Part 4: More Neat Unseen Photos of Nxivm, the Vanguard and His Prefect

Readers are again in luck today – for we have part 4 in our series – the wonderful pictures of our Vanguard and his followers, including his lovely first lady, our Prefect, Nancy Salzman.

The pictures are screenshots from HBO’s “The Vow”, a 9-episode documentary series about Nxivm.

“The Vow” appears on HBO on Sunday nights at 10 pm. You can learn more about it on HBO’s website

The documentary series revolves around the cult NXIVM and its leader Keith Alan Raniere and premiered on August 23, 2020 on HBO. Its executive producers are Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer, who happen to be husband and wife.

Anyone can watch the first four episodes for free at flixtor.

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That winsome smile; Keith Alan Raniere enters the home of Nancy Salzman.


Keith Alan Raniere said he could play concert-level piano at age 12. Here he is at a much younger age playing on what appears to be some kind of keyboard.

Here is the child prodigy. Even in his youth, his parents fostered the idea that he was some kind of rare genius. He did not just create the “I am a genius” in adulthood, his parents told everyone in his family that their boy was a genius, a prodigy.


Who would have thought this kid would grow up to lead a sex cult, get busted and wind up in prison for the rest of his life?


Nancy Salzman, the Prefect for her Vanguard. I always kind of laughed at the title. For a Prefect is really nothing more than a student who monitors and helps the authority [Raniere] discipline the other students.
Within Nxivm, the culture was to venerate Prefect next to only the Vanguard. For those who got deeply into the cult, it was a cult of worshiping these two personalities.
Nancy with her gold sash on. She was considered to be aware of deep esoteric knowledge the Nxivm students could only hope to obtain with years of study, complete loyalty and obedience, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.


He lived a charmed life during his 20 years as the Vanguard of Nxivm.


Always on the prowl to bed women, he used his cult primarily to satisfy his twin desires: sex and the destruction of other human beings – which gave him joy.


Keith Raniere surrounded by female students. He probably bedded every last one of them.

Mark Vicente with a shaggy Keith Raniere.

Keith loved to be filmed and recorded so that not one precious word that came out of his noble mouth was ever lost to the world.
This looks like Keith at V-Week in the auditorium where his devotees would gather to worship him. And it looks as though he’s in his volleyball costume.

Keith with fellow volleyball players – explaining the secrets of the universe.


Keith with a lovely lady he no doubt planned to bed.


Raniere with devotees at what looks like Nancy Salzman’s house.


Raniere at Nancy’s house where he often went for breakfast, to play the piano, and to get hugs and wet kisses.


Keith at Nancy’s house with followers. This is the same house that the feds found more than $500,000 in cash hidden there.


Kieth kissed everyone on the lips – even men. Here he gives a big kiss to Mark Vicente.


The ponytailed volleyball king. These volleyball games were played in the middle of the night. Keith, who slept all day, and played or had sex all night, loved to require the women who attended intensives all day to attend these late-night games and be sleep-deprived the following day for class.


Raniere kissing a woman this time. Does anybody know who that is?


Raniere kissing his Prefect. Clare Bronfman looks on.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman applauding something or someone. High Rank Edgar Boone below Nancy.


It’s easy to see why women fell for such a good looking rascal. His secret really was women tricking other women. His lying harem members built this demon up as a noble, amazing teacher and by the time a new woman met Raniere, she did not see this ugly beast but an edified version of him – told to her by the harem women, who many times in extolling the monster failed to tell the new woman that they were in a sexual relationship with the brute.

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  • Definition of prefect (from Merriam-Webster):

    1 : any of various high officials or magistrates of differing functions and ranks in ancient Rome
    2 : a chief officer or chief magistrate
    3 : a student monitor in a usually private school

    I always associated it with the first two and had never even heard of the third, so it was really not such a self-deflating title. I think it was meant to imply Roman grandeur.

  • Re Mark Vincete’s & Keith’s French Kiss:

    Something to ponder….

    …..Was Keith’s kissing men to make it less overtly sexual when he kissed women or was it a bisexual thing?

    Keith’s actual sexuality is not what I’m interested per-se. What I’m interested in is how far Keith went in his sociopathic deceptions.

    Anyone have an opinion?

  • Re Mark Vincete:

    Something to ponder….

    …..Was Keith’s kissing men to make it less overtly sexual when he kissed women or was it a bisexual thing?

    Keith’s actual sexuality is not what I’m interested per-se. What I’m interested in is how far Keith went in his sociopathic deceptions.

    Anyone have an opinion?

  • What a lovely house. So glad she imported trusting people to underpay and clean it for her, Makes me sick. Doesn’t anyone see the value in life beyond sex a money?

  • There should be some pics of Clare legit or possibly photoshopped in your email inbox. Use at your own discretion.

  • Are you kidding me??? I hadn’t even finished my giddy rolling on the floor and thanking my karmic luck for the new kneepad pictures, and you drop the pix of Keith making out with Mark?????

    • Nutjob,

      After watching episode 4 of “The Vow”…..I wondered if you by chance joined in midnight volleyball. Did you?

      I completely understand if you stay silent.

      Hope all is well. No World Series for the Sox this year. I’ll be rooting for the Dodgers for the pennant.

      • Unfortunately, no midnight volleyball for me. I was gone by then. If I’d known midnight volleyball was going to be a thing, I might have stuck around the cult for a few more years just to able to see Keith in his kneepads and libero outfit.

        • Volleyball is an awesome sport. Men’s volleyball has come a long way.

          Once in federal prison Keith will find a dual use for those knee pads.

          I use my knee-pads to kneel and pray.

          • Unless there’s sand under your toes, men’s volleyball should only be used to prepare for volleyball with sand under your toes.

    • I am told she is not a follower any more by a most reliable source – so I redacted her name since she was at best only a student, as I understand it.

  • No pictures of a clothed Vanguard sitting on a chair surrounded by naked female acolytes seated on the floor awaiting Group Fellatio?
    Only a photo like that would capture the true essence of NXIVM.

      • Anonymous 11:15 pm,

        Patriarchy not. Who said Mr. Shadow wants to be Vanguard and not an acolyte?You make many assumptions.

    • If there were such photos or videos, wouldn’t it be necessary to censor these pictures if they were too pornographic? What would be the legal requirements for something like that if you wanted to publish it on a US blog? In US television or daily newspapers, it would probably not be possible, except on adult content channels, would it?

    • what’s good for the goose…etc
      Now the photo would show Keith in jail, “seated on the floor awaiting Group Fellatio.”

  • It is amazing how again and again and again history repeats itself when demon-possessed men hypnotise, mesmerise and vandalise supposedly intelligent women by fiddling with the illogic psychology woven into the fabric of feminine mystique. We are in an era of gender bending and gender denial or gender abolition; where there are supposed to be no differences between men and women. Any perceived differences we are told is an illusion created by chauvinistic diabolical constructions or despicable social conditioning. Yet,, again and again we find demonic men with brain endowment less than that of a salamander burrow deep under the skin of intelligent women and devour them for free. High time the gender benders and vociferous feminists get together to revise their theory of gender being an illusion so that vulnerable women can be saved from predators that abound in society before it is too late.

    • No one is going to mess with nature’s (needful) use of magnetism. Not for me. It is ridiculous, unnecessary and ultimately destructive. Yep, that is my opinion. And guess what? Opinions are not crimes. Not here and not yet.

      Everything that makes life beautiful will collapse without our love for one another and our inborn attractions to one another.
      Men are mysterious creatures, precious from the moment of birth, and men, too arrive helpless, needing every kind of tending and nurturing, just to be able to live. Our children, our families and our partners in life are so deeply beloved. Love is not easy but when you die, that love is all that remains. The same quality of complete needfulness is true for newborns, whether we arrive as males or females. We are all born quite helpless, but we grow to be far from “helpless” regardless of our sex.

      I have zero interest in all of this contemporaneous politicized gender shit with all of its hidden agendas. Leave people be. Playing God comes in all kinds of guises. It is also transparent. Leave people be. Fix your own fucking life and do not even try to project this agenda onto me. Grrrrrr

      All of us are guests here. Guests.

      • Today I read about a seven year old girl who is asking doctors and nurses to please let her die. She does not know anything but immense suffering. She has been “raised” in a house where she has been sexually abused all of her life by her uncle and others, with parental approval. She was never given a chance to be a child. She was not a little girl to these monsters but merely a sexual object. And she is one of many, for anyone who is paying attention.

        All individuals and groups who are coming up with various forms of support for having sex with children are endorsing the basest subhumanism and are looking for justifications for acting with an absolutely savage and callous indifference towards life itself and children, in particular. The “sins” are the selfish ignorance of the fathers and the mothers, visited and revisited, upon the children. This is, if course, my subjective observation.

        My own sexual abuse was terminated just when I turned six and was able to question what was happening. Before that, I didn’t have the concepts or the words to protect myself and no adult knew what was happening to me, other than the abuser and his wife.

        And yes, this year, soon enough will be my seventieth birthday. The factors of the effects of sexual abuse never leave. You either learn or do not learn ways of coping and healing. There are still some moments of feeling so hurt, so lost, so confused and also furious. But I’ve striven all of my life to overcome these feelings and will never give up, especially for all of those others, who arrive here so innocently and so full of trust.

        We cannot heal these urges to do harm, not yet. But it is crucial to find ways, maybe instead of sending government funds to NASA, to help them to engineer bigger hurricanes or to fund WHO, the sneaky depopulation organization.

        Let us see through the designs and the motives of what is now being politicized, if certain pervs with $$$ have their way with innocence. Innocence will not want to be born in their world but might not have a choice. Is anyone’s heart strong enough beat true anymore?

        Is it any wonder that this seven year old child is hoping to leave all of her emotional and her bodily perceptions behind? People think that dying is scary, but she had the courage to be born and has been given nothing but torment. She has run out of the courage that it took to endure her seven years of the opposite of life.

        • Sorry, maybe no other subject affects me more than the abuse, sexual or not, of children. Typo, “Is anyone’s heart strong enough TO beat true anymore?”

          • No need for the sorry, Shivani. You sound to be a compassionate soul and this is despite your start to life or maybe that is because of your start to life. Thanks for sharing. I send you much love for your 70th birthday.

        • Pedophiles are sub-humans, some of the worst of creatures. There’s no excuse for sexually manipulating a child. It goes without saying, but children are obviously not emotionally, mentally, physically and therefore (obviously) sexually developed enough, so any notion even remotely related to sexual intercourse or any form of sexual manipulation shouldn’t even enter into the imagination or conceptual capacity of an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy adult except as a “satanic” thought that should be immediately dismissed. Such sexually disreputable acts almost always negatively impact the beliefs, relationships, and behavior of victims for the rest of their lives.

          • Muslims follow Muhammad who was a pedophile. What he did to Aisha was disgusting. You are right. Pedophiles are sub-humans, some of the worst of creatures, so that says volumes about those who follow him.

        • Dear Shivani, I was very sorry to read about your own horrific abuse history!! 🙁 You are a strong woman, indeed! Alas, it really seems to be a life-long struggle to heal and to cope with the pain once inflicted…

          Much love to you,
          Susanne <3

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