Lucas Roberts may be surprised one day to find he is but a cuckold.

Viva Executive Success: SOP leader, Lucas Roberts business falling apart

According to sources, the following story about Lucas Roberts is true. If anything is untrue, it is up to Lucas to request a correction. I stand ready to take Lucas’ call at any time. My number is 716-990-5740.

At some point, I suspect Lucas is going to leave NXIVM and realize Keith Raniere is a scoundrel. At that time, I will write an update that I hope has a happy ending. Perhaps even with Lucas taking a heroic role.

But for now…. 

Lucas Roberts is a staunch devotee of Keith Raniere. He has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to take NXIVM courses. So much so that he has spent all his savings and currently owes more than $100,000 for courses he already completed.

Lucas Roberts owes NXIVM more than $100,000.

He is also a leader of the Society of Protectors, the men’s group that is founded on the teachings of Keith Raniere.

In order to make money to pay for his NXIVM and SOP classes, Lucas operates a computer fix-it business where he makes house calls to fix Mac computers.

Business is bad right now for Lucas.

He was a member of Business Network international [BNI]. But recently he got kicked out of his chapter in Vancouver. BNI is a business network with branches all over the world.

Lucas was said to be a member of BNI for many years and it may have been quite a surprise to him to have been suddenly ousted.

The reason BNI gave, according to sources, was his poor attendance. But our sources say he was kicked out because he was in a cult and tried to recruit people into that cult. People at BNI were uncomfortable with his recruitment attempts.

Executive Success!

Lucas currently operates his Vancouver business Mac at Home – which is reportedly losing clients left and right.

A source said, “…probably because of his association with a cult and his insistence that branding women on the vagina like prostitutes is perfectly normal is the cause of the downfall of his business.”

Yet one would imagine that his principled stance defending genital branding might win him some new clients. His motto is “Viva Executive Success.”

Yet he is broke and in debt to NXIVM. Now the bad rep he is getting by supporting genital branding is destroying what remains of his business.

Viva Executive Success: Destroying people’s lives, one person at a time.

So how is Lucas’ business being destroyed? He stood tall for Keith Raniere and genital branding. But people Google everything these days. Keith may have not invented Google. I’m not sure. But people do Google searches. And if one does a google search, one sees that Lucas Roberts supports genital branding.

Lucas was at one time very close to a girl named Diane Lim. She is said to be a branded DOS slave. They broke up.  He reportedly spent many teary nights after the break-up.

They broke up and was pining. His pillow was said be wet by midnight each night.

Lucas Roberts’ friends say there were ‘tears on his pillow’ when Diana would not take him back.

Along about the time DOS was about to blow up, Diane suddenly decided to come back to Lucas.

Diana Lim is said to have given material against herself that Keith Raniere can use to blackmail her. Is this why she sought Lucas Roberts and took him back? When you are dealing with Keith Raniere, anything is possible. If it is perverse enough, it is probable.


“What I believe,” said one insider, “is that Lucas was the only ‘semi-man’ left standing [after every honest man left SOP]. The High Rank of NXIVM  had to handle Lucas and they handled him through his former lover. They ordered her to pretend she was back with loser Lucas.”

After months of unrequited miserable begging by Lucas, Diane suddenly decided to come back, probably sporting Keith Raniere’s initials on her vagina.

Viva SOP!

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Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Further research reveals that Linda Chung is still listed on the website for the BNI “Lucky 62” chapter in Manhattan. Members list their professions as part of their profiles; Ms. Chung states that she is involved with “Transformative Education”.

  • So I guess the question is how long one of the Manhattan chapters of BNI will allow (possibly branded) (probably brainwashed) ESP trainer Linda Chung to remain a BNI member?

    I understand how Raniere may have hook line and sinkered some B minus actresses, but if I am not mistaken Ms. Chung possesses an Ivy League education.

    • Because thought reform practices attack the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind, thus bypassing the rational processes so it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are – only how “open” you are to suggestion – and so you can still be negatively impacted by it.

      • Yeah, that’s why it’s stupid to call these people stupid or idiots. They are victims of a con artist. Being manipulated like this often comes from a place of vulnerability, where the emotional brain is subconsciously taken advantage of to implant seeds of whatever the manipulator wants from the individual.



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