Guest View: Allison Mack might never have become Vanguard’s sex slave – but for Kristin Kreuk

The following is a comment by a reader using the moniker No Sympathy for the Vanguard.  Because the comment advances the debate over actress Kristin Kreuk’s role in NIXVM, I moved it from the comment section and edited it to conform to the style of a post.  

By No Sympathy for the Vanguard.

In reply to Sultan of Six recent post.

First, I would like to say that my initial reply was made in the comments section of the post “More evidence that Kristin Kreuk was deep into recruiting for NXIVM– with Allie Mack and Nicki Clyne” published on October 7, 2018.

I didn’t think my comment would get posted as a ‘guest view’ article, or I would have spent more time filling in details to support my statements. There are a few things I would have changed …  but I didn’t spend a lot of time looking over it, because I thought it was just thrown in the comment section.  Now, on to Sultan of Six’s critique of my comments:

Let’s start with Kristin Kreuk’s attempt to downplay the length and depth of her involvement in NXIVM.  I wrote, “Notice how she carefully stated that she was 23 when she joined, but left 5 years ago. She knows people can google her age and see she was in for 7 years, but she knows the majority of the social media world wouldn’t check and it doesn’t sound as long when you word it that way.”

One of the things I would have changed is “majority of the social media world”. That’s poorly worded and too generic. What I meant is that the general public does not intake NXIVM news the way those of us who are regularly on Frank Report do. Most of Kreuk’s fans, or people who came across her Twitter post [denying she was deeply involved in NIXVM] probably don’t know how old she is, or would bother to Google how old she is. She is a very attractive girl and doesn’t look that much older than her Smallville years.

That being said, yes, some articles point out she was in NXIVM for seven years. And, yes, it is ‘simple math’ but the way things are worded sometimes have a reason.

When someone states the age they started [23], then how many years ago they left [5]… [but leaves out the numer of years they were in, it may be to lessen the perception of how long they were in.]

Kristin Kreuk is 35 years old. Seven years is almost half of her adult life…..  Most people don’t consider seven years a short time. So taking that into consideration, it does seem like she’s downplaying how long she was in NXIVM and how involved she was.

Now onto the part where I said she was deflecting. Sultan of Six says it’s an outright denial. … Let’s look at her exact words:

“The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity. I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS.”

She is denying being in “the ‘inner circle’ or recruiting women as ‘sex slaves’….  But she never clarifies what she was doing and deflects from the fact that she recruited and coached for NXIVM.

For me, this is damning evidence: Kreuk brought Allison Mack into NXIVM. Mack became a sex slave and a master. Kreuk did recruit someone into NXIVM who eventually became part of the inner circle and a sex slave. It may not have been on purpose, but she is responsible for Mack’s introduction to NXIVM.  If she never invited her, Mack might never have become the Vanguard’s sex slave.

Would you consider the following as using her star power to recruit?

Here is a video of Kreuk and Mack promoting their NXIVM survey for college kids:

Here is the link where Kreuk and Mack were promoting the A Capella Innovations which was another recruitment tool for NXIVM.

Here is a video from A Capella Innovations with a Keith Raniere quote behind them. You have Allison Mack and Kristen Kreuk and Nicki Clyne.

Here is a video of Kreuk with fellow NXIVM coach Kendra Voth promoting Girls By Design to help teen girls with self-esteem

Here is a link proving that nefarious things were exposed when Kreuk was still in NXIVM

This is an article from Feb 2012 listing Kreuk as a student and recruiter.

This is Kreuk using her star power to bring people into NXIVM. She may have been blind or brainwashed and may have had good intentions, but some of the DOS sex slaves could be women who joined NXIVM because of her. Considering the fact that we don’t know the names of all the sex slaves, maybe an apology for anyone who was there because of her celebrity status – directly or indirectly  – would have been worth the effort on her part.

I know it would eat at me if someone became a sex slave because of me – that’s for sure.

Kristin Kreuk on stage, under the banner of Keith Raniere. In 2011, Kreuk was listed as a coach for NXIVM. As published in Saratoga In Decline: Kristin Laura Kreuk, Vancouver, BC; referred by Mark Hildreth; phone eve: 778-998-1692;  fax: 604-736-5550; rank: Yellow, 2 stripes; coach: [Name redacted]; birthday: Dec-30.
When I wrote Kreuk should lead the charge against NXIVM, if she is truly innocent, I meant she could still use her star power, her voice, to speak out to those who are in hiding to come forward to authorities for their protection and to bring down the Vanguard. She doesn’t need to have been in the inner circle or have participated in the nefarious aspects of NXIVM, to do so.

That’s exactly why people mocked her for starring in a television show called “Burden of Truth.”

Half of Sultan of Six’s attack regarding the inner circle and DOS is contradicted with his statement “Not all who were DOS slaves were part of the inner circle.” The point is, Kreuk didn’t have to be in the inner circle or bring people into the inner circle, for them to end up as sex slaves.

And yes, there is nothing illegal about adults having sex, but do you think Raniere became more extreme with the formation of DOS, or was it a more organized form of what was already there? Maybe a more extreme form of the pre-existing harem.

In response to my asking why Kreuk left, Sultan of Six wrote: “You’ll have to ask her. Maybe she got all that she wanted out of it and wanted to focus on her career which then got more time-consuming. Judging from the chronology of her career, that is exactly what happened.”

Sultan doesn’t know exactly what happened. But if it was that simple, why not answer the questions coming from reporters and her fans? An interview would clear so much up. This game of silence only raises questions about her involvement.

Yes, collateral is a DOS term. My point was that she said she had ‘minimal contact’ with anyone in NXIVM since she left. We don’t know an exact time she left. She says she left about five years ago; others say she was still involved in NXIVM after that.

Who did she have contact with? How often, and why? A cordial cup of coffee? A Necker Island extravaganza? A branding session at an old friend’s house? We don’t know, because she hasn’t clarified anything beyond one short paragraph. Don’t you think someone who is guilty could have said the same thing? I hope Kreuk is clean and the FBI doesn’t find something on her regarding some of the other law-bending/breaking NXIVM took part of.  I really hope Kreuk is innocent.

The FBI has called NXIVM an organized criminal organization with a large reach of nefarious activities beyond DOS.


Kristin Kreuk plays an outspoken lawyer who risks her career to protect young women on taxpayer-funded Canadian Television. As far as NXIVM is concerned, here is what she has said to date:  “When I was about 23, I took an Executive Success Programs/NXIVM ‘intensive,’ what I understood to be a self-help/personal growth course that helped me handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program. I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved. The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity. I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS. Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS; I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM. I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.”

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  • I agree with the perception she gives of being in much deeper than she admits. I think she’s not sure what the feds are going to find so she’s waiting on advice from council.
    She did way to much advertising for a cult she wasn’t deeply involved with. Her brief statement is obvious BS, but clearly she has friends in the industry who believe in her.
    She doesn’t come across as stupid, and to not know some of what was going on means your dumb as rocks.

  • You’re nothing but a tabloid blogger who stumbled upon a strong story, at this point.

    Mack isnt s child in the eay Kreuk isnt s child. Odnt see you blaming Hildreth or Vicente for anything, you gutless cunt. Desperate for traffic.

    If you have real verifiable dirt on Kreuk, then post it.

    • Are you a fan of this actress? Allison Mack’s crimes must pre-date DOS/2015 and Kreuk was in the cult just as hard as Mack was. Both actresses were named in a criminal lawsuit for crimes that are being investigated today. Being emotionally charged over a celebrity is not healthy.

    • “if you have real verifiable dirt on Kreuk, then post it”
      The dirt does not have to be real verifiable to post it here, in hopes that when seen by whom concerned , proper action will be taken and then be verified. Although you call your self “the Judge” Sultan, you are not, and you certainly are not the one to verify it dirt.
      There are other reasons for this blog besides obsessed defending.

  • I was at the first event Allison Mack was at. It was a 2 day women’s event in Vancouver BC.

    It was Lauren Salzman and Sara Bronfman that got their claws into Allison Mack.
    Lauren in two days became her BFF and Sara shoved her $$$ up Allison ass.

    The day after this event Mack was on the Bronfman’s private jet with Nancy and Lauren Salzman and Sara and Clare Bronfman to meet their Vanguard who was going to transform her acting career.

    Allison spent every minute she could in
    Albany with her new found friends.
    Allison loved the attention from the cult leadership and had control over her money.

    Kristen’s dad helped her with every financial decision and he was very careful with her investments. Allison moved her money over to Barbara Bouchey to help manage.

    Allison was a target from the day she walked into her first class. She had sucker written all over her face.

    So if someone offers me my first joint and down the road I become a drug trafficker is the person who introduced me to pot responsible?

    This poster doesnt think so.

    The FBI will determine if Kristen is responsible for any crimes. Personally I think she is as guilty as Scott Johnson is for introducing people to Amway. We’re all adults here and make up our own minds of how far down the rabbit hole we will go.

    • How long was Kreuk in before recruiting Mack? Was she on the jet? Presumably Kreuk had already been love bombed.

      • Kreuk’s boyfriend at the time Mark took a 5 day in Albany and like it. It was a natural progression at the time for Kreuk to take the course.

        Kreuk and Mack worked together on Smallville so Mack took a weekend course for women in Vancouver.

        This kind of thing happens a lot. Even Katherine Oxenberg who invited her daughter India to take Nxivm’s 5 day course didnt do any research. India got sucked in.

        Social marketing happens a lot in these kind of programs/companies.

        I dont think it was love bombing that got any of them to take classes. The leadership used the course work to find peoples weaknesses and used that as a way to sink their hooks into people.

        NXIVM didnt have a lot of love to spread around. It was an abusive organization that beat people down and slowly bonded minds as far as their self esteem would allow.

        That is way most took a five day course and left. It’s also why not everyone committed crimes with NXIVM inner circle. Those that had a moral compass left when they caught one to what was going on behind the “training curtain”.

        Those that have spoken out to inform others had constant legal action taken against them to hush them up.

        NXIVM’S legal actions worked well enough to scare a lot who left into silence.

    • “Allison loved the attention from the cult leadership”

      They called it “Love Bombing”

      Since Allison’s father is familiar with German culture, he should reread the story about Doctor Faust written by Goethe.
      It was made into an opera by Charles Gounod and Jules Barbier.
      Allison basically sold her soul to the Devil in the form of the Bronfman sisters and Keith Raniere.

    • Mack was no deeper in than Kreuk. Are we to believe Mack only became aware of and participated in crimes once DOS was formed in 2015? Remember, both women were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit. Both women were yellow sash 2 stripes. If Mack did something bad pre-DOS, so did Kreuk.

      • Wrong, Mack was much deeper, no matter I do believe Kristin was in deeper than she will admit. But Macks initials are branded on women with Keith’s how much sicker can another women behave? Unless Mack is certifiably mentally ill she s evil.

        • How do you know Mack was in deeper? Both women were of equal rank. Both women fronted the recruitment drives. Kreuk was preferred by Raniere.

    • “Kristen’s dad helped her with every financial decision and he was very careful with her investments. Allison moved her money over to Barbara Bouchey to help manage.”

      Did Kreuk ever have any dealings with Barbara Bouchey? If there was any funny business, it might explain her silence.

      “We’re all adults here and make up our own minds of how far down the rabbit hole we will go.”

      The question is how far down the rabbit hole did she go. What did she do and what did she know about. Hence, the Frank Report comments.

  • Let’s go back to the “A Capella Innovations” project pushed by Raniere.

    Whose project was that?
    Which of the three actresses was most associated with that singing project?
    Kreuk, Mack or Clyne?

    Allison Mack.
    Raniere had supposedly sold Ms. Mack on the idea that she could not only be a great actress but also a great singer.
    Raniere would be the Svengali to Mack’s Trilby.

    How did Raniere get such an idea?
    Did he pull it out of thin air?
    And who financed the A Capella Innovations project?

    Last question first.
    A Capella Innovations was financed with Bronfman money.
    From the very beginning of her tour with NXIVM Allison Mack was Clare Bronfman’s girl.

    Where did Raniere get the idea for Allison Mack becoming a great singer?
    It’s not as far fetched as it sounds.

    Allison Mack’s father, Jonathan Mack, is an opera singer who performed in Germany in the 1980s.
    Talent is often genetic.

    Jonathan Mack, tenor, has been a concert-opera-studio singer in southern California for some 30 years (except for four years performing in Germany, Holland, and France). As a concert-recital singer he has been featured by orchestras including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Minnesota Symphony, and the London Symphony at venues including the Carmel Bach, Chautauqua and Ojai festivals. Now in his fifteenth consecutive season with the L. A. Opera, Jonathan has sung over forty roles with the company and continues to perform with regional opera houses throughout the U.S. His studio work includes numerous commercials and soundtracks as soloist and group singer for films such as Jurassic Park, Anastasia, and Amistad.

    NXIVM’s sponsorship of A Capella Innovations was a blatant attempt to pull Allison Mack deep into the cult using Bronfman money.
    And it worked.

    And supposedly NXIVM hired Mr. Mack to provide singing lessons to people in the cult.

    How was Kristen Kreuk supposed to compete with such a blatant inducement for Mack to deepen her involvement in the cult?

    • Frank Parlato himself has written about Bronfman money financing A Capella Innovations.
      This story from last year features pictures of an emotional intense Allison Mack singing her soul out.

      Keith put together an A Cappella group called Simply Human and came up with a brainchild to get college students enrolled into NXIVM via a competition that was sponsored by NXIVM via the Bronfman’s called A Cappella Innovations. It would be under wraps and not look like a cult was sponsoring it.

      I didn’t attend it, but thought it was such a stupid idea that they were spending all this money on crap like this and finally got what they were really up to when I could clear my brain.
      I heard they were doing breakout groups during the competition and asking the groups questions to help them with their goals (yeah sure, how good of them right) Clare set up a foundation (see below to pay for it)

      • Who financed A Capella Innovations?
        Clare Bronfman, who else?

        A Cappella Innovations Inc in Clifton Park, New York (NY)

        A Cappella Innovations Inc

        Employer Identification Number (EIN) 261395244
        Name of Organization A Cappella Innovations Inc
        In Care of Name Clare Bronfman
        Address 5 Southside Drive Ste 285, Clifton Park, NY 12065
        Subsection Charitable Organization, Educational Organization
        Ruling Date 06/2008
        Deductibility Contributions are deductible
        Foundation Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public
        Organization Corporation
        Exempt Organization Status Unconditional Exemption
        Tax Period 2014
        Assets $0
        Income $0
        Filing Requirement 990 – Required to file Form 990-N – Income less than $25,000 per year
        Asset Amount $0
        Amount of Income $0
        Form 990 Revenue Amount $0
        National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) Arts, Culture and Humanities: Singing,

        Read more:

        • A Capella Innovations was a project for Allison Mack financed by Clare Bronfman as early as 2007.
          Allison Mack sold her sold to Clare Bronfman long ago.

          Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk promote A Capella Innovations.

  • Allison Mack might never have become Vanguard’s sex slave – but for Kristin Kreuk

    Yea yea and if Grandma had balls she would have been Grandpa.

  • One thing about her quote: she denies ever recruiting anyone as sex slaves, but she doesn’t deny recruiting for NXIVM.

    Has anyone seen any pictures of KK in swimwear over the last few years? Any sign if she was branded or not?

    • It probably wouldn’t show up unless she exposed as much skin as Stormy Daniels. We also have no evidence she was involved with NXIVM since 2013 (the best information is the “branding” didn’t start until 2015), just claims with no backup information, which is typically categorized as “proof” on this website.

  • “and doesn’t look that much older than her Smallville years”. I stopped reading after that. She looks like Crap compared to her smallville years. These women just don’t know when to stop with the plastic surgery. Shameful to be born with such good looks and destroy it via peer pressure.

    • …and one other thing. If Kristin gave up the fuzzy monkey to Keith Raniere back when she was super fine, let this be a lesson to all you hetero sexual men out there to never be afraid to approach any attractive woman. If Keith can whoopee up Kk, then anything is possible.

      • Wow. Seriously? I wouldn’t mind looking like that– gray hairs and all. I’ve only got a few years on her and I wish I looked that good. It also doesn’t look like she’s had plastic surgery to me. Or if she has, it’s tastefully done. That’s a super close up picture. she looks great!

    • It’s the same shit every five days. Clearly people are just using her name as clickbait and/or have some vendetta against Kreuk. Nobody involved with the case even cares about her involvement anymore.

      • “Nobody involved with the case even cares about her involvement anymore.”

        How do you know? The purpose of Frank Report is to uncover and report on all things NXIVM. Kristin Kreuk is forever intertwined with the NXIVM cult and her silence has only made things worse for her. It is her own fault. Own what you did and what you know.

        • I still can’t believe the way so many people think and expect that Kreuk or anybody else should “come clean, in the court of public opinion” on here. Some of you have an overwhelming sense of self-importance…as if you’re a *Somebody* who has ANY importance, bearing, standing, or impact in anything having to do with this case.

          You’re expecting too much, and think too much of yourselves.

          Put yourself in their shoes:

          I stand accused of *possibly* having been involved in criminal activity. No official charges, mind you…just the lingering suspicions of anonymous people on an internet blog.

          So, what do I do?

          A) Air my dirty laundry, because anonymous people on the net think I should?

          B) Put out a generic statement, and keep my mouth shut, and hope nothing happens?

          If I was Kreuk, or any of them…if I did make any kind of statement at all…it’d be through a lawyer, or a publicist…and it sure as hell wouldn’t be because “so and so, who comments on Frank Report” thought I should.

          • They’re just trolls and using this website as a means to rag on Kreuk and trash everything about her.

            They’re trash just like the inner circle of NXIVM is trash. They’re mad at her success, is beyond them, got away, didn’t get to fuck her, etc., and are just venting their frustrations here.

          • Here’s where you are wrong about the public having rights to comment. I have 2 daughters in the age group, both were college students. I want to know that cults like this can’t just take over a town and be pushed onto impressionable young women by tv stars in their age bracket. This is a huge issue. Especially as Kristin is still acting and there are numerous Canadian and American girls with no idea what she’s possibly done. Not counting what we know she’s done which is recruit people actively into ESP NXIVM.
            For every parent out there we have to be vigilant. You cannot trust someone just because they have a bit of fame.

  • Lying always makes things worse in the long run. I believe KK has not only attempted to mislead; she has blatantly lied.
    If KK is a witness for the prosecution, then maybe she has already been honest with them about her involvement.
    If she isn’t, that is the point where it will be too late for her to come forward and be honest.
    KK’s statement holds about as much water Allison Mack’s team pretending she was interested in a plea, which it is pretty clear was just to get bail.
    I hope Frank Report and other publications keep up the heat / pressure.

    • It is absolutely a fact Kristin Kreuk was still involved with NXIVM in 2015. She did not cut the cord with them in disgust at all the revelations that she obviously knew about. She was still very much pro-NXIVM. It would be good if others could confirm this. DOS was formed in 2015, heated up in 2016 (presumably and no pun intended) and Frank broke the story in June(?) 2017. Absolutely no way in hell Kreuk knew nothing about tax evasion. People lower down then she was on the striped path have revealed disturbing things they knew about. Of course Kreuk knew stuff. And the coward is probably reading this, aren’t you Kristin? Lier and coward.

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