Full run down on top players of NXIVM by former member

By Someone Who Dealt with Them

Just so there’s no doubt about ‘who is who’ – and from someone who dealt with all of them and still has the ear of several. Below are a list of their crimes, or, as our society is “innocent until proven guilty”, what I am confident are their “alleged crimes” – though I feel for some, conviction is inevitable unless they “turn state” – meaning they co-operate with the feds.

Nancy Salzman is known also as Prefect

1] Nancy Salzman is a demon. She hides it, but she’s a horrible sociopath, not unlike Keith Raniere.

Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion, fraud, withholding medical treatment from a person with cancer (not sure the legal term for this), and, possibly, accessory to murder.

Interesting fact: At one point or another, she kept close to $8 million in her house. Doesn’t feel bad about what she’s done at all. No conscience. Don’t listen to what anyone says; she’s a monster. I dealt with her daily for years.


Lauren Salzman

2] Lauren Salzman is also a demon. She comes by it naturally like her mother.

Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion fraud, potentially accessory to rape, extortion; I’d argue sexual assault or assault in general.

Interesting fact: Lauren lied to most of the members of DOS about what the DOS course was and about the branding itself. She’s in a lot of trouble.


Allison Mack.

3] Allison Mack is a narcissist and disgusting human being.

Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion, assault, sexual assault, rape, extortion, fraud, and possibly about 10 other things.

Interesting fact: Allison wasn’t completely sold on NXIVM in her first few days of it.


nicki clyne
Nicki Clyne

4] Nicki Clyne is completely brainwashed and has become a disgusting human being.

Same crimes as Allison for the most part.

Interesting fact: Deep down, she knows that something is wrong and has talked to people about it. Still brainwashed, but might be able to be turned. Small hope. She knows everything. And could help testify about many crimes. She’s not very smart, but I’m hopeful for her to turn.


India Oxenberg

5] India Oxenberg: Is completely brainwashed. Is on the way to losing her conscience but not there yet. Same crimes as Allison.

Interesting fact: She has had more EMs than almost anyone else and it has messed with her head in horrible ways. Keith especially mindfucked her more than anyone else. She needs a serious intervention fast before it’s too late. She can still turn state.

If this blog is right, she’s also ready to take the fall for everything. It could go either way. I hope her mom and stepfather can reach her. I think Casper Van Dien is oblivious right now but he has her ear.


alex b
Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt

6] Alex Betancourt: Narcissist. Has no real conscience. Forced out of ESP by Carlos Salinas.

Crimes: immigration fraud, tax evasion, extortion, fraud, uttering death threats, forced confinement, and several others.

Interesting fact: Even though official word is that he’s out, he plans to set up again under a different name.


Emiliano Salinas

7] Emiliano Salinas: I won’t say anything. Carlos is a seriously dangerous guy and I don’t want to get on his bad side. Emiliano is a terrific guy who has done nothing wrong and should completely get away with all the numerous crimes he’s committed. He’s well worthy to be president of Mexico because most Mexican presidents are horribly corrupt and he has my vote.


Clare Bronfman

8] Clare Bronfman: Queen Demon. The worst of the worst of the worst.

Crimes: you name it. I think there might need to be new legal words invented for some of the shit she’s done.

Interesting Fact: Is currently panicked over getting arrested but is staying the course on Keith’s side. She is incredibly stupid. Arguably, she’s committed more crimes over the course of ESP than Allison Mack.

Interesting Fact: At one point, Clare wanted to get out but Keith brainwashed her back in. If there was a way to turn her against Keith, this would all end fast. There’d be no ESP. Many have tried and failed, including me. Probably a lost cause unless stuff comes out in trial that makes her question things about Keith’s honesty. She can still turn on Keith.



9] Sara Bronfman: Idiot.

Crimes: Less than Clare. And much more inadvertent. Still, stupidity won’t necessarily keep a person out of jail. Crimes: Immigration fraud, fraud, tax evasion.

Interesting Fact: Right now, Sara is completely oblivious to how serious this all is. Is taking it all as a big joke.

karen unterreiner
Karen Unterreiner

10] Karen Unterreiner: Smart but horrible person. Lost any semblance of a conscience but trapped as a 17 year old. Has come to realize this is serious and is starting to consider what to do.

Crimes: Most of them.

Interesting Fact: Might be one of the people to turn state. Is very scared right now especially because of the financial crimes she is likely to be involved with. Think of her as a scared 17 year old who has done some very bad stuff. If she turns stat,e it’s only to save her own ass. Zero conscience left.


11] Other Dos Slaves: Mix of some that want out and nothing to do with this to fully convicted that they believe in Keith. Some are ready or have already turned state. I believe more to follow. This is the tip of the iceberg on this story and when more comes out about the abuse, collateral and sexual proclivities of Keith, it should cause the courts to convict him easily but he won’t make it to trial I don’t think.

Interesting Fact: There are a lot of them teetering. I won’t name the slaves here but many are rattled. If you know one, reach out and there’s a good chance you might be able to get them to turn. Most are almost there.


smiley keith
Keith Raniere

12] Keith Raniere: The devil. Every crime imaginable from murder on. He won’t last until his trial. Let’s just say there are some major players in Mexico who will likely make sure of that. And don’t think solitary confinement will stop that. His days are very likely to be numbered and under 365.

Interesting Fact: There are some higher ups in the organization who he pretty much admitted to he was a sociopath. They did nothing. Some in the organization even saw Keith admit to Clare that he had lost her money without good cause and she still stayed in the company. Some even committed crimes for Keith (normal everyday people) and stayed in. Brainwashing and lack of ethics is what the course was actually about. He was creating an army of sociopaths. The higher-ups in the company very likely committed some crimes for Keith. It was his way of DOS-ing even men. Some of this would come out in trial as Keith’s way of screwing these people back.

I probably missed many names but these are some of the key players. For some, there will be more crimes. The authorities are doing their jobs. You will see more arrests very soon. The only hope for some is to turn state. But I don’t think this will make it to trial anyways because of #12. At least not for Keith. It will go to trial for many of his accomplices. I do hope Keith lives a long life though in a horrible jail. He’s messed with my mind for over 15 years.

This story still has some very interesting twists and turns. Not over by a long shot.

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  • Excellent write up, very informative. Now is this relatively recent or more dated? Not looking for anything specific but maybe a pre-arrest,or post-arrest comment.

  • As a Grace Park fan, I would really like to know how deep she was involved in all of this. And, of course, how close she was with all those crooks listed above. She certainly knew Nicki Clyne all the way back from BSG.

    The fact that Grace pulled out quickly after all this went public seems at least to indicate that she wasn’t completely brainwashed…

      • Entry level is $5-1$0 thousand depending on country and length of “Intensive”

        Smart to make it so expensive. Makes it harder for suckers to admit they were conned.

        Ethos weekly trainings to make sure you don’t backslide are another $5-$10k per year.

        After a year or 3 of that, you get to be a “Coach.” That means you work for free at Intensives and Ethos. You still need to keep your Ethos subscription….

        Then you need to pay for Origins, a year of one-on-one Exploration of Meaning sessions at $100 per hour, 2 hours once a week. That’s another $10k.

        Maybe more than once.

        Then, there are lots of “Level 2” Intensives at about $10k a shot. Depending on how fucked up you are, and you definitely are, you may need lots.

        But if you are rich, or a celebrity, or a hot thin young woman, your progress through the ranks will be spectacularly fast, and you will be invited to move to Clifton Park for personal attention by Vanguard and/or Prefect. On the Bronfman private Gulfstream.

        • — Then you need to pay for Origins, a year of one-on-one Exploration of Meaning sessions at $100 per hour, 2 hours once a week. That’s another $10k.

          I think you misspelled Brainwashing sessions.

        • Jeez, Raniere is an amateur compared to Scientology. Raniere charged only $100 per hour of “EOM” sessions? That’s chicken feed. The car dealer charges more per hour for its mechanics. Scientology charges anywhere from $600 to $1,000 per hour for “auditing” using its bizarre “e-meter” (a primitive attempt at a lie detector). And people often are forced to pay for hundreds of hours of this per year to reach the next level (Scientology gives certificates, not sashes, for each level of attainment).

    • Her boyfriend started up with NXIVM in 2004. Witnesses saw Kristin Kreuk taking an intensive along with Mark Hildreth in Clifton Park in June 2006. Sarah Edmondson shared that Kreuk left the cult in 2013. An August 2011 coach list includes Kreuk, at yellow sash 2 stripes (same as Allison Mack, also on the list), indicating a substantial degree of involvement.

  • What are EM’s? It claims India Oxenberg has more than anyone else. Another crime Lauren has is having a horrible eyebrow game. Yikes!

    • EM I believe is “exploration of meaning.” The term the cult uses to describe coachees getting brainwashed by coaches. From someone who had a mental breakdown after being subjected to NXIVM:

      “After being taught the module’s material, the students break up into groups. Espians from every rank sit together and discuss the lesson. “When you are in the group,” Maria says, “you will be asked questions like: ‘Is suicide good?’ ‘Is suicide bad?’ ”

      A student might answer, “ ‘I think it is bad, because you are being a coward.’ ” To which a coach might reply: “ ‘I think suicide is not that bad. Because, if you are a bad person, if you are not ‘constructing value,’ if you are ‘destructing value,’ then you should not have a place in the world, and you should be happy to kill yourself.’ ” In this way, she says, a student’s belief system is constantly undermined. Doubt is cast upon opinions, and beliefs are systematically torn down.

      One technique NXIVM employs is called “Exploration of Meaning,” or “EM.”

      Maria explains the process as she remembers it: A problem or “issue” is identified in the student. The coach, or a coach in training, questions the meaning of the “issue,” leading the student along a seemingly logical path with predetermined questions to the root of that problem. And when a student can relate the problem’s manifest to the problem’s root, there is an “aha” moment. The student has had an “integration.” And the more “integrated” you are, the more you are living according to NXIVM’s “Matrix.”

      “It is mathematical technology,” Maria says. “It is like a mathematical equation. And you end up at zero every time. And once you are in zero, they give you the answers.” Even though the Espian feels each discovery is a product of their own soul searching, she adds, they are actually being programmed.

      “It’s fascinating. Can you imagine how brilliant this guy [Raniere] is?” she asks. “He really is a genius.”

      After training with NXIVM for six months, Maria suffered a psychotic episode that she attributed to extreme stress. She began hallucinating and had to be taken to the hospital.

      “It was in the moment before . . . I went into my psychotic break,” she says. “I felt that I had to decide between my boyfriend and my life, and Keith. And that’s when I broke. It’s the devotion to him; you have to give your life to him. I didn’t want to lose my boyfriend, and I didn’t want to lose my life—he [Raniere] wants to have the control of your life.”

      Maria spent the next two years in treatment, taking antipsychotic and antidepressant medications. She still gets nervous talking about NXIVM and says that former Espians like herself are afraid to speak out because they know how “suppressives” are treated.”

      From: https://web.archive.org/web/20061018215407/http://www.metroland.net/back_issues/vol29_no32/features.html

      • EM is a one-on-one session between a low-rank member and a high-rank member.

        The low-rank member has been conditioned to submit to hypnotic induction in an EM.

        The high-rank member has been trained to follow a script that ends with the low-ranked member deciding they were weak and wrong, and are greatful for learning that they were weak and wrong.

        Classic brainwashing.

  • I’ve heard the names Kristin Keefe and Jim Delnegro, but I’ve never heard the names Tracy Christopher, Marv & Lisa Derks or Ginger McIntosh. What were their roles in the cult? I can only imagine that there are so many moving parts in that hornets nest, that certain people fly under the radar.

    • Tracy Christopher and the Derks were actually named in O’Hara vs Raniere. Tracy either flunked out or aged out of the harem, she would be the same age as Karen Unterrainer, and Pam Cafritz if she was alive. The other aged out harem member would be Dawn Morrison. Tracy used to do the bookings at Revolution Music Hall aka REV HALL in Troy, NY if memory serves me correctly. She is still a loyal Espian at her core.

      The Derks have to be in their upper 60s or 70s – They own an antiques store in Troy, NY called Shadadashery. Marvin is more than likely a long time SOP member ala, Pat Maloney and Mike Bennett,

      All of the above were coaches.

      • Thank you, Laura! To be a fly on the wall in some of these homes after VanDouche was arrested- the gnashing of teeth must’ve been incredible! As for Tracy Christopher, you’ve jogged a memory for me: she definitely did bookings for at least Rev Hall, and also worked with a band. I booked for a couple local clubs for a time and got contacted about booking this band, but I can’t remember what it was called. I wonder how many other true believers I’ve dealt with over the years… yuck.

  • I don’t know if it’s Vicente, but ROFL at 7)’s saracasm.

    From a distance I wasn’t sure about 12) because he had surrounded himself with many who I felt were good people, but then I prayed long ago (way back in 2008-2009 or so) to God to expose “The Vanguard” – what a stupid name to don when you really think about it – as a fraud if he was one and that’s about the time the dominoes started to fall.

    Well it took a while, and as it is said – “pride comes before the fall” – but here we are now in 2018 and the “proof is in the pudding”.

  • Some of these Nexians’ wives got BRANDED and not a single punch was thrown. That’s my favorite part of all of this. Imgine your wife gets branded like a cow, and your like “Hey! Don’t do that again!”

  • I remember John Tighe blogged about a member named Danny Trutmann and how a NXIVM tactic was to try to “rebrand” or hide behind a new concept known as Ethilogia. There was the site http://www.ethilogia.com . Think he was based out of Hollywood, FL.

  • What about Wendie Rosen-Brooks and [Name Redacted]? They have been involved for decades. Surely, they have been privy to some illegal acts? Do they both declare their earnings?

    • Wendy Rosen-Brooks has been involved since 2000. She gets paid for EMs. She also paid commissions for NXVIM out of an account she had set up with NXIVM. Could have been a way they were funneling cash from Mexico.

      Wendy’s adult daughter, Crystal Brooks, is in DOS and was living in Albany.

      [Name Redacted] has been in since about 2003. She from Seattle but lives in Albany, NY now. She has been a trainer and gets paid for EMs. [Name Redacted] is still drinking the kool-aid and stands behind Salzman and Raniere.

      • How about the other high-ups? Dianne Goodman? Christine Morgenstrin? Siobhan Hotaling? How do any of these people support themselves? Do they work regular jobs as well as their roles in NXIVM?

  • Emiliano Salinas’s political future is done. Put a fork in it, call the coroner, print out the flyers for the service. It’s over.

    Mexican culture is very Macho. And also anti-Gringo (WASP) because of the huge amounts of land Mexico lost to the United States during various wars – most of the Southwest was Mexico, and before that New Spain. That is in part why the Mexican Gov’t tolerates drug cartels – the money and the fact that the cartels are pumping poison to the USA.

    So, Emiliano is the supposed next president? And he was tricked by a Gringo to join a cult? And he brought along his Gay lover? Fuggitaboutit!

    He’s Done!!!

      • This post prompted my first response to FR, one of the worst things I’ve ever read, and it suggested Salinas jr. could be the pre-disposed conduit for some kind of Slave Labor market 2.0, involving, as it does, women and men who require service, and those expected to provide it – like every other slave labor compact that ever was. The evil is plain to see. I have no deep interest in the existential crises of those who believe themselves to be “inauthentic”. I don’t class this as an authentic problem. Slave owners are just a specific class. They deserve a fate worse than death, to be themselves enslaved to a prison system that requires hard labor of real victims of enslavement and worse.
        Each day more and more I think they’ve just not been beat with a big enough stick.

  • I still don’t understand why people didn’t beat the shit outta one or more of them personally?! What a bunch of fake ppl who intimidate and humiliate each other. Go die

    • I believe people are too mesmerized by the celebrity of these actresses — Mack, Clyne and Oxenberg.

      Moreover, because so many of these evil disciples of Raniere are female many people have a hard time conceiving that females too are capable of great evil.

      Particularly middle class white females.

      And in the case of the Bronfman heiresses, “Money Talks.”

    • I’m still wondering how Sarah Edmondson’s husband, who confronted Nancy Salzman after finding out his wife had been branded like a piece of cattle, did not beat the living shit out of the Prefect and the Vanguard.

      I guess the $$$ was rolling in pretty good from the Vancouver ESP center at that point?

    • It’s because of their proclivity to go after people.

      Safer to just walk away, and be glad you got away fairly unscathed.

    • Raniere is a holocaust denier who has claimed that several of NXIVM’s elite members were high-ranking NAZIS in their previous life. Sounds a lot like a NAZI party to me, although perhaps not exclusively for females and Mexicans; after all there are/were plenty of our neighbors to the north involved. Maybe it’s more like a NAFTA party for all involved!

  • Has anybody seen or heard from Jim Delnegro? He has changed his Facebook page and is no longer mentioning any affiliation with ESP or NXIVM. Seem he has NXITED the building?

  • This is a great summary of what I call the “first wave” of people who will likely get indicted. But I also think there could be a “second wave” and maybe even a “third wave”.

    I think the “second wave” might include some of the people who enabled Raniere and the others to commit so many crimes over so many years. That would include several local law enforcement officials and a few of the cult’s attorneys who did illegal things on behalf of their client (Would not be surprised to see more law office raids a la Michael Cohen).

    And if the Feds are willing to see this thing through the whole way, there could also a “third wave” of indictments for those cult members who performed illegal acts at Raniere’s direction. People like Steve Ose, Ben Meyers, Karen Abney, Kathy Russell, Siobahn Hotaling, etc., etc., etc.

    Curious as to who else others think should be indicted.

    BTW, it looks like we’re going to run out of criminal defense attorneys in Albany County on this case. Raniere’s created more jobs than Trump.

      • I used to know Siobahn and have been very concerned for her learning that she has been a part of all of this, am I misguided? What did she do?

      • Keith Raniere hates lesbians. In his worldview they’re defiant. So why would a lesbian stay so long with Keith?

  • Glad for people to get out, but think they should be held accountable. I left many years ago and was not brainwashed, did nothing illegal, lied to no one about what I knew. The”litigation machine”funded by the Bronfmans as mentioned in the latest Vice article was run by many whose names we haven’t heard yet ??? Kristin Keefe , Tracy Christopher, Marv & Lisa Derks, Jim Delnegro, Ginger McIntosh ,and many more.

    • Sigh… if you took the curriculum, you were brainwashed. That’s what it does. Denying it will only keep you from getting the help you need to deprogram yourself. Simply leaving doesn’t result in getting deprogrammed.

      • It’s been over ten years, and seeing all these things come up in the media and reading this website, I have definitely had some thoughts that I know were not my own so to speak.

        That being said, I don’t think everybody necessarily needs deprogramming.

        If you are capable of recognising it yourself, you don’t need someone else to do it for you.

        It has been definitely weird, though, to have those latent things come up to be cleared out.

        • If you went in with good critical thinking skills and exposure to a variety of philosophical world views, you could come out with some new insights and reject the damaging programming.

          But unskilled thinkers with little background could easily be subverted by the curriculum, and be programmed with cult-serving, self-destructive, dependency-inducing memes. That’s what it’s designed to do.

  • Thank you, this is all very interesting. So true about Sara Bronfman’s seeming idiocy, except its not a joke to impersonate a teacher or educationalist, for the purpose of Cult recruitment. She strikes me as genuinely banal, as is often said of evil itself.

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