Actaeon: Allison Mack ruined her own life – no one did it to her!

Allison Mack appears to be crying near the Brooklyn Courthouse. Is she crying for her sad fate or because she misses Keith Alan Raniere?

By Actaeon

As one commenter said, Allison Mack “didn’t have a choice…”  This is where I disagree.

She was under no compulsion, she had every opportunity to leave Nxivm.

She could have left halfway through the first meeting, after a week, or at any point during the intervening years. She wasn’t forced, blackmailed, or compelled by economic necessity to get involved with NXIVM. She wasn’t a child. She’s not mentally disabled. She acted entirely of her own free will, made a series of extremely bad decisions, and now is paying the price.

Yes, she was manipulated.

But she allowed herself to be manipulated. She was a fool. And she has no real excuse: She was financially well off; she had an enviable career.

I can have more sympathy for somebody who takes to crime because they have no options in life. Or some 15 year old kid who goes joyriding with his friends in a stolen car because they talk him into it.

Mack had no such excuse. She was leading a life of privilege when she decided to join NXIVM. And NXIVM was clearly a scam, anyone with a lick of sense would know that straight off the bat.

Yes, Kristin Kreuk introduced her to it (may she rot in Hell). But I wonder: why, when Kreuk was talking up NXIVM on the Smallville set, why was Mack the only one enough of a fool to get involved with it?

Why not Rosenbaum or Welling or Freedman or Durance? Why were none of them groomed, brainwashed, hypnotized?

My speculative answer is that Mack was perhaps naive, weak-willed, and ambitious. She’d have had to be naive to fall for the spiel, to be suckered by a boastful charlatan like Keith Raniere. To fall for the tired pop-psychology motivational speaker sales pitch. To not realize they were smooth-talking her to rip her off.

Weak-willed to not just say no.

WTF is so hard about saying no? “No, I’m not buying and no, I don’t have to give you a reason why.”


Ambitious. Aye, there’s the rub. That’s something I picked up on from her blog. Mack wanted to make a difference. Make an impact on the world. Do good, help women. Admirable, but there’s a dark shadow there. She was not satisfied being an actress. What, that’s it, that’s my life’s work, 10 years of playing Chloe on TV? And what do I do now, get a job selling Toyotas in Long Beach?

My guess is she thought NXIVM would help her make that big impact. Find herself and help her change the world. She talked about that a lot. So I think she wanted to believe in Raniere. This is how Ponzi schemes and confidence rackets work: the suckers want it to be true, so they fool themselves. Because they’re greedy.

It was entirely her choice. And by God did she get burned. She was warned. I know for a fact that people in the comments section of her blog warned her. I was one of them. Somebody put up a link to a YouTube video showing Raniere boasting about having people killed. She had friends and family. Some of them must’ve warned her. But she chose to stick with Raniere. Up to and including the blackmailing and branding of women. Convincing women to join her Sorority of Obedient Sisters. Because she’s a feminist committed to helping women.

It’s a sad story, and I do have sympathy for Allison Mack. She ruined a promising life. She was a competent professional actress. She had talent. Her intellectual curiosity was admirable and I believe she genuinely wanted to do good. But she ruined her own life, and others’ lives.

She did that, of her own free will. She lacked the strength of character to avoid temptation and ended up a criminal. Ultimately, she has nobody to blame but herself.

May she return from prison in a few years sadder but wiser.

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  • “She wasn’t forced, blackmailed, or compelled by economic necessity.”

    You’re right she wasn’t forced. She was, however, coerced and mind-conditioned through DECEIT, she was blackmailed —sextorted — along with all the others who weren’t in on the grift at the very top tier. And she most certainly was fleeced into economic necessity.

    Very odd how you “gentlemen” only attack the “pretty ones” who succumbed, not any of the plainer or relatively (to yourselves) older females. And you think you’re not mind-conditioned in any way, yourselves?

    Hey, did you ever hear the definition of a whore? A cunt who fucks everybody but YOU.

  • Allison Mack is a product of the celebrity elite system. Once she landed the role on honey I shrunk the kids, she was forever altered. Considered a celebrity child actor. And with her performance as Chloe on Smallville, she ended that job with a sense of “what now?” She has millions at her disposal. Which to her interpretation meant that the world was before her. She could influence and change the world. Then she met Keith. She was vulnerable and his impression left her with the same feelings she had had for previous directors and writers: He knew what he was doing. She could trust him as she had others before. He was ethical. Smart above all others. She found a platform to help people. Or so she thought. And we all know how that turned out. I don’t think Allison is a bad person (as Shadow does). I believe she has a good heart. But she was also vulnerable. And shame on Keith for exploiting that. She legit thought she was helping people. What a sad story her life is – as it was derailed by the monster Keith Raniere. She will wisen up and make something of her life. Keith requires a lifetime in prison for his manipulating and his hedonistic behavior.

    • I hope Geffen’s got a plan to relieve said heirs of the balance of their financial burdens Raniere & Salzman left over.

      He’s producing “NXIVM — The Album” with an Allison Mack / JLO duet in a Spanish rendition of “Is that Any Way for a Woman to Carry On?”

    • More Cdan,

      News Flash:

      Crazy days and nights is not the associated press…….or even the Enquirer…….

  • Frank Parlato,

    The American people demand you realease the exact number of Shadowstate1958 Allison Mack articles!!!!

    Frank are you just another Robert Mueller?
    The American people have suffered far too long under the deep state yoke and fake news anvil overhead.

    Allegedly Shadowstate is a caucasian Jussie Smollet double agent provocateur working for the fiendish Blue State Mafia.

    My greatest fear is that Shadowstate is a member of an anti-Cankle globalist movement orchestrated by the Illuminate and bent on world domination.

    I remember an important quote my Grandmother shared with me once, “First they came for the Cankle Lovers then the Foot Fetishers…. and then they came for me.”

    If everything I have stated is true……. Cankle lovers everywhere may be in grave danger!!!!!!!!

    Please release the Shadowstate Allison Mack article!!!!!

    My parents raised me to be brave in the face of danger just like the early American pioneers and settlers. My Papa used to tell me, “son if you see a piece of land you want and a heathen is on it shoot the heathen or infect him with smallpox and take the land”.


  • I completely agree with this article. It’s sad. And Raniere is a monster. But with her recent blaming of him, she has obviously not come to grips with taking responsibility for herself.

  • I couldn’t have said it better, you read my mind. Your article outlines very clearly why this pile of shit should self-immolate, a.s.a.p. It truly is the world’s worst person, yes worse than Bill O’Reilly.

    I attended a 16 day intensive and the only reason I stayed was to see if it is worth it. No, a total black hole of plagiarized suck. Especially the money module was clearly stolen from Ayn Rand. I could have left whenever I wanted, who was going to stop me? Some under-nourished pedo enabler? I think not.

    The only thing I did learn was that I didn’t hate anyone enough to inflict this crap on them.

    On a lighter note I heard through the grapevine Nancy Salzman is writing a book. The working title is ” Mein Kampf – The New Testament.” get it?

  • She is a wicked wench. Allison is a dirty pig. I hate her now. She was a drug user. And I don’t care who knows it. And she was a big time slut. She thinks she can save herself by tattling on V. She is delusional

  • “She lacked the strength of character” indeed. And akin to McBeth, her unfettered ambition also led to her own destruction.

  • I agree with a lot of what you said, but not all of it. For example, NXIVM is not a Ponzi scheme, and why is it obvious NXIVM is a scam? Would you like to discuss these issues on my radio show?

  • I think people fixate on the fact she was in a mildly successful tv show and therefore she had a “enviable life and career” when it’s obvious her career stalled out with Smallville. She admitted she was lost and didn’t know where to go with her life and thats a big part of why she was sucked into NXIVM.

    She wasn’t living a life of riches and glamour. She was a struggling actress on a sub-par wage.

    • I should struggle so on such a sub par wage. The Hollywood Reporter lists average wages in the TV industry in this article

      Average per episode pay for a mid level cast member is around $55,000 per episode. Bottom dollar for a guest slot is around $30,000 per episode. Smallville ran over 20 episodes per season. She was a regular cast member for nine years.

    • Eighty per cent (80 %) of actors and actresses are unemployed at any given time.
      Many of them can be found waiting tables.

      Is every unemployed actor and actress to be given a pass to commit criminal behavior?
      Allison Mack chose to be a gangster of her own free will.

    • LOL. No.

      When is earning millions as a working actress a subpar wage? You don’t have to live a life of glamor to be well off.

      Working actors don’t average more than 25-30K per year. Actors making millions is a rarity. The real money is in producing.

    • —-Mack “was a struggling actress on a sub-par wage”

      HUH? Mack joined Nx in in the middle of a 10 years run on Smallville and making around a million dollars a year.

    • Anonymous, This hardly needs mentioning. But I don’t know where you got the idea that Mack’s career stalled out with Smallville. Mack left Smallville on her own volition before the run of the show ended. Even after NXIVM, she continued to act from time to time. And a cast member of a network TV show, even if the network is not one of the big 3, earns much more than a sub-par wage. As a professional actress since the age of 4, she had an estimated net worth of 7 million dollars. She was no struggling actress. She had the kind of life and career that struggling actresses envy.

      • Actually, Mack stayed on Smallville till the end. Kreuk left a couple years early by choice.
        But your other points are true.

    • I don’t think so. Her net worth when she met Raniere was somewhere between 4 and 7 million. She could have done whatever she wanted. She was rich. She wasn’t poor like you state.

  • She was groomed quickly…Chad explained that. It happened quite fast and she was “under the spell” within the first months.

    If you say she was under no compulsion (ignoring the whole situation, mental manipulation and including the collateral she started to give
    WAY before the other DOS members), then you are saying that the victims weren’t victims either because the situation is the same!

    First off, she could have left (and wanted to do until her best friend came to convince her)…
    And once again, the same could be said about ALL the victims!

    Worse, when Allison was ensnared in Nxivm, she didn’t have the knowledge available (it was in 2006)…The victims arrived after
    the articles against Nxivm started to pop!

    If you consider Allison isn’t a victim because she could have left, the victims can’t be victims either and it’s a fact that they are victims.

    You don’t allow someone to manipulate you in a cult…you seem to forget that we are talking about a cult!

    A cult not in the known when she arrived so she saw big names having participated, her best friend was in it and at first, it was creepish but it wasn’t looking anything criminal

    “why, when Kreuk was talking up NXIVM on the Smallville set, why was Mack the only one enough of a fool to get involved with it?”
    First, because Allison wasn’t feeling fulfilled but also because Allison had an almost blind faith in KK, it was her best friend…Also the age difference.
    All the cast wasn’t the same age as Allison and Kristin.

    “My speculative answer is that Mack was perhaps naive, weak-willed, and ambitious”
    Naive, certainly (it wasn’t the first time she wanted to believe in good when there was none).
    Weak-willed maybe…she had her problems, low self-esteem and was worried about not doing something out of her life
    Ambitious…not the way you think.
    She just wanted a meaningful life, that could be ambitious but that’s about it.

    Let’s be clear, Allison should have trusted her guts but many other people were in the same position (including ALL the victims).

    She didn’t do it on her own free will, she was influenced, manipulated to the core(hardly free will)

    And you are analyzing this whole situation based on what we know NOW, back then, there was no strong signal, just a small one.
    If a great friend (someone you have faith in) tells you that there is no risk, most would try harder and put their gut feelings aside.

    Once again, i appreciate your analyze (not fully biased and considering most of the situation), it’s refreshing.

  • “Yes, Kristin Kreuk introduced her to it (may she rot in Hell). But I wonder: why, when Kreuk was talking up NXIVM on the Smallville set, why was Mack the only one enough of a fool to get involved with it?

    Why not Rosenbaum or Welling or Freedman or Durance? Why were none of them groomed, brainwashed, hypnotized?”


    FYI, Erica Durance, who played Lois Lane on Smallville was involved with NXIVM, presumably recruited by Kristin Kook. She was also following Mark Vicente on twitter.


    Also, the Crazy Days, Crazy Nights website spoke of an actor forced to pay his ex-wife a fuck load of money because she knew about his involvement in a group making noise right now:

    Some speculated it was Tom Welling or Justin Hartley.

  • Great job actaeon, the moment you have to use bad words, ill wishes, etc, it shows you lost the logical, intellectual argument. Let me educate you a bit & don’t bother to answer back.

    The very Frank Report interviewed (3) three High Ranking Officials of nex, independently, they knew nothing of one another been interviewed.

    They all defended Kristin Kreuk as been truthful in Her statement on IG about Her abouts with nex. No sex, no knowledge about the secrets of nex, She was in Vancouver BC almost all the time & scaled down to nothing Her involvement with nex so She can concentrate on Her carreer which got better since She left nex. She’s now taking college, legit education. Only the NY branch was in the know about Keith & even so, only the inner circle knew bits & pieces. Keith was good at covering his dirty deeds even from close ones.

    Kristin Kreuk tried to get out all She referred to nex, a big difference from forcing anyone in it. Mack refused to leave. Kristin suffered retaliation from Keith who also wanted to take all Her money for himself.

    • You are that creepy old “man” who has a teen girl fan crush on Kristin Kreuk. Literally, what do you know? Frank Report has two resident old spankers. Perhaps you and “sultan” can have a spank-off.

    • I do not find credible the story that Kristin Kreuk tried to get allison out, in fact everything that frank has published plus the comments of several people who knew something of these facts indicate that, Kreuk left in silence for several reasons.
      -1.The fact that many of the GBD girls knew about their relationship with KAR and let them know.
      -2.the demand for joe o’hara added to the reports on KAR in different media of albany and new york, the desertion of barbara bouchey and other women.
      -3.But the main argument apparently was the pressure to hand over the control of his money to NXIVM members, especially to KAR. apparently it was deliberate to try to tie her and she realized, but in the end she left quietly and did not do anything to get allison out, it is likely that KAR or Nancy had some guarantee about her. but the proof that she did not do anything to get allison out is that they were both friends almost like sisters, because Kreuk did not go to allison’s family or contact her old boyfriend Chad Krowchuk who was very important to her and who was her boyfriend when Kreuk recruited her, allison paid her several courses at NXIVM to be with her, but he still saw NXIVM as a cult for all the money that made him spend taking courses on valued, if Kreuk really wanted Allison would have sought help of some kind with the people who knew and wanted her, but she did not do any of that just figured that she was going away for work so there would not be a harassment reaction on her, I think that allison was taken to the network of women of the KAR heren as a measure of this to prevent this and nicky also woke up and left.

  • I would like to point out to Shadowstate1958’s detractors including myself that none of us have to read Shadowstate’s articles…. we choose to by are own volition…..

  • I think Frank should publish all of the Allison Mack articles written by guest writers as an anthropology collection……

    How many articles has Shadowstate1958 written on Allison Mack?

    Anyone know?

    • And regardless of what has been written about Allison Mack there are still defenders of her criminal conduct.

      “Allison Mack had no choice”
      “Allison was brainwashed”
      “Allison was duped.”
      ‘It’s all Kristen Kreuk’s fault.”

      Why is that?
      Why do so many people defend Allison Mack after her behavior has been exposed as brutal and cruel and sadistic and extortionate?
      Why can’t people accept the notion that evil can come in the form of a happy, smiling face?

      • Shadowstate1958,

        I have often commented how much I enjoy reading your articles on subjects other than Allison Mack and 12 year olds doing undercover work.

        You have unique insights and frequently pair those insights with historically relevant events and individuals. I believe the other non-Allison Mack articles are when you do your best writing.

    • Anon, you think Frank is Actaeon? It’s crossed my mind bc of the rare, high quality writing. Hmmm.

      Actaeon is introduced to Greek mythology when he surprises Artemis – chaste goddess of the hunt and protector of wild animals and children — while bathing. He falls in love, she turns him into a Stag whereupon he’s hunted and eaten by his own hounds who don’t recognize him. Of course, he becomes immortal and goes on to many godly adventures.

      Wouldn’t we love to know more about Frank’s love life in this? Speaking for the ladies — do tell, someday, Actaeon.

  • Actaeon:
    You’re correct that Allison Mack has no one to blame but herself for her plight.
    And her brutality and cruelty towards other women displays a sadistic streak that is extremely disturbing.
    Why would she brand women except to dehumanize them and exercise her superiority over them?
    Was Allison Mack that jealous of other women that she had to turn them into objects? Apparently so.

    And Allison Mack’s mental abnormalities go far beyond a vulnerability to being manipulated by the likes of Keith Raniere.
    Allison Mack suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    This mental illness is marked by:

    Lack of Empathy for Others
    (Allison Mack continued the branding even when the women were screaming in pain.)

    Lack of Boundaries where her Rights End and Others’ Rights Begin.
    (Allison Mack did not care that she was enslaving the women.)
    One of the most difficult aspects of being tangled in a narcissist’s web is learning to set firm boundaries with them. Narcissists typically have poor boundaries themselves; they like to win and maintain power, and they don’t like others setting boundaries on them. They even feel above the boundaries of the law — they don’t follow court orders and they find personal boundaries easy to violate.” ~Karyl McBride, MD

    Have a Sense of Entitlement and require Constant, Excessive Admiration
    (This explains the Love Bombing of Allison Mack.)

    Be Preoccupied with Fantasies about Success, Power, Brilliance, Beauty or the Perfect Mate
    (Who is Allison Mack’s Perfect Mate? Why the World’s Third Smartest Man of course.)

    Take advantage of others to get what they want
    (Allison Mack promised Female Empowerment and delivered Female Slavery.)

    Exaggerate achievements and talents
    (Allison Mack falsely claimed to have won the Emmy for “Lost in Oz.”)

    Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
    (Allison Mack must be more than a successful actress.
    Allison Mack must be a Great Actress.
    Allison Mack must be a Great Shakespearean Actress.)

    Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
    (Did it ever occur to Allison Mack that women don’t want to be sex slaves?
    Did it ever occur to Allison Mack that women want to control their own bodies?)

    Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people
    (How else does one describe Allison Mack’s belief that she is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc?
    A fantasy that led Catherine Oxenberg to fear for her daughter’s life as long as India was associated with Allison Mack.)

    And trying to warn Allison Mack about her behavior will result in hostility from her.
    People with narcissistic personality disorder have trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism

    Additional traits of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder like Allison Mack are:

    Become impatient or angry when they don’t receive special treatment
    Have significant interpersonal problems and easily feel slighted
    React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior
    Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior
    Feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection
    Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation
    (Narcissists have particularly fragile egos and can not accept even honest constructive criticism.)

    No matter what happens in this case Allison Mack will be an immature, emotionally stunted person for the rest of her life.
    And her condition is not Keith Raniere’s fault.
    He only took advantage of it to manipulate her.

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