Allison Mack Enjoyed Torturing Women

What the fuck was I thinking?

By Shadow State

This is in response to  Allison Mack Post Reveals Influence Raniere Had Over Her.

By this line of reasoning – that Keith Alan Raniere had undue and inexorable influence over Allison Mack – then Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell would also be victims of Keith Raniere.

Even his disciple, Nancy Salzman, who Raniere said was the reincarnation of Hitler, and who he had come to save, would also be considered a victim of Raniere.

No matter how bad they were, there are some who will argue that they were all manipulated by Raniere.

Yet, without the dedicated hard work of these so-called victims, Raniere would have just been a lonely conman with a taste for pizza with hot sauce.

The sorry truth is that many people in NXIVM, because of personal psychological flaws, allowed Raniere to manipulate them.

That includes Allison Mack.

Keep in mind that Allison Mack had the financial resources to leave NXIVM at any time.

Allison Mack traveled all over the world.

Allison Mack always had communications access, via phone and internet, to the whole world.

As much as Albany might seem like Smallbany, it has transportation access to New York City, Boston, Montreal, Buffalo and other major cities.

Allison Mack had access to an automobile and train and airline transportation.

Allison Mack had her own apartment in Brooklyn, 150 miles from Clifton Park.

She was in NXIVM and Clifton Park because she wanted to be.

Allison Mack enjoyed demeaning women.

Allison Mack enjoyed dominating women.

Allison Mack enjoyed torturing women.

Her behavior gave Allison Mack a sense of power.

And power is an aphrodisiac.

At what point do we begin to regard Allison Mack as a grown woman who made her own choices and not like a frail helpless little girl?

Shivani said it well with this post: “Imagine how much trouble people could save themselves by just saying ‘no’ instead of bending over backwards trying to cooperate with something, aspects of which don’t feel right, acceptable, intelligent, respectful or appropriate.”

Actaeon said it well with this post:  “As one commenter said, Allison Mack ‘didn’t have a choice…’ This is where I disagree. She was under no compulsion, she had every opportunity to leave Nxivm.”

And, at this point, I must make note of this comment that was made on 7-25, by someone who seems to have dealt with Allison Mack recently:

Stef Mayhem wrote, “I had a 3-day interaction with her (Allison Mack) in Manhattan post her plea of guilty in court. She came in weepy and then flashed a smile. Second day asked me if I needed help with the dishes. The third day, she started off with “Hey girl”.  She’s a monster!”

At this point, I noted that in pretrial hearings the actress Allison Mack would come into court cracking jokes and laughing while cloaking her joviality with a well-placed scarf.  When the judge came in, Allison Mack turned as sober as a preacher’s wife.

Allison Mack is an entertainer who likes putting on a show.

Allison Mack is like the proverbial class clown who likes to entertain people and be the center of attention.

Allison Mack is a con artist skilled at manipulating people.

I know someone who dealt with Chicago’s serial killer John Wayne Gacy, the killer of 33 plus boys. Gacy deliberately ingratiated himself with the police and local politicians. Gacy liked to dress up like a clown to entertain children.  John Wayne Gacy could meet you and in five minutes be your friend. And in ten minutes Gacy could be your best friend.

I am not impressed with Allison Mack’s bogus show of contrition.

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  • It’s actually funny that this article talks about saying no because both Keith and R Kelly wanted to meet me when I was younger and I just said no. I thought Keith was boring and although I love R Kelly’s music, I didn’t feel the need to meet him.

    I agree Allison had a lot of options. However, I’m not sure how I feel about the sex “crimes”. Other than underage women (if applicable), when an adult woman consents to being Mack’s space how is that any different than a bdsm relationship? Is she blameworthy for doing what a whole subculture of people do regularly? BDSM is not my thing but certainly much of what Mack did seemed along the lines of BDSM.

  • Well technically they are to a LESSER LEVEL…They didn’t (all) have collaterals on them and didn’t all follow the extreme diet

    But Salzman was absolutely not, she was under no coercion and she was co founder, incomparable but coming from you…

    Of course what you say next is working if you (willingly like always) ignore the facts…Including that Allison was coerced like all the victims (and they also did so dark things, including Nicole)

    “Keep in mind that Allison Mack had the financial resources to leave NXIVM at any time.”
    You know nothing about her financial ressources…in reality, some say that she pretty gave everything back after the love bombing (expecting Bouchey to handle it)…
    She left her appartment in Brooklyn (which wasn’t that great) for a room in Vicente’s house (financially, she should have the money ,if we believe you) …she end up in a crummy condo sharing her bed with a slave for financial reason (coming from Nicole’s mouth).

    Allison travelled because it was paid for the conventions…not from her money.

    Access to internet like a lot of people…Wifi access and such, you heard about this? This is worth nothing, extremly cheap so it doesn’t prove anything.

    That famous car again…Hmm no, you say she had access to an automobile but there is no proof of this…the same color car was seen in NYC with Nicky cline at the wheel and was said to be Lauren Salzman’s car…we could also see this car in front of Lauren’s house at one point.

    She had an appartment in Brookly that…she shared with 3 people…once again, forget about the facts, they are meaningless…lying is much more fun

    Seeing that during 2017 she spend more than half of the time away from Clifton park, it’s kinda breaking your story about her wanting to be there…like Nicole, she was asked to be there! Forget about this fact too…
    I remind you that you, Mr Liar, even said that Allison kidnapped Nicole to live in clifton…something proved to be ,once again, an absurd lie but who cares? you like twisting everything.

    “Allison Mack enjoyed demeaning women.

    Allison Mack enjoyed dominating women.

    Allison Mack enjoyed torturing women.”

    Except she had no power over them ,It is clearly proved in court…but once again ,why stick with the facts?
    As for torturing, What are you talking about? She didn’t torture anyone!
    She was tortured, Raniere was torturing most of the victims (including Allison) but she didn’t!
    It’s not even in referred as a possibility in court! it’s only in your fantasy that it exist!

    “At what point do we begin to regard Allison Mack as a grown woman who made her own choices and not like a frail helpless little girl?”
    At the same point we’ll consider then the other victim the same way…
    She was coerced like all the victim, it’s not even debatable, it’s a fact! Her collateral were the first and only to be released!

    “Shivani said it well with this post: “Imagine how much trouble people could save themselves by just saying ‘no’ instead of bending over backwards trying to cooperate with something, aspects of which don’t feel right, acceptable, intelligent, respectful or appropriate.””
    Excuse me but once again, this work if there is NO COERCION…it’s not the case or else, once again, THE VICITM COULD HAVE ALL SAID NO TOO…In which case, there is no case anymore!

    “Actaeon said it well with this post: “As one commenter said, Allison Mack ‘didn’t have a choice…’ This is where I disagree. She was under no compulsion, she had every opportunity to leave Nxivm.””
    And same as previous, Actaeon willingly twist the story and ignore the coercion that Allison was under…

    ““I had a 3-day interaction with her (Allison Mack) in Manhattan post her plea of guilty in court. She came in weepy and then flashed a smile. Second day asked me if I needed help with the dishes. The third day, she started off with “Hey girl”. She’s a monster!””
    Excuse me but this story is udder BS, She is monitored (even while waiting for a guilty plea) so it is not plausible.
    But coming from someone who believe trolls to be Nicky Cline, i’m not surprise you believe in this kind of fake story…you jump on every fake story and ignore ALL THE FACTS systematically.
    Why? because facts prove you are absolutely wrong and extremely obsessed!

    “Allison Mack is a con artist skilled at manipulating people.”
    What a ridiculous statement…She did (in a way) forcingly manipulate people but so did some of the victims (India included) and you are an expert in manipulating…but only with the FACTS.
    A word that must irk you as you will refuse the Facts and stick with your absurd lies.

    And for the last sentence, here we go again…You compare a VICTIMS OF A CULT to a SERIAL KILLER ?
    As if you needed anything more to discredit you.

    Get Help old man, this is the same old BS with nothing but lies and story you made up that once compared to the “story” given by the trial don’t fit at all.
    Like it or not, Allison, is a victims, just like the other.
    She didn’t had any power (except in your imagination) and she didn’t do it with pleasure but by coercion.
    I didn’t heard Nicole saying she was smilling while doing any of the demand she did…She was forced to do the SAME THING so that’s HARDLY A SIGN OF BEING IN POWER.

    But you and the truth, it’s just not compatible.

  • If Allison Mack didn’t have the cutesy girl next door face, almost no one would be defending her behavior in NXVIM. It’s that simple. So many people are scraping the bottom of the barrel to provide some rational for her behavior simply because she has the America’s Sweetheart thing going for her, on Smallville and in ‘real life’.

    I am surprised more parallels have not been made between Allison Mack and the Manson Girls of Charles Manson death cult fame. Lesley Van Houton is still behind bars for allowing Manson to influence her thinking to such an extent that she willingly participated in the butchering of Leo and Rosemary la Bianco. Even after all these years of thinking about her crimes, and no matter how genuinely sorry she may be, she has never been able to successfully articulate to the parole board why she allowed herself to become a willing participant in those murders. She agrees she allowed Manson to control her mind, she has no excuse for why she allowed it other than she was young, needy and impressionable. Linda Kasabian, also a Manson girl who went with the group to the Sharon Tate home, experienced the same mind games, drug and sex parties and intense pressure as the other girls did, but she chose not to participate in killing. In fact she had the courage to come forward and testify against her former ‘family’. What made her different from Van Houton, Krenwinkle and Atkins? Apparently Kasabian had the inner strength/self preservation to decide for herself she would not be manipulated into evil. The others defaulted to Manson.

    The only real explanation that Van Houton has given for her actions is that she was desperate for Charlie’s approval. Sound familiar? Should Van Houton have been given a more lenient sentence because Charlie ‘made’ her do it? Given Mack’s track record of lack of character (not to mentioned embarrassing herself by behaving like a complete love struck ninny on various videos), I don’t think it would be too much of a leap to believe Mack would have been manipulated to do anything Raniere asked of her.

    • Linda Kasabian WAS manipulated into evil. She was the lookout during the Tate-LaBianca murders, but knew exactly what was happening in there. She didn’t kill anyone nor participated directly on the murders, and she was intelligent enough to strike a deal in exchange for testifying against the gang. But, she indeed was manipulated into evil. Just not as much as the others

  • All of us have vulnerabilities. Accusing and blaming a person for their behavior does not change them or help them. It only exposes your own inner violence. Sorry to say that you obviously are holding on to a lot in your inner space. May u be healed so that u can in turn heal others.

    • Dr Chance:

      I am glued to these pages. Not because I accuse or blame. The court did that. The court accused, blamed, convicted and will sentence.

      What baffles me is the other word you used: vulnerabilities. That is where I am glued.

      How can so many , in general, and AM, in particular–a talented, smiling, stunning woman who had it all–be so lead astray by such an obvious sociopath?

      That is what is baffling.

  • I use to watch Smallville. I can’t believe this once sweet young woman that I watched is such a monster and that she can tortured women just to please a man. Tells me how many stupid women are out there to please, listen men’s bs.

    • I love Smallville and still do but it’s hard to believe that this beautiful young actress turned into someone that her fans don’t even recognize, I mean acting is one thing but why a cult of all things? Makes me wonder what goes through these young actors and actresses heads when they get done with a popular series smh 🤦

  • Great piece.
    The Nuremberg trials decided one for sure thing; NEVER AGAIN will we accept the excuse of “following orders” as reasonable in explaining one’s willful participation in human atrocities in any dimension, situation or war theater. F yourself AM.
    Justice be done and may she live forever..

  • Some women like pain, like being dominated, like giving away power while in bed. It’s a coping mechanism and can be exciting. You know nothing Jon Snow, Nothing!

  • They aren’t easy issues. The Canadian FLDS polygamous just prosecuted would have lost his whole family, job, everything had he not obeyed his prophet. If you are brought up in these things and isolated from the world, you can certainly see a case being made for lack of free will. Here for specific crimes – underage sex – those involved would have known it was wrong and their religious view of their greater good does not prevail

  • Well, if Keith Raniere had that much influence over Allison Mack, then wouldn’t that make her a victim as well. According to all of the reports, Raniere was influencing a lot of women who are now called victims. Brainwashing is brainwashing no matter how you look at it and people are very quick to judge about things we don’t know the entire truth about we only know what’s being written in reports. I’m not saying what she did or didn’t do is right but it certainly seems to me like she is a victim as well -and maybe even more so – since she was influenced to do so many different things.

    • “Well, if Keith Raniere had that much influence over Allison Mack, then wouldn’t that make her a victim as well. ”

      Why Everyone is a Victim!
      Nobody is responsible for anything!
      Let’s all go on Oprah and have a giant pity party!

      Brainwashing is actually a hoax concocted by the CIA back in 1950.

      The True Story of Brainwashing and How It Shaped America
      “Journalist EDWARD HUNTER was the first to sound the alarm. “Brain-washing Tactics Force Chinese Into Ranks of Communist Party,” blared his headline in the Miami Daily News in September 1950. In the article, and later in a book, Hunter described how Mao Zedong’s Red Army used terrifying ancient techniques to turn the Chinese people into mindless, Communist automatons. He called this hypnotic process “brainwashing,” a word-for-word translation from xi-nao, the Mandarin words for wash (xi) and brain (nao), and warned about the dangerous applications it could have. The process was meant to “change a mind radically so that its owner becomes a living puppet—a human robot—without the atrocity being visible from the outside.”

      EDWARD HUNTER was actually working for the CIA at the time as a publicist.

      ““Here, then, is the brief history of brainwashing,” Melley writes in a 2011 paper for Grey Room. “The concept began as an [O]rientalist propaganda fiction created by the CIA to mobilize domestic support for a massive military build-up. This fiction proved so effective that the CIA’s operations directorate believed it and began a furious search for a real mind control weapon. The search resulted not in a miraculous new weapon but a program of simulated brainwashing designed as a prophylactic against enemy mistreatment. This simulation in turn became the real basis for interrogating detainees in the war on terror.”



        Yeah idiot, then how do you think the “victims” got caught up in NXIVM? They even gave collateral (Allison Mack incuded), I’m not excusing AM actions, but the women involved in the cult weren’t exactly victims, they choose to stay there even when they were required to give collateral, you keep saying that people who were part of that cult are low IQ’s that could not see the scam they were into and yet you keep saying how you would’ve not been fooled, now, excluding Raniere (who is without debate the only guilty person which manipulated everyone and started this) are all the women involved in NXVIM victims? are all the women involved in NXVIM guilty and responsible for their decisions and the way they choose to live? There’s not such thing as middle tones in this case if you wanna put it that way, in the end, no matter how fucked up they were in their minds, they all were adults when they made their decisions (and I’m talking about every women involved, not Keith), were they brainwashed/lied and love bombed? fucking yes! But as a ‘reasonable’ person would say, as soon as such collateral is required to get in, then you know that the group is not as nice as they paint it to you, you still give collateral to join and are a legal adult? It’s your decision to make…

        Oh and it’s so funny when someone who disagrees with you is automatically a NXVIM member, you must carry the ultimate truth old man, hilarious.

  • Unless, of course, she thought she was making those women stronger with her methods. And if she expressed reservations, Keith, who she practically worshiped by that point, could have pointed to dozens of example of similar, but less screwed up, lines of thought. While the possibility that she’s just a terrible person isn’t off the table, it’s a simple fact that he did have undue influence over her. And, to a greater or lesser extent, all these women have been victimized in one way or another. While it doesn’t absolve them, and no one said Allison is a helpless little girl that can’t make her own decisions, Keith Rainerre is a con man and a cult leader who formed a religion where he is their Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus all rolled into one. People have done worse things for faith. Again, you show a profound misunderstanding of the human mind. These women were in for years before they started committing crimes, Mack a full decade before she was out in charge of DOS day-to-day. It’s a lot of time to warp someone.

  • Nobody cares if you’re impressed shadow, Allison is a goddess, a loving and kind soul who deserves respect

    • “Nobody cares if you’re impressed shadow, Allison is a goddess, a loving and kind soul who deserves respect”

      Thank you for your two cents worth, Nicki.
      But I have higher standards for giving respect.
      I respect people who use their talents to do good.
      I respect people who value logic and learning and reason.
      I respect people who want to make the world a better place.

      I don’t respect someone who tortures and abuses other people for the sake of “improving” them.
      I don’t consider someone who tortures an abuses people to be “loving and kind”.

      And I don’t consider any mortal person to be a God or Goddess.

  • So tired of this. The women.

    AM is guilty by her own admission. Likewise, did you not read the NYT article where she (lying) took the blame for Keith? “A tattoo, ya’ll?” We get it. She was in it.

    No less than ..

    Sara cooked eggs in her ridiculously large home. Gee, Sara is so damn sweet, cooking eggs. So rich, no blame, the pretty one. Such a fake.

    Nancy is sort of creepy and has such a nice kitchen and wears cashmere atheleisure. Creepy fake.

    Clare is so, so, quiet, you can barely hear her sweetness. So…innocent. Such an equestrian. She must love the animals and want humans to be as pure.

    And the others–the men, who, most interestingly were not questioned or shied away from our intrepid reporter.

    And our reporterl let that go.

    Frank, what about the men? The ones who jock-stapped Clare? What about them? Those Society of Protectors? Freaking LOL, “SOCIETY OF PROTECTORS.” A group of weird, sad, narcissistic men who, to date, still rule.We know Keith was in charge, there was an army of men.

    Put the men on fire, too. Enough with this bs.

  • Ok. We are sick here. Is everyone piling on one slice of the pie? Specifically, the most public, manipulated slice? We get it, Ali was in it. She has DSM-type personality disorder.

    The Mexicans are…out of jurisdiction?

    Lauren is now a heroine?

    PREFECT Nancy is A-ok? Suddenly so contrite? A sad, lied-to lady who had no clue,? Lol, you morons. If you could have seen her freaking out while making nice to the money-makers who buy their way out.

  • Look, if Mack had sucked Shadowboy’s diminutive cock while he was in NXIVM instead of his master Ranieres none of these worthless as fuck articles would be here.,

    • “if Mack had sucked Shadowboy’s diminutive cock while he was in NXIVM ”

      I was never in NXIVM.
      No one with an IQ above room temperature would be in NXIVM.
      And not everything is about sex.
      That’s what wrong with you people in NXIVM.

      • Yes, but would you write all of these anti-Mack stories if Mack had sucked your diminutive cock, which you didn’t deny having, even though you weren’t in NXIVM? Would your high IQ have been overcome by her lips? THAT’S what enquiring minds want to know. LOL

  • Did anyone read this? I didn’t. Why is opinion know nothing state a correspondent? The skank report is really bottom of the barrel desperate.

  • You know, it’s been a long, hard day and I keep wondering why Allison Mack is the Number One Monster of the Universe. She made poor judgments and was unfortunately ensnared in the psychopathy of Keith Raniere. Does anyone believe that was part of her life plan? And BTW, she did not herself brand women and I believe she has a brand herself.

    You can say all day long how she should have known better, how stupid she is / was, but I say the true monster was the perverted, psychopathic parasite – KAR. That excuses no one. We are all flawed.

    I met him and he was very compelling and convincing. He appeared to be a gentle, sincere soul.

    For the love of God, give it a break. Focus your animosity towards Pam, the procurer of under aged girls, or Nancy, scam artist extraordinaire – or the Bronfmans, – rich, legal bullies and terrorists.

    Shadow, where does you deep hate come from?

    I’m sure I’ll get a ten page reply replete with at least ten Wikipedia links.

    S1958, you have contributed a lot to this blog, so please don’t take this wrong. I’m just venting.

    • I agree with pointing the finger at Pam. and Nancy. Others were behind the scenes who are far, far from victims.

      (Honestly, we see who is no longer on the list)

      As for your meeting Keith? When was that bc when I did, circa 2014/5, he behaved, in front of his men friends, like an entitled, acting out, snotty, adolescent boy who wanted attention from the other men around him. He was absolutly disgusting.

      • He was disgusting and a conman in 2000 when I met him.
        They were all phony: Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Barbara Jesky, Pam Cafritz, Ester Chiappone – all of them
        I hope Judge Garafus was not fooled by Lauren Salzman’s BS crying fit on the stand. She is evil and all she cares about is MONEY.
        She also had sex with every new male that showed up in Albany. A very promiscuous bitch, just like her Mom and the rest of them.

      • 1990 and several times after that, all prior to 1998. He had not escalated as far by then and was not operating with the impunity he did once the Bronfmans got involved. They and their money must have been the gasoline on the fire.

  • Oh Please. Not another ShadowState lecture. Frank sure likes to have fun here. for his own amusement

  • This cunt knew wat she was doing. N what happened to her fake wife she married? How come she hasn’t been booted out of the country?

  • “The sorry truth is that many people in NXIVM, because of PERSONAL PSYCHOLOGICAL FLAWS, allowed Raniere to MANIPULATE them.”

    I don’t know why you didn’t just end it here. You literally just said that these people have personal psychological flaws AND that they were manipulated. You pretty much just made the rest of the argument invalid with that sentence.

    • Mr. Shadow would never admit to this, but with the right conditions, many people can be manipulated to do things they normally wouldn’t do, and once the water keeps slowly warming up, a boiled frog is the result.

    • Some more sociopathic/narcissistic/etc. than others. It’s why the guilty pleas happened: not one had the chance to ever come out healthy from a psycho-sexual evaluation.

    • Nothing to do with psychological flaws.
      For one, it’s a technique that works.
      Two, anyone can, and has, fallen prey. Think of going to buy a csr.
      Three, at some point they burned all their bridges, not leaving an out.

      Internally they knew it was wrong yet they suspended their inner voice and listened to the con man, Keith.

      So, in the end, they made a choice.

  • Yolanda, there is a part of me that agrees with you.

    What she did is horrific. Can’t deny it.

    But somehow I don’t think she had the propensity for her actions but for her blindly following an evil vanguard.

    So the question becomes, what type follows an evil leader?

  • People say they were manipulated by Raniere because they were manipulated by Raniere. They became willing participants and should be punished accordingly, but without Raniere, none of this probably would have occurred.

  • Someone could have a best seller if they wrote a how-to book on starting a cult where wealthy, attractive, educated women choose to become your sex slaves and recruit others into the fold. I know I’d buy a copy.😁

    • Except for the attractive and educated parts, just read this website from start to finish to read the how-to book. I think most of Raniere’s women look like dogs, but as Epstein advertised, he was looking for Texas women, for obvious reasons.

    • “Educated” is a loaded word. Nxivm specifically eliminated anyone who was keen on critical thinking–it was a thing, especially if the underlying sexual aspect (even before dos) did not intrigue, even if it meant hanging out at the plaza or the sports barn.

      Send your offspring to the Rainbow Cultural Garden, away from your meddling concerns.

      There was no Mission other than control by vanguard and prefect, the doctor, the Helpers, and, the Money-makers. The actors were always laughed at and gullible.

  • I thought I read recently that early on, Allison Mack’s parents paid for her to do a NXIVM course or they loaned her the money for it. Why couldn’t she afford to pay these fees for herself?

  • Not enough could ever be said about the evil of this bitch she should be dragged through the streets like Mussolini was
    I myself can’t wait to start reading the stories about her getting her ass kicked in prison

    • “I myself can’t wait to start reading the stories about her getting her ass kicked in prison”

      Wait until Allison’s new friends discover that many of the women in DOS were from Mexico.

    • “Allison is a caring and gentle soul.”

      Nothing says “gentle and caring” than burning people with a 2000 degree Fahrenheit piece of metal.

      “Not like ShadowHate, who delights in attacking her.”

      Actually I would be happier if this sorry state of affairs had never occurred in the first place.
      I thought America would be a more compassionate place in 2016 and 2017 than to tolerate this kind of casual cruelty to others.
      But call me “old fashioned.”

      • Nicki is as hard core as they get.
        If Allison had not been indicted, she would be as hard core as Nicki.
        As it stands now Allison is still part of NXIVM and the cult followers are treating her as their new Queen.

    • Tiny- How is a man who dressed as clown and tortured young men to death and buried them in the crawl space of his home comparable to Allison Mack?

      • I think Tiny was being facetious, whereas Mr. Shadow was being serious, just as he was comparing the cauterizing/branding to the Nazis, who had their prisoners dig their own mass graves before shooting them at the edge of the hole so they would fall into it, dead. Or put them in a large group shower room and bring in poisonous gas through the shower heads and then incenerate the dead bodies.

      • FreeBillCosby
        “How is a man who dressed as clown comparable to Allison Mack?”

        Gacy and Mack were both con artists who charmed people in order to commit horrific crimes.
        And by the way Bill Cosby is a rapist who drugged and raped women.
        Bill Cosby is a walking talking scumbag.

  • Shadowstate,

    Another Allison Mack piece?

    You win. I am speechless. I give up.

    Now only the chivalrous Nutjob will resist you.

    I surrender my sword….

    Please let history note… I Niceguy battled the Cankle crusader valiantly, but in the end mere mortals cannot fight the Shadowstate.

    • Nah. I’m out. Sorry OCD. It’s all you. And of course the anonymous poster from Allison’s family who will line by line refute everything…

    • Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Allison Mack?

      The Shadow State does!
      The Shadow State does!
      The Shadow State does!
      The Shadow State does!
      The Shadow State does!
      The Shadow State does!
      The Shadow State does!
      The Shadow State does!

      …Damn…this record is broken…

    • Niceguy:

      You fail to realize that Shadowstate’s life has been lived in two fantasy worlds:

      In a previous fantasy world, Shadowstate worshipped at the throne of Chloe. There were two aspects to this world. One aspect was where Shadow imagined himself as kind of a Henry Higgins figure to Allison Mack, teaching her about the finer things in life, advising her on potential acting roles, telling her stories about legendary Chicago crime figures, showing her the house under which John Wayne Gacy buried his victims.

      The second aspect of this previous fantasy world involved Shadowstate doing some or all of the things Vanprisonguard did to Allison Mack in real life.

      In the current fantasy world, Shadowstate, angered that his Chloe found succor in the short arms of another older man, sees himself as a major factor in the arrest, embarrassment and eventual incarceration of Ms. Mack. In his mind he is a combination of Walter Winchell (breaking the big stories) and Eliot Ness (taking down the bad guys). Shadowstate (in this current fantasy world) believes that his endless Wikipedia laced postings on the Frank were essential tools for the EDNY prosecutorial team which brought down NXIVM.

      In a Shadowy bizarro universe, NXIVM was an evil global power ready to take over the World with it’s army of B minus actresses, lost souls and homely home schooled heiresses, with essential help coming from the oh so embarrassing Emiliano Salinas and Bassett Hound Igtet. In truth, as Scott J has so often pointed out, NXIVM was merely an MLM which got a bit kinky. A perverse organization led by an impotent schlub is evil, but we are not talking the Catholic Church here.

      This whole world dominance scheme has been seen before….in the classic 60s James Coburn movies “Our Man Flint” and “In Like Flint”..

      • “In a previous fantasy world, Shadowstate worshipped at the throne of Chloe. There were two aspects to this world. One aspect was where Shadow imagined himself as kind of a Henry Higgins figure to Allison Mack, teaching her about the finer things in life, advising her on potential acting roles, telling her stories about legendary Chicago crime figures, showing her the house under which John Wayne Gacy buried his victims.”

        In all seriousness, are you insane?
        I watched “Smellville” once or twice.
        One you say it’s Superman in high school, you’ve said it all.
        Allison Mack already had a Henry Higgins character.
        His name was Keith Raniere.
        As for John Wayne Gacy’s house, it was torn down in 1988.

        In all seriousness what kind of pot are you smoking?
        Did Pea Onyu sell you the pot?

        • shadowstate whatever #, let’s see now. An announcement has been made. “In truth, as … has so often pointed out, NXIVM was merely an MLM which got a bit kinky.”

          Well alrighty then. So all we really need is some alka seltzer and then we can go plop plop fizz fizz off?

          What you and I and several others have failed to understand is that this was all meant to be fun. Even Agnifilo tried to say people just don’t understand Raniere’s lifestyle. In fact that was about all the poor guy could come up with as an opening statement re Reñero. It’s just a bit kinky. Sure ’nuff. Why didn’t we get the joke?

          Shall we do a search for a better euphemism? Get Moira Penza on the phone. Calling Nxivm “kinky” is like calling an atomic explosion a cooking contest. Allison Mack was just a hapless pastry chef who got sucked, smiley face first, into the DOS dough, looking for photo ops as she voluntarily asphyxiated her individuality. Just following the Head condomless Duck.

          While it’s true that at Raniere’s trial, witnesses under oath said a lot about Allison Mack and her chronic, yet enthusiastic abuse of other women, now we know the truth, shadowstate. Her whole schtick was really a series of misguided practical jokes. The immigration fraud marriage was such a lark. Holding down women to be branded? That was her spiritual baptism, ya know?

          Stop picking on Allison Whack. You don’t want to fall apart at the seams like that investigative journalist has done. What the hell is the matter with Mr. Parlato? From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, how long is this guy going to keep hollering about stuff like it was such a big deal? I guess he doesn’t know kinky when he sees it. Why does he insist upon making such a big stink over a bit of kink? So what if Clare and Sara didn’t want their money back?

          Anything bad that came from this happy cult happened because poor Keith was all fuckered out, he could not be omnipresent and help everybody. This work got harder and harder (or was that softer and softer?) for him, to the point where he had to sleep all day. His supreme penis was flagging halfmast. He sacrificed himself.

          Dude was all kinked out and still he had the nobility of a hedgehog. He fled to Puerto Vallarta for a vacation, but still Reñero gave himself to his work and proposed a cheerful group blowjob. While he was waiting for his slaves to assemble, there was a disturbance and he fled to a closet to practice silence and regather his cojones. Poor Allison chased after the police vehicle that took him away like a chihuahua.

          Why does Mr. Parlato have to go and make a fuss about something everyone has already seen in a James Coburn movie?

          Mr. Parlato just doesn’t have a good sense of humor and has spent years being pissed off about some Monopoly money and the lawsuits he earned for noticing where the money didn’t go. Then he got fired, hounded and sued for saving $26 million for some zombies, you might say. Why didn’t Rick Alan Ross get the joke and he could have saved himself about 14 years of Nxivm litigation and harassment? Mr.Tighe bitches and moans about getting railroaded into prison over some fun porn which Clare and the litigation hounds sent him as a present. The young woman held in captivity for a couple of years should not have been so argumentative with Flabturd, her god and savior.

          And that’s only a few examples of how come there’s a difference between criminal and kinky. Shadowstate might not be in any mood to watch Mack try to get cutesy and put lipstick on a pig. She is just on hold right now and isn’t free to squeak until she gets sentenced.

          “Nxivm” isn’t dead, only wounded. All 6 defendants are convicted felons.
          Who can say who is still committed to their cult or who is not? With some, such as the 2 Bronfmans, their continued devotion is obvious. From how things have sounded, Salinas, his 19th nervous breakdown and Ludwika have not become at all detached about Nxivm. And the list of diehards continues….The cauterizing doctor is still engrossed with the cult, along with Nicki and Michelle. This isn’t over.

          It is good that Allison Mack has an unwanted drummer and a researcher who shadows her. Her demonstrative contrition while entering her guilty plea before Judge Garaufis could have been a performance. Some watch for signs of a swan song.

          • Shivani, sorry that your reaction to my “kinky” and “Coburn” comments set you off, so much that you composed both a “Commentary” AND a response to my original comment (actually both the same meandering missives).

            Some of our fellow posters saw my contribution for what it was: a bit of fun poked at Shadowstate (and his ludicrous belief that NXIVM could ever be even a bit a player on the world political stage), Scottie J, and the entire NXIVM universe as it were. I only regret that I could not use all my material (ie could not work in the line that Toni Natalie has been married so many times she has rice marks on her face)(stole that from Tom Waits).

            Again, apologies. It is not surprising that someone with foot planted in mouth and someone with tongue planted in cheek might not see eye to eye.

        • Watching Smallville once or twice is all it took for Mack to live in your brain, that’s amazing. For the record, I never watched that show. At all. Not even once. Never even saw a small clip while channel surfing. I’m very thankful for that, perhaps I could have ended up like Mr. Shadow, as Mack could have lived in both of our brains. LOL

      • Witches,

        I enjoyed your rich literary and original psychological takedown of Mr. Shadowstate. Well done.

        Thank you!

      • very entertaining ATW, you are so right about Igtet-basset he really does look like a basset hound. Encore.

        • If it wasn’t for you poking him, we’d still be reading Captain Obvious. Instead, we get to see the real uncensored Shadow. I could stretch and say you’re his Vanguard and he’s your Allison.

  • How do we know exactly what she did or did not enjoy, or what her thoughts were?

    And if she is really skilled at manipulating people, why didn’t she turn those abilities to increasing her stardom, acting roles and media presence? Why hang out in Albany with a bunch of unknown con artists?

    There is more to the story than that she was born a horrible, despicable human being. I do not excuse her, but certain things do not add up.

    Let me ask you, Shadow, do you not find KAR more despicable than Mack? Do you deny that Mack was love bombed and manipulated in the early stages?

    • “Why hang out in Albany with a bunch of unknown con artists?”

      Because Allison Mack is a con artist at heart.
      In her social media she referred to her NXIVM friends as her “chosen family.”

      Belly laughs…. nothing like it…. #chosenfamily #nycsummerlove #togetherforever #lovevsfear

      And Nicki Clyne is her “soul sister”

      City days…. early morning trains to make the most of our adventure. #daytrippin #soulsisters #nycsummerlove

      “Let me ask you, Shadow, do you not find KAR more despicable than Mack? Do you deny that Mack was love bombed and manipulated in the early stages?”

      I find everyone in NXIVM to be despicable.
      The more despicable they are the higher they rise in the criminal gang.
      And they all deserve one another.
      Who are we to break up such well matched friends?
      I am reminded of the wise words of Judge Art Vandelay in “Seinfeld.”

      • Thank you for the clip from my favorite show Mr. Shadow, I had forgotten the judge’s name was the same as George’s favorite fake name. But as usual, you did not answer the questions asked, not that I would expect for you to start doing so.

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