Ben Szemkus – who claims to have been to a NXIVM recruitment with Stormy Daniels, Wiener, Abedin, Alefantis, Schneiderman – “passes” lie detector test

Ben Szemkus is given a lie detector test by Steve Hamre.

According to a video posted by the Tanster – Ben Szemkus has passed a lie detector test.

Asked if he attended a NXIVM recruitment party where Stormy Daniels, James Alefantis, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, and Eric Schneiderman were in attendance – in Connecticut, in 2007 – Ben answers, “yes.”

One can see the test administered by viewing a video the Tanster provides on her website:

The questions Ben was asked – all of which he answered “yes” – are:

  1. Is your name Ben?
  2. Did you attend a NXIVM recruitment in 2007?
  3. Was Stormy Daniels, James Alefantis, Huma Abedin, Anthony Wiener, and Eric Schneiderman there…?
  4. Were you aware that there were snuff films…
  5. Were NXIVM parties at Richard Bransons’s Necker Island?


A few comments

One thing that struck me was that Ben says the NXIVM recruitment party took place in February 2007 and there was some discussion about parties at Necker Island.

It was my impression that the first NXIVM event at Necker Island was October 2007 [eight months later than the recruitment party Ben says he attended]. I recall Nancy Salzman telling me about the Necker event and it was my impression at the time that this was the first time NXIVM had used the Island owned by Branson.

Also surprising to me is that “snuff films” were shown.  I never saw any snuff films at any NXIVM events I attended – and none of my sources ever told me that snuff films were ever shown at any NXIVM-related event. The only ex-NXIVM members who ever reported seeing snuff films were those women who took the secretive Human Fright experiments conducted by Dr. Brandon Porter.

Again, I am not saying Ben is lying. Indeed the polygrapher – Steve Hamre – says he believes Ben is telling the truth.

Info about Hamre is available at his website

More Comments

Another detail Ben has stated – not for the polygraph – but in earlier statements:  that he had seen white calling cards for NXIVM strewn about in various nightclubs –  – with nothing on the card other than the word “NXIVM”.

As far as I know, NXIVM did not use such cards and the company would not in my opinion drop them in nightclubs as some kind of edgy advertising. Their recruitment was old fashioned “hard sell”  where members recruited people they know.

That’s not to say that it did not happen or Ben did not see them.

Ben’s concept that Yale girls would be recruited to teach foreign languages to children also does not comport with what I know about Rainbow Cultural Garden nannies – which is that NXIVM always recruited nannies strictly from natives of the countries where the language is spoken.

A Curious Gathering

When you consider the curious cast – – all of whom have come to recent notoriety – all coming together in Connecticut in 2007 for a NXIVM recruitment – makes for an intriguing gathering:

Stormy Daniels – then an unknown porn actress- now a notorious celebrity because of her liaison and payoff to/with Trump.

Eric Schneiderman – then a New York senator, now a disgraced former NYS AG – allegedly having committed sex crimes resembling those of Raniere’s.

Anthony Weiner – who was not married [and according to some sources not even dating] Huma Abedin, both at the party, introducing themselves as married – Weiner is in prison for sex crimes similar to Raniere. Abedin was a top aide of Hillary Clinton.

James Alefantis – a man unknown at the time  – who recently became known from to-date-unproven online allegations/conspiracy theories about his operations in the area of pedophila.

How and why this group would be together at a recruitment party of NXIVM in 2007 is unclear – absent some conspiracy theory. And yet- they appeared at a recruitment party – with Yale girls who were also being recruited as nannies – and where snuff films were shown. Since the Yale girls were not yet members – evidently Weiner, Abedin, Schneiderman, Alafantis – had no qualms about being known as connected to NXIVM.

Yet none of these people were ever known to take a NXIVM course – and we have the complete students’ list up until that time.

Why would they be there? Were they being recruited or were they already in NXIVM and helping to recruit or there merely to socialize with Raniere?  At a Yale girl’s smallish apartment? With Stormy Daniels headed off the to bedroom with Mack and Raniere and with snuff films shown?

This suggests a deeper much darker relationship – but why do this in front of Yale girls who are not yet members?

Personally – given the choice – I would wish Ben’s story were true. It would add more evidence for potential crimes to the NXIVM list of crimes.

I personally rather doubt it is true – given what we know.  Still, I would not call Ben a liar.

And he “passed” a lie detector test.

Larry Shea has a little to say on the topic of lie detector tests in our next post.



The online persona – The Tanster- sponsored the lie detector test for Ben Szemkus. He passed it.



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  • Tragically bonkers. She retweeted this yesterday:

    “Please follow this account. Tom Hanks paid to have Sarah be his MK Ultra mind controlled sex slave…

    This is me at 13, the age I was when @tomhanks purchased me from my father for sex as a dissociated #mindcontrol doll.”

    Yes, that Tom Hanks. THE Tom Hanks. Super nice guy. Not into buying children to turn into disassociated child sex dolls.

    Frankreport is better than this. Tragically bonkers people should not be the source of anything on this site. Especially with legitimate news coming fast and furious with all the indictments.

  • So who’s that. She’s nuts about Napoleon.

    Also obsessed with a new age supernatural healing con man who talks about frequencies named Mas Sajady.

    And in a 2015 interview the interviewer mentions (google “They Call Her ‘The Tanster,’ And She’s On A Rainbow-Filled Mission”) the corner of Farmstead Lane and Court in Water Mill and a bedazzled 1982 Mercedez-Benz. If you go to an aerial view of that corner, you can see it (40.940310, -72.361751). You can see the front of the car on Tana Lee Alves’ public facebook page.

    So mid-40s, no real job, lives in her mom’s house, while her mom lives in the West Village, and spends all her time on the interwebs. And an expert in polygraphs. Alrighty then.

    • That’s special. Extra crazy special.

      The commenter James Bernet is early 50s, lives at same address (mom is Angela Bernet Orazio who owns the Water Mill house as Angela Bernet since 1999 and now lives in the West Village with Mr. Orazio). James Bernet is also special and adds his wisdom regarding who may have gotten the Tanster kicked off Facebook:

      “The list of suspects is long. Nasty Masty and Home Wrecker Fei. Moon Worshipper Kailee. Co-conspirator Mat. Hall Monitor Jackie. Roman Polasnki. The Pope. The Jesuits. The Illuminati. The Hollywood transgender machine. The New Age Movements. Satanists. Reptiles. That’s a lot of suspects.”

      Tana Lee Alves aka Tana Bernet aka The Tanster says of the Pope, “Because these people are our overlords. We should know about them.”

      We here at FrankReport should know about the people spewing junk.

      And the Tanster’s obsession with Mas Sajady is extreme. She writes, “I sent a note on his 21 Day meditation series saying “I worship the ground you walk on”. That’s special. Extra crazy special.

      • Is it nice to poke fun at Scotties little friends?😁
        The truth that Scott think should be spread here is the truth he manufacture’s.
        How amusing to see this Evelyn Pringle person poke her nose into this. I hope she also interviews The Tanster (who, by the way, also doesn’t use her real name , Evelyn)

  • Thank you Scott for information of your show.
    The only reason I follow this story is because it hits too close to home. Frankly I mainly pay attention to the local aspect. So my knowledge is superficial and limited.
    No one ever tried to recruit me but I am too old and don’t have enough disposable income for them to want me. Still I am sure I have had brush ups without being aware of it when out and about. I have met people who have met members. And so that is why I read here.
    I do however notice that people who are closer to it avoid talking about it.

  • i like this guy! please don’t publish anything bad thing about him. he didn’t even say anything as controversial about them all as what they Have definitely done Like pornography and Like branding women

    • Yep, a Ben troll. Your kind is not welcome here.

        • My kind? I’m one of those that left when you turned FrankReport comments into a cesspool. I drop in briefly now and again to see if you’re gone yet.

          We learned from a proud wedding announcement for your son 10 months ago that your wife works for Plano public schools (office manager, mid $30s), as do both your sons (both special ed assistants, low $20s), while you sit on your 60-year-old duff spewing junk. Obsessed with Amway since 1993. Supported by the taxpayers of Texas. Such success. Much achievement. Wow.

          likes you
          / \

          Amway Scotty
          / \

  • Here’s my suggestion…
    We give all of The Scotts polygraph tests in order to determine who is the real Scott Johnson. Once we determine who is real, it’s up to Frank to decide his fate.

    Personally, I think all the Scotts are pretty fake, but that the one’s posting the links are more entertaining and more polite than the “real deal”…

    • I am the REAL DEAL. LOL

      I worked for Amway for 12 years, then spent 4 years undercover at the direction of the CIA.

      My pecker is limp. My wife n kids hate me and I spend all day on the couch, typing on a computer cuz I have no friends LIBTARD. I AM IN TOTAL DENIAL ABOUT MY LIFESTYLE.


      I don’t know.

    • Flowers, we know that suggestion came from the real Flowers, it fits your brand of thinking like a glove. Frank knows me well, we’ve exchanged emails, talked on the phone, I’ve had him on my radio show, etc. There is no question which is the real me. If you think the disgusting photographs are “more entertaining and more polite” than me, you need help. But we already knew that.

      • And I proved my point. ..
        Scott, how could the comments with the logo for my email address, not belong to me? If there are comments with my name but using a different logo, then they are not mine. Of course.

        My brand of thinking? You have no idea what my BRAND of thinking is, other than I don’t believe bullshit stories without some proof. Not unusual, as most readers here don’t believe Bens story, either.

        I don’t open the links, Scott, after I opened the first couple and saw that they were jokes, and not info. The one I opened was a twitter link and opened someone’s twitter account, so probably it wasn’t malware. But if Scott knows these links are links to disgusting pictures, then maybe Scott knows more about the links than we all do.

        • Flowers, I don’t pay attention to your logo. I don’t care about you, remember? LOL

          I know your brand of thinking (which is a stretch word), it’s all over this website. LOL

          If you didn’t click on the links, it only makes sense that I know more about the links than you do. LOL

      • Real Scott is real. And he has just as much right to comment as you do.
        If you don’t like him ignor him.

        • Excuse me?
          Mom, reread my comment. I never said Scott, or even the fake Scotts, have no right to post. Where do I say that they have no right ? I DON’T say that .

          My post was obviously sarcasm (do you really think I believe they should take polygraph ‘s?? C’mon. ..) but your reply shows that you are a troll, “Mom”,.and that your comments are intentional attempts to twist the truth.
          Quit playing dumb, because I can see right thru that BS.

          • For the record flowers I have also defended you. And I don’t like how people treat you. But this back and forth between you and Scott really isn’t adding anything. I notice you and Scott get the brunt of the attacks. I don’t like when people attack you or Scott. Why are you two being targeted? It’s all got to stop. Someone has to be the adult and say enough is enough.
            Again I respect both of you. And you both have something to add to the conversation.

            Your right Scott has said some rude things to you. And I don’t like it. Yes he can be very rude and divisive. But he can also given a chance be polite. I want him to leave you alone too. Unless the two of you can talk about things without getting personal and without taking things personally you two are better off ignoring each other.

            If someone is repeatedly rude to me even with my attempts to be civil with them and to show respect I will consider them to be toxic to me. If someone is toxic to me I blot them out and don’t talk to them. I don’t talk about them. They become persona non gratis. If on the other hand I feel like I reach them and they show respect I will contiue conversations. I don’t have time or energy for toxic people.
            I do give people a chance before I avoid them. Just in case I may be too hard on them. Or it might be my fault .
            If Scott had been rude or dismissive or defensive with me I would have not responded to any more of his posts. I would have ignored them and gone on.
            Same with you. If I felt like talking to you was a waste of my time I would ignore you. But flowers I think you are a good person who has been through a lot from your posts. Yes he he said things to me early on.
            I do think Scott is far more intersesting and actually pleasant to chat with when he drops his defenses. I think everyone is.

            Flowers I done defending you and Scott. And trying to get you two to start fresh. I was being hopeful. But maybe that’s just being a bit Pollyanna. I was naive to think that I could facilitate peace.

            Maybe Scott is right I am too nice. Which by the way means naive.

  • It’s funny. My podcast is on Building Fortunes Radio.

    I built my fortune by sitting my fat ass on the couch and letting my wife bring home the Bacon.

    That’s how it is done in the Johnson House.

    For kicks, I let my wife play with the neighbors.

    • Maybe Frank will follow up on what he said he might do and start deleting them.

      Probably not, but maybe.

  • I’ve been told you can pass a lie detector test if you believe you are telling the truth. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe his story is possible. A year ago I wouldn’t have believed anything about nxviums, I’ve tried telling friends and family members to look into this and I think they think I’m crazy or taking to much medication. If you look at all the crazy connections that end up being true-we will see.

  • This whole story is bullshit, start to finish. While Frank may not want to directly say it (which is understandable, given that Szemkus the Swindler is apparently sue-happy), I will.

    Think of the cast of characters, and the inconsistencies to the story, coupled with the likelihood of this story taking place in actual reality – this story’s about as genuine as Hillary Clinton’s integrity.

    Snuff films were shown…okay, whatever you say. “I know I just met you, but here, let’s watch some illegal pornography together, because nothing gets girls interested faster than videotaped evidence of murder”.

    Szemkus (adj.) – describes a condition of severe constipation, where a person is incredibly full of shit.

      • ZZZZZZZZzzzz…I’m running out of material here.

        Looks like I finally got caught for being a lazy liar. All in a day’s work

  • If you believe the lies you tell a polygraph will not show any abnormalities. With a little training it is quite possible to beat a lie detector test. It is also quite possible that a lie detector gives a false positive. That’s why lie detector tests are in most states inadmissible at criminal trials.
    So I would not take this as confirmation that his story is actually true. All it does is to show that he may actually believe what he says is true.

    • In many states, polygraph tests are admissible if both sides agree to it. A polygraph is just a tool, and an indication whether someone is telling the truth or lying, not an absolute indicator of truth or lies. Polygraphs are also still used in many fields for initial and/or ongoing employment eligibility.

  • Okay, okay. I admit it. Ben and I made up the whole story to drive folks to my anti-Amway blog.

    Sorry folks. Sorry for the lies Frank.

  • Lyin Ben did not pass anything.

    Steve is not a licensed polygraph examiner. And his results were thrown out before because they conflicted with a Police polygraph given by a licensed polygraph examiner.

    It’s like having a dentist interpret an EKG. Not his field. Duh.

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