More New Pictures of Nxivm Including the Dalai Lama With Nancy Salzman

Keith Alan Raniere in his volleyball attire. He has played little to no volleyball these last two years after being incarcerated for his many crimes.


“The Vow” is a nine-episode documentary series on Nxivm and appears on HBO on Sunday nights.

You can learn more about it on HBO’s website

It is described: The Vow is an American true crime documentary series revolving around the cult NXIVM and its leader Keith Raniere which premiered on August 23, 2020 on HBO. Wikipedia”
First episode date: August 23, 2020
Network: HBO
Genre: Television documentary
Executive producers: Jehane NoujaimKarim AmerMORE

Anyone apparently can watch the first three episodes for free at flixtor.

I have screenshot a few photos from the first three episodes of “The Vow”, for our Nxivm fans who love to see never before seen pictures of our Vanguard, our Prefect, and other worthies of the wondrous cult that has received so much publicity in recent years, starting, I might add, with my stories appearing in the Frank Report.

Here are never before published [on Frank Report] Nxivm photos with my captions. Most of the pictures are from the archives of Mark Vicente who is the star of The Vow.

Keith understood how to con people like nobody many people ever knew before. He made them feel he was interested in their welfare.


Here is a young Mark Vicente with the Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, sometime soon after he met him.


Vanguard suffers from strabismus [cross eyed] which may have prevented him from seeing the world aright at times.
Evidently a character based on Keith Raniere was created by Nxivm talent.


The character’s name s Erk Einheart and he looks a lot like Keith. That’s because he is supposed to be Keith.


He claimed to be an athlete who rivaled Jim Thorpe, but unlike Thorpe who had ethical issues, and was no genius, Raniere had the ethics of Gandhi and the brain of Einstein – as well as being a superb athlete. In short, he sold himself as the world’s most perfect man.


Sometimes tubby looked a little less like an athlete and more like a garden gnome.
Not a real picture [this did not appear on the Vow] but an artist conception. Keith Raniere Garden Gnome may soon be for sale at Frank Report once I figure out how to make them. hopefully, in time for Christmas.
Here is Keith Raniere hitting the ball in volleyball and I am pretty sure the other players let him win most of the time.


No Nancy is not the mole – that is a quote from her and something else is the mole – probably your independent mind.


Doesn’t she look like is trying to hypnotize her students, since most of them did not see she was conning them?


Keith Alan Raniere enters Nancy Salzman’s house possibly seeking ‘wet kisses” something that he and she used to sign off in correspondence to one another. “Love and wet kisses.”


Prefect is teaching in her special way which includes touch – she likes to use NLP to trigger reactions.


Prefect teaching people to actually learn – to obey the Vanguard and her.


Tubby, who demanded his female lovers to be emaciated, is telling them that bad things were happening in the world. What he did not say was that he was causing it.


As taught by one corrupt asshole. ‘Compact Boy’ Keith Alan Raniere


What word salad looks like when drawn as a diagram.


Two demons, both of whom knew that they were lying to their followers and pretending to be divines when, in reality, each had their agenda to aggrandize themselves at the cost of their followers. Here they are scheming a plan to lie to followers. And the beauty of their relationship is they both knew the other was lying but they did not need to even wink or nod. Lying became their default position and they understood it without speaking.


Your Prefect


Kristin “I never saw nothing” Kreuk with Mark Vicente.


This is a spectacular moment and I thought these pictures might have been lost. Clare and Sara Bronfman announcing to their King [on his throne] that they were going to make a gift to him for scientific research for $20 million.
Unfortunately for them and Raniere, their daddy would not allow the gift. I think this was 2004. Late,r the two stupid heiresses found a way to get around their father and give Raniere more than $200 million, which was all lost.


Here the Dalai Lama and Nancy Salzman meet prior to his speech for Nxivm in May 2009 for which he was paid between one and two million dollars.


Dalai with Nancy and Sara Bronfman – who along with her sister did the paying. In fairness to the Dalai Lama – he is fighting the ruthless Chinese murderers and enslavers and needed the money. And he did WARN the audience that Raniere should be investigated!


Here is a rare shot of Sara Bronfman with Keith Raniere, when she was young and bedworthy for Raniere.


Allison Mack is at a Nxivm gathering telling of how her illustrious Vanguard made her a better person.

Here is the man who made her a better person – by landing her in prison so she could actually hopefully get away from him and become a better person in time.


The face of evil. He now resides in federal prison where he will likely remain for the rest of his life – and it is just where he belongs.

We will have more screenshots later – meantime readers are advised to watch “The Vow” to learn more about Nxivm.



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  • If you see “The Vow,” which you should as it is excellent, you can easily surmise that Keith assigned Mark Vicente this fantasy cartoon project — in which Vicente is also portrayed as “Erik’s” student — to control their relationship, define their roles and the image of himself Keith wanted portrayed to others.

    Fascinating. The little fucker did the same exact thing to my sister, Gina Hutchinson, whom he raped from at least the age of 15 and eventually ‘suicided.’

    Keith convinced Gina that he was a reincarnated Buddhist God and she was his reincarnated student/concubine whom he would prepare and lead to enlightenment in her next life once she suicided herself.

    I suspect he relied on the same, customized role play model to manipulate everyone. Barbara Bouchey told me she was Dagny from Atlas Shrugged, for instance, while Keith was the hero (Roarke was it? Don’t recall.)

    I’d enjoy hearing more about what other roles they may have cast his devotees in and how that ‘potentiated’ or ‘disintegrated’ them (Gina or Keith’s words).

  • ……After watching the 3rd episode of the Vow, I have one question.

    Are there any real men in all of NXIVM?

    “It’s okay, you may brand my wife’s pussy”. LMAO

  • Nobody thinks these articles and documentaries are useful. We need something useful to extinguish the remainder of the cultists. The FBI did the minimum in 2018 and only one person is in prison 🙁

      • Too many people regard these NXIVM gangsters as victims.

        if among them you! Every time you talked about Keith and Allison’s victims, you’re forgetting that most of these women were Keith’s followers too.

  • In the pic you captioned, “Tubby, who demanded his female lovers to be emaciated….” -Who is that getting the stink-eye from Nicki?

  • There is a lot here, but I’ll only correct the volleyball mention — none of us ever let Keith win, or gave him an easy point. We all fought as hard as we could to win against, and with, Keith. In your screen grab above, I know both people pictured, and both always fought to win points on Keith. He was very skilled and athletic, and we always enjoyed playing against or with him. We would often stop playing and he would comment on a muscle movement or injury he or someone else had and reflect on healing. He always came across as caring and insightful. I know it is hard for you all to see him in that light, but try and understand that for us, we were having fun playing a game together as friends. Sure it was in the middle of the night, but Keith was an odd duck, and we all understood that and made allowances for it.

    But we never let him win.

    “Keith Raniere” also anagrams to “Irate Kin Here”, which has oddly played out through all of this…

    • ” He was very skilled and athletic…” – he was in his 50s, short, fat, and miserably out of shape. You must be joking, really, I cannot tell if you are serious.

      “He always came across as caring and insightful…” – yes, he came across that way because he was then, and still is, lying to you.

      “Sure it was in the middle of the night, but Keith was an odd duck…” yes, that is because it was a way to torment you all. He slept in the next day while everyone else had sleep deprivation. He wasn’t an odd duck, he was just being an asshole.

      “But we never let him win.” – please let me play sports against you, any sport, I don’t care what it is. You must be the worst athlete on Earth. Seriously.

      The sooner you realize all of what was happening was total bullshit, the better off in life you will be. Everything was a lie. And it is funny you used an anagram at the end but missed the real anagram. Erik Einhaert is Keith Raniere. Do you get it now? It was all a deception and a lie. And you are still failing to see it.

    • Thank you for your insight. That is the best Keith/volleyball information I’ve read on FR. Can you please share more? I know I sound like I’m trolling but I’m really curious about Keith’s volleyball game. Could he jump/spike? Did he have a jump serve? If he was legit good, where did he learn how to play? Did he cut guys off at the knee if they outplayed him?

    • Anonymous-
      No one is contesting the fact that not all shared experiences and events in Nxivm were bad or evil.

      Using blackmail (collateral) to force individuals into having sex is wrong.

      Don’t forget the part where 50-year-old Keith was banging a fifteen-year-old girl.

  • The picture of Raniere with the circles isn’t word salad, it’s Amway 101. LOL

    It’s a model for his first-line DOS slaves, from there they recruit slaves under them, and then those slaves recruit underneath themselves, etc. LOL

    • Now I remember that on the official page of Allison on Facebook, there was someone who always published messages like, “the love of Allison and Erik” or “Allison and Erik are for each other”. And there were always people, including myself, that asked “What Erik was referring to, but he never answered the questions. I visited his face account and I could see that he was an older married man, with children and grandchildren and in his profile, he said he was a former police officer. Unfortunately, I do not remember what city he claimed to be from. I was thinking that someone else was using the account to leave those messages, I always thought about the possibility that it was Raniere. I also remember that there was someone who posted messages like “Have a good day” accompanied by a picture of flowers. I remember I also suspected that it could be Raniere so I checked his page and noticed that in addition to not having a profile picture, there was not any kind of fact there was NO activity beyond following Allison.

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