To clarify on Scott and the call to ban him

“My fault Frankie. Instead of putting it in his mother at the whore house, I shoulda rolled over and shot him out the window. Worst 10 bucks I ever spent and got a good dose of the clap from it too.”…

I normally do not respond to comments people make – or criticize them – for I don’t want to inhibit comments.  But since the last post was about comments – and the comment above is also exactly the type of comment I am seeking to avoid – I will make what I hope is the last and final comment on the entire Scott matter.

I know the comment about the whore house was meant to be funny and, because Scott is so generally despised on Frank Report, it may be supportive overall to the website.  But I really do prefer these kind of comments – as well as all hateful comments Scott himself makes – would cease.  I’d rather keep the commenters but lose their vicious comments. But if I have to chose between keeping nasty commenters or losing them as readers, my “plan is to ban.”

I tried the opposite approach. Most readers know it –  which was to ask certain people to be a little less disruptive. They decided to go in the opposite direction.  Now I plan to be insistent.  I want to reiterate –  people can criticize concepts; they can criticize me; they can criticize the posts. They can criticize others. Even anti-Nxivm members. They can chide me for writing too much about Kristin Kreuk – but what I don’t want to see anymore is the pounding on, the punking of others for making sincere comments and the worthless retaliation against each other.

And preferably I do not want to see comments that are entirely irrelevant to the post at hand – unless it serves an overall good purpose. I can be a little more tolerant of that, but have decided to end the cruel and nasty bickering that seems to have been initialed by Scott and echoed by his detractors.

For the welfare of the blog and it’s overall purpose I’m “planning on banning.”

To make it clear, again:  I strongly support free speech. If Scott winds up being banned here – because he continues to jump down commenters’ throats, it is only because he chose to do so.

Nevertheless, I will fight for his right to say whatever he wants on his own blog or anywhere else where people welcome him.

As for now, I draw the line. Too many intelligent people have asked me to ban him to continue to ignore him.  I choose not to ban him yet. He may post one more nasty comment. He may call someone a coward once more on Frank Report.  But he will not do it a second time.

That said, the world is wide – so is the worldwide web – Scott will still be able to get his message out.  If he has important to say,  people will read it.

As of this moment, everyone is welcome to post here – Scott included.  Only let’s practice a little civility.

I see no reason to further tolerate people who want to be destructive to this website.


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  • It’s a moot point to complain. Frank said his piece. I know myself, I won’t be posting anything as I do not need to be attacked. As for his comments? Scroll the fuck on by is my motto.

  • As for JustSayin’s repeated attempts to claim that Flowers is really Scott (and other posters from the past) —- Frank ALREADY knows that Flowers’ IP is from a different location than the other posters she mentioned.

    So please stop humiliating yourselves with these ridiculous comments about Flowers being somebody else.

    She’s from Canada.

    Scott is from Texas.

    I’m from Cali.

    Other posters are from other areas.

    Please stop with the Flowers’ hysteria since it’s embarrassing to watch grown people sound like dolts with these wacky conspiracy theories.

    But if you really are obsessed with Flowers, please try emailing Frank IN PRIVATE to make such claims privately —- then he can tell you privately how ridiculous your claims are.

    Plus, the new rules also apply to you, JustSayin.

    You can’t go on attacking people for past posts and then cry “foul” if they respond in kind or correct your mistaken claims.

    You must also obey the new rules and not purposely try to pick fights with people for past posts. You don’t get a free pass to keep trashing Flowers. Frank has said to stop trashing people gratuitously.

    BTW: I’ve seen you claim that Flowers is really other people at least a half dozen times over the last few months. You seem keenly fixated on certain people from the past, even though you mentioned just today that you don’t care about them or think about them much (your comments would suggest otherwise, though).

    Please just let the past go and obey the new rules along with everybody else. Flowers is Flowers. She’s not part of some multi-poster conspiracy that you dreamed up. Stop this funny Flowers’ nonsense. 🙂

  • After reading all these comments asking to ban Scott, and those insisting (without any evidence or any logic) that Scott posts with this name, I wonder about a few things.
    Mainly I’m confused about why “all” these people are so upset about Scott’s comments. When I say all, that could actually be just a few people, since many comments are written with the anon icon. But I wonder why these posters, who are apparently all adults, are so upset when someone calls them stupid. Can’t they just either ignore the remark?
    Or reply back to explain why they posted what they did and ask why Scott thinks their remark is stupid?

    I find it so amusing because until Scott started posting here, there were very few comments posted on these threads, And as Frank’s earlier post proves , the number of page visits increased dramatically in 2018 (after Scott started posting) I know the number of comments increased dramatically as well.

    So, if all these “exNXIVM members” feel that Scott is “forcing ” them off this blog, why did they all start posting after Scott started posting? If they had all these important stories to share , why didn’t they do so earlier? And if they are going to be called as a witness in the upcoming case or asked to provide evidence, do you think they would even be permitted to post information here?

    • Wow lady are you rich. I have seen people say things to you and you attack them with vile responses. You seem to live in a glass house toots. Never forget your own misandrous posts, they are here recorded forever

      • What do you mean by misandrous? Please explain? I would so love to hear what posts you’re referring to, anonymous.

        • I’ll jump in. I posted FACTS about Nancy Salzman. First hand facts. You immediately called me a liar.

          Also, Scott joined the blog when everybody joined the blog – when shit was hitting the fan. To insinuate that Scott could be the reason for the views is so crazy, I can’t believe you suckered me in to commenting on it.

          • I did NOT dispute any facts about Nancy Salzman. What facts and what post are you referring to?

            Probably the only thing I ever said about her is that her head appears too big for her body in that one photo. Which is just my opinion😂

    • You ask why anyone would question whether “Scott” wasn’t also posting as “Flowers,” etc. while at the same time offering up clear evidence of such in your “Flowers” post above.

      Even without seeing the URL’s that prove it — despite your feeble efforts to use different devices — Scott and Flowers have the exact same goals here. It’s OBVIOUS you two “share the same nutsack.”

      You’re both badly playing caricature roles with “Scott” starring as Donald Trump mini-me and “Flowers” overplaying the “me-too movement” “rape” or “death threat” libtard victim in between trying to appear like you give a shit about anything or anyone to do with NXIVM.

      I was initially genuinely concerned about how this display of victim mockery might reflect on or effect real NXIVM victims, even talked to Frank about it, but Flowers here claims the victims must be somehow prohibited from visiting this site so where’s the harm?

      Btw, that’s only true for those under court orders.

      Bottom line for me is if you don’t take your little show on the road away from this site, I just don’t want to be affiliated or have my sister’s name connected to any further victimization of male or female ex-NXIVM members.

      Oh, and “Flowers” this decision has nothing to do with your hankering “critique” of my Guest View that Frank rather smoothly pieced together from the comments section. Your premises are all false — you put words in my mouth neither I nor Frank wrote. Never said I took the IQ test for instance — I said the opposite. But if you want to make an argument against your own lies, knock yourself out.

      Not going to respond to false attributions, not going on “Scott’s” schlock show, won’t even be around to read it until Scott and his animas are off the air on here.

      Sorry for, especially, Joe O’hara. He, especially, deserves far better treatment for his meaningful, informative, often uncredited contributions to this blog alone.

      Maybe Frank will someday know what it is to be labeled a “convicted felon” and have it thrown in his face when he endeavors to help another victim as Joe attempted for John Tighe on this site before Scott overtook the thread with “ex-con” insults.

      For that alone, “Scott” should have been banned but wasn’t.

      • Heidi, if you are unable to understand Frank’s comment (and that even if we used various devices, our different locations should still be visible to Frank)
        why don’t you write Frank privately to verify this. I’m sure Frank can see interpret the data he collects from this blog , and that he knows more than you do about it.
        Why do you continue to argue about something when you’ve been proven wrong?

      • Also Heidi, I’m not the one who critiqued your post. For all we know, you wrote both posts yourself and you’re a crazy person arguing with yourself! You get the point yet? That its pointless to keep insisting that someone is writing under various names, as anyone could be doing that, (and only Frank would know.)

        • Oh Heidi, I NEVER said that victims should be PROHIBITED from posting here. Read it again, please. I said that if they were former nxivm members who had information, and would therefore be called to testify against nxivm, law enforcement would definitely tell them not to post information that could compromise the upcoming court case.

          But keep posting more BS here, it’s getting quite amusing!

          • We (the readers of FR) want to hear more from Heidi, Joe, Toni, Susan etc. You (Flowers) were not in NXIVM. When people who know stuff, post here. SHUT UP AND LISTEN! Stop calling people liars when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • And I’m not stopping them from posting anything here. And if they post something that is easily proven to be bullshit (as I just proved on the other thread where they hilariously insisted “annuals” meant something nefarious) then all the better. We can all have a good laugh over the bullshit.

          • You are the BS. As I told you on another post – get over yourself. Either help or get out of the way.

      • I thought the ‘attacking’ was over. Yet Heidi won’t let the past go.

        Heidi, you now say that until Flowers takes her show on the road (gets banned by Frank and leaves), you won’t be around here anymore.

        …and yet, here you are.

        If you wish to leave then that’s your choice and I certainly don’t encourage that, but I’d have much more respect for you if you just carried out your threat of leaving, instead of begging for anybody else to be banned in order for you to stay — since that’s just mean spirited.

        You’re now begging for Frank to ban Flowers?

        What’s next after he bans Flowers?

        I know, ban Me too, because I dared to question you.

        …And after I’m banned, you’ll want to ban anybody else who doesn’t accept your story about various facts.

        Frank has said that he’s going to ban anybody for using gratuitous insults from now on, yet that’s not good enough for you. You actually want more people banned for previous comments made in the past, just because your feelings may have been hurt by them in the past.

        Why not let Frank just deal with any future posts which insult people gratuitously, without demanding that he ban any of your perceived enemies for past comments?

        BTW: You have also gratuitously attacked Flowers in violation of Frank’s rules on several occasions, including in this thread, yet you seem to think those rules don’t apply to you. You seem to want to hold others to those rules, but you get a free pass.

        Pot meet kettle.

        Here’s an idea… How about everybody just start not attacking others for past posts? Including you, Heidi?

        • Hi Me.
          (Who is really NOT me!)
          The first interaction I had with Heidi was when she posted that I should change my name to Fungus, and my post was not addressed to her, nor did it mention her. I decided to look up her twitter account at that point and then asked her why she was following Clare, which apparently upset her.
          I never wrote the other posts about her, but she thinks I did. Anyways , I can see that she wanted to pick a fight with me for some strange reason, and I presume she thinks I’m someone who I’m not.
          But I really am a person from Vancouver who has never been involved in NXIVM. That’s the truth.

          • Get lost flowers-me…you are a notorious liar. You know truth if it hit you in your empty head. One of the common traits you and your fellow NXIVM members have in common is you are clearly delusional.

  • I, for one, offer Frank an apology.

    Longtime reader here and to put it all in perspective, most of the commentary are from past members of this cult. You cannot possibly see what you’ve done. You are the problem.

    And not the victim.

    Seek some care and pray upon this.

  • I agree that civility is important and ethics. Keith is one of the most civilized of all people who ever lived. If Scott Johnson took the 16 day i think he would learn to be more compassionate and not need to behave in such an inexcusable manner. This isn’t case where the tech could be extremely helpful. Which is ironic the tech which is what the Frank Report seeks to destroy could help poor uneducated people like Scott Johnson and Frank Parlato too. Study then Vanguard’ teaching and learn ethics.

    • I fail to see the civility in holding somebody hostage for 18 months because they exhibit good taste and refuse to have sex with you. Must being using the bizarro world definition.

  • Thank you, Frank. I’m sorry it had to come to this and you have to watch over the comments in this manner, but it’s the right thing to do. Be civil or get banned. The choice is up to each one of us now.

  • This new post popped up before I hit send, so I am going to put it all here, instead.

    I feel like even the first five or six months I was here and commenting, it was more like a community. We could engage in conversations more in the comments, and I wasn’t the only one who talked about it being healing to be able to converse with each other. Even then Shadowstate had lots of posts, but I learned to take the good with the bad with him. Sultan of Six is who he is, but the guy only shows up occasionally, and it is pretty easy to ignore him when you realise he just says the same thing, and he doesn’t usually attack people who don’t engage with him.

    The really significantly bad attacks started when Scott Johnson showed up. Not long after the Mike S. character arrived, who switched to jingleschmidt whatever, and then all of the various names, which I specifically include Flowers in. There was a welcome pause when that person said they were going on vacation for two weeks. Also, I believe if anyone checks back at the old comments by that person, it is the same e-mail icon as Flowers usually has, although it is not out of the realm of possibility that I am mistaken. I don’t actually care enough about this to bother to properly investigate. Anyhow, this persona writing very long posts, and acknowledging zero direct experience with NXIVM while still professing to be an expert on it (which Scott Johnson also does) and correcting those of us who did actually experience it when we discuss it. Another common theme is the full-on assault against anyone who disagrees about the slightest thing. I am still not entirely convinced that Scott Johnson isn’t all of these, although, it is possible there are two different characters involved. For some reason it is usually posting very close timing to Scott Johnson, even in the early hours of the morning, as well as using the same language style / words, etc.

    It is extra sad if it is indeed two people having the same mental issues that are being put on display.

    Pea Onyu is like a ray of sunshine in comparison. I would rather see the nonsense, word salad of NXIVM’s version of ethics of someone trying to stick up for Raniere. At least Pea Onyu doesn’t appear to be intentionally trying to inflict harm on various people.

    I am glad to see you draw a line in the sand, especially after you mentioned people being consistently disruptive, because this has been going on for a lot of months now. I am just saying that if you are right about it not all being Scott Johnson, you are only going to solve a portion of the problem.

      • Add the justification that it is okay to cyberbully people who don’t answer their stupid and usually irrelevant questions.

    • It is definitely NOT the icon I’ve used. My comments were always posted with this blue icon(as I used here), but then for some reason my comments would not post with this email address, so I started using another icon (which was dark red), and my comments posted. Then, a few days ago, I could not post again. So I tried the first email address, and it worked, so now I’m back to this original blue icon.

      If you don’t believe me, check my old comments – they are all posted with those 2 icons. I’m not sure why you feel it’s necessary to lie about me, especially when your claims can so easily be proved wrong!

      • And thank you for proving my two points plus demonstrating that you are unable to read….because if you could , you would have seen my comment to Frank on the last thread. And Frank answers that Scott and I are NOT posting from the same IP, and that we both have had other posters use our names to post.

        Why would Frank lie about this, Just saying? Do you think Frank is too dumb to understand the data he collects from his own blog, or that he’s messing with you?

        • Again, this is what we should be trying to avoid.

          1) You’re accusing someone of not being able to read.
          2) You’re calling our host Frank either dumb or a liar.

          If someone attacks you, can’t you just ignore it? Why do you feel compelled to defend yourself? It’s a BLOG for God’s sake. On the other hand – if someone attacks the accuracy of your information, or your point of view, why not simply consider it, and counter comment if you think needed? (Sometimes those comments make valid points. I myself have had to reconsider my position several times.)

          This is not grade school. We are trying to share, learn, and give information in a civil, thoughtful forum.

          • And why do YOU feel compelled to attack me for defending myself, OCD? This person continually accuses me of being mentally ill and of posting under various names to argue with myself. So I asked Frank to prove to her that she is wrong, which he did. However, she STILL wont believe Frank.

            If anything, she is the one being disruptive, as she keeps insisting on a scenario that can be proven incorrect, then she ignores the facts posted by Frank and calls me mentally ill. Does that seem like a normal response to you?

          • Seriously Frank this flower cu Next Tuesday needs to join Johnson on the ash heap of history as far as this blog goes. This flowers is a world class hypocrite and has never had a constructive post here. Clearly a NXIVM member still active in the Vancouver area.

          • To Dump,
            Since Frank knows my name, has my IP, and can probably find out who was an actual NXIVM member, I have no worries.

            Why do you think I gave him my name and identity in the first place, before I ever posted anything here? Not because I was a nxivm member… lol. Why would a nxivm member who was loyal to the cult, do that?
            Any logic in doing that?
            I gave it to him because I’ve already been thru these attacks before on another blog, and I thought there may be a connection.

  • Frank, I really think you should just ban Scott once and for all.

    He adds nothing to the conversation. He constantly attacks others. And he constantly self-promotes.

    He’s attacked everyone on this site who has experienced NXIVM first-hand including Toni, Joe, Susan. Why would anyone attack Toni Natalie?

    It’s about time. Ban Scott Johnson and virtually all the problems on the blog will disappear. And do you have time to police the blog? Frank, your time is much more valuable than that.

    Scott is not all there. Let him take his roadshow somewhere else. Please.


    • And Yes…I will be covering the trial in Brooklyn of the NXIVM Foul Four.

      Which will pry be Evil Eight when the superseding indictments come out.

      • Good to see you, FormerNex. I know your freedom to comment is limited, given the lawsuit. I also miss Darth Van Douche and Ionwhitepoetry. And others.

      • Keep posting Omar. More people who have been involved with NXIVM or those who have any information on it and it’s members should use the comments section more.

    • The only 2 people I’d like to see banned from here are Scott Johnson and Shadowstate. Neither of them bring anything to the table, in my wholly honest opinion.

      While Shadowstate isn’t directly rude, per se, his repetitive drivel is is annoying to the point that it is offensive, e.g. “I’m going to post it again, just because I know it annoys people”.

      Scott, on the other hand, is rude. A self-annointed expert, who acts 1 way towards Frank, and totally differently towards everybody else.

      In both cases, neither of them had any direct involvement with NXIVM, and are really just a couple of bored “fanboys”; great, if they have some useful expertise to share, but neither of them do.

      Scott can only draw comparisons to Amway, and Shadowstate can only repost what other people say.

      That said, I’m done here. This soap opera crap has gone on too long, and Frank won’t actually ban these 2 jackasses. He’ll threaten it, but it won’t happen, and I have better things to do with my time.

    • Agreed. It got tiresome to go through the comments and see that he had commented on every post, and usually in a mean-spirited “know-it-all” manner. Just because we don’t want to waste our time verbally sparring with him does not mean anyone is a liar, coward, snowflake, baby, etc. Scott’s put-downs (and choices of terms for put-downs) really reflect poorly on him. It’s the need to belittle to make oneself feel larger and more powerful. I feel like most of us commenting are strongly in favor of the takedown of NXIVM, and we like to discuss constructively about facets of the cult and the upcoming trial or trials. I’m surprised that Frank thinks he’s nice conversationally, but some people are like that. Much moreso than being anonymous, being behind a keyboard (even with your real name) far away emboldens some people to get cocky and pick fights. The “you don’t use your real name” shtick is a straw man. In the early days of the internet I was like this myself, but have long since learned that kind civility is always better. I suspect if Scott had to sit in a room with all of us, he would learn to behave rather quickly.

  • I was going to comment on that ugly post but kept quiet. That is horrible and what we should be seeking to avoid. I frankly (no pun intended) have no idea how you can keep up with policing the website. The only thing I can think of is a delay. All posts have to be read and cleared by an administrator to show up. But – ironically – that would cause you – who are moving mountains to bring this cult down and share amazing information – to incur extra expense, just to keep the comment civil. A shame.

    I do notice the absence of the earlier posters, whom I had very much enjoyed.

  • Frank – you’ve been very purposeful and fearless in your efforts to shine the light on the damage nxivm and KAR have done to people’s lives. It would be a shame to have your platform devalued by a small handful of commentors with their own agendas. I bet the majority of your readers appreciate your continued leadership to stay the course and keep the Frank Report a trusted resource for on-topic nxivm discussion.

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