Shadow: Anonymous Allison Mack worshiper denies being Nicki Clyne

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne
By Shadow State 1958
In a previous post Allison Mack’s Greatest Champion I wrote about how I suspected that Charger 426 Hemi was Nicki Clyne.
Now on Instagram Charger 426 Hemi has made an impassioned claim that he/she/it is not Nicki Clyne.
Oddly enough, Nicki Clyne, under the name Pea Onyu, failed to make the claim that she is not Charger 426 Hemi.
Here is Charger’s claim:
“Little message to shadow state, you do like to speculate about a lot of things. Just because Nicki Clyne (who is also an amazing and wonderful woman) posted a picture of herself sitting in a dukes of hazard charger doesn’t mean i’m an alias for Nicki. Who i am is really none of your business, i’m entitled to my anonymity just like you and everyone else. I can assure you i am not Nicki though”
Regardless, Charger still claims that Allison is a “heaven sent Goddess” and a “majestic divine Queen.”
At the Cathedral of Saint Allison, the parishioners don’t worship a crucifix.  They worship a pair of cankles and they light their candles with cauterizing pens.
Other people, who know her personally, have a different, more accurate opinion of Goddess Allison.

Allison Mack is a narcissist and disgusting human being.

Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion, assault, sexual assault, rape, extortion, fraud, and possibly about 10 other things.

Full rundown on top players of NXIVM by former member

By Someone Who Dealt with Them

Full run down on top players of NXIVM by former member

Allison Mack is a DISGUSTING  human being.
Let’s help AUSA Moira Penza and Mark Lesko accurately describe Allison Mack.
What are some synonyms for “Disgusting” that would describe Goddess Allison?
Allison Mack is:
01 abominable
02. awful
03. creepy
04. distasteful
05. horrific
06. loathsome
07. nasty
08. objectionable
09. detestable
10. odious
11. outrageous
12. repugnant
13. scandalous
14. shameless
15. shocking
16. vile
17. revolting
18. horrid
19. macabre
20. repellent
21. repulsive
22. reprehensible
Remember Nicki, Pea, and Charger that “History is written by the Victors.” Winston Churchill

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  • You know, I think Shadows got some good points….it could be Clicky Nine posting all these hilarious pro-Maddam-Allie posts…..just to make her fave girl smile! 😍😍 Since Ms. Mack is on home arrest, I’m sure she probably has at least checked into this site (to catch Pea’s jokes!!😂😂😂)

  • What matters is not what people believe, they are free to believe whatever rhey want, but that people got hurt.
    That’s what they have to answer for.

  • ShadowState
    Obviously “Charger” is very obsessed with Allison, and obviously he/she is reading the Frank Report, but they might just be an Allie Mack fan.
    How did you come across this Instagram account? Did they contact you first?

      • I found Charger’s account, Shadow.

        I still don’t think it’s written by Clyne, though. But it is interesting that this person chose to use that particular name, as it seems to be a reference to the Dukes of Hazzard car, (and possibly a suble hint that this person supports the alt-right).

        But to be fair, some people are unaware of the meaning of that flag. Many years ago I knew people who displayed that flag because it had been featured on Tom Petty’s album cover.

        But whoever this “Charger” person is, they are certainly extremely obsessed with Allison Mack….so obsessed that the account sounds like it might be fake.

        • Flowers:
          Charger started posting in May about a month after Mack’s arrest.
          One of the first posts promoted the Knife Media, the place where Nicki Clyne still worked.
          Not many people know of the Knife Media and its ties to NXIVM and Clare Bronfman.
          If you read Charger’s comments on the Allison Mack tribute page and other places it is clear that Charger is closely tied to NXIVM.
          Whoever Charger is I believe he or she is a member of NXIVM.
          And I believe Nicki Clyne knows Charger.

          • Maybe Charger does, Shadow. Whoever they are, their comments are over-the-top.
            Group Discount here is hilarious – Discount is obsessed with me (and took the time to read all my posts. Lol) and Discount is obsessed with you (they think you’re posting under random IG accounts) but yet they call me “frightening”. Hmmm….

          • Flowers it’s interesting you think I’m obsessed with you – seems to be your go-to line. I’ve read all of everyone’s comments on this blog; not just yours. Funny that’s the conclusion you draw.

            You, Shadow and Sultan show a very narrow view of things but at least the gentlemen are looking outward while your view is pure navel-gazing.

        • Flowers obsession with the alt-right and calling everyone else fake is getting frightening. The fact you, Flowers, cannot see you need help is also frightening.

          Shadow Is faridmoodi on IG?

  • If the name Charger 426 Hemi was derived from a picture of Nicki Clyne sitting in the Dukes of Hazard Charger, change your name to Charger 440 magnum as that was the engine in the General Lee, not a 426 Hemi.

      • Perhaps some useful information from my irreverent post as well as your link.

        Early in the fifth-season episode “Exposed” of the television series Smallville, former Dukes of Hazzard co-star Tom Wopat (Luke Duke), playing Kansas Senator Jack Jennings, old friend of Jonathan Kent, played by John Schneider (Bo Duke), fishtails his car into the Kent farmyard. The car is a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T, painted blue instead of orange, and lacking the General Lee’s distinctive insignia.

          • Scott, I hate to disappoint you but one of my distant relatives served in the Indiana Cavalry at the Battle of Nashville (1864) and he remained a loyal Lincoln Republican for the rest of his life.

            In one of the largest victories achieved by the Union Army during the war, Thomas attacked and routed Hood’s army, largely destroying it as an effective fighting force.

            That’s why I am so anti-slavery of any kind.

          • Anonymous made the General Lee comment, not you Shadow. Plus, I’ve stopped being disappointed in you long ago, you’re just plain hopeless. I don’t need to have distant relatives who were involved in the Civil War to be anti-slavery, I don’t like it on its face. But I was wondering, did your distant relative pass through Chicago on their way to Nashville? LOL

    • None of those 22 terms are illegal. Hopefully the DOJ is treating this case in a more grownup manner.

      How do you classify branding women and turning them into sex slaves?
      The word “illegal” quite doesn’t convey the flavor of the crimes committed.

      • How do you prove the women were cauterized against their will? What’s the difference between the cauterizing and this? How do you prove they had sex against their will? If you had brought up blackmail (NXIVM calls it “collateral,” as if it was a valuable physical object being offered as a promise to repay a loan), then we could talk about a real crime. The word “illegal” is all the government should prosecute. A little less “Shitcago” thinking is in order.

        • Impromptu article maybe?….

          Explanation… regards to commentary arguments…..

          Not to blow my horn but as I pointed in my article;

          the good doctor has not faced ethical charges from the medical community or legal charges from the criminal justice community. She is also not a witness for the prosecution.

          I have to agree with Scott.

          The branding helped to get the publics attention as well as the FBI involved.

          Much like the 2005 prosecution of the president of Tyco International company a minor sales tax evasion charge against Tyco’s CEO, in regards to a multimillion dollar painting painting, (brought on a huge investigation and landed Tyco’s CEO in prison for 8 years if my memory is correct).

          The branding in this case is the catalyst, just like the painting in the Tyco case, for the FBI investigation. I doubt anyone will actually do any real jail time for the actual branding. I would bet money on it if I could bet.

          The meat of the criminal case is the RICO charges of tax evasion and identity theft and a conspiracy to evade taxes.

          Just like criminal tax evasion legal case that brought down Al “ScarFace” Capone so shall tax evasion bring down Keith “the Vanguard” Raniere.

          Keith ” Cry Baby Jane” Raniere should have filed as a religion rather than a for profit business.

          Keith ‘Baby’ 3rd times a charm…. next time start a Christian Ministry…no you will be protected by the Constitution.

          Not so smart Vanguard in the end you were your own Achilles heal. Vanguard you possessed those women’s heart and soul but all of that was not enough….. you had to brand them and lay claim to their bodies as well. Vanguard you are the worst kind of man.

          I think people’s time within this forum would be better served investigating the actual charges that have been filed. Rather than debating the salacious aspects of the trial and story and charges that have yet to materialize.

          This criminal case and the back story behind is almost surreal. There are so many intriguing aspects to this case.

        • How do you prove the women were cauterized against their will? What’s the difference between the cauterizing and this?
          How do you prove they had sex against their will?

          Have them testify.
          As the Judge put it the women know that Mack and Raniere have blackmail material against them.
          Mack and Raniere don ‘t even have to mention it to keep many of the women docile.
          And this might shock you but Chicagoans know all about extortion.
          Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko grew up in a family which owned a tavern.
          Every week as a young boy Royko’s job was to hand the local cop an envelope stuffed with cash as t he officer made his local rounds

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