The John Tighe Case: “…a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”

John Tighe in handcuffs, arrested for possession of child porn found on computers he did not own.

By Joe O’Hara

When Winston Churchill was asked to describe Russia, he responded with his now-famous quote that “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma…”.

And that’s exactly how I think about the case of John Tighe, the former operator of the Saratoga In Decline blog who is now serving time in federal prison after he pled guilty to one charge of child pornography.

I first became aware of John when one of his blog posts registered a hit on one of my Google alerts.

For several weeks, I just followed what he was writing.

At some point, I contacted him to provide him with some additional information about a topic he had written about – and eventually, I met him face-to-face in a coffeehouse in Saratoga Springs (It was one of the 2-3 times I’ve ever met with him in person).

At the time, the ranks of the “Anti-NXIVM Army” were pretty thin.

There was Toni Natalie, Rick Ross and me – and a few very brave journalists who were starting to look under the NXIVM tent and report on what they found there.

So, we definitely had openings in our ranks – especially for a guy who was passionate about protecting a city that he cherished from the invasion of the NXIVM cult and who operated a blog.

And so we battled onward for several more years, doing whatever we could to expose what we were able to find out about NXIVM’s illegal operations.

John was especially adept at digging into property records and other “internet droppings” that NXIVM left behind as it grew – both in terms of its numbers and especially in terms of its political influence.

And then came the morning of October 23, 2013 – when three contingents of New York State Police, all under the direction of Senior Investigator, Rodger Kirsopp, simultaneously conducted an early morning raid on John’s residence, Toni’s residence, and my residence and carted off all our computers and NXIVM-related materials.

In February 2014, John, Toni and I were all indicted in Albany County on several counts of criminal computer trespass. So was Barbara Bouchey, who for reasons only she knows, decided to access NXIVM’s website several months after she was told about our computers being seized (Her computers, by the way, were never seized).

At about that same time, John was also arrested by the New York State Police on three counts of promoting a sexual performance by a child – and three counts of possessing a sexual performance by a child.

My assumption was that we would all fight the computer trespass charges – and eventually go to trial on them. But that assumption proved to be false when John unexpectedly pled guilty to one count of computer trespass in November 2014.

At the time, I figured he had decided to do that because he was working on a plea deal for the child porn charges.

As I later found out, both of his plea deals were tied to the fact that he didn’t have any more money for legal fees and he needed some very expensive – and some very immediate – medical care.

And, of course, he didn’t like the prospect of doing 20-years in federal prison – which is what his sentence would probably have been had he gone to trial on the child porn charge and lost.

Even to this day, there are things about John’s case that bother me. Here are a few:

• The only evidence they found on John’s computer was one file that contained the alleged child porn. No file sharing with anyone else. And no other files with child porn on them. Is it just me or does that seem weird?

• At the time that his house was raided and his computers were seized, John was working on two major stories. One of them would have exposed the connection between NXIVM and Joanne Yepsen, the then-Mayor of Saratoga Springs – and the other would have exposed the cover-up that had gone in Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County regarding the death of Daryl Mount, Jr. Those stories, of course, never got published.

• John made a lot of enemies because of some of the NXIVM-related stories he wrote – and some of the things he exposed about its inner-workings. This is especially true in terms of some of Saratoga Springs elite that he called out because of their involvement with the cult.

• John had also become a target of the O’Connell & Aronowitz law firm – which was NXIVM’s primary legal representative at the time and which is reputed to have a lot of “juice” in the Capital District. That’s especially true in terms of Steve Coffey, Mike McDermott, and Pam Nichols, three of the top attorneys there that he often called out by name.

Like I said – or, rather like Winston Churchill said, “…a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”.

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Frank Parlato


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  • “I was part of the online detective-work squad that profile John”

    Yes you were…. under the cover of being a NXIVM flunkie. News flash skipper, we have it all

    • “we” = the people looking to attack NXIVM
      “have it all” = full knowledge of John Tigue’s crimes

      Forgive me for being obtuse but are you proudly bragging on behalf of Keefe et al that you knowingly aided Tigue?

    • Yes, hilarious.
      Does this guy really think we’ll believe he was a cop on that case?
      Hey anon, why dont you write to Frank with your real name and give him the full story?

      • Interesting that a Vancouver NXIVM member would be interested in John Tighe. The skipper and Maryann for that matter worried about the lies the John told about NXIVM….and Parlato seems to be getting on their nerves. We know John was set up. We have it all. Sleep well.

      • Oops…the comment was so dumb I didn’t understand it (or finish reading it) Sorry…It seems the person was not claiming to be a police detective, they meant they were working for NXIVM doing detective work.

        Probably just another troll looking for attention, because don’t you all think the real criminals wouldn’t be stupid enough to brag about their crimes on a forum where they may be traceable?

  • John didn’t expose a lot about NXIVM. Mostly he re-published the same hype that the jilted ex-girlfriend squad had said over and over. What John did do was specifically harass people by taking pictures of adults and children and putting them on the internet and then incite fear around them and target them for violence – including young girls that were students or daughters of NXIVM women.

    I was part of the online detective-work squad that profile John, his open lawsuits, and his problems with the law (that went way back before he started writing lies about NXIVM.) I will say this – for anyone who wants to search public records, they speak for themselves.

    Much the way I would recommend publicists and media research Frank Report. The information on Parlato is public and available for anyone to read. This blog is about on-par with what the child molester created.

  • Frank asked – What are some of the other NXIVM-related topics that you, the readers, would like to see covered on this post?

    How about doing a Reddit-type AMA. Maybe you can also get your friend Catherine Oxenberg to do one for this blog as well. Here are a few of my questions for you, some of which were inspired by Joe’s articles and other recent posts.

    1 -Are you married?

    2 -Have you ever been divorced? If so how many times?

    3 -Do you have any children? If so how many and what sex?

    4 -What were you doing before you went to work for NXIVM

    5 -What articles about NXIVM/Raniere did you read before deciding to go work for the cult?

    6 -When exactly did you start working for NXIVM and what date were you fired?

    7 -Other than the disputed 1 million dollars, how much money did you make over the course of your NXIVM employment?

    8 -Joe said you apologized for what you did to him shortly after you were fired. Are there other people that you apologized to as well and if so who, what exactly did you do to them, and did you apologize publicly as Joe has advised?

    9 -You said you knew Keith was having sex with multiple women when you were working for him. Did you ever have sex with anyone involved with NXIVM or attempt to have sex with anyone connected with NXIVM and if so who?

    10 -Prior to getting involved with NXIVM, had you ever been named charged with a crime or named in a civil suit.?If so how many, what were the circumstances and verdicts?

    11 – When does your current trial start and how long is it expected to last?

    12 – Even if you didn’t have sex or try to have sex with anyone involved with NXIVM, which person would you most wanted to have sex with?

    • In your opinion, anonymous, how are the answers to the questions you just asked relevant to this blog? Do you think Frank’s martial status or the ages of his children have any bearing on this case? If so, can you explain why?

  • I used to meet quite often with John at the Uncommon Grounds coffee house to discuss what was going in our town. He was, as Joe noted, an avid defender of Saratoga Springs and very worried when he saw what NXIVM was trying to do here. What really set him off though was Barbara Bouchey’s attempt to buy The Adelphi Hotel and turn it into a NXIVM Center (NXIVM’s proposal to build a Center in Halfmoon had been rejected because of the neighbors’ complaints and concerns). That’s when he really started posting lots of stories about NXIVM and some of the people in Saratoga Springs who had gotten caught up in the cult.

    Long before he met him, John thought that Joe was a very positive force in Saratoga Springs and really appreciated the work that Joe had done to restore some of the City’s most important buildings. Joe also served on the Planning Board and was one of the local leaders in preserving the downtown area, which was another of John’s big priorities.

    After he finally met Joe, John was really happy to have someone to work with him on trying to take down NXIVM. They both paid a heavy price for taking on the cult. Hopefully, the true story will come out someday about everything the cult did to get rid of them.

    I’m not a regular reader of Frank Report but I saw the story about John and wanted to share what I know about him. Many of us still believe he got set up by the cult and/or the NYS Police.

      • Guess Clarebear will need to send you more $$$ Scooter. Your doing a wonderful job a disrupting the blog or are you just a narcissist.

      • I think it’s a shame and sure sign of corrupt, bi-partizen shamery the likes of Scott Johnson and Keith Raniere roamed free for so long spreading their narcissistic bigotry and sexism like a disease, while the John Tighe’s and Joe O’Hara’s got locked up for far less dangerous crimes.

        Oh, btw, Mr, Scott Shriveled-Johnson might wanna look up “hate crimes” before he posts here again or cues up another hater show.

    • Both John and Joe unfairly paid a heavy price for their efforts to preserve and restore the region’s integrity and remove the decadence that set in with NXIVM. They deserve acknowledgement for their great sacrifices and huge role in finally accomplishing their goal. Without the information they did and continue to provide to FR and other outlets, this final Nex-nix take down might never have happened!

  • Thanks Joe for such a great story. The first thing I thought when I heard about JT situation was it was planted by NXIVM.

  • I forgot to mention what the New York State Police and the FBI found when they examined everything on John’s three email accounts for several years – and did the same for his Facebook account and his phone. NOTHING! Not one incriminating email, text message, or image in either direction.

    • Rodger Kirsopp and the New York State Police need to be investigated ASAP.
      Kirsopp’s activities have turned the State Police into an enforcement arm of NXIVM and the Raniere-Bronfman crime family.
      Since John Tighe’s computer displayed no signs of emails or financial transactions relating to the transfer of illegal pornography the case points to a manual placement of the material on his computer by physical means, not electronic transfer.

      NXIVM should also be investigated for its role in firing journalist James Odato of the Albany Times-Union.
      Odato had worked on exposing the crimes of NXIVM and was rewarded for his efforts by being fired.

      James Tighe’s case resembles the cases where a drug trafficker physically plants narcotics in a rival’s car and then calls the police tip line to report the planted drugs.
      A case like that happened in Chicago Heights, Illinois over 20 years ago.
      The Deputy Police Chief of Chicago Heights. turned out to be on the drug trafficker’s payroll for 10,000 dollars per month.
      How much Bronfman money was used to buy protection from local cops and public officials around New York’s Capitol Region?

      • In John’s allocution hearing, he was required to admit to the child porn images they actually found on his computers, cell phone, Facebook account, etc. Although I don’t have a copy of the transcript from that hearing, my recollection is that the only things he mentioned were the six images from the one file containing child porn that was found on his computer.

      • In John’s allocution hearing, he was required to admit to the child porn images they actually found on his computers, cell phone, Facebook account, etc. Although I don’t have a copy of the transcript from that hearing, my recollection is that the only things he mentioned were the six images from the one file containing child porn that was found on his computer.

        • If John never collected those images himself, then how does he know what was found on his computer? Does that make sense?
          What John says was found isn’t evidence at all. The evidence is what was found by the police investigation. Where is that information?

          • As in any criminal case, the prosecution had to turn over copies of all the evidence it had against John (The same thing is going on right now in the Raniere et al case). That’s how he knew exactly what was found on one of his computers – and, by extension, what was NOT find on his other computers, phone, email accounts, social media accounts, etc.

            Although your statement that “What John says was found isn’t evidence at all” is technically true, you apparently missed that I was referring to what John said during his allocution hearing. Without going into all the details of what an allocution hearing is, suffice to say that everything John said was under oath – and that if he was found to have lied during it, his plea deal would have been canceled and he would have faced an additional charge for perjury. During an allocution hearing, the defendant is essentially confirming the accuracy of the evidence that the prosecution has gathered – which, in John’s case, was the six images I previously mentioned.

          • Thank you Joe for explaining it. And you’re right, I had no idea what an allocution hearing was.

        • I think it is getting confused a bit.
          Did you mean one folder containing six image files ?
          That is how I was understanding it, but some people are taking one file to mean only one image.

  • Scott Johnson does not have constructive things to contribute to this blog. He is an agitator to other posters and is disruptive to the purpose of this blog. Scott also displays signs of psychological issues that his actions on the blog point to the fact that he needs to be in therapy, the need for medication or the medication he is taking isn’t working.

    Scott acts out his internal conflicts and ignores normal rules of social behavior. He shows signs of being impulsive, irresponsible, and callous in his reaction to other posters. His belligerent and irresponsible behavior is aggressive and verbally abusive toward others. Scott shows no respect for other people and feels no remorse about the effects his behavior has on others. This type of behavior points to a high risk for substance abuse, especially alcoholism or other addictions since it helps to relieve tension, irritability, and boredom. It appears Scott has not found success at any real purpose in life.

    Scott appears unstable in several areas, including interpersonal relationships and acts out this behavior and his moodiness in his postings. These types of behavior are a direct reflection of his self-image. He is abrupt and has a stormy interpersonal relationship with most people who post on the blog. Scott displays great difficulty with his sense of identity and his need to have others “click on his name, go to his website and listen to his radio show.” He continues to self-promote on a blog that has nothing to do with what he says he is attempting to do with his life.

    Scotts likes to point out that other posters are bad, stupid and or cowards. He has an excessive dependency on The Frank Report to prove he’s an important force in the world. He uses The Frank Report to get attention and tries to manipulate others into going to his site or radio show. His impulsive actions and bouts of intense, inappropriate anger towards other posters is a trait of a serious psychological problem.

    Another factor is Scott’s exaggerated sense of self-importance, and he is absorbed in the fantasies of his success as a blogger and radio host. He seeks constant attention to prove his success. He’d actions towards others is deliberately threatening or demeaning, but he sees it as a normal socially acceptable way to behave. He displays this throughout his history of posts on the Frank Report.

    Since so many people who visit the blog have already been in this type of abusive relationships, my question to Frank is why are you allowing Scott to re-abuse others? Free speech doesn’t mean others have the right to be abusive and especially when many have already been abused in the Cult of NXIVM.

    Scott is responsible for his behavior but Frank you are allowing him to re-offend time and time again. My question to you is why? Frank, you said you would move him to his Corner, but you have lied to those who come to your blog since it has not fixed the Scott issue. Scott continues to act out in an abusive manner, and you are allowing it. You continuing to allow Scott to have free rein makes you a part of the problem Frank. Do the right thing and ban Scott from this blog.

    • Why Scott Johnson- Amen. I posted for one of the first few times a day or two ago and was attacked immediately following by Scott. For no good reason. Although, he did post a link to an informative article afterwards. Still, the first response was brash and extremely rude. People that post on this blog shouldn’t have to expect to defend themselves should they speak.

        • So why not defend yourself here with questions asked of you Scooter? Your asking others to support your radio show/website instead. Practice what your preach Mr Amway ass cammer

        • Scott’s not defending the truth. Doesn’t know the truth about NXIVM from his own prodigious asshole.

          Scott’s our to negate all the rest of us — especially anyone who might upstage him with real info, truth be damned — like any flaming narcissist. UNLESS we do as we’re told and cow-tow to him.

        • Scott’s already said all he’s ever going to say , he adds no value whatsoever. He has his own show to get his hate messages out on. Why let him damage yours. For the past 8 months I’ve been following the only decent comments made are his attempts to lure people onto his show.
          Best of luck whatever you decide but I don’t think his comments are what was meant by freedom of speech.

      • Unfortunately, it appears Frank has a soft spot for dudes like Scott who claim to share some of his political views.

        Don’t forget it was THE Roger Stone, Trump’s original Trumpet, who hooked Frank up with NXIVM.

        Stone was a NX member, don’t know how much of it he really bought or if he was just looking for a Bronfman hand-out, but Frank was in the Trump boys’ club those days and may well still be.

        Until, if, he’s convicted that is — in which case those bad boys will be heading for the hills when Frank comes around.

        • Funny how until Donald J Trump became President the shit didn’t hit the fan for NXIVM and Raniere. You sound like a Clinton lackey whom the liberated strong me too women of NXIVM adored. If she would have been able to steal the election NXIVM would still be in business

          • Well Dullard, the branding wasn’t going on before that time, was it? And since the story of how the women were being branded was what caused the authorities to investigate….
            I can’t see how Trump had anything to do with it

    • I know several people who will no longer post under their own names or even read the comments and some have stopped visiting the site altogether because Frank is allowing Scott to persist in making these sad and apalling personal attacks.

      It is a fact that Scott and “Flowers” also post anonymously to gang up on anyone who, in their shared mind, diverts attention or disagrees with either persona.

      Blocking their URL’s is the only way to keep this blog from again being overtaken by Scott’s mental illness under all its manifestations.

      • Hahaha hahaha Scott is an idiot and needs to be banned. Frank is shooting himself in the foot by allowing Scooter to keep posting. I know of several people who know a lot of insider information into NXIVM who won’t come to the blog anymore and I won’t share any information either because of Scooter and Frank not blocking him.

      • If my post shows up twice, sorry. It seems my commenrs dont post when I use a certain email address, so I will try again.

        In response to anonymous
        For a fact to be a fact it needs to be true. Your comment that Scott and I are the same person is nothing but your own theory, based on nothing but your own delusions. Frank can see the IPs of the people who post, so he knows the truth.

        I’m also curious about who you think was “ganged up on” by the people you assume to be Scott and I. It’s an odd theory because I usually disagree with Scott, so I have no idea who you think we were ganging up on. Could you please provide some examples, because without them your words are just bullshit.

  • Once again Scotty Boy is blowing hot air, he just cannot help himself since he has serious psychological issues. He also was not taught by his mama to have manners and be respectful. He acts like a clown with every word he types.

    Scotty Boy acts like a frustrated angry 13 year old and refuses to answer perfectly good questions about his background on a platform where he blows his hot angry air.

    Instead Scotty’s projections of himself come through like a bright light. He is such a coward that he hides like a crybaby behind his website and radio show but it’s only a feeble attempt to boost his numbers. Stupid is what stupid does which means reading or listening to anything else he has to say, is a waste of time.

    Due to his lack of success in anything he attempts to do, he needs to ride on the tails of those of us who have actually done work and risk ourselves in exposing NXIVM and those within the leadership that are criminals.

    Scotty Boy goes on and on about how Amway is a scam but refuses to come clean with why he joined, how long he was involved, how many people he sucked into Amway and why he’s so angry that he is/was a failure in a company that has been around since 1957.

    Scotty compare Amway to NXIVM which is the biggest joke and shows how stupid and self absorbed he really is. He continues to indulge himself in his own self importance. His post show all of us his total lack of self-esteem which he acts out with name calling and this blogs bully . It makes me wonder if Scotty is being paid by Clare Bronfman to be a TROLL on the Frank Report.

    Scotty believes that Amway was a gateway “drug” for Keith Raniere to do the crimes he has been charged with. If that is true, than Scotty shouldn’t be far behind Raniere since he was a scammer himself. He’s attempting to scam us all into believing he has something intelligent to say.

    If anyone owes an apology to the readers of the Frank Report it’s Potty Mouth Scotty.

  • It’s a fact that John and his wife often left their door unlocked; John said he had a problem keeping track of his keys due to his disability and was sick of locking himself out.

    They knew NXIVM was harassing them, trying everything possible to destroy and discredit them but I guess they couldn’t imagine, prepare for this.

    And, face it, cops do plant evidence. The arresting officer, Kirsopp, over reached confiscating all the other devices he could on the ridiculous and eventually dismissed “computer trespassing charges.”

    There was a problem with jurisdiction getting the puters for those who lived out of county or state like Barbara Bouchey and myself.

    It’s a bit odd only John’s device of those confiscated was compromised when the Nx goal was to prove the detractors were all a band of “criminal minds.” But John was Nx enemy #1 due to his blog. Frank beware!

      • No, Scott. Some of that blame is focused “like a laser beam” on your own ill and “ill-willed” head. You’re on this site anonymously and under other names thinking NXIVM nastiness can cover-up for your even nastier alter ego antics. That’s truly “idiotic” and “cowardly.”

        • You were anonymous before I got here and will probably always be anonymous, because that’s what cowards do. You are also a liar, as I have never posted a single comment here that wasn’t under my name. A cowardly, anonymous, liar. Quite the reputation!

      • You bully anyone who dares use their real name the most, “Scott.” Because those are most threatening to your position of superior “courage” using your own name — which you only do about half the time you post.

        Joe’s using his “real” name and you’re only taking advantage of that. Why would anyone use their real name with you around?

      • That’s simply not true Scott. I only read this because I trust Frank’s reporting. No one gets things perfect all the time and NXIVM is so filled with shit it’s hard to decide who’s decent out of the ex-nxivms, but to get to the truth you sometimes have to wade through the Nxivm cow pies. Frank is willing to do that. Move on Scott.

  • ”The Salinas name still conjures negative images and outright hatred,” said Sergio Sarmiento, a prominent Mexico City columnist and television news director.

    ”Whenever you want to accuse someone in Mexico of being dishonest or anything else negative, you just have to say he was a friend of Salinas and you don’t need to say any more.”

    • So sorry for you to have to have lived generation after generation under Salinas tyranny for so long there in Mexico. Some of US are trying to prevent that here in the U.S. starting with stopping dick-tators on the rise like Keith Raniere. Muchas Graci’as para tu informacio’n y ayudas.

  • I will say again and again. UNLESS the politicians and law enforcement personal are brought to justice for the crimes that they enabled NXIVM to commit there will be no true justice. Some people here can focus on the celebrity element all they chose since that is the primary reason they are here. But dig down and find those big political names and the law enforcement that took bribes and hush money.

      • People don’t seem to realize these same corrupt politicians and law enforcement are still taking bribes and kickbacks from other criminal organizations. It just didn’t start and stop with NXIVM. These corrupt POS are supposed to be guardians of the public trust. That is a far greater outrage than what the sleazebags of NXIVM have done.

        • This man Rodger Kirsopp has come up to many times to be a coincidence. Cop or no, if Nxivm kept the records it looks like they did let’s hope his involvement comes out. His connection with Kristin Keefe is bizarre to me, I’m glad she re-disapeared with her son as this cop doesn’t really seem to have Been on her side. I’m guessing he would have handed over her location to the Nxivm scum.

  • Just think about KAR’s crimes and put them in perspective. He has bankrupted and terrorized people. He had people’s pets killed. He threatened people with deportation to Mexico without funds or identification. He planned the incarceration of people in Mexico on trumped up charges. (He was hoping for their rape or death.) In this case, he tore a man away from his home and family – while ill, and in need of support.

    You might be angry with those who criticize or leave you – but to ruin their very lives? That is the height of cruelty. This man is well beyond your average con man. Ice runs through his veins. If he beats the charges, he will do it again – and more, if possible.

  • If Nancy were hoarding evidence to help herself later, maybe there is something on her computers that shows the truth about it.
    I have always, always believed he was set up.
    The understanding I took from Joe’s last post was that a primary factor in the plea deal was medical care that he has been receiving inside the system.
    I am almost afraid for it to be proved right without something already in place for his healthcare.
    What happens when John Tighe is exonerated, and can’t afford the transplant that he needs ??

  • It’s very interesting that Joe, with his insight and information, doesn’t seem to be welcome here. Every time he posts, he is attacked. So, only the pure, righteous and the brave (in certain people’s opinions), may post here?

  • I’ll bet KAR smirked with glee at John’s arrest, thinking he and his thugs had “won.” That’s why it’s such a pleasure to see him (KAR) in pre-trial detention with no chance to flee. I’d bet he was so sure that if arrested he could run with Clare’s assistance and drop off the grid. Karma is indeed a bitch.

    It really does sound like the porn was planted, but who knows what anyone would plead to, to avoid a 20 year sentence.

    • There’s no doubt in my mind that it was planted. It was not that hard to hack into someone’s personal PC back in 2013. Nowadays, with Microsoft Security Essentials its a much harder feat to accomplish. Unless you’re a tech wizard – a true wizard, not just any old tech expert – the only way to hack into someone’s personal computer in 2018 is through social engineering.

      I’ve never heard of a child porn case where there is only one file, usually there are thousands of files with back-up drives that are chock full of child porn as well. People who are into that are sick and compulsive, they could never discipline themselves to only having one file.

      I’ve got a friend who is a prison psychologist for sexual offenders. I’m sure she’d get a good laugh out of hearing about the guy who was into child porn that just had a single file on his computer. That just does not happen – ever.

      • My understanding is that it was a single folder with thousands of files.
        It is still extremely suspicious when you take into account that there is no record of how they arrived there. No e-mails. No visits to porn sites. etc.

    • I don’t know much about Joe.

      Why are you picking a fight with Joe? What does he have to apologize for?

      What did he do that’s so bad? Isn’t he friends with Frank?

      • What makes you think I’m picking a fight with Joe, you anonymous coward? Ever hear of the internet? Look him up. It’s important to consider the source of information, and Joe is a convited felon. I couldn’t care less who Joe’s friends are, I care about whether he is a reliable source of information.

        • Oh, thanks for answering my question in such a polite and mature fashion. 🙂

          As for Joe being a convicted felon, so what?

          Aren’t you the one who spent 2 decades in a scam organization while trying to entice more people to join underneath you so that you could scam them out of money too?

          How many scamway tool sets (worthless tapes) did you encourage others to buy before finally leaving?

          How many lives did you ruin by encouraging them to max out their credit cards to buy Amway tool sets and then file for bankruptcy?

          Therefore if Joe needs to apologize for being a felon in the past, then you also need to apologize for being a lifetime MLM scammer in the past, for 20 years.

          Why do you get forgiveness, but not Joe? Now apologize! 🙂

          Didn’t you also get sued and agree to a settlement which let Amway prevent you from talking to their members/distributors? Didn’t you bow down and kiss Amway’s butt in that settlement? hahaha.

          Didn’t you also go ‘undercover’ and waste 5 years of your life trying to bring down amway from the inside, only to fall flat on your face and fail in that quest? When you finally woke up from your amway nightmare, you were only 65 years old.

          Joe seems just fine to me, when compared to the likes of Amway Scott Johnson.

        • Who cares if he’s a convicted felon? He can still be a good guy and an impeccable source of information on this issue.

          Have you ever heard of the “three felonies a day” theory? All of us are felons, but only some of us have been convicted.

          As far as being a reliable source of information – I did listen to half of an episode of your show once – talk about unverified conspiracy theory speculative clap-trap. It was so nauseating that I couldn’t even finish a whole episode. I find it ironic that you, of all people, are piously pontificating about the purity of sources of information.

          That particular show was about a topic that I’ve been very interested in and have researched extensively over the past couple years. It was clear that you didn’t know fact from fiction, and whatever show prep you did was just limited to gathering some low hanging and unreliable fruit.

          It was depressing because I had the same opinions on the matter that you did, but mine were based in boring facts. You were spreading absolute lecherous garbage. While it may be much more personally gratifying to engage in raw speculation, that never wins anyone over.

          But what more could I expect from someone who got sucked into the Amway scheme…

  • A person who has a strange sexual Peccadillo usually has dozens or even hundreds of such files on his computer.
    To only have one file is very suspicious.
    As if that one file were deliberately planted there just to bring a charge against John Tighe.
    It looks like Tight was framed.

    Moreover, if there were no file transfers via the internet, then how did that one file end up on Tighe’s computer?
    Who planted that file and why?

    To borrow a line from Shakespeare, “Something’s rotten in the County of Saratoga.”

    • Usually its thousands, to tens and even hundreds of thousands. Even a hundred files would smell like a plant to me, especially given the circumstances. Pedophiles have extremely low impulse control when it comes to child porn. Once they start viewing it and downloading it, they don’t stop. That stuff is like crack to them.

      If that computer is still around and hasn’t been wiped clean, it wouldn’t be that hard for a good forensics person to figure out how the file got there.

    • “A year after Carlos Salinas’s term ended and he promptly fell into disgrace and was forced out of the country by his successor, President Ernesto Zedillo, Mexicans remain obsessed with the former President Salinas and his family. The fate of Raul Salinas, also a former Government official, is viewed as a crucial test of whether presidents and their intimates will continue to enjoy impunity for corruption and violent crimes, as has been the tradition for most of this century.”

  • Maybe the FBI will discover the truth. On a unrelated point Joe, those 100 or so naughty boys and girls you named in your lawsuit, do you think the FBI are looking at those names now? After all, you accused them of the same stuff the FBI is currently looking at.

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