More Fine Paintings of the Crumbling World of Nxivm by MK10ART

MK10ART - Nicki Clyne tried so hard to protect the good name and noble deeds of Clare Webb Bronfman, but it was for naught for no one could outdo the evil that is Allison Mack.

MK10ART is the signature of paintings by Liz Houle. She has offered many exquisite paintings and sketches of the deep, dark and ugly world of Nxivm.  She publishes her work on Instagram and offers it freely to readers of Frank Report.

Here are some of MK10ART’s latest paintings – with comments from her Instagram page, some of which are quotes from stories on Frank Report.  These are followed by my comments if any.

A Behavior Panel is a group made up of the world’s top body language and behavior experts, Mark Bowden, Scott Rouse, Greg Hartley, and Chase Hughes analyze the body language and behavior displayed in videos of #AmandaKnox

Pt 1

Pt 2


The painting is of Amanda Knox, whom the artist is convinced is guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher. Knox joined our Frank Report community when she signed a petition to support the Nxivm-5’s efforts to engage public attention in the plight of Keith Raniere, a man who professes he is innocent and was railroaded by corrupt prosecutors.

Knox has not said that she believes Raniere is innocent or guilty. Her support is based, she said, on her belief that prosecutors need more accountability.






Government Seeks Five Years in Prison for Clare Bronfman



By this time, we all know that Clare got 6.75 years in prison and presently is housed at the MDC, the same prison as Keith Raniere. She cannot see him because she is in the women’s section and he is with the men and they don’t intermingle.  This painting does give us our first image of Clare behind bars, right alongside the man who brought her there.



What does #ClareBronfman
Know about the disappearance of #kristinsnyder ??

Bronfman Attorneys Say Clare Should Be Sentenced Only for Crimes She Plead Guilty to and no Victims Other Than Sylvie Should Be Allowed to Speak at Her Sentencing


Clare was newly on board when Kristin Snyder disappeared. But afterward, Clare was involved in funding efforts to hide or obscure what happened to her. Ostensibly, she told investigators that she wanted to find Kristin Snyder who she believed was still alive and in hiding somewhere. She also said that Kristin has with her Keith Raniere’s son.  The investigators found no evidence of this.



Interview with former #Nxivm
Member Mark Vicente.
“Abramovitch: I watched the Discovery ID documentary, The Lost Women of NXIVM, and I’m wondering what your thoughts are on that. It posits that Raniere may have poisoned several women who eventually died of cancer. It also suggests two of his followers who allegedly committed suicide may have died by more nefarious means.

Vicente: Here’s the thing that’s interesting: I don’t remember when exactly, what the year was, but it was around the time that a number of the women closest to him were getting sick. You know, cancers and different things. And I remember saying to him at one point, “What is going on? Why are the women closest to you getting sick? Is it something in the building, is it something in the water?” And he would say to me, “Yeah, it’s a mystery.” And I’m like, “Yeah, it is a mystery. Like, how come them, of all people?” I don’t know if I know, but I do find it incredibly strange and statistically staggering that the people closest to him were getting sick in that fashion. ”


This painting of Nancy Salzman, AKA Prefect, is perhaps one that most closely captures the essence of the woman that ran Nxivm for 20 years. Ironically, Nancy also got cancer. All of his closest women — everyone of the top five got cancer.

Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz, Barbara Jeske, Kristin Keeffe, and Karen U.  These were the women of his inner, inner circle.

All of them stricken with cancer. How is it that the women Keith Raniere spent the most time with all wound up with cancer and he did not?



Lead twerker for the #Nxivm cult dance crew who perform weekly outside the Manhattan Detention Center #nickiclyne has joined forces with #jasonflom +#AmandaKnox in an attempt to free pedophile cult leader #keithraniere


As David Flom and Amanda Knox look on, Nicki Clyne twerks for her Vanguard.


Did Cocaine Use Cause Amanda Knox to Murder Meredith Kercher?


Liz wrote the above-linked story wherein she makes a case that Knox was a heavy cocaine user and it might have played a role in the murder of Meredith Kercher.

#AmandaKnox‘s blood/DNA was all over the crime scene in the murder of Meredith Kercher


Liz, whose portraits of Knox are anything but flattering, points to DNA evidence at the crime scene, which she argues implicates Knox.

The husband of #Nxivm member #kimconstable (who was once a famous rugby player) has written a letter in support of #ClareBronfman to Judge Nicholas Garaufis. He does not mention that his wife (Kim -left in the picture with #AllisonMack)is a Nxivm leader, the head of Rainbow Cultural Garden, Raniere’s children’s experiment, and that she is likely a DOS slave.


Ryan Constable wrote a letter of support of Clare Bronfman asking the judge to grant her leniency. He was one of 66 letter writers, almost all of whom were either Nxivm-related people, her immediate family, or people financially dependent on Clare Bronfman.


MK10ARt — Clare Bronfman with the marshals behind her – headed right after her sentencing to prison.


#Nxivm financier #ClareBronfman sentenced today to 81 months (6.75 years)

“Today, Clare Bronfman is the first of many to be sentenced for the crimes she committed in furtherance of Nxivm’s objectives. While her fate in no way removes the trauma Nxivm’s victims will likely continue to suffer, it does highlight the government’s efforts to bring to justice all of those involved in a series of illegal acts carried out for the benefit of this organization. She recently wrote to the judge telling him that Nxivm and Keith Raniere had changed her life for the better. She will now have more than six years behind bars to contemplate that sentiment, and decide once and for all if it’s as easy to accept as she once believed it to be,” stated FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Sweeney.”



Back in 2017, I wrote: Alex Betancourt admonished his Twitter followers to be careful about what they write on Twitter. Alex, he tweeted: “Dicen que el pez muere por la boca, hoy mas que nunca parece ser muy cierto. Que le quiten su twitter.”

This translates via Google: “They say that the fish dies by the mouth; today, more than ever, it seems to be very true. Take away your twitter.”

To which point, NXIVM foe, Chris Burbs, responded: “The internet is forever. You may want to speak soon or ‘lie’ there among the fish.”

A threatening email from Diego Ruiz Duran – the lawyer who is representing Mr. Betancourt and NXIVM – was sent to a number of ‘enemies’ of Keith Raniere.

It was also sent to major US media.

The email was in effect a “Shut up or we will arrest you in Mexico City” message.

Is this simple recklessness?

Alex Betancourt’s name is on the email basically threatening reporters at major mainstream media outlets, particularly reporters known to be investigating Keith Raniere’s inhumane branding and blackmailing of women.,Keith%20Raniere%E2%80%99s%20inhumane%20branding%20and%20blackmailing%20of%20women.


MK10ART Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis found Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman morally reprehensible – in addition to them being legally liable. The branding was the thing that upended Keith and Clare.,


Judge Nicholas Garaufis on Why He Sentenced Clare Bronfman to 6.75 Years



When a wisp of a woman, Clare Bronfman, “She looked like she weighed under 100 pounds.”

was sentenced – other Nxivm cult followers watched in the other room.  The “Nxivm 5” who had just given an interview on TV, pretended not to know each other.  They sat apart and communicated by hand signals.



Prisoners on suicide watch often must wear a safety smock. The smock, developed about 20 years ago, is made of sturdy nylon too bulky to be fashioned into a rope or noose.

After Keith Raniere was found guilty of all seven counts in June 2019, he was put on suicide watch. This meant he was put in isolation and had to wear a safety smock for his own protection.

Regular prison garb can easily be fashioned to create ropes or nooses. And zippers can be swallowed by prisoners or used to slash their wrists.

Nxivm cult dance crew (Nxivm 5) who perform weekly outside the Manhattan Detention Center  has joined forces with #jasonflom +#AmandaKnox + David Fritz in an attempt to free pedophile cult leader #keithraniere with a bogus ‘affidavit’


The Amazing Polly details the connections of Nxivm = Clintons = NY State Corporations making cheap tablets for the NY Educational system  with  Andrew Cuomo’s tax breaks and with Bill Gates using Chinese business connections.

“People in Dark Shadows”

Explains why NY State FAILED to investigate/prosecute Nxivm + other corruption



“Abby Rockefeller, 77, the great-granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller, is the latest of seven people to sign a petition seeking to persuade prosecutors to sign an affidavit swearing that they committed no misconduct in their prosecution of Keith Alan Raniere.

Curiously, Abby, as a college student, embraced Marxism, the politics of Fidel Castro and ultimately, radical feminism, before pivoting to ecology in the ’70s.

The affidavit that Abbe Rockefeller and others want prosecutors to sign, names federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York who handled the Raniere case: US Atty Richard Donoghue, and his successor, Seth DuCharme, and AUSAs Mark Lesko, Tanya Hajjar, and Moira Kim Penza, who actually tried the case, winning a conviction at the end of a six week trial on seven counts including sex trafficking, racketeering, forced labor and identity theft. ”


Rockefeller later requested her name be removed from the petition. Abby Rockefeller Withdraws Her Name From Keith Raniere’s Petition



Nxivm Keith Raniere’s future home: Supermax

If he is lucky and well behaved, Keith will, in time, earn access to a radio and a television that will offer religious and educational programming. If he is truly well behaved, he may be permitted to view some general interest and recreational programming.


It was pure idiocy for Raniere to instruct his followers to dance outside the prison nightly for weeks on end. It was insane to compose an affidavit and have his followers go out to try to embarrass the prosecution and dumb to call the judge corrupt and saying the judge needs to know he is being watched – on tapped prison phone calls. All the while waiting for sentencing where the judge can sentence him anywhere from 15 years to life in prison.

And the prosecutors that he seeks to discredit will have a hand in deciding which prison he will go to. If he winds up in the supermax, his life will be one hell of a nightmare torture. In a cell 7 feet wide by 12 feet – small for even a bedroom and in that room he will stay for 23 hours per day. Then for one hour a day, he will get to go to a room about 30 feet by 15 to exercise. No outdoors and no human contact.

If this happens to him, he did this to himself.


People who observed Nxivm financier Clare Bronfman in court were struck by her anorexic appearance. ” The first thing you notice about Clare is how thin she is. Although she was wearing loose clothing, you could see how stick-thin her arms are, and how tiny her shoulders. Her shoulder blades protrude in the back, and sharply when she crosses her arms in front. It certainly looks as if she is still on the NXIVM diet.”

Will prison free Clare from Keith Raniere’s psychological grip?  Will she, as victims asked in court, be able to remove Raniere’s claws in her?



Abby Rockefeller Withdraws Her Name From Keith Raniere’s Petition

Abby Rockefeller was, in my opinion, deceived into signing the petition by Michele Hatchette who failed to tell her that this was a very high profile and controversial case.


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  • I’ve really enjoyed these paintings throughout the articles. I have wondered what the artist is thinking as they’re created. They’ve lent a bit of charm to events void of charm. I look forward to them.

    Thank you,

  • I am outraged that MK10ART painted these horrible pictures of Nicki Clyne, the most beautiful woman in Nxivm. Please stop painting Nicki to make her look like a nut or else make her look like she really looks. Wonderful.
    Also Vanguard is a political prisoner. He deserves justice and freedom. Paint that MK10ART.

    • “Also Vanguard is a political prisoner. He deserves justice and freedom. ” Jimena Cortez, aka Nicki Clyne

      Vanguard deserves a swift kick in the ass as do all members of NXIVM.

    • When I watched Battlestar Galactica, I thought she read as a psychopath, even before her character went on that path. It wasn’t her acting. Her eyes are the window to her soul, and her eyes have always been deranged. That holds true of Mack as well.

      Jimena, are you here to promote pedophilia as a political stance? No one in their right and sane mind believes that little twerp is a political prisoner. You should watch one of the Manson Family documentaries to see how Charlie’s girls turned out.

      I get it though, you wouldn’t want to end up in one Emiliano’s snuff or gang rape films. That indeed is motivation to come here and look like a complete zombie.

    • “Also Vanguard is a political prisoner. He deserves justice and freedom.” Jimena Cortez,

      When Abby Rockefeller was informed of what Keith Raniere did, she asked that her name be removed from the affidavit.

      Why was that, Nicki?

      For the same reason, students at UC Berkeley don’t even want to be in a Zoom class with Allison Mack?

  • This horrible woman paints the beautiful Nicki Clyne in a bad light she is the most wonderful and good looking woman

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