For the record: Alleged ‘friend’ of Grace Park makes threats; dares me to publish

Grace Park
On April 8, I received an email from someone using email address:
He, or maybe it was a ‘she’, was going by the name George Lopez and was interested in Grace Park, formerly of Hawaii 5-0, and a NXIVM member.
At first, I took it at face value.
The first email:
April 8, 20018
I have been reading your articles about nxivm, I am surprised by all of these allegations.  I was a an electrician on H 50 [Hawaii 5-0] and saw Grace damn near every day.  She was always a nice lady and I have known many actors who have gone thru the same crap with EST years ago in NYC.  I know that many of them are vulnerable people for the life of me I wish I understood it.
I know that Grace is a very private person, she was always up for a laugh on the set or occasional drink at the bar with the cast and crew. None of us on the set heard anything about this and now most of us cannot believe this. She wore a bikini so often we all doubted that she was branded.
When she left 5-0, she was more interested in only doing a few shows a year and was interested in other projects but mainly wanted to return to her family as she has always been close to them. It’s something we all knew about her. I included her sister and mother and father.  Even after she gave birth to her son, some of us knew she would leave because of her close ties to Vancouver.
I image she is going to have to testify.  I read that many times that she has called you and asked to remove her name.  Is she hiding the fact that she was deeply involved? Grace befriended me only on the set but she did that with most of the shooting crew.   I don’t want to send her an email until I know the truth.  Please this is disheartening … what else can you tell me… please…. I consider her a friend.
I assumed George Lopez was sincere 
I wrote to him:

Hi George

I don’t think she was branded. I think she is terrified. I don’t know why. There is probably more to the story. I don’t think she is a bad person. Just very afraid. Maybe for her career or maybe because they have something on her. Maybe reaching out to her would be a good idea.
George responded:
That would make a lot of sense that she’s afraid.  The first year on the set she was kind of quiet. So, of course, I will reach out to her; it might help her to see something positive about her in your reports.  She is a bit of a shy lady, I will reach out to her,
Thinking he/she was also sincere about Grace liking something positive about her, I invited him to do so: 
Maybe you could write a little memoir about her. I’d be glad to publish it
George misinterpreted this, and wrote:
I would never write about anyone who I consider a friend including someone I had the pleasure of knowing on the set. Nor would I ever open up about someone like Grace as I knew while working with them.  I have always considered her as a terrific lady.
A lot of people in H wood community love selling out or writing about people whether good or bad.  I have to say your articles have been less than forgiving, I would never ask to publish something about anyone I have worked with without their permission. We all stick together. I would like you to consider your words carefully.  We have all done things in our past that we would like to forget. I am not saying that Grace participated in some of those events. I give her the benefit of the doubt.
I know I will hear from Grace as we have traded a few emails, but not over this.  Yet. What bothers me is that you published articles about her without very much proof. It seems you only have her talking to the ‘worm’ in the videos. If I had to to chose between your reports which I gather are partially true and your confession of not really knowing bothers me.
Grace is someone who been in my life for almost 7 years at a distance…without her permission I will never out her, but it seems the only thing you know is that she was interviewed…… I hope you are not a liz smith
George had misunderstood nearly everything I had written. I tried to clarify:
I have spoken with Grace several times and to sources inside the cult who knew her role there. I understand she is your friend but she was in the cult and she participated in it. She did not I am sure act as a sex slave – but she has known about it and did not speak out.
George Knew A Lot About Grace 
George replied to my email.  
participated how[?].  I just got an email from her saying she only did in the interview that was on the internet. According to her she left the minute she found out that women were being used as sex slaves.
Her role was only to agree to the interview with Keith as she was trying to cope with fame.  Nicki Clyne was the one who got her involved because Grace was trying to cope with being famous and she was having trouble at home. She says she had nothing to do with bringing more women into the cult. No different than anyone being taken by credit card fraud, being gullible. She claims that when she meet with Keith, he was honest and only talked with her over troubles, claiming to be an honest broker.
Well that was his cover.  Her plan was to leave 5-0 at the end of season 7 because she was tired of living in Hawaii and wanted to make changes, We all know what happened. She  had no idea going into this that such insanity was going on and left when she learned of it.
Now that’s what I got from her.  She is afraid. And who can blame her.  I have to trust what she says, if you have more inside information as how far she was involved.  I gather she was the one that called you.
I did not respond. His email seemed to require no response. I soon forgot about George Lopez. Eleven days later, on April 19, I received this from George:

George offers money to take down info on Grace Park

how much do you want?  you make it disappear… how much name a price.
I get hundreds of emails. A lot of them are cranks. I ignored the email. [I should have questioned myself as to why some guy who barely knows Grace Park would want to pay me money to take down info on her on my website?]  The following day, I got another email from George [or whoever he or she is]. It came after I was reporting that Allison Mack was arrested.  

George Turns Ugly

your record sucks as a human…..what you forgot to mention is this
Battlestar Galactica actresses Grace Park and Nicki Clyne, and Smallville star Kristin Kreuk were member of the organization at one point. However, Park and Kreuk have since cut ties, with the latter leaving the group in 2012.
i only hope you die a slow and painful death you fucking cocksucking piece of shit….
I responded:
Who are you, coward? Park did not leave the cult in 2012. Kreuk lied about her role – the two – both got a lot of people in and I’m going to write that – unless of course it is you who plan to provide that slow death.
George fired back:
what are you gaining by this…[?] what’s your fucking angle….[?]
George linked articles about the 2015 federal criminal indictment against me – starting with one in my publication — Artvoice . Perhaps George thought I was hiding the fact I was indicted.
Before I could respond he wrote:
I wrote back:
[I] will be writing extensively about Grace Park and Kristin Kreuk
George fired back:
Grace is my distant friend I don’t know the other woman at all  … it’s all about money to you
how much… much do you want… [?] was liz smith your mother? POS
Then he fired off another:

George backtracks

Then George – in his next email – pulled the old ‘switcheroo.’ The “I’m-not-the-guy-I-originally-said-I-was”. He wrote:
you blew this one big time…my guess is you won’t print this nor will you own up to
it… are outed….some fucking detective you are…..did you look at IMBD?  did you
see my name listed under Hawaii Five 0…[?]  You are so taken with yourself that you actually believe you were talking with someone Grace knows…  so how’s it taste[?]
like you, I LIED…..everything you have said will be reprinted….on the internet.
some fucking reporter you are…. nothing but a cheesy crook who got taken
Then George [or Grace?] added in a follow up email:
would you like your shit sandwich with mayo lettuce and fries?
Then George sent the same story again adding:
print this you POS so everyone knows who you are
And put the same story again as a link:
I replied
I am going to post your original email and all your other emails including your death threat to me.
Lopez:  there was no death threat
Frank: there most certainly was and I am forwarding your emails to the FBI agent who is working on this case.
George: ok
A few moments later he wrote in another email: en cualquier momento [‘anytime’]
I wonder if this person who wrote me is really a man named George Lopez or someone else? He or she seemed awfully worked up about Grace Park – for such a distant friend as he claimed to be.
As for me, being shy about writing about my indictment, the tipping point for me, the motive for me to develop the Frank Report, was because I was indicted. I believe my indictment was brought about by Keith Raniere ordering Clare Bronfman to perjure herself in a grand jury to get me indicted.

As for hiding my story, it might be a hard argument to make. I wrote so many articles about my case that the US Attorney in the Western District NY  made a motion for a gag order before Magistrate Judge Jeremiah McCarthy. The motion was denied.

I don’t know how many defendants have the DOJ worry over them writing about their own case too much – that they have to try for a gag order.

I did not bother to tell George that for I did not feel he had the comprehension. George or whomever this is – maybe someone from NXIVM – maybe a friend of Grace Park or Grace herself – must think that I am easily frightened.

Not easily.

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  • What a curious interaction. Why is this writer so emotionally invested?

    Seems if they have the courage to threaten great bodily harm in writing for including or removing a name from the facts as you know them that you publish, they might have voice called you.

    And if the “Grace Park writer” really wanted to make a difference, they might have been more effective at threatening KAR, Prefect, Brofman, or any of his inner circle with a personal in-person meet and greet, to advocate for Grace Park.

    Instead, just an email death threat.

    I can’t wait for the branding videos to come out on all the DOS slaves. The actors will all go viral. And be famous for how stupid they really are.

  • The silence of Grace Park and Kristin Kreuk is deafening.

    These women must have known about Raniere’s sleeping around with multiple women in NXIVM prior to both leaving and they didn’t care. Let me get the timeline straight. Susan Donnes found out about it in 2009 and that is the reason she left at that time. I don’t know when either Grace or Kristin truly left. I’ve read that Grace left last year while Kristin left in 2013 according to her friend Sarah Edmondson’s tweet. This is implicit acceptance of his loose behavior and it goes to show you what their moral stand on it is. Sarah was still in it until 2017 and she only left because she was branded. They are Hollywood actresses so I don’t think anyone should be surprised.

    • “… These women must have known about Raniere’s sleeping around with multiple women in NXIVM…”

      How would they have known that? For all I know, Grace was taking classes, but not living in Albany full time like Mack, Clyne and other core members. Even Sarah Edmondson, who was way deeper in, didn’t know anything until she got sucked into DOS and got branded. So how could Grace have known more?
      And I seriously doubt that they had a bulletin board there with announcements of Keith’s latest conquests.
      From what I gathered so far, women who were given the “privilege” to have sex with Keith were told to keep it a secret and were made to believe they were the only one who slept with or at least one of very few.

      By now I’m pretty sure that she couldn’t tell much more that any other former Nexian and that she was not involved in anything obviously illegal other than having been sucked into this brainwashing machine.
      All other “Former Nexians” report here under the veil of anonymity because they are afraid of the possible consequences it may have to their reputation or worse. I find it outright hypocritical to accuse Grace under the veil of anonymity and then asking her to speak up in public. She has as much to fear from these criminals as any other defector. And she certainly has a reputation to lose, which is closely tied to her ability to find work.

      Why are all the other “Former Nexians” not coming out with their full names, NXIVM ranks, courses taken and all the people they referred? What have they to fear? Probably precisely the same as Grace and all the others that keep quiet or or only report anonymously.

      This whole pursuit of Grace is so far nothing but a witch-hunt with not a single solid allegation brought against her.

      So far Grace seems to be nothing more than a victim herself and going public wouldn’t do much good because people would always assume she left things away. Just look how well giving a statement went for Kristen Kreuk.
      Keeping quiet is actually Grace’s best bet if she hasn’t done anything illegal. And if she has something to say, she is best served to report strictly to the police or FBI instead of issuing a public statement.

      • “How would they have known that?”

        As I mentioned this is one of the reasons as to why Susan Donnes and eight other women left the company. That was a big event in NXIVM history and I’m sure TBTB in NXIVM couldn’t control all of the information as to the real reasons why they left, so they must have heard things, labelled as rumor or otherwise. The mentioning of Keith’s harem was heard through the grapevine for years and was also in print on the internet and in the papers. Keith had been living with multiple women throughout his time at NXIVM. Were they so blind or dumb to believe that Keith was an actual monk? I don’t think so.

        • It may surprise you, but there are still people who are not using social media or search the internet all day. From what she said about herself, Grace is one of those.
          And until there is actual proof to the contrary it has to be assumed she didn’t know.
          So far I do not seen anything to the contrary other than wild guesses and assumptions from people who where not there to witness what was going on there.

          On another post India Oxenberg was described as a “victim”, yet she was and still is one of the top tier slaves and slave masters within DOS, completely faithful to KR and AM and is most likely soon arrested as well (she is CC #2.)
          Does she get the benefit of being called a victim and not the perp the Feds think she is because her mother is working closely with Frank?

          What I see here is some serious bias and going after people who haven’t been shown to have done anything illegal and who can only lose by going public.

          Until proven otherwise, Grace Park is a victim in all of this like so many others. And she deserves the same benefit of a doubt like all the other NXIVM victims.
          Going after her just because she has fame and her name generates clicks and attention is cheap and no better than what KR and NXIVM did to all those women.

          There are really bad people to go after. Those are the ones to put the pressure on.

          • Keith’s cult would not have survived without everyone who was involved. He needed people to bring it to life and keep it alive. Maybe the inner circle knew the most, but everyone else had suspicions (and talk to any one who has left if you need confirmation on that). They all had a part in keeping the cult alive.

        • I can’t really argue with this. I’m glad Kristin got out after the revelation of Keith’s underage sex shenanigans, but unless she thought sleeping around with multiple women outside of marriage was a-OK for an ethical role model as the Vanguard claimed to be, there was enough signs whether they are considered rumors or for her to start extricating herself sooner. Maybe she wanted to but was peer pressured into remaining because her boyfriend and so many of her friends were in it, or maybe she rationalized to herself that she was just in it for the course work, or maybe she actually didn’t know (though I think it is hard to believe because I personally read about this stuff in multiple places) but that is just speculation on my part as to why she stayed.

          • We’ll find out at some point. Defense or prosecution is bound to call Kreuk in at some point to understand Mack’s journey through the cult from recruitment to the branding endpoint.

    • “The mentioning of Keith’s harem was heard through the grapevine for years and was also in print on the internet and in the papers. Keith had been living with multiple women throughout his time at NXIVM. Were they so blind or dumb to believe that Keith was an actual monk? I don’t think so.”

  • “Someone from NXIVM seems rather unlikely as they seem to hate her now.”

    What??!? Yeah, sure, right. Wait, I mean, YEAH, NO.

    NIXVM is a highly secretive organization. Highly secretive. It is credit to Frank Parlato that we know anything at all and as much as we do. The information that has gotten out in the last 15+ years is due to him. They trust him. Those on the inside, covertly, and people who have left, they trust Frank Parlato and share their stories. And some of those people Frank has helped escape. He is a hero.

    • I read your comment wrong. I’ve read too many negative comments, especially one or two that dissed Frank, and reacted without thinking.

      You are awesome.

      • I’m all for going after the real scumbags within NXIVM, and Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne and all the others listed in the report a few days ago ( certainly have crossed the line from victim to perpetrator long time ago and are definitely worth going after.

        But going after Grace without hard condemning evidence that she actually was involved in anything illegal is just the same as what NXIVM would want to do in order to destroy her reputation.

        So far, the only accusation Frank brings against Grace is that she keeps quiet. But keeping quiet is her legal right.

        On top of that, she isn’t the only one who got out and crawled into a hole because she is ashamed of what she got herself into. Singling out Grace for not speaking up just because she has some fame isn’t fair and not honest.

        Frank himself admits that Grace is unlikely to be a member of DOS and that her video looks like she was hypnotized.
        And the first Grace could actually have learned of the details of DOS would be when Sarah Edmondson came out to tell her story which was late last year. And from all I’ve seen so far, that was about the time when Grace started to distance herself from NXIVM.

        If there is any evidence of actual wrongdoings on Grace’s part, please list it. And if she actually did something criminal the FBI will likely go after her.

        But just throwing out theories and soiling her name to shame her into a confession is no better than what NXIVM did to her and all the other victims.

        BTW, there are other famous people who are still actively supporting NXIVM in video statements and who are way deeper in. People who have not cut ties with this despicable cult and not asked for their videos to be removed like for example Kristanna Loken. Those are way worthier targets.

    • “The information that has gotten out in the last 15+ years is due to him”

      What do you mean by this? Has Frank been writing about NXIVM for the past 15 years under a different name or something? I see his first articles are from Nov 2015.

      After reading this one from Dec. 31 2015, I have some questions though

      Frank wrote “While I never took the NXIVM courses (I was however asked to write/create a module for a new class), I don’t want to dissuade anyone from taking the courses.”

      What the hey. I thought you worked as the cult’s publicist. Why would they ask you to write a module for a new class and what exactly was the class?

  • Nicki clyne article please. She thinks she has escaped justice and bans people from her instagra

  • “…you published articles about her without very much proof…”

    This is actually not an entirely false statement.

    I’ve looked hard, here and elsewhere, to find out if there is actually something substantial and truly incriminating, but there was really nothing aside from Grace having taken NXIVUM courses and that rather innocent conversational Video with Keith she appeared in, none of which is particularly condemning if compared to what others did who now appear to be heroes because they blew the whistle.

    Also, in that video Grace actually looks somewhat disheveled with unkempt hair and acts as if she was drugged or hypnotized and not in full control of herself. I’ve seen lots of other videos where she talked with reporters or fans and she always looked way better and certainly more composed. Her knowingly going to record a promotional video and then looking like a mess seems a bit suspicious to me. That she demanded them to be taken down only adds to the suspicion that all that may not have been as voluntary as NXIVM wanted it to appear. And as Sarah Edmondson layed out, they had a very sneaky way to make people do things they actually didn’t want to do.

    That she cut ties with NXIVM soon after the things about DOS came out and not stuck with it like so many others speaks rather for her. That current NXIVM members calling her “traitor” or “animal” speaks also rather in her favor.
    And I don’t see how she can be blamed for not wanting to be dragged out into the limelight. She certainly is someone who is very protective of her privacy. On top of that, being associated whit all this now could be quite damaging to her career.

    I certainly would wish that Grace would speak up and clarify her level of involvement, but unless she is formally subpoenaed as a witness in one of the upcoming trials she has every right to remain quiet.

    I don’t know Grace in person, never even met her on a convention, but I would have known pretty much all the “personal insider info” this “George Lopez” provided – all of that is out there in interviews Grace gave over the years. I would think this “George Lopez” to be a crazy fan. Someone from NXIVM seems rather unlikely as they seem to hate her now.
    Throwing out that it may have been Grace herself is getting close to slander.

    The leaders of NXIVM certainly used Grace due to her visibility. After all, until quite recently she was one of the leads on a successful prime time show on a major network. And I simply can’t fight the feeling that the same thing is somewhat going on here as well.

    I’ve not yet seen anything that specifies her rank within NXIVM and whether she was a coach or not.
    Nothing on which NXIVM organizations Grace actually was enrolled with.
    Nothing on how many classes she actually took.
    Nothing that shows she actually recruited people.
    It’s a whole lot of nothing so far…

    If there are facts to report please report them in detail!
    But throwing around wild assumptions and theories isn’t helpful.

    • Not sure if Grace should speak up or not. I guess it depends on what she would be saying. If she herself never experienced anything illegal then her statement would probably be similar to Kruek’s and between the number of stupid people, uninformed people, misleading headines, poorly written and/or researched articles, the wacko deplorable/MAGA people and our own Frank, you can see where that got Kruek and she left 5-6 years ago! DOS was happening while Grace was still a member and appearing in a video interview. So even if people as high up as Edmondson and Vincente didn’t know about DOS or illegal activities, i doubt the general public will give Park the benefit of doubt.

      • Precisely. She has nothing to gain, but everything to lose. Keeping quiet is her best bet to get through this with minimal damage.

  • I thought the T3 girl was involved too? That seemed to be a bit of a popcorn fart.

  • It was “sultan of six” on Hawaii five 0 night. Each email corresponded with the night of the week it aired I bet. Just kidding …… just kidding 🙂

  • I’m having a hard time believing that this was Grace herself. More likely a crazy fan or someone within NXIVM.

    Grace’s role within this organization was unlikely to be more significant than that of Sarah Edmondson, and I doubt Grace got in as deep as Sarah did.

    • accidentally posted above post too early…

      Recruiting people to this “coaching program” because you felt it was helpful isn’t a crime in itself, but the realization that you were a sucker for almost a decade most certainly is embarrassing. I would think that to be the primary reason for Grace trying to hide her involvement. Another reason may be that she is afraid to get sued by the group, but at this point that fear should no longer be too concerning. Most likely it is embarrassment and fear for her career, which is likely equally true for Kristen Kreuk.

      What I would really like to see is clean compilation of Grace’s involvement with NXIVM as reported by people who since left.
      Not wild assumptions or speculations, but just the facts about when she was seen where, with whom and what her role was.
      Was she a coach? I would suspect after nearly 10 years involvement she was, but so far I haven’t seen any clear reports on that.
      Also not on which of the many NXIVM groups she was actually involved with.
      Some clarity would be really helpful.

      • These are all C-list actresses trying to up themselves through networking in an elite coaching program.

        Pretty embarrassing and sorta career killing.

    • And is it a fact that Grace actually knew about DOS before she left or is that just an assumption?

      Sarah, who was much longer and way deeper involved with the cult, only found out what DOS really was when she got branded.

      So how would Grace, without being a branded member – which I seriously doubt she is – know about DOS?

  • Grace Park is not escaping. Leave up the articles. This is how they want to escape.

  • You got trolled by a teenager is my guess.

    He didn’t bother to check who publishes Artvoice.

    He commits the same sin he accuses you of.

    It’s a teenager, a teenager born into this weird virtue posturing internet culture we find ourselves in.

  • Please share with us where Kristin Kreuk lied in this situation. I’d like to hear about this from someone who was with NXIVM for less than a year (2007-2008) after being fired and dealt with her for superficially much less than that.

  • Anyone? Hard to believe Sara Bronfman isn’t being confronted with all of this and having to defend it on social media. Same old ooof word salad tweets.

    • I find it really easy to believe. The Bronfmans are part of the billionaire financial elite and the reason VanDork got away with his crap for so long. Their family connections in the media and entertainment industries prevent them from being sensationalized and dragged through the muck as much as B level actresses. They’re the primary enablers of this entire situation but how many tweets and sensationalized articles do two “poor little rich girls” that no one cares about bring in? I’d wager not much.

      • Years ago, before DOS, there was an article in Vanity Fair about the Bronfman sisters’ involvement in NXIVM and their relationship with Raniere.

  • Those who are afraid of the truth will try to hide it. Those who know the truth will prove their innocence, will try to spread the truth. (Unless they are so truly stupid that they fail to see they are not fooling others )….
    I doubt Frank falls in the “truly stupid ” category. Lol.

    The truth shall set you free, so the old saying goes.

    Unless, of course, the truth sends you to jail for sex-trafficking first. 😂

  • Well, he is part of right. I believe dragging Kreuk and Park through the mud is not the way this blog should be run despite the fact it creates clicks. There are bigger fish to fry which are still out there. Not everyone of them is as brave as Sarah Edmondson and you have to respect that. You got a reply out of one of your favorite actresses. Be happy about that and focus on the real evil behind the cult. The Seagram heiresses should be on top of the list as KR and AM are already gone.

    The moment these end up in jail the cult is very much done as the leadershit and the money is gone. Without their resources, the remaining people should be unable to continue operating the defunct business/cult as well as the expensive terror by litigation.

    If you want to go on a witch hunt chasing actresses, think about India Oxenberg and Nicki Clyne as these are current/long-time members as well as inner circle. Ms Park is only a beautiful face that is thought to be a better recruitment tool than say the 10 years unemployed actors NXIVM has to come up with.

    But these are only my two cents. Maybe you can prove me wrong as I am neither the Pope nor Vanguard, so I can be mistaken.

    • I am in agreement with focusing on the real evil. These gals were obviously used for their celebrity as an enrollment tool.They were lied to about Keith’s “mission”. Many bigger fish to fry…moving on to the people who ran the show..Clare ,Nurse Nancy, Laurenima , Loretta.Rosa Laura, Karen Untereiner ,Ben Myers &Steve Ose (the computer Hackers…whoops ..experts)

      The list of Nxivm Gang bangers that engaged in illegal acts for “profit ” on a regular basis!! The actresses who used their celebrity and other women who lured women into the sadistic lair of Keith should all be held accountable and sent to rehab…the other folks who kept the Nxivm “machine” well oiled need to be punished. Chances are some of the Lauren like people will just go under the radar and repackage…just sayin

    • The entirety. And not just the fish you consider acceptable to fry. They’re all part of the story. They all dragged themselves in the mud.

  • What a waste of your valuable time. Bribery? Threats? It’s this kind of passionately intense drivel that convinces me these women are highly likely to be a very significant part of the Beast currently slouching toward federal custody.

    Thank you, Frank Parlato, for all your hard work and inimitable style!

  • Thanks for sharing this Frank! You have a tremendous amount of courage.

    If you are on the production side, you are a ‘gaffer’ not an electrician. Hello! And for an electrician, GL sure has alot of personal info on Grace Park.

    For some (usually those who have done wrong), the truth is uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean we stop talking about it, or investigating it.

    Your observations on Park and Kreuk are spot on. Let’s keep going. Let’s put the pieces of the puzzle together and stop this cult forever.

  • Great responses. This is the same type of intimidation other scam/cults try.

    Scientology does the same things, I highly recommend the series Leah Remedi did for the past 2 years, and season 3 will start soon:

    I got sued by Amway and they lost, BIGTIME:

    When these perps end up in prison, the overpriced “intensives” they participated in will be a shadow of their new experiences. Keith will have the tables turned on him when he is placed face-down over a table and repeatedly sodomized by all of his new “friends.” And women in prison are even meaner.

          • Not’s only a small group of women who participated in the sick-delusional -secret slave game. Thats how they were abke to fly under the radar even with the rest of the group.The majority of members were taking courses…not getting branded. However, it is the sickest “program” he developed (ha ha to it being Alison’s idea-which no one believes) Truth is, he has been abusing people for yrs. And with the help of many legal and government organizations that turned the other cheek.This grandiose level of arrogance on his part was a god sent to finally expose him as the anti-humanitarian predator he is!!

        • Sadly it will get included everywhere. It’s the most salacious element. I’m hoping it’s not just Catherine Oxenberg making money off this story. I hope Frank gets a big book deal. He actually saved several people and even went to the police with one who had been raped (the police did nothing, I hope all their names come out).

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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