Nothing Suspicious: Dr. Disappears on Day Wife Files for Divorce, Boat Found, Dr. Still Missing 30 Days Later

A favorite commenter of FR has a different take on Death of Investigators of Child Trafficking Might Be Murder.

He finds nothing suspicious about any of the deaths.

By Aristotle’s Sausage

And Humpty Dumpty was pushed, I suppose…

When it comes to conspiracy theories, the FR sure is thorough: it claims every death is evidence of some nefarious plot.

Guy dies of a heart attack on the golf course. That’s obviously murder. (In bizarro land…)

Bill Bowen died on a golf course. He went to meet a guy to help him with a documentary about child sex trafficking. His body was found on the golf course alone. His death was ruled a heart attack.  Some have said it was suspicious. His sister seems to suggest he died of a heart attack.

This is Q-Anon stuff.

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. They Are Obviously Out To Get You!

For a dose of reality (if anyone here is still interested in reality), let’s have a look at the disappearance and presumed death of Dr. Chaundre Cross last August 10.

Dr. Cross was last seen leaving a Naples Bay FL marina at 7:30 that Wednesday morning alone aboard his 35 foot Sea Ray powerboat “Vitamin Sea.”

Later that day, his family contacted the Sheriff’s Dept. to report him missing. A search began. The Coast Guard was notified.

The search continued throughout the night. The vessel was located the next afternoon adrift about 16 miles south of Sanibel Island (not far from Naples).

Dr. Cross was not aboard. Nobody was.

The Coast Guard continued the search. It continued for 100 hours and covered 13,100 square miles. The USCG used two fixed-wing aircraft, a helicopter, a cutter and a patrol boat. Three law enforcement agencies assisted them, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

They didn’t find Cross. The Coast Guard discontinued the search on Sunday August 14, four days after Dr. Cross was reported missing.

Over a month later, his body still has not been found.

This is exactly the kind of “mysterious disappearance” that can be spun as a story of murder, intrigue and conspiracy. Imagine what the FR could make of this if Dr. Cross had been involved in Nxivm or had spoken out against child abuse or the courts.

Dr. Chaundre Cross, 49, was last seen Aug. 10 leaving the Naples Bay Resort & Marina alone on his 33-foot Sea Ray boat, the “Vitamin Sea,” according to a tweet Friday from the U.S. Coast Guard Southeast.  That same day, his wife, Sarah Jo Cross, filed for divorce in Collier County.

This “mysterious disappearance at sea” is far fruitier than the Alaska Nxivm suicide Frank has made so much of.

In February 2003, Kristin Snyder’s Toyota Tacoma was found at Resurrection Bay with a purported suicide note. Snyder’s body was never found. Frank Parlato made a documentary for Investigation Discovery called the Lost Women of NXIVM to explore her disappearance.

Let’s see what we can do to spin Dr. Cross’s death into a conspiracy:

Cross was rich, partly because of the work he did with Big Pharma. Did he know too much? Find out something he shouldn’t have? We all hate Big Pharma. We all “know” they probably have people silenced all the time…

Maybe his wife had him murdered! Turns out she filed for divorce just before Dr. Cross made that fateful last boat ride. Maybe she figured she’d inherit everything if she offed him, instead of risking a divorce settlement.

Definitely “suspicious.” What, do you think wives never murder their husbands? Or why would you defend Big Pharma, are they paying you?

Anyway, we’re “just asking questions”.

Questions like: why did it take the Coast Guard 24 hours to find one boat? Using three aircraft and two search vessels?

In fine summertime Florida weather?

Could the Coast Guard be involved in the plot??

How come the body hasn’t been found, over a month later? In a heavily populated area with pleasure boaters galore, and shallow calm water?

The FR has claimed it’s suspicious for a body to go missing in an Alaskan fjord in the middle of winter, where the water is 500 feet deep and more. How much more “suspicious” must it be in calm, shallow, mild Florida waters.


How shallow are these Florida waters? I’ve been out of sight of land and still see the bottom. Naples Bay/Sanibel Island charts show water depths shallower than 50 feet everywhere, even miles offshore. The five fathom line (30’) extends offshore for as much as 5 miles.

Truth is, there’s nothing suspicious about any of these deaths.

Though I bet Frank could produce one hell of a documentary for the Discovery Channel based on the Mysterious Disappearance of Dr. Chaundre Cross. I’d watch it!


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  • Maybe he did know too much. Why discount that? Do you not believe any of the doctors who provide evidence that the vaccines are a farce?

    Or have you gotten all your vaccinations because the government told you to do so?

  • This man’s death is absolutely suspect! Your cavalier attitude for this man’s life is troubling.

    What possibilities are there if no foul play?

    You conclude there’s nothing suspicious about any of the deaths reported by FR?

    Have you researched family courts and pedophile alienation “Dr” Richard Gardner? His death was clearly suicide and a gruesome one at that. But people rely on this perverted, disturbed man’s ploy to protect pedophiles and abuse children and mothers.

    Have you educated yourself on
    Child trafficking? Title IV money? The incentive for states to traffic children to a sole parent? The racketeering that breaks state and federal laws?

    The people who mysteriously died, were protecting our children.

    Your sweeping dismissals of the cases presented with little to no research into each death is beneath your known caliber.

    Those who kill for greed and profit count on people like you who blindly accept a narrative that doesn’t add up.

    • Richard Gardner’s death wasn’t “clearly a suicide”. The autopsy said the stab wounds to the chest were 90 degrees and he had taken many pills.

  • Aristotle,
    Why so angry and full of sarcasm? Please read about the work of some of those who were murdered because they were in determined to protect children and expose child trafficking.

    You usually educate yourself a bit more. Child trafficking through family courts s rampant throughout our country and dcf/CPS plays a role.

    People involved have no value for human life. Killing off those who dare to disrupt their industry is nothing to them. Don’t be so naive. It’s unlike you.

  • Aristotle- Do you really think Senator Schaefer’s death was a suicide? That her husband killed her and then himself?

    She had been exposing CPS where child trafficking does occur. And she took it public with evidence.

    It’s a lucrative business. Can you please open your mind to the possibility that money corrupts?

    Read Licensed to Lie. There is proven blatant prosecutorial and judicial misconduct along with a “suicide” of a key expert. Is all of this conspiracy?

    Read it. Educate yourself with an open mind. It’s easier to accept our courts are fair and just. They are not.

    Family court is a racketeering operation. And CPS acts in collusion with the courts.

    These aren’t conspiracy theories. It’s a silent epidemic throughout our country and there is zero oversight. No accountability.

  • RE No more Bullshit Parlato Mysteries:

    The man who battled and debated for over a decade who’s the better actress: Allison Mack or Erica Durance of Smallville, has applied his logical acumen to two murder mysteries.

    “‘No one”, murdered the murdered victims because no one is named “No One””.
    -Aristotle H.

    “Everything sinks eventually including dead bodies and poop in my parent’s pool.”
    -Aristotle Sausage

    “It was a herculean task of the mind, to crack these mysteries—beyond even Hercule Poirot, to deduce with elementary logic, who didn’t do it.
    I know I didn’t do it and neither did Santa, nor Abraham Lincoln.”
    -Aristotle Sausage

    Any man whose moniker is another man’s genitalia should be trusted!

    I whole heartedly agree with,
    Aristotle’s Sausage!

    I’m sorry to doubt you Frank, but Aristotle’s Sausage is clearly hard-on the case.


    Aristotle should have checked the NOAA’s tidal history areas in both places:

    Sadly Aristotle is wrong and both bodies should have been found because the Ocean tides in the corresponding areas were ebbing!

  • Mom Sentenced to Prison for Sex Trafficking Her Little Girl in Exchange for Cash, Shoes

    A 31-year-old woman in Spokane, Washington, received a 23-year prison sentence this week for sex trafficking her little girl in exchange for cash and running shoes.

    Kylie Ruby Flores pleaded guilty this summer to conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking, the Spokesman-Review reported Wednesday.

    Are you sure the mom’s name was not Allison Mack?

  • This is what I found. If you want to continue writing on the subject of insects as food for humans, you should include the content of this article, even if you disagree.

    Spectator| Australia

    1,000 Australian schools are fed insects
    Are you keen to chow down on micro livestock?
    Joel Agius

    Getty Images
    Joel Agius

    14 September 2022

    11:30 AM

    A teacher from one of the 1,000 Australian schools feeding kids chips made out of powdered crickets asks, ‘Do crickets taste good?’ The student nods and the teacher adds, ‘Yeah. Let’s eat some more crickets…!’

    Bugs are on the menu again… Why does the World Economic Forum have such a weird obsession with making our kids eat them?

    First, let me make something very clear: Bugs are not food. You should not eat bugs. They are insects. They belong on the ground, or in the air, or wherever the heck they live. They do not belong on your dinner plate.

    With that out of the way, we can move on with the insanity being encouraged by unhinged scientists and allies of the World Economic Forum.

    There is no doubt that the World Economic Forum likes bugs, but only if other people are eating them. Their reasoning for this hypocrisy is what you’d expect from people who always seem to be plotting to take over the planet and shape it into a full-blown socialist ‘Utopia’ (which is one of the greatest oxymorons ever heard).

    You will eat bugs to stop Climate Change.

    Climate Change is nothing more than an exaggeration of the weather. The weather is not going to kill you unless you have the misfortune to get struck by lightning, hit on the head by a hailstone, or caught in a flood. Chances are, a warm summer’s night is not going to act like the local axe murderer. Bad energy policy is a different matter. You might freeze to death if you have no heating in your home, which, ironically, the same bug-pushers now want to take away. Switzerland has threatened to throw people in prison for three years if they turn up their heating to 19 degrees Celsius (around 66 Fahrenheit)!

    But back to the bugs.

    You might be wondering – how will eating bugs change the weather?

    The official World Economic Forum line is that eating meat is accelerating the effects of Climate Change. Therefore, to fix ‘the climate’ humans need to reduce their consumption of meat and replace it with a climate-friendly substitute. There are a few on offer, but the favourite is insect protein.

    These agenda-driven bureaucrats are doing their best to promote insect-gorging as being ‘good’ for you.

    If you believe the hype, they’re nutritious, full of protein, and still very tasty. And there is a great range of bugs out there for you to try. You could eat crickets, or grind them up into a powder to replace plain white flour or self-raising flour (what’s wrong with normal flour?). You could even attempt some highly nutritious cockroach milk on your cereal. Maybe you enjoy a bit of seasoning on your meals? Well, instead of getting out the salt and pepper, grab some lightly-acidic ants instead. You could even top those meals off with some protein-packed mealworms.

    No, I’m not kidding. This is seriously what they want you to be eating.

    In recent weeks, it was revealed that canteens in 1,000 Australian schools have started selling cricket chips produced by the company Circle Harvest. Students are being encouraged to eat these chips, which are laced with cricket protein, and are told by teachers that they are healthy.

    In a video from one school of three young students eating these chips, a teacher can be heard off camera saying: ‘Chips are great, aren’t they? And these chips are even better because they think they’re better for you!’

    Another teacher is then heard saying: ‘Did you know they’re made from little insects?’ When one of the students replies ‘no’, the teacher goes on to say ‘Can you taste it? No, you can’t. It tastes like normal CCs doesn’t it?’

    It is clear that these people are doing everything they can to normalise eating bugs from a young age. As we all know by now, indoctrination starts early.

    If you have children in an Australian school, please tell them that eating bugs is not normal and that they should steer clear of these products.

    Meanwhile, a couple of scientists in Hee Cho and Hyeyoung Park decided to experiment with different ways of cooking mealworms, seasoning them with amino acids, onion powder, garlic powder, and mushroom powder to create a ‘meaty’ flavour so that they would be more appetising to the general public. Bugs should never be appetising. They should always be disgusting and never consumed.

    These researchers found that heating mealworms with sugar produced a popular meaty flavour after having each of the methods of cooking the insects evaluated by a group of volunteers who taste-tested the bugs.

    The two scientists stated that, ‘Insect farming requires just a fraction of the land, water, and feed in comparison to traditional livestock farming,’ even going so far as to label insects as ‘superfoods’.

    If you’re looking for a nutritious drink, look no further than cockroach milk. This is another so-called superfood with claims that it is three times as nutritious as cow’s milk, buffalo milk, and even human breast milk. It is apparently a complete source of protein, containing all nine amino acids, and is being touted as key to feeding our growing population into the future despite scientists saying it is likely infeasible. For those of us who are not insane, this probably isn’t the answer to a growing population.

    Western Civilisation needs to stop for a moment. Scientists are feeding insects to our children while celebrities produce propaganda videos to support the narrative.

    In one video from Vanity Fair, Nicole Kidman consumed insects, stating at the start of the video, ‘I’m here to reveal my hidden talent eating micro livestock.’

    She went on to claim, ‘Two billion people in the world eat bugs, and I’m one of them.’

    Note the term being used to describe insects – ‘micro livestock’. People pushing insects as food, particularly as an alternative to meat, are using this term to make it sound like eating insects is not out of the ordinary, essentially equating it to consuming livestock.

    But it isn’t the same as consuming products from livestock. Not only is the consumption of bugs not normal and completely unappetising, it could easily lead to the spread of parasites. Insects are not meant to be consumed by human beings because they are a great vector for parasites.

    For example, crickets and cockroaches can often carry horsehair worms, which, if ingested by humans, can cause quite a bit of stomach discomfort and illness. Crickets can also spread salmonella and E. coli, which often cause significant illness in humans or are even fatal for vulnerable individuals. Mealworms carry diseases as they feed on dying and dead birds. They are also home to Hymenolepis diminuta, otherwise known as rat tapeworm, which can infect humans through ingestion of a carrier.

    To date there have only been rare instances of this parasite infecting humans, given it only occurs through accidental ingestion. But if mealworms are turned into a common delicacy, then you can expect more and more people contracting this tapeworm.

    Of most concern, however, is that insects contain a polymer called chitin. When ingested, it can get into the lungs. A build-up of this polymer can cause significant health issues. A study on chitin and its effects on inflammatory and immune responses noted the following:

    Mammalians are potential hosts for chitin-containing protozoa, fungi, arthropods, and nematodes; however, mammalians themselves do not synthesize chitin and thus it is considered as a potential target for recognition by mammalian immune system. Chitin is sensed primarily in the lungs or gut where it activates a variety of innate and adaptive immune cells. Chitin induces cytokine production, leukocyte recruitment, and alternative macrophage activation.

    In other words, the human body was not created to process chitin. There is a reason the human diet does not contain it. It can cause inflammation in the body, and can even lead to respiratory illnesses and cancer. And insects contain high amounts of it.

    So, as much as the World Economic Forum and other members of the bureaucracy want you to consume bugs, don’t do it. They might claim it is for the benefit of the world, that it is to fix ‘Climate Change’, but do you really think they are going to sit there eating bugs like they want the rest of us to do? Absolutely not. They will still be feasting on succulent juicy steaks, ribs, burgers, and the like while the rest of us are made to crunch on crickets and sip on cockroach milk.

    Remember, bugs are not food. So if you find yourself eyeing off an insect and thinking to yourself ‘hey, that looks tasty’, don’t try to pick it up and eat it. Get some help.

    Joel Agius is an independent writer. If you would like to read more of his work, you can do so at JJ’s Outlook or keep up to date with his musings on Twitter.

  • I know the case because his girlfriend told me what she believed happened.

    It’s an old case now but what this kind of thing happens all the time.

    Agreed there are endless questions and we should turn over every single stone when it comes to children.

  • First of all genius Mr. Sausage, there is no such thing as “Q-Anons”. There is Q and Anons. Now you’ve been educated on that piece. You think so many people dying who have been investigating child trafficking just arbitrarily died? I guess you believe it’s natural for over 60 people with some intersections with Hillary Clinton dying is normal as well. Keep smoking your crack pipe as it seems to dull your common sense. Kenny G

      • What do:

        various corrupted swami cults
        the “family court” crisis

        all have in common?

        (besides suspicious deaths and scary vibes that make most look away instead of sheperding our world)

        1. each was/still is a trap for victims
        2. decades of deceit
        3. purposeful chaos
        4. the circus part of “Bread and Circuses” (for onlookers)
        5. the destruction of families
        6. the destruction of morals
        7. the destruction of self-governance
        8. mind control
        9. maybe mind control for communism?
        10. maybe mind control for globalism?
        11. maybe family destruction for globalism?
        12. maybe ego destruction for globalist technocracy and “transhumanism”?
        13. was the Tavistok Institute involved?
        16. … the questions should go on and on until we find answers.

        The moral of the story:

        As long as you’re not fooled, killed, brainwashed or discouraged, YOU are the captain of your own ship. <3

  • Yep. I wonder how much overtime the Coast Guard folks racked up by dragging out this “search”. It’s all about the MONEY.

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