Darth VanDouche: ‘Raniere is the negative attributes he teaches’

Guest View:

By Darth VanDouche

‘VanDouche’ [i.e. Keith Raniere] reeks of all the negative attributes he “teaches”. He’s parasitic, lazy, has exaggerated desires for sex, control, money (despite pretending he doesn’t, while he pilfers money via his shell companies), a need to be ingratiated and served, etc., all of them inner deficiencies.

The irony is everyone is deficient in something, but he’s even more so. Hello? He has a harem of women who he controls through brainwashing. He gets his pimp women to do things for him, like recruit other women into the latter, cook for him, drive him around, etc. He holds an annual 10 day birthday celebration for himself. And what does he do? He masks it all as “giving of himself” with a fake pseudo-spirituality.

What a con job.

Slide from V-Week from his appreciative students.

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