raid.

The black and silver hard drives are in the same place on the day of the raid as they were six years before when Vicente filmed Raniere in his study.

Keith Raniere in his study at 8 Hale Dr., in 2012.  The hard drives are at the end of the lower bookshelf.

Left to right: The silver LaCie hard drive, the black Western Digital hard drive with a blue light – because it’s plugged in — and a Sony DVD player.

Here is Vicente standing next to the three devices in 2012.  Now look again at the photo FBI SA Mills took of evidence item #2.
Mills placed card #2 on the silver LaCie.
It gets even more peculiar. Remarkably Mills photographed the silver LaCie hard drive again. The same silver LaCie hard drive appears as evidence in item #2 and item #37.

To enhance this double role, the FBI moved the silver LaCie hard drive to the left of where it was when it appeared as evidence item #2.

They positioned books and a Rubik’s Cube near it.

Evidence item #2 is evidence item #37. Only the cards were changed.

Yet the same device cannot be two different evidence items. But it is. The same silver LaCie hard drive appears as evidence item #2 and #37.

The FBI correctly identifies the LaCie hard drive as evidence item #37 on their evidence list.

The FBI incorrectly identifies the LaCie hard drive as evidence item #2 on their evidence list.

The FBI’s evidence list shows evidence item #2 is a Western Digital hard drive.

Another point: The FBI did not photograph all the evidence items in place. 

We find the Sony DVD drive in the same place as the LaCie silver hard drive appearing as evidence item #36. 

Right next to the Rubik’s cube.

The FBI finished the search around 12:30 p.m.

FBI SA Mills failed to photograph the Western Digital hard drive. The only seized device he did not photograph was the most important one. The Western Digital hard drive allegedly contained child porn.

Now let us look at FBI photos of the Western Digital hard drive. This will establish beyond a doubt that that hard drive is black, not silver.

The photos were taken by Forensic Examiner Trainee Virginia Donnelly. She took the photos six months after the raid. An FBI agent brought a Western Digital hard drive to her at FBI CART.

CART stands for Computer Analysis Response Team.

Donnelly made the forensic copy of the Western Digital hard drive on September 19, 2018.

Government exhibit 961 shows her photos of the Western Digital hard drive. It is black. Not silver or grey.

During their raid, the FBI first seized a camera in a bag. Then they took either a silver LaCie hard drive or a black Western Digital hard drive. There is a contradiction in the evidence.

But the FBI found child porn 11 months later on the Western Digital hard drive, they alleged.
The metadata of the Camila photos on the Western Digital hard drive shows the camera that took the photos. It was the Canon camera the FBI seized first.

What extraordinary luck. Evidence items #1 and #2 were all the proof they needed for child porn and exploitation of a child.

Yet the search warrant did not call for child porn from 2005. The warrant was narrow. It was for DOS crimes committed on or after January 1, 2015 – ten years later.

It is not illegal per se for the FBI to find child porn outside the warrant’s scope. SA Lever said he might have to make a human inspection of the devices.

The law is clear

Where items outside the scope of a warrant are seized, “‘[t]he retention of [those] items . . . can be justified only if the Government meets its burden of demonstrating that those items fall within an exception to the warrant requirement,’ such as the plain view exception.

What are the odds of finding the evidence needed for a crime not listed in the search warrant? 

 What odds of finding it from the first two items seized out of 37 items?

 Two items that agents went out of their way to seize first and second.

 And what are the odds of the FBI finding this evidence 11 months later, by accident?

 So accidental that the FBI had to get another search warrant to cover it?

  And fight a suppression motion to prove it was within the plain view exception.

The plain view doctrine is an exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement that allows an officer to seize evidence and contraband that are found in plain view during a lawful observation.  

Let us consider:

Raniere left the hard drive for years untouched.

The metadata shows that the Western Digital hard drive was accessed last on February 12, 2010. That was eight years before the FBI raid. It was when Daniela still worked for him, a month before she entered her room for 23 months.

Raniere left the hard drive in plain sight. It had not moved, it seemed, in at least six years. We can attribute this to Raniere’s arrogance and recklessness if you like. Leaving child porn on a hard drive and then going to Mexico. Knowing the FBI is investigating.

It’s possible.

Then the FBI raided 8 Hale. They act like homing pigeons in their pursuit of two items. The first two: A camera and a hard drive. They bypass other devices under the desk and on the desk. They seize the first two items. But they take the wrong photo of the hard drive.

Eleven months later, the FBI discovers crimes outside the warrant’s scope.

They find it accidentally through human inspection. The FBI discovers child porn on a black Western Digital hard drive just a few weeks before the trial.

Forget that they waited 11 months to complete their hard drive inspection. Forget they told the judge the hard drive was likely to contain collateral. And other evidence of sex trafficking.

Forget that the FBI got the warrant the same day they arrested Raniere – on March 26, 2018.

They raided 8 Hale the next day – on March 27, 2018.

On February 21, 2019, they made a human inspection of the hard drive for crimes committed on or after January 1, 2015. At that time, the FBI accidentally discovered Camila’s photos. It was 332 days after they seized the hard drive.

And six weeks before jury selection.

On June 10, the DOJ called FBI Special Agent Christopher Mills to testify at Raniere’s trial.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar examined him. She asked about the camera.

Hajjar: Now, showing you Government Exhibit 502-A-32, can you describe what this photograph depicts?

Mills:   Sure. So the there’s a note there with the number one. So number one represents evidence item number one. So, in this case, this photo was taken underneath the desk or table and was assigned number one based on being the first evidence item that was found.

Hajjar: And what’s the point of photographing where evidence is found?

Mills: So we want to photograph — we call it “in place” to photograph where this item was found and in this case the item was found directly below the desk or table.

As we saw above, Mills did not photograph everything in place. They moved things around. The questions continue:

Hajjar: And is this item, item one, reflected on the photographic log that you looked at — that you showed the jury earlier?

Mills: It’s not the first photo. It’s the first item.

Hajjar: The item one?

Mills:  Evidence item one.

Hajjar: Item one noted on that log?

Mills:  Yes.

Hajjar: Your Honor, may I approach the witness?

THE COURT: Yes, you may.

(Hajjar approached Mills with the actual camera and bag.]

Hajjar: I’m going to show you, Agent Mills, what’s marked as Government’s Exhibit 520 and 524. Have you seen these exhibits?

Mills: Yes.

Hajjar:  What are these?

Mills: So, this camera here is the camera that was inside the bag of the item identified as item number one ….


Hajjar: Showing you 502-A-33, is this the same — is this the same camera as Government Exhibit 520 and the bag that you found it in?

Mills:  Yes.

Hajjar: Okay. So turning now, Agent Mills, to Government Exhibit 502-A-34, can you describe what this photograph shows?

Hajjar: I don’t have anything on the screen.

THE COURT: I am sorry. Go ahead.

Exhibit 502-A-34 appears on the screen.

Hajjar: Can you describe what this photograph shows?

Mills: Yes. So this is the still of the same office space as seen before and item number two, which is on top of the bookshelf here, is a gray or silver hard drive.

FBI SA Mills says evidence item #2 is a silver or grey hard drive. He does not identify it as a LaCie hard drive. He only identifies it by color.

Hajjar:: Your Honor, may I approach the witness?

THE COURT: Yes, you may.

Hajjar does not bring the silver LaCie hard drive Mills photographed and just identified.
She brings out a black Western Digital hard drive, the actual, physical device.

Hajjar:  I show you what’s been marked for identification as Government Exhibit 502. Showing you what’s marked for identification as Government Exhibit 503. Do you recognize this exhibit?

Hajjar showed Mills a black Western Digital hard drive.

Mills: Yes.

Hajjar: What is it?

Mills: This is a hard drive. The brand is, I believe, Western Digital.

Hajjar: Is there a serial number on that exhibit?

Mills: Yes. It is WCAS81365334.

Hajjar: Your Honor, the Government offers Government Exhibit 503 into evidence.


THE COURT: All right. Government Exhibit 503 is received in evidence. (Government Exhibit 503 – the Western Digital hard drive – is received in evidence.)

It could be an accident. Hajjar showed Mills the photo of evidence item #2. He describes it as a silver or grey hard drive.
No brand name.
Then she brings him the black Western Digital hard drive. Mills identifies it by brand and even serial number. And the countries of manufacture.


Hajjar:  I wanted to show you, Agent Mills, the back of Government Exhibit 503 where you read the serial number. Do you see that?

Mills: Yes.

Hajjar: Do you see up top where this device was manufactured and assembled?

Mills: Yes. It says “Assembled in Thailand with drive manufactured in Malaysia or Thailand.”

Hajjar: Do you see the front of Government Exhibit 503, the circle?

Mills: Yes.

Hajjar: Agent Mills, was this one of the devices that was also provided to CART for their analysis and review?

Mills: Yes.

AUSA Hajjar does not ask Mills if he seized the Western digital hard drive at 8 Hale. She did ask him if the camera was seized at 8 Hale.

But with the hard drive, the one he took the wrong photo of — the hard drive with the evidence of the child porn and the metadata to place the camera – Hajjar does not ask him if he seized at 8 Hale.

Could be an oversight.  But she only asks him if it was the hard drive taken to CART to be examined. She continues:

Hajjar: Turning then to — skip to 502-A-46, can you describe what this photograph depicts?

Mills: Sure. So this is, once again, underneath the desk or the table in the office space. And you see item number 14, so that’s evidence item number 14, the gray or silver hard drive.


Hajjar: Can I approach the witness, Your Honor?

THE COURT: Yes, you may.

Hajjar: I’d like to show the witness what’s been marked for identification as Government Exhibit 506.

(Hajjar approaches Mills with the LaCie hard drive #14.)

Hajjar: I’m showing you actually what’s marked as 560, Agent Mills. Do you recognize this exhibit?

A   Yes.

Hajjar: What is it?

Mills: It’s the hard drive and brand LaCie.

Hajjar: Was that the item 14 that you recovered from 8 Hale Drive?

A   Yes.


THE COURT: Received in evidence.

Government’s Exhibit 560 received in evidence.)

So let us review: Hajjar shows Mills the photo of the camera and the bag. She asks him to identify and confirm he took it from 8 Hale.

Hajjar shows Mills the photo of the silver LaCie – evidence item #2.

Then she shows him the black Western Digital hard drive but doesn’t ask him if he took it from 8 Hale.

Hajjar shows Mills a photo of another LaCie hard drive – the one under the desk. It is evidence item #14. Then she brings the actual device and he confirms he took it from 8 Hale.

Here is the pattern.

She shows the photo, then the actual device, and asks if he seized it from 8 Hale.

But with the critical evidence – the hard drive with the alleged child porn – the black Western Digital hard drive, Hajjar shows Mills a photo of a silver LaCie hard drive. Then she brings the black Western Digital hard drive. And without asking him if he seized it at 8 Hale.

Ok. So when Hajar shows Mills the silver LaCie #14, he identifies it by brand and that he took it from 8 Hale.  She continues:

Hajjar: Agent Mills, can you read the serial number on this drive as well?

Mills: It is 164400534.

Hajjar: Agent Mills, was Government Exhibit 560 one of the devices that was provided to CART for analysis and review?

Mills: Yes.

The silver LaCie #14 and the silver LaCie #2 and again #37 did not provide any evidence of child porn. The black Western Digital hard drive was the only device not photographed that was supposedly seized during the raid at 8 Hale.

It was the only device Mills was asked to identify that he does not specifically state he seized it from 8 Hale.

He may have gotten confused about what might be the single most important evidence in the case. Presented with a black hard drive, Mills did not say he seized it at 8 Hale.

He only said it is “a hard drive.”

Hajjar asks if the black Western Digital hard drive was provided to CART for examination.

The crucial evidence, the black Western Digital hard drive, which allegedly had Camila’s pictures, Mills did not say he took it from 8 Hale. And he wasn’t asked.

So now it is time for cross-examination.

Raniere’s attorney, Teny Geragos asked Mills about the Western Digital hard drive – the black one.

She wanted to know if the hard drive was plugged in at 8 Hale when he seized it.

Geragos: Was this plugged into anything?

Mills: I would not know at that moment.

Geragos: Okay. Did you personally retrieve it?

Mills: Did I personally retrieve the device itself?

Geragos: Yes.

Mills: For evidence collection, yes.

Mills did not answer yes or no. That was what the question called for. Yes or no.

Instead he answered with a question then said he retrieved the black Western Digital hard drive for “evidence collection.”

He does not specify where he retrieved it. He did not state he retrieved it from 8 Hale.

Geragos: But you just don’t remember if it was actually plugged into anything?

Mills: I don’t recall, but I did not unplug it.

If Mills seized it from 8 Hale and did not unplug it, either it was unplugged or someone unplugged it. He didn’t recall. But then again he didn’t even photograph it.

We have begun to present evidence of alleged tampering. We will later discuss the camera card – which is how the Canon camera transfers photos.

We will discuss how the FBI hid the camera card from the defense. And how the FBI accessed it and changed every date on the card.

And how the FBI made two reports. New photos appeared that weren’t there before. But the people in the photos were wrong.

Then there is puzzling metadata. There are metadata DateTimes that are impossible. Like metadata dates on the Camila photos that are older than the manufacture date of the camera.

We are not saying the FBI tampered with evidence. But there is much to explain.

This post makes a minor point:  Why did the FBI fail to take a photo of the most critical digital evidence of the trial? Just a mistake?

Did they take the wrong photo of the hard drive that later was found to have child porn? But they did not know they would find the child porn? Yet they managed to seek that evidence out first.

Yes, coincidences happen. And so does tampering.

And tampering is never perfect. It always comes apart sooner or later. When more than two people are involved, it’s usually sooner.

There will be more questions. And more evidence to come. A lot more.

This will upset the furious ones. The anonymous scolding righteous ones.

They leave comments with their insults and ridicule this endeavor.  They know all.

And they cannot stand to think that the truth might differ from what they want.

They are advised not to read Part 5.



You can read Raniere’s Rule 33 Motion on FBI Tampering here.

You can read Dr. Kiper’s Expert Report here.

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  • I am puzzled as to why any of this is necessary. I was sure that the “one name good, two names bad” argument was going to work.

  • Here is my sincere question for Suneel: Why is this black Western Digital hard drive “the most critical digital evidence of the trial”?

    I have not read the trial transcripts, but I know that the trial went on for weeks, and I’m sure loads of evidence were presented. It could help my understanding of why I should agree it’s important to hyper-scrutinize this hard drive evidence if someone could explain to me why this is the most critical digital evidence.

    I agree that there appear to be inconsistencies that would cause one to raise an eyebrow, but if this is just one tiny piece of shaky evidence in a big mountain of solid evidence, then It feels like a waste of time to spend so much time looking at it.

    So my question is, “Suneel, why do you believe that this is the most critical digital evidence of the trail?”

    I realize I might sound like a dummy who is missing the obvious but it would help me to have that clarified.

  • Continuing my time line, based on Frank’s articles. My thoughts on this article at the end:

    2002: Family with three sisters Mariana (around 19), Daniela (around 16 at time), and Camila (around 13) move 12 Wilton Court
    ? – 2005: 3 Flintlock is Raniere’s primary residence
    2003: Mariana, age 20, begins relationship with Raniere. Moves into 3 Flintlock, living with Raniere and 3 other women
    2003: Daniela, age 17, begins relationship with then 43 year old Raniere.
    2003: Daniela, age 17, begins working with Raniere at 3 Flintlock. Testified oral sex was “common occurrence” at the home. Unclear if still underage at time was performing oral sex.
    2003: November, 2: Daniela, age 18, first penetrative sex with Raniere, day after she turns 18 on November 1.

    2004, January: 8 Hale purchased by NXIVM
    2005: 8 Hale becomes Raniere’s primary residence
    2005, March 3: Daniela, age 19, sends Raniere 70 page email with catalog of his books, DVDs and CDs that she inventoried as moved them from 3 Flintlock to 8 Hale
    2005: Daniela, age 19, works at 8 Hale. Responsible for Raniere’s computers and backup of files along with creating book reports for Raniere. Continues relationship with Raniere at 8 Hale.
    2005, September 18: Camila, age 16, begins sexual relationship with Raniere, age 45, at 8 Hale.

    2005, October 17: Earliest EXIF date from a nude photo.
    2005, October 19: Nine nude photos of Daniela, age 19, taken based on EXIF data. Daniela testified nude photos taken in 2005 at 3 Flintlock, did not know exact dates.
    2005, November 2: Fourteen alleged pictures of Camila, age 15, based on metadata and EXIF data. Photos taken at 8 Hale.
    2005, November 24: Eight alleged pictures of Camila, age 15, taken based on metadata and EXIF data. Photos taken at 8 Hale.
    2005, December 30: Latest EXIF date from nude photos.

    2006: Raniere ends relationship with Daniela for kissing another man. Raniere was in sexual relationship with around 20 women at the time.
    2006-2009: Daniela continued to work at 8 Hale when Raniere not there. She digitized and backuped his music collection.
    2011: Camila, age 21, moves into townhouse near 3 Flintlock to avoid having to sneak into 8 Hale to see Raniere.
    2009-2012: Daniela, age 24, on Raniere’s orders to “make amends” for wanting to date other, is jailed for 23 months in her family’s main bedroom (father sleeps on living room couch). Little human contact as food is left outside door. Her mother also does a multi-month voluntary exile for her daughter’s “ethical breach”.
    2012, February: Daniela leaves her family jail, tries to confront Raniere but fails. Father forces her to move to Mérida, Mexico with $200 and no ID.

    2012: Pictures and whiteboard of Raniere at work, shows external hard drive on a shelf for anyone to access
    2014: 8 Hale used as storage when Raniere moves to another home
    2015: Camila attempts suicide. Found by Raniere. Nancy Salzman determines minor injuries. Camila has sex with NXIVM trainer, tells Raniere, he ends relationship.
    2015, October, 23: Raniere orders Camila to recruit a slave to seduce him via email.

    2017, June 5: Frank Reports breaks story on DOS
    2017, October 14: New York Times publishes story on DOS. Leads to FBI investigation.
    2017, November 10: Raniere moves to Mexico
    2018, January 18: FBI uses search warrant for Raniere’s Yahoo email which includes correspondence with Camila, discussions on a vow and collateral.
    2018, February 14: FBI gets warrant for Raniere for sex trafficking and forced labor. Victims are members of DOS
    2018, February 18: Frank Report publishes article on Raniere’s location as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    2018, March 25: Raniere captured by Mexican authorities near Puerto Vallarta and flown back to the USA
    2018, March 26: Raniere arrested in Dallas by FBI. FBI get search warrant for 8 Hale.

    2018, March 27: 8 Hale raided, FBI seize WD external hard drive and camera from office. Last used in 2012 based on comparisons with pictures from then
    2018, September 19: Forensic copy of WD hard drive made
    2019. February 21: Nude photos of 1 female child (age 15) and 11 adult women found on WD hard drive by FBI
    2019, March 13: Due to explicit photos found on WD hard drive were prior to January 1, 2015 date, a second warrant using “plan view doctrine” was issued for the photos. Plain view was the hard drive was sitting on a shelf above Raniere’s desk that was part of the initial search.
    2019, June 10: FBI Special Agent Christopher Mills identifies the WD hard drive under oath during Raniere’s trial

    Other notes on facts as presented:
    – Mariana/Raniere goes from 2003, then age 20 to his 43, to unknown date with one son born 2017.
    – Daniela/Raniere goes from 2003, her 17 to his 43, 2006, her at age 20. Ended for her kissing another man
    – Camila/Raniere goes from 2005, her 16 to his 45, to 2015, her at age 26. Ended for sex with another man.
    – Mariana and Daniela knew both were in sexual relationship with Raniere. It is not known if two sisters knew about his relationship with Camila
    – Based on folder path, computer that had photos was a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop. Series first released in 2003, but date purchased unknown. Computer was not located at 8 Hale.
    – Total of 167 nude photos found of 11 woman and 1 female child found by FBI on external hard drive at \BACKUPS\BKP.DellDimensions8300-20090330\Studies folder. Eleven of the those involved taken at 8 Hale, one at 3 Flintlock.
    – Raniere describes Daniela as his “hacker” to collect information for him. He says this proves she had the skills to help the FBI frame him.
    – Camila, who does not testify at the trial, later confirms at sentencing that nude photos were taken of her by Raniere early in their relationship. She indicated he took many pictures of her from 2005 to around 2008. Those other photos have not been found.
    – 8 Hale March 27, 2018 search warrant authorizes seizure of items related to “evidence, fruits and instrumentalities” of “sex trafficking, forced labor, extortion, and racketeering” for dates “on or after January 1, 2015”. Items do include “computers or storage media” that can also be used to store collateral. The warrant describes collateral as including “explicit photographs and videos of DOS slaves”. A evidence log from the search includes a total of 37 items removed from the home including all computers and external hard drives.
    – Evidence Item #1 is Raniere’s Canon camera
    – Evidence Item #2 is described in evidence log with special agent’s signature dated 3/27/2018 as “2) Western Digital SN: WCA581365334”. A picture taken by FBI at the time places a yellow #2 note on neighboring Lacie hard drive SN: 154107441. Both items are next to a Sony DVD drive SN: 5042648
    – Evidence Item #36 is Sony DVD drive SN: 5042648
    – Evidence Item #37 is Lacie hard drive SN: 154107441

    My Thoughts:
    – Notice I leave out certain things like “its like they knew exactly where to go ahead of time” type stuff. Those are not facts, not unless can get someone to come forward and admit advance information was provided to the FBI or the agents themselves admit it. Its an assumption, currently an unprovable assumption. One of many this article is making. Assumption does not new evidence make. Nor does a series of assumptions.
    – Getting a search warrant after an arrest is common. Nothing sinister about that despite article’s attempt to suggest otherwise.
    – To be clear, the official FBI evidence log documentation from the day of the search correctly identifies the WB hard drive. The picture of what is later evidence item #2, #36, and #37 is a #2 sticker placed next to the WD hard drive instead of directly on it.
    – So to sum: the foundation of “doubt” for this entire article is a sticker and a couple of photographs where one of them taken in 2018 identically matches photos that Raniere had taken back in 2012 with the three core items this particular article is focuses on clearly visible in the same location, in same order, and while hard to tell due to camera angle likely nearly identical distance apart from each other.
    – I get Frank is trying to carefully lay out…something. Other then unproven assumptions, so far all of this should have been dealt with during the trial by Raniere’s defense. Their failure to not recognize the significance of a misplaced sticker is on them. Yep being sarcastic when think a sticker means a thing when the evidence log is the core information from that day, not the photographs. Even if the photographs were instead the core piece, Raniere’s own pictures collaborates the FBI’s version of those confiscated items’ location.
    – This article does prove how can take something that could have a simple explanation (sticker placed incorrectly) into something significant (“FBI incorrectly identifies the LaCie hard drive as evidence item #2”) based on how your bias influences how choose to look at things.
    – Frank, if you think I am trying to double check your work and being overly critical – yep. I am aware of your own recent history with the FBI (which is you are supposed to be disclosing when there is a conflict such as an analysis on FBI alleged malfeasance) and believe that is coloring your perspective when this needs to have your anger at the FBI cut off. Letting emotion enter the equation is how police forces screw up investigations but its also how those that claim to be watch dogging them screw up. If your “analysis” continues along the same lines as your four articles have so far, you are screwing up significantly. Or to look at it another way, I am simply pointing out what the defense will. If you are the judge, whose explanation are you likely to listen to so far if take an emotionless step back? Mine or yours?
    – If this article and the others is mostly Suneel’s assumptions, you probably should make that more clear as co-writing credit assumes agreement on the words as written.

    • “To be clear, the official FBI evidence log documentation from the day of the search correctly identifies the WB hard drive.”

      This. This is what matters. It’s the only thing that matters in a legal sense and in a rational objective sense. The Western Digital hard drive was listed, photographed, and its serial number recorded. It was subsequently produced in court with its serial number confirmed.

      The issue of an off-kilter #2 card (if indeed it was off-kilter) is insignificant.

      The serial number of the drive seized matches the one produced in court.

  • Okay, if I missing something here, I’d like to hear about it.

    What it looks like to me is that #2 showed the drives “in place” and then each drive was entered separately, as #’s 36 & 37 (after they were unplugged and being prepared for transport). And with nude photos being such a big thing for DOS, why is it any surprise they knew where to look for the camera?

    I don’t see anything concerning here. What am I missing?

  • Ok ok Bobblehead and Frank, I am unfortunately done visiting this blog for a very long while.

    I’ve been an avid reader and commenter here since 2018 (sad but true) as I obviously found the NXIVM saga to be incredibly interesting and later the Chris Ambrose drama almost as interesting but I must say that none of these Suneel / FBI tampering stories are at all interesting. In fact, I find them asinine. In this riveting piece we learn that the placement of an evidence card is considered tampering; that it’s considered odd that the camera and hard drive were identified as of being of interest (they looking for COLLATERAL aka pictures); and lastly that the colors of the hard drive were confused.

    All of this amounts to literally NOTHING and it is INSULTING to me as a reader that it’s believed that I am STUPID enough to share this nonsensical belief of TAMPERING.


    • I understand your pain Adios.

      I actually composed a long rebuttal to this shambles of an article, refuting point by point each of its silly claims. Explaining how the FBI carefully recorded each device’s serial number, why more than one device can appear in a picture, etc.

      Then I realized how futile that all was. An utter waste of my time. Chakravorty and the FR are on a crusade, one that’s incredibly silly and will convince no one, so it’s completely unimportant.

  • It’s well within NXIVM’s bag of dirty tricks to plant possibly misleading ‘evidence’ –

    For example, in 2010, at Jim Odato’s request, I sent him Gina’s computer card extracted from the computer she used while working for CBI that Keith had given her when the company folded back in the late ’90’s. (A computer savvy friend of mine, Ray Newton, dismantled the computer, carefully extracted the card and mailed it out in the proper packaging as I am not and never pretended to be tech-saavy.). Odato told me his techsperts found images of suicide methods on the drive. That and other “evidence” that Gina was contemplating suicide – which came as a complete shock to those who knew her – pretty much closed down the prospect of homicide until Frank claimed to me, first in 2017, that Gina’s “sceptor had reopened unto him” – why, indeed, it wouldn’t be long before Gina and Kris Snyder both were spotted roaming around the Country, had allegedly been inducted into the “CIA’s MK10 program.”

    Looking back on it, today, I believe – as Kristin Keeffe alleged on camera during the production of “Lost Women” – Keith and his accomplices did mind condition Gina over years into taking her own life and succeeded in part by creating an environment of utter hopelessness and despair around her to “trigger” her at the time of her death in 2002.

    I believe that using Clare & Sara Bronfman’s formidable resources they have been and are making the same attempt to manipulate me and, possibly, other potential crime witnesses, to the same end using the same methods that ‘worked’ on Gina and Kris Snyder.

    Kristin Keeffe mentions that she believes she succumbed to cancer for a similar reason.

    Given the inordinate number of NX deaths and occurance of Cancers, I wonder if Kristin might not care to elaborate on the topic?

    Sunlight, not gaslight, is the best disinfectant, Kristin. Let’s get BEYOND this. Call me, please. I have long ago forgiven you for whatever role you played in Gina’s death and do well understand the mental torment you endured for decades including, especially, your maternal instincts to protect Gaalen.

  • Frank, if the tampering is true is there not a tiny little part of you that thinks this is funny? In that he successfully managed to plant porn on someone’s computer and get him arrested and imprisoned? It’s the perfect case of a taste of his own medicine. Is just a tiny bit of you amused, slightly?

    • What is also rather ironic is that the hard drive with naked pictures had a blue light on it. And at the date of the Camilla pictures was the day of the dead. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

  • Keith is guilty.

    He had a long jury trial. His choice.

    Keith used Clare’s money and had every legal advantage it could buy.

    Keith lost. The jury found him guilty as charged.

    Keith said, “I’m a sex offender. Send me to Tucson”

    The BOP did.

    And that is where your beloved pedophile and child pornographer shall live out his remaining days.

  • The FBI needs to be investigated. I know there’s more to come but this lays a foundation of doubt. Why did the move the items instead of the “in place” protocol they are to follow?

    And he can’t recall of the hard drive was plugged in or not? Did they ever photograph the black hard drive?

    To all those who through accusation and conspiracy theory out there- do try and have an open mind.

    Our government has stripped us of our rights because of blind indict inaction that they stand for justice.

    They do not. They commit atrocities on a daily basis. This has little to do with Raniere.

    It’s about the integrity of the agents.

    • It’s really not about the Integrity of the agents. If you believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty the human being who was proven guilty in the lengthy trial by a jury of his peers is Keith.

      The agents don’t have to prove a negative. The agents didn’t do anything that anyone
      can prove is wrong in this criminal case.

      What are the other criminals supposed to do for every single criminal case ever tried in the United States just throw every accusation they can possibly conjure up at the agents and demand that they prove their innocence on all of the unfounded accusations?

      The burden of proof is on the Accuser. That burden has not been met in a way that constitutes a legal challenge. So it’s a non-issue.

      And don’t speak for everybody. If a government has stripped you of your rights as you wrote, i then tell your story. But don’t speak in generalities with nothing to back it up and try to wrap us all up in your cause.

      Many, many people believe in holding the government accountable but that doesn’t mean they also want to go on wild goose chases trying to prove a convicted child pornographer and pedophile didn’t get a fair shake at trial because his cult followers insist on it.

      That is not a “we” situation this is a “you” or a “they” situation. It is not a cause that everyone is going to take up just because there are wildly speculative blogs post by one of vanguard’s most devoted minions.

      It is abusing others’ patriotism to constantly try to shame or rally them to a personal cause by declaring it is a cause for all people. Not every battle is everyone’s battle.

      And it’s such a transparent pathetic attempt to try to appeal to the better part of your fellow citizens for your own personal gain. Which in this case is also horribly misguided.

  • Guys? Maybe I need to read this over again tmrw but right now? I still don’t get it. To me? It’s like, what? This dusty old computer? No wonder they didn’t look at it first. Maybe it’s just me but I’m not really supposed problem yet.

  • They won’t let Raniere out but worthy of serious investigation. We need to take our government. People need to demand accountability. Our government does not work for the people. This abuse of process and violation of due process is commonplace.

    • Blah blah words of indignation. Vague patriotic theme all Americans agree with blah blah distract from the pedophile cult leader you follow blah blah general rallying cry about corrupt government.

      But nothing there.

      Keith will stay in prison.

    • Is it “common place”? What cases do you follow besides Keith Raniere’s?

      Why do “people” need to demand accountability? Why don’t YOU?

      “People” found Keith guilty. 12 of them. Who heard allllll the evidence. In a court. Under oath.

      Ima go with those “people”

  • What’s the point of having procedures when the FBI opts not to follow them?

    Sloppy at best. The questioning is concerning. Answering a question with a question is evasive. Not a slam dunk on its own but gives credibility to the claims. Can’t wait for part 5.

    The FBI failed the women’s gymnastics team miserably and no accountability at all. If they’ll fail to protect our young women, surely they’d throw Raniere under the bus.

      • I’ll answer that one. In July 2021 the US Inspector General released a report on the FBI’s handling of the Larry Nassar case.

        Here is part of their conclusion:

        The OIG found that senior officials in the FBI Indianapolis Field Office failed to respond to the Lawrence Gerard Nassar allegations with the utmost seriousness and urgency that the allegations deserved and required, made numerous and fundamental errors when they did respond to them, and failed to notify state or local authorities of the allegations or take other steps to mitigate the ongoing threat posed by Nassar.

        Moreover, when the FBI’s handling of the Nassar matter came under scrutiny from the public, Congress, the media, and FBI headquarters in 2017 and 2018, Indianapolis officials did not take responsibility for their failures.

        Instead, they provided incomplete and inaccurate information in response to internal FBI inquiries (and Indianapolis Field Office Special Agent in Charge (SAC) W. Jay Abbott, after he retired, provided inaccurate information to the media) to make it appear that the Indianapolis office had been diligent in its follow-up efforts and they did so, in part, by blaming others for their own failures.

      • Short answer – FBI knew about the allegations against the doctor on the gymnastics team and did nothing. When it became known the FBI had information of abuse and did nothing, they tried to hide it.

        The FBI have one real internal rule: “Do not embarrass the FBI.” Note that rule has nothing to do with actually doing the job with a goal for truth and justice. The FBI are just the police with a better wardrobe (ever notice the people you should trust least in the world wear suits?).

        They screw up on the regular and not as perfect and capable as fiction depicts.

        Knowing this should make the analysis Frank is doing interesting but so far its coming across as a big old nothing. I know he is attempting to lay a foundation out for the “real” evidence but the foundation currently is just quicksand and built on a series of assumptions rather than evidence.

    • Are you talking about the young girls who were molested? How dare you compare them to Keith raniere and his case. Guess pedophiles always have young girls on the brain or children in general. Why don’t you just worry about your Vanguard and not try to drag these athletes down into the mud with you?

      • I dont think he is dragging the athletes down , hes answering a question and those athletes should be proud of themselves

  • Well, Its certainly Not Frivolous and odd that the D.A. never mentions 8 Hale retrieval for that specific Hard Drive ONLY.

        • I just looked at them today. Will try to get to it as soon as possible, Mr. McBlack. Thank you for inquiring.

          Despite Patriot God’s mental disability, I do think the boy has talent as a writer.

          • Lol. I don’t think any of those guys have a “mental disability”. I don’t know why you’re such a dick to them?! I think they are hilarious! I don’t know why you feel the need to censor them all and call them “mentally disabled” and all the things that you do? I think Frank Report wouldn’t be the same without them and you need to stop being so uptight about them. Who cares if they say the N word. It just words and quite frankly, I have seen worse people on here in my time.

            Just let them have free reign on here and just engage (or don’t engage) if you don’t like what they have to say. I personally think they are very witty and funny. I don’t see what the big deal is about them and why you need to monitor their free speech so much?

            Let’s just let them have fun and have fun with them and laugh. There’s so many things I wanted to see them respond to that you refused to post and never did. Please just stop doing that and let us have some high quality entertainment, Frank!

            You’ve got to admit those guys are witty and hilarious! Just stop with censoring shit and let them say whatever they want! FR needs them, Frank.

            What would life be without them?

  • I’ve been following your blog, and had mostly tuned out the tampering articles, but I just happened to read this one. I’ve got to say…this is gripping! It reads like a True Crime show or crime novel. Is this all for real? Why haven’t we heard about this yet? I can’t wait to see what happens before the season ends, lol!

    • If you actually been following this blog there is no way this is new information for you. Sounds like a dead-ender!

      To end the suspense… No. It’s not for real.

    • Nicki that you?

      Yes a misplaced sticker, so exciting!

      (Yeah I know you were hoping no one would catch the other way of looking at things).

  • Frank desperately trying to keep this story alive haha…how many times are you going to repeat these baseless claims? Stop beating a dead horse. KR ain’t getting out of prison and you are never going to prove the FBI did anything illegal.

    • This is not about Keith getting out of prison. I have plenty of other stories to write. But I am going to put the rest of the story out there.

  • So how many parts are there to this series? When you end with taunts to readers as you dole out, yet again, only a portion of what you term evidence…

    “This will upset the furious ones. The anonymous scolding righteous ones.

    They leave comments with their insults and ridicule this endeavor. They know all.

    And they cannot stand to think that the truth might differ from what they want.

    They are advised not to read Part 5.”

    … it casts doubt on this series being an unbiased analysis. I’ll be back to read and maybe comment once you’ve put up your entire series.

  • Stopped reading these repetitive, padded propaganda posts a long time ago.

    There is no legal path for Keith to be let out of prison. Keith did the crimes. Keith went to trial and Keith lost.

    Keith had every fiinancial resource to purchase every legal assistance a person in jeopardy of criminal conviction in the United States could possibly dream of having at their disposal.

    It’s really good to be skeptical of people in power positions but it is not doing any humans who were truly crushed on the wheel of Justice wrongly any favors to spend so much time and energy propagating this nonsense.

    Much as the dead-enders lambast women whom they allege are making false claims because it takes away from the women who have real abuse claims – – So does this fake investigation take away from the real problems and the real victims in the justice system

    Of which – Keith Alan “vanguard” Raniere is not one.

    Please post more DOS handbook snippets. This blog seems to have run its course for new Nxivm info and as a fun distraction.

      • It’s about Keith getting out.

        Of course it is.

        There is no way that Suneel iis only worried about proving the FBI allegedly tampered.

        And then what? The dead-enders will just be like, “Cool. Cool. Keep Keith where he is”?

        It’s absolutely about getting Keith Raniere out of prison

        In fact, prior legal filings ASKED for Keith to be released. Based on this very kind of bullshyte.

        This is such a silly and obvious deflection.

        The immediate goal is to try and cast doubt on Keith’s rock solid conviction…

        So. Keith. Can. Be. Freed. From. Prison.


        • I think it is unlikely that Keith gets out of prison – maybe 100-1 but I think it likely – but not certain – the FBI tampered – maybe 51 percent. I think it is 99.9 percent likely Keith abused Camila and anyone else he could.

          • Nah it’s not 50/50 the FBI tampered just because you have a beef with them. There was zero reason for the FBI to tamper and many more reasons for Keith Raniere to take those photos. This is not an equal footing of ethical integrity between Raniere and some members of the FBI.

          • Well, if you’re right, the rest of my evidence should be of value. It would be great to reveal that the FBI did not tamper in the end.

            By the way, I am not saying Keith did not take the photos. There were 12 females photographed nude in the folder. One was alleged to be Camila. The other 11 are all women known to be Keith’s sex partners. He is the most likely photographer.

            Now I will present the evidence that brings doubt not to who took the photos, but how they wound up on the hard drive and what manual alterations were made to the files.

          • I’m sure the power couple of Frank and Suneel will prove beyond beyond a reasonable doubt the FBI did something illegal LOL. I guess when two peoples entire identities are tied to a narrative, they will hang on for dear life. Fools

          • One of the few fairly recent movies I have seen is Dumb and Dumber. It was one of the funniest movies I ever saw.

            Which one am I?

          • Frank – we know you aren’t a big TV guy. How did you end up sitting down and watching (of all things) Dumb and Dumber? What was your favorite part or line in rhe movie? Putting down your VHS Godfather trilogy and watching classic comedy like Dumb & Dumber is going to open up a whole realm of enjoyment in your life.

          • I don’t think I could ever do it again. But I recall the one guy said to the girl – what are my odds of dating you. And she said, oh about a million to one. And the Dumb guy said, Oh great, then I have a chance. Or something like that.

  • #2, #14, #37. All drives photographed in place and all accounted for on the log albeit with a labelling error that wasn’t remembered by the witness four years later at trial. I am looking forward to the next part being less pedantic.

    • Not photographed in place. 37 was moved. But 2 and 37 are the same. Then consider Mills’ testimony.

      Now see what part 5 brings. This last one is a minor point. But there were some very interesting games the FBI agents played with evidence item 1 and the real evidence item 2.

      • But we know 2 is actually the black device despite the label being incorrectly placed a few inches to the left. The handwritten evidence list says ‘2) WD….’ which is the black one. They seized it, it’s in photos and on evidence logs. There were naked photos of women on there that he took. There’s no disputing that the hard drive is his from that room in that building. So what is the significance to all this? It was there, they seized it. Is that in dispute or just the labelling mix up. I am still not clear what the accusations are apart from vague tampering. Maybe it’s because the investigation hasn’t been published as one whole.

        With regard to them heading straight for certain items, wouldn’t they have received these specifics from Daniella or some other witness in the know?

        • I think this is a good analysis. But the fact that troubles me is that the FBI said the hard drive might contain 2015 onward collateral. But they did not get around to completing the examination for 11 months. They seized three hard drives and two computers from the place they said he was likely to store collateral. The black hard drive that backed up the three computers he allegedly used there had very few images.

          And it took them 11 months to search for it? Then they found something 100 percent outside their warrant. They were supposed to search for DOS crimes.

          That’s fine, since contraband in “plain view” is fair game. But – the FBI’s dash to get the black hard drive right after the camera suggests they knew its eventual value. Remember, they did not start with child porn charges. That came 11 months later.

          Part 5 I think will put the pieces together better.

          • Thanks, appreciate you addressing confusions/questions/analysis. There’s gonna be a lot! Perhaps it makes sense splitting it into parts.

          • It is a difficult thing to try to explain even when people are semi-receptive. I am not doing this for fun, Natashka. And I am not 100% certain of the truth. I think an evidentiary hearing might be required. I want to put out the evidence and let’s judge it.

  • I’ve encountered some ridiculous conspiracy theories over the years, but this one takes the cake.

    You’re claiming the FBI didn’t photograph the Western Digital hard drive. And yet there it is, photographed on the shelf in Raniere’s office, in the FBI photo, taken on the day of the search. You print the image right there in your article.

    Right below the FBI photo of the black Western Digital drive (that you say wasn’t photographed) you post a picture of the FBI evidence sheet listing the Western Digital hard drive as item #2 and listing its serial number. It’s the same serial number as the Western Digital drive introduced in evidence at trial.

    It’s item #2 on the FBI evidence sheet from the search and identified as #2 in the FBI photograph.

    Oh- did it never occur to you that the #2 card is merely propped against the silver LaCie device? There are three electronic devices pictured on the shelf, you see.

    I can’t believe I have to explain this…

    • Did it ever occur to you Aristotle that you are a remarkably transparent person? You can’t see any evidence that doesn’t comport with what you want to believe. Mills said when the photo was shown it was a silver hard drive. Not a black one.

      Are you invested in this? I mean do you work for the government or have a monetary interest in this? You are not being intellectually b honest here. But it’s ok. Just keep being transparent.

      • Frank, black/silver whatever.

        First: “like homing pigeons”. Those condos are tiny.

        Second: the subpoena seems broad enough;

        Most importantly, the defendant has photos of over a hundred naked women. He used this as collateral. He asked them to bring him sex slaves. He branded them with his initials.

        He wanted them held down and beg for his initials like they were being sacrificed.

        These are seriously f’d up facts.

        Bad facts make bad law.

        I need to hear from experts on both sides.

        But personally, I’m seeing the actions of a sociopath.

        My opinion.

          • I want to see the expert reports, but it’s like saying, ” I admit. I took 150 photos. But the 151st is not mine.”

          • Again. This is disingenuous.

            You post a piece. People comment logically and civilly on THAT provided information.

            And you dismiss their very valid opinions and counter analysis with “More to come”.

            So you want readers to comment on what you haven’t yet revealed? Why post the “proof” of alleged tampering in installments then?

            This is just a manipulation tactic to dismiss rational feedback on the very (years) lengthy road to your foregone conclusion.

            This is a bit juvenile. Teenagers pretend to have valuable knowledge they will parse out for extended attention.

            But this is a convicted pedophile who’s doing life in prison. Why play games?

            Lead with the big “new” revelations. And allow for debate on what has been already revealed thus far. Which isn’t much. Or new.

            This “investigation” could be strung out forever. The rehashing of minor non legal details that are debatable in reliability and the ever constant refrain of “more to come”.

            But it never does come.

      • Your ad hominem argument isn’t cutting it, and indicates you are becoming desperate and angry.

        Chakravorty has cooked up an unfounded conspiracy theory. He claims the FBI search is suspicious, that the agents made a beeline for the incriminating items as if they had foreknowledge. In fact, and as described above, the FBI went into the living room and the kitchen before moving upstairs. They even looked under a tarp on the piano. This was a perfectly ordinary search executing a search warrant. Nothing suspicious about it.

        The first item they seized was a digital camera and case. Hardly suspicious since they were looking for “collateral” such as photographic images. The second item seized was a hard drive, listed as evidence item #2, serial number recorded, photographed in its position on Raniere’s shelf, all proper and normal.

        To an objective observer there is nothing suspicious about any of this. And that includes the Mills testimony.

        Chakravorty is grasping at straws. And there is no story here. Other than the lengths a cult loyalist will go to defend his cult leader.

          • You’ve only just begun? Oh God. This is already so tedious and repetitive. If you were really getting started why didn’t you start with the actual information that’s going to blow everybody’s mind? I can answer that because it doesn’t exist.

          • But please don’t read the tampering posts. I label them. I have other stories – like the DOS manual.

      • “Are you invested in this? I mean do you work for the government or have a monetary interest in this?”

        Frank, this accusation is nonsense and you know it.

        AS made a good point. It’s simply not true to say the FBI didn’t photograph the western digital hard drive.

        Mills may be describing a wrong harddrive, intentionally or unintentionally, but the black WD harddrive sure as hell was photographed and registered down to the number in the FBI report.

        So, I side with AS on this one and let’s keep discussions civil and factual, as you have asked the commenters in your first post, if I remember correctly.

        • It is the conclusory allegations he made that are offensive. He always knows there is no tampering and does not 1/10th of the story.

          Just because Raniere is a devil does not mean the FBI are angels. So why not discuss this as if this is an honest endeavor to present facts.

          Yes, the FBI included the black Western Digital hard drive in their photo of the silver LaCie.

          But why not admit it on the stand that he took the wrong photo? He put card numer 2 on a silver LaCie for Evidence items #2 and #36.

          If there is nothing suspicious, why not say on the stand — I meant to photograph the black hard WD drive?

          So yeah, let’s be factual and civil.
          Aristotls starts off very civil:

          “I’ve encountered some ridiculous conspiracy theories over the years, but this one takes the cake.”

          And so he dismisses intelligent debate.

          There is so much more evidence.

          I would not be wasting my time with this. I have a thousand stories I’d rather write.

          But I want to get it out there.

          And by the way, I am not saying that Raniere did not abuse Camila. I personally think he did, and it was outrageous.

          But I have my suspicions that the FBI may not have gotten their evidence honestly. I may be wrong. I am open to civil debate.
          But on this topic, I want profound intelligence brought to bear. So show me I am wrong. But don’t start off calling it a conspiracy theory before you hear all the evidence.
          The FBI took the wrong picture. They took photos of the same hard drive twice.

          But the real McCoy, the one with the contraband, they somehow fail to photograph correctly.
          That by itself is nothing. But they did not openly disclose it before the jury.
          They tried to shuffle it fast and loose.

          I will be presenting the rest of the story.

          • That’s a really long-winded answer. And yet I don’t see a yes or no? Frank are you being paid in any way to post or work on this claim on behalf of Keith or any of his associates? There’s nothing wrong with being paid for this kind of work but you should be upfront about it.

          • I never write anything anymore for money. I write only what I believe in.

          • Not one single thing you’ve laid out ever in the allegations is a legal path to any kind of new trial or absolution in any way shape or form for Keith. It must just be a PR campaign. Because there are not even attempts to make a legal case for any kind of further action in regards to the conviction.

          • Frank, you can’t have it both ways.

            First of all, I think everyone has been incredibly civil and patient and tolerant of these ongoing (for years now) posts about how there were allegedly misdeeds against Keith and his criminal case.

            On the other hand , it is always this really overwritten, regurgitated information and the promise that there’s going to be something new eventually, that’s really going to spin everyone’s head around and make them agree.

            Yet you are not willing to provide that information. “Eventually” never manifests

            Instead you are going to just keep telling people that there’s things that they don’t know.

            Therefore, you can’t also criticize people for not buying what you’re selling. It’s such a manipulative tactic. Here’s the information. Then people respond to that information. And then you respond with no but their stuff you still don’t know okaaay.

            So we comment on what is presented. But we are wrong? Because we aren’t commenting on what has not been presented

            Start with this (alleged) incredible information that’s going to make everybody change their mind – let’s hear it!

            In your own responses there is an implication of you acknowledging that based on what has been put out already nobody should actually agree that there has been alleged tampering. Because there is “more” proof to come?

            it is so disingenuous to provide (allegedly) only some information and then when people say, “Okay, that’s not enough” you respond “Oh ,but there’s going to be more ”

            It’s such game playing.

            You want to chastise people for not knowing information that you’re withholding from them?

            They’re commenting on what they know right now and is provided in the articles.

            But you’re making it sound like you want them to comment on what they don’t know yet?

            That’s ridiculous

          • There is a huge number of new readers suddenly interested in this topic. I’m trying to bring them up to speed. Sorry for those who have followed all along. But there are thousands who don’t know the players.

          • Yes, I agree. Sorry. AS is too quick to dismiss your investigation as just another conspiracy.

            I can understand this irritates you, especially because you put a lot of time and effort in this.

            But AS has a very good analytical capacity, so his opinion does matter.

            I took time to read the court transcript you presented in this post. It’s a bit confusing because Hajjar calls both the photo’s and the physical evidence (camera, hard drives) “exhibits”, so it’s a bit of a puzzle.

            She tries to present the exhibits in a methodical way to the jury, but, as you have observed, she is not doing it 100% correct.

            She should have asked Mills to confirm the location where the black WD was retrieved. There also isn’t a photo of the black WD with a number attached to it, unlike the other exhibits.

            However, there is a photo of the black WD at the location and it was identified in the courtroom by the person who retrieved it there. T

            To suggest the omission of naming the location is suspicious, is frivolous. So, there is no doubt in my mind that the black WD in the photo taken at 8th Hale is the same that was presented in court as exhibit 503. I honestly cannot see anything nefarious in all of this.

          • Also:
            Frank is right 1:
            the photos show they did rearrange the Sony (item no 36) so not “in place” as stated by Mills in court, at least not in all photos. It’s presumably not 100% according to the manual, but still not a really serious omission in my view.

            Frank is right 2:
            The sticker item no 2 and item no 37 are indeed on the same silver drive. This is confusing. The “no 2” sticker should have been put on the black WD. In the list of exhibits the registration of exhibits is correct: on it the sliver drive is designated as item 37 and the black WD as item no 2. What can we conclude from this?

            In my opinion it’s just a minor mistake. I think it should have been addressed and clarified in court. It wasn’t, not good, but still not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It’s a minor issue, not worth writing pages about it. And certainly no proof of tampering.

          • He didn’t admit on the stand he messed up the labelling/photographing of evidence because it doesn’t seem like he was asked why there is a discrepancy..surely had the government or defense presented the issue to him he would have admitted this but he’s just answering their questions none of which asked about the error. Unless I have missed something vital and he was questioned specifically. I am.still not seeing what you are seeing!

          • I suggest he didn’t admit to it on the stand because maybe he realized he’d fucked up and didn’t want to look like a prune on the stand.

    • What are the odds of you being born as the answer to a prayer? Your parents prayed to make the world suffer and God heard them and you were conceived.

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