Lucas Roberts Missing Facebook Post in Defense of Raniere


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  • Marvin Derks and his wife Lisa are long time Espians. They own an antique business in Troy NY. It appears Marvin is still drinking the Flavor-ade. On Mark Vicente’s Facebook and on practically any public post that exposed ESP. Marvin posted these cryptic words “The brightest light attracts the most bugs.”

    His reply to a NXiter who asked him why he was posting this repeatedly and what he was trying to say got this response to her question privately:
    Hi Jane DOE Nxiter! I believe Lauren Salzman’s post regarding this current issue clearly defines who the bugs are.

    Jane Doe Nxiter reports back to fellow Nxiters and those critical of ESP questioning who the bugs are: : His reply to my question (I believe we are assumed to be CLEARLY DEFINED AS THE BUGS!):

    Note Lauren Salzman apparently defriended and blocked all Nxiters so they are unable to see her post concerning bugs and bright lights.

  • Lucas is an absolute write-off. I watched him vacate (emotionally and mentally) the building as several women were in extreme distress describing their experiences and duress while in DOS. He had zero compassion.

    He knows the branding is true but he wants to believe Vanguard is good, because if Vanguard is evil or crazy, then the world as Lucas see it is blows up and he has invested a lot in that world.

    Crazy people do crazy things and Keith Raniere is as crazy as you get.

    Lucas, you are a wimp, I wouldn’t count on you to protect anything, including your integrity.

    Did Keith have a special walk with you? You are not a man, which is why you follow Keith.

  • Lucas doesn’t think “force” was involved. That is the problem with those who undergo coercive thought reform. They don’t see the mind-bending that has taken place over a period of several years as “force”. It is how they can rationalize post-facto that sexual human branding as “tribute” to Keith Raniere and Allison Mack is A-OK as long as it wasn’t “forced”. Apparently, Lucas never learned about peer pressure in school. If you undergo a program such as this that professes to be able to remove inhibitions that are supposedly keeping you from reaching your potential, or can positively change your behavior so that you can achieve success in some area that originally had nothing to do with NXIVM, yet years later you find yourself constantly returning to pay for training and have forgotten the original reason you decided to join and don’t even care about it anymore, or that program has underhanded motivations such as being a stalking ground for finding pretty young and nubile women for its leader to fuck, such that it manipulates them into ways of behavior that achieves such a duplicitous goal by aggrandizing and outright lying about the accomplishments of the leader, that falls under the category of being involuntary, and hence becomes, forced.

  • The Lucas Roberts and Damon Brink replies are sad. They don’t understand indoctrination or asymmetry in power. These are the well-meaning dupes I feel sorry for more than the celebs who will just move on taking no responsibility. (The Christine Johnson comment is well worth a read)

    Raniere has created enough plausible deniability and distance that he may well get away with it. He has tested the boundaries and will retreat. These stories will fade into the fog just like Consumer Byline and his sexual malfeasance from years ago. In a few years we may well be in the same situation with a new set of ‘clients’ who ignored all these stories. And we will have all the ‘only looks bad judgement in retrospect’ type comments.

    Also the majority of people are involved are affluent white people harming each other only. If these were young immigrants joining a conservative Islamic group, or just some grouping of black men, law enforcement would be taking a very different stance.

  • The funny thing is this: Even if the women CHOSE to be branded, Keith is the head of a self help group. Keith sleeps with a lot of his followers. Giant conflict of interest there. Also Keith has (based on various articles) lied in court, and has been incredibly litigious to a lot of people and lost (has NXIVM ever won in court?). AND Keith has had strong allegations of pedophelia and molestation. There are also many allegations of immigration laws and tax laws being broken by the group headed by Keith. Unfortunately the people who are still on NXIVM’s side are stupid. And sometimes you can’t cure stupid. It’s not brainwashing. It’s complete, utter stupidity. Stop making excuses for these morons and move on. The job now is to set fire to the company and watch it burn. Ideally with Keith in jail. Those that are still in ESP are unfortunately casualties of being morons with possibly a couple exceptions. But Lucas is not one of those exceptions. He’s ruined his own life by siding with the devil. He won’t easily escape being part of this group, as it’s all over the net. IF and when he wakes up (which I highly doubt will happen) it’ll be very tough for him to pick up those pieces. And really, given the side he’s taken, who gives a fuck? He’s a glorified IT guy with a small company doing very little with his life. Fuck him. Move on. There’s a bigger fish to fry (or four).

  • Thanks for posting this Frank. I think it is so sad that Lucas, once a smart and kind young man, has been so head-fucked by these ESP/NXIVM clowns. I hope he finds his way. Ginger, on the other hand- sounds like an idiot. Who is this woman? I want to slap her. Hard.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

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His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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