Abby Rockefeller Withdraws Her Name From Keith Raniere’s Petition

Abby Rockefeller had her name removed from the petition supporting Keith Raniere.

Abby Rockefeller, the great granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller Sr., has requested that her name be removed from the petition supporting the efforts of Make Justice Blind, a group of Nxivm members supporting Keith Raniere, the convicted leader of Nxivm.

Frank Report exclusively reported that the noted philanthropist had signed the petition last week.

The Nxivm-related group removed Rockefeller’s name from the petition and it no longer appears on their website.

Raniere, who founded Nxivm and its associated group, DOS [Dominus Obsequious Sororium [Latin translation: the obedient women under their male master], is in federal custody awaiting sentencing for sex trafficking, racketeering, and other felony crimes. He faces a minimum sentence of 15 years and a maximum of life.

Screenshot of a signature page of the petition from Make Justice Blind website as of October 3rd.


Screenshot of a signature page of Make Justice Blind website as of October 5th.

The petition Rockefeller signed along with several others, called upon prosecutors in Raniere’s federal case to sign an affidavit swearing they did not tamper with evidence, intimidate witnesses, or suborn perjury.

Raniere wrote the affidavit from prison and emailed it to his followers.

Rockefeller signed the petition a week ago at a meeting convened to exchange ideas on ecologically-friendly methods to improve agriculture and food systems, according to two people who attended the meeting.

The meeting was unrelated to Nxivm or Raniere.

Make Justice Blind member Michele Hatchette was invited to the meeting.

According to someone who was there, the conversation at one point turned to how the government prosecutes farmers for selling raw milk.

Michele brought up the topic of the unfair prosecution of a friend of hers. She did not disclose the highly controversial nature of the case, according to three people who attended the meeting.

Rockefeller told Frank Report, Michele is “a nice person who I was having a conversation with and who was asking for help with this, whatever this [Raniere] case is about. which I actually know nothing and it was a foolish, wrong thing of me to let my name be on there at all.”

After Frank Report first reported Rockefeller’s signature on the Nxivm petition, the story was widely read.

Rockefeller confirmed that Hatchette removed her name after being requested to do so.

“I didn’t even hear this story [about Nxivm],” Rockefeller told Frank Report. “I was just trying to help her out. I gather it is a big deal, some sort of very bad, big deal, I don’t know the details.”

The petition reads, in part, “Please support prosecutorial accountability … and keeping the pressure on the prosecutors until their transgressions are addressed.”

Susanna Choe asked for her name to be removed from the petition.

Another attendee at the meeting, Susanna Choe, who works in the fields of investments and philanthropy, also signed the petition.  After learning about Raniere, she asked that her name be removed also.

Choe told Frank Report, “We support human rights and fair judgment but we were not fully aware of the details of the case… I’d rather not have my name involved in the case and have myself associated with Keith Raniere.”

Abby Rockefeller is noted for her history of activism in feminism and ecology as well as for being a member of the Rockefeller family.  Tracing her paternal line, Abby Rockefeller, 77, is the eldest daughter of David Rockefeller [1915-2017] who served as chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Corporation.  David was the youngest child of John D. Rockefeller Jr. (1874 – 1960), an American financier and philanthropist, and only son of Standard Oil Founder John D. Rockefeller, Sr. [1839 -1937]. The senior John D. Rockefeller is, according to some calculations, the wealthiest American of all time, and the richest person in modern history.

The Rockefeller family is noted for its many philanthropic activities.
Abby Rockefeller is noted for her work in feminism and ecology and founded the Clivus Multrum company to manufacture a composting toilet.
The federal government exhibit GX 28 – a photograph of Michele Hatchette used by the prosecution in the trial of Keith Raniere to show the jury what she looks like when describing her activities as DOS “slave.”

At the center of this little mishap is Michele Hatchette. She is currently a member of Nxivm and remains a dedicated DOS “slave” under the direction of her “Grand Master” Raniere.

Frank Report broke the story of the secretive master slave group in 2017, and how the group branded women on their groin with Raniere’s initials and collected blackmail-worthy material on the female slaves to ensure their obedience and secrecy.

This seminal story of branding and blackmail in Frank Report led to the cratering of the cult and worldwide media exposure which, in turn, led to a federal investigation and conviction of Raniere and five others.

Hatchette is branded on her groin and has given substantial blackmail material to her immediate “slave master,” former TV actress Allison Mack.

A group of DOS slaves: L-R Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Mack was one of six Nxivm members to be charged – and is currently awaiting sentencing on the two felonies to which she pled guilty.

The names of several DOS women, including Hatchette’s blackmail material, which the group calls “collateral,” was leaked to this writer and it was turned over to law enforcement in 2017.

While Hatchette and other members of the Nxivm-5, the diehard group of Raniere’s Brooklyn supporters, seek to help Raniere, their efforts are seen as militating against him.

The Nxivm-5: Marc Elliot. Suneel Chakravorty, Michele Hatchette, Eduardo Asunsolo, and Nicki Clyne – the diehards fighting for their leaders’ freedom.

Hatchette and her present, immediate “slave master,” former TV actress Nicki Clyne, spent weeks in front of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, dancing and twerking nightly to bring attention to Raniere’s plight.

Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette dancing below the Metropolitan Detention Center for their master, Keith Raniere.

Raniere claims he was falsely convicted.

In addition to the dancing, the Nxivm-5 has attempted to gather signatures for their petition which calls for federal prosecutors to sign their affidavit. They have given media interviews where they suggest that prosecutors and the judge in the Raniere case are corrupt.

Two weeks ago, the group tried to enter the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn with a camera to confront prosecutors and film them. They were turned away.

Legal observers told Frank Report that this “fanatical cult-like activity” will militate against Raniere who is scheduled to be sentenced on October 27.

Sources familiar with the case and the federal prison system said that the judge is likely to sentence Raniere to life in prison and, more problematically, the Bureau of Prisons may now assign Raniere to the supermax facility in Florence, Colorado, where inmates are held in solitary confinement for a minimum of three years after arrival, in order to separate him from his fanatical followers.







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    • NiceGuy does not have to determine when the end of the story is reached. He probably belongs to a generation where he still believed he could determine such a thing himself. That is not the case. The discussion is not ended by this declaration of NiceGuy. Older people like Mrs. Abby Rockefeller are fully responsible for what they do and you have the right to criticize their actions. Everything else is a discrimination of older people who are accused of not being fully responsible for what they do. The lives of older people count just as much as the lives of younger people. Side note from me: Presidential candidate Joe Biden is the same age as Abby Rockefeller. Does this mean that Biden’s age makes him unfit for president because he belongs to a different generation, and he can no longer be considered fully sane. Beautiful prospects if he were elected.

      • Rockefeller was at a dinner party and misled in regards to what she had signed.

        It happens all the time with petitions. Liberals lie about what a petition is for all the time and conservatives occasionally do too.


        How have you been?

  • Michelle does not present herself as someone with high-level contacts like the Rockefellers, etc. So, I’m wondering how she acquired them? Is it through her association with the Bronfmans?

    I’m somewhat impressed and also somewhat frightened she managed this.

  • Those comments that are critical saying things like ‘Don’t people read the newspapers?’ or ‘Maybe it’s not such a good idea to sign a letter that supports’ are acting no differently from Raniere: Imagining that their view of the world is the actual world (i.e., that others should know that of the world, which they know). I’m not in the US and never heard of this group nor this guy before I accidentally came across “The Vow” and I’m only interested in it because I’ve been analysing manipulation and anti-social people (which psychologists don’t properly do). I talked to someone in the US via Skype recently (well-educated), mentioned the stupidity of searching on youtube (given the exact title of a video that I came across on my tablet on this topic, on the youtube site on my PC, and it didn’t show up in the results!), related to issues of why good stuff isn’t found (i.e., related to monetisation for example, youtube offers first of all that on which it makes money, not stuff that’s actually good, thus perpetuating clickbait titles and low-quality videos that are from ‘popular’ channels, perpetuating the ‘popularity’ of rubbish), and mentioned this, in particular, as an example. I then asked if he had heard of this group, and he had not heard of it…

    • I don’t see this as a legitimate excuse AT ALL. One shouldn’t sign anything unless he’s thoroughly researched and vetted its language and who its coming from. If you can’t understand it, then get a lawyer, especially if you’re a wealthy and high profile person. NXIVM figuratively trapped people in an NDA relying on such ignorance or on friends or co-workers to recruit others based on trust. At the same time, those who decided to participate in NXIVM also have themselves to partially blame since there had been quite a bit of negative information out there on the potential seediness of the organization and its leader since the early 2000s, e.g., from cult experts like Rick Ross, such that NXIVM members addressed the term cult in one of its modules. Where there is smoke there is fire, and the smoke only got bigger and bigger over the years.

      • That’s complete nonsense. You can’t go verify everything in life. There is nothing to understand, it’s about knowledge, and if someone asks you to support a cause that seems good, why not sign it? It is not some legal contract, just a sign of support.

        • “You can’t go verify everything in life.”

          Who said anything about verifying everything in life? Why do some people respond with extreme cases as if that was something you were ever talking about?

          Knowledge without understanding of usage or context is practically useless.

          There are plenty of causes that appear on the surface to be good. That’s what scam artists and snake-oil salesmen rely on, like the Vanguard. That’s why you do research to make sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed on anything you sign.

          Gawd, I hope you aren’t the decision maker in your household.

  • How about getting informed before signing a petition. How frivolous these people are when they don’t even know the case. How stupid is this kind of action.

  • What a fucking stupid excuse. ” I mean I didn’t know how to read, these lady comes and ask for help and puts some papers, I never read papers before I sign them, I didn’t know It was a for a pedophile that wanted to conquer the world branding vaginas to create traumas, he shows snuff videos, probably killed a few, and was súper near to really dangerous and powerful people, especially to heiresses, I’m so innocent” what an imbécil. At least one Rockefeller appears in Epstein black book, and they go to Ghislaine Maxwell’s parties before that. Also, they finance the mk ultra that experiment that kidnaped people especially children to make experiments, with trauma and torture especially. Full circle, Raniere takes inspiration and this woman Who thought she was invisible supports him. Hey, but she did something good, prove more the tendency of the Rockefellers.

    • I could see that a friend asks you to sign a petition asking for prosecutorial accountability and signing it. Michele did not explain the high level of controversy associated with this. She should have advised the people who signed this that their names were likely to be reported in the media.

      • What do you do with a petition with which you want to achieve something? You use it and you advertise how many and who supports it. And this is especially effective when well-known or famous people from public or social life are involved. Who is naive enough to think that no one will find out who signed it. And anyone with common sense can assume that the petition and the names of known or famous signatories will be used for a campaign on the Internet and in the media? Wasn’t the Dalai Lama’s appearance and visit to NXIVM with Keith Raniere also a well thought-out public relations campaign? Isn’t the television interview of Nicki Clyne also a PR action? The media want stories and people like Nicki Clyne et al deliver them, and television broadcasts them. What more could you want. What did Mrs. Abby Rockefeller expect? If she expected nothing, she has stopped thinking. A bad diagnosis.

      • It WAS a better America for people who only thought of their own status and ignored the situation of others not like them.

      • —Abby Rockefeller grew up in an America where the idea of branding people like cattle and turning them into sex slaves was unthinkable. Frankly, it was a better America.

        Would like to be LOL’s Michelle Hatchett?

    • — the Rockefellers finance the mk ultra that experiment that kidnaped people specially children to make experiments, with trauma and torture specially—

      Some people naively sign things they believe are valid, while others believe things they read are valid.

  • Hello, DUMBASS! Maybe it’s not such a good idea to sign a letter that supports: 1) A Sex trafficking ring, 2) A Child pornographer, 3) A Serial Rapist, and 4) a Murderer.

    Oops! They did it again…

    • Why is Hatchette still invited to those things? Doesn’t her pussy brand make these people fearful? Why does she have so much access to wealthy and powerful people? They don’t care. It was a move just to see how we react, fucking imbeciles. I mean we knew that the Rockefellers had some pretty fucked-up history, destroying the world, but now it’s more proof of a connection to the Luciferian

  • So, Michele Hatchette gave more people a window into the manipulation tactics used to access power and money. Well done!

    Keith couldn’t buy protection inside, but providing spank material for his fellow inmates holds weight. That’s the only humanitarianism this group provides for prisoners.

  • So, Michele Hatchette, Not such a nice person after all, for she attempted to play a powerful woman for a fool, but failed.

    Not every heiress lacks a moral compass and is begging to wear the udders of a cash cow, it would seem.

    Do you Nxivm ladies have a Plan B?

  • When I saw Abby Rockefeller’s name on the petition, it jumped out at me because I have read a number of books about the Rockefeller family and knowing what I know about them, I doubt if the Rockefellers would appreciate being associated with Raniere or NXIVM.

    I contacted Frank Parlato by email and he wrote the story about Abby.

    If I had any hand, however minor, in saving the Rockefellers from NXIVM I am happy.

  • Michelle should have been completely transparent and given full information on the case. The subject is complex and controversial; Michelle owed it to everyone to explain the nature of all the charges, the viewpoint of the prosecution, the verdict rendered and her viewpoints all of the above, thus allowing all to make a more informed decision.

    • Absolutely, that’s what an ethical person would have done without prompting. That’s not the way they operate. Dirty tricks and manipulation are standard.

  • I might add she has ruined her credibility with what looks like a pretty distinguished group .


  • If Ms. Rockefeller’s brother still has his marbles, this kind of nonsense won’t happen again. Sign nothing else, Dear Abbess, until or unless it has been read over and explicated first, by an employed expert. This family dilettante has been a lifelong flibbertygibbet, vaguely wafting from cause to cause. Have her vitals checked and maybe get her some custom-made, digital crutches.

    There’s really nothing wrong with accepting that Abigail might be permanently out to lunch. There are porches and rocking chairs!

    • A semester of study in Orgasmic Receptivity could have saved Abigail a fortune. I have retired though.
      SOYTENLY there are other experts who are still available. Just in case Abigail is still wondering.

  • Wow – was it not clear when they signed what they were signing? Never sign anything without reading it all. And second, how could she never have heard of the Nxivm case? Don’t people read the newspapers?

  • I imagine the people in that meeting are pretty unhappy with Michelle at this moment because of her having misled them.

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