Famous Rugby Player Ryan Constable Writes Letter of Support for Clare Bronfman – as Nxivm Wife Kim Shows off Her Glutes

Ryan Constable, married to Nxivm's Ireland leader, Kim Constable.

Ryan Constable is the husband of Nxivm’s leader in Ireland, Kim Constable.

Kim, a close associate of Sara Bronfman and Allison Mack, is known as the Sculpted Vegan.

This cheeky body builder is proud to show off her sculpted body particularly her sculpted posterior, of which she often writes about.

Here is Kim practicing her sculpted stripper style dance moves at home to get into the sculpted shape.

Husband Ryan, who was once a famous rugby player, has written a letter in support of Clare Bronfman to Judge Nicholas Garaufis. He does not mention his wife is a Nxivm leader, the head of Rainbow Cultural Garden, Raniere’s children’s experiment, and that she is likely a DOS slave.

Ulster Rugby | Ryan Constable Announces His Retirement From Rugby
Ryan when he played Rugby

Ryan’s letter does not say much about Clare either.

He is quite shy on specifics, giving only one actual incident – a day when Clare was so amazingly gracious that she invited the Constables over to her house when they visited the USA – and that Clare was nice to the kids that one day.

Big deal.

Ryan does admit, but he does not say how, that Clare taught him to be a better father and husband – probably through the Nxivm teachings.

Here is Ryan Constable’s letter.


Dear Judge  Garaufis

By way of background, my name is Ryan Constable, I am a founding Director of Esportif International, one of the world’s leading rugby talent management specialists. l played professional rugby for thirteen years in Australia and Europe and represented the Australian National team as well as being captain of the Australian Sevens team at the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Hong Kong in 1997.

Born in South Africa, raised in Australia, I am 48 years old, married with four young children and now live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have known Clare for over a decade on a personal and professional level and I’m privileged to call her a friend. From the moment I met Clare I was struck by the sense of compassion she has for people and her acceptance of people for who they are. Admirably, given Clare’s financial resources, Clare has never been concerned about the materialistic things in life. She has always been about people and community.

Clare has helped many people I know to overcome their limitations in life and with her encouragement. nurturing and support become better versions of themselves. For me personally, I know I’m a better husband and father as a result of my interactions with Clare, something I will be forever grateful for.

I have no reservations in sharing my experiences of Clare as I find her to be one of the most considerate, caring and non-judgmental people I have ever met and truly feel I have learnt to embrace these parts of my own character as a result of the time I have spent and hope to continue spending with Clare.

Shortly after I first met Clare when we were across in Jersey, Clare invited my whole family up to her house to spend time with her and went out of her way to ensure my two youngest boys _______     and ____________    had  a fun time.

Yours sincerely

Ryan Constable


That may be the least specific letter of support written. It says nothing at all.

Clare, as readers know, will be sentenced on Wednesday.

Before we leave the topic of Ryan and his sculpted wife, let us remind readers that Kim is doing fine. Her business – selling body building courses – is doing well, we are told.

Here is what we wrote about her in the past:

Kim, 41  – one of Sara Bronfman’s ‘girls’ – is the leader of NXIVM in Ireland. She lives in Belfast and is also the leader of Rainbow Cultural Garden there.  According to a source, she recruited at least one underage teen girl who was almost shipped to the USA with Allison Mack for the branding iron of DOS.

Fortunately, the teen girl – with her mother’s help – escaped at the last minute. But not before there was a little violence and the threat of something truly sinister – which frightened the girl.

In addition to her NXIVM work, she is a vegan body-builder and sells courses on how to look like her.  Her husband is a famous ex-athlete, Ulster rugby player Ryan Constable (48) who owns a sports management company.

They have four children

At one time, they all slept in the same 18-foot bed together. It is not clear where the Rainbow nannies slept.

“Before the big bed was created I spent my nights bed-running about from room to room trying to get all the children to sleep,” Kim explained to Belfast Telegraph. “I am there for my children 24 hours a day and night. Whether they have a bad dream or want a drink of water, I will be there for them during the night just like I am during the day.”


In any event, Kim is big on selling her body-building techniques, which you can buy here  and it seems she loves to pose for Instagram.

What caught the attention of our correspondent, Shadow State, was the following post on her Instagram account – The sculpted vegan —

Kim asks, “Ever feel like this? 🤣”

We should ask Keith Raniere, her leader. He is in jail right now [and Clare will soon be there as well] but may not be focusing on gym – as Kim imagines.


Kim is close to convicted racketeer Allison Mack. Both of these women have been described by Nxivm leader Sara Bronfman as her “girls’.
Two friends
Here is Kim [second row 2nd from left] with Sara [first-row middle] and Nancy Salzman [front row right].

We mentioned that Kim likes to pose. She is especially fond of showing followers the contour of her ass – but not for the sake of showing it off – nothing uncouth like that – but to help inspire women to work out hard like she does, she says.


Kim writes, “I totally detest when I see fitness pros on Instagram teaching the poor unsuspecting public about building a good butt, and all they are actually doing is making videos that show off their own glutes at the best possible angle….  they are clad in the latest designer booty shaping leggings, pretending that they’re showing you how to build a great ass, when really all they are doing is showing off their own ass.”

Kim — “As you can see, on the right, my shape is so much leaner and symmetrical. I have always been a natural pear shape, carrying most of my weight around my butt and thighs. And before I started bodybuilding, it never occurred to me that I could change my natural shape!”

Kim – “My shoulders are now wider which gives the impression of a smaller waist. My quads are bigger, which gives my hips the illusion of being smaller. My butt is much bigger which gives me fullness and more womanly curves, and takes away the sag that I had under the cheeks.”
Kim says, “If you want to truly build a great butt, then you need to work for it.”

I couldn’t agree with Kim more. Like Kim says, don’t you just hate it when some women fitness trainers pretend they are teaching people how to develop their glutes  – when all they are really doing is showing off their ass?

Yes, Kim is not like those other teachers who just like to pose to show off their ass.

Below, what is that in front – near her bikini line? Is that just a tramp stamp – or is there a brand with the initials – K-R?


For those who want to see more of Kim — there are many more selfies and professional photos of her and her ass on her Instagram.


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