Source: “Depressed” Lucas Roberts sought multiple EMs in Clifton Park

Lucas Roberts' friends say there were 'tears on his pillow' when Diana would not take him back.

A source informs Frank Report that:

Lucas Roberts, a member of the High Council of the Society of Protectors (SOP), stayed behind in Clifton Park to get multiple Exploration of Meaning (EM) sessions and other forms of counseling after the recent ESP Coaches Summit.

He is said to be deeply disturbed and seeks the counseling tools of ESP’s “experts”..

He is said to be blaming himself for his “issues”.

Almost all of Mr. Roberts’ former friends in ESP, most of whom are from Vancouver, quit after DOS was revealed.

He has “concerns” about his “girlfriend”, Diana Lim. He and Miss Lim had been broken up for about two years, when she suddenly came back to him just as DOS was being revealed and people were quitting ESP.

Mr. Roberts, who friends say used to “cry himself to sleep” over losing Miss Lim after their original breakup, ditched any plans he had to leave ESP when she surprised him and told him she would come back to him.

Mr. Roberts did not know then that Miss Lim is a DOS slave. Now, she reportedly spends little time with him.  Mr. Roberts lives in Vancouver, Miss Lim has relocated to Montreal. They used to live together in Vancouver before their break up two years ago.

As a DOS slave, Miss Lim owes her allegiance to Keith Raniere, not Mr. Roberts.

Mr. Roberts is also reportedly embarrassed by being named as a cuckold, a man whose girlfriend has to make herself sexually available for Mr. Raniere while, at the same time, he rarely gets to see her.

Frank Report has detailed this bizarre behavior. The website is read by many of his former friends in Vancouver and by many in the present ESP community.

On the other hand, Mr. Roberts was highly flattered and honored when he was named to the High Council of the Society of Protectors, a non-paying position that affords him the opportunity to earn money if he recruits new members.

However, with the scandal surrounding DOS, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to recruit new members.

Mr. Roberts is, in addition, deeply in debt to ESP and some think the amount he owes for all the training he took is approaching $100,000.

It is not known if his latest spree of therapy sessions was paid up front or if Exploration of Meaning Practitioners extended him credit.

As one sources said, “If he goes into the ESP ‘therapy hole’, he is less likely to get the right counseling and perhaps should consider going to a psychiatrist or a licensed therapist”.

Meanwhile, observers are split on Mr. Roberts. Some say he is a sensitive, albeit weak, individual who does not want to harm others. Some say he is emasculated clown.

Others say he has merely lost all self-confidence in himself.  Some say he is a sociopath, and is advancing in ESP with rapidity based on that attribute.

He is being mocked by some observers who have given him the nickname  “Cuckie”, a derivative of cuckold. At his work, his partner and some of his customers may have gotten wind of his unique open minded attitude about his teacher allegedly having sex on demand with his girlfriend.

Vancouver, despite being the third largest metro area in Canada, with more than 2.6 million people in the region, is in many ways a small and chatty city.

Mr. Lucas was lampooned on Frank Report for his curious subservience to Keith Raniere who seems to be in obvious control of his girlfriend, Diana Lim.
Lucas Roberts shed tears when his lady refused to come back to him.
Diana Lim is said to have given material that Keith Raniere can use to blackmail her. Is that why she sought out Lucas Roberts to take him back?
smiley keith
Last year, Keith Raniere told students at V-Week 2016: “The way we make things meaningful is we hurt for them. We pain for them.”
Photo of a Society of Protectors meeting believed to be taken before the revelations of DOS came out.
Lucas Roberts’ repairs computers with a smile. Sources say he is rarely smiling these days.
Lucas Roberts’ professional career may be at risk as revelations of his support of a branding and blackmail scheme known as DOS continue to emerge. Perhaps he may be able to make a living recruiting people into ESP.

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Temple Kung Fool
Temple Kung Fool
6 years ago

Lucas, how does it feel to have Keith Raniere, the dirty old cult leader, have his way with your pretty girlfriend?

I’d be pretty depressed too ; (

Actually, I’d be fucking angry and have some revenge on Vanguard : )

Hey, don’t you control the IT?

Throwing it all away Lucas
Throwing it all away Lucas
6 years ago

Lucas you are pissing away your ability to earn a legitimate income via your baby MacInHome with this CULT nonsense. At some point your business partner is going to sever ties with you because ESP/NXIVM/SOP and all the lying, covering up and spinning that goes with it is going to consume the rest of your free time. Isn’t that happening already? How much longer is your team, business partner and friends going to cover for the damage you are doing to the reputation of the company. Why are you letting a grubby, smelly 57 year old man screw your girlfriend? Have you any pride? Grow a set of balls or two and stand up to the grubby smelly one. He may get the girl but you get to keep the deed to your soul. Its your move Lucas, Make it the right move and NX-IT or continue your descent into hell.

To Lucas
6 years ago

That thing that’s bothering you Lucas is your fucking conscience. Keep getting the EM’s and you’ll lose it. You really need to try to look at this objectively. You are following a sociopath into hell. Get out and let’s burn the devil’s house down.

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