Part 1: See Never Before Published Photos of Raniere, Salzman, Mack and Bronfman; Via HBO’s The Vow

Thanks to “The Vow” – and, in particular, the large collection of videos and photographs in the possession of Mark Vicente, one of the chief whistleblowers of Nxivm, shown in the series – the public has been treated to some rare new views of the Vanguard and his followers.

I took a few screenshots and am pleased to share them with readers with a few comments as the spirit moves me.

Nancy Salzman was the Prefect of Nxivm. A Prefect is usually defined as a school monitor, a student whose job it is to watch over and discipline the other students.

Nancy “The Prefect” Salzman

Nancy was that. But she was more. She was ostensibly second in command to Keith Alan Raniere.  Starting around 2009, Clare Bronfman became the true second in command of Nxivm.

Here Clare is seen [Her face is partially hidden] with the Vanguard who was always talking about ethics and never of course having them.
Here is a photo of the Vanguard entering Nancy Salzman’s house, I believe.


He comes right over and greets Nancy with a kiss, as little Clare looks on.


Here’s a vintage shot of the Vanguard, probably taken around 1999, teaching a class.


Here’s a much later photo of the same Vanguard teaching a group.


Keith and Nancy scheming to solve the world’s problems.


Nicki Clyne laughs at everything Vanguard says. Why? Because she has fine teeth.


And that includes owning a few slaves.


Allison Mack explaining to a Nxivm group why she got into Nxivm and what it means to her. [Loss of freedom as a slave she understood but loss of freedom as a prisoner she did not understand at the time.]
Those were the days my friend. When at Vanguard Week, hundreds came to worship their Vanguard, paying more than $2,000 per person to be in his exalted presence.


At the wedding reception of Mark Vicente and Bonnie Piesse with Kristin Keeffe and Nicki Clyne looking on.


Keith Raniere made an impressive Vanguard, not by his appearance but by the women who spoke of him as a magical being. Before he ever agreed to meet someone for the first time, he made sure that the person heard plenty of tall tales, lies and exaggerations about him. That’s how these women could look at this ordinary slob and think he was divine.


He could spout bullshit and his followers would see profundity in it.


Keith Alan Raniere with his Mexican Nxivm pioneer Edgar Boone, who is still in Nxivm is one of the current leaders.


Keith Raniere explains something magical and profound as Sarah Edmondson and Pam Cafritz [seated] look on.
Clare Bronfman watches her Vanguard with adoration.


Lauren Salzman and Keith Alan Raniere at a volleyball game.


Keith Alan Raniere [far right] plays volleyball.
This magnificent athlete, who liked to boast that he was equal to Jim Thorpe, playing volleyball with Lauren Salzman. He asks her – Do you want to be successful Lauren? The correct answer would have been – yes, when I get away from you. Lauren will have a chance to do that, as she awaits sentencing and Raniere sits in prison. They have not seen each other in more than a year. The last time was in May 2019, when Lauren testified in court against him. That was arguably her best moment of success.


Allison Mack became super skinny around the time she got branded and started branding women.


Keith [l] at a volleyball game being followed by his devotees.
The women competed to have a moment of his attention. Here the illustrious one sample a piece of cake.


Pam Cafritz, his greatest wing woman, looks at her master adoringly at a volleyball session. When Pam died, life fell apart for Raniere. It was Pam who used to secure young women for him – and when she died, he had to devise new schemes to get more young women, including DOS. That backfired.


That winning smile.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of New Photos [Courtesy HBO’s The Vow].


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  • Pam Camfritz y Bárbara Heske murieron porque Vanguard ya había previsto un nuevo harén( Allison y Nixky, las chicas mejicanas, India y todas las chicas jóvenes y delgadas del mundillo de Hollywood)y nuevas colaboradoras inquebrantables: Laurence Sazman, Allison Mack, Junco, Garza etc. Su mente maquiavélica aniquiló a las antiguas colaboradoras y las sustituyó por nueva y abundante carne fresca. Lo increíble de todo es que seguramente tanto Pam como Barbara lo sabían y se dejaron matar. Por qué huyeron Kristin Keefe o Bárbara Bouchey ? Porque vieron esto muy claro, serían convenientemente sustituidas.

  • A question that keeps occurring to me when I see clips of Keith either on Youtube or now on “The Vow” is why they never show the whole thing? It’s easy to take certain snippets out of one of Keith’s or Nancy’s speeches and, by doing so, prove a certain predetermined (or biased) point of view.

    If Mark Vicente and the other NXIVM “whistleblowers” are so convinced of their “crusade” and so sure that Keith’s own words condemn him, then why don’t they make the COMPLETE videos they have in their possession available, either by uploading them somewhere on Youtube or (if that is a problem legally because of some of the people shown) publishing transcripts? Perhaps Mark and the others are afraid that there might be something positive in what Keith is saying and so they choose to “cut and paste” only the excerpts that suits their purposes best?

  • Does anyone know how HBO gained clearance to use all the NXIVM footage? It’s incredibly illuminating and I am thankful that they did, but I can’t imagine HBO/the producers would have used it without clearance from the people seen in the footage, and I find it hard to imagine that some of those people would ever have granted that clearance.

    Someone I knew is seen quite a bit in the footage, and I know she is still pro-Keith and NXVIM so I can’t imagine she – and I know the Salzmans for that matter – would have signed off on it.

    Just never know how that kind of usage of footage works legally.

    • Didn’t these people already sign off on a lack of privacy and whatever NXIVM required of them for them to join? If the government now owns NXIVM, then I would assume that all the producers need is their permission, not anyone else’s.

  • Why is Rosa Laura Junco being ignored and probably blurred out of The Vow (and this site)? Father’s pressure or cooperation?

  • From Fox News:
    Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer to President Trump, called the president a “cult leader” in an interview with NBC ahead of the release of a salacious book about his time working for the president, saying that those in the Trump “cult” are forced to defend his actions no matter how reprehensible they might be. He also said, according to NBC: “So one of the purposes of writing the book is really from one former cult member to the current ones… I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Open your eyes as I have. And I want you to appreciate that Donald Trump cares for no one or anything other than himself.”

    • Stop projecting [redacted] People support Trump because of policy and being pissed off at liberal scum, not because of Trump the person. [redacted]

    • Mr. Trump is a cult.
      Thanks to the Democratic Party’s inspired riots, Trump has a good chance to be reelected.

      By the way, why does Joe Biden have IV bruises on his left hand?
      Is Biden taking enhancement drugs?

    • [redacted] No wonder cults are biggest in dem states. Seem [redacted] all mentally unstable and ripe for the picking for cult leaders. Because [redacted] CANT THINK for yourself. Just spewing lies! I’m glad [redacted]. Came to read up on Frank’s take of the last episode of “The Vow” [redacted]

  • The look of stupidity on these idiots’ faces. How low must your self-esteem be? Nobody is that good at manipulation, these people have to have a neurological defect, low testosterone, or something to actually go along with this. No wonder so many NXIVM people are liberals. A normal man would look at Queef and think “what a pussy”. A good woman would not get moist. Not surprisingly, NXIVM was based in New York, Vancouver, and LA, all full of liberal morons. And Mexico. Mexico! Their country is so crap, they all want to illegally enter the US. Low self-esteem is killing Western Civilisation. Fact.

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