Exonerated Murder Convicts Amanda Knox and Valentino Dixon Come Out in Support of Raniere

Amanda Knox appears on NBC News' "Today" show -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire)

Amanda Knox, the American woman who spent almost four years in an Italian prison following her conviction for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, and was later exonerated, has signed a petition supporting Keith Alan Raniere’s demand that federal prosecutors fill out and sign an affidavit declaring there was no prosecutorial misconduct in the Raniere prosecution.

There were only four signatures on the petition to support the demand for prosecutors to sign the affidavit.

Knox came to worldwide notoriety when she, aged 20, called the police after returning to her flat following a night spent with her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, and finding her roommate, Meredith Kercher’s bedroom door locked and blood in the bathroom.

During the police interrogations that followed, the conduct of which is a matter of dispute, Knox reportedly implicated herself and her employer, Patrick Lumumba, in the murder.

Initially, Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba were all arrested for Kercher’s murder, but Lumumba was soon released. In the initial trial, Knox and Sollecito were convicted and sentenced to 26 and 25 years in prison, respectively.

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Amanda Knox

Known burglar Rudy Guede was arrested a short time later following the discovery of his bloodstained fingerprints on Kercher’s possessions. He was later found guilty of murder in a fast-track trial and is currently (as of 2020) serving a 16-year prison sentence.

Pre-trial publicity in the Italian media (and repeated by other media worldwide) portrayed Knox in a negative light, leading to complaints that the prosecution was using character assassination tactics.

A guilty verdict at Knox’s initial trial and her 26-year sentence caused international controversy, as U.S. forensic experts thought evidence at the crime scene was incompatible with her involvement. A prolonged legal process, including a successful prosecution appeal against her acquittal at a second-level trial, continued after Knox was freed in 2011.

On March 27, 2015, Italy’s highest court definitively exonerated Knox and Sollecito.

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Italy to pay Knox nearly $21,000 for failing to provide legal assistance and an interpreter when police initially questioned her in the 2007 murder case.

Knox subsequently became an author, an activist, and a journalist. Her memoir, Waiting to Be Heard, became a best seller.

Knox evidently sees some similarities in prosecutorial misconduct that she says she experienced in Italy and what has happened to Raniere. It is unclear as to how well Knox knows the facts concerning Raniere and his trial and what influence, if any, she can have on public opinion.

There are many people who think Knox is guilty and there are no shortage of websites where the evidence and motives for the murder are discussed, with some siding with Knox’s guilt and others are convinced of her innocence.

Unlike Knox, very few who have studied the evidence think Raniere is innocent and does not deserve to go to prison.


As for the other three signatories on the Raniere affidavit petition they are

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Walter Pavlo

Walter Pavlo – who is a speaker on white-collar crime and federal criminal cases. He has made appearances for the FBI, U.S. Attorneys Offices, Big-4 Accounting Firms, Top-Ranked MBA Schools, Law Schools and major corporations across the country. He writes for Forbes Magazine and is an author of several books.


Valentino Dixon

Valentino Dixon spent 27 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

Exonerated and freed from prison in 2018, the Buffalo man accused the Erie County District Attorney’s Office of destroying and fabricating evidence and threatening witnesses in his case.

He claims that police and the DA are plagued by a culture of misconduct and that he was not alone in losing his freedom because of it.

Spurred by those drawings, Golf Digest took up Dixon’s cause and in a 2012 story suggested his conviction was a “fairly clear instance of local officials hastily railroading a young black man with a prior criminal record into jail.”
At the time, there was a convict-at-all-costs culture in the Erie County District Attorney’s Office.
Another prisoner, Lamarr Scott, 46, admitted he was the man who killed 17-year-old Torriano Jackson in 1991.

Diana Davison is the founder of The Lighthouse Project, a Canadian non-profit that helps people falsely accused of sexual assault. Diana has assisted with cases including social media accusations, preparing for criminal trials and exposing cases of wrongful convictions.




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  • Knox may not have been exonerated – it’s very difficult to conclusively prove you DIDN’T do something – but she was convicted on extremely tenuous evidence. The three main pieces of evidence against her at her trial were: First, the presence of her DNA in the house she lived in. Notably none of which could be forensically tied to the actual murder. Second, her allegedly strange behavior in the hours and days immediately following the murder. This behavior? Kissing her then boyfriend Sollecito and being seen performing a cartwheel. Yet there is no normal, “right” or standard way to react in the face of extreme shock and grief, which undoubtedly if innocent Amanda would have been experiencing having just found her housemate violently slaughtered. Third, a false statement against a local man made to police. This would seem the most damning if Knox truly was innocent, yet is readily explainable by her defense that the statement was made after something like two days of continuous, sleep deprived questioning and a degree of pressuring from police in a foreign country, in a language she did not at the time fluently speak or understand.

    I do not believe she is guilty and I never have, not since the case first came to attention all those years ago. It’s very obvious the murder was committed by the one person who remains convicted and in prison for it – Rudy Guede.

    • Dear NiceGuy,

      Belief is one thing, but factual evidence quite another. I certainly BELIEVED in Amanda’s innocence in the murder of Meredith Kercher, until faced with evidence. I now THINK and ACCEPT her culpability along with two others, Raphaele Sollecito, who along with Amanda was acquitted on the weakest possible legal grounds, NOT exonerated, and Rudy Guede currently still serving time for the murder on his own.

      Fair play to you if you are acquainted with this evidence and still believe in her innocence, but as the evidence was not widely available and reported on, in mainstream media, I enclose a link here, perhaps this will come as an unpleasant surprise to you, it definitely did for me. All the best,


  • LOL. Keith is truly the dumbest smartest man in the world. Does he think calling for justice against the justice system is going to get their enforcers thinking, “Well, golly gee, old Keith may be doggone right? He’s making a fool out of us. What were we thinking, putting this poor, innocent man behind bars? Let’s just drop the case now.” LOL.

    And any of these people, e.g., Amanda Knox, attaching their name to this are likely just as “smart”.

  • Was reading about *the vow* documentary on twitter and Nxivm member Kristin Kreuk’s name came up. There is this prick who keeps showing up sultan-style to keep deflecting Kreuk from Nxivm, who goes by the handle “prophecypro”.


    Have seen him quite a few times when looking at Nxivm/the vow on twitter. This creature often makes reference to Frank Report, meaning he/she/IT is a reader.

    If you are reading this “prophecypro”, do f*** off. Whether it’s the FR or twitter, it is annoying seeing these weird groupies who cannot physically stand any negative comments about Kristin Crooked in Nxivm. They say the same shit over and over again and ignore everything and anything remotely critical about only this one Nxivm member. They think Nxivm only became a cult when DOS was formed in 2015 and if you were not a part of DOS, you are clean. They think if Sarah Edmondson says something, that is fact. Don’t you just hate fan boys/girls? Irritating little worms. Have they ever achieved an orgasm from the opposite sex? Have they ever had self-esteem? There is not enough room in Cuckland for another sultan-type.

    Also, Mark Vicente is writing a book… These people sure love the attention. There was a whole ton and a half of things out there about Nxivm. These people who spent years being Nxi-dumb ignored everything and did not care. Now, they are still looking to profit and benefit from their stupid life choices.

    • I will say it again: But for Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson – Nxivm would likely still be alive and well. It is my opinion that both Sarah and Mark are extremely honest people.

      Nothing they have ever told me turned out to be untrue. I call that a reliable source.

      They also risked their necks in a very real way and I was with them during that period. If they can make some money from telling their story, I support that.

      • Sarah Edmondson said that Kristin Kreuk left Nxivm in 2013, yet your sources said she was still a member of nxiscum in 2016. Did she lie or did she not know? Also, what about John Tighe saying Mark’s mom was involved with the money laundering? You did more Frank, but they got the credit.

          • Get some new spank material. It’s past its expiration date. And the above comments are certainly not past theirs… Facts are facts but you have a spanking habit.

          • Don’t you think saying everyone who disagrees with your “logic” is Sultan, incorrectly, has gone stale? And obsessively scouring the internet for Kreuk supporters is not healthy. Sad.

      • I will go one step further…

        The NYTimes article was the true catalyst of NXIVM’s end.

        If Sarah Edmondson was not an attractive woman and instead ugly or seriously overweight the NYTimes would never have run the story which put the fire under the FBI’s and DOJ’s butt to take down NXIVM.

        Sarah Edmondson was the perfect victim to come forward…

        …Attractive, charismatic, and media savvy.

        Edmondson, Vicente, Oxenberg, and Parlato are the main people who brought down Nxivm.

        BTW: Frank’s website was mentioned at trial numerous times.

  • There are significant differences between Raniere’s crimes and most of the other wrongful convictions:

    1. Most of the other crimes are murders and the primary evidence, the murder victims, could not testify in favor of the defendants because they are dead, whereas the witnesses with Raniere and his convictions are very much alive and testified;

    2. Other evidence against the accused murderers was weak, whereas the evidence with Raniere is very strong; and

    3. The lawyers for the others were in most cases court-appointed and just going through the motions, whereas Raniere had very expensive and capable defense lawyers to defend him.

    It is interesting that the NXIVM folks could fool/bribe these four people into defending Raniere, probably using Bronfman money.

  • Amanda Knox was NOT exonerated. Please read the court documents.

    I cannot believe that she would be so foolish as to attract the attention of Frank Parlato, as her claim to exoneration is a lie and the evidence against her and her then boyfriend is somewhat overwhelming. OMG Ms. Knox what have you done?

    Aligning with KR, is incomprehensibly stupid, for a young woman who many understand is the Rachel Dolezal of the Innocence Project. I think she, her boyfriend at the time, and the black guy currently serving time, were involved in a murderous folly that took the life of Meredith Kercher.

    However, I doubt she would have to serve more time in prison than she already has, and I believe she is unlikely to ever commit such a crime again and that she may have rehabilitated herself, albeit in a covert way, that avoids accepting guilt or indeed, being held accountable for her crime. She should be aware that Frank’s narcissism radar is as consistent and accurate as gravity. She’s played a lot of people for fools, but she won’t be able to play that game with Frank.

    • Agree. Amanda Knox is a narcissist. Actually, now that I understand narcissism, her behavior makes a lot of sense. She was doing cartwheels in the police station and making out with her BF. Wtf … but if you see it from the lens that she is a narcissist with no conscience and more preoccupied with herself, it makes sense.

  • If I were a judge, I would see Keith as very dangerous. He was able to recruit high profile people and get his minions to invade the space of the prosecution. Keith could easily be seen as someone who could orchestrate murder from behind bars. His minions are up to executing the plans. What is also particularly dangerous is he can get specialized and high-profile people to help him in his nefarious plans. Even while behind bars. Honestly, these schemes should have been done before his trial. Right now, I agree with Frank that it can only hurt his sentence. There is no public outcry for Keith as a victim. There also will not be. Even if high profile people speak out. But, well, maybe Keith thinks it is all worth a fight. The tiger keeps fighting. Actually, I think Keith has not that much to lose. The public outcry could help him. I doubt anyone will cry and not look like a cult fan. But heck, what else does he really have to lose?

    Amanda Knox was trafficking Meredith. It makes sense she would support human trafficking. The BS on Amanda Knox needs to be called out.

    Nice reporting, Frank

    • Dear Mexican Lady, Knox never trafficked Meredith, they were house-mates in the University town of Perugia. Meredith, was on an actual scholarship at the actual University, she was academically, gifted and talented, that’s why she was there. Knox on the other hand attended an unregulated language school (albeit with the word university in the title) and came to Perugia to take drugs and raise hell in a freer environment than she enjoyed at home, where incidentally she had, at a young age already been cautioned by police for throwing rocks at cars, and this at around the same time she set her american roommate at the University of Washington, I believe, up for a prank that involved, some kind of threat of assault and theft. She has made herself out to be as pure as a founding daughter, whereas she was a deeply troubled girl by the time she arrived in Italy and involved herself in a murder. There is a site called True Justice For Meredith Kercher, it is somewhat dull and sober, but contains all the legal documentation, and much more.. kind regards

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