Camila Joins Glazer NXIVM Lawsuit – Asserts Claims Against Nancy Salzman for Neglect and Abuse Just Prior to Sentencing

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The timing is inauspicious for Nancy Salzman to say the least. She is going to be sentenced on September 8th and now comes allegations that might not sit too well with US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, who will be the one who determines her sentence.

Attorney Neil Glazer has amended his civil lawsuit against NXIVM defendants and added a new plaintiff, Camila, a woman who figured prominently in the trial against Keith Raniere.

The amended lawsuit now includes not only allegations against Raniere with respect to Camila but also against Nancy Salzman, largely for neglect when Camila was under her care.

Camila was central to the racketeering predicate acts of possession of child porn and exploitation of a minor in the trial against Raniere. The predicate acts were based on naked photos of her when she was 15 that were found on Raniere’s hard drive.

Camila did not testify at Raniere’s trial but appeared at Raniere’s sentencing hearing. Though not under oath as she would have been at trial, she condemned Raniere – stating, among other things, that he took photos of her and began a sexual relationship when she was 15 and he was 45 –  in 2005.

The age of consent in New York is 17 and the age when nude photos may be taken legally, under federal law, is 18.

The new Camila allegations against Salzman in the civil suit may account for the prosecution asking for a one-week extension on filing their sentencing memorandum setting forth their recommendations on an appropriate sentence.

It is not improbable that Camila will appear at Salzman’s sentencing to speak as a victim.

We have published two other posts in this series on Glazer’s lawsuit.

The plaintiffs in the civil case include besides Camila, her sister Daniela, the woman who spent almost two years alone in a room in her parent’s house – to heal a so-called ethical breach; and DOS “slave” women Sarah Edmondson, Jessica Joan, India Oxenberg, Souki, Nicole and a number of Jane Does. It also includes former NXIVM members Mark Vicente, Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames, Bonnie Piesse, Tabitha Chapman and Toni Natalie.

The  defendants are Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Kathy Russell [six NXIVM convicted defendants], Sara Bronfman, Karen Unterreiner, Dr. Brandon Porter, Dr. Danielle Roberts, and Nicki Clyne

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What Is DOS — Neil Glazer Gives Hard Line View of NXIVM’s Master-Slave Sorority


NEGLIGENCE – against Defendant Nancy Salzman on behalf of Camila

By Neil Glazer

The following is from the lawsuit.

  1. Defendant Nancy Salzman is a licensed nurse who held herself out to the NXIVM community as an experienced psychotherapist.

2. Beginning in 2005, when she was 15 years old, Camila was an abandoned child as that term is defined in New York Social Services Law section 384-b(5)(a), because, among other things, her parents evinced an intent to forego their parental rights and obligations as manifested in their failure to visit and communicate with Camila.

Camila remained an abandoned child until she attained the age of majority in 2008.


Camila’s father, Hector, with his grandson.

3. Beginning in 2005, Camila was separated from her siblings by Defendants Raniere and Nancy Salzman and she was instructed to reside in a house owned by Nancy Salzman that was in close proximity to Nancy Salzman’s house.

Raniere and Salzman assumed responsibility for providing all of Camila’s needs, including food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education, and Camila was entirely dependent on them to provide for those needs. Raniere and Salzman controlled Camila’s environment, including her housing, her relationships with others, the course of her education (or lack thereof), her nutrition and health care and other
aspects of her life.

4. Camila was in frequent contact with Nancy Salzman, often visiting her home daily. Other than Raniere, Salzman was the only adult authority figure in Camila’s life and, as such, Camila relied on her to provide guidance and to look out for Camila’s well-being. Camila’s relationship with and dependence on Salzman continued at least through the date on which Camila attained the age of 18.

5. Along with Raniere, Salzman had a close relationship with Camila’s parents, who entrusted Camila to Salzman’s care. Camila’s parents looked up to Salzman, who they revered as “Proctor [sic],” [Prefect] one of the top two leaders of the NXIVM community, who was responsible for (among other things) creation of the curriculum, and development and use of the EM method of psychotherapy.

Along with many others in the community, Camila’s parents viewed Salzman as the leading motherly figure in the community, a person who Camila’s parents trusted to dispense good advice, and whom they believed had only their (and their children’s) best interests at heart.

Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect.

5. Nancy Salzman intended to assume, and assumed, responsibility to support and care for Camila on a permanent basis until Camila attained the age of 18.  Salzman and Raniere were the functional equivalents of Camila’s parents.

6. Salzman knew, had reason to know, or recklessly or deliberately disregarded the high risk that Raniere would sexually abuse Camila while she was a minor and that, in fact, he did so repeatedly over a course of years. Salzman was one of Raniere’s many sexual partners; she was a member of his Inner Circle; and she knew of his sexual proclivities, including his deviant sexual interest in young women and minors.

Salzman helped create curriculum designed to promote the subjugation of women and to normalize rape and child sexual abuse. Among
other things, Salzman taught that there is nothing inherently wrong with pedophilia because the age of consent should be as low as 12, that many women enjoy being raped, and that rape is part of the natural order for men because it is a normal response to any indication that their female partner intends to break off their relationship.

Salzman pressured her daughter Lauren into a close relationship with Raniere and knew how abusively he treated Lauren. Salzman understood and accepted that one of her roles in the NXIVM community was to enable, facilitate or promote the grooming of young women and girls for sexual relationships with Raniere. Salzman accepted this role because her income, wealth and power within the community depended on her ensuring that all of Raniere’s needs and demands were met, and she committed numerous criminal acts to further the purposes of the Enterprise and the trafficking venture.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman

7. Salzman knew that Raniere was paying inappropriately close attention to Camila and she helped to draw Camila closer to him. Salzman knew that Camila was an abandoned child, and that she was almost completely isolated, permitted to have contact with only a few people including herself, Raniere and several other members of Raniere’s harem. Salzman knew that Camila was vulnerable to abuse, a circumstance Salzman played an active role in creating.

As the owner of the house in which Camila resided, with frequent contact with Camila, Salzman was one of the only adults in the NXIVM community in a position to protect Camila.

8. Nancy Salzman was a “person legally responsible” for Camila under New York law.

9. Camila was an abused child under New York law, because Salzman (i) created or allowed to be created a substantial risk of protracted impairment of Camila’s physical or emotional health, and/or (ii) committed or allowed to be committed (a) one or more offenses
against Camila defined in article 130 of New York penal law, or (b) acts that rendered Camila a victim of sex trafficking pursuant to 22 U.S.C. § 7102.

10. Camila was a neglected child under New York law, because she was an abandoned child. Camila was also a neglected child because she suffered impairment of her physical, mental or emotional condition as a result of Salzman’s failure to exercise a minimum degree of care (i) in supplying Camila with adequate food, clothing, shelter or education, though financially able to do so; (ii) in providing Camila with proper supervision or guardianship by unreasonably inflicting or allowing to be inflicted harm or a substantial risk thereof.

11. In her role in loco parentis or as a person legally responsible for Camila, Salzman owed her a duty of care.

12. Salzman breached her duty of care owed to Camila.

13. Salzman’s breach of her duty of care owed to Camila was a proximate cause of Camila’s physical, psychological and emotional injuries.

NEW YORK SOCIAL SERVICE LAW § 420 against Salzman on behalf of Camila

14. Defendant Raniere repeatedly engaged in conduct against Camila while she was a child under eighteen years of age that constituted sexual offenses as defined under article one hundred thirty of New York state penal law, including: (i) 130.25, rape in the third degree; (ii)130.40, criminal sexual act in the third degree; (iii) 130.55, sexual abuse in the third degree; and (iv) 130.20, sexual misconduct.

15. Defendant Raniere engaged in conduct against Camila when she was a child under seventeen years old in violation of New York penal law section 263.05, use of a child in a sexual performance.

16. Raniere was convicted for, among other things, sexual offenses against Camila in violation of 18 U.S.C. section 2251(a), sexual exploitation of a minor, and 18 U.S.C. section 2252(a)(4)(B), knowingly possessing visual depictions of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct (possession of child pornography). The elements of these federal offenses of conviction are identical or substantially similar to the elements constituting the New York state criminal offense of use of a child in a sexual performance.

17. Raniere’s sexual offenses committed against Camila as alleged herein caused and continue to cause Camila to suffer physical, psychological and emotional injuries or conditions.

18. … Defendant Nancy Salzman knew or had reason to know about or suspect Raniere’s physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse of Camila when she was a child.

19. Camila was an abused child as defined in section 412 1 of the New York Social Service Law and section 1012 (e) (i), (ii), and (iii) of the New York Family Court Act.

20. Defendant Nancy Salzman was a person legally responsible for Camila under §1012 (g) of the New York Family Court Act.

21. Defendant Nancy Salzman was a registered nurse and thus a person required to report a case of suspected child abuse under section 413 of the New York Social Service Law.

22. Defendant Nancy Salzman, knowing of, having reason to know of, or suspecting the abuse being inflicted, and that was likely to be inflicted in the future, on Camila, willfully failed to report such abuse as required by the New York Social Service Law.

23. Defendant Nancy Salzman’s failure to report the known or suspected child abuse of Camila was a violation of New York criminal law under section 420 of the New York Social Service Law.

24. Defendant Nancy Salzman knowingly and willfully failed to report the known or suspected child abuse of Camila, and is thus liable for the damages proximately caused by her failure to comply with New York law that required her to report the abuse.

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  • Does Nancy Salzman have any money? Her boxes of cash were confiscated.

    If she has little or no assets, any damages assessed to her in Civil court are essentially meaningless.

    Can’t get blood from a stone.

    • If Neil Glazer is successful in getting damages awarded to his clients either through a courtroom victory or a settlement – and I certainly expect one of those to be the outcome – he will be able to fully investigate all of Nancy’s finances, both backward and forward. And I think this particular stone has a lot of blood to give.

          • Clavinger,

            Are you still going to cover about the NXIVM court videos or not?………

          • Unfortunately, this is an investigation that would have to be undertaken by those intrepid NDNY law enforcement officials.

            Unless Albany County District Attorney P.David Soares and New York State Police Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp can figure out how to use such an investigation to help them personally and decide to team up again as they did on the phony Albany County computer trespass case, it’s unlikely anyone will do anything about the missing money.

    • Check with Steve Kass of Tofutti as to where the money went!!! His wife is Carole Kass, sister of Nancy Salzman!!!

  • This post was very helpful for understanding the evil in nancy. She became similar to Pam but even more dangerous by turning the pimping into a whole business for her and keith. I think I understand better why the judge was so lenient on Lauren. He likely sees her as a victim of not only keith but of her own mother. Nancy is evil.

    It is very scary the type of power nancy and keith were allowed to hold and how they used it to infiltrate and harm children 🙁

  • Nan and Keith— in loco parenthesis? loco priapus? loco praying Mantises? loco pedophilia? loco parasitic? loco f*cking anything BUT parentis. Keith was the ONLY child to all those expectant mothers—the promised avatar was only ever himself. All other pregnancies mostly aborted, banished or tolerated for use-value. He was only ever playing at being grown-up and Nan facilitated that 100%. She was a cult soccer mom who encouraged and indulged the devious little pervert in all his twisted enterprises.

  • Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 1095 Filed 08/18/21 Page 1 of 8 PageID #: 20372

    U.S. Department of Justice
    United States Attorney
    Eastern District of New York

    KDE:TH 271
    F. #2017R01840

    August 18, 2021

    By ECF
    The Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis
    United States District Judge
    United States District Court
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, New York 11201
    Re: United States v. Nancy Salzman
    Criminal Docket No. 18-204 (S-1) (NGG)

  • Law&Crime

    Government Seeks ‘High End’ Sentence for Keith Raniere Associate and NXIVM President

    Aaron Keller, Aug 18th, 2021, 7:35 pm

    Federal prosecutors on Wednesday asked a judge to impose a “high end” sentence for Nancy Salzman, the president of a group led by Keith Raniere and described by prosecutors as an organization rife with sex trafficking and forced labor.

    [ … ]

  • Starting to get nervous, Nancy ???? You should be !!! Hope you get a very very long sentence !! You should be in prison for the rest of your miserable life !!!!!

    • Anonymous, couldn’t agree more. Let that oxygen thief “rehabilitate” for life by mowing the lawn at some yet TBD BOP facility. The orange jumpsuit will make her eyes pop. 🤣

  • Damn! Nancy got owned in this in this document! That’s point-blank legal jargon raping right there! Not getting out of that! You wanna let Keith Raniere fuck little girls?! Well, now you’re gonna get fucked bitch! Well, maybe she’ll enjoy it! After all, just remember Nancy that rape is just “part of the natural order for men because it is a normal response to any indication that their female partner intends to break off their relationship”.

    You “broke off your relationship[s]” and your moral duties to Neil Glazer’s clients, Nancy! This is just a “normal response”! So Neil’s gonna get some pussies TO BREAK you! The big thick and long dick of justice is gonna bust its way through those pussy walls and bust them good and wide open and say:

    “Ass up, face down! Nah, bitch! Ass up, face down! I don’t give a fuck about that ugly goddamn face! Ass up, face down! Shut the fuck up, bitch! Nobody wants to hear your dumb, sleepy, yenta, bitch-ass talk! Bitch, you got nothin’ worthy to say! You got nothin’! ASS UP, FACE DOWN BITCH! I’M NOT GONNA SAY IT AGAIN! THAT DOES IT! I WARNED YOU! NOW I’M GONNA DO EVERYTHING THAT I CAN TO BEAT THIS MOTHER FUCKING PUSSY UP! HERE WE GO! UGH! UGH! UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH……UGH UGH! You think I’m done bitch?! Where’s that pussy think it’s going?! What’s that pussy think it’s doing?! You want to hide?! You think I’m scared of that pussy?! I ain’t scared of you, bitch! I ain’t scared of you for shit! Why’s that asshole keep staring at me like that?! Huh?! Bitch, you know I don’t like to be stared at! Alright, bitch it’s on now! We just getting started! Bring that asshole on over here, bitch! Because guess what I’m coming for now?! HAHAHAHA! I’M COMING FOR YOU!” 😆😜😝😈

    You better not play because justice has got money and two guns and you’re either gonna give him that pussy or he be taking that pussy while you take a bitch slap to the face and a fat lip! So just bend over and take the long dick of justice up that spider web and moth-ridden cunt and take it like a good bitch!


  • Lord I hope she gets jail time, please. She has no regard for anyone’s sake, not even her daughter. Best thing would be to put her in prison for say, 4 years, and separate her from Lauren. I hope the judge sees this. Just my thoughts.

  • Here is another interesting coincidence concerning a plaintiff added to Glazer’s lawsuit.

    Souki was added to the civil RICO suit recently.

    Here is photographic evidence that Souki knows Allison Mack, Allison’s sister Robyn ​and Allison’s wife Nicki Clyne.

    I might add that Robyn Mack and Nicki Clyne know each other.

    What is to stop Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne from communicating via Allison’s sister Robyn?

    Allison Mack took and posted this photo on April 28, 2017 from a Long Beach coffee shop/

    jammin it out @aromadiroma. gotta love the lbc.

    Click the photo to identify all the main characters.

    As usual, Allison Mack is in the forefront with her tongue hanging out.

    Nicki is in the back on the right-hand side.

    Robyn Mack is in the back in the middle.

    Souki is in the back on the left-hand side.

    Souki is now Plaintiff Souki.

    I have noticed that Nicki Clyne and Robyn Mack post Instagram stories almost every day at the same time.

    Could Nicki and Robyn be using social media like Instagram to pass messages between Nicki and Allison?

  • Oh my gosh, finally! Someone to dissect what really happened with Camilla.

    Thank you, Neil Glazer, for your attention to the problems of abandoned children.

    It is not so uncommon.

  • I hope the judge gives Nancy some prison time. She is responsible for too much abuse to get only probation in my opinion.

  • RE Neil Glazer‘s Court Pleading/Petition:

    Neil Glazer is a master at writing a damming, scathing, and vitriol legal pleading.

    After reading this, I hope Nancy gets [redacted] by chimpanzees or the 95’ Knicks.

  • Frank
    This is Grapevine once more –

    Camilla is coming forward with “neglect” charges against Nancy – gee- isn’t that poetic- as Kris Snyder was also “neglected by Nancy- and Nancy told others- “to ignore Kris”- when she seemed to need medical attention the most- if what people are saying is true. We have so many conflicting “lies” and stories – and changes –

    We are begging for help – and our cries for help are going unheard. Our comments are not fixed yet- and we wonder if you will ever read them – and seek to talk to the folks I have mentioned in those comments on the “blog”.

    Kris is my “cousin” – and I have been out through H….. and no one cares about Jonnie and Kim or any of us. Hmmmmm!!!!

    Please help by reading what I have posted.


  • Oh, no matter, Judge Garaufis is a protector of attractive, victimized, contrite, white women. And, surely, he will protect Nancy from any kind of severe punishment she may deserve.

    Judge G was the wrong judge for this trial.

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