JZ Knight, as Ramtha, Promises to Take Her Followers on a Spaceship and Leave Earth

J.Z. Knight says she channels a ghost who claims to have lived on earth 35,000 years ago.

Editor’s Note: J.Z. Knight claims she channels a ghost named Ramtha, who claims he lived 35,000 years ago on, among other lands, the lost continent of Atlantis, and, with an army larger than the estimated world population at the time, conquered the world. 

We are investigating whether Ramtha is telling the truth that she channels a ghost and if she is telling the truth and is channeling a ghost – whether that ghost is telling the truth. [Who says ghosts can’t lie about their resumes?]

Knight has a following that some people claim is cult-like who believe that she does channel the ghost Ramtha and that he is an enlightened being and should be obeyed and followed. When Knight “channels” Ramtha – he takes over her body, speaks with an accent, and tells Knight’s followers precisely what to do, drink, eat, how to live and how to – it seems – invest their money.


By Sumbuddy 

I didn’t know until about seven years into the Ramtha School of Enlightenment that these people are waiting for Ramtha to come rescue them in his spaceship for liftoff so they can live happily ever after in his UFO.

Not kidding.

The followers of J.Z. Knight fight over who will get to go on the ship since [J.Z. Knight as] Ramtha promised to only bring a few select chosen people from the school and Knight, [as Ramtha] often uses that to gain people’s affection.

Like “YOU are going to be the FIRST ONE on my ship, darlin!”

And Knight [as Ramtha] also uses it against people during events to make them think they aren’t going to be saved because they are “stuck in their humanity.”

I can picture the final event when JZ gets tired of “channeling” and they herd everyone into the arena and say “Ramtha said if you drink this Kool-Aid, you can go with him on the ship.”

You should watch the videos of JZ as “Rambles” [Ramtha] snotting and spitting on stage, yelling at her treasured lady-star Linda Evans.

When JZ is done railing on Linda for not investing in JZK International and for Linda listening to her Jewish financial adviser instead, JZ tells the audience to “turn to your neighbor and explain what I’ve just said”, and you can see her minion/henchmen, [manager/spokesman] Mike Wright in the immediate background of the video, along with everyone else, actually turn to their neighbor to explain, as if it’s no big deal.

Actress Linda Evans, a believer in Ramtha.

I was appalled that nobody got the F up and walked the F out or called her out, right then and there.

That should show you how hypnotized these people are.  And they pay $1,500 to sit in the audience and listen to that garbage and then defend it or try to justify or explain it.

They are brainwashed absolutely.

J.Z. Knight, purportedly channeling a ghost named Ramtha, tells her followers how to think and how to live – and they love it.

You can’t clarify abuse and hate and evil. It is what it is, and speaks for itself. You can explain away excrement by calling it lemon pie and eat it if you want, but it’s still excrement and it still stinks.

Those of us lucky enough to have had our eyes opened to the truth have left J.Z. Knight and her cult of Ramtha.  Anyone still with eyes closed reading this, still in the “skool”, I pray that one day your eyes will be opened and you’ll find your way out of this abusive cult.


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  • Why is it that when a man is a cult leader, the path to enlightenment always finds its way to the end of his penis? I’ve found that to be a major difference between Ramtha & Nxivm.

    Ramtha talks of seals in the body (chakras) and how each pertains to the place one keeps their energy, and where your energy sits, tells of where your “mind” is, and how enlightened you are. 1st seal, genitals/reproduction…the lowest level of energy. Ramtha/JZ calls them “dick heads”. KR is the poster boy! Now this isn’t a new idea, many gnostic, eastern religions hold the same beliefs.

    This made me think of Mark Vicente, because he was a member of both. I wondered how KR could carry on in such a way as to not alarm MV? Then I remembered that KR had them all believe he was renunciate. Celibate, because his genius kept his energy in the 5th and 6th seals. He made it look like he didn’t require much sleep, with his up all night volleyball. JZ is similar with all her plastic surgery and exorbitant lifestyle…you see she doesn’t age while Ramtha’s in the body, and everyone should be humble because the “meek shall inherit the earth”…

    So I applaud Mark Vicente, because as soon as he figured it out, he did something about it! The same can be said of Sarah Edmonson. They were both just as brainwashed as the rest, but they didn’t give KR the chance to “explain” why it was all so ethically righteous. They finally relied on their own inner code and said STOP! They knew the cost, and yet went ahead trying to inform whomever they could to the danger.

  • Sounds nuts, right? They must be brainwashed because nobody could believe this malarky?

    Yet how many devout Christians believe in The Rapture? How many millions of copies sold of that Taken Up book series?

    • Actaeon there are far worse beliefs than this spaceship nonsense that i only wish i could share publicly but doing so would not be wise. if you think people are delusional now, let’s just say there are things many people believe about “Ramtha” that no person in their right mind could possibly believe without being under a spell or completely hypnotized. It’s stuff that makes zero sense. I’m afraid I’ve encountered multiple people at events who hold the same outrageous belief I’m talking about (that i unfortunately can’t describe), and those people have also been sitting next to me and swore “Ramtha” said things that were never said, and did things “Ramtha” never did.

      There’s heavy delusion going on in that school. I mean, I was sitting right there and those things did not happen. id tell the person it didn’t happen. we were in the front row. there was no mistaking it. But their answer was always “oh he teaches holographically, we don’t all get the same teachings, what he says to you isn’t the same as what he says to me so of course you didn’t see him (insert physical action that never took place) or say (insert words that were never spoken).”

      so basically people would be sitting all around me and they would see “Ramtha” do things that never happened and say things he never said, and it was always a personal message to the person. i can tell you this much. they were always looking for specific signs from “Ramtha” and the actions/words that never happened, these people somehow believed they did occur and they were not simple gestures and words. When I say people in that arena become delusional, I mean they become delusional.

  • Knight and her RSE sound like they’re taking a turn more towards being a prototypical cult, than just a channeling gig.

    The Church Universal and Triumphant also turned apocalyptic and militaristic towards the end under Elizabeth Clare Prophet – until she was finally sidelined due to suffering from severe dementia.

    And if we’re going to “investigate” whether something so implausible and counter-factual might be true, then maybe investigations are due as well into whether the earth if flat or hollow – hey, maybe Ramtha keeps his spaceship inside the hollow earth! Oh, and guess what, if you can imagine the bizarre, googling it all too often turns up people who actually believe it – sure enough, here is the first of many results about Lemurians living inside the earth:

    Inner earth lemurians

  • There’s nothing I want more than to get on some rocket with a 73 year old former rodeo queen who used 8 facelifts to look like some fat Dracula in a platinum wig.

    • Memo to Ramtha:

      Before liftoff, it’s crucial to know that there will be a hot tub on the JZ/Ramtha rocket. We have learned at least that much from Keith Raniere, the smartest convicted man in MDC. As stipulated beforehand, the rocket must also have a beauty salon, as well as an Indian chef. Now Ramtha, as you see to these details, your new name shall be Justin Case. So get crackin’.

      Everyone should arrive in Ramadamadingdong well-rested and pampered. Also those had better not be cases of Merlot being loaded aboard, Ramtha. There shall be no Merlot on the goddamn rocket! Boone Country Farm marinated in peyote mescal or the trip is off.

      Be sure, Ramtha, that you have stocked enough bacon, peanut butter and bananas, along with Wonder Bread and mayonnaise. You said yourself that will guarantee the resurrection of JZ Knight as Elvis Presley. Our mission will die without this transformation. Ever since JZ went through menopause, all bets are off. This is life or death here.

      Once JZ has completely manifested as Elvis, no one will need to feel any embarrassment anymore when he/she sits around helping us with her legs spread, spitting, puking and cursing our way to enlightenment. She can be a manly man. As Elvis and only Elvis. Hallelujah.

      Thank you Ramtha of Ramadamadingdong. That will be all. For now. Remember, I am. Your Grand Master.

      Shirley Maclaine

  • Shirley MacClaine is 85. Leave Irma la Douce alone, for crying out loud. She really liked JZ Knight, but one hears that ended badly.

    You see, there was quite a problem over a horse. JZ told Shirley that she HAD to buy a certain horse, who happened to be very, very expensive. Shirley bought the horse, who died a few weeks later. JZ told her it was a lesson in humility or some such bull hockey.

    Well, Shirley didn’t get humble, she got pissed. So even though Shirley had once bragged that 35,000 years age, she was Ramtha’s brother, Shirley changed her mind.

  • If JZ Knight (Ramtha) actually built a spaceship and left earth forever it might be a worthy investment.
    She can take Linda Evans and Shirley MacLaine with her.
    And don’t forget to take along some of the NXIVM actresses and heiresses too.

    JZ Knight and the Ramtha cult has elements of the Heaven’s Gate cult near San Diego where they talked about leaving the earth forever.
    Ultimately 39 Heaven’s Gate Cultists, through suicide, left the earth forever.
    Many of them, like their leader Marshall Applewhite, were self-castrated.
    Heaven’s Gate was an American UFO religious millenarian cult based near San Diego, California. It was founded in 1974 and led by Marshall Applewhite (1931–1997) and Bonnie Nettles (1927–1985).[1] On March 26, 1997, members of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group in a house in the San Diego suburb of Rancho Santa Fe. They had participated in a mass suicide; specifically, a coordinated series of ritual suicides, in order to reach what they believed was an extraterrestrial spacecraft following Comet Hale–Bopp.[2][3]

    Just before the mass suicide, the group’s website was updated with the message: “Hale–Bopp brings closure to Heaven’s Gate … Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion – ‘graduation’ from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave ‘this world’ and go with Ti’s crew.”[4]

    • g,

      LOL They constantly need to keep the stupid ones’ attention diverted from reality. With them anything goes so long as the delivery method is tailored to their level. 😀

  • We need to focus less on the weird stuff and more on the crimes. It’s not a crime to be weird or run a cult in the U.S. In fact, it is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, freedom of speech, religion, association, assembly, etc.

    • I was going to ask whether she plans to leave before or after she fucks herself to a froth in Times Square on Christmas Eve with a sledgehammer. Or is she waiting for the 2020 New Year’s to do that? :-/ Does anyone know? Who’s going to hold her the bucket?

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