What Is DOS — Neil Glazer Gives Hard Line View of NXIVM’s Master-Slave Sorority

In his amended complaint in the civil lawsuit [see What Is NXIVM? Civil Lawsuit Lawyer Neil Glazer Explains in Damning Detail in Amended Complaint], attorney Neil Glazer goes to town on DOS. Before we read his shocking description of a nightmarish world, keep in mind that he represents more than a dozen ex-DOS “slaves” and has heard their stories in gripping detail.

Of course, and this is a fair statement, and must be made, all these women who are part of his lawsuit stand to make some money if Glazer prevails. Still, there is a truth and there will be a jury if this goes to trial.

Speaking of which – if Sara Bronfman had a brain cell in her head, she would settle this lawsuit because the disclosures that might come out about her during discovery might be very unpleasant indeed. Who knows – and I have no inside information – she might be able to settle it for less than what she will pay in legal fees and loss of business from the stench that will waft in her direction.

That said, she won’t be advised to be smart. I tried to advise her not to sue me but she did not listen and it cost her millions and helped put her sister in prison.

Without further ado, here is Neil Glazer on

DOS – The Subjugation and Exploitation of Women

Neil Glazer
  1. Beginning in or about 2015, the Defendants formed an organization within NXIVM called “DOS” (or the “Vow”), secretly headed by Keith Raniere.

Defendants Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Nicki Clyne, Rosa Laura Junco, Daniela Padilla Bergeron, Loreta J. Garza Davila, and Monica Duran held high positions in DOS as “First Line Masters.”

DOS First-Line Masters. Ironically one of these, Camila, is one of Glazer’s clients.

2. First Line Masters were tasked with selecting attractive, trustworthy women who could become sexual partners for Raniere. Recruits were told they were being invited to join a sisterhood, which would empower them to overcome the weaknesses that Raniere and the other Defendants taught held them back in life.

Recruits were told that DOS offered a unique opportunity to enter a one-on-one mentorship with women who had been elevated in stature within the [NXIVM] community, and who thus were looked up to as role models.

3. Recruits were also told that DOS was an all-female group in which no male had a role. These features made DOS appear unique and desirable for women who, through subjection to Defendants’ methods, had been primed to want precisely just such a once-in-a-lifetime “opportunity.”

4. In order to find out more about this sisterhood, prospective DOS recruits were required to provide “collateral” to prove their trustworthiness. The collateral could consist of assets, compromising confessionals, letters falsely accusing close family members or friends of unethical, immoral or illegal conduct, nude photos, videos, or other materials that would, if released, subject the recruits or their loved ones to loss, humiliation or shame.

5. After supplying collateral, which had to be approved by the First Line Masters and Raniere, DOS was revealed to the recruits. But to their surprise and dismay, they were told that now, before they could learn about the structure and nature of this sisterhood, they had to provide additional humiliating and damaging collateral.

Thus, before knowing anything about the internal workings of DOS, they were trapped, fearful that if they did not do precisely as
instructed, the collateral that they had already provided would be released.

6. Once that second collateral had been given and approved, the recruiter/master revealed a little more about DOS: that it was a pyramid of “master/slave” relationships, explained as no different from a guru and disciple or a mentor-mentee relationship, which would strengthen women by testing and challenging their boundaries but would require absolute trust and obedience by “slaves” to their “masters.”

Shortly after being admitted into the group, slaves were commanded to provide additional collateral every month.

7. Even after providing abundant collateral, however, the slaves were never told certain material facts: that Raniere created and ran DOS with the assistance of the First Line Masters (if asked, the First Line Masters denied Raniere’s involvement); that the gathering of collateral was intended to coerce women into a lifetime of personal servitude; and that the ultimate objective of DOS was to recruit and groom women for sexual slavery under their “grandmaster” – Raniere.

In connection with Raniere’s sentencing, the District Court found that “DOS operated to abuse and exploit young women for sex, labor and financial gain.”

Keith Raniere instructed his slaves to keep his role as their Grandmaster a secret to their own slaves,

8. In exchange for developing and operating this pipeline of attractive young women for Raniere, the First Line Masters of DOS acquired personal servants or “slaves,” garnered favor with Raniere and achieved elevated status, stature, and power within NXIVM.

9. DOS “slaves” were subjected to a severely abusive environment, which included caloric deprivation, sleep deprivation, arduous physical labor, performance of menial tasks, and a variety of punishments for any failure to fully comply with their masters’ commands. They had to “check in” with their masters when they awoke and when they went to bed with text messages of “good morning M” and “goodnight M.”

A text exchange between Lauren Salzman [white] and one of her slaves. Audrey.
10. Further, they had to be available to their masters twenty-four hours a day, because they were subjected to a stress-inducing sleep-deprivation technique referred to as “readiness drills,” in which they would receive a message on their phones with a “?”, to which they had a mere sixty seconds to respond “ready M.”

This DOS document shows readiness drills’ success.

11. Failure to timely respond to their masters’ calls resulted in punishments called “penances” or “consequences,” which included long cold showers, extended periods during which they had to hold themselves in a physically demanding position known as a “plank,” ridicule, extreme diets, being forced to strip naked and be paddled on the buttocks, and, if a master so chose, imposition of these same punishments on other “slaves.”

Lauren Salzman’s text to Audrey.

12. “Slaves” were also required to clean their masters’ homes, shop for their groceries (at times with their own money), buy gifts for their masters, do their work for them and, for some “slaves,” be available for sex with Raniere on demand.

As the District Court found, DOS slaves “were terrified to leave or speak out against DOS out of fear that their ‘collateral’ would be released. All the while . . . DOS ‘slaves’ were coerced into providing labor and services for their ‘masters’ and Mr. Raniere.”

13. At all times, in addition to the continual threat of punishments within this highly regimented and abusive environment, “slaves” were acutely aware of the ultimate punishment hanging over their heads: the very real threat that their collateral would be released. Thus, “slaves” were rendered fully compliant, striving to achieve extremely unhealthy weight loss goals, adhering to diets of as little as 500-800 calories per day, having to ask permission to eat, having to weigh their food and calculate calories precisely, even having to send photographs of everything they ate to their masters.


Lauren Salzman texts her slave not to return the collateral of another slave who wanted to quit DOS.

14. “Slaves” were thus in a constant state of near-starvation, sleep deprivation, forced to physically exert themselves and push themselves well beyond exhaustion, always anxious and fearful that anything they said or asked might be interpreted as rebellious and subject them to punishments, both mental and corporeal.

15. Not a single DOS member understood when she gave that first collateral that she was signing up for a life of servitude and sexual slavery under a cruel grandmaster and his circle of mistresses.


16. Some DOS “slaves” were branded. In a secret ceremony, they were forced to disrobe, read from a script stating they requested to be branded, lie down on a table, and submit to branding by Defendant Danielle Roberts with a cauterizing iron in their pubic region. No anesthesia was administered during this procedure, which was extremely painful.

While it sounds extremely cruel to brand someone without anesthesia, it is in fact how all branding is done – since people who brand – and there are hundreds in the USA – normally are not legally able to administer anesthesia. As stupid as branding [or tattooing] may be to some people, branding and tattoo artists can do their marking of customers’ bodies without any qualifications and obviously without anesthesia.
Dr. Danielle Roberts performed most of the branding of the slave women who were branded. In an effort not to have her medical license revoked or suspended, she has arguedwas not acting in the capacity of a physician when she did the brandings

The ceremonies were recorded, thereby creating an additional piece of collateral. They were told that the brand was a symbol representing the elements of nature. Only later did they come to realize that they would be carrying Keith Raniere’s initials around with them for the rest of their lives.

While the slave women may carry a scar for the rest of their lives, some of the women apparently have had operations to remove the initials of their former, secret Grandmaster. The federal court in ruling on restitution allotted branded women the sum of $2,600 for brand removal.


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  • Is this chart meant to reflect the actual number of people in each pod, or is it just a generic diagram? I’m wondering about all the known members of DOS and if it is possible to identify who belonged to which pods.

  • That interview you posted is filled with Nicki’s lies and evasion. It is worthless and a waste of time. The hosts are ill-prepared, uninformed, and far too lenient in allowing Nicki to ramble on in generalities.

    The interview does not ask or answer anything of substance. Nicki refuses to show her brand that she claims is barely there and something that she does not regret.

    In spite of the DOS dead-enders’ claims of a wonderful sorority, it remains obvious that it was always just a ruse to feed a demented, old man-child’s sexual appetite and desire for unlimited power and control over women.

    Why a sex dungeon dubbed a sorority house? Why so much explicit porn and nude meetings? Why brand naked women near their vaginas? Why did Keith need to know what each female recruit looked like? Specifically, each slave’s up close & open vaginal lips? Why the conformity in weight that coincidentally exactly suited Keith’s personal sexual taste? Why the no pubic hair grooming rule? Also, Keith’s preference sexually. Why the no masturbating directive? Why the sex toys ordered? Why the no dating or sex with other men insistence? Why recorded for Keith to view bare-ass paddling? Why no garlic? Keith’s preference, again. Why the seduction assignments – only to seduce Keith? Why did Keith (upon receipt of a group photograph of uniform, posed, naked and branded with Keith’s initials, forced to smile slaves) text back, “All mine”? Devil Emoji. (And, dude, you’re too old for emojis). Why did Keith order Cami to get herself “a fuck toy slave”?

    It was never a sorority. It was always about sex. And forced labor. And pornography. And obedience. And blackmail.

    • I agree that the hosts were ill-prepared. Nonetheless, they asked some critical questions. To which Clyne responded that they were brainwashed……

      They referred to the court transcripts about Camilla being groomed from age 13 and having sex with Keith at 15. And naked pictures of Camilla aged 15 on Keith’s hard drive.

      To this, Clyne responded as follows:
      – The hard drive was found in a room that hadn’t been used for ten years;
      – The prosecutors came with this evidence in a superseding indictment only months before the start of the trial forcing the other defendants to plea;
      – The pictures were doctored with, according to an analysis by experts (paid for by the defendants);
      – The chain of custody was broken, as testified by FBI agent; due process issues;
      – Camilla was under pressure from her family (not her dad and Marianna I presume)to testify against Keith;
      – Camilla testified at the sentencing, so not under oath; and
      – Camilla had a financial incentive to testify as she did.

      Basically, Clyne says Camilla is lying. I find this the most repulsive thing about Clyne. In essence, she doesn’t care if he abuses underage girls. On the contrary: she was looking for a new virgin (successor) for Keith herself, along with the other first-line DOS women.
      She desperately wants her Guru back, no matter if he abuses underage girls or if he had a harem of 100 women. Doesn’t matter to Clyne. She truly is up there with the Manson girls.

      • That is why I cannot respect the Dossier Project and Clyne in particular. There is no recognition that Raniere abused, isolated, and manipulated Camilla and she could not possibly have consented to that at her age. Camilla is also claiming that she did not testify because lawyers funded by Bronfman along with Raniere and his minions convinced her she would be kidnapped and arrested if she cooperated with the FBI or kept in contact with her sister and mother. Also, Clyne ignores all the other crimes that happened years before DOS like the hacking, the document servitude, the immigration fraud, etc. as if DOS was the only reason Raniere and the others were arrested. If they could at least admit that people were harmed and that Raniere is not who he claimed to be, they might have a chance at being believed. But they just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge what has happened despite claiming to be friends with some of these women.

      • Nicki is a mouthpiece for a master. So, of course, she’s going to be like him. And if you find him and his actions repulsive — as most people do — then it only follows that she would also sink to his level. We are who we hang out with and choose as our role models.

      • Okay. I applaud you. Good job laying it out.

        Why didn’t they use a room for 10 years?! That made me laugh. What bullshite.

        I agree. Nicki’s treatment of Cami as a liar is one of her most egregious cult performances.

        In the new filing in the civil case, Camilla alleges Keith raped her as an adult too. And that Nxivm added new training information to justify the brutality.

        Nicki repulses me also. She’s so misguided. Such a liar. And so very arrogant.

        On a daily basis, Nicki criticizes all other women in the world at large. Total strangers. Only Nicki and her slaves are empowered.

        All other women are garbage according to Nicki. Who have no agency. And are treated like children (Even if true, how’s that part women’s fault again? Women are now responsible for how men act? And how women behave too? Weird. So women are now responsible for everybody).

        It is so out of touch and insulting. And honestly, insane.

      • Well said “it defines logic” and “stevenj”. One other thing to note. The remaining dos women are cowards. When they could have stood up and helped rainere, they were silent.

  • Another interview with Clyne on youtube: https://youtu.be/ho7sP0mX-qk

    Strange visual set up with scantily dressed women as a background (considering the topic is a sex cult). However, it is the only interview I saw where critical questions are being asked, but -no surprises here – Clyne debunks the all.

  • Frank,

    Can you imagine or fathom someone doing that to your skin? I can’t possibly.

    That is what the loss of Kim’s sister, Kristin is like. The searing to their “hearts” day after day, after day. No closure, NO body to bury or anything.

    Jonnie and Kim are struggling and would like to reach out to you again, if you would allow them to. Please?

    Please respond to my interest in this case.

    Kim suffers daily in the loss of her ONLY sister, and Jonnie struggles day in and day out, with the loss of her husband, her daughter and now, a daughter, who will lose her battle with COPD.

    Kim has fought a system for 18 years that has “slapped her in the face”. She knows the hurts and the pain.

    Please re-consider helping this family again, through me –

    Thanks, Grapevine

    • I am working on the case. It is extremely difficult because of the long time period that has elapsed. But every so often, I make some progress. In September, I have an interview with a person who knows something vital to complete the story and this may be a breakthrough I have been seeking. We are not done.

  • I wonder if Nicki Clyne would be willing to write a point by point statement on how the above is wrong. If she actually got that lawyer she needs, she would not do this but seems like it would be a perfect article for her website defending DOS.

    I would really be curious to see what her take is as she continues to mentally re-write history. Reading her Twitter is fascinating as her slow drain down the far-right rabbit hole continues unabated. She still has not put together that all the complaints she has about the justice system are actually supported and encouraged by the GOP including the far-right. They just have an issue when it’s applied to them personally.

  • What’s the deal?

    I’m missing my Nicki Clyne fix!
    Since returning to social media earlier this year, Nicki has posted regularly to Twitter and Instagram.

    Since Neil Glazer filed his amended complaint there is nothing but radio silence.

    I noticed another pattern.
    In the late afternoon, Allison Mack’s sister, Robyn, would post an Instagram Story followed shortly after by Nicki posting an Instagram story.
    Since Glazer’s amended complaint, there is nothing but radio silence.

    Is Allison shocked by Souki joining the lawsuit?
    Souki has said on social media that Allison Mack is a predator.
    Souki’s involvement is no shock to me.

    And where is Pea Onyu?
    Where is Monte Blu?
    Where is Legatus Pro Tempore?
    Where is Yolanda Cortez?
    Where is Gaston Porter, MD.?

    Souki is the backup singer on the far left but is now a plaintiff against Allison Mack.

  • And who were the real Grandmasters of DOS: Judge Garaufis, Sarah Edmondson and Frank Parlato. They all made careers off the Nxivm disaster.

    • Garaufis is nearing retirement. His career was made long before NXIVM.

      Sarah Edmondson has made a career of NXIVM since the mid-2000s and the DOS disaster allows her to continue to do so, this time as a whistleblower and victim.

      Frank is in his mid-sixties. He’s had a career for at least decades and NXIVM only made him more famous and more lucrative for him, I suppose.

  • Ok so I am trying to break down the league tables so here is my understanding which may need correcting…

    Cami – loner only 1 slave 100% roasted by her
    Dani – recruits well but has so many slaves almost 100% roasted by her
    Nicki – slightly better at recruiting than Cami but 100% roaster too…
    Lola – whoa me lady you should have a little mustache on your top lip!
    Lauris – as should you!
    Moni – see Dani
    Alli – 100% roaster too
    Lauren – even the bloke who has the mustache on his top lip needed worse people than himself to do what he did and based on that league tabl, you should feel a lucky gal.

  • But it wasn’t a sex cult. That was just the media narrative pulled from someone’s ass according to to the remaining dead-enders and their most vocal (but apparently no longer as vocal) spokesperson. It’s all a big conspiracy by the FBI, the US justice system, and some powerful billionaires who wanted to take down this little man they felt so threatened by from Clifton Park, NY.

    /sarcasm off

    • Lord-

      You’re right! It’s not a sex cult.

      It’s a Concubine Club….

      Or a Cuckold & Concubine Club….

      The abbreviation DOS stood for…

      Dumb Old Spinsters…

      Or Dippy Old Skanks…

      Or [Redacted]….

      Or [Redacted]…

      Or Dick [Redacted] Sucking…

      You get the idea – and you’re totally right!

      • Is it really a sex cult if only one person was having sex? And the one person couldn’t get a boner?

        Maybe it was more of a “collecting women all for myself” cult? Or a “hairy vag pix” cult?

        • Dear Mr. Job,

          Regarding your statement: “Is it really a sex cult if only one person was having sex?”

          “It” was a Concubine and Cuckold Cult. The cult existed for the sexual satisfaction, gratification, and titillation of one impotent man.

          Vanguard couldn’t get a hard-on, but he could blow a load producing a blue flame. Last time, I checked busting a nut qualified as sex, unless your last name is Clinton.

          Not a sex-cult? The “sex” cult was brought down by blackmailing women into sex.

          Where the F’ have been been for the last 3 years? Pluto? Mars? Narnia?

        • Pyriel-


          Deprived Of Sex is a timelier and superior acronym.

          Plus Vanguard banned masturbation because it drained his life force.

  • Times Union

    Woman abused at 15 by Raniere joins lawsuit, alleges forcible rapes

    Robert Gavin, Aug. 16, 2021, Updated: Aug. 16, 2021 6:54 p.m.

    A former Halfmoon woman sexually victimized at 15 by NXIVM guru Keith Raniere and later branded as his No. 1 “slave” has joined a federal lawsuit filed against the imprisoned cult leader and 11 of his current and former top disciples.

    The woman – the youngest of three Mexican sisters who joined NXIVM and were later impregnated by Raniere, leading to four abortions – was “groomed and sexually assaulted and abused” by the personal growth guru, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

    Initially brought in January 2020, the lawsuit was amended in recent days. It contends that on two occasions, while the woman was in her early 20s, Raniere forcibly raped her in the Knox Woods townhouse complex in Halfmoon. The lawsuit states that following the alleged rapes, NXIVM president Nancy Salzman added a segment to the curriculum of Jness, a purported women’s group in NXIVM, teaching that “when men sense that their partner is trying to leave them, they rape them as a natural way of marking their territory.”

    [ … ]


  • Revealing texts from Lauren Salzman, who got away with no prison sentence for her crimes of extortion and conspiracy.

    Such cruelty, such vindictiveness. The MANNER in which she carried out her extortion and forced labor cries out for a long prison term.

    Unfortunately, the judge seemed more impressed by Salzman’s new vocation as a dog groomer.


    Fortunately, justice may come down on her in Civil court. And it may come down hard and heavy. Salzman’s legal woes are far from over.

    • Lauren is very, very smart. Look at how successful she was at conning the Judge? She will continue to fake contriteness. What jury is going to award against Lauren after the Judge only gave her probation? She will keep herself assetless (just in case) till the civil case plays out. No one will ever see a dime from Lauren Salzman. Just watch.

    • That judge has a classic “white knight” complex regarding women. He never should have been allowed to hear the case.

      • I have heard that most federal judges WILL retire IF an anonymous comment on Frank Report demands it.

        If the same demanding comment is made twice, it is almost certain.

        Now all you have to do is wait.

        • That’s for sure. Let’s wait and see. It always depends on who writes and demands such a thing. That is for sure!

  • How is Joe Biden’s Build Back Better working?

    Are you all proud of America’s Brain Dead President?

    Iraq had Baghdad Bob,
    America has Kabullshit Biden.

    With the Hyper Inflation, the failed Covid “vaccine” shots promoted by Biden and Fauci and the Afghan Debacle you should be proud of Beijing Biden.

    By the way Twitter Nicki has not tweeted for two days.
    Not since August 15.
    Cat got your tongue, Nicki, or is it Neil Glazer?
    I’m sure Allison Mack and Sara Bronfman are also enjoying a lot of reading.
    Doctors Porter and Roberts as well as Nancy and Lauren Salzman also have a lot to chew on.
    Just look at this juicy headline:

    RESPECT TO BATTERY (against Defendants Raniere, Lauren Salzman,
    Allison Mack, Nicky Clyne, on behalf of Plaintiffs Sarah Edmondson, Nicole,
    Audrey, Jane Doe 7, India, Amanda and Camila)

    +There are many more juicy and spicy headlines in this 217 page document.

    Of course Raniere does not give a fuck.
    Raniere has three hots and a cot guaranteed for the rest of his life.

  • I thing I’ve discovered the real reason for Kieth demanding the 500 calorie veggie diet.

    He thought the famished slaves would give voracious BJs to the only piece of meat they can eat.

  • A note to Attorney Glazer:

    Recent stories in the Frank Report indicate that NXIVM members are biding their time waiting for a revival of the cult.

    1.) According to Frank Parlato, Nancy Salzman still receives 100,000 dollars per year for her past NXIVM counseling.

    2.) Also before the Covid epidemic, Nicki Clyne worked in a Brooklyn vegan restaurant in a job that appeared to involve organizing and training women for some purpose other than food preparation.
    When asked about whether Sara Bronfman was funding the vegan restaurant, Clyne, using a pseudonym, told me to mind my own business.

    3.) In light of NXIVM’s abuse of psychiatry, it is disturbing that one commenter said that Allison Mack has been studying Psychology.
    It is also disturbing that Mack, a known sex trafficker, is studying Gender Studies.
    Frank Parlato has also heard that Mack is still in contact with people in NXIVM and misses her old friends.

    From studying social media, I have discovered that members of NXIVM are returning to their roots in Multi-Level Marketing.
    They peddle life and mortgage insurance in an insurance operation that is more focused on recruiting new salespeople than on selling policies.
    Of course, Raniere was involved in MLM schemes like Amway and Consumer Buyline.

    • Talk to me if Keith is ever a free man. They were all good people who wanted to improve their lives, and they started following Vanguard. You are grasping at straws and trying to materialize a narrative that doesn’t exist.

      Personally, I was more entertained when you screeched that the Salinas clan was going to restart NXIVM so they could once again have a way to launder their drug money. At least that was laughable. Here, you are mostly just harassing people who are trying to move on with their lives.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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