More Neat New Photos of Raniere With Followers – Including His First Time Meeting With Allison Mack

Allison Mack with the ailing Pamela Cafrtiz

This is a red-letter day for readers who crave more of the Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, now lodged at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York awaiting sentencing.

Today, we have Part 6 in our series of wonderful pictures of Vanguard and his followers.

Most of the pictures are screenshots from HBO’s “The Vow”, a 9-episode documentary series about Nxivm, which airs on HBO on Sunday nights at 10 pm. Learn more about it on HBO’s website. But some are pictures not shown on “The Vow”, which readers will also likely enjoy.

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Allison Mack with her head on the ailing Pam Cafritz’s shoulder.

Allison was to take over for Pam in finding women for Raniere to have sex with. Perhaps because Allison had less skill in being a wing woman for Keith, she had to employ the use of blackmail material [collateral] on some of the women in order for them to agree to sleep with Keith.

It landed him in prison.  She is expected to be sentenced to prison time later this year or early next year.

At V-Week, Monica Duran, Pam Cafrtiz, Nancy Salzman, and Keith Raniere on his birthday

Those were the days for Keith, when everyone worshipped him. He had a 10-day birthday celebration – and spent much of his time frolicking with young ladies who he sought to make his slaves.

Back row is Clare Webb Bronfman, soon to be sentenced for her work for Raniere, Alejandro Alex Betancourt, a wealthy trust fund baby, whose father was a high-level accountant – Alex ran the Mexico City Nxivm – and the Prefect, Nancy Salzman.


Sarah Edmondson [l] – and the last three on the right: Allison Mack, Mark Hildreth, and Kristin Kreuk.
Nancy -[l] with some, presumably, Nxivm women.
Orange and Yellow Sash teachers of Nxivm and a couple of white sashes.  Yellow designated Coaches and Orange designated Proctors.


Nancy Salzman with some happy Nxians


The group waiting for Keith Alan Raniere
Keith Raniere, the Vanguard.
He is facing life in prison for his leadership of Nxivm and the crimes he committed as its leader.
Keith Raniere claimed to sleep for only two hours per night. That was probably true since he slept about 7 hours during the day.


Keith Alan Raniere with long time harem member and wing woman, Pam Cafritz
He was not bashful being photographed with Pam in what some might think of as endearing poses

Here is one of the earliest photos I have seen of Pam and Keith. He first met her on a skiing trip and persuaded her to break up with her fiance and come live with him as a member of his harem. When she died, she left him $8 million.

More Pam and Keith.

Keith basked in the adulation of his followers.

And he did their thinking for them.

He prescribed their diet and rest for them – making sure they remained skinny and sleep-deprived.

Because he slept all day, he was wide awake for late-night volleyball. The women who attended the games – mostly to watch and be seen to be in attendance – were dead tired for they were up all day taking classes or working for Nxivm.

Here he is with Allison Mack on what is believed to be the first time they met.

Little did she know then that this monster would ruin her career and her life.

But Allison came to believe in her Vanguard and would do anything he told her – including finding him women to have sex with him and threesomes with the both of them.


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  • It’s interesting that you say Allison “came to believe in her Vanguard”. If this is really the first time she met him, she has clearly already been bombarded with the fallacy of the Vanguard as that is a girl enamored. She was already under the spell before he opened his mouth

  • I have never seen someone cry as much as Allison Mack does – either she’s very sad or a great actor. Someone will say some gobbly-gook and she will look at them and just start crying! Whatever dumbo just said was not as sweet or enlightening as you think it was!

  • “But Allison came to believe in her Vanguard and would do anything he told her – including finding him women to have sex with him and threesomes with the both of them.”

    Seriously…SHE WAS FORCED TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM, it’s obvious from her writing!!!

    And she never found women for him to have sex with, she wasn’t aware…the trial showed this clearly

  • Kristin Kreuk shares what it’s been like for her in Canada during this pandy while maintaining her acting career and actively pursuing a degree in school. With so many things being juggled right now, Kristin shares how she handles stress and discusses the things she does to prevent the feeling of being overloaded. We go on to talk about her strict upbringing, her uncomfortability with fame during Smallville, and her excitement for her role in Burden of Truth.

    • —Kreuk’s uncomfortability with fame during Smallville,—-

      which led her to Nxivm, where Keith made her comfortable?

  • A Frank Report story from over three years ago, just after Cafritz’s death, referred to her as a “succubus”.
    A ghoukl who sucks out other people’s souls.
    All the top people in NXIVM were and are succubi.

    • Do you think Pam was a narcissist as well? You do have to be cruel to bring minors to your pedo boyfriend. She also was not empathetic when other women had abortions (which is a hard thing to live.) Maybe she was a narcissist/psychopath also?

      • Pam’s father was a wealthy Washington DC real estate developer.

        I doubt that Pam Cafritz ever had much empathy or sympathy for anyone.

        I believe the story is that Pam was bisexual and had lesbian relationships with some of the “sister-wives”.

        If Pam had lived, she could have ended up as a defendant in the criminal case and the civil suit.

  • I really need to quit posting and being so snarky, for a while. But in that one pic of Pam being hugged by Keith, she looks like she desperately wants to run away,… (The one with the oak louvre doors.) The following one, the french kiss, has always made me want to throw up.

    Has anyone been tracking the herpes infection rate amongst the ladies who cheerfully, or under duress, spread their legs for the great, unwashed one? As I recall, he demanded bareback even though he knew he was infected. A crime in itself.

    • Let’s put Shadow on the case and have him report back.

      Shadow – maybe start with a twitter poll?
      A. Bumps & blisters
      B. Itching and tenderness
      C. Ulcers
      D. Scabs
      E. All of the above
      F. Only during outbreaks

  • These photos are eerily fascinating, thanks to the detailed info which has been written here all along at The Frank Report. We’ve been given so much information, maybe insight, about these individuals, in such a fine and consistent way, that many of us readers have learned a lot about the cast of characters.

    In the 21st photo, I saw a huge head of hair, the set of a neck and shoulders from the back, no indication of the face. Immediately, I saw Salzman.

    But the huge backhead ball of hair couldn’t be the hideous Nancy. Why do I see Salzman?

    The 22nd photo left no doubt. For there it is, that poor commoditized hounddog of a Nancy daughter, Lauren. Sitting by Clare, Lauren had just turned her head to the profile position. Nicki, the nookie, still had her moonface, too. I love photos! Thank you.

  • Pam’s smile doesn’t really reach her eyes. How terribly sad, she looks like she may have realized the catastrophic waste of life, too late. Allison looks like the village idiot.
    With all we know, it’s a disturbing image.

    • Yes, Allison does look like a village idiot. Agree on Pam’s look. To me, it looks like, gawd this woman (Alisson) is so naive…Why did I agree to this? When will it stop?” I wonder if Pam thought Raniere would eventually be satisfied.

      • I dunno if Pam believed KR would ever be satisfied Mexican Lady, perhaps she understood by the time she passed, he wouldn’t. Just imagine knowing that she didn’t just lose her heart but her whole worth as a human being, to someone who never really loved her in the first place, valued her perhaps, for the use of her clear beauty, and of course, her great financial wealth. IMO when (in KR’s cross-eyes) Pam lost her youthful good looks, all that was left was the money, hence the poisoning, or at the very least the blocking of appropriate care from actual oncologists.

        • Good point. Maybe her face with Allison is when she realized that Allison was set to replace her?
          Do u think pam was a narcissist or codependent who tried to make Raniere happy and, hence, agreed to all the horrible things that happened?

          • I think she was co-dependent. Not much self-esteem, surprisingly, given her beauty and wealth etc. but, she clearly wasn’t valued by her family much, no attempt to pull her out of nxivm, not even an attempt to lay her dead body to rest in any way that would indicate an unconditional loving attachment.
            She cant have been truly loved to believe that KR was all he claimed to be. I’m sorry for her, as for all his (KR’s) dead victims.

  • Pam looks annoyed in her pic with Allison. To me, it seems she is thinking: “OMG, this naive idiot…” What do others feel? Allison looks like a puppy who wants to be loved. Maybe Pam did bring reason to the harem and did not allow the over-the-top slave-sex to happen.
    Pam looks in general wise to me in her pictures. SHe is very beautiful.

    But, what a waste of life helping a criminal rape minors. Looks can deceive. She looked wise but was an evil minion

  • Keith’s skinny little puppets should put on an extra layer of skin and all dance for him celebrating vanguard’s achievement of almost being permanently integrated into the federal prison system.

    Bubba will be Vanguard’s proctor to guide Keith through the eternal orange striped jumpsuit path.

    For any inquiries about Keith Raniere, contact Bubba at his address in Shared Prison Cell 101 at the MDC.

  • How have you not transcribed or even devoted a single article to Allison Mack’s first meeting with her Vanguard? I can’t believe that you haven’t blessed us with your thoughts on fairest Allison’s “cherry popping” remarks, her forwardness in asking for an EM, her reaching out to caress her Vanguard’s face, and her kissing of him on the lips, when all that was inquired was a hug. We await your profound insights with bated breath. Yes, Yes…

  • “But Allison came to believe in her Vanguard and would do anything he told her – including finding him women to have sex with and have threesomes with him.” More lies from you, Frank. Allison did not recruit these women for sex or threesomes. Keith took advantage of the situation later on. Also, these seduction assignments were not planned from the beginning but were introduced later on.

    • To Anonymous:

      There is a line between being a wing-woman or a matchmaker on the one hand and being a pimp.

      A wing-woman or a matchmaker says, “Here is my friend Keith. You might want to get to know him better. He is an interesting guy.”

      A pimp says, “You owe Keith naked pictures and videos of yourself. And throw in some embarrassing confessions about yourself. And while you’re at it, allow yourself to show your devotion by being branded with a hot iron.”

      Allison Mack crossed that line from wing-woman to pimp in 2015.

        • I had a long night of watching the riots livestreamed from
          New York City
          Washington DC
          Saint Louis
          Saint Paul
          Las Vegas
          San Diego
          Los Angeles
          and Seattle

    • I Agree this is deeper than many realize and unfortunately so many people have been traumatized by a sick man an mislead from their paths, self identity and self love even thought Allison was in love with many people in the cult in my opinion she could not read minds nor predict the future which was and is all things come to light which we keep in dark even from ourselves

  • Hey, Nicki,
    I noticed several pictures of you on the side enraptured with the wisdom of your Vanguard!

    Nicki, could you please give us the 4-1-1 on Allison’s newest internet fan “Kim W”?
    Here is Kim W’s fan page:

    Here is the heading for NXIVM 101

    11 posts
    16 following
    Kim W.
    Forgiveness and understanding helps us grow. 1st do no harm.

    NXIVM 101 sounds like the name of a college-level course in NXIVM.

    On September 13th, eleven days ago, Kim posted this page listing Allison’s phone number and email from her days in Vancouver nxivm:

    Kim W added this message to the post

    These numbers no longer work, nor is this my address. Allison never fucking sex-trafficked anyone!!! Leave Ally Alone!!!

    The next picture features a beaver with this caption

    A clean beaver is a happy beaver. Don’t liter!

    The third picture’s shows a sign saying:
    “Happy Birthday Daddy. We love you”

    It has this caption:

    Awe I miss my daddy too. Prisons are so inhumane.

    Nicki, who is “daddy”?

    The fourth picture is a tie-dyed photo of the Vanguard gracing us with his wisdom:

    Words can be measured by how deep the vibration moves the soul through infinite love and forgiveness.

    Skipping a photo, the sixth entry is a smiling photo of a smiling Allison Mack.

    The seventh photo is a multi-colored ad for the We are as You dance with these comments:

    I’ll be sending good vibes. Feel free to use this advertisement I souped up for your cause.
    #weareasyou. #prisonreform #mdc
    astor21’s profile picture
    Did Keith Raniere get a good show?

    nxivm101’s profile picture
    I’m not sure if he can see all the joy dancing below him. We Are as you looks like fun. Hopefully, their movement can relieve some pain for others.

    Nicki, notice Kim W’s reference to the “joy dancing below”.
    Isn’t “joy” a commonly used word in NXIVM speak?

    The last picture is of the late singer Johnny Cash extending his middle finger.

    This photo has the following comment:

    Let’s be Frank…I need some Cash in my life… 🗽

    Notice how the word frank is capitalized Frank as in the name Frank Parlato.

    Kim W follows some interesting people:

    The Forgotten Ones



    nicki clyne

    Samantha Le Baron

    Mexico City Headshots • MX|NYC

    Danielle Roberts


    Bonnie Piesse Photography

    Nicki, I know you are a helpful soul eager to inform us about NXIVM.
    Who is Kim W. manager of nxivm101?

    • You really need to get a life, Mr. Shadow. LOL

      Can I interest you in speaking out about Amway and other MLM scams? LOL

    • Maybe the W is a fake initial. Fans of their own asses? The “Kim” part appears to be genuine. Hint, hint. Irish Spring! (and it’s MANLY, too.) Perhaps? Bi, bi, Mack, still wack? You can work it out, just do not be such a procuress. Cut it off.

      Right now, Mack has got to play the long game. This is no time to represent herself as either a pimpstress or as a ditz.

      The ghost of Charles Darwin must be having a shitfit, watching these decisive culties. Or is that the ghost of Hugh Hefner?

      • One more widdle thing is that the purple pencil can readily translate, simplify and “edit” the language and the vibes oozing out of Allison Mack, when she first met Raniere and sniffed his manurish, dingleberry essence. Let’s do this, okay? Hot off the muffin, bébé.

        “I b wet for you already, Massah.”

        Tah-dah! There ya go.

        Christ. Mack decided in advance of meeting this supercilious jackass that he had to pick her, her, her. Like a dangling nose hair. Well, death be not proud.

        • Raniere looking at the nouvelle hootchie with a cootchie, Allison Whack.

          Smug man. Smallville. She too available. She’s not hot or spicy. Get her money. Make the bitch wait. Fuck her up more first. Sick of blondes.

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