Clare Bronfman’s ‘Lost’ Blog Posts – June, 2009

Clare Webb Bronfman

Clare Webb Bronfman, the Director of Operations for Nxivm, is likely to get the lightest prison sentence of all the Nxivm defendants [except possibly Kathy Russell] – with a sentencing guideline range of 21-27 months. She bought her sentence down from the Department [Store] of Justice with a $6 million forfeiture payment.

There are some who believe she is one of the great criminals of Nxivm.

It was shortly after Barbara Bouchey led the Nxivm 9 to leave Nxivm in April 2009 that Clare was elevated to a position of real authority. Keith Raniere put her on the executive board as a vice president in charge of operations and she really did take over operations, and, as the saying goes, “with a vengeance.”

Keith had blamed Nancy and Lauren Salzman for Bouchey and the other women leaving and so he elevated Clare and demoted Nancy and Lauren.

If Nxivm had ever been a good thing, or even neutral, it changed under Bronfman’s rule to a vicious one. She – with her fortune – was willing to pander to and finance any whim or act of vengeance that her leader Keith Alan Raniere desired. This is when Nxivm really became a force for cruelty – on steroids – with the ascension of Clare to the executive board.

If Nancy Salzman and Pam Cafritz were ever a force for kindness, or at least served to relax the crazed need of their increasingly demented Vanguard for vengeance, Clare was not. She seemed to adore the chance of pleasing Keith by hurting someone for him  – and using her money, the influence of her family name, and her willingness to lie and perjure herself – to do it.

Along the way, she committed some astonishing stupid crimes for him – some of them chump change financial crimes – which she was convicted for. It’s funny – for these kinds of crimes – like underpaying an alien – making them kick back money to her – after swearing on government forms to pay them more  – are crimes that are normally done for money – by those who do not have enough of it.

Clare had all the money she needed yet she committed financial crimes for small gains. She did not do this to save money – but because she was upholding Raniere’s demented sense of justice. This was also her madness. And her love of punishing people through her parsimony.

Take the case of Sylvie [there are others too] but Sylvie testified in court. Clare shorted Sylvie in pay about $100,000 over several years. Clare had sworn on Immigration documents that she would pay Sylvie one amount then paid her less and/or made Sylvie kick back money to her.

Bronfman did not need the $100,000. That was nothing to her. She would spend 4 times that amount each year on Raniere’s birthday party – or 30 times that on vengeful lawsuits for him. She did these stupid criminal things because Raniere told her to do it and because she liked to keep her minions poor. She did not want them having enough money to enjoy and relax and be at ease. To have enough to possibly not be entirely dependent on Nxivm. Enough to go home. Enough to be free. Enough to live like decent people. Clare wanted none of that for her slaves and Sylvie was her slave.

Clare is one cruel woman.  But you wouldn’t know that from her writing.

Around the time she rose to power in Nxivm, and started to have command over everyone but Keith – including Nancy Salzman – she started blogging somewhat consistently – with flourishes of word salad and a dose of virtue signaling in every post.

I think readers might enjoy reading her precious – and from what we now know about her – hypocritical thoughts – that she published on her now-defunct website [] just after she rose to power in Nxivm.

My comments are in [brackets and in bold].

Clare Bronfman, 2009.

My name is Clare Bronfman.

I am by no means a writer, [this is true] however I would like to share my [Raniere’s] ideas and what I believe to be a unique perspective. My perspective is shaped by a multi-cultural, multi-economic [?], multi-career existence and enhanced and guided by some wonderful teachers [Keith and Nancy].

Having grown up in England with a mother who spent most of her time in Kenya and a father deeply involved in Jewish and business politics I was extremely fortunate to have traveled and experienced many cultures.

From living in lavish houses and hotels around the world, mud huts on the plains of Africa [She lived in mud huts? For how long? With how many servants?] and under the stars in Australia I find myself perplexed by humanities’ [sic] differences and similarities. In many ways my view on the world is very shielded and naive – I have never experienced poverty, physical violence, extreme prejudice or even some of the most beautiful aspects of humanity – like motherhood.

I have experienced my own internal ethical dilemmas, which have helped me become the person I am today [a cruel monster]– and inspire me to continuously strive to become more mindful, caring, compassionate and wise. [With perjury-laden lawsuits and attempts to put people in prison, she has a funny way of showing compassion.]


Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Yesterday’s post brought about a question I have pondered a lot over the last year: If I had remained a competitive rider and had qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, would I have gone? I remember watching the Olympics on TV as a child – it was mesmerizing for me – like so many young children, I dreamed of being an Olympic athlete. As a professional athlete the Olympic Games signified the highest standard of human excellence, human achievement. Before the Olympic Trials in 2004, I trained diligently for hours everyday in hopes the dream I conceived as a child would become a reality.

I retired from the sport without ever achieving Olympic status; other pursuits became more important to me, [Keith advised her to quit – because riding horses was cruel to the horses – and she did not want to be cruel] however the controversy of the Beijing Olympics did bring about the question.

What does it mean to allow a nation known for their disregard of human rights, a nation that believes in slave labor [glad she did not believe in slavery], in torture [like branding?], and other forms of violence [how about Keith’s statutory rape?] for their own gain to play host to such a remarkable and noble endeavor – The Olympic Games? [She’d rather file a false criminal complaint against someone who Keith is mad at. Or help fund Nicki Clyne so she can recruit sex slaves and secure their collateral].

I feel tremendous pride in the accomplishments at the Beijing Games by the many remarkable athletes, however will the atrocities of the Chinese leaders remain un-questioned masked by hosting one of humanities [sic] most remarkable displays of excellence? [Keith had a lot of atrocities too – masked by Clare and the other members of the inner circle.]

What would have been the effects on the world if all of the athletes had boycotted the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the name of upholding what is right for humanity?

If, in the next moment, your behavior would affect all of humanity forever more, how would you behave? … Every moment is just such a moment. –– Keith Raniere

Music, Humanity and Me

Monday, June 8th, 2009

One of my fondest childhood memories is driving around the plains of Africa in one of those old jeeps where you could sit on the roof! My sister Sara and I spent endless trips on the roof singing – from the Beatles to hymns we learnt [sic] in Catholic school – it was wonderful. It wasn’t until my dear friend Keith [Raniere] founded Simply Human, an a cappella group – the singers all being friends of mine – I re-discovered my love for music, this time with a very different understanding and experience of it. [Would any reader want to hear Clare sing?]

Having produced two A Cappella Innovations festivals [which were really an attempt to lure college-age females into Nxivm and Raniere’s boudoir] and meeting and getting to know musicians like Denise Reis – a remarkable musician with immense talent and capacity for taking people on a joyful emotional journey – I feel as though music holds an important role in evolving humanity. 

Great musicians open up their hearts and share themselves with us through their instruments [Keith is, he told Clare, a concert-level pianist]. Working with Keith, who is always looking for unique individuals [to recruit into Nxivm – especially if they are female and slender] who have the capacity to lift all of humanity [like Clare], I have been introduced to many wonderful musicians, most recently Jen Chapin. Jen’s lyrics have a depth in their meaning and she sings them with tremendous passion.

Music brings a dimension to life words cannot describe, I just know I experience more of me through it!! [What an elegant argument to ban music.]

Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies. ~Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

The Essence of a Woman

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

I remember sitting in the girls [sic] locker room before gym class – I could hear the playful boisterous voices of my classmates down the hall – however I was alone. I was 12 years old, and the only girl in my class at school. I wanted so badly to be like the boys – to be accepted by them to be allowed to play with them – I tried to rid myself of all “girly” qualities and blend in. [And she succeeded]

Two days ago three of my friends, two men and a woman, were discussing different “games” we could share with a larger group of our friends to help alleviate fear and develop trust in our [Nxivm] community. There were certain things we could not all agree upon – and I was perplexed as to why! I easily slip back to my childhood where I forget to notice just how different we are from each other, neither good nor bad, just different. For the past two years, I have been a part of a women’s organization – Jness [a ‘how to be a better woman’ group with teachings by a man – Raniere] which imparts a curricula developed [by Raniere] to help women distinguish the differences between men and women, understand the differences and embrace them. [Raniere had many teachings about the differences between women – as monogamous slaves – and men – or at least one man – him – as a polygamous master] Through this education I am learning about the essence of a woman in me and the beauty of vulnerability, [tolerant of polygamy] and the true strength we have within us.

In history women have stood together to bring about change peacefully, to stop violence through non-violence, yet here at home, we are often blind to it. Here it is a subtle violence, one we all participate in: We destroy our own essence, by trying to blend in, by judging our differences, by believing the modern day image of a woman is who we are or should be – through this we destroy the essence of both man and woman.

“Women have a special capacity to lead us to a more peaceful world with compassion, affection and kindness. And there is no more important time for that than this moment.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama speaks in Albany in 2009  Nxivm sex-slaver cult financiers Clare and Sara Bronfman are seated onstage with him.

 Creating Solidarity Among Women – Eve Ensler

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Eve Ensler is a woman who has devoted her life to transforming the way that women and young girls are treated and viewed in society. She was made famous for her production of The Vagina Monologues, a ground breaking play which came as a result of Eve interviewing more than 200 women about their lives, bodies, sexual experiences and Vaginas.

In this video Eve talks about our civilisation’s [sic] current obsession with Security (and insecurity)- her wise words give you an insight to her wonderful mind, and the nobility of her mission.

My Father turns 80!

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

This past weekend I was in Sun Valley, Idaho [Bronfman’s have a family compound there] with my 6 siblings (with an additional 4 in-laws), 23 Nieces and Nephews (with an additional 2 in-laws), 1 great niece and 1 great nephew along with many extended family members and friends to celebrate my fathers’ 80th Birthday. [Her Bronfman family relatives are not proud of her now. Not one of them appeared in court when she was arrested or at any subsequent hearings.] Over 70 people traveled from afar to join in the celebration. This was a rare occasion!! {Her father died in late 2013. Clare was at his deathbed trying to film him confessing that Keith Raniere was a good man and he was all wrong about him.]

We came together to pay tribute to my father, [By that time Clare had hacked into her father’s computer to allowed Keith to monitor his emails] who has affected all of our lives greatly – directly or in-directly. [Clare told me her father had directly caused her and her sister to lose $65,6 million in commodities to foil Keith – and that her father was trying to destroy Keith, the most noble and ethical man in the world – – she said this with tears in her eyes – so that her father could continue to support the status quo, reign of darkness that has ruled the world for centuries – such as the Illuminati – which Keith threatened to foil by his very genius and ethical existence!]

Through my relationship with him [her father] I have built the desire to strive for excellence, [She was excellent at hacking his computer – even going right to his office and clicking on the phishing email she sent him when he did not click on it himself] to find within myself the strength to uphold the things I believe [like spying on her father for Keith] to be important and to endeavor to use the wealth and power entrusted to me for the good of humanity. [She used her wealth wisely – losing more than half of it – by following Raniere’s advice.]

The things I enjoyed the most were re-connecting with family members, experiencing some of my nieces and nephews for the first time now they are old enough to interact, [and try to recruit them into Nxivm?] and hearing the various stories from each generation enabling me to get a better sense of our family [whose origins were criminal]. I walk away from the weekend forever transformed.

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future” – Alex Haley

Michael Jackson

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Michael Jackson - The early yearsMichael Jackson – The early years

Music has evolved in leaps and bounds. Over the years there have been certain iconic figures who have had a tremendous impact of shaping different genres of music; the work of Beethoven lives today through his own music – and also through the music of many great composers who followed him.

Michael Jackson is one of such people. He was known as “The King of Pop”. Around the world he is renowned for his artistic excellence and unique creativity. His music and style has been foundational in many of today’s genres. [Like her own master, Raniere – Jackson seems to have been a pedophile.]

From the monasteries in Dharamsala, India [where she had recently gone to offer the Dalai Lama more than $1 million to endorse Keith Raniere] to villages in Africa [where she claimed to have lived in mud huts], Michael Jackson is a household name; children around the world can be found in the streets practicing the infamous “moonwalk”. Michael Jackson will live on in all of us; in generations from now I would imagine one will be able to track an aspect of the music of such a time back to the “King of Pop”.



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  • Not so much word salad as pablum. This is what happens when a couple of ideas get inserted in an empty head; they rattle around in there for a while then come out as this kind of generic, contemplative-sounding cliché. “Great musicians open up their hearts and share themselves with us through their instruments”. Can you name some of these great musicians? Well yeah lemme see… there’s Beethoven… and Michael Jackson…

    Christ on a bike!

  • I’m not a geneticist, however I suspect there’s also a little lingering legacy left in Clare’s DNA passed down from her Gramps, Samuel Bronfman, she seems intent to carry forth — all in the service of that human kind of creature that dwells beneath her master Vanguard’s microscope, of course — combined with her NXIVM indoctrination as a slavemaster — indeed, as Frank rightly titled — a modern Legatus.

    So, let’s see how much more 3rd world havoc this thugette heire$$ cunt can reek on we humankind from her criminally ill-got inheritance and with what Raniere’s left her so far.

    Wiki says she’s currently worth $211M. (Open to dispute.) At a mere roughly $6M — using the EDNY plea deal as the boldest figure she’ll likely ever pay — Clare Bronfman could commit and finance all these same crimes, charged or —thanks to her influence on the corruptible NDNY — not, another 35 times.

    Yes, our young Legatus has that many 35 years left as well that she could still pull off one criminal coupe per year at the rate of a $6M plea deal pay-off per annum or anus, in the Roman / Latin singular.

    Btw, who’s keeping track of Raniere’s contraband phone in prison? Or is that too much to ask of a system that can’t track Ghislaine Maxwell down over Jeffrey Epstein’s mysteriously dead body?

  • Frank,

    Great piece. How did such a misanthrope post such sweet things?………mmmh…..or how did such a once sweet woman become
    such misanthrope?

    I have been wondering how the misanthropic Legatus Clare Bronfman will go after her sworn enemies.
    Most of the statue of limitations on the civil lawsuits she can file will pretty much all expire before the end of her sentence.

    It’s a safe bet that Legatus is planning something……..

  • Hi Frank,I see that you have corrected the so often published version of Susan being the leader of the Nxivm 9 to the fact that Barbare was the organizer and leader of the 9. I appreciae your committment to upholding fair and truthful reporting of the facts when brought to your attention.
    I am wondering however that since youve been writting this inaccuracy for so long …where did that information come from and why not narrate a post that corrects it for your readers to know??

  • Clare referred to humanity as she blogged, and she used several mangled versions of the word or concept repeatedly.

    Here she sound as if she were a peeping Tom, watching some species from outside of her own nature and experience. For once, maybe for the very first time, perhaps she was correct.

    • She sounds like an ‘Anthropologist’ in the same way her sister Sara tries to sound like a ‘Teacher’.

    • Shivani,

      No one ever made the claim, “Clare Bronfman is intelligent.”

      Clare is so dumb she makes feel like an Intellectual Rhodes Scholar by way of Oxford. 😉

      Remember when Clare referred to her “greatest achievement”, her green satin sash?

      …..That sash cost her sorry ass over $75million.


      …..Even I have to admit the additional $25 million she spent for the title of Legatus was worth every penny.

      • You shouldn’t feel so smart, you can’t even write a sentence that makes sense, you left out the word “me”: Clare is so dumb she makes [me] [sic] feel like an Intellectual Rhodes Scholar by way of Oxford. 😉” LOL

  • I’ll bet that the proudest moment in Cruella Bronfman’s life was when she hired Mark Geragos as one of her many defense attorneys.
    After all Geragos had helped defend that great singer and musician Micheal Jackson in some of the litigation stemming from allegations of child abuse.
    Of course Michael Jackson “liked” little boys while Clare’s Vanguard Keith Raniere “liked” little girls.

    “My Father turns 80!”
    And I’ll bet old Edgar, is spinning in his grave at this very moment.

    “living in mud huts ”
    When these NXIVM cases are over Clare and her co-defendants, except for Raniere, should be so poor that they can all share a mud hut together.
    How about it, girls?

    Keith Raniere is a concert-level pianist?
    Can he play anything beyond “Chopsticks”?

  • The darkest part of this saga is the brutal deaths. Gina’s story resonates with me so much. Sisters are best friends. I see Heidi and Gina, Clare and Sara and then the relationship I share with my sister. All on our own path. Freely, all but Gina, all but Kristen Snyder.
    Id like to dedicate this song to Miss Heidi.

  • If you read these posts without the stupid bracket comments of the evil Frank Parlato you will see that Clare has been misunderstood. She is the kindest creature the most loving friend and benefactress that anyone has ever known.

  • I see this as more silver lining in the NXIVM takedown in that no one will have to read more of the musings of Cruella Bronfman.

  • She is a child. Her parents should have never given her such wealth w/o demanding an education. She is a witch for sure, but her parents share some of the blame imo.

    • It’s not so much formal education the Bronfmans lack, it’s the lack of ethics and morals their parents never taught them. Many people lack this type of teaching, but they also lack the money that magnifies the problem.

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