Is Allison Mack’s ‘slave’ telling the truth about Girls By Design & Kristin Kreuk?

A question on some reader’s minds is – “Is the woman who claims to be Allison’s slave telling the truth?”

We may never know.

We have seen an example of the difficulty in determining veracity in the matter of Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford.  They told contradictory stories.  Many think they know who is telling the truth. Opinions are divided – with Democrats generally saying Ford is truthful, and Republicans believing Kavanaugh – which suggests perception may be rooted in the desire for a particular outcome.

On Frank Report, we had a man who identified himself — and who then came up with a story that some believed and others didn’t. His name is Ben Szemkus and he claimed to have attended a NXIVM party in Connecticut where, among others, Stormy DanielsAnthony WeinerHuma Abedin, and Eric Schneiderman appeared.

Although Ben’s story seemed implausible, I published it because, on the odd chance it is true, it points to a larger reach of NXIVM than previously thought. Some people felt it was outrageous to give it credence because they “knew” it was a lie, and it maligned Stormy and the others by tagging them with NXIVM associations.

In response to people calling him a liar, Ben took a lie detector test. The administrator of the test said Ben was telling the truth. There has been no further corroboration of Ben’s story.  Today, I think, most people think Ben made it up.  However, there is still a cadre of people, who some might call “conspiracy theorists”, who believe it is true – as true as Pizzagate – which, by the way, was also mixed into Ben’s story,  as the story was retold. Ben later remembered that James Alefantis was also at the party.

In the present matter, we have a woman who has identified herself to me and given her story. I refer to her as Jane. Her story may or may not be true. It may be true in part. For instance, Jane may have been in Girls By Design, but not intimately involved with Mack. This might be akin to how people say Dr. Ford was not lying completely, she was actually molested at a party – but not by Kavanaugh.  Ford named witnesses  – none of whom the FBI could get to corroborate her story.

Jane provided two specific details  – that have not before been published and that the FBI could try to verify if they think Jane’s story is of any importance to their case:

  1. That Allison Mack was taken off Girls By Design shortly after it began [because it was doing poorly online] by Keith Raniere to start another online project called “Gone in Saigon” which was about past lives.
  2. That Allison has a tattoo, and not a brand, on her left inner thigh with a Latin symbol that Keith designed that means “My Belonging”.

Jane has also said she thinks of her life as a slave as a fully consensual, felicitous lifestyle. She has not said she is in danger.

There are some who think Clare Bronfman might be behind Jane’s coming forward – that she is telling her story to make DOS appear to be fully consensual. One commenter wrote, “Clare Bronfman makes a trip to Clifton Park, and less than 48 hours later a NXIVM slave contacts Frank Report to claim that DOS was just a garden-variety BDSM club, and all slaves were simply participating in a perfectly legal, alternative sexual lifestyle. The timing of this is not a coincidence. This is a preview of the defense strategy for the upcoming trial and this slave was instructed by Clare and her attorney to release this information.

“It would seem the DOS slaves may also be afraid of Kreuk. They are letting her know that she’s going to be ‘exposed’ for her alleged ‘BDSM lifestyle’ and also for a supposed affair she had. There is probably evidence that GBD was being used as a NXIVM recruiting tool, but it doesn’t look so bad if it’s just rebranded as a BDSM group.

“The defense must also know that there is evidence that Keith wasn’t fully truthful with the slaves of DOS, which is why the slave is claiming that everything was hunky-dory in DOS except for the way Keith betrayed them. Note that Keith’s alleged betrayal isn’t being portrayed as illegal, just unseemly….”

Some think I should have taken Jane to the DOJ and not published her story. For several reasons, this wasn’t practical. Firstly, I have never spoken to anyone in the DOJ who is investigating or prosecuting this case.  Secondly, Jane said she has not seen anything illegal. The closest thing to illegality is that Jane said Raniere “had no age limits.” She added: “He lectured us on ‘the strength of women know no age.’ If a 12-year-old feels desire, it should be just as respected as a 20-year-old. He shamed anyone who questioned the right of a female at any age to have her power.”

Heidi Hutchinson, who met Keith in 1984, commented, “This is precisely how Keith Raniere justified having sex with my then 14-year-old sister starting in (or before) 1984… Gina lived and died for an elaborate lie used by a sadistic pedophile to rape and abuse her and so many others, repeatedly. …  I think you see, Jane, how this brutal master harmed and used you, Allison, Kristin, GBD, every young girl recruited by this deception of ’empowerment,’ only to fulfill his ‘selfish’ and ‘immature’ — as you say — and sadistic, power-mongering pleasures….”

In telling her story, Jane exonerates Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk – saying they did not know about underage sex – although she qualifies it by saying Mack “agreed with the logic” but told Jane that Keith “never fucked anyone under age.”

While Jane’s story is at times critical of Kreuk, overall it supports Kreuk’s Twitter statement that she did not witness anything nefarious in NXIVM.  Still, there are some who think it’s outrageous that I published Jane’s story for it maligns and scandalizes Kreuk.

I hardly think an actress who stars in a Canadian taxpayer-funded television show about a fearless lawyer who tackles Big Pharma, Big Law, and corruption – will be afraid of a little blog that merely reports what some woman claims she did when Kreuk was a member of NXIVM.  Kreuk isn’t a fragile china doll.

In the end, I chose to publish Jane’s story because, if it is true, it adds to the body of information we have about NXIVM.  If it is not true, what’s the difference? If Dr. Ford’s story was untrue – as some say – what’s the difference? Her voice should be heard and by making her story public, it served the interests of justice.

Look at Jane, as we look at Dr. Ford. She might be telling the truth. She might be lying.  Brett Kavanaugh or Kristin Kreuk might have been maligned but they’ll live and likely be tougher for the experience.

To date, Kreuk has chosen to remain silent about her role in NXIVM – other than admit she took an intensive and continued to take courses.  If Kreuk feels a need to respond, she has a publicist. Any number of publications would be glad to report her comments. She has not chosen to comment here, but some suspect she is commenting anonymously in defense of herself.




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  • Kristin is one of the most wonderful people I’ve worked with in my career. I’ve worked with her over the last two summers on CBC’s Burden of Truth and I have nothing but good things to say about her and her professionalism. She treats crew members as regular people, consistently buys coffee for everyone, knows everyone’s name and simply comes across as an unassuming, regular (and of course, good looking) person herself.

    • It’s not impressive to have manners. Crew members should be treated with respect and it’s not impressive to know the names of people you are around for hours every day. What has any of that got to do with Kreuk’s deep NXIVM involvement?

      • —What has any of that got to do with Kreuk’s deep NXIVM involvement?
        Most of the posted “facts” against Kreuk also could or should be responded to with “so?”
        And if you’ve even been on a set you know that her “manners” may not be impressive, but they sure ain’t common.

        • Actually, they can’t. Can Kreuk honestly say 100% she knew absolutely nothing about anything bad in the cult? Tax evasion? Harem? After all those years? To defend Kreuk pre-2015 is to defend Mack too as they were both deep in the cult before DOS was born in 2015. Mack too was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit as an example.

          Are you the reddit poster?

          • Didn’t Investigative Journalist Frank Peralta honestly say he was not aware of such activities while he worked closely, in Albany, with the leaders during that time?
            A lot of posters, though not you I’m sure, automatically assume everything we know now was apparent to every ESPian wherever they lived and worked.

        • How to you get named in a lawsuit in February 2012 and not know about it or even question why you were named? How do you get named as a cult member in the same expose that reveals your leader is a pedophile and you don’t know anything? How do you get exposed for being on Necker Island where money laundering is alleged to of been planned and you don’t know nothing? Those on Necker Island were named in the lawsuit too. You can’t just brush these things off. Information will come out eventually.

          You didn’t answer the question, are you the reddit poster?

  • Anonymous
    July 2, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    “Kristin KREUK is a child pimp and recruits many young girls into her prostitution business!!! She runs it with the help of shit skin gangs in Surrey and Vancouver. Believe me,I know,I worked with her in film for ten years. She is the most corrupt two faced Kunt out there!!! THE EASIEST KUNT TO SET FOOT ON A FILM SET!!! just ask Toms ex-wife,if she even knows yet???”


    knows all
    June 10, 2018 at 8:06 pm

    “Kristin Kreuk was told multiple times on the Vancouver set of Smallville that she joined a cult.She openly descussed and talked about branding other women with her closest friend on the set daily.She is not a good actress or even person as far as that goes.She is a very exceptionly good liar though and knew completely and fully what she was doing.Her reputation preceeds her when it comes to being the easiest cunt to ever walk into a film set.She is a complete child recruiting pimp who knows all to well that she was recrorecru little girls for her sex cult friends.This one earned her acting career on the casting couch.”

        • Look at the dates of those comments. They are old comments. Why do you think Clare was trying to set up Frank back then?

      • Those messages are very relevant to the subject of the article. Frank could check the IP address of those commentators. Frank has already confirmed the woman is who she says she is and the woman claims she entered NXIVM/DOS from Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design.

        The fact that she does not want Kreuk to know who she is suggests Kreuk recruited other teen girls from GBD into NXIVM and she does not want Kreuk to know which girl. She says Kreuk is still in contact with NXIVM members despite her claim of dumping them. Perhaps Kreuk is still in contact with DOS members and this “Jane” does not want Kreuk telling them who she is because she is not supposed to be talking to Frank.

        [paragraph redacted]

        Whatever reason Girls by Design as established, and it may have been set up in good faith, I have very serious concerns about its links to cults outside of NXIVM”

        Keep digging.

        • – Frank could check the IP address of those commentators.

          Checking IP addresses is useless for people who don’t want you to know where they post from. There are many mechanisms to hide the IP address of your home ISP and make it seem you are posting from elsewhere. Only law enforcement authorities and excellent computer hackers have the capability to trace sufficiently muffled IP addresses back to the real source.

          – Frank has already confirmed the woman is who she says she is

          Which means nothing as far as confirming the truth to her story. I can claim that I am who I say I am too and it can be confirmed by somebody too. Big fucking deal.

          – and the woman claims she entered NXIVM/DOS from Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design.

          She can claim the moon is made of blue cheese for all anyone cares. It doesn’t make it true.

          – The fact that she does not want Kreuk to know who she is suggests Kreuk recruited other teen girls from GBD into NXIVM and she does not want Kreuk to know which girl. She says Kreuk is still in contact with NXIVM members despite her claim of dumping them. Perhaps Kreuk is still in contact with DOS members and this “Jane” does not want Kreuk telling them who she is because she is not supposed to be talking to Frank.

          Or it suggests that she wants to hide behind anonymity and simply sully Kristin’s character. Does she think Kristin is going to assassinate her or litigate her into financial hell? That is more likely what people from a group that is currently in trouble with the law and has such a past history would do, e.g., NXIVM. Not some “D-list shitty actress” who engages in the “smell your fart method of acting” who moved on a long time ago and isn’t even currently being investigated would do.

          If this person had any credibility whatsoever, she would go talk to the authorities instead of talking to someone who seems to have become a tabloid journalist – at least when it comes to any dubious and sketchy information relating something about Kristin Kreuk. This story would never have been posted by a more rigorous journalistic outlet that has to vet its sources for credibility.

          • 1) no one was talking to you so stop butting in.

            2) denying things you don’t want to be true does not make you right on anything.

            3) this woman does not want to go to the DOJ as she is a DOS supporter, starting out in GBD.

            4) you have zero idea what Kristin Kook did in NXIVM. No one asked you for your sad opinion.

            5) so many questions and allegations that Kook has not responded to on purpose but the Spanker thinks he can do so her behalf, uninvited by anyone to do so. Pathetic creature. You are not qualified to talk on behalf of this cult member. No one asked you. You have absolutely zero insider knowledge but you shit on those who do or simply ask questions.

            6) annoyed that you will probably respond with the usual sad drivel that I don’t even skim read anymore. I have no idea what you wrote in the above post because it’s always the end result of a spank. When you write under another aliases, you are immediately recognisable with your beta male white knighting. Wasabi Steak anyone?

            7) stop worshipping Kristin Kook pretending she is an innocent naive little unicorn whose farts smell like roses. You don’t even know her. We are asking serious questions and you jizz all over them with your low quality brown seminal fluid with less testosterone in it than that of a lady bug. Piss off.

            8) Kreuk does not care if you drop dead from type 2 diabetes.

            9) Ban this stalker.

          • – 1) no one was talking to you so stop butting in.

            It doesn’t matter. It’s a public forum. You sound butt hurt that you want your trolling to go unchallenged.

            – 2) denying things you don’t want to be true does not make you right on anything.

            Irrelevant. Regardless, I never denied anything. It is the claimant’s responsibility to prove their case. Pointing out inconsistencies or logical fallacies in posted content, providing counterpoints to what is claimed, questioning timing and motivations, etc., is all part of the vetting process to assess the viability of it.

            – 3) this woman does not want to go to the DOJ as she is a DOS supporter, starting out in GBD.

            But she just conveniently happens to want to get the “facts” out there about Kristin Kreuk, a “shitty D-list” actress no one cares about? “Facts” that just happen to match up with the character demeaning allegations of a link from GBD to DOS that you’ve been trolling with for months now, right? It’s funny how it’s so easy now to give credibility to an anonymous supporter of DOS because it just happens to line up with what is convenient.

            You trolls can’t even be consistent. That’s what happens when you try to weave a lie together.

            Any anonymous person can claim anything. By doing so, they deny themselves any personal credibility. Thus, what is left to assess the validity of their story and this story smells like utter shit.

            – 4) you have zero idea what Kristin Kook did in NXIVM. No one asked you for your sad opinion.

            Irrelevant. Me not knowing what she did doesn’t mean some anonymous claimant knows what she did.

            And no, I’m not Wasabi Steak. Schlomo, Jesse, Hmm, etc., all have denied that I am them, and know for a fact that I am not them. And so does Wasabi Steak. But keep digging Mr. Projection.

          • Did not read your long essay you Old Brown Beetle Spanker. It could of been a copy and paste from Wikipedia about turbans.

            You have nothing to add to the conversation. Nothing. You have no insider information to reveal. You are a Spanker super fan who can’t stop masturbating to a woman whose skin would visibly crawl at the thought of you touching her. Stop talking like you are an expert. You know nothing. We are trying to get to the bottom of things. You just want to keep spanking it. You won’t even question Kreuk will you. Why? Because you are emotionally infatuated. Aren’t you ashamed or embarrassed. You fucking should be freak.

            If Joe O’Hara is right about you, you used to fuck an old NXIVM bitch. Is that right? If he is mistaken, then you have absolutely zero connection to NXIVM and can fuck right off. What do you know? Seriously, what do you know? You think you know more than Omar Rosales and Tigue? Frank? You are just an armchair Spanker.

          • Don’t make me laugh at you’re “trying to get to the bottom” of anything bullshit. You’re nobody but an anonymous coward and a lying sack of shit. You’ve got nothing and will never have anything because you’re a miserable example of what resembles a human being.

          • You are a shit skin paki cunt. Your mom had a bucket of shit next to her on her wedding day to keep the flies away from her third world cunt. Allah is an anal slut. Mohammed raped goats. You are undeveloped sub-humans.

        • Not offended..just surprised anyone would believe some incoherent rambling.
          Aren’t you suspicious when the poster said KK talked about branding on the set of Smallville, when she left the show in 2009, 5 to 7 years before DOS branding started?

          • That is why people are probing and firing off questions. Where there is smoke there is fire. More information will come out eventually. [name redacted] is supposedly into weird sex stuff and now this GBD allegation. Why did GBD have the girls fill out questionnaires? What were they trying to identify in the girls? Those suitable for master-slave relationships like “Jane” says? They did a questionnaire for College Project to identify individuals. No one can deny that was a NXIVM project.

  • When I first came on Frank Report last Spring I came across a commenter who had the same litany:

    1. Allison is a Good Girl
    2. Allison likes reading self-help books.
    3. All we have are allegations.
    4. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

    Some one told me that this commenter was “Allison’s mom.”
    Upon reflection this made sense.
    These are the statements that a mother would make to defend her daughter.

    In going through Jane’s story I found some of the same language.
    Referring to an adult as a “Good Girl.”

    “She’s (Allison’s) a good girl. She did what she was told.”
    “Ally was a good girl. She did as her master commanded”

    Ignoring the fact that Allison is a 36 year old adult.

    The indictment says that Allison Mack received something of value from her activities as a slave master or mistress.
    Indeed she did.
    Alison had 12 slaves.
    This slave Jane indicates that Mistress Allison received sex from most or all of her slaves.
    Did the slaves have a choice?
    Slave Jane says that Allison wanted the girls to get along.
    That doesn’t sound like a choice to me.

    Mistress Allison compelled her slaves to service her in the same manner as Master Keith expected to be serviced.
    It’s no defense to say that Allison was merely following orders.

    • – Ignoring the fact that Allison is a 36 year old adult.

      The only thing I’m “amazed” at by this cult is how it turns such adult women into immaturely acting idiots. Look at the goofy picture that headlines this article. Yes, I understand that some people have health issues and/or other problems they cannot control, but in general, if you choose to live such a lifestyle and you’re thirty six years old and still haven’t settled down and had a family, you’re not normal and not in a good way. Sorry.

      • Any adult who talks about having slaves has something seriously wrong with her or him.

        I remember the words of Abraham Lincoln:
        “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.”

        Too bad a contemporary American woman could grow up to be a 36 year old adult and not appreciate that sentiment.

  • Thinking Jane gave us one more nugget about KK…but can’t quite put my finger on it. She said GBD was basically a group of subs that want real slaves to know they can choose….and they kneel with them? Hmm that’s def some very culty speak #BlessedBeTheFruit… ironically she is a Scientologist.

  • Frank, there is no comparison between Jane and Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford did not hide behind a Jane Doe identity, and she was willing to take the risk to publicly proclaim her story to everyone.

    But we have no idea who Jane is, and we have no way to judge the truthfulness of her accusations through her presentation and body language. The account she gives seems highly suspicious.

    I don’t understand why you think the FBI shouldn’t investigate this story. The person who emailed you claimed that they were so afraid that their hands were shaking as they typed, and that it could prove dangerous for them should you continue contact with them – which certainly suggested this person feared for their safety (and should certainly warrant a call to law enforcement for this reason). And yet, only hours later they DO contact you, and the fear seems to have now vanished.

    I dont see much similarity here between the two stories. Both cases involve women making accusations – one who claimed a crime was committed against her, and the other whose motive only seems to be a desire to slander certain celebrities.

    • “Dr. Ford did not hide behind a Jane Doe identity, and she was willing to take the risk to publicly proclaim her story to everyone.”

      That is exactly what is was A Story. Your precious Dr Ford will pay dearly for her lies and bearing false witness.

      • Ezekiel or Zeke
        The word “story” can refer to a true story or a fictional one. I listened to Dr. Ford’s testimony, and I, like many other people, believe she is an honest person, who told a true story.

        I dont think its accurate to compare Dr. Ford to this Jane Doe, at all. Dr. Ford took a huge risk to her own life to come forward and reveal her true identity. And no, she was NOT paid to do that. “Not that Heather” (and why are you allowed to use that name?how hard is it to choose a name without another commentors handle??) Dr. Ford was not paid, she recieved donations thru crowd funding, which is not payment, it’s donations from the general public.

        If people want donate money to help support her and her family, why should it bother you?

        If this Jane Doe were truly in danger (as she first claimed, though it seems the danger evaporated rather quickly) would you donate to help her if there were a crowd fund page for her? Oh wait…she doesn’t WANT to be helped, does she? She’s not asking for help, and she apparently has no reason for coming to Frank with this story, other than she wants to spread rumours about certain celebrities.

        If you don’t think thats all she’s doing, then why don’t you set up a crowd funding page for Jane Doe? It could be called the “Save Allie’s Sex slave”. page. The money could be used to hire a cult expert to de-program her.

        Btw, I see that Scott is back , which I expected. I don’t think I’ve seen his opinion on Jane, though. Are you going to ask her to be in your program, Scott?

        • You listened to Ford’s lies and believed what you already wanted to believe. Like most idiot democrats of your sick ilk, evidence be damned

          • [redacted because it was rude to another poster]

            How in the world can you claim Kavanaugh was not lying? He lied about a number of things written in his yearbook, including the term “Devils triangle”. He claimed it was a drinking game, and if you watch him answer this question, you see him pause, and try to think of an answer, and then he actually smirks to himself when he comes up with the idea of drinking game.

            Immediately after he says this, someone edits the term “devils triangle” on wikipedia to add that it’s a drinking game. What a farce. Then consider the farce perpetrated by Whelan several days earlier, when he actually attempted to pin the assault on one of Kavanaughs high school buddies. Unbelievable. And who would do THAT if they really thought the assault had never occurred?


            When I see these bullshit antics by Whelan and then notice that Kavabaugh lied about certain things – that’s all I need to know.

        • The Three Lies of Christine Blasey Ford

          J.R. Dunn
          The great solon Richard Blumenthal, hero of An Loc, Ia Drang, Khe Sanh, Hue, and Tet, has explained to us that “Who lies in one instance, lies in all.”

          Blumenthal was referring to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who hasn’t lied about anything, as far as anyone has been able to tell.

          But we can turn it around to focus on the party that Sen. Blumenthal was speaking out for. In how many instances has Christine Blasey Ford lied?

          Fear of Flying:

          Fear of flying is a commonplace among many travelers (so much so that Brian Eno in the 1970s recorded several hours of soothing music expressly designed to ease such fears). But in Blasey Ford’s case, it was presented as a terror so overwhelming, so uncontrollable, as to prevent her from traveling by air under any circumstances. No – Professordoktor Ford, we were led to believe, would need to drive from Palo Alto to Washington to testify before the Senate Judicial Committee.

          This claim fell apart in short order after it was revealed that Ford had lived for a year in Honolulu, a city effectively unreachable except by air, had vacationed in Tahiti and other areas of the Pacific, and regularly flew from California to the east coast to visit family. In light of all this, the “driving” claim became a running social media joke, with bogus reports of which was the last town she had driven through.

          The claim collapsed completely when it was revealed that she had flown out to D.C. to testify before the committee, evidently without aid of hypnotism, sedatives, oxygen tanks in case of hyperventilation, or a trained service animal. No one at the hearing bothered to question her about this discrepancy. They should have.

          The claim of a connection between Blasey Ford’s aviation phobia and Judge Kavanaugh is something of a mystery. Did he fly in to the infamous party in a Marine Corps Harrier VTOL jet? Or was he making jet plane noises as he was molesting young Christine? These questions, along with a multitude of others, remain open.

          Christine is a Psychologist:

          Blasey Ford allowed the public and the committee to believe that she was a psychologist in the full meaning of the term. She specifically told the committee that she was a “research psychologist”. She also made the claim on her university web site page, and in several other cases. The legacy media (for instance, the Washington Post and the Atlantic) dropped the “research’ part and repeatedly asserted that she was a licensed psychologist, with no request for a correction from the Blasey Ford camp.

          In fact, she is no such thing. While she has done the course work, and was awarded a doctorate in the field, she still lacks certification. To qualify as a “psychologist” in the state of California (and every other state in the union), an individual must serve a one-year residency and pass several rigorous examinations. Blasey Ford has not done so. She is, ipso facto, not a psychologist.

          Furthermore, she knows this. Her faculty page, which originally stated that she was a “research psychologist” has been scrubbed, and no longer makes that claim.

          Christine’s front door:

          Now we must deal with the comedy of the door. The door is a critical element in the Blasey Ford saga, acting as it did to disperse the fog of forgetfulness and enable her to confront the full truth of her ordeal in 1982… or maybe 1983. Simply put, her insistence in 2012 on a second front door led to friction in her marriage, which brought the Blasey Fords before a marriage counselor, at which point the professordoktor either did or did not first tell the tale of her suffering at the hands of Judge Kavanaugh.

          “In explaining why I wanted a second front door, I began to describe the assault in detail. I recall saying that the boy who assaulted me could someday be on the U.S. Supreme Court, and spoke a bit about his background at an elitist all-boys school in Bethesda, Maryland. My husband recalls that I named my attacker as Brett Kavanaugh.”

          (As is true of just about everything else in this story, the reasoning behind the second door remains a mystery. Evidently, its purpose was to allow Blasey Ford a means of escape if Kavanaugh landed his Harrier in front of her home and attempted to once again lay hands on her. The fact that a back or side door would serve this purpose much better has never, to my knowledge, entered the discussion.)

          Well, Christine got her door. But she didn’t get in 2012, and no marriage counselor was involved. It happens that the permit for remodeling her home – including adding the door — was obtained in 2008. If Palo Alto is like other municipalities, the permit would be good for six months, with an option for a six-month extension. So the door must have been added at that time. And in fact, photographic evidence exists showing the new door in place in 2011, a year before Blasey Ford claims that it nearly destroyed her marriage.

          Furthermore, there is evidence suggesting that the house in question was rented out by Blasey Ford to “Google interns” and that no one in her family lived there. In addition, somebody was running a business there (a “couples therapy” clinic, ironically enough – the “Couples Research Center.” There’s that word “research” again.), and that the door was added as an entrance to the business, rather than as a Kavanaugh-evasion device.

          While these claims might appear minor in isolation, together they form a pattern recognizable and undeniable. There will no doubt be others coming, but three is all we need, according to the wisdom of Auric Goldfinger: “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.”

          A lot of print and commentary, both online and otherwise, has argued that Blasey Ford is credible, convincing, and sympathetic. Even her opponents hold that “something must have happened” to explain her behavior. But to believe this, we have to toss all standards of truth out the window. We have to postulate that a lie is not a lie, a liar is not a liar. We have to slip into a pure postmodern, nothing-is-certain, all-truth-is-relative mode. Without that, Blasey Ford is approximately as convincing as Julie Swetnick.

          She is not a sympathetic figure. She is not a confused, traumatized victim attempting to grapple with the fragmented memories of a past incident. The record clearly reveals that this to be nonsense. She is a malicious liar who has put herself at the service of malignant political clique for the purpose of undercutting the stated will and intentions of the people of this country.

          It is a simple fact that Kavanaugh’s accusers on the committee are proven liars – Feinstein in withholding the letter in the first place (not to mention denying how it became public), Booker concerning his good friend T-Bone, along with his “Spartacus moment”, Blumenthal concerning his heroism in Vietnam. The stunning irony here is that Judge Kavanaugh is demonstrably more honest than any of his accusers.

          This is the central truth of the Kavanaugh case. It must be hammered relentlessly, to the point where it can no longer be evaded. It must be repeated every time we’re told that “women don’t lie”. Every time someone flaunts a t-shirt reading “I Believe Her”. Every time we hear another obtuse blurt from Pelosi or Hirono. I must be repeated until it becomes the default, the meme that crowds everything else out: that the truth is not in Christine Blasey Ford, and that she is condemned by her own words.

          Case closed.

          • And that little-girly voice!! She was scrunching her jaw down and compressing her vocal cords. It was sooooo obvious. Almost every time she began to speak… scrunch down… skweak out that vibrato sound. Fake. Fake. Fake. She was coached big time. That’s what she spent a week doing… Rehearsing her act.

            Several times in the first few minutes she “lost” the little-girl-about-to-cry voice and then, catching herself, it magically reappeared. I knew then she was acting (and not a good performance). Frankly, I was shocked to see all the smart people fell for it. She was not “credible”, “compelling”, “sincere” or anything like that. She was lying.

          • Another lie is that she was 3000 miles away, “stranded” in California. Reality is that she was hanging out in Delaware 14 days or so prior to her testimony. Seems her family has a summer home there where she dodged the Senate Committee while being coached

            That is why they could not agree to have staffers fy out and interview her. She was not there.
            She took the polygraph in DC when she was supposedly in the area for her grandmothers funeral. The former FBI agent who did the exam said he got a frantic call the night before from people claiming it had to be done the next day. This was in August – after Feinstein received her letter. Couldn’t tell the committee about it, but set her up with a lawyer and polygraph.

          • Way off topic, Gary….but….

            “Judge Brett Kavanaugh…hasn’t lied about anything, as far as anyone has been able to tell.”

            Case Open.

          • Sorry lalalala land, that appears to be where you head is. CASE CLOSED. Justice Kavanaugh will be on the bench a long long time. Maybe you should b in NYC with the coven of demonic witches trying to cast spells on him today. Of course their demonic nonsense will go back on them.

        • My opinion on Jane is her story, just like Ben’s story, may or may not be true. I’m not inclined to jump to one side or the other when the facts aren’t clear. Jane would be welcome to come on my radio show, but since she’s not providing her name, I doubt she would want to be on the show.

  • “It would seem the DOS slaves may also be afraid of Kreuk. They are letting her know that she’s going to be ‘exposed’ for her alleged ‘BDSM lifestyle’ and also for a supposed affair she had. There is probably evidence that GBD was being used as a NXIVM recruiting tool, but it doesn’t look so bad if it’s just rebranded as a BDSM group.”

    What a load of crap!!! GBD had nothing to do with NXIVM! It doesn’t matter how much you want to change the facts, you can’t. As I have said, I know for a FACT that GBD was in NO way affiliated with NXIVM. And this unbelievable accusation that GBD was a BDSM group is just absurd! It’s honestly laughable.

    “To date, Kreuk has chosen to remain silent about her role in NXIVM.”

    You can keep spinning this story that she was in the “inner circle” but it’s not true. Even people who “were” in the inner circle have confirmed that she wasn’t.

    “She has not chosen to comment here, but some suspect she is commenting anonymously in defense of herself.”

    Why would she? These reports you keep posting have no facts and are all speculations. If I just took you at your word, maybe I would believe you like some on here, but I don’t believe someone just because they say something is true. No one should, if you want the whole story, if you want the true story-you research it from all points of view and different sources. I can’t believe a word you say because I have multiple sources that can confirm this stuff you keep spouting is nothing more than fiction.

  • In thinking about Jane;s narrative I find an important issue where she might have shaved the truth.
    Jane said she never saw Mack violate the law.
    Did she see Mack direct the branding of a slave?
    That includes the branding of Jane.
    Branding a slave is part of sex trafficking.

    Did Jane see Allison Mack collect collateral or blackmail?
    That is also a crime.

  • The question in my mind is whether or not KK was lying when she publically proclaimed GBD had nada to do with NXIVM?

    If not, wouldn’t that make HER more independently responsible for these alleged acts for her own — or some entity other than NXIVM’s —- purposes?

    Clare & Sara Bronfman once, in late ‘08 or ‘09, appeared on an Albany radioshow with their then attorney, Steve Coffee, to promote the Dalai Lama’s visit. I distinctly remember Sara gushing over Keith Raniere being the inspiration for Sara’s sudden fondness for HH teachings when Clare, at Coffee’s signal perhaps, rudely quashed that notion and swung Sara back to the old story about how “no, she actually became smitten with the highest Lama all by her lonesome, “while lying in bed” — the same place KK, coincidentally, insisted she got most of her bright ideas for GBD — in bed together with all her hot, girly showbiz friends.

    You think maybe these women were ALWAYS instructed to deny Keith Raniere (and his de facto partners) involvement in their schemes?

    Maybe they were just too naive to guess all those bed notions had anything to do with selling sex?

    • “the same place KK, coincidentally, insisted she got most of her bright ideas for GBD — in bed together with all her hot, girly showbiz friends.”

      Well…that’s a surprisingly cheap shot from you. Remember, Golden Rule.

      • It’s a quote from a GBD promo video — don’t make me search it — and a Nx credo that the best ideas come in bed…to that effect. Not a cheap shot. My shots are never cheap, Lala. 😆

        • Heidi…I assumed “ideas” was a quote, but the “in bed together with all her hot, girly showbiz friends” was cheap.
          But I’d be interested in you supporting that shot.

  • “ I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading whereas rumors, true or false, are often revealing.”

    – Nazi credo from: “Inglorious Bastards.”

      • P.S., another Natzi (the “t” is important to pronounce, as in gnat-zi) credo from “The Inglourious Basterds.” Also, it’s spell “Mein Kampf,” we wouldn’t want to upset the reincarnated Adolf Hitler with incorrect spelling of her prized book from her previous life, now would we?

  • Kristin Kreuk wrote what Jane said…the BDSM stuff makes people forget KK’s real crimes…muling money and virtue signalling.

  • I like that you go out of your way to show your true colors, Frank. Its admirable. . You’re a loser, but a relatively honest one.

  • I was one of the people who “knew” Ben Szemkus was lying about it:

    1. His timeline of events didn’t at all match up to publicly-known facts about the people he claimed he attended the party with.

    2. His story was inconsistent, and changed over time to suit whatever he needed at a given time. In suspect interrogations, or depositions, it is a common tactic to ask essentially the same question several times, but phrased differently each time: someone who is being truthful, will answer the same way, regardless of how the question is asked, while the liars/fabricators/embellishers will change their story, as Szemkus did.

    His defenders (here and elsewhere), pointed to his polygraph results as “proof” of the truthfulness of his claims. A polygraph exam measures physiological responses, and they can easily be beaten, or “tricked” into giving inconclusive, and false-negative results, meaning that their usefulness as a “truth-o-meter” is virtually nil.

    • The alleged event took place over a decade ago. Sometimes the memory isn’t precise, especially from a long time ago. Which specific parts did Ben change? Do you realize people have been put in prison erroneously because of these interrogation tactics?

  • Nice try trying to justify what you are doing here. How about going with this instead — Kruek is more like CBF since she made her statement but you FRANK are like the Dems who wanted to use her and now the die-hard DOS/NXIVM (Republicans) folks are seeing their chance to make hay with YOUR foolish assistance. And isn’t it convenient how JNESS, the women’s group heavily linked to Allison is not mentioned at all in this gal’s story. BTW Frank How many stories about Catherine Oxenberg have you sat on since this all started since she’s on you friend list? Last time, according to you, Clare had to pay you $75,000 to malign Joe O’Hara. With all her legal expenses now, I’m sure she appreciates all of the free work you are doing for her currently.

    • “JNESS, the women’s group heavily linked to Allison is not mentioned at all ”

      JNESS was a more likely gateway to the DOS slave cult than Girls by Design.
      Most of the DOS slaves were well over the age of consent.
      GBD was focused on teen age girls.

    • You do realize that’s an irrelevant, “ad hominem” argument with Frank? …Love to know when the last time was you turned down 75k/mo. to do less than assisnate a head of State’s character?

      In fact, er, IMO ad hominem is exactly the problem illustrated in the Cavanaughty case. Maybe the problem with all of bi-partisan politics in the U.S.

      • Its the old same-same game of the agent provocateurs, they take what is shared:opposition, beliefs, purpose and exploit fracture points: ideological differences, personal power, and pull things apart – divide and rule Ms. its the problem with bi-partisan politics -everywhere.

  • Your Jane has not provided any proof that her story is true. Any troll or group of
    Trolls that still a follower of their Master Vanturd, can piece a string of words together to make up a fairy tale.

    Anyone who has read enough Frank Report could come up with the same story without ever being a member of DOS or taken a NXIVM ckass.

    All emails have identifiers to ehere it came from. The emails could be forwarded to the DOJ for investigation. If Jane is indeed telling the truth or lying why not turn over possible evidence to the DOJ?

  • Ben’s story now reads as being very boring compared to all of the other stories that have come out since he told his NXIVM story.

  • Another benefit of publishing Jane’s story is whether others can agree or disagree with it. Unlike Ben, who claims to have gone to a single party, Jane was around NXIVM for much longer, so she should know more. However, any statements from her that claim something didn’t happen are suspect from the gitgo, as she has no idea what others did when she wasn’t present. Just ask Hillary about the blue dress that Bubba squirted his sperm on.

  • I disagree that “Jane’s” words support Kreuk’s twitter response about never experiencing anything illegal or nefarious, as “Jane” stated Kreuk was “aware” of things going on. She also said she didn’t see Allison Mack do anything illegal. If she is telling the truth, she seems to want to sugar coat NXIVM and DOS.

    And if Kreuk is posting anonymously, who?

    Kreuk has not been held to account on anything. Being named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit, what she was doing on Necker Island, why she stayed with rapist pedophile Keith Raniere after being named in the same Times Union expose that exposed him as those things. What she was doing with NXIVM post 2013 when she claims she left, etc.

    Frank, have you seen a picture of “Jane” with Kreuk during the GBD days? Was she really there?

  • You lost me on the whole democrat mumbo jumbo crap. You chose to published that bitches story so you can destory Kristin’s life not really caring if she is lying or not. I get it you need to put up news to get more readers but really? Are you honestly this foolish to believe all this that you’re being fed on based on the fact you maybe being played but you’re just too stupid to see that.

    Till you get real prove on this. Ill stick by my grounds on wishing Allison the best and away from NXIVM, also not believing the fact Kristin was even involved in this sort of thing where it’s quite clear she doesn’t condone or was ever involved in this mess.

    Better hope Allison loses her case because i wouldn’t be shocked if she may sue you people for slander!

      • That’s the point, all those people have a lot of information and no knowledge. Most people only see the yellow stories and then regurgitate opinions in their supposed knowledge, I’ve seen people say in the networks things like allison killed children or was satanic due to the use of the word cult and the depressing thing is that as I design the biblical phrase “And why do you look at the straw that is in your brother’s eye, and do you not see the beam that is in your own eye? your brother: Let me take the straw out of your eye, “people who do not know try to understand what happened with this actress but the one who just wants to judge to feel superior just needs a target to aim. While you have the ability to see the whole picture you keep insisting that Allison is more evil than any of the other women in the haren I remind you that Barbara Bouchey was one of those who did the job of taking Allison to the inner circle and putting All her confidence in Keith and the other members of the inner circle, even if she managed Allison’s money, perhaps told her not to waste her money taking endless courses.

        • I have tried to avoid mentioning the issue of children because I find it particularly distasteful.
          However there are legitimate stories that bring up the issue of Allison’s behavior with children.
          Let’s just say for now that Ms. Mack should not be around children.
          If Ms. Mack heard Raniere talk about children’s sexuality and she could not understand that Raniere is a potential child abuser, then Ms. Mack is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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