Lucas Roberts is a sniveling coward. Beware of him.
How many women were coerced into being branded?

Lucas Roberts is a disgrace – both as a man and as a human being.

This sniveling, oversized worm continues to defend a group that brands women on their pubic area, and collects material to use to blackmail them. The real demented leader of DOS  – i.e., Keith Raniere a/k/a Vanguard – puts women on starvation diets and keeps them sleep deprived, has sexual relations with them whenever he wants, and orders them to have sex with certain members of his male followers whenever he wants to reward the men for a job well done . Lucas sticks with him though, since his ex-girlfriend [who has likely given blackmail material against herself] brought him back into a relationship with her which, sources say, was only to keep him in SOP.

Sources say, six years ago, Lucas was a big man, after he deflowered Diana Lim. They lived together and she felt for him the warmth a woman feels for her first true love.

Lucas Roberts is a sniveling coward. Beware of him.

But Lucas took SOP classes and he soon learned he was meant to be polygamous. He broke off with Diana callously and cravenly, two years back. Without an ounce of chivalry.  At first, Diana cried. But Lucas was cool. He told her she would have to get along without him. He was going to find every pussy he could and ejaculate like a Raniere.


Lucas was no Raniere. He could find no woman willing to let him be mini-Vanguard.



Did Diana Lim give material against herself that Keith Raniere can use to blackmail her? Is this why she took Lucas Roberts back on probation? Did Keith make Diana order Lucas to give collateral to her in order to be taken back?

He then realized how good Diana was. He tried to get her back. He begged. He pleaded. He cajoled. He sniveled. He crawled like a worm. She told him to mooch along.

SOP men are generally hard-bodied and steely-eyed; polygamous men with a dashing spirit who can easily command a harem of women. This SOP High Counselor, however, was none of these. He cried like a baby. When Diana would not take him back, sources say, he cried and cried like a little girl. He wet his pillow and sources believe he wet his pyjamas.

Now two years later, Diana, who is said to have left Lucas to become a DOS slave, like her sister, Leah. [Leah Lim is a DOS slave under Rosa Laura Junco, the DOS slave master who answers directly to Keith Raniere]

Diana took Lucas back on “probation.”

Lucas Roberts’ friends say there were ‘tears on his pillow’ when Diana would not take him back.

If this is true, what a humiliation for a man  on the High Counsel of SOP, the men who are supposed to be gleefully polygamous and able to ejaculate on 100 women’s faces to mark them as submissive members of the harem.

But an even greater disgrace for Lucas is that he stands by a mendacious, pedophile, Keith Raniere, and a perjuring dunce, Clare Bronfman, as they accuse an honest woman, Sarah Edmondson, of theft, fraud and mischief with the Vancouver Police.

Happily, Vancouver Police are not like New York State Police or the Albany County District Attorney – both of which can be bought off or scared off by Miss Bronfman and her millions. Miss Bronfman was used to dealing with a corrupt group in Albany . Even that fell apart because of her perjury. [She lied in New York about the location of a computer server to perjure her way to jurisdiction and lied again about the dates she discovered computer trespass to perjure her way inside the statute of limitations. She got caught and the judge threw the cases out in Albany. (Were it not for her wealth, she would have been arrested for perjury.)

Lucas – who knows Sarah Edmondson and her husband Anthony Ames  – knows they are not criminals. He also knows that they were far better friends to him than Raniere and Lauren Salzman will ever be.



Anthony Ames was head of the Society of Protectors. He is also the husband of Sarah Edmondson. He found out about female pubic mutilation, and wouldn’t stand for it. He resigned from SOP. That’s when cowardly Lucas Roberts took his place.

Here is how one reader summed it up:

Do you know how a brand was decided upon to mark the harem women? I mean why not just a discreet tattoo? It is just so fucking bizarre. I hope Keith, Clare and the other DOS people all go down and are thrown in jail. If it was Anthony Ames that exposed this, KUDOS to him. Finally, someone did the right thing.

In the event Sarah Edmondson is charged, the whole nation of Canada, [as well as the USA] will rise up to stand behind her. She will become an international heroine.

Do you realize what she and Anthony did? If the story is true, they were the whistleblowers. They saved who knows how many women from being branded and blackmailed.  The Vancouver Sun, the Province, the Los Angeles Times and other national and international news media outlets will soon cover this story.

Headline:  Women who tried to stop female mutilation and blackmail arrested for whistleblowing on cult!

Or Headline: Seagram’s Heiress Clare Bronfman charged in female pubic mutilation and blackmail scheme! Seven Vancouver residents also charged

This is one of those stories that screams for international attention.

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Even with all her inherited wealth, Clare Bronfman cannot undo one scar on any number of women she scarred on their pubic region with Keith Raniere’s initials.

Vancouver Police may refer the matter to the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, not to target Sarah. but, instead, to investigate Clare Bronfman, Diana Lim, Lucas Roberts and Keith Raniere.

Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere’s plan to brand women on their pubic area includes the elements of blackmail and extortion. It may also include the elements of fraud. They lied about DOS. They tricked women and said it was a women’s group, when running the entire organization’s purpose is to produce more sexual partners for its real leader, Keith Raniere.

Once Raniere/Bronfman/Roberts/Lim deceptively got their first collateral from a woman, they deceived, coerced and intimidated her into giving more: i.e.,  more nude photos, more false confessions.; etc.  And they ordered her to go out and recruit more DOS slaves – which she did. They used collateral to hold over women in case she ever threatens to revel their secrets or to leave. And they used it to get more collateral, a process that becomes increasingly aggressive and intimidating.









Sarah Edmondson stood up to the ruthless perjurer, Clare Bronfman, and asked that the female mutilation stop. Now the greedy heiress wants to destroy Sarah’s life.

Then, once they laid the trap, they sprung it on a woman – and got her to cross the border into the USA. Even then, they lied: They told the woman it was like a small tattoo.  Then they blindfolded her. Then took her to a house and stripped her naked, held her down and forcibly and cruelly hot iron branded her on her pubic area – while she screamed in pain.

You say it was voluntary. I say, once a woman had given collateral which Keith Raniere had and could used to blackmail her, she was no longer making voluntary decisions.  She felt fear because Keith, Lucas and Clare] possessed material which could destroy her life. They got it by lying to her.


Murder Charges vpd
Vancouver PD Deputy Chief Constable Laurence Rankin.

If she said “No” to the branding, she would never get her collateral back – and whenever Raniere chose to do so, her collateral would be exposed to the world. In a sense, it was rape. It was human trafficking.  It was extortion.

And we have not even discussed what women were forced to do once they were in DOS. That’s a crime for another day.

Lucas wants the woman who whistle blew to be arrested. He wants Sarah Edmondson, the woman who saved women from female mutilation arrested.

That in itself reveals a lot. Did Lucas, the IT expert, have a hand in handling the blackmail material? It was uploaded on DropBox. Who can access that material beside Vanguard?

And why did Diana suddenly take the clown prince of Vancouver, Lucas Roberts, back?



Lauren Salzman is one of the lying leaders of DOS. She is branded herself on her pubic region but she went around telling people in Vancouver that DOS was all a lie and that Frank Report made up the stories about human branding and female mutilation. A lie? With a matron present, have Lauren show her pubic region to Vancouver Police and see what revolting things Clare Bronfman has funded in Vancouver.


Chief Constable of the Vancouver Police Department Adam Palmer. How will he view female pubic mutilation coerced by ‘”collateral”- material used to blackmail women? Will he conduct a thorough investigation – in which case Clare Bronfman may have some explaining to do.? Or will be bought off or scared off by the Bronfman millions like Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares was and as a high-ranking Investigator in the New York State Police Department was?


The pedophile genius behind DOS, Keith Raniere. His name is on nothing but his initials have been scarred by coercion on an estimated 50 women’s pubic region.


Kevin Hackett [RCMP] heads the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. As media reports begin to emerge on Clare Bronfman’s stupendous blackmail and female pubic mutilation scheme, the public may also learn that a broad investigation by his Unit is well underway.


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  • Lucas Roberts is a kind good-hearted dude. I know he believes what he’s doing is good too. Unless I really didn’t know him he truly cares about people humanity and helping the world. ESP has been integral in his life for the last 8 years or so. Do you know how much curriculum and EM’s that equals? A fuck ton. Some of us weren’t in as long and didn’t have as much programming. I know this isn’t an excuse for staying or supporting ESP/DOS/NXIVM/ SOP etc, as others in longer left. But they know all of our “issues” & are using his goodness against him. I heard he even got strategically promoted. I think he’s lost. He’s brainwashed. He believes people who he trusts that are lying to him. And now with everyone attacking him, he’s going to be defensive.
    Understand, everytime a fear or concern would have come up he would’ve been EM’D until there was no emotional connection to his worry. That’s how they do it. Fear = get an EM (hypnosis and NLP tools) = NO MORE FEAR. Lucas you have a small window of opportunity right now. It’s closing quickly though as more people and press learn about what’s going on. Please get a lawyer and protect yourself.

  • Write off. Lucas knows what’s going on. He’s turned a blind eye to it and is completely callous about it all. Wouldn’t surprise me if he wins a Darwin Award. Sad because I think he got into this with good intent but at this point I highly doubt there’s much goodness left in there. There’s only a blind soldier willing to do anything.

  • Lucas

    If you don’t get out then you deserve to be tied to the sinking NXIVM ship. Vancouver is not a big city and word will get out fast.

    I wonder how the Vancouver community will react when they learn about your connection to ESP, NXIVM, SOP, and DOS.

    My (ethical) money will not go to companies affiliated, related or connected to the groups or members of these organizations.

  • This makes me sad. I know Lucas Roberts and Diana Lim to actually be really nice and great people. I’m sad that they have put their faith in an organisation that claims to want to make the world a better place, but has at its helm deceitful leaders. When Sarah Edmondson, Anthony Ames, and almost all the rest of the proctors and coaches chose to leave NXIVM’s organisations in Vancouver, I was hoping that Lucas and Diana and those who have since remained would also have seen the light that these organisations are not actually making the world a better place.
    Lucas, Diana, if you’re reading this, you have friends in Vancouver who care about you. It’s not too late to see that the leaders of NXIVM appear to be preying wolves in gentle sheep’s clothing. If you are truth-seekers and critical thinkers, now is the time to put those tools to work. It’s never too late.

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