Vice does story on the Bronfman sisters’ practice of silencing victims.

Clare and Sara Bronfman. has filed a report on the Bronfman sisters – Clare and Sara – who for years have funded “silencing” lawsuits against the adversaries and enemies of NXIVM and sex-slaver Keith Raniere. Raniere was recently arrested pursuant to a federal complaint wherein he is alleged to have committed sex trafficking and forced labor  – and is currently in pretrial custody in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Vice reports:

In the case of Raniere’s 20-year-old company Nxivm, which was first accused of being “cult-like” way back in 2003, many of us have been left with a nagging question: how come it took so long for all this dark stuff to come to light? Sure, the branding and blackmail came relatively late in the timeline, but based on US prosecutor statements and reporting by the Albany Times Union, Raniere was allegedly abusing young women and girls long before the FBI came after him. (The allegations against Raniere have yet to be tested in court.)

Part of the reason Raniere’s alleged abuses have stayed under the radar so long is his company’s history of aggressive lawsuits ex-members say were used to silence and intimidate whistleblowers. Over 15 years, the company launched countless legal fights in Canada and the US for everything from breach of confidentiality agreements and defamation to criminal mischief, hacking, and extortion.

Many of those lawsuits have been made possible thanks to two of Nxivm’s wealthiest and highest-ranking members, Clare and Sara Bronfman. As heiresses to the (Canadian) Seagram’s whisky fortune, the sisters have funneled “untold millions” into what one ex-member facing legal action called a “litigation machine.”

Read the complete story here.

The FBI in the Eastern District of New York alleges that in addition to being Raniere’s chief financial backer, Clare Bronfman “orchestrated” sending threatening “cease and desist” letters to Sara Edmondson while posing as a Mexican attorney.

A note on the story: Barbara Bouchey was apparently quite helpful to Vice in getting this significant story out there.  Since 2009, Bouchey has fought as hard as anyone to oppose the Bronfman’s evil doing and their attempts to destroy other human beings – with their wealth and at, of course, Raniere’s behest. 

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What began unethically ends unethically
What began unethically ends unethically
5 years ago

The Bronfmans never cared about ethics and that enabled the family to build a multibillion dollar fortune. A fortune of unimaginable scale to most of us. Clare and Sara in a few short years (compared to a century of titan wealth), and following the family legacy of unethical behavior, emptied the family coffers. A short history of the Bronfman family:

“When Prohibition came to Canada in 1916, the Bronfmans decided to leave the hotel business and enter the whiskey trade. Canada had implemented Prohibition only to appease foes of drinking; in reality, alcohol consumption remained high in Canada. The Bronfmans took advantage of the imprecise Canadian Prohibition laws to maximize their bootlegging profits. Sam Bronfman bought the Bonaventure Liquor Store Company, conveniently located near the downtown railway in Montreal, in 1916. People traveling to the “dry” west could stock up on liquor before boarding the train. Business was brisk until March 1918, when a law was passed that prohibited the manufacture or importation of alcohol containing more than 2.5 percent spirits.

The prohibition excluded alcohol intended for medicinal purposes, so Harry Bronfman promptly went into the drug business. He bought a Dewar’s whiskey sales contract from the Hudson’s Bay Company and began selling straight liquor through drugstores and to processors who made “medicinal” mixtures. One such concoction was known as a Dandy Bracer–Liver and Kidney Cure; it contained sugar, molasses, bluestone, 36 percent alcohol, and tobacco.

When the Volstead Act instituted Prohibition in the United States in 1919, the Bronfmans imported 300,000 gallons of alcohol from the United States, enough to make 800,000 gallons of whiskey. They reduced 65-overproof white alcohol to the required bottling strength by mixing it with water, some real whiskey and a bit of burnt sugar to provide color. A shot of sulfuric acid brought on a quick simulated aging process. The Bronfmans’ mixing equipment could fill and label 1,000 bottles an hour. All the whiskey came out of the same vats, but it was bottled under several different labels to raise the liquor’s value. Materials cost of the whiskey mixture was no more than $5.25 per gallon. Bottled, the whiskey sold for the equivalent of $25 a gallon.

…[By 1930] the border between Canada and the United States was extremely dangerous for illegal alcohol transport, so most trading was done by sea. The Bronfmans had established warehouses on the coast and subsidiaries called Atlantic Import and Atlas Shipping. Schooners shipped the contraband goods into the United States in the dead of night.”


Dearest Clare
Dearest Clare
5 years ago

Clare, if by chance you read this blog, please stop and consider that perhaps you have been wrong about these vain pursuits with this psychopath for the last two decades. Wake up! Here’s your sign from God: betray this idiot and become a witness rather than remaining a suspect. If you free yourself of this crazy man, there’s a lot of time left to make a positive impact on mankind with the love and resources you have left. Close this chapter and start a new one. Do not gamble with this; you will not. like the outcome. Wisdom is to rise above this, not be entangled in it.

5 years ago

Is Keith the only man ever to show any interest in Clare? Is that where the loyalty comes from?

Unstable Mabel
Unstable Mabel
5 years ago
Reply to  Shaolin

when caring for horses is not enough…
…and you long for an actual van to guard…

Stu Gatz
5 years ago
Reply to  Unstable Mabel

She is Frau Blucher from Young Frankenstein ( hear the Horses? )

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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