Raniere condones “ethical lying” for secret cause: Like “Jews in the basement”

Keith Raniere teaches that it is better to lie to save this Jew hiding in a basement than tell the truth to the Nazis at your door asking about him. He uses the analogy to justify lying about the Bronfman branding of the slave women of DOS.

A reader of our last post about a daughter very likely lying to her father over her being a slave woman of DOS, might be inclined to ask: “How could followers of the most ethical man living, Keith Raniere, tell a lie? Isn’t telling the truth the very cornerstone of ethics?”

And Keith Raniere designed DOS. And “ethical’ is his watchword.

I will attempt to explain:

It is part of Mr. Raniere’s “ethical” teachings that there is a time for everything: DOS women are told that it is of supreme importance that for the preservation of DOS, it must be a secret organization. The world is not evolved enough to understand DOS.

It is a movement to emancipate and empower women. Right now, however, its revolutionary methods must remain secret. It is unethical, therefore, to speak about DOS and ethical to lie to protect DOS even to friends and relatives.

An analogy is provided by Mr. Raniere to justify “ethical lying”: He teaches: If Nazis came to your door during Hitler’s regime and asked you if you were sheltering Jews in your basement, wouldn’t it be ethical to lie and say ‘No”, you weren’t hiding Jews, even if you were hiding Jews? Wouldn’t it be ethically wrong not to lie?

There are times when lying, not telling the truth, is the only ethical pathway, Mr. Raniere teaches.

The essence of DOS, Mr. Raniere says, is that is must remain secret. To lie about DOS – and to deny its existence and its practice of branding of women – is the ethical way. That is the purpose of collateral – not blackmail but to keep women ethical.

For women are typically weak, Mr. Raniere teaches. Their word is typically worthless – and their character fickle and self serving. They are opportunistic and greedy; they will trade up one man for another, and reveal secrets to make a gain or get an advantage or escape punishment; they tattle; they tell; and they gossip like fools. Unlike men, women are rarely punished or humiliated for their dishonorable behavior. So, they continue in their habitual disgraceful actions and their weak word.

To build a new world where women are strong, he teaches, women must be taught to keep their word. And because of their present weak condition, women must be held to strict obedience; trained to obey; and be taught discipline.

DOS is whispered from good women to good women. It is described as a “badass’ boot camp.” Only the strongest, toughest, smartest women get invited. And when they become members, they stick together and together they can effect change.

DOS, he teaches, can be a force in the world. The collateral is demanded to keep the women, while they are still training to become strong, from breaking their word the first time someone puts an ounce of pressure on them.

Even branding on the pubic region is meant to toughen women. The pain is meant to show that a woman’s love is ignited through pain, through passion, and hurting brings strength. The collateral proves one is serious. But all of this must remain secret at all costs until thousands of women are members.

No man must ever know the secrets [except for one, Mr. Raniere – and his role should be kept a secret until the woman is strong enough to know that one man is enlightened enough to have engineered the salvation of women and only he may rule them.]

Mr. Raniere should have known, and perhaps he did know, that DOS could not possibly remain a secret. Hundreds of women branded on their pubic region, keeping the existence of having a master, being part of a slave group, keeping that hidden [as if they were Jews in a basement] simply could never work.

At its foundation, the secrecy of DOS is based on fear. Each woman’s fear of having her collateral released – which could be used as blackmail against her if she talks to anyone outside DOS about the group’s existence or its bizarre branding rituals.

This can’t be kept a secret for long.

It didn’t remain a secret. It was foolish to think it would be kept secret.  Which is the kind of mistake you just don’t expect from the self-proclaimed “world’s smartest man.”

Keith Raniere teaches that it is better to lie to save this Jew hiding in a basement than tell the truth to the Nazis at your door asking about him. He uses this analogy to justify lying about the Bronfman branding of the slave women of DOS.



Keith Raniere in deep thought on how to improve the lot of women. In this 2007 picture, he is working on the improvement of one of his harem women, Pamela Cafritz.  He kept Pam under constant surveillance; monitored  each of her runs and the rest of her exercise regimen; tracked every calorie she consumed; and ordered up coffee enemas whenever he felt she needed one. Miss Cafritz died of cancer in November 2016.
1024x1024 (11)
Bronfman Branding? Seagram heiresses Sara [l] and Clare Bronfman are funding Keith Raniere’s pubic branding of slaves – which critics are now calling “Female Pubic Mutilation.” But Bronfman branding is designed to support an “ethical cause,” supporters say. This photo was taken in 2009 when the two sisters donated a substantial sum to the Dalai Lama in order to convince him to come to Albany, NY and endorse Mr. Raniere. Although the Dalai Lama did make the trip, he did not endorse Mr. Raniere.  Instead, he asked the press to investigate Mr. Raniere and report the truth – and he urged Mr. Raniere to be transparent. Mr. Raniere then devised a secret DOS group, with the aid of the Bronfman sisters, and began branding women as slaves.

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  • To anyone with a still functioning mind, the analogy he allegedly uses is so inapplicable that to use it makes him and anyone who believes him look so utterly moronic. Lying to the Nazis to protect a persecuted minority group that is being sent off to concentration camps to effectively and (ironically) become slaves and eventually to their death, is not even remotely analogous to lying to keep a group like DOS secret so the pudgy little non-virile man can control and fuck women and cum on their faces (his real motivation). Obviously, all the talk about discipline and the like is just more bullshit that is spewed from the mouth of this charlatan.

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