Shivani: Allison Mack Fed Her Ego With This Garbage

By Shivani

Imagine how much trouble people could save themselves by just saying “no” instead of bending over backwards trying to cooperate with something, aspects of which don’t feel right, acceptable, intelligent, respectful or appropriate.

I think that we all get big or little hints from within ourselves and all too often overlook those feelings, perhaps because of wanting to be “nice” or not wanting to be excluded, getting attached to being part of something.

But what if that “something” is a toxic mindfuck?

Don’t ignore the hints from within. One could walk away having listened to one’s own mind, before any cult robot/bastards have a chance to trap another sucker for suffocation in their sado-masochistic power-grabs.

One small background thing about me is that no one is able to get me to recruit or proselytize. It is that simple. You might as well hold your breath and turn blue. And go drum up your own customers.

Really, go get fucked.

Trying to push or influence others to join anything goes against my own way of living. To me, telling somebody else what to think, or how to live. serves nothing and no one. It goes against my feelings of what is respect. So, you see, I am useless! I am not willing to be possessable and am not at all cooperative about being used.

This is what I don’t get over about Allison Mackcrack and similar acolytes. Who is willing and choosing to fall so low? What is the reward for giving up one’s conscience and common sense? Who is it who decides that it is fine to go along with collecting negative and, if necessary, false collateral, to sanction branding, going hungry, sleep deprivation and to foster one guy’s obsession with emotional and sexual abuse?

Who is refusing to think for oneself about all of this being NO DAMN GOOD for anyone? Who chooses to be a cheerleader for this shit?

And Mack didn’t merely act like Raniere’s cutesy, but creepy, cheerleader. She fed her ego with this garbage, seemed to enjoy representing herself as one of his shining examples. She acted like a star ambassadress. She tried to sound so authoritative while trying to get herself more slaves, spewing half-baked concepts fabricated to conceal the ugly truth.

Hook, line, and sinker is a choice, too.

I guess that what matters now about Mack is who is she now?

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  • NXIVM sex cult trial witness says Smallville star Allison Mack kept Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter on a 500 calorie a day diet and threatened to starve her friend as a way of keeping her compliant

    Former member of NXIVM’s master-slave group DOS, 31-year-old actress named Nicole, testified in leader Keith Raniere’s trial this week
    Nicole said Smallville actress Allison Mack, 36, lured her into DOS by painting it as a women’s empowerment group
    She said when she became friends with Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter, India, Mack threatened to starve India as a way of keeping Nicole compliant
    Nicole said that Mack also kept India on a 500 calorie a day diet

  • Shivani,

    Every time I read one of your posts I feel as though my IQ just went down by at least 10 points.

    When you put pen to paper, the world becomes less than what it was.

  • “I guess that what matters now about Mack is who is she now?”

    She’s an emaciated, sunken-eyed, hollow cheeked, prematurely aged woman with skin the colour of old parchment.

    • I bet she would NOT be, had she not met Raniere. We will probably never know.

      • Orange County Dreams is correct. Allison Mack would not of ended up exploiting young women for a sexual predator.

  • On her blog she was always going on about wanting to change the world. Well she succeeded in that as far as damaging a bunch of people’s lives, empowering a sexual predator, and adding herself to the federal prison population.

    Nice going, Allison.

    Big ego and blind ambition can really mess you up. Just look at Lady MacBeth.

    • Actaeon, Your expectations of A. Mack might be too high. My intuition tells me she hadn’t studied Lady MacBeth.

      • But I thought that Allison was a great studier of Shakespeare.
        That’s how she advertised herself on Twitter.

        Allison MackVerified account
        story-teller, question-asker, music-lover, theatre-goer, movie-obsessor, shakespeare-studier, globe-trotter, food-inhaler, woman of 34 and counting.

        As I recall we studied Shakespeare in high school when I was Junior or Sophomore year.
        Oh, and we must spell theater the British way “theatre.”

    • “Changing the world – one slave at a time.”

      Allison made one huge mistake that she will suffer the consequences of for the rest of her life:

      Instead of getting some genuine therapy from a qualified health professional, she joined a cult.

        • Based on her first long-term relationship with the older, manipulative, abusive fiancee who all her friends warned her about, I’d say she did need therapy, at least about that aspect of her life. Instead she went on to repeat that mistake, only worse, with Raniere.

          Her old fiancee did end up going to jail as well, come to think of it. And his father is apparently a convicted pedophile, to boot. She seems stuck in some sort of strange pattern.

    • I don’t need to know about MacBeth to know that big ego and blind ambition can really mess you up. But I do agree Mack achieved her goal of changing the world…for the worse.

    • “Allison Mack threatened to starve India as a means to keep Nicole compliant.”

      And I get criticized for saying that Allison Mack is EVIL.


  • To sum up. P T Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute.

    Another quote, to keep in mind is, love many, trust few.

    Allison used her limited acting skills, and celebrity profile, to sucker other women into her debauchery.
    Women, beware. Your own sex will abuse you in ways far worse than the male sex ever could.

    Now, wasn’t it nice to have an intelligent opinion, making a point, without being vulgar?
    Clean up your act and you might have an audience actually listen

    • “Women, beware. Your own sex will abuse you in ways far worse than the male sex ever could.”

      Sadly that’s true.
      Notice there are very few heterosexual men in the NXIVM cult.

  • Lemme see.
    Fuck, shit and crap are the operative words in this “cough cough” so-called essay.
    One does not do your argument any good by being vulgar.

    • If only I had known that you have demands on how I use language. Golly “g” willikers, here comes
      da judge!

      Just so you understand, like you, I write my thoughts here as comments. This was no essay, just a comment that happened to get reposted here as a little column. The people who maintain the website make those decisions independently.

  • I’m much the same way. I know many that if you don’t do or live exactly as they do they’re shaking their head and rolling their eyes.
    “ You should use my instructor, use this gear, see my doctor, buy groceries here …..” If it’s not what the use or choose it’s wrong

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