A guy named Benjamin Szemkus says he went to party with Raniere, Allison Mack, Stormy Daniels, Eric Schniederman, Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin

A man named Benjamin Szemkus is telling a story about his meeting with Keith Raniere. His story first appeared after the arrest of Allison Mack. He is on Reddit, and YouTube and elsewhere and will appear on Scott Johnson’s radio show.

Ben claims it is a true story. I would like to get reader’s opinions.

On YouTube, Ben says he “attended a NXIVM Recruitment Party/Mixer in February 2007 in Hamden, Connecticut in which I met Stormy Daniels as well as some High Powered Political Figures and NXIVM Founders, Major Supporters and Members.”

Those he claims to have met that night in one place were Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, former and disgraced NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Clare and Sara Bronfman and Stormy Daniels.

Below is his published statement detailing his experience that night [with slight copy editing].

By Benjamin Szemkus

As I am watching the recent news, there is the arrests of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere Leaders of the NXIVM Group. A sense of intrigue prodded Me to look deeper into what is going on and how the alleged Sex Cult might have gotten to where it is now.

Something which gave Me weird senses of Deja Vu looking at photographs of Raniere and Mack, saying to myself, “I have seen these people before.” It wasn’t any Exposé or Investigation Video that gave Me such a familiar disposition with them it was something else.

I have been to Clubs in Vancouver, British Columbia and have seen the NXIVM Business Cards, black glossy cards with white letters ‘NXIVM’ thrown around club floors, tucked into bathroom stalls and moldings around the walls of the Clubs in the Gaslight District.  Weird but nothing, too crazy I was told it was a cult to stay away from.

One incident was when my ‘at the time’ Girlfriend and I were in B.C. visiting her friend O—. After a second of hanging at O—‘s apartment We hit the bars around the area. O— was excited for my Girlfriend and I to meet her best friend who was en route to meet up with us as We sat at a small table near the bars front door.

Coming into the bar was a pretty blonde flanked by two other blondes all dressed in club attire 5 inch heels and all.

O—‘s friend gave a forced monologue about how she had found her calling and was with a group that understood her and that she must cut all ties with O— for her to progress onward with her new life. She abruptly turns and leaves lockstep with the two side blondes. O— stunned jumps up yelling , ‘What the Fuck!’ Runs out after her friend. After a moment O— came back still stunned and a bit pale. My Girlfriend asked ‘WTF?’ O— shrugged speechless. She eventually explained how in shock she was, that was her best buddy who, out of nowhere cut ties and was done with their friendship.

O— was visibly devastated. This was all very strange but never did I think much of it, it was just a weird out of nowhere experience..

Fast track to last week. In an Effort to Understand NXIVM I focused on the arrested Co-Leader of the Group, Allison Mack. The mainstay of her career as far as I knew was the TV Show ‘Smallville’ a teen steam show which was aired on the WB Network some years back.  A former coworker whom I had a mega-crush once mentioned She thought ‘Smallville’ was ‘just so …. ‘ I can’t remember the word She used but it obviously had an inspiriting influence on her, she had such a tranquil look in her eyes giving her brief description of the show. These factors considered I torrented every season of the show to check out as more of an investigation than for entertainment (to be honest I had wished Mega-Crush was around to watch it with Me as I felt super lame sitting by Myself watching the show, but it is what it is, and I wanted to do some research).

Halfway into the 2nd Episode the Deja Vu kicks in. “I’ve seen this before!?” I think to myself, “How the Fuck have I seen this before I would never have just watched this corndog teen steam. Then it hits me. Back in College (SCSU) I went to a weird party, that before the guests started showing up the Host put on ‘Smallville’ as a primer to the guests that were about to arrive.

As I started remembering flashes of the night like a spell was lifted an ‘OH SHIT’ Moment occurred.

That was a Fucking NXIVM Mixer!!!! I call it a mixer because at the party I asked, ‘when is this Party going to start?’ The Host said, ‘Oh this isn’t a NXIVM Party, their parties are these epic events with DJs and Festivities.’ She even mentioned the NXIVM crew had parties on Richard Bransons Island in the located among the British Virgin Islands. One Funny thing is that the girls at the Party were a bit miffed that Kristin Kreuk wasn’t going to show up but Allison Mack (who I thought was the prettier of the two) would be showing up. The Host did mention a ‘Special Guest’ and said it was an Adult Film Star. I replied like a dick, ‘You mean a pornstar?’ They said, ‘Don’t call her that while She is here!!’

Let me back up. As the memory chunks fell back into place my recollection of the night, experiences, who was there, who I was with and how I got there all slowly came back to Me over the course of a day of intense recall. In February 2007 I was attending SCSU living in the North Dormitories dating a pretty young lady named *** (considering the information I am about to give I am holding any names back for their safety). Now *** had a friend named A—, a pretty African American woman who was approached by a few blondes dressed fashionably as A— was studying in the Yale Library. They said they liked A—‘s style and wanted to know if She would like to go to a Womens Empowerment Group Meeting/Mixer.

A— said she would, they told her to invite a friend if She could. A— naturally invited ***, as in New Haven, Connecticut being the crazy place it can be, You don’t go to a strange Party alone. New Haven is No Fucking Joke (should be the City Motto)…

Now the Party/Mixer was supposed to be an all girls event but *** being the badass that she is asked Me to come along because She wanted to hang out with Me and it was around My Birthday Week (My Birthdays were not a one day event back in those days). I thought okay, Yale kids, I can sell some weed, let’s go.

Fast forward to showing up to the Party/Mixer, located off of Skiff Street in Hamden, Connecticut right behind the Hamden Plaza (not sure if it is even called that anymore) but it was right up the hill from the Popeyes Chicken (def not a product placement mention). ‘Smallville’ is playing then the door opens in comes Allison Mack. She is in a green wool overcoat with black leather boots. I am a ‘calf’ man and for whatever reason I noticed she had what my good buddy Matt and I referred to as ‘Fatty Richgirl Ankles’ and seemed a bit more gruff and ‘plain Jane’ in person than I imagined, specifically chubby mechanic hands. She surveys the room takes off her overcoat and was in a dark colored corset and a mini skirt giving her the appearance of a sadistic warden from an 80’s Womens Prison Movie. Mack was accompanied by a quiet man with a Tony Danza ‘Who’s the Boss’ haircut and glasses. He introduced himself as Keith.

The crowd of females, about a dozen maybe a bakers dozen, were in attendance and as far as I could tell were all Yale Students but would not be surprised if some NHU students were also there. At first it was Me and a boyfriend of one of the Yale girls, were the only dudes at the party.

*** caught a little shit for bringing me but *** covered maybe saying I was their ride so it was okay, plus *** really didn’t care what a bunch of Yale Girls wanted anyhow. Throughout the night thus far I was making trips to the outside deck of the apartment to smoke cigarettes. I went out for another.

Smoking a cigarette I noticed through the sliding door blind more guests were arriving, I was loosely watching the guests come in and smoking bowls of weed in between pulls from a cigarette *** and I were splitting. The sliding door blinds shutter a bit and out comes a big black dude with a dainty blonde wearing a tight suede overcoat and boots. She introduced herself, ‘My name is Stormy Daniels.’ I introduced myself to the two and proceeded smoking a cigarette. Stormy mentioned all the girls in the room and that she was real nervous, something I thought weird her being an adult film star and all but then again I believe there is a great deal of insecurities involved in being in such a trade so I figured I would offer her a bowl of weed. She said no thank you that it would make her eyes red and make her ‘all goofy.’ Her bodyguard said he would like to smoke but he was working so he couldn’t. I told them a bunch of sick dead baby joke because cracking jokes was My thing.

I bummed Stormy another Smoke and Mack poked her head out of the sliding glass door to say, ‘We’re starting.’ She was talking to Stormy. Stormy goes in maybe saying ‘wish me luck.’

Mack looked at the bodyguard and I, says ‘This part is Girls only.’ and shuts the sliding glass door walks inside yelling, ‘Okay Bitches…’ words to the effect that the meeting part of the program was starting. A few moments later the one other dude, the boyfriend of one of the attendees I mentioned before, comes out onto the deck and I believe I continued to tell some ‘dead baby’ jokes to the bodyguard and the boyfriend because why not.

Looking inside at the group in the living room, the Yale girls and A— were all kneeling on the floor in front of Mack, she led a discussion on something. *** was sitting in a chair off to the side of the attentive Yale students with a look on her face that read, ‘Fuck This.’ They broke off after a few minutes of listening to Mack and Keith speak, some in the front room, the other went to the back bedrooms where there were some other computer consoles. I think this is the part were they watched a quick video one at a time as a skinny baldish white dude took notes on a clipboard. The meeting ended after a short bit and Me, the Bodyguard and Boyfriend Man came back in. The Mixer was on.

Lights went low and some party music came on. I walked around talking to Keith and Baldish Guy, I had no intention of speaking to any of the Yale Girls unless they wanted to buy some weed (I never sold any weed that night). A salt and pepper haired man with dark circles around his eyes came in (almost like a Pakistani or Eastern Indian man’s eyes can be sometimes, I hope that doesn’t sound racist but that’s what I thought). He scans the room of girls prancing about, sees me, makes a B-Line over and introduces himself. His name was Eric Schneiderman, he spoke with a NYC accent and mentioned the activity in the room.

Half sarcastic, I said, ‘Yeah it’s great’ he mentioned the movement that they were building and asked if I had spoke with Keith, who just before I was talking ‘teleology’ with. He wore a sweater and some jeans. Keith mentioned a plan of child caregivers that spoke seven or so different languages to train the children they were looking after. Keith was real interested in himself I could tell by his lofty mannerisms, he seemed needy for positive response. I thought’ugh’ and broke off to talk with Schneiderman who was then just walking over. Schneiderman was dressed business casual with a 3 button silky short sleeved golf shirt and slacks with leather dress shoes maybe loafers (nice leather I could tell they were probably $300 dollar shoes maybe more).

I asked Schneiderman if he wanted to go smoke some weed and he declined saying, ‘I don’t think My constituents would be happy with that’ but thanked Me for the offer. I said, ‘Oh You’re a Politician?’ ‘I’m a NY State Senator.’ He Replied. I said, ‘Wow a Senator?!’ He said, ‘No a State Senator, that’s something different.’ Me, not being into politics had no clue nor care, I was an economics major and Political Science seemed dumb to Me, so I went to go have a cigarette.

Coming back in there were a few more arrivals. A petite Arabian woman with a far away stare came in with a few pretty women and then a fast sweaty man entered wearing a white dress shirt no tie. The Arabian was a bit ticked off Sweaty Man was running late but he snapped something back about 95 traffic then started working the room introducing himself. The Arab Woman had a look of Mystique and locked eyes with Me from across the room almost trance-like. I spoke to White Dress Shirt Sweaty Man he introduced himself as Anthony Weiner. He points at Arab woman saying, ‘That’s My Wife Huma.’

*** at this point was coming in from having a smoke and talking to A–, I could tell she wanted to go.

I said to Anthony, ‘Hey I think we’re gonna take off.’

He stirred and turned to Huma said, ‘Hey Huma, have We got the info on everyone here?’

She goes around the room starting with Me, takes down my info (she asked for my student ID clipped it on the board and copied the info NAME/SCHOOL ATTENDED), and then moves on to *** and A— getting their info before we left. *** gave Me the car keys which meant I was driving back to SCSU North Campus.

One the way back to the dorms A— seemed sad and felt let down saying she thought it would be a cool Women’s Movement but it was just a bunch of Sorority Wanna-Be’s. I think I even said it seemed like a Cult.

Fortunately *** did not join (I’m pretty sure A— did not but who knows).

Getting back to the dorm making Jokes about “Special Guest Stormy Daniels” because Who the Fuck is Stormy Daniels (this was 11 years ago mind You). I asked what they were watching and they described to me what was later to be known as the infamous ‘Snuff Video’

*** said it all looked fake but she was used to gore stuff like, because once again, she’s a little badass.

A— was a bit put off by the man dressed as a Nazi killing a Black Guy but other than that We didn’t think much else of it except it was a room full of weirdos and it was a goofy Yale Girl Party. Little did I know We were basically in the Belly of the Beast.

This is most of My recollection of that night.. I know it sounds like I am jumping the Shark but it is what it is. I am willing to take a lie detector test and I am more than willing to answer any questions anyone might have.



On Reddit, Benjamin answered some questions https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/c…



Who was in charge during nexium?

Benjamin [using the moniker Delenecion];

It must be Nancy Salzman, maybe she was always really in charge, I felt she was somewhat of a handler for Clare and Sarah Bronfman.


Cool. Who was in charge of NXIVM?


It looked as though Keith Raniere was the chief behind the stages of the Party and Mack seemed like a manager in training.

Wasn’t Mack a slave of KR? Or was she different. It was his cult wasn’t it?

I would say Keith was Mack’s handler.

But, who was in charge of the country while all this was going on?

Sounds like a loaded question. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld is My best guess, George Bush was just their to Prime his CV. It was 2007 so…

Wasn’t a loaded question but I noticed you left our our last two-term President.

Keith seemed to be calling all the Shots, but She seemed like an adepth or trainee. Her demeanor seemed rather forced and amateur though.

I used to like this sub. Now I might as well watch InfoWars.

Nobody is stopping You.

From watching Info Wars? Yeah, SOMETHING is, it’s called common fucking sense.

I am getting the sense that you must be pretty bored. Fortunately for you, I’m really not into satiating some bullshit troll fetish of yours this evening. Have fun finding that special someone though.

I get a bit carried away with emotion, My apologies


The interview Tanster did with Ben included info that Hillary Clinton bestie Huma Abedin was at the NXIVM mixer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1SOLMspxHI&t=919s

Infowars won’t cover this because they’re controlled opposition.

I would hope there would be Outrage but also some accord of Civil conduct as I believe a lifetime of confinement would send a clearer message to other Sex Celts that escape from punishment won’t be so quick and easy. That’s just My opinion though, Solitary Confinement, especially Military prison, is supposed to be some very hard time to serve. I have heard Military Prison Stories that make Walpole and Angola look like a cake walk.

Sorry not ‘Sex Celts’ I meant ‘Sex Cults’…. my bad.

I’d hope there are liberals out there that would place their heart above their pride, same with republicans, the Franklin Conspiracy was a very real thing.

I met Huma at a NXIVM recruitment party, I feel that cat is well out of the bag.

No you didn’t.

I did.

See, that is a great question. I spent all of My time in the kitchen area and the living room area with occasional trips out side to smoke cigarettes on the deck. I might have used the bathroom once or twice but never went into any of the bedrooms except for a quick peek inside the bedroom across from the bathroom. When Weiner showed up I did notice Raniere and Mack weren’t around and assume they may have been in one or both of the bedrooms. Stormy and the bald Guy the same (The bald Guy could have been Dr. Brandan Porter) but don’t quote Me that, the bald Guy I did not speak with as he was busy taking notes down on a clipboard and not really talking to anybody. I can only speculate on what they were doing but something tells Me Stormy may have been nervous because that might have been the night She got branded. Something was going on in the backrooms because there were Yale ladies hanging out back there, but like I said, ‘who knows.’

No problem I want to be as open and clear as I can be. Thanks for Your consideration.

Date? Place?

February 2007 in Hamden, Connecticut.

I want to believe

I really wish I had an ace in the hole but I can only ask for the benefit of the doubt. I have spoken to My old girlfriend but no luck in her having any memory of this party, I am in pursuit of her friend who initially invited us as I believe She may be a great source of corroboration. Until then I just ask for People to have an open mind and a healthy sense of discernment. It would be neat to talk with Stormy again and see if she somehow remembers Me. As I have said before Stormy was surprisingly a down to Earth person, and I told her some pretty shocking jokes, in all You never know…

Oh! Hold on now when did you move from meeting Huma to chatting up Stormy?

I wrote a big statement about the events of that night maybe You haven’t seen it. Careful it’s not phone friendly. https://gist.githubusercontent.com/benszemkus/56549c5d7ac1aec0418b1a9d28cefc23/raw/e5eeabcece2d11637df18f420c8ead8883b030f3/gistfile1.txt

Who else was there, in terms of names other people would recognize?

I really can’t say, the main people I saw were Mack, Raniere, Stormy D, Schneiderman, Weiner, Huma, Salzman , Alefantis, Clare and Sarah Bronfman but like I said I left early there could have been more arrivals, who knows.

I never comment in this sub but… lmao what.

Do you know about NXIVM? The information is being suppressed and misrepresented by the MSM. The court documents indicate that these people were trafficking in adult females, as well as children.


It is a deep rabbit hole, and you might not like what you find.

“I never comment in this sub but… lmao what. ” I am assuming you do not know the nature of the people who rule the world. Do you want to know?

Exposing these People should be our number one goal. They want to have sex with and eat children. These smarmy rich kids and nasty politicians are all looking out for one another and this needs to stop. Also this Stormy Daniels pretending she has No ties to NXIVM is absolute garbage. She’d have to be a complete psycho if she were to look Me in the eyes and say she wasn’t at this NXIVM Mixer I attended (and She was a pretty down to Earth person when I met her but who knows now She is Miss popularity among liberal factions now and I wonder if the Trump payoff is really just putting her on the payroll for the ultimate Democrat Fuckover).

Was this at the same event where you say you met Huma Abedin?


Did she give you a creepy vibe?

Definitely, I think for about an hour We sat around my dorm decompressing/reflecting on how fucking weird the whole experience was.

I believe you. So, they are Satanists/Luciferians?

That and Saturnians. Masons same thing. PS masons are the most racist secret society in this country. They formed the Boule just to keep rich black people quiet. No blacks allowed in freemasonry.

The OTO is another group that I have been trying to expose and that might be the ultimate death of Me.

I agree. I believe it about Masons. They push for diversity, but then they discriminate against blacks and women. I believe that they are responsible for the flood of immigrants into Europe.


It all traces back to saturnian death cults and babylonian schools.

I thought so.

Were the Podesta brothers also there with a small blond female child?

Nope, but I also didn’t stay for the whole event, We left early.

Interesting. Who else was there? Too bad we don’t have pictures. I am not sure why people were so quiet about NXIVM after pizzagate broke. I wonder how many other groups are out there that we are not aware of.

Why do they want to have sex with and eat children?

It’s ultimate power for them, eating our kids and getting away with it. It reminds them of their untouchable status and they are addicted to Adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is supposed to be some serious high look what it does to Anthony Hopkins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdfu9BXmbSw

Yes, I imagine it is the ultimate power trip for them. They think that we are too stupid to know what is going on, and too weak to stop it.  I have been down the pizzagate rabbit hole. I asked you because I was curious about what you would say.

SS: There is a conspiracy theory that behind all the inspirational female empowerment talk of Hillary Clinton lies a lot of inhumane behavior.

A witness came forward saying he saw HRC connected people at a NXIVM recruitment mixer. The witness is willing to answer questions from the public to prove he can keep his story congruent.

Now the NY Post is corroborating our witness’s story.  Here’s some background on this:


Leave questions here or at the site above.

It would make no sense if the usual cast of characters are not involved in this. That would not make any sense at all, especially since they were trafficking children. That is like blood to the sharks in DC and Hollywood.

nxivm is pgate

clintons are pgate

cafritz is financial supporter of transformer galleria of which none other than james alefantis is director

how could it be more obvious?



What do readers think about this?

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  • This guy is more credible than Blazey Ford was in her Kavanagh hearings he’s got dates times and people that he remembers so I think that maybe the guy should be at least consider to be honest just like all these me too movement thinking that Kavanagh was guilty even though the person that was pointing the finger at him had no other credible information! Btw Blasey ford Was paid thousands of dollars by go fund me accounts for her crap story in Which she made no sense to the “normal” (non hysterical left) people of the world!

    • brUH You are sO hOt <3

      iT Was FUN cONnectING WitH yoU

      *KIsSY nOise*

      *hEaVy BREaThinG*

      MY hAiry beaR CasheW

      Come sPreAD…

      *heaVY brEatHinG InTenSIfiEs*

      diSINFoRmAtioN aNd hAte…

      unH. UNgh. UnngH–

      *gaRblEd ScREeCh*

      *hEaVY pAntiNg*

      with ME anYtimE

      BeNny SZeEEmpKU

      P.s. tHaNks fOr The K-LUbe

  • I’m back again. 🙂

    I’m sure that at least a few ‘leftwingers’ have misinterpreted my previous TRUTHER comments.

    Here’s a DETAILED summary of how DUMB you are if you believe in the TRUTHER theory (I included 2 scenarios…..one for “thermites” and one for “non-thermites”)…

    1) It’s common knowledge that the towers collapsed between 50-100 minutes after impact.

    2) If you’re a TRUTHER who believes in the “thermite” conspiracy theory, that means you believe the government secretly “pre-wired” (LOL) both twin towers to blow up and collapse. This wiring was done under the nose of local authorities and nobody noticed anything.

    3) In order to ensure detonation 50-100 minutes after impact, the government would have needed a team of secret agents (LOL) on site at the twin towers before the precise time of impact…….to physically ensure that the detonation went off on time 50-100 minutes after impact (because even if detonating via cell phone signals, it’s impossible to ensure the signal would get thru in such chaos…..thus they’d need a team of people physically at the towers ready to detonate in person, if need be).

    4) This means that the government needed to be in ‘cahoots’ (LOL) with the terrorists……which simply means they had to either be communicating with them directly (or) simply monitoring their emails secretly but not telling anybody about it (LOL).

    *If you believe this scenario is possible then your IQ, by definition, cannot be above 90 since you are a borderline retard. I would estimate your IQ to be 75.

    === Non-Thermite TRUTHERS, please read:

    *If you’re a TRUTHER who doesn’t believe in the ‘thermite’ theory but simply believes that the government knew the attacks were coming but chose to let them happen to justify the invasion of Afghanistan (LOL)……then you’re equally retarded because:

    1) Most of the senior personnel in the FBI, CIA and NSA are NOT politically appointed by the president, they are lifelong career intelligence people who are not alt-right rabid rightwingers.

    2) The chances of these SENIOR lifelong career intelligence people ALL secretly entering a “conspiracy” together (to hide the upcoming WTC attacks) is not just improbable, but literally impossible. It would mean that many SENIOR lifelong career agents (not loyal to Bush) would have agreed to enter this “secret conspiracy” (LOL). If you believe this is possible, you also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

    In summary, if you believe in ANY “truther” scenario then I kindly advise you to get psychological help now. There is still hope for you, but only if you get the help you so desperately need.

    Have a nice day. 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Doc
      Or whichever of the fuckheaded assholes is writing under this name. There’s a few of you to choose from ,but since you all suck each other’s dicks and answer each other, it really could be any of you fuckers.
      Why are you posting here Jingle balls? What’s the interest in this forum and why do you have such a sudden interest in NXIVM.

      Fuck, you morons are getting more retarded each day, ain’t ya?

      • Oh.. I should add that you LITERALLY suck each other’s dicks… among other things 😉 I have heard the rumors about this for a few years, and now I know it’s definitely true.

        I wonder if Frank knows all these abusive morons posting on his blog are a bunch of closet homosexual alt-right’s, who pretend to be straight; but who fuck men behind their wives backs?

  • i Am So exCiTeD ABoUT OUr DaTe

    I aM wIGglinG wITh ANTiCIPATIOn

    You Are SO hOt <3

    My hAIrY bEaR cAsHew

    *kiSsY noISes*

    bEnNy szeeEMPkU

    P.s. i'm OUT oF k-LuBE, mInD brIngInG sOMe? thaNKs BrUH

    • Ben has been pushing his story hard on Reddit under his Delenecion account for the last 22 days. Reddit suspended him for a while during those 22 days. He has no subscribers.

      The Tanster has 12 subscribers and posts nonstop. This is a very small sampling of the things Tanster believes:

      Witches are real.

      Red lipstick on women indicates witch status.

      Re a video he shared: “This woman in the link below talks about how we need to protect ourselves from witchcraft malevolence. I have invoked the power of the most High to shield myself spiritually from this dominatrix witch type and all over all who wish me harm. Whatever a witch casts at me bounces off my shielding and returns to it – times a trillion. ​Spiritual warfare ​combat experience is the way to learn to overcome the craft of the witch. ”

      Jennifer Lawrence is a clone.

      The Rothchilds and Clintons engage in vampire practices with babies they steal.

      Psychopaths control our planet and prevent the free unlimited energy of clectrogravitics.


      This breaks my heart. How does someone get so broken? Is schizophrenia involved? Why aren’t his friends and family stepping in to get help for Tanster? A very, very sad situation.

      • Back ground
        It doesnt “break your heart ” at all. Why lie, and why are you spending time reading about what this woman believes anyways?
        Who cares about her.
        Actually ,you probably are her- and writing under yet another new identity. Again .

        Just fuck off already, liar.

        • Jesus Christ you’re unhinged.

          For two seconds, and despite overwrought profanity, I thought you cool, when you poked someone obsessed with crazy sh*t. I won’t be making that mistake again. Any comment that smells of you even a tiny bit won’t get read or responded to.

          Good job adding outright ugliness to FrankReport.

          Except for using a colon where I meant to use a period, everything I wrote is accurate and true. That you have no compassion for someone who is broken is all we need to know about you.

          • Eep
            My comment was intended to convey that I don’t care (and should any of us care?)about all these bizarre stories and fake conspiracy stories circulating around the Internet. Pizza gate and Szemkus bullshit….it’s all fake BS.

            I didnt mean to imply we shouldnt care about the welfare of someone who is genuinely delusional, but I think that most of these bizarre stories are written by trolls trying to get a reaction.

            Just tired of their bs theories and of the people who promote the theories as though they were fact, when they are not.

          • Bravo fighting the good fight!!! Salty is good. Calling BS on BS is extra good.

            I had no idea how sad, pathetic, snowflakey, and broken the conspiracy freaks are, before being introduced to Benny. It’s stunning how little little “evidence” they need to believe crazy sh*t — and that is something they share with Keith Raniere and his cult. There are strong parallels between conspiracy freaks and cults.

            Benny on this page, “These comment bots are the ‘cuntiest yet’ really.” On his Reddit AMA? Crying snowflake tears about “vicious” replies. What a cunt.


    • This is such a stupid video. I’m 6’5.5″ tall and know I’m a lousy jockey. I’ve never learned hardly anything about how to be a jockey, yet by this logic I should think I’m a brilliant jockey. Thanks for revealing YOUR stupidity. LOL

      • What a perfect illustration of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, much appreciated, Tex. Thank you!!!!

        And don’t be nervous about your date! Though your posturing about your height is kinda cute 🙂 Ben likes you, he really really likes you. We ship you guys big-time and wish you all the best!!

        Ben needs your wisdom and guidance, Tex. It only took you 16 years of selling diapers and cleaning products to leave Amway (bravo!). You can help him escape the clutches of Pizzagate. He’s in deep and actually believes that Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were pizzagate murdered and that witches are for real. Be kind, patient, and persistent. You can do it!

        To understand more about Ben’s psychology, you might find this article useful:


        “To Understand Pizzagate, It Helps to Understand Cults

        How could anyone possibly believe a conspiracy theory as crazy as Pizzagate?

        Pizzagate, if you haven’t heard, is a bizarre and far-flung conspiracy stitched together from very flimsy evidence… but the short version is that adherents believe Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and other big names in the Democratic Party have been running a child-sex-trafficking ring [connected to NXIVM! Go Keith!], and that one of the epicenters of that ring is the basement of Comet Ping Pong [a pizza shop that doesn’t have a basement].

        The rumor began right before the election, and has been helped along greatly by 4chan, Reddit, and a boatload of alt-right outlets and personalities serving up tendentious “evidence” to a ravenous group of trolls and paranoid, suggestible internet sleuths.”

        • Exposing personal, sensitive, damaging information could throw a person into crisis and potentially, result in e person taking their life.

          “Do you know how I know your name is Doc?”

          I’d like to buy the vowel E.
          B_ acon

          Name the famous movie director.
          “A tree grows in Brooklyn” (1945)

          “Please take care of this little bear. Now, Close your eyes, click your heels together 3 times and repeat after me. There’s no place like home” – The law of 3 fold return.

          Please do not feed the the bears.
          Thank you,
          The House Management

          “It’s like when … toast burns.”

          Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Well Tex,
    It’s a little difficult to think up questions to ask about a story that sounds very fake.
    But maybe ask Benji if he always had such a good memory for such obscure details, such as his description of a man as sweaty and wearing a white shirt? I know I would never remember useless little things like that from a party I went to 11 days ago…never mind 11 years ago!!
    Also ask him why he’s going public with this story. What does he hope to get out of this?

    • Most of the stories on this website sounded fake. But now we know the FBI/DOJ has investigated many of them and found evidence that they’re true. Ben has stated he’ll pay for half of a lie detector test, why not get all of the “brilliant” people commenting here to chip in a few bucks each and take him up on it? He also has said he asked the DOJ to look for the list of attendees they were collecting at the meeting.

      I’ve already asked Ben about his memory, and have commented on my experience with people, such as my wife, with these types of memories below. I think he’s already addressed this on thetanster.com and the reddit AMA as well. But I’ll ask him again for the purpose of the show, as that is a very common question.

      He has also addressed why he went public and said he isn’t looking for anything except to get the truth out. I’ll ask him that again on the show.

      At least we have a couple reasonable, yet repetitive, questions to ask Ben.

      • And a few more questions specificly for you, Doc.
        * how do you justify the extremely abusive and belittling manner in which you previously spoke to me, and still call yourself a Christian? I certainly did not insult you first, and yet talked to me as though you considered me to be mentally challenged and worthless. Nice language from a 6.5 ft man directed at a woman who is 1 ft shorter. … I’m over 50 years old and I’ve never had a person, other than anon internet trolls, speak to me like that before. Exactly what type of Doctor talks to people that way?

        *why did you pretend to not understand what we meant when we referred to the alt-right, when a quick glance of the subjects you’ve covered on your program strongly suggests otherwise? It actually suggests you know quite a good deal about alt-right groups.

        *why did you pretend to not understand who I referred to when I mentioned “Stevie” , as I can see you’ve recently featured this particular “Stevie” on your program? Obviously you knew who I referred to. Interesting that Stevie is a member of an alt-right group.

        • * I know how to handle jerks, and you fell right in line. Thanks for proving my point. You need to get out more, that was going easy on you. Who said I was a doctor?

          *As I’ve said repeatedly, I know what the alt-right is, it’s a tiny fringe group that has almost zero influence, and I also know any Libtard thinks it’s anybody to the right of Crazy Bernie. Do you want me to repeat it again? Okay. As I’ve said repeatedly, I know what the alt-right is, and I also know any Libtard thinks it’s anybody to the right of Crazy Bernie. LOL

          *If you want to keep playing games, please don’t tell me who “Stevie” is.

          I know you’re probably too much of a coward, but if you want to talk about your mental illnesses, I would be happy to do so. I use Skype and have a freeconferencecall.com number and you can keep your number confidential, since I know you’re too insecure to provide it to me. LOL

          • What makes you believe I have a mental illness, Doc who usnt a doctor?
            Who said you were a doctor? On your bullshit website , whats it called…something like “TheTruth as I think it should be” …..you call yourself DOCTOR Scott Johnson. So you’re the person who said you were a doctor. Lol.
            I guess you’re so mentally ill you don’t remember you tried to pretend you were a doctor.
            I feel sorry for you , Scottie.
            Really. I’m being sincere. I hope you can find help for your delusions and compulsive lying.
            I’ll pray for you , Scottie , since your website says youre a bible-reading, God -fearing honest Christian boy. So prayer may help these strange delusions from which you suffer. …it must be horrible to not know who you really are, Scottie. Maybe it will all come flooding back to you, just like Benji Szempus”s memories came flooding back after watching Smallville.

            You should listen to one of your podcasts (maybe the one where you feature your friend Stevie M) and maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll have the same results Bennie boy had.

          • I didn’t say you had a mental illness. I said illnesses, PLURAL. LOL

            Provide a link to where I claimed to be a doctor.

            Provide a link to the radio show involving “Stevie M.”

  • Too bad there were almost no insightful questions to ask Ben tomorrow from the comments section. I’m VERY disappointed in this group. You were given a great opportunity and you almost universally blew it. At least I now know the low brow type of people following and commenting on Frank’s website. Thanks for exposing who you really are. This must be very disappointing to Frank as well, as he diligently cranks out new material on an amazing near-daily, sometimes multiple times a day, pace.

  • I know what alt-right means, there are very few of them, and they have almost zero influence. Just talking about them gives them more credibility than they have on their own. But Libtards consider anyone to the right of Crazy Bernie to be one. LOL

    • Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.

      Trolls truly enjoy making you feel bad. To quote the authors once more (because this is a truly quotable article): “Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun … and the Internet is their playground!”

      The next time you encounter a troll online, remember:

      1. These trolls are some truly difficult people.

      2. It is your suffering that brings them pleasure, so the best thing you can do is ignore them.

      From: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadists

    • gOd yoU’re HOT. <3

      *kissy noiSES*

      *heAvy BrEaTHing*

      bRUH We nEed TO yoUtUBE.


      i gOT CaShEWs.

      bEnNy SzeEEmPKU

    • “How could anyone possibly believe a conspiracy theory as crazy as Pizzagate? It’s a question many people have asked since the meme first popped up about a month ago. Pizzagate, if you haven’t heard, is a bizarre and far-flung conspiracy stitched together from very flimsy evidence — here’s a written explainer and here’s one from the internet-culture podcast Reply All — but the short version is that adherents believe Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and other big names in the Democratic Party have been running a child-sex-trafficking ring, and that one of the epicenters of that ring is the basement of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza place and all-ages music venue in a wealthy and leafy part of northwest Washington, D.C., as well as various other businesses (it doesn’t even have a basement).

      The rumor began right before the election, and has been helped along greatly by 4chan, Reddit, and a boatload of alt-right outlets and personalities serving up tendentious “evidence” to a ravenous group of trolls and paranoid, suggestible internet sleuths. Since the rumor went viral, the businesses “implicated” have faced a wave of online and phone threats and creepy in-person protests from Pizzagate believers. Things came to a disturbing head December 4, when 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch of North Carolina walked into Comet with an assault rifle and a .38 in an attempt to “investigate” Pizzagate, eventually firing the rifle inside the establishment. No one was hurt and he eventually surrendered to police, but it was a terrifying reminder of the power of fake news and conspiracy theories.

      How does someone like Welch fall into a fake-news vortex, eventually coming to believe things that most people would reject as too crazy to be true? There’s been a lot of talk lately about the widespread decline in trust in institutions like political parties and the media, and surely that’s part of it. But in terms of the social and psychological dynamics underpinning this type of depressing personal tailspin, it’s also useful to look into some research about how people join cults and become violent religious extremists. That’s not to say coming to believe in a theory like Pizzagate is the same as uprooting one’s life to join a fringe movement, of course, but there are surprising similarities — particularly when it comes to how people find meaning in strange beliefs and are gradually socialized into believing them.

      So let’s run down some of what we know about cults and terror groups, and then cycle back to Pizzagate to explain the connections. Marion Goldman, a sociologist at the University of Oregon who studies new religious movements (researchers try to stay away from the word cult, since the boundary line between cult and religion is fuzzier than most people think), told Science of Us that one of the “truisms” of her field is that “anybody can believe anything at any time.” That is, there’s a tendency to think that only “crazy” people can believe far-fetched things, but belief is actually a lot more complicated than that: Otherwise normal people, who have no clinical indicators of any sort of mental distress or cognitive impairment, can be induced, fairly easily under the right circumstances, to embrace truly bizarre and sometimes dangerous beliefs.

      Usually, Goldman explained, people who end up joining cults are dealing with some sort of struggle or sense that they are missing a full-flung identity or purpose. Sometimes, this is because of the stuff we traditionally associate with lostness and aimlessness — addiction or family strife, and so on. But a lot of the time, it can be vaguer and less well-defined, just a niggling sense that you’re missing out on something bigger. Oftentimes, for the people most susceptible to the appeals of cults, “there’s a real disconnect between the life they wanted to and possibly expected to lead compared to their current lives.” What cults offer is “the idea that you’ve come to a turning point in your life,” she said, and have a chance to make things better for yourself. Key to that concept of better is a social identity. “I think belonging to a group is very important,” she said.

      Lorne Dawson, a sociologist at the University of Waterloo who studies how people are radicalized into joining jihadist groups like ISIS, emphasized the risk factor posed by identity struggles, by people seeking a firmer, more meaningful sense of self. “As the literature shows, but as our interviews [with former extremists] are showing too, there is some kind of preceding really significant identity struggle, and it almost always involves a person feeling out of control in their environment and not feeling comfortable with the options available,” he said. “And I think the guys who end up becoming foreign fighters are able to articulate all this and find a more sophisticated, though bizarre, way out of it.”

      It’s almost always young people who get radicalized, Dawson explained. “All the individuals we deal with, they all point somewhat to an adolescent struggle, they all point to their early turn to religion and how they made sense of their lives and how that put them on the right track.”

      When young people who feel uncertain about their identities encounter radical material online, Dawson said, they also encounter the community propagating that message — a community that can offer them a sense of belonging. The young person in question might not believe the radical material they are seeing at first, but it doesn’t matter: They have found a place online to hang out, to vent their frustrations, to spend time with people who seem to understand or identify with what they’re going through.

      Gradually, they’ll spend more and more time in these online communities, Dawson explained, and as they do, their access to outside information will get more and more cut off. They may not really believe Israel secretly controls the world when they begin frequenting the jihadist forum, but over time the social dynamics of their environment will make it harder and harder for them to not believe such conspiracy theories. “You’re being fed all this stuff now because you enter into certain social networks and those networks become your primary source of self-worth and identity,” said Dawson, “and then of course you’re self-censoring like crazy.” That is, you don’t want to question what you’re hearing because it could threaten your important burgeoning new social identity as a member of the online group in question. So “any info that comes in that’s contrary, you have lots of reasons to rationalize it away — and then you have a supportive network that’s immediately dismissing any contrary info” as well.

      There’s also an important slippery-slope aspect, said Dawson. Here he turned to the example of gruesome ISIS beheading videos. If they were the first things a potential recruit were shown, he explained, that recruit would likely be horrified and want nothing to do with ISIS. But that isn’t what usually happens. Instead, “You start with videos that are about the terrible things that U.S. forces did to Iraqi citizens,” he said. “They don’t start by watching beheading videos — they get drawn into the worldview that Muslims are being victimized, are being systematically persecuted, that it’s a plot to undermine all Muslims’ situations, that it’s Satanic.” Then and only then, after they’ve been exposed to a great deal of such programming, might the recruit be sufficiently morally reoriented (or disoriented, perhaps) to accept ISIS’s more gruesome practices. If you truly believe Muslims everywhere are being slaughtered indiscriminately by infidels, beheading the informers and spies supposedly assisting those evildoers suddenly doesn’t seem like such a stretch.

      More broadly, said Dawson, it’s usually the case that the lure of group membership comes first, and full embrace of the belief comes second. You find a group that seems to accept and understand you, and then, after hanging out with them a bunch and getting more and more cut off from alternate information sources, you realize that their ideology explains your own struggles, your own inability to fit in or find meaning. There’s usually “Something from their background that tips it one way or another in terms of which kind of ideology appeals to them,” Dawson explained. A frustrated young Muslim is more likely to find his way to ISIS, while a young white man in the American South is more likely to find his way to a white-supremacist organization. But overall, it really is that sense of group identity that sparks and solidifies the belief. Again, social belonging matters a huge amount to human beings.

      That’s a key point: The same dynamics are at play regardless of the specific ideology in question. “Both politics and religion seem to have similar effects,” said Nathaniel Wade, a psychologist at Iowa State who studies religion and spirituality. “They induce strong passions. They are often framed as ‘us against them’ (which, by the way, such thinking patterns have a series of psychological correlates that are mostly not healthy). They attempt to solve basic problems in living. They occur in groups that often reinforce those beliefs and shelter against alternate views.”

      So how much of this applies to Welch and other true believers in Pizzagate and other conspiracy theories? There certainly appear to be similarities. “In many ways what makes fake news possible are the same things that make people believe (and act) in ways that many people think is downright ridiculous,” said Wade.

      All this becomes clearer when you understand that Pizzagate sits in a wider ecosystem of beliefs and conspiracies propagated by the alt-right. Key to all these beliefs and conspiracies is mistrust in the Establishment. The media are lying to you, politicians are lying you, and it takes brave truth-sayers — Alex Jones or Mike Cernovich or whoever — to tell it to you how it is. The media and political elites are just so corrupt you can’t believe anything they say.

      Imagine what it must be like to be a confused or frustrated or identity-lacking young person who stumbles upon the alt-right and its ideas about how the world works. Those ideas offer a lot of clarity. They offer, through social media, at least something of a sense of social identity, and no shortage of culprits — elites and feminists and minorities and globalists and (in some corners of the alt-right) Jews — to explain why you have been held down and prevented from leading a meaningful or successful life. And the alt-right, by dint of its operating theory about the corruptness of the Establishment, has a built-in mechanism to slowly cut you off from traditional news sources. What’s going to happen if you post a Washington Post article debunking the latest conspiracy theory? “It’s the Post — they’re lying.”

      But it’s the alt-right concept of so-called red-pilling where this subculture appears more similar to “traditional” cults and extremist groups. Adapted from The Matrix, “taking the red pill” or “getting red-pilled” simply means seeing the world as it really is. In the online subcultures that gave rise to the alt-right, its most famous meaning is in reference to feminism: After you take the red pill, the scales fall from your eyes and you can see that feminism is really just an attempt to emasculate and bully men, to allow social-justice warriors to run rampant over masculine (and traditional) values and ideals in favor of a shrill and judgmental far-left radicalism. Recently, the definition has expanded a bit — these days, in an alt-right context “getting red-pilled” probably means something more like “understanding that progressivism is a lie and part of a large-scale effort to hurt you and people like you.” But the basic point is the same: This is the moment at which you start to see things as they really are.

      This is exactly the sort of transformative experience offered by cults and extremist movements: After this, things won’t ever be the same for you. After this, you will have a role to play in an important battle that will determine the fate of the world. Your life will take on an enhanced meaning. Whether or not Welch explicitly thought he had been “red-pilled,” Goldman says that “what’s really interesting is he fits [extant ideas about radicalization] perfectly, because what he felt was ‘this is a turning point in my life and I have to do something.’” Reading the text messages Welch sent to a friend that were released as part of the criminal complaint against him, as reported by the Daily Beast, it’s hard to disagree with Goldman’s assessment. Welch wrote that he was planning on “Raiding a pedo ring, possibly sacraficing [sic] the lives of a few for the lives of many. Standing up against a corrupt system that kidnaps, tortures and rapes babies and children in our own backyard … defending the next generation of kids, our kids, from ever having to experience this kind of evil themselves[.]” It was clear he saw himself in somewhat heroic terms: “I’m sorry bro, but I’m tired of turning the channel and hoping someone does something and being thankful it’s not my family. One day it will be our families. The world is too afraid to act and I’m too stubborn not to[.]”

      It’s important to note that only a tiny fraction of believers in conspiracy theories go on to commit bad acts. But there is a point, said Wade, at which certain beliefs take on a dangerous momentum. “Of course, the seriousness of the action varies,” he explained. “If religion or politics makes people scream, wail, and faint, well, that is odd behavior to some people, but nobody is really getting hurt. But when it means shooting off a gun in a family pizza shop, or blowing up abortion clinics, or firebombing a black church, or any number of political/religiously motivated violence, then it gets very serious and there needs to be some sort of check on the processes that are encouraging such behavior.” That’s all the more reason to better understand how people come to believe these ridiculous, sometimes dangerous conspiracy theories.”


  • Most people here like to claim that they’re against conspiracy theories. LOL.

    But Alt-right and Rabid Leftwingers all have their own conspiracy theories.

    How many of you leftwingers are 911 TRUTHERS? Be honest now. Come clean. 🙂

    How many of you actually believe that the US government was somehow in cahoots with the terrorists flying the planes and knew precisely when they’d crash into the buildings so that they could detonate the so called ‘thermite’ based explosives that the wacky TRUTHERS believe felled the twin towers?

    Come clean. Let’s see a show of hands.

    It’s so ludicrous that even a child would know better, yet most rabid leftwingers actually believe this nonsense. 🙂

    If you’re a TRUTHER, please take an IQ test and see if it comes out above 90.

    Have a nice day TRUTHERS. 🙂

    • Amen. But you won’t get any admitting to it. At least that’s one thing Raniere has going for him, since his IQ is so high. That’s a deeply buried silver lining. LOL

  • There’s a lot of great research and articles online discussing the psychology, sociology, etc, of alt-righters and their love of a-factual conspiracy theories. Do a google to read some fascinating stuff.

    Because VICE has covered NXIVM well and interviewed Frank Parlato, I went with a VICE post from April 2018 that discusses viability of the alt-right’s ability to leverage social media, copied and pasted in full: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/j5axa7/the-alt-right-media-bubble-is-in-trouble

    The Alt-Right Media Bubble Is in Trouble: by David Neiwert

    “Since the searing violence in Charlottesville, Virginia last summer, the public has grown more aware of the true nature of the resurgent white nationalist movement in America. But precious few understand how it seemed to rise so quickly, where it came from, or how it operates.

    Except for the people leading the pack, of course.

    The ringleaders of the alt-right know perfectly well that its existence is utterly dependent on an ability to leverage social-media outlets and other—decidedly less mainstream—platforms on the internet. Consider, for example, notorious alt-right guru Richard Spencer’s response when Twitter shut down his account way back in November 2016.

    “I am alive physically, but digitally speaking, there has been execution squads across the alt-right,” he complained on YouTube. “It is something like the Night of Long Knives.”

    Similarly, when YouTube issued a strike against far-right provocateur Alex Jones’s channel in February for promoting conspiracy theories about victims of the Parkland school shooting, he went on his program to denounce the episode as signaling “the end of internet freedom.”

    “They tried to hold the truth underwater, they tried to dominate it and to rape it, and it failed,” he said.

    The leading ideologues of the alt-right see efforts to limit their online influence as existential threats for good reason: The movement began life as a creature almost entirely born and nurtured of the internet. And although it has in recent years worked to increasingly manifest itself as a real thing in the real world—with deadly effect—it remains a political phenomenon that largely lives and breathes online, suggesting both its potential breadth and sophistication as a threat to democratic institutions, as well as its vulnerability to a sustained pushback from those same forces. Recent efforts by the owners of social-media and video platforms to clamp down on hate speech have shown some promise in this regard, but these steps offer hope, not certainty.

    Just as this fundamentally proto-fascist movement itself is comprised of a fairly broad range of core organizing issues subsumed under its white-male-nationalist umbrella, the media that form its infrastructure likewise reflect a (modest) range of viewpoints and temperaments. One thing unites them all: An indelible undercurrent of paranoid authoritarianism, made manifest primarily in the form of a bubble—a sort of alternative universe. It’s a dark, strange place made up almost entirely of groundless, a-factual conspiracy theories, alternative pseudo-legal explanations of the Constitution, and frequently bizarre explanations for how the world operates.

    Basically, it’s a fact-checker’s nightmare.

    The best-known players here operate within a zone that is closest to mainstream, reality-based conservatism, and have been labeled dismissively by the more virulent corners of the far-right as the “alt-lite.” These include such media entities as Breitbart News, Infowars, and Gateway Pundit, commentators like Lucian Wintrich, and social-media personalities such as Mike Cernovich, Lauren Southern, and Jack Posobiec.

    Participants in the “alt-lite,” both in their online advocacy and in other forums, tend to fully agree with the movement’s sustained assault on liberal values, its hatred of “political correctness” and mythical “cultural Marxism,” its loathing of all things feminist and admiration of all things manly. They typically part ways with the hard-core alt-right in their unwillingness to overtly push for an all-white ethno-state, or to openly share the admiration that many white nationalists display for certain forms of straight-up fascism. When the Anti-Defamation League listed the “alt-lite” as a “hate movement” nonetheless, its leading pundits complained bitterly. “The ADL is trying to get my family murdered,” tweeted Cernovich.

    Breitbart has a special position in the ecosystem because it is connected to Donald Trump through its former executive chair, Stephen Bannon, who was Trump’s campaign chief and then the president’s chief strategist for the first seven months of the administration before being shown the door. Bannon was subsequently forced out from his position at Breitbart as well, leaving to broad speculation about his future in politics—and the far-right’s media ecosystem. The Breitbart site, however, has maintained its steady diet of red meat for conservatives in the months since, despite hopes that it might return to a more insurgent style of politics.

    Meanwhile, the openly white-nationalist component of the alt-right spans varying degrees of fanaticism, most notably differing in their willingness to openly condone violence. While most of them are united in a vision of creating an all-white American nation in which nonwhites are either expunged, exterminated, or reduced to servitude, and in which men rule the roost, many shy away from urging violence as the means to that end. The suit-and-tie component of the white nationalist alt-right—led by Spencer, Greg Johnson of the white-collar-oriented Counter Currents, and Brad Griffin of the neo-Confederate Occidental Dissent—are open in their disdain for more traditional fascist stylings and behavior, such as leather-jacketed skinheads or Hitler worship.

    That stylistic difference is just that, however—a matter of style. In the end, the distinction has as little substantive difference as that between white nationalists (who are mainly concerned with establishing an all-white ethno-state) and white supremacists (who focus on establishing the superiority of whites and the inferiority of everyone else).

    There are also some who sneer in the other direction, both at the button-down nationalists and the “alt-lite.” Members of this segment tend to be openly racist, pine for genocide against nonwhites and especially Jews, and loathe non-submissive women. Some have little compunction about recommending violence as the most direct route to achieving their agenda. The most infamous media sites dedicated to this toxicity including Andrew Anglin’s notorious Daily Stormer, as well as The Daily Shoah and The Right Stuff.

    But even as they love to throw shade in each others’ directions, all of these blocs of the alt-right interact on a subterranean level that lends mutual support to their general cause.

    Breitbart’s actual news articles, for example, broadly hew hard-right in orientation, and often seem geared to foment fear of various kinds—especially directed at nownwhites, immigrants, Muslims, LGBT people, and liberals. Still, they don’t indulge in the open racism of other sectors of the alt-right—until you hit the comments section. What becomes clear in reading the site regularly is that its community contains a wide-ranging overlap of the alt-right’s various sectors, from dedicated Trump-ites primarily focused on defending his presidency to hate-filled nativists and racists, and everything in between. And it serves in effect to unite them all in common causes, as we saw in 2016, when they came together under Trump’s banner.

    The paranoid conspiracism fueling so much of the alt-right’s radicalism has older roots that date back to the 1990s with the rise of the Patriot/militia movement, whose own origins lie both in the racist Old Right and the John Birch Society. These groups’ members have sometimes affiliated with the alt-right or worked as “security” at their rallies, but are generally put off—or claim to be—by white nationalism. Indeed, Jones himself has eschewed the alt-right label, although some of his Infowars staffers (notably reporter Paul Joseph Watson) are often identified as part of the “alt-lite.” Nonetheless, all of these various ideological bubbles comprising the radical right—the alt-right, the alt-lite, the Klan, old white nationalists, and the Patriot/militia movement—are oddly united by the vast epistemological bubble first spun into existence by the conspiracy theorists.

    Beyond the pollution of the information stream and the ensuing disfigurement of public discourse that this conspiracism represents, even worse is the violence that it appears to be inspiring, particularly among angry young white men. This ranges from Dylann Roof’s lethal rampage at a Charleston church in 2015 to the horrifying events of last August in Charlottesville, up to and including the shooting rampage in Parkland, Florida, by a young man who raged about race in alt-right chat rooms and allegedly engraved swastikas into his ammo magazines.

    It is because of this toxicity that so many media platforms are now clamping down hard on the alt-right, as well as the conspiracist element that fuels them. The sudden disappearance of a variety of widely available public forums for the alt-right has created a sudden rearrangement of its media ecosystem into a chaotic, yet-shapeless blob of vitriol.

    Beginning with Spencer’s banishment from Twitter in late 2016, the social media that had been so handy at leveraging their messages started shutting off their ready availability to hate groups and white nationalists in particular, though the effort has been an inconsistent one. Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer was repeatedly dropped by domain providers in the wake of Charlottesville, along with such neo-Nazi websites as Stormfront, even as Anglin himself fled the long arm of the law for organizing a campaign of harassment against a Jewish woman in Montana.

    Then, late last year, Twitter changed its rules as part of a clampdown on hate speech, leading to the deletion of a number of alt-right accounts, including such overt neo-Nazi groups such as Atomwaffen Division and Patriot Front. Many white nationalists had already fled to a new platform, Gab, which was designed to allow hate speech, and the latest crackdown only intensified the exodus. However, it also became clear by last year that Gab, as well as other alt-right-friendly entities such as Hatreon (a fundraising site), weren’t all their fans had cracked them up to be, either in terms of the interactions or in their reach and ability to influence others.

    The publishing platform Medium banned a roster of “alt-lite” contributors early this year, leading to further expressions of outrage from the right, as well as a threatened lawsuit from Cernovich. The final straw for many was YouTube’s crackdown on conspiracy theorists such as Jones, as well as some hate speech, accompanied by the company’s announcement that it would partner with some 100 groups, including the one I serve as a correspondent for—the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)—to set up a system of moderation to police its content.

    “They are engaging in an arbitrary and capricious use of their ‘restricted mode’ and ‘demonetization’ to restrict non-left political thought,” declared Dennis Prager, a conservative activist who filed suit against YouTube last fall.

    A number of right-wing pundits and organizations (some of them listed as hate groups) attacked YouTube for partnering with the SPLC, which Fox’s Tucker Carlson denounced as a “discredited left-wing group” and “a hate group—let’s be clear about that.” But ours is only one of dozens of groups involved in the effort, which is not just driven by politics but also business, since YouTube’s role in national controversies over racism and conspiracism has been driving away advertisers.

    The media infrastructure that helped the alt-right make its initial reach into the mainstream of American politics is undergoing a dramatic shakeup that will profoundly affect—and probably dent—its ability to recruit and organize. The question is whether, as its leaders fear, a private-sector clampdown will actually threaten its very existence.”

    • Nice paranoid screed. I’m all for free speech, left, center, and right (including alt-right, whatever that is). The idiots on all sides will expose themselves, facts rule.

      • https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2017/12/23/conspiracy-theory-psychology/815121001/

        “Conspiracy theories: Here’s what drives people to them, no matter how wacky

        Wake up, sheeple.

        Right now, there are networks of passionate and committed people across the world working to subvert some of our deepest-held beliefs and upend the established world order.

        They’re called conspiracy theorists. They walk among us. They could be your friends, neighbors or loved ones. Who knows? You may even be one yourself.

        There seems to be a conspiracy being “uncovered” all the time these days, and no matter how outlandish they may be they seem to have no trouble drawing in ardent believers.

        Despite the prevalence and pervasiveness of conspiracy theories, the reasons people are drawn to them is a relatively new area of study for psychologists.

        Jan-Willem van Prooijen, an associate professor at the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology at VU University Amsterdam, said research into the phenomenon has really only taken off in the last seven years.

        According to University of Chicago political science professors Eric Oliver and Thomas Wood, in any given year roughly half of Americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory. Their 2014 study found that 19% of Americans believed the U.S. government planned the 9/11 attacks to start a war in the Middle East, 24% believed former president Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and 25% believed Wall Street bankers conspired to cause the financial crisis that began in 2008. Those are high numbers considering there is zero evidence to support any of those theories.

        And a whopping 61% said they do not believe the official conclusion of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President John F. Kennedy, according to a 2013 Gallup poll. The number has not dropped below 50% since Gallup began polling on the subject just after the 1963 tragedy.

        President Trump himself has expressed a belief in at least two of the above conspiracies at one time or another. He was the most vocal proponent of the baseless claim that Obama was not born in America, and during the 2016 Republican primary campaign, Trump implied Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was connected to Oswald and the Kennedy killing. Trump has also said climate change is a Chinese-manufactured hoax meant to hurt U.S. industry. His characterization of Russian election meddling as a “made-up story” designed to discredit his election victory was deemed 2017’s lie of the year by fact-checker Politifact last week.

        To some extent, the human brain is wired to find conspiracy theories appealing. People are highly evolved when it comes to the ability to draw conclusions and predict consequences based on sensory data and observation. But sometimes those same processes can lead to oversimplifications and misperception through what psychologists refer to as “cognitive bias,” van Prooijen said.

        Among the cognitive biases Van Prooijen and other psychologists believe contribute to the appeal of conspiracy theories are:

        Confirmation bias: People’s willingness to accept explanations that fit what they already believe.
        Proportionality bias: The inclination to believe that big events must have big causes.
        Illusory pattern perception: The tendency to see causal relations where there may not be any.
        Yet there are factors that make some people more or less inclined to accept conspiracy theories.

        People with greater knowledge of the news media are less likely to believe conspiracy theories, according to a new study, “News Media Literacy and Conspiracy Theory Endorsement,” in the current issue of Communication and the Public.

        “It’s significant that knowledge about the news media — not beliefs about it, but knowledge of basic facts about structure, content and effects — is associated with less likelihood one will fall prey to a conspiracy theory, even a theory that is in line with one’s political ideology,” co-author Stephanie Craft, a University of Illinois journalism professor, told the Columbia Journalism Review.

        Oliver believes the greatest predictor of people’s likelihood to accept conspiracy theories is the degree to which they rely on their intuition over analytical thinking.

        “They go with their gut feelings. They’re very susceptible to symbols and metaphors,” he said.

        Conspiracy theories as coping mechanism? One reason for the pervasiveness of conspiracy theories is that they serve an important psychological function for people trying to cope with large, stressful events like a terrorist attack.

        People “need to blame the anxiety that they feel on different groups and the result is frequently conspiracy theories,” van Prooijen said, defining the term as a belief that “a group of actors is colluding in secret in order to reach goals that are considered evil or malevolent.”

        “People don’t like it when things are really random. Randomness is more threatening than having an enemy. You can prepare for an enemy, you can’t prepare for coincidences.”

        Conspiracy theories also appeal to people’s need to feel special and unique because it gives them a sense of possessing secret knowledge, according to a study in the July 2017 edition of Social Psychology.

        Of course, sometimes conspiracies turn out to be real.

        President Nixon tried to cover up the Watergate break-in; the Reagan administration sold arms to Iran to illegally fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, and the CIA really did test LSD on unwitting U.S. citizens.

        Of course, one thing those conspiracies have in common is that they all came to light. And that is almost certain to be the case with any large plot like those imagined by conspiracy theorists.

        Yes, conspiracies exist, but the real ones usually don’t fit the Hollywood mold of films like The Parallax View, The Manchurian Candidate or Oliver Stone’s JFK.

        They imagine “a secret government employing hundreds of people that operate with supreme efficiency, everybody having the capability of James Bond and never making an error,” said Gerald Posner, author of Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK. Posner began the book a believer that the mafia was behind the assassination, but his research led him to conclude that the Warren Commission was right and Oswald acted alone.

        “After 54 years, you say, ‘Where’s the deathbed confession?'” Posner said of the Kennedy assassination. “Where’s the guilty person with a guilty conscience who comes out? Where’s the diary that’s been left by somebody that has now been unearthed?

        “Are there some out there that we never found out about? I’m sure,” Posner said. “But at the level of assassinating the president of the United States, with the level of complexity and the number of people that would have had to have been involved, for that to have worked? No.”

        The long-awaited release this year of nearly 2,900 previously classified records related to the Kennedy assassination also failed to produce any evidence of a conspiracy to kill the president. But a few documents remain classified, which is more than enough mystery to keep the conspiracy theories around the assassination alive.

        The absence of evidence never got in the way of a good conspiracy theory. No matter how unlikely a given imagined conspiracy, and no matter how many facts are produced to disprove it, the true believers never budge.

        For example, even when Obama released his birth certificate many “birthers” were still certain he was not a natural-born American citizen. The fact that multitudes of horrified people witnessed the planes fly into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from insisting the towers collapsed because of a controlled demolition.

        And what do you say to the people who still aren’t convinced we went to the moon or that the Earth is flat?

        “I’ve learned that is there no such thing as evidence that persuades a conspiracy theorist,” Posner said. “It’s sort of a psycho-religious belief, in part. They just know it’s true even if they can’t quite prove it.”

        Van Prooijen also called conspiracy theories a “form of belief.”

        “It doesn’t matter how much evidence to the contrary you raise, these hardcore conspiracy theories will discredit the source of the evidence,” van Prooijen said. “It’s very easy to dismiss evidence as being part of the conspiracy, being part of the coverup. So it’s very hard to disprove a conspiracy theory.”

        So, what’s the harm? Irrational conspiracy theories can lead people to not vaccinate their children, to deny the scientific evidence of climate change or to dismiss mass shootings like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary as “false flag” operations meant to spur gun control.

        A wildly irrational conspiracy theory that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was connected to a child-sex ring that was being run out of a Washington pizza shop even led to a man opening fire in the restaurant with a semi-automatic rifle. Fortunately, he shot at the ceiling and not the patrons.

        Van Prooijen believes such conspiratorial thinking can undermine democracy because it sows distrust and leads to groups perceiving each other as enemies.

        Oliver does not believe conspiracy theories have a major impact on politics as much as they are symptomatic of problems with the political system.

        “It’s less about the conspiracy theories themselves and it’s more about kind of the flight from reason in political discourse,” he said. “American democracy is a product of the Enlightenment, it’s a very explicitly rationalist enterprise.”

        And if people reject rationality to embrace what they believe over what they can prove, that Democratic enterprise could begin to unravel.”

        • The first article you posted is patently false. I don’t follow “The Daily Stormer,” agree with it, or even read it regularly, but since its inception it has always declared its opposition to violence and its policy of banning anyone and everyone who attempts to use its forums or site to advocate violence. It’s comical that the article invokes a phrase like “fact-checker’s nightmare” and yet it cannot even do a three-second verification of its claim regarding a main component of the so-called “alt-right.” This is why these outlets have no credibility with the average person, on-line or otherwise, and also why you now have Trump. Speaking of which, TDS was one of the first “alt-right” sites I’ve ever seen to overtly endorse Trump. Your media literally lost its propaganda war to Julius Streicher LARPers and basement-dwelling autistic channers. Lol.

    • Thank you for that comment.
      By the way, did you notice the extremely misogynistic and abusive comments directed at me by Tex?
      Sounds like he could be one of these alt-right guys, too.

      • Tex crossed a line treating you like that (and he’s been a dick to many of us).

        On any other forum he would have been kicked out; he’s lucky Frank has a lenient policy.

        For the vast majority of people, “don’t be a dick,” is an easy maxim to follow. For some alt-right men, it’s apparently impossible.

          • gOd yoU’re HOT. <3

            *kissy noiSES*

            *heAvy BrEaTHing*

            bRUH We nEed TO yoUtUBE.


            i gOT CaShEWs.

            bEnNy SzeEEmPKU

        • I suspect Tex isn’t used to a woman who stands up to a bully like him…so he had himself a little temper tantrum.
          Probably missed his afternoon nap that day and was crankier than usual.

          Actually , I think I made him angry when I refused to email him….

          • I don’t even know whether you’re a man, woman, or something else. You don’t even use your own name. I’ve had plenty of men and women try to stand up to me, but they eventually wilt away. You’re next. I’m extremely calm and quite used to people being too scared to email or anonymously talk on the phone. This world is full of cowards, so you have lots of company. LOL

    • Alt-right and Rabid Leftwingers all have their own conspiracy theories.

      Case in point: 9/11 Truthers. LOL.

      The most ridiculous of all conspiracy theories, since common sense can rule it out within a nano second.


      Common sense can rule out these wacky theories…..since it would have meant that the US government was somehow in cahoots with the terrorists flying the planes and knew precisely when they’d crash into the buildings so that they could detonate the so called ‘thermite’ based explosives that the wacky TRUTHERS believe felled the twin towers, LOL.

      It’s so ludicrous that even a child would know better, yet most rabid leftwingers actually believe this nonsense. 🙂

      Also… The fact that you like to expose one political party for conspiracy theories, and not the other, only shows your own child like bias and your own inability to think critically. Say whatever you want you here, but deep down we all know you’re a truther who believes that nonsense. 🙂

      Take an IQ test and see if it comes out above 90.

      Have a nice day you TRUTHER. 🙂

      • I had you pegged as an asshole immediately , but it was fun to see you prove it. Lol.

        The writer of the post you refer to (not me , BTW) has submitted an article about ALT-rights and why they are manufacturing conspiracy theories. It seems you didn’t really understand that.

        Yes, there are people of all political groups who question things such as 911 or the JFK assassination (which doesn’t necessarily mean they are conspiracy theorists )

        I think the danger of these theorist groups lies in what is behind the theories – is it a desire to know the truth or is it a desire to confuse the public or to hurt people. And sometimes the two lines intersect.

        We all need to think for ourselves , and to question things that don’t seem possible.

  • Oh my….Tex, I have to say that was quite a tirade of abusive comments you just unleashed at me. Good thing you’re not an abusive, misogynistic guy, as I would be very frightened right now.
    How proud of youself you must be, Tex. Is this the way you talk to all the ladies? Or just to the ones who don’t jump when you snap your fingers?

    • That was nothing. You should see what I do to people I like. I treat ladies like ladies, I treat bitches like bitches. Any other questions?

  • It’s funny how so many otherwise mature people reveal themselves as partisan children with a tribal mentality similar to what NXIVM instills in their folk. LOL.

    I’m a politically ‘center’ person who didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary, as I find both of them hard to like.

    I don’t hate Trump, but I also don’t like his crass and arrogant personality.

    Anyway… I have no clue about the veracity of this story, but based upon the length, presentation and details presented…….I’d be more inclined to believe that the author is NOT LYING about attending this party.

    Since there’s NOTHING to gain for him to make it up.

    Even if true, this story isn’t gonna influence the democratic party. If Bill sexually abusing 6 women didn’t hurt HRC or the democrats, then I doubt this story will. LOL.

    It’s also not an obvious troll job and it’s not a “Monte Blu” over-the-top sarcastic story with cartoonishly dumb statements.

    It’s just a guy telling about an experience he witnessed one night, in great detail. That’s just common sense.

    As for the commenters claiming that Keith wouldn’t go “here” (or the Bronfman’s wouldn’t have “that”)…..that’s just wishful thinking from a person trying to convince THEMSELVES that the story isn’t true. LOL.

    It’s also interesting that the same people here screaming “bullshit” or “show me pictures or it never happened” (LOL)…….are likely the same people who accepted the Trump “pee-pee dossier” as fact, even though it had less supporting evidence than this story LOL.

    (at least this story has a 1st hand witness who put his name to the things he WITNESSED in PERSON)

    Using my own common sense…..I can say that the pee-pee dossier had no supporting live witnesses or real 1st hand testimony or real tapes; it was just 3rd party rumors from paid Anti-Trump investigators hired to produce a given result.

    Also, the pee-pee dossier makes no LOGICAL sense when applying the “common sense test”.

    …Because even if you assume that Trump is a pervert…….having women pee on a hotel bed to get revenge on Obama is not logical, especially since Obama hadn’t been there in over a year and likely would never return (e.g. it’s not hurting Obama to pee on the bed, it’s only making the bed smelly for Trump to sleep in).

    Just because I don’t particularly like Trump doesn’t mean I’m gonna go crazy and believe things which offer no witnesses to prove them.

    *But at least this story has a REAL WITNESS who put his own name to the story and who wrote in great detail about an experience that he claims to have witnessed.

    I’m not saying this story is true. I wasn’t there. Neither were you. I’m merely saying that I’m inclined to believe the author is NOT purposely lying about anything…..since that’s what common sense tells me.

    **If you’re butthurt because this story hurts your political beliefs then that’s YOUR ISSUE (as NXIVM would say), LOL.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  • This is such bullshit.

    Like NXIVM itself was bullshit in its poisoning of the minds of people with brain dead ideas and its teaching people to be selfish assholes.

  • i love WAcKy CapITalizAtIon aND pizZAgatE.

    i WoRK HArD SPrEAdIng DisINfoRMAtIoN aNd Hate.

    i lOve AtteNTiOn MOrE ThAn LIfE itSeLF. WhAT’S a lie or TWO OR ThreE wHen I cAN get peoplE MAd AT me?

    I’m HunG lIke A cAsHEW aNd HAve LAME facial hAir Why oh WhY DoN’T THe LAdies LOVe mE *SnOwfLaKE tEARS*

      • *KIssy noisE*

        My mOm’S aWAY. i Got thE bAsemEnt to mySElf…

        waNt TO comE ovEr And PLAy? I GoT g.i. joe DoLLS.

        AnD caShewS.

        *morE kISsy nOisEs*

        p.S. yOU’RE Hot.

          • gOd yoU’re HOT. <3

            *kissy noiSES*

            *heAvy BrEaTHing*

            bRUH We nEed TO yoUtUBE.


            i gOT CaShEWs.

            bEnNy SzeEEmPKU

  • God he was awful. And what on earth is up with his weird occasional-capitalization thing. I guess he didn’t pay attention in school? Which makes sense given how easily he believes seriously crazy shit (like witches being real and Anthony Bourdain being pizzagate murdered).

    Frank, this is your site and you’re a hero, means you can do what the hell you want. But posting alt-right conspiracy theories does no justice to the real work you’ve done revealing facts about an evil cult.

    • He may be gone, but I’m not. How is Ben’s NXIVM story associated with alt-right conspiracy theories? You don’t have to answer that question if you voted for Hellary THE Horrible.

  • This is My final comment on this board… Good Luck! As one of the trolls pointed out before anyone can post under my name, Ben Szemkus, so if someone else comes on saying they are Me, after the time of this post chances are…. just more Trolls, so watch what You chose to believe, vigilance and discernment are important qualities for those of You who want to keep an open mind. These commenters are nothing new and typically prove nothing valid, in the book of false arguments they have hit on multiple levels of smearing, name calling and promoting an outright campaign of discrediting that is likely to be their own downfall in the long run.

    Three things to think about
    I am using My real name to tell You about the experience I had,
    I will pass any lie detector test put in front of me, and
    between NXIVM, some close knit Politicians, Hillary Supporters
    and Trump Haters I am likely to have a lot of enemies that
    do not want this statement and deposition to come out.

    Beware the Censorship and Silencers of truth. Look below at these comments. These are agendists on a mission to discredit any little thing that I have stated, I am in no way intimidated because what I am telling You is the truth.

    Like I said this is My last Post on here…

    • I see you’ve been causing trouble since you were a teenager. Did you ever win that lawsuit? And care to tell us all why those men beat the crap out of you? No reason, I suppose.

      By the way, do you happen to know a couple of assholes named Stevie Molynoo and Mikey “I love to suck Trump’s dick” DE Marko?

      • Too bad, Ben said he already made his last post here. However, I can ask him those questions on the radio show this Saturday. But first, a couple of questions for you: 1. Since when does getting beat up by older kids and adults equate to “causing trouble?” 2. He already answered whether he won the lawsuit, don’t you know how to read? 3. Care to fill us in on who Stevie and Mikey are? You can email this information to me at StopTheAmwayToolScam@yahoo.com, and I’ll ask him during the radio show.

        • I won’t email you Tex (I’ve got enough abusive assholes after me at the moment, and I won’t give out my email to another abusive male)…and yes, I wrote that other post as well.

          I didn’t read all the previous posts in entirety , so I had missed what happened with the lawsuit. Thanks. And obviously I do know how to read, considering I am typing these posts, and to wrote one must know how to read… correct?

          To answer the questions – I don’t know if Ben was actually causing trouble, but I’m taking a guess here and assuming that a 15 year old kid was not beat up by a bunch of adults without doing something first (not that I think the beating was justified for any reason) but I get the feeling this guy is what we used to call a “shit disturber”. … which is not always a bad thing to be, BUT, it usually isn’t a good idea.

          As for Stevie and Mikey – I won’t post their full names here. If Ben”s story is fake , as I highly suspect it is, then Ben might know who those 2 are .

          As for your question about alt -right involvement, I don’t think you understand what we mean by ALT-right. We don’t mean right-wing . I suspect the ALT-right of fabricating Ben’s story, just as they have fabricated many other stories in order to promote their agenda.

          • Oh you poor thing, I feel so sorry for being an “abusive male.” Little wimpy snowflake. Stand back so you don’t melt away.

            Why should I believe you wrote the other post? You won’t even use the same fake name in your posts.

            Ben said he won the lawsuit, and you have no comment? Only looking for things to criticize, aren’t you? You must have a wonderful life and SO pleasant to be around…NOT!

            For all I know, you’re just drooling in a corner making funny noises while your mommy is doing her best to type what she thinks you’re saying. That’s how you come across to me with all of your inane comments.

            Who cares why Ben was beat up when he was 15 years old? That’s not part of his NXIVM story. Besides, if he’s lying about the NXIVM story, why would he tell the truth about why he was beat up years ago?

            You’re not going to post Stevie and Mikey’s real names, and you expect Ben to know who they are and tell the truth about them, when you think his NXIVM experience is a lie? Why do you keep getting off track from his NXIVM experience?

            What agenda does the Alt-Right have to promote Ben’s NXIVM story? A story without evidence would only weaken their credibility.

  • BOY, MAN, GOD, SHIT – I feel like I just fell into a K -Hole. The comments have gone off the rails. Laura can’t even bother to comment she is shaking her head as we are skyping. But she will tell you (much more politely) there is no way in fucking hell all these people were in one room in Hamden, CT. The Bronfman twats did not need bodyguards and neither does Ally Whackadoodle Mack, nor does the little fuckface Keith Raniere.

    Picture or it fucking didn’t happen BenZo

    • If he had a picture, he probably would have shown it by now. I don’t think you can prove it didn’t happen, and he hasn’t proven it did happen. Ben did tell me he asked the DOJ/FBI to try to find the sign-in sheet everybody signed. Whether a piece of paper, a pdf of it, or an electronic record of it exists is anybody’s guess. As a reporter, I thought you’re supposed to have an open mind. Is this just jealousy for being scooped, “Lana?”

    • Pretty lame ultimatum, the neighbors must love You. There are plenty of Yale students living in the Greater New Haven area, this includes Hamden. I never said they were in one room the apartment had two rooms, a living room, dining room and a kitchen. Also WTF dummy walks around a party full of randoms taking pictures? Have You ever been to a party before?

    • I agree that this story is bogus.

      But Allison Mack’s Twitter page features as an almost last entry a picture of Marina Abramovic the Spirit Cooking Witch.
      Allison uploaded it on January 23, 2018.
      That’s a curious choice for a picture to highlight.

      Here are some comments under that posting by Allison Mack.

      Replying to @allisonmack @PaulyDeathwish
      This one little tweet speaks volumes about you, Allison.

      Replying to @MenonNumspa @allisonmack @PaulyDeathwish
      Because you asked so politely, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Marina is a witch. A spirit cooking, soul stealing witch. Allison Mack follows her.

      • The whole spirit cooking thing was actually some e-mail / dinner party silliness that was blown completely out of context.

        IMO Allison Mack posted that photo comparing herself. DOS is all fun and games, not at all a sex cult.

        I have thought that since the day I first saw conspiracy crowd bringing it up months ago.

        And now that I defended her in a vague way, I need to go take a shower because I feel gross.

    • Omg some wacko who likes the word “cunt” will not shut up (I know, “cunt,” ugh, though not surprising coming from someone who thinks, for real, that Hillary Clinton killed Anthony Bourdain, scary crazy shit, do not engage).

      He’s almost 40, lives in his mom’s basement (at least that’s what the dank room in his video looks like), cannot grow a beard at all, takes himself VERY SERIOUSLY, has 22 followers on Twitter (22! bots alone get you 22, so no real humans in other words), and he’s BFFing with tex2, which is kinda cute in a really, really creepy “cuntiest yet” way. Above all he loves attention and proselytizing extreme right wing conspiracy theories.

      A study in 2014 discovered that “Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists. Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.” That pretty much covers this wacko.

      This article gives some insight into the extreme right wing trolls: https://theoutline.com/post/4063/when-conspiracy-theories-become-weaponized?zd=1&zi=he4rxksq

      Disinformation is their primary weapon and they are relentless. There are not many of them but they never shut up so it sounds like there are a lot of them. “The spread of QAnon is planned, with an assist from the polarization-prone algorithms of every major social media app. QAnon followers spend hours upon hours online debating the best way to “redpill the normies,” and created countless guides and cheat sheets in order to bring new members into the fold as quickly as possible.”

      • Since Ben posted his last post, so the “never shut up” part means he isn’t what you say he is. Also, we are not BFFs, but you are very stupid. LOL

  • Where was Elvis?
    You can’t have a party in America without Elvis?

    BTW Stormy Daniels is in Chicago tonight at the Admiral Theater celebrating Donald Trump’s birthday.
    Rumor has it Stormy will sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” a la Marilyn Monroe.

    • HAHAHA! Right on Shadow.

      But, weren’t Ben SchmucksRUs and Scott ‘Hung like a Cashew’ Johnson at the President’s party also?

      Hamden CT…HAHAHAHAhahahaahahaha. GTFOH. Keith was trying to use his Dark Arts to get out of the ghetto…not go back to the ghetto.

      Not ragging on the ghetto either…I grew up in a barrio. But, that’s what inspired me to get out/work hard/go to college/pay taxes, like everyone else. Except for the Bronfman sisters. Gees!

      Do you seriously see Van Grifter (who wears $2000 suits and $300 shirts, and hides out in a $10,000 a week Mexican villa on the Coast) going to Hamden? Wow.


      • So You are a professional Hamden-ologist. At the time Ernest Borgnine had a home there. Route 10 and Dixwell Avenue were pretty bad areas but for the most part Hamden was a suburban town. New Haven was a very urban and very dangerous place, not so much Hamden though I think Your comment is a bit off the mark Madam. The misspelling of My name was a bit pedantic on Your part, perhaps You really only got out of the ghetto physically not so much mentally.

      • Actually made me spit out what I was drinking I laughed so hard. Thank you for the laugh and all the insights you bring to FrankReport!

      • Actually, Ben said there were a couple of other people at the party that he has not yet disclosed. But I’ve never been to Hamden, although I drove through nearby on I-95 in the 1982 timeframe.

        You people sound like a tribal cult, ganging up against the invading Ben. Where did you learn how to do that? NXIVM? LOL

  • is going in the toilet again like when Allison’s mother was frequenting.

    I’d like to kick you in the shins, Frank, for dredging up this click bait garbage.

    Anybody want to take any odds on when it goes back to normal again? Sigh.

    • Sometimes the toilet needs a good cleaning with bleach and a good scrubbing with a long-handled brush, especially when the water is hard; garbage is a quotidian reality We all have good days and bad days and this is not a particularly good day. However; better days are definitely on their way. The goal is to see some form of federal punishment for these NXIVM maniacs. A little light fun along the way or some gallows humor is sometimes a good way to release the stress and pressure. Don’t open the oven door if you don’t like the heat! We are all different.

  • These comment bots are the ‘cuntiest yet’ really. The Amway comments are way off the Mark but Larry Shea You take the cake. As to Anthony Weiner and Huma marriage, I see only references from the Washington Post, New York Times, New York Post and Vanity Fair. Are these reliable referencing tools or are You taking talking points from the same assholes who sold You; an Iraq War, a War in Afghanistan, ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ ?

    • Are you talking about Anthony and Huma’s wedding cake? I did not take their cake. I was not at their wedding, so, I was unable to have any of that cake and eat it too.

      Please, explain to me what would be the purpose of faking a wedding date? Actual people went to their wedding on an actual date. Ben, you an I did not go to the wedding. Neither one of us has ever met Huma Abedin or Anthony Weiner. ANYONE CAN CLAIM TO BE BEN SZEMKUS on a comment board.

      Ben, get some serious psychological help! Your story has more holes in it than all of the Trump golf courses in the world put together or all of the holes Bubba Clinton’s “little willy” has filled (2,000 according to one of his longtime mistresses and high school clasamate).

      • Larry, Weiner is a known liar. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he lied about that. Please list all of the holes in Ben’s story. Or at least one golf course’s worth, 18. I’m waiting…. I’ll exempt you from this if you voted for Hellary THE Horrible. LOL

  • “In February 2007 I was attending SCSU [Southern Connecticut State University] living in the North Dormitories…” – Benjamin Szemkus. Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner did not start dating until 2008, which was during Lady Macbeth’s first presidential campaign. I am sure that Huma had to get Big Momma Hee-ah-wee’s encouragement before she started to date Tony “the corkscrew” Weiner. The quirky couple were not married until July 10, 2010. I don’t think that poor Ben Szemkus’ brain is so addled that he can’t correctly remember when he attended Southern Connecticut State University or the dorm in which he lived at the time.

    Presently, poor Ben is getting all of the wrong kind of attention. Maybe all of the reefer has made him manic or perhaps he goes in and out of psychosis. Nancy S.(big nurse), Ben needs your immediate attention. Prefect, please, find it somewhere in your shriveled heart to rescue poor self-deluded Ben. I just know that he is dying to be hypnotized by you so that he can become the next Sirhan Sirhan. Benny just wants to be FAMOUS!!!!

    • For people like Ben, any attention is good attention. Precisely why he fabricated memories that would put him in the spotlight.

      Great observations, Larry Shea, thank you for sharing.

    • Curious Enough Larry but have You had friends that would say they were married even though they were not officially Married. Or knew a couple that eloped but chose to later have a large ceremony ‘For the Family’…? There is a lot of questions as to how and where Huma and Anthony met that I am not sure that the Media is responsible enough to answer reliably. I think You have an Ivory Tower of Understanding perched behind a computer Googling and DuckDuckGoing terms with an unshakable trust in anything You can cross reference 2 or 3 times even if there is a little MSM mixed in.

      One of the Main gatekeeper tactics so far is ‘gaslighting’ which You seem to be schooled in quite well. To discredit My Statement and tell Me I am crazy has been so far one of the lamest tactics, next to discrediting me because of My punctuation or the words I capitalize.

      • Ben how is the reefer business going these days? Was that really you that got whacked around in the pool hall back in 1995 when you were just fifteen? Nancy Saltzman might hypnotize you pro bono if you keep on making such a big kerfuffle. Dude, Huma and Anthony did not even start dating until 2008. Get help Ben, get help. ANYONE CAN SAY THAT THEY ARE BEN SZEMKUS on this website

  • Complete and total hogwash from an unhinged qanoner.
    Nuttier than my poop after the Peanut Festival.

    • Peanuts are the edible seed of a legume; they are not true nuts; I am sure that you meant the Hazelnut Festival or some other true nut festival. On the other hand, Ben is a true nut whose neocortex has shrunk to the size of a peanut from smoking too much ganja. Ben is really quite the goober brain.

  • Yes…I agree that it’s total fiction. Par for the course when dealing with these illogical, immoral and unethical alt right-wing whores.
    No surprise that they would try this kind of Bullshit.

      • You know why people who joined NXIVM are better than Amway cultists? NXIVMers were idealists, wanting to make this world a better place, while all you cared about was money. So that’s all it takes to be a Trump-lover, brainwashing and greed!

        Trump even hired an Amway billionaire to run schools in America and is himself a fan of multilevel marketing, including promoting ACN on Celebrity Apprentice and founding his own MLM company, Trump Network.


        *baa baa*

        Go back to caressing your sheep, they miss you.

        • It’s time to play the Trump university theme song:

          “For Donald, for Donald we donate our hard-earned cash today.
          We could have lost it all at his casino but this was a surer way.
          True, we lost all our damn money and got nothing in return.
          But you know what’s really funny; the hard way is how you learn.”

        • Thank you for demonstrating how little you know about Amway. I prefer the term “lying” over “brainwashing.” So you’re a Hellary THE Horrible lover? I’d take Trump over that POS any day. Trump didn’t start any MLM, he lent his name to an existing MLM scam. I’m no DeVos fan. I don’t mind her ideas, I don’t care for her competence, or more accurately, lack thereof. Get a clue.

    • There are plenty of illogical, immoral and unethical people on both sides of the aisle.

      You seem an awful lot like what you are accusing other people of being, and I don’t know of anybody who has actually dealt with this organisation (myself included) who is interested in you dredging up your political nonsense here.

      • I didn’t bring up the “righ-wing whores” comment, you did. You don’t even put your name up, I do. That makes you a coward.

        • You aren’t even literate enough to see that I replied to FREE SPEECH.

          You can shove your political nonsense where the sun don’t shine, too, while we’re at it.

        • Tex2 I think these are just ‘shit bots’ You are arguing with… Do You think they are real?

          • We are real people who have had real experiences with NXIVM unlike you and other lookie-loos who have no actual experience with it and just want attention.

            Steve isn’t really any different than you, Ben. Though perhaps a few less whacks to the head for acting like a twat in high school.

          • Ben, yes they are real. They just don’t know how to ask good questions. I’m not arguing with them, I’m exposing them.

      • Sorry, but you must have misread my comment. I said ALT- RIGHT, and I stand by my assessment of this group. These ALT -RIGHT groups are the ones responsible for racist rallies and violence.. I also suspect they are behind the fake Q-ANON bullshit, and I bet the Q-ANON morons are the same morons who wrote that Szemkus article.

        • I read it. I’ve seen the ALT-RIGHT flame throwers come out for anybody to the right of Crazy Bernie. I don’t know what BS you’re referring to, and now you need to prove they wrote Ben’s article, just as you are saying he needs to prove his claims. LOL

          • Once again…you are confused Texas. My comment was not addressed to you. And I don’t NEED to prove anything, especially to a bully such as yourself .
            Perhaps Ben should prove he’s the real Ben Szemkus and that he’s the one who wrote the article?
            If he does prove that, then perhaps he should consider the legal consequence’s.

          • I’m not confused, you’re a poor writer who doesn’t know how to address a question to a particular individual. Run away from the bully, little snowflake! Before you melt. LOL

            If you had bothered to watch his youtube video, the one he did for another person, his reddit AMA, etc., you would have little doubt it is the same person. Except you’re stupid and probably still couldn’t figure it out. LOL

    • is this Echo Chamber available for debate? Monkeys at the Zoo throw less shit around. I would be willing to answer anyones questions but it seems the comment section has Pro-Bully Agenda to push among other Agendas that don’t quite seem relevant for this page. The Algorithms may need tweaking. I think when immediate pushback gets to a certain level, You know You are stepping on some toes hence, ‘right over the target.’

  • It’s fiction. Too expensive to recruit people where you don’t have a NXIVM center to rope them in and keep them loyal. It takes a long time to get someone to become indoctrinated into a cult, so you only recruit where you have an office. To my knowledge, Nxivm never had any presence in the New Haven area in particular or Connecticut in general. Nobody’s going to drive hundreds of miles for a Nxivm class unless they are already true believers.

    And if you know anything about the New Haven area, Hamden would not be the first choice for a party for some group claiming to deliver personal success and upscale style.

    • Your point is fiction. They were near Yale and the main prospects were female Yale students. It wasn’t a class, it a recruiting event. Are there no decent condos in Hamden that a social meeting could be held? I’m not claiming that Ben is telling the truth, I’m telling you that you are off-base and aren’t criticizing his claims. Study his claims before you puke out BS.

      • If you think that wealthy guests would step foot in Hamden, it shows how little you know about Connecticut and the people who live there. That you call fiction on someone who’s actually accomplished things in life, learned a great deal, and shares brilliant insights with this community says everything we need to know about you.

        *baa baa*

        Your sheep, they miss you.

      • Gotta say Tex2 thank You for going to bat for Me it is troll town down here and they are bringing up some really strange things that aren’t even relevant to any of the topics above. Do these guys follow You around? I saw the Amway comment one of these people made (maybe Bots…) they are straight up predators.

        • Ben, these are lightweights. They have NO IDEA what I’ve experienced. This is like an NFL team (me) playing a pee-wee team (them). They have no idea.

  • Benjamin SchmucksRUs account is nonsense. He’s taking very different episodes and tying them together.

    I don’t think anyone even remembers Benjamin. Also, In the late 2000s, Dr. Brandon Porter wasn’t going around playing shock videos. Nor would NXIVM show these vids to new recruits.

    Utter nonsense. What I really don’t understand is why anyone would brag about being associated with NXIVM for kicks. Anyone that participated in the group has had to overcome very real emotional struggles and do a lot of soul searching to reclaim their identity.

    So, I think Benjamin SchmucksRUs is an example of Munchausen Syndrome. imho.

    • Ben claims he was at a single social party/NXIVM recruiting event. Where does Ben claim Porter was showing shock videos? Where does Ben even claim Porter was at the party? Where does Ben claim to have a mental illness? Do you have a clue what you’re talking about?

      • Manoman, that entry is in the notes. I hate to jump on the ‘STOP RAPING SHEEP SCOTT JOHNSON BANDWAGON’

        But yeah dude, slow down on your nocturnal activities with mammals that have 23 chromosome pairs.

        Benjamin SchmucksRUs account is indicative of a person who has Munchausen. Look it up, it’s in the DSM-V.

        • He said the guy MAY have been the doctor. This is one of the things Ben wasn’t sure about, glad to know you’re so sure of yourself. I did look up Munchausen. Ben may be mentally ill, but he doesn’t CLAIM to be mentally ill. Thanks for answering the question about whether you know what you’re talking about. The clear answer is NO.

      • I am not mentally ill, gas-lighting is the quickest and easiest way to try and discredit a human being, on the internet it is a ‘weaponized tactic.’

    • So Omar, do you still have a law license or have you been disbarred yet? I heard you were banned from Federal Court for being a douche. Is that true? What about you being a wannabe shaman? You know that’s just black magic witchcraft, right?

  • These guy could be Q-Anon. Tired of not getting the real attention because nobody knew who he was, he decided to make up a story he felt he could go public with…

    The style is exactly the same. Bits of truth to make massively fabricated things believable.

    Actually has a lot in common with Raniere in that way.

  • “On July 10, 2010, [Huma] Abedin married then-US-Representative, Anthony Weiner.” Therefore, is it the traumatic blow to his head in 1995 (see below) or is it his obvious addiction to whacky-weed that has caused a degenerative effect in this odd fellow’s cognitive development? Perhaps other drugs are involved that also cause Ben to hallucinate and fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation for memory loss. Most likely, it is a combination of a traumatic brain injury and the overuse of the cannabis sativa plant. Maybe Prefect will offer to take his case pro bono; Ben’s already better than halfway through the NXIVM matrix – he believes his own bullshit.

    • This is Scott Johnson. I think you’re referring to a statement Ben made that Weiner (perfect name, by the way) said he was married to Huma at the 2007 party. Ben may have:

      1. Been caught in a lie;
      2. Not remembered this accurately from over a decade ago; or
      3. Weiner may have lied to him, as Huma may not have been within hearing distance when Weiner told him this. Weiner is a proven liar.

      If you want to listen to the radio show, it is at 8:30 pm Saturdays: 347-237-4097 and listen to previous shows, such as the one that Frank Parlato was on a couple of weeks ago here: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/scott-johnson-peter-mingils/

      We’ll plan on asking Ben any questions in this comments section, although we will probably stay away from those he’s already addressed elsewhere.

      • Anthony told Me Huma was his wife. He said that to My face, if anyone was lying it was him or (most likely) You assholes shouldn’t go around believing everything You read in Vanity Fair, Washington Post, New York Times.

          • Nobody asked you to believe everything you read. I don’t believe anyone who doesn’t use their name, which includes most of the commenters on this website.

    • Also, you can email me during the show at StopTheAmwayToolScam.wordpress.com and I’ll ask these questions as well. I don’t “edit” or “pick and choose” which questions are asked, except for cleaning up any potty mouth and as long as the question is on topic.

  • OMG! It’s NIXIVM meets Pizza Gate fan fiction!

    Totally unbelievable. They weren’t doing “luciferian testing” back then according to what’s been leaked out, AND this guy is now answering questions on Reddit like he KNOWS something about NXIUM! What a crock!

  • He can’t remember anything at all and then all of a sudden has the recall as if it happened yesterday. Nice details throwing in lots of salacious characters though. Decent fiction but it def needs to be tightened up a bit.

    • Why would he remember a single night in his life over a decade ago out of the blue? I would agree with the total recall comment if I wasn’t married to someone who can remember details, such as the clothing people were wearing, years after an event. The story may be complete fiction, but I’ve experienced others with that type of memory, and my mind definitely does not work in that manner. I have to write my name on the mirror to remind myself what my name is in the morning (that was a joke, but I’m not good with remembering names, my wife is VERY good).

  • I read the story weeks ago when it was a link on Twitter. It’s hard for me to believe his story when he starts with AM & KR looking familiar then being able to name everyone else on his list. I got the impression he was a Frank Report reader and used much of this to tell a fictional story.

  • LOL! It’s like NIXIVM meets Pizza Gate fan fiction- it’s too convenient and tidy with all the main players fixations meeting. I don’t think the “luciferian” testing was going on back then according to what has been said and Frank has put out.

    It just blows my mind that people believe this sort of nonsense.

  • “I can only speculate on what they were doing but something tells Me Stormy may have been nervous because that might have been the night She got branded”

    So the guy’s position is that she got branded in 2007 and managed 7 years of porn flicks without anyone noticing this brand, and then suddenly in 2014 she decides to cover up the brand.

    Yeah. Seems legit.

  • ” I can only speculate on what they were doing but something tells Me Stormy may have been nervous because that might have been the night She got branded”

    Apparently Stormy was branded in Feb 2007 and didn’t get the ‘coverup’ tattoo until 2014. Meaning that she somehow managed 50+ porn films without anyone noticing this brand. Hmmm.

    • I think that happened on the followup meeting the next evening. If you know how MLMs like Amway work, you’ll know what I mean.

  • There are too many moving pieces in different media places for this story to be credible. It’s only missing George Soros and a de Rothschild.

  • http://articles.courant.com/1995-01-18/news/9501180486_1_charged-hockey-team-police

    Cheshire Family Says May Sue In Beating
    January 18, 1995|By GARY LIBOW; Courant Staff Writer

    CHESHIRE — A 15-year-old Ives Row youth and his parents have given notice that they intend to sue the town because of injuries the teen suffered during a fight at the Cheshire Youth Center.

    Benjamin Szemkus, a Cheshire High School sophomore, was playing pool at the youth center Oct. 21 around 10 p.m. when he was hit in the head, face, neck and other areas, attorney Joseph Chiarelli of Hamden wrote in a notice stating the family’s intent to sue.

    The notice, logged by the town clerk Tuesday, claims the town and its agents, servants, and/or employees were negligent by permitting an unsafe and unsupervised atmosphere that contributed to the assault.

    Szemkus, in order to protect himself during the beating, sprayed his attackers with a Mace-like spray, his mother, Elaine Szemkus, said Tuesday.

    “He did not initiate anything,” she said of her son. “They were just playing pool.”

    Szemkus was arrested that night and charged with disorderly conduct, as were Ryan Dubb, 16, of Cornwall Avenue; Frank Williams, 20, of North Pond Road; and Brenden Moll, 17 of Guenivere Ridge, police said.

    Kyle Rose, 16, of Waverly Street, and Joshua Chelednik, 17, of Cortland Circle, turned themselves in to police Nov. 20 and were charged with threatening, police said.

    Each of the youths was released on a promise to appear in Superior Court in Meriden. The status of their court cases was not available Tuesday.

    Numerous efforts to contact Chelednik, Moll, Dubb and Williams were unsuccessful Tuesday. Rose also could not be reached.

    In a recent letter to the prosecutor’s office, Chiarelli said the Szemkus family wants the case prosecuted to the fullest extent.

    “The attack of Mr. Szemkus, at the hands of a riotous and bullying gang of considerably older and larger men, was particularly brutal,” Chiarelli said. “The victim has suffered emotionally, physically and financially.”

    Chiarelli also charged that police have downplayed the incident.

    “I am also writing to inform you of my clients’ feeling the defendants have received preferential treatment,” he wrote the prosecutor, “including the lessening of any charges brought against them by the police, because they were noted members of the Cheshire High School hockey team.”

    Elaine Szemkus said her son was taken to Southington Hospital after the assault, where he was treated and released. To this day, she said, the family does not know why the others kicked and punched the 15-year-old.

    Contacted at the police department Tuesday, Youth Officer Joseph Vitello declined to discuss Szemkus case, but said since the incident there have not been problems at the youth center.

    “It was kind of uncharacteristic for the place,” Vitello said, noting that an extra-duty officer has been deployed at the center to deter any other incidents.

    • Not sure why they would sue the town. I would have sued the individuals who attacked him, unless the town posted signs that said, “Let’s beat up Ben tonight.”

      • We had reason to Sue the town, as well as the Youth Center, the School, the Police Department, the Newspapers butchered all the details of this case and wanted to make it seem as inane as possible. It was essentially unfair treatment by town Officials in regards to moving the case forward. There was some amount of gatekeeping and pushback that My Lawyer felt was borderline criminal, We sued all of the Parties involved and We won the case.

        Silly that this is still not part of the above topic Yet trolls can distract with it like some Bizarro Matlock or Evil Columbo.

        • I had similar experiences in court when Amway sued me. Of course I kicked their fat little corporate butt, but that’s another story….

  • My position is he is lying. There is a certain level of detail people have when they are telling the truth. Less detail indicates dishonesty, and so does super exaggerated detail.

    He may have had a girlfriend go to a recruiting get together at some point, but that sort of thing would be more likely to be at someone’s house or a coffee shop for mingling and chatting than some raging techno bar.

    He clearly doesn’t know anything about Raniere, or he wouldn’t suggest that Raniere was randomly chatting him up. It’s not like he is the son of the former President of Mexico. In my experience, Raniere kept himself extremely insulated from pretty much everybody who wasn’t inner circle unless he was interested in f*cking them. Yet, here is Raniere toodling around some bar in New Haven chatting this guy up?

    Forget about it…

    • Keith had a bubble. You had to be invited to meet and/or speak to him. Like he was the President or something…

      • When various people were trying to peer pressuring me into going to talk to him, it didn’t feel like an invitation.

    • You’re getting 2 events mixed up. The 2007 social gathering/recruiting was in 2007 in a condo. The 2014 event was while passing through Vancouver and going to a bar.

      • The guy clearly knows no more about what Keith Raniere is acutally like and how he actually behaves than you do.

        • I’ve never claimed to have met Raniere, but I see that he took what he learned in Amway, which I know VERY well, and amped it up a few notches with NXIVM. I’ve also done quite a bit of reading about him and this means I know Raniere better than most people.

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