Part 1: Nxivm Alive and Well: Lucas Roberts Soyboy of SOP

Lucas Roberts is one of the leaders of the Society of Protectors.

According to sources, the following report on Lucas Roberts is 100 percent true. If he feels anything is untrue, it is up to Lucas to demand a retraction or correction. I stand ready to take Lucas’ call at any time. My number is 716-990-5740.

Longtime readers of Frank Report will recall our stories on Lucas Roberts written before his Vanguard was arrested when he was working with Clare Bronfman to get Sarah Edmondson arrested in Vancouver. I was not too kind to Lucas when I wrote stories such as:

Viva Executive Success: SOP leader, Lucas Roberts’ business falling apart

Lucas Robers is a disgrace! 

Magical night for Lucas Roberts 

Source: “Depressed” Lucas Roberts sought multiple EMs in Clifton Park 

Lucas Roberts and Diana Lim: Strange timing for a reunion 

Lucas Roberts Missing Facebook Post in Defense of Raniere

And numerous others.

I also lampooned the fool, hoping he would wake up and realize he was being played for an ass-clown by Raniere.



Lucas has a curious subservience to Keith Raniere who seems to be in control of his girlfriend, Diana Lim.


Lucas [r] is a member of the High Council of the Society of Protectors. Diana [l] is a DOS slave. This means that both of their thinking is subordinate to the superior mind of the Vanguard [c]. He will do the thinking for both of them.
A DOS slave [l] lets her Vanguard [c] know she has followed his orders and brought her boyfriend [lower r] back into SOP.
I had reason to be fairly savage with Lucas. He was the man (if you could call him that) who led Vancouver Nxivm after Sarah Edmondson left and most decent people left also, horrified by the branding. He stood by his Vanguard despite the fact that he knew he was trying to get Sarah and Jen Kobelt arrested for doing nothing more than whistleblowing on the horrific group.

This sniveling, oversized worm continued to defend the group that branded women on their pubic area and collected blackmail-worthy material to coerce them into servitude.

So, I got personal with Lucas.

I told the story about how some eight years ago Lucas was a big man after he got together with Nxivm member Diana Lim. They lived together and how she felt the warmth a woman feels for her first true love.

Lucas, however, took Society of Protector classes and learned from its founder, Keith Alan Raniere, that he was meant to be polygamous.  He broke off with Diana, about four years ago.

At first, Diana cried. Lucas was cool. He told her she would get along fine without him. He was going to find every pussy he could and ejaculate as good as a Raniere.

But Lucas was no Raniere. He could find no woman willing to let him be mini-Vanguard.


He wanted to be like the Vanguard.
Lucas broke up with Diana. She was crestfallen at first.

After Diana was gone awhile and Lucas couldn’t get his share of pussy, he realized just how good he had it with Diana.  He tried to get her back. He begged, pleaded, cajoled, sniveled. He implored. He beseeched. He crawled like a worm.

She told him to mooch along. She had found the man she always wanted. His name was Keith Alan Raniere. She joined DOS, a secret women’s empowerment sorority and got her pussy branded with Raniere’s initials. Diana became a DOS slave, like her sister, Leah, who was under Rosa Laura Junco, a first line slave master.

SOP men are supposed to be hard-bodied, steely-eyed men with a dashing spirit who can command a harem.  Lucas was none of these.

When Diana would not take him back, he cried. Sources said he wet his pillow (and sometimes his pajamas) almost nightly over his missing Diana.

Lucas Roberts’ friends say there were ‘tears on his pillow’ when Diana would not take him back.










But Lucas continued to be a staunch devotee of Keith Raniere. He was certain that if he just took enough courses he could learn what it would take to be like the real Vanguard and have a flock of women.

He paid literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for NXIVM courses. He spent his whole life savings and went into debt. By the time Raniere was arrested, he owed more than $100,000 for courses.

In order to make money to pay for his classes (with a little left over for living expenses), Lucas operated a computer fix-it business where he makes house calls to fix Mac computers. His business is called MacInHome.

But his unhappiness was great – because Diana would not come back.

And when this writer was exposing DOS, and Nxivm members were leaving in droves, and the Vancouver center was about to close, Lucas was thinking about leaving and joining the others who left. He hated to think about how his friend Sarah Edmondson was branded and abused. How Clare Bronfman was trying to put her in jail.

He was wavering. And told this to the High Rank of Nxivm.

It was then that Diana, who had moved to Montreal, suddenly called him and decided to come back.

“What I believe,” said one insider, “is that Lucas was the only ‘semi-man’ left standing after every honest man left SOP. The High Rank of NXIVM had to try to keep Lucas and they kept him through his former lover. Raniere ordered Diana to pretend she wanted to get back with Lucas. She was a DOS slave and had to do what she was ordered. She called Lucas up and said she wanted to go back to him. No, she would not live with him. She was in Montreal, but if he behaved, they would get back together. He was delighted. She told him he had to remain with NXIVM and lead SOP or all bets were off.”

Lucas stayed with Nxivm and became the leader of Vancouver Nxivm and rose to become a member of the High Council of SOP – under James Del Negro – and, to this day, stands behind Keith Raniere.

Of course, I am not sure what his MacInHome customers think about Lucas’ strange support of a cult that brands and blackmails women, but he doesn’t seem to care.

This is what Lucas Roberts says on his business website about Executive Success Programs [Nxivm].

Our CEO Lucas Roberts has been involved in Executive Success Programs since July of 2009. He did an interview for ESP and it’s online now. Enjoy!

IT and Executive Success Programs: A Great Match

One of Executive Success Programs’ greatest strengths is the diversity of its coaching team. Lucas Roberts holds many roles: he’s a self-proclaimed tech nerd and an entrepreneur, as well as a regional executive and professional coach with ESP. In this interview, Lucas discusses why his work as a coach is so meaningful to him, and what he’s working to achieve with the company.

In addition to your work with ESP, what else do you do for a living?

I’m the owner of Macinhome, an Apple-specialized IT consulting firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We help people achieve their goals and change the world faster using kick ass Mac gear.

What’s changed in your life since you began coaching with ESP?

I feel good in my skin. I’m moving my life and my projects forward in ways I feel really good about. I’ve always had trouble moving projects forward in my life—even as far back as elementary school assignments. Since working on my emotional resources and motivation using ESP tools, I’ve been able to crack that mystery and begin thriving. The coolest thing is that consistent striving is actually easier than not pushing at all, and I’m enjoying the journey more than ever. This is new and fantastic—money couldn’t buy that.

What do you hope to build with ESP? 

I love helping people bust through their biggest blocks and limitations so they can take huge steps forward in their business. I mean really breaking new ground in their most lofty and scary goals. Perhaps more importantly: I want those same people to feel like they can really be themselves—their best version of themselves—and live a life that’s extraordinary while doing it. I want to share our vision with business and world leaders—I want to fly around the world, meet with influential people and invite them to work with us to build a better world together.

What has it taken to continue to strengthen yourself and the Vancouver team?

I’ve spent the past year learning how to be a leader in an often very humbling and failure-heavy way. In other words, just getting in there and doing it. I’ve also been pushing to build better, more humane relationships with the Vancouver community. For example, I call one coach every day to just connect with them, see where they’re at in life, and help them if I can. The work I’ve done with ESP and some of the other NXIVM companies has helped tremendously as well: I’ve built a whole new understanding of being a leader, and being able to see and deal with my effects more clearly. I always thought leaders weren’t allowed to fail, especially not in public. I’ve since learned that it’s more about how you fail—failing joyfully—and getting up again. This alone has completely shifted my relationship with everyone I lead, making it okay for everyone to experiment, strive, fail, learn and grow.

How does being an IT technologist relate to working with ESP’s tech?

I love the overlap between ESP coaching and Macinhome. For instance, I used ESP’s tools to work through my fears around expression on camera and created a YouTube channel that I’m really proud of (and I collaborated with Kenrick Block, whom I met through ESP). We got our first client from Facebook paid marketing with this video.

As an ESP coach, I’m building muscles of compassion, precise and flexible thinking, holding people accountable to the things they say they want, and helping people learn about themselves by getting through their limitations.

I’m seeing more and more the results of doing these things in my company and with our clients: Our clients feel heard and understood. They get what they want, even when they don’t yet know what they want, and they’re open about what’s working for them and what isn’t. They’re comfortable giving honest feedback on the value they got —or didn’t get— from our work, which helps us to constantly calibrate and improve things. By being more flexible and adaptable, we’re making more money, they’re getting better results, and they’re much happier working with us.

Our consultants are constantly trying new things and expanding their abilities. We have a culture of learning and improvement, where failure is encouraged and joking around is the norm —all while getting great results and moving projects forward. Best of all, we have fun!

If someone told me seven years ago (before joining ESP) that becoming more compassionate and sensitive to where people are at would make my company more successful, I would’ve scoffed at the idea. Boy, was I wrong.


Secret meeting of the Society of Protectors.



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  • Ask Lucas Roberts about Kristin Kreuk coaching in Vancouver in 2015 after she claims she already left.

  • “As an ESP coach, I’m building muscles of compassion, precise and flexible thinking,”

    Perhaps he may start to build ligaments of common sense eventually.

  • It sounds to me more like threatened, desperate survivors circling the wagons, than “alive and well” – though maybe that doesn’t make as good a headline. But I don’t mean to downplay the importance of treating whatever remains of NXIVM seriously, particularly as desperate people can do desperate things, and appreciate the ongoing coverage.

    “Society of Protectors” is a cheesy name, that I have trouble imagining appealing to anyone other than Smallville fanboy types – but maybe that describes the males of NXIVM. It says something about the inside-the-cult mentality, that belonging to a group with such an oddly dated-sounding name was somehow attractive.

    I also haven’t quite figured out how Raniere’s devotees bought into such retrograde notions about gender roles and sexuality, in the 21st century. For instance the Moonies seem to have attracted the more traditional values-minded kids of the hippy era, exemplified in their arranged mass-marriages, but Raniere seems to have created a sort of FLDS for yuppies and urban Gen-Xers, which seems like an improbable mix.

    But it was also, in the end, a very small group of men and women that was probably selected and winnowed in various ways, to create a rarified and warped group around Raniere. They had about 400 out of the 16,000 who ever participated in NXIVM, coming to Vanguard week, or about 2.5% of the total – and that’s around the percentage of the general population who are sociopaths or psychopaths.

  • Lucas is like the rest of the NXIVM gang. They are like a street gang that that plays tough stand by your hang leader kind of group until the Sheriff shows up

    When this happens, they all run for cover like little school girls in a horror movie.

    To date, no one has truly stood by Keith Raniere. None of his followers have stood up to defend him in the press since his arrest, other than his ex-lover Barbara Bouchey.

    Who will testify for him about what a great and noble man he is? Maybe a few if allowed via video testimony from Mexico?

  • Frank – It all sounds like Keith used Lucas Roberts as his cream pie cleaner and i’m not talking about a janitor in a bakery.

    Lucas should get tested for HPV before he gets throat cancer like Michael Douglas. I wonder if some of Vanguard’s magical semen rubed of on Lucas.
    I wonder if Lucas was blessed to see the blue eternal light that women frequently see after Vanguard blows his VanBalls ?

  • That explains what Raniere is doing in jail, “…failing joyfully…..” I also liked the bit about “…constantly trying new things….” as well. Raniere’s monogram near your pubes with a cauterizing tool sounds new.

  • Not sure if I’m more impressed with the Society of Protectors or the equally elite first line DOS slaves, as both hold such high moral and ethical standards. Maybe they can rename themselves “Vanguard Martyrs Brigade” for those that continue to stick by Raniere.

    • Jarhead,

      I am shocked and appalled that a former Marine is so impressed by the Society of Protectors. I I believe this truly is a sad day.

  • I’m shaking in my boots. Hopefully part 2 will introduce less threatening players in this NXIVM reimagined.

  • Society of Protectors…….


    More like Society of Pussies ……

    Thisec losers could not fight your way out of a wet paper bag.

  • Lucas is a brave and good man and never Shiirk his duties. You are insane Frank Parlato. Diane Lim is a true and wonderful woman who is able to truly withstand the horrors of the tyranny. Stop harassing them

    • Poor Yolanda, one minute praising yet another nxivm ass to the heavens…

      …only to damn them to hell when they turn tail.

      I say ‘when’ not ‘if’ because not one of you has even a thief’s sense of honour or loyalty. The minute this fool suspects his prior allegiance doesn’t serve his interest, he’ll be recanting with the rest.

    • hello mariana, how is your baby already learned to speak at a premature age like his father, maybe in a year or more he will be learning mathematics at the university level.

    • Nicki or whoever you are, do you still have a full VanBush? If so, do you ever trim it or keep it moisturised with some coconut oil?

    • Either Frank is a sadist who enjoys harassing innocent bystanders who have little or nothing to do with the actual criminal conspiracy of Nxivm or he feels so deeply wronged by KAR and Bronfman that he will stop at nothing to wreak havoc on them and their followers?

  • Hmmm, so the usual sex as a ploy to rope a fall away follower back to the cult bosom.
    The old “we are saving the world” bit.

    I wonder. He talks about how it’s okay for a leader to fail, and to admit it, yet, when confronted with his failures Keith not once admitted to them but instead fought tooth snd nail against the facts laid out before him.

    So his clients get what they want even though they don’t know they want it???
    Does that mean he tacks on their bill items they never asked for, may not want or need or want to expend the money for? He knows better than the client what’s best for them?
    Such hubris!
    This is only him stating this. Let’s hear from his clients.

    Oh, snd then he’s so full of compassion now.
    Did NXIVM use any of it’s ill gotten gains, say, to fund a soup kitchen? Any of the bad ass bitches or SOP do any charity work?
    My bad! 😊

    Ya jus’ couldn’t make this schlock up, could ya’? 😉

  • In that SOP photo are Emiliano Salinas with his arms crossed on the right. Omar Boone and the other SOP High Council member Esteban Gonzalez Guzman are on stage. Esteban is also the CEO of Keith Raniere’s choreography and event production company in Mexico, Anima Inc. All still up and running like nothing ever happened. No one in Mexico has been touched.

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