People putting intense heat on me to ban Scott Johnson & detractors

The comments’ thread on a story about John Tighe seemed to be going pretty well until the subject of Scott Johnson got in the way.  For those of you who don’t know – Scott is a former Amway member who learned that the nation’s largest MLM company was not meant to do anything but enrich its top-level people.

Scott has taken to commenting on Frank Report and, to his credit, in his own name. He likes to criticize commenters to the point where numerous people have now asked me to ban him.  One contributor quit writing because I wouldn’t do it. Other notable ex-NXIVM members said they stopped reading Frank Report because of Scott.  Almost every day, I get a new request to ban Scott.  Some of these people are true NXIVM fighters – and they wonder why I allow Scott to “ruin the comments’ section.”

I don’t know if “ruin” is quite the right word, but I do wince sometimes when approaching the comments knowing there will be a vicious tirade of back and forth between Scott and his detractors. Some of them impersonated Scott. Some use Scott in their moniker – and then attack him. Recently, I have been deleting comments by and against Scott – but I find I can’t always be near a computer to delete them so they often stay online while readers are most actively engaged with a story.

The reason I have not banned Scott is I like him. We never met, but we’ve spoken several times on the phone and I did appear on his radio show via telephone. I could not have asked for a better, more engaged, polite host.  It was a good show. I have no idea how many people listened or what the audience reaction was, but I was pleased to participate and Scott was, in my opinion, a very good on-air host.  I have no idea why a man can be so polite on his radio show and so contentious with my readers.

Which brings me back to John Tighe’s thread which will serve as an illustration of what I am writing about.

As of a few moments ago [3:18 pm, Oct. 12, 2018; about 18 hours after posting the story, there were 86 comments. More than 5,000 words were written by various commenters.  Let’s look at the Scott factor.

A person using the moniker Saratoga Native commented that she or he met with Joe O’Hara and John Tighe. It was an extremely informative and intelligent post.

Within 45 minutes Scott commented sarcastically, “I think it’s great that 2 convicted felons got along together.”

Shadowstate1958 commented that “Rodger Kirsopp and the New York State Police need to be investigated” on Tighe’s conviction and compared it to a case in Chicago Heights, Illinois where the Deputy Police Chief turned out to be on the drug trafficker’s payroll.

Within an hour, Scott Johnson wrote sarcastically, “Thanks for another Chicago-based story, Captain Obvious.”

One of Scott’s detractors wrote a lengthy comment about Scott:

“Scott Johnson does not have constructive things to contribute to this blog. He is an agitator to other posters and is disruptive to the purpose of this blog. Scott also displays signs of psychological issues that his actions on the blog point to the fact that he needs to be in therapy, the need for medication or the medication he is taking isn’t working.

“Scott acts out his internal conflicts and ignores normal rules of social behavior. He shows signs of being impulsive, irresponsible, and callous in his reaction to other posters. His belligerent and irresponsible behavior is aggressive and verbally abusive toward others. Scott shows no respect for other people and feels no remorse about the effects his behavior has on others. This type of behavior points to a high risk for substance abuse, especially alcoholism or other addictions since it helps to relieve tension, irritability, and boredom. It appears Scott has not found success at any real purpose in life.

“Scott appears unstable in several areas, including interpersonal relationships and acts out this behavior and his moodiness in his postings. These types of behavior are a direct reflection of his self-image. He is abrupt and has a stormy interpersonal relationship with most people who post on the blog. Scott displays great difficulty with his sense of identity and his need to have others ‘click on his name, go to his website and listen to his radio show.’ He continues to self-promote on a blog that has nothing to do with what he says he is attempting to do with his life.

“Scott likes to point out that other posters are bad, stupid and or cowards. He has an excessive dependency on The Frank Report to prove he’s an important force in the world. He uses The Frank Report to get attention and tries to manipulate others into going to his site or radio show. His impulsive actions and bouts of intense, inappropriate anger towards other posters is a trait of a serious psychological problem.

“Another factor is Scott’s exaggerated sense of self-importance, and he is absorbed in the fantasies of his success as a blogger and radio host. He seeks constant attention to prove his success. His actions towards others is deliberately threatening or demeaning, but he sees it as a normal socially acceptable way to behave. He displays this throughout his history of posts on the Frank Report.

“Since so many people who visit the blog have already been in this type of abusive relationships, my question to Frank is why are you allowing Scott to re-abuse others? Free speech doesn’t mean others have the right to be abusive and especially when many have already been abused in the Cult of NXIVM.

“Scott is responsible for his behavior, but Frank you are allowing him to re-offend time and time again. My question to you is why? Frank, you said you would move him to his Corner, but you have lied to those who come to your blog since it has not fixed the Scott issue. Scott continues to act out in an abusive manner, and you are allowing it. You continuing to allow Scott to have free rein makes you a part of the problem Frank. Do the right thing and ban Scott from this blog.”

Scott replied “…says the anonymous coward who has never even met me. Stay inside on sunny days, you’re probably scared of your own shadow.”

Anonymous wrote, “Scott is mentally ill for sure.”

Deep Throat wrote Scott is an “Asshole.”

Scott replied “Anonymous, you’re not only cowardly, but also an @asshole. Way to go, a 2-fer.”

Linseed wrote, “… I posted for one of the first few times a day or two ago and was attacked immediately … by Scott. For no good reason. Although he did post a link to an informative article afterwards. Still, the first response was brash and extremely rude. People that post on this blog shouldn’t have to expect to defend themselves should they speak.”

Scott replied, “Everyone should be expected to defend themselves when they speak. If you expect to be believed without defending yourself, then you’re acting just like NXIVM, Amway, and other MLM scams do. That’s not a good idea.”

Another reader, choosing to be anonymous, wrote, “I know several people who will no longer post under their own names or even read the comments and some have stopped visiting the site altogether because Frank is allowing Scott to persist in making these sad and appalling personal attacks….. Blocking … URL’s is the only way to keep this blog from again being overtaken by Scott’s mental illness under all its manifestations.”

Another reader, Ban Scoot, wrote,  “Hahaha hahaha Scott is an idiot and needs to be banned. Frank is shooting himself in the foot by allowing Scooter to keep posting. I know of several people who know a lot of insider information into NXIVM who won’t come to the blog anymore and I won’t share any information either because of Scooter and Frank not blocking him.”

Scott replied, “Frank is like me, he believes in free speech. We know cowards don’t, that’s part of what makes up being a coward.”

Just Sayin’ wrote of Frank Report contributors, Laura and Lana Darby, “I particularly miss the Darby sisters.”

Scott wrote, “What magical things did the Darby sisters contribute?”

Then Scott wrote, “I don’t miss any of the cowards. I’ve never posted a comment here that wasn’t under my name. That makes you a liar as well as a coward. You are the one with the mental illness, you want the comments to be a pretend NXIVM/Amway la-la-land.”

Another writer wrote, “Once again Scotty Boy is blowing hot air, he just cannot help himself since he has serious psychological issues. He also was not taught by his mama to have manners and be respectful. He acts like a clown with every word he types.  Scotty Boy acts like a frustrated angry 13-year-old and refuses to answer perfectly good questions about his background on a platform where he blows his hot angry air.

“Instead Scotty’s projections of himself come through like a bright light. He is such a coward that he hides like a crybaby behind his website and radio show but it’s only a feeble attempt to boost his numbers. Stupid is what stupid does which means reading or listening to anything else he has to say, is a waste of time.  Due to his lack of success in anything he attempts to do, he needs to ride on the tails of those of us who have actually done work and risk ourselves in exposing NXIVM and those within the leadership that are criminals.

“Scotty Boy goes on and on about how Amway is a scam but refuses to come clean with why he joined, how long he was involved, how many people he sucked into Amway and why he’s so angry that he is/was a failure in a company that has been around since 1957.

“Scotty compares Amway to NXIVM which is the biggest joke and shows how stupid and self-absorbed he really is. He continues to indulge himself in his own self importance. His posts show all of us his total lack of self-esteem which he acts out with name calling and this blogs bully . It makes me wonder if Scotty is being paid by Clare Bronfman to be a TROLL on the Frank Report.

“Scotty believes that Amway was a gateway ‘drug’ for Keith Raniere to do the crimes he has been charged with. If that is true, than Scotty shouldn’t be far behind Raniere since he was a scammer himself. He’s attempting to scam us all into believing he has something intelligent to say. If anyone owes an apology to the readers of the Frank Report it’s Potty Mouth Scotty.”

Scott quickly replied, “…says the little baby after she puts down her sippy cup because she can’t read or listen on her own and demands to be spoon-fed answers to numerous questions upon demand. What a temper tantrum!”

Another writer posted, “Scott just proved the posters’ points. Mental case for sure.”

Scott replied, “In your dreams. It’s time you got your diapers changed again, little baby.”

Anonymous wrote, “…. John was Nx enemy #1 due to his blog. Frank beware!”

Scott replied “Frank should be aware that hardly anybody on this website has his back, because they refuse to post using their real names. This means any ill-will coming from NXIVM will be focused like a lazer beam on Frank. Way to go, COWARDS.”

Another writer commented, “No, Scott. Some of that blame is focused ‘like a laser beam’ on your own ill and ‘ill-willed’ head. You’re on this site anonymously and under other names thinking NXIVM nastiness can cover-up for your even nastier alter ego antics. That’s truly ‘idiotic’ and ‘cowardly.’”

Scott replied, “You were anonymous before I got here and will probably always be anonymous, because that’s what cowards do. You are also a liar, as I have never posted a single comment here that wasn’t under my name. A cowardly, anonymous, liar. Quite the reputation!”

Another writer commented, directing the message to Scott, “You bully anyone who dares use their real name the most, Scott. Because those are most threatening to your position of superior ‘courage’ using your own name — which you only do about half the time you post.  Joe’s using his ‘real’ name and you’re only taking advantage of that. Why would anyone use their real name with you around?”

Orange County Dreams wrote, “It’s very interesting that Joe, with his insight and information, doesn’t seem to be welcome here. Every time he posts, he is attacked. So, only the pure, righteous and the brave (in certain people’s opinions), may post here?”

Agreed wrote, “Scott’s being an asshole to Joe and it’s uncalled for.”

Anonymous wrote, “Correction. Scott is an Asshole.”

Scott replied, “Call me whatever name you want, but I’m not a convicted felon.”

Anonymous wrote, “You’re worse,.. you’re a butthead being paid by Clare Bronfman to disrupt the blog.”

Scott replied, “I’m proud of myself for drawing out nutjobs like you.”

Shadowstate1958 wrote, “As far as I’m concerned Joe is always welcome here.  Joe did a lot of work to uncover the Crimes of NXIVM. Joe took a lot of risks speaking Truth to Power.  And Joe O’Hara is a brave man who never calls other people “cowards” for using pen names.”

Scott replied, “As usual, you distort Captain Obvious.”

Shadowstate1958 asked Scott, “Why are you offended by my comment? Not once in my comment did I mention you by name.”

Scott replied, “Did I say I was offended? I did not, and I am not. If you didn’t mention me by name, why do you think you offended me?”

Anonymous wrote, “Mr. O’Hara’s posts were very insightful and led to other avenues of investigation.  It was wrong for him to be attacked by Scott ….”

Scott replied, “If I recall, Joe’s lawsuit was thrown out of court. How do you know what he did led to other avenues of investigation? Why is it wrong to question the source of information?”

Another commenter wrote, “It’s one thing to post a different perspective that challenges the author of the article.  But what you do, Scotty boy, isn’t anything close to that. You simply attack everybody and provide virtually no meaningful alternative viewpoints to anything. In the past you did provide some alternative info, but those days are long gone. You’ve morphed into a crabby, angry old man who just likes picking fights for no reason other than personal gratification. Why are you such a bastard? Why can’t you be a nice guy for even one day? How does your wife handle being around a crabby old asshole 24/7? You have nothing nice to say to anybody ever. Why are you shitting all over Joe without even knowing him?

Scott quickly replied, “Time to change your diaper, little baby.”

Another reader wrote, “Why are you picking a fight with Joe? What does he have to apologize for? What did he do that’s so bad? Isn’t he friends with Frank?”

Scott replied, “What makes you think I’m picking a fight with Joe, you anonymous coward? Ever hear of the internet? Look him up. It’s important to consider the source of information, and Joe is a convicted felon. I couldn’t care less who Joe’s friends are, I care about whether he is a reliable source of information.”

The reader then replied, “Oh, thanks for answering my question in such a polite and mature fashion. 🙂 As for Joe being a convicted felon, so what? Aren’t you the one who spent 2 decades in a scam organization while trying to entice more people to join underneath you so that you could scam them out of money too? How many scamway tool sets (worthless tapes) did you encourage others to buy before finally leaving? How many lives did you ruin by encouraging them to max out their credit cards to buy Amway tool sets and then file for bankruptcy?  Therefore if Joe needs to apologize for being a felon in the past, then you also need to apologize for being a lifetime MLM scammer in the past, for 20 years. Why do you get forgiveness, but not Joe? Now apologize! 🙂

“Didn’t you also get sued and agree to a settlement which let Amway prevent you from talking to their members/distributors? Didn’t you bow down and kiss Amway’s butt in that settlement? hahaha. Didn’t you also go ‘undercover’ and waste 5 years of your life trying to bring down Amway from the inside, only to fall flat on your face and fail in that quest? When you finally woke up from your Amway nightmare, you were only 65 years old. Joe seems just fine to me, when compared to the likes of Amway Scott Johnson.”

Scott replied, “Come on my radio show and I’ll answer all of your questions. But you’re probably too big of a coward to do that. But you can get all of your questions answered on my websites, just click on my name. COWARD.

Scott also wrote, “We first need a detailed apology from Joe regarding all of his criminal convictions. Then, we can listen to him.”

Anonymous Coward wrote, “Who cares if he’s a convicted felon? He can still be a good guy and an impeccable source of information on this issue. … As far as being a reliable source of information – I did listen to half of an episode of your show once – talk about unverified conspiracy theory speculative clap-trap. It was so nauseating that I couldn’t even finish a whole episode. I find it ironic that you, of all people, are piously pontificating about the purity of sources of information….. It was depressing because I had the same opinions on the matter that you did, but mine were based in boring facts. You were spreading absolute lecherous garbage. While it may be much more personally gratifying to engage in raw speculation, that never wins anyone over. But what more could I expect from someone who got sucked into the Amway scheme…”

Scott replied “Then you should have no problem coming on my radio show and putting me in my place…except you probably won’t because you’re a COWARD.”

Anonymous wrote, “We need a detailed apology from your Mama, Scott,”

WMOM Radio wrote, “You will have to go on her radio show to get an apology.”

Anonymous wrote, “Tell us Scooter, why won’t you answer questions regarding yourself?”

Scott replied, “Asked and answered. Any other stupid questions?”


Out of more than 5,000 words of comments, about 3,000 pertained to Scott and/or were written by Scott – yet the post was about John Tighe.

It seems the problem starts with Scott attacking or insulting commenters who are on topic. Then Scott’s detractors attack him and he responds and the thread gets off topic and on to Scott.

If Clare Bronfman were paying to disrupt this website, this would be a good method of doing it. But I think the disruption is not making anyone any money – and that all of the Scott distraction is being done by volunteers. I don’t see how it helps this website or me in any way.

So I may heed the advice of so many: If commenters gratuitously attack other commenters just for their offering an opinion, I will consider banning the offenders. It’s the polite thing to do.

If you had a party and invited friends – and my readers are my friends – and one or more of them came over and just insulted all your other friends – you probably would not invite them to your next party.

Stay tuned…





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  • To Susan Dones — I think it would be wonderful if you would support a new blog about NXIVM. As far as I can tell, this blog is a reflection of the person who owns it, so it is going to continue to be like this. If you haven’t already, you might want to google “frank parlato” and manliness. Frank’s defense and support of Scott sounds like Trump talking about why he loves Kim Jong-Un, and his seemingly pathological hatred of one particular ex-NXIVM actress means he will continue to obsessively post about her, which only leads to more deranged postings from her sick stalker/haters. Add to that the right-wing conspiracy nuts he recruited by promoting that whacko Szemkus and his Stormy Daniels crap and you have the toxic stew that is the Frank Report. As you pointed out, all Frank can seemingly muster on his own now are “stories” about one former member who left five years ago. If it weren’t for all of the articles Joe has been contributing lately, there would be next to nothing of substance on here as Frank would apparently rather spend time and space coddling his trolls and nutjobs than exposing corrupt officials in government and law enforcement or current members still supporting the cult. The fact that people like Catherine Oxenberg, Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson, and others who have publicly spoken out against the cult do not even bother to follow this blog or retweet Frank’s stuff is telling. So please do encourage that person to start a new blog about NXIVM, especially if it will be more supportive and conducive to those who ended up being in it.

    • Another leftist crackpot posting their Feinstein-Pelosi loving left wing nut bullshit. Don’t like it here than leave. Furthermore where is your precious Stormy now and her creepy lying lawyer?

    • 🤣😂😅
      I agree with you in regards to Susan supporting a new blog about NXIVM. Why would she even bother mentioning it here, as though she thought it was some kind of threat to Frank!

      Yeah…the Bzemkus debacle was rather telling , wasnt it? Or maybe Frank was brainwashed by Scott into promoting that oh-so- rational conspiracy theory on his site? Who knows, but I found it all rather entertaining. And enlightening, too.

      Have you also considered that people who were really involved with NXIVM, may not post anything here because doing so may compromise the upcoming case? If they are going to be called as witnesses or anything like that…..

      • Forget Johnson and Bzerkus dimwit. Focus on your democrat loving buddies Branson and Epstein and their private islands along with Clare bear Your fellow NXIVM members and Democrats have had plenty of “good ” times on those islands.

  • Now that the kids have had their say, let’s remember that the frank report has saved lives. Literally. For the very cynical, it has prevented brandings. In the era of #metoo, that should warrant front page coverage.

    Let’s keep this blog a clear attempt to help the victims of Raniere.

  • Scott and Shadowstate both had no direct involvement with NXIVM, which makes their views as valueless as any other “outsider looking in”. No matter what they say, it’s speculation, nothing more.

    People (myself, and others) have tried asking them to change or stop their offensive behaviors, all to no avail.

    Apparently, asking Frank to do something about it is a waste of time, too.

    I know I’m not the only one who’s tired of this bullshit.

    It’s a shame that Frank would rather lose dozens, potentially hundreds of readers/commenters, all just to keep these 2 idiots around, but so be it. His loss, but it’s also the loss of the readers here, because the comments section is continuously ruined by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

    Frank has not only enabled this garbage, but given his blessing to it, too. His defense of it all?

    “Scott was a nice guy, when I was on his radio show” – So F*cking What, Frank. Did you forget about all of those Scott Johnson posts you’ve deleted here? Did you not get enough complaint-emails about Scott in your Inbox? 1 guest appearance on an internet radio show seemingly has you convinced that Scott Johnson is the Christ incarnate.

    The NXIVM story is an interesting story, but reading about it on Frank Report has gotten to the point where it’s not worth the effort. I can get the story elsewhere, without the idiotic commentary from Anway Scott, or Shadow-Of-A-Brain.

    • In all fairness, shadowstate does not engage in insults on here. Even when he is attacked, he often replies with something related to NXIVM, the reason this site exists, without necessarily throwing an insult back. This Scott dude and “the superfan” (rhymes with superman😄) are the ones who wreck the comments.

      • I agree with this. I used to think that Scott had something useful to say, but he is just so rude to everyone that I no longer think so. Shadow, on the other hand, may post a lot, but I always find it insightful and he is never ever to rude to other posters, even if he disagrees with what they are saying and even when they are rude to him.

    • Totally agree. Johnsom’s worthless ass should be banned. Shadowboy should have some of his posts curtailed when he craps up a thread about the love of his life with the same crap over and over.

  • First Mr. Frank, let me say that I stumbled on Frank Report about 10 months before the eventual arrest and incarceration of Keith Raniere. You took us all on a wild ride. The B minus actress in the headlights look on Allison Mack’s face when Schlubguard was placed in the police vehicle: priceless.

    With regards to Scott, he has serious anger issues over the pink Chevy Lumina sitting in his driveway, the vehicle he won as Mary Kay’s leading male salesman in all of Texas. Seems he can’t sell the damn thing and its starting to rust.

    You tell us all what a polite radio host Scott is. My advice then is if your media empire ever expands to include a radio station, hire him immediately.

    Scott’s comment tool bag is severely limited. Amway and railing at anonymous cowards/convicted felons. Old and tired. What should not be tolerated, however, is Scott’s abuse and criticism of Shadowstate, who is a comic goldmine who always brings a chuckle with his solemn pronouncements from the Second City.

    Speaking of which is there any money left in the budget so that we might get Shadow as AirBnB in trendy Williamsburg? So that he can cover Vanprisonguard’s trial, which might be ready to begin by 2020?

  • We have to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable.
    It’s not always easy to do.
    NXIVM is the perfect example of a society where a bully shouts down all opposition.

    My younger brother is an industry lobbyist and also a conservative Republican.
    In spite of his politics my brother has to bury the hatchet with liberal Democrats to get infrastructure projects built.
    That’s how business is conducted in Washington, DC and on the state level around the country.
    If Congress consisted of 535 Scott Johnson the country would grind to a halt.

    If Scott could learn how to express himself maturely, he can stay.
    If Scott is unable to act maturely …………

  • Frank… If you’re going to ban all detractors, I think that’s a bad thing especially IF certain so-called detractors provide alternative viewpoints with some depth and don’t just attack people for no reason with one sentence posts.

    Lots of people like to label others as ‘detractors’ when they can’t win an argument on its merits or answer legit questions posed to them.

    Can’t win an argument? Just label your opponent as a detractor/troll and demand they be banned. LOL.

    Don’t let these losers of arguments succeed in making you ban anybody who criticizes. Don’t swing too far in the opposite direction, Frank.

    So if you do ever decide to ban Scotty then so be it, but don’t ban Little Nony Mouse — because Little Nony Mouse is as harmless as a newborn kitten.

    Although I admit to writing a few long posts which have strongly criticized a few senior members, I also provide alternative viewpoints and posts with some depth — even if my views are not popular.

    Plus I keep my criticisms to a minimum compared to Scott. I also don’t argue back and always let others have the last word after I post something (I show restraint in order to prevent a Scott-type thread from snowballing).

    So even if senior members like Sultan, Heidi, JustSayin and Toni Natalie might not like Little Nony Mouse (me) very much because of some of the things I’ve said about them, I think that I don’t deserve a ban because the previously mentioned members kinda deserved any comments which I floated in their direction. 🙂

    I only dish out criticism when warranted. I don’t believe anybody is off limits, especially if I catch them lying or being a hypocrite about something.

    Little Nony Mouse is a force for good. 🙂

    Little Nony Mouse = Good; Pure; Harmless; Alternative Viewpoints 🙂

    • I don’t want to ban anyone and will only ban someone who is a constant disruptive force — attacking commenters on unrelated issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with the posts. I don’t mind criticisms of myself or anyone if they are anywhere near reasonable and not just a show of stupidity or to show off or to express vitriol and which seems to have no other purpose but to disrupt the cohesiveness of the comments section. Please keep commenting.

    • I don’t mind opposition to mine or others viewpoints. That make for an interesting blog.

      What I will walk away from is a blog that is being abusive for no reason other than to be truly disruptive and disrespectful. I put up with enough of that BS while in NXIVM.

      Scott Johnson is more abusive than adding value to the post and I have personal knowledge that a lot of people have stopped posting and reading this blog since Scott started spewing his abusive words.

      Ms Pea I find more ridiculous in her love for her master then being abusive to others who post.

      Frank’s idea of Scott’s Corner doesnt work so until he make a decision and posts what his plan is to do about Scott, than I’m out of here other than campaigning for Scott to be banned.

      • Susan, Joe, Heidi, Toni, Omar – Commentors like you are critical for us outsiders to truly understand what happened and your stories are helpful because they allow us to empathize. As a result they function as a cautionary tale that anyone can fall into this kind of trap. Personally, I skip over the vitriol in the comments (it’s been really really bad lately. Like embarrassingly bad) but if Scott is the cause of any of you not sharing your insights then this blog no longer provides value. Especially now that we are in the indictment phase.

        I’m in favor of the Scott ban.

        • Exactly. Susan, Joe, Toni, Heidi, and Omar are people we all want to hear from. They have been there and seen a lot. They have insider info and talk to people who continually give them more insider info. Every time any of these five people post a comment, Scott immediately attacks them. And Scott wasn’t in NXIVM and only knows what he’s read on FR.

          If you post anonymously, Scott attacks you. If you post with your real name, Scott attacks you. Scott must go.

      • Personally, I would much rather read comments from you, or ANY of the other people here who were actually there.

        Instead, I lose patience with the comments section…because Every.Single.Stinking.Thread. is hijacked by pointless speculation from people like Scott Johnson and Shadowstate…who say the same things, over and over again.

        “NXIVM, from an MLM perspective, as only I can tell it” – Scott Johnson

        “Every issue in the world, and how Allison Mack may have a role in it” – Shadowstate

        I can’t speak for other people, buf me? I’m sick of these 2 boobs, and really wish they’d find a new place to haunt.

      • With regard to that person’s posts. They are in no way constructive alternative viewpoints. I would post links to them, but it would just send the comments to spam.
        You can basically go look at my posts and see how they are expressing their “alternative viewpoints”. You would see the post you replied to in a completely different light.
        I strongly suspect getting rid of Scott won’t help nearly as much as we might like to think it would. When Scott is posting in his own name, he basically just calls everybody cowards. If this is a different person, they are the seriously toxic one.

  • Frank, I have brought my concerns to your personally regarding Scott Johnson and have stopped posting anything I know about NXIVM due to Scott’s behavior.

    I have things I could send you and things to share but I refuse to allow myself to be abused by Scott via your “liking him”.

    How can you continue to support someone who was nice to you as long as he gets what he wants, but the other side of his brain is so destructive and abusive.

    I was asked if I would support a new blog about NXIVM that did not allow wack jobs to interfere. Out of respect to you, I declined but at this point I can no longer support the agreement you have with Scott.

    How is removing post and making his/others comments into it’s own post any solution?

    I started to read this thread hoping you’d come to your sense but you gave Scott what he seeks, more attention without addressing the real issues.

    How Scott behaves with Joe’s post is beyond forgivable and I agree you are not solving the real issue at hand.

    I dont come her often and used to come everyday. Several good posters have left and all you seen to be able to do on your own is write stories about an ex-NXIVM actress as you get a lot of hits/comments with these posts.

    I think a lot of people are saying you habe to make a choice. Ots your problem child or them.

    As I’ve said in the past it’s up to you. It’s your blog and you can keep it the RAG its become or go back to real journalism.

    Let your readers vote.

    I support banning Scott Johnson

    • “and all you seen to be able to do on your own is write stories about an ex-NXIVM actress as you get a lot of hits/comments with these posts.”

      It’s not Frank’s fault that people speak about this NXIVM actress. She is responsible for it because of her silence and weak PR damage control statement. Kreuk claims she left the cult in 2013 but she was still around in 2015. An insider in the site has claimed she was still involved in 2016 but has not discussed further. You said she left shortly after you did in 2009. We know that is not true. Because of these inconsistencies, people question her. Not only was she still very much in NXIVM when you claimed she left, she was named in a criminal lawsuit by Mr Joe O’Hara in 2012 alongside Allison Mack and those other insiders, who surely you personally know are criminals. Without information, people will keep on talking.

      As for Scott Johnson, he is indeed annoying and whether he is banned or not, people with inside knowledge of NXIVM should help use Frank Report as a weapon against the cult. It was Frank Report after all that helped get the monsters arrested. Don’t let an irritating troll win. Keith Raniere, the scumbag would not want people with insider knowledge commentating would he?

    • In total agreement. The worst being was when Frank handed over editorial over to Scott. That was a WTF? moment for me.

    • Susan, I find your post a bit confusing.

      Who are these several good posters who chose to stop posting due to Scott? Ex nxivm? I thought there was a Facebook group for ex members, so it’s a bit weird they feel compelled to post here.

      I also cant understand why you feel threatened by Scott when you provide information. Can’t you just email Frank privately to share your information. You don’t need to interact with Scott.

      I’m also confused about why you feel its disrespectful to Frank to support another blog about NXIVM. I sort of doubt that Frank would take that as a personal slight against him.

  • My fault Frankie. Instead of putting it in his mother at the whore house, I shouda rolled over and shot him out the window. Worst 10 bucks I ever spent and got a good dose of the clap from it too.

    • Like one said : “Why kill by poison when you can kill with honey !”

      Can you write I nice thing on me too ? Lets assume my name is Fnürksbrünt !

        • Thank you <3 <3 <3 XD

          (of course I've lost the pattern I used to generate my post picture, so I used 01a@01a.01a instead… don't do like me… at least take note of the pattern you're using)

          Well, bye folks !

  • By now, just about everyone realizes Scott Johnson not well. He is perhaps, as they say, loco en la cabeza. Which means crackers.

    Just ban him. This is beyond ridiculous.

  • Question for Frank: exactly how many articles have you written about Scott now? Scott started out ruining your web site, and now you have finished his work of ruining your own site.

  • Scott is not the problem. Frank is the problem. Scott is just a rude and angry man. He looks small when compared to our Vanguard. But he is insignificant. Frank on the other hand is large – in his evil. He is the anti-Vanguard. A man who matches – with evil – Vanguard’s good. Only good always triumphs over evil. Remember “people can be ethical but will they have the will power necessary to achieve this?” — Keith Raniere.

  • Scott Johnson is simply looking for someone who endorses him and he will love-bomb everyone who supports him in his quest against amway. The worst thing for him is that not one of us actually cares. This blog is neither about amway nor Scott “Amway” Johnson. It is funny to see him accuse people who were or are part of Nexium for things he did himself. He got fooled into a pyramid scheme and we should assume that he recruited friends and family into it.
    This is pretty much the same thing a certain actress did or did not do. But unlike Scott this actress is able to gain a lot of publicity for the cause, despite being aged, untalented, greyed and lifted. On top of that she is a slut with multiple STDs, allegedly.

    None of that matters in the end, but do we or to be more precise, does Frank want people around who do nothing but derailing the comment section? If he was not such a coward himself he would dare to behave this way in the real world. But this could end with a broken nose.

    • Well, this is totally out of topic, sorry for that, but :
      -aged -> come on !
      -untalented -> well, the funny of it all is that she would be more successful if she created a ‘persona’ closer to what she is and not what she wants to look or sound like. They are pretty girls they are made for comedy because they are naturally fun and they naturally have that sparkling-nut-thing… She’s a pretty girl, she doesn’t need to act like a pretty girl because she actually is ! So I wonder why no one told her that she doesn’t need to trap herself in the same roles again and again, whereas she would had boosted her career following her own path !
      -lifted -> let’s bet she’s not…
      -multiple STDs -> well, some people catch STDs easier than flue… maybe they are luckier…

      Sorry again, that was totally out of topic but I had to intervene… Even if I knew that part of your comment was sarcastic.

      But I like what you write FDCW, I think you’re brillant : )

    • “this actress is able to gain a lot of publicity for the cause, despite being aged, untalented, greyed and lifted. On top of that she is a slut with multiple STDs, allegedly.”

      This did make me chuckle a bit. Where is it alleged the gray one is a slut with STD’s?

      • You know how it’s like, it’s to go further in exageration and sarcasm… Right further it would be “and some in the industry say that she spread her STDs all over the world to please Satan and to gain levels in the ranks of his unholy church”… This is a way to discredit commenters they made gross statements on her reputation, in the entertainment industry, without having a single clue…

          • And I have no idea why I answered this comment for you 8G 😛
            Maybe because I find your pseudo FDCW especially cool. I had no idea of that story and I found it very, very, very cool ! XD So thank you for making me discovery it.

  • Frank, let Scott keep posting, but ONLY ON HIS OWN POSTS.

    Let Scott start SEPARATE posts, labeled clearly that they are from Scott. And he can write about anything, new stuff or what is on other posts. But he is BANNED from posting elsewhere.
    That way others interested in what he says can read and comment. So Scott gets free speech, others can read him, but he is relegated to his own post, and he can see how interested his thoughts are to others.

    He has abused his welcome by the way he comments, but let him speak…but only to those who want to hear him will have to listen.

    • I think this is an excellent solution. I would likely read the post from Scott. But I really don’t like his replies to people. I think he is offensive to Joe who does use his own name, and has information I want to read. And totally offensive to so many others without adding anything constructive in most comments. If he had his own post, he could actually contribute in a positive way. I think many of us have been to Scott’s site, found it not to be too interesting. His interview with Frank the best one I listened to.

    • This was already attempted with “Scott’s corner” and initially worked until he weaseled his way back into the mainstream only to abuse everyone yet again and again.

      Frank’s been beyond patient. Scott’s proved he really cannot control himself.

      Commentors, including innocent first-timers, have been swearword-whipped by this Texas Nazi chauvinist piece of shit for just showing up.

      Scott may have played a part in Monday’s bloody terrorist attack on Sultan, as it appears his anima, “Flowers” did as well.

      Yank ‘em both by the URL!

  • Frank, since these trolls keep insisting that Scott is writing under the name Flowers (which he definitely is not) maybe you can verify that much , just so the trolls at least stop believing that.
    I’m not really sure why they think Scott writes under this name (what would be the point) or why they think Clare is paying him. Neither makes any sense to me.

    • I don’t think Scott has posted under anyone’s name but his own. I truly doubt he has ever posted under the name Flowers. There have been imposters using Flower’s and Scott’s names. I try to delete them when they come up.

      • Flowers mounted a shrill and nasty trolling campaign as Ryanne S. -go ahead delete this a second time. Your defence of these people and their vicious behaviour toward ex-nx’s is curious.

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